Do you need to bear legal responsibility for selling these secretly filmed videos?

Not long ago, an urban reporter received a clue that someone was hawking private videos on the Internet. After months of investigation, the reporter broke into the black production chain of secretly filmed videos and learned the amazing inside story. In hotels, beauty salons, fitting rooms, even bathrooms, toilets and other places, pinhole cameras can be used to secretly take pictures everywhere, and a large number of private images of couples and women are clearly marked and sold.

What makes people shudder is that these sneak shots can be controlled remotely, and can be zoomed in and out by pushing, pulling, and panning. The number of these videos and the privacy of their exposure are shocking. The price of a video ranges from 20 yuan to several hundred yuan. Vendors said that according to the level of stimulation, they can also ask for “private customization” in advance. The reporter continued in-depth investigation and found that the areas of privacy infringed by the black production chain of secret photography are far more than these.

This question involves both legal and technical levels: If you ask whether you need to bear legal responsibility for trafficking in secretly filmed videos, whether from the civil perspective of infringement of privacy, or from the criminal perspective of spreading obscene materials for profit, the communicator must be legally responsible. . However, the law is obviously weak on the issue of human nature (seeing private desires). Even if the sentence is severe, people will always take risks. After all, the market is there. The huge underground black production and the real market magic should be defeated by magic. Sometimes I wonder if a technology or equipment can be invented to be used by new guests in private environments such as hotels, fitting rooms, changing rooms, and public toilets. Previously, as long as the device was used for scanning or testing, the camera or monitoring device installed in a dark place could be found immediately, thereby fundamentally eliminating the problem of sneak shots. Or take this inspection as a mandatory procedure in the service industry such as hotels and incorporate it into the integrity rules of the industry. Once the customer finds that it is not detected or the customer detects the camera device, he will be punished heavily! Don’t even argue that it may have been installed by previous customers or internal employees. Looking forward to the advancement of science and technology to that stage.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I know a few people who make these miniature cameras, and I went to a factory in Guangdong to see them. Tell me something. You have heard or seen all the camouflage remote transmission cameras in the hotel, right? Just stay at the hotel less. This kind of home cracking camera is actually not difficult to crack. There is a software that can be used to crack passwords in batches. This password is simply a password in layman’s terms, but strictly speaking it is not a password. Our registered account is actually either a mobile phone number or an account set up at random. The password is even simpler. It is not a birthday, but 8 8,12345678, 87654321, or nihao, qwert, which are very simple. There is something called a password dictionary, which lists the passwords that are often used as passwords one by one. Then enter it and see if it can be cracked. This is often reminded to add complex symbols, not pure numbers. It is best to add upper and lower case letters. In fact, you can still crack it even if you add uppercase and lowercase letters. It’s just that few people use the dumbest way to crack it. The password dictionary may not contain such a password that only one person in hundreds of thousands of people uses. It is not enough to waste electricity, so you can generally survive. The simple and rude way is to not point the camera at the home, let alone the bedroom.

6 months ago

This technique is actually very simple. I used to play hacker-related things in middle and high school, so let me talk about logic. Let’s talk about cracking the cameras of the same brand in families everywhere: how to say, the general camera connection methods include hotspot, bluetooth, wifi. You don’t need to worry about these methods, because he can connect your camera and Bluetooth… how close is this? So the problem actually lies in the way the last id is connected remotely. First of all, we must know the id length is fixed, what does it mean, like everyone is a 9-digit Q number, but the digital content is different. Take 3 digits as an example, because there are more digits, I look dizzy. Without using hackers, he bought a camera and read the manual with the identification code of 156. Then he returned the product and bought another one with the identification code of 576. Then he will guess: maybe the entire segment of 3 digits is used by this product, such as 001 to 999. That’s all right, first determine how many devices are on the network in this segment…Just try to confirm and write down the on-net id in the notepad. Then make a dictionary and design several simple passwords, such as 123456 and 111111, and then try to use these passwords to connect to all the cameras on the web that have just been detected. If you can connect, you will record the current id number and the collision password. If you can’t connect, you don’t need to force the next one. The id segment with a 3-digit length is 999 at best, but in fact, there are more than ten manufacturers…This thing, I am too sleepy to forget how many segments there are. As long as you scan more, there is always something you can connect to. In layman’s terms, it’s like I went door to door to see how many people live in a community that uses a certain brand of security doors. After confirming, I got a few models of commonly used keys of this brand, and tried to open the doors of these people. Which one opened the door? , Can’t open it, don’t force it. Let’s talk about cracking cameras of different brands in various places: it is to repeatedly buy several cameras and then return them. You must first determine the number of IDs and intervals. Then slowly experiment…There may be a problem with the server, but the probability is very low. To put it bluntly, many cameras have cloud storage functions, but the small Shenzhen factories that produce cameras, how can they have the money to build their own servers… So Ba Jiechi has low-cost server storage space providers in its own factories, and they are all in a circle. My home is the service of Lao Wang, the price is favorable, and it is only a few yuan a month for a user to allocate 100 g, and I can earn 8 yuan if I charge him 15. I’ll push it to you… Then the entire camera circle ordered Lao Wang’s server… Then Lao Wang’s password collapsed, so all the videos stored on his server went out. But I think this kind of possibility is mysterious… After all, I steal something and there is no need to take down your home excavator, right? The precautionary measure is to set the password for the remote connection to be more complicated. To be honest, everyone is very busy, and thousands of devices need to be scanned by me… The password is complicated. If you have tried 123456 and 111111, you will not be right. Then I am not interested in wasting time on you at all. What are the hidden cameras? The principle of cracking is the same. Find a store with good sales to buy a certain id segment. But with this kind of camera, you have to physically discover this thing first, otherwise you don’t even know it at all, it means there is no…

6 months ago

As a programmer, I am well aware of how awkward this type of networked device is in terms of privacy and security, so my family does not have a webcam, smart speakers, and children do not have phone watches. Let me tell you that this kind of things produced by regular manufacturers are slightly better (but not absolutely, such as the 360 water drop camera back then, which broadcast the video publicly on the Internet by default). Some cheap versions on Taobao are simply Manufacturers have internal ghosts reselling, where is the need for hackers to take action. Actually, the webcam is a product with a low level of integration, and students with strong hands-on ability can completely make their own, an old mobile phone, or a Raspberry Pi, plus a minimum cloud server, and write their own encryption. The security of the transmission program can be fully guaranteed.

6 months ago

Crime 1. Two sentencing files for the crime of illegally controlling a computer information system, within 3 years, 3-7 years, with a fine. If caught, the probation of this act of selling privacy is impossible. Charge 2, the crime of destroying the computer information system. This is heavier, within five years, and more than five years. Selling privacy, probation is impossible. Crime 3, same as 1, providing illegal control and intrusion into computer tools. Don’t think that there is a tool that is a big cow, and the judgment should be the same. What do you follow the camera at home? Don’t be marketed!

6 months ago

Forget it, in the future, I shouldn’t be ashamed of this kind of thing. I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s normal human behavior, and both buyers and sellers should be ashamed of their behavior. ​It would be terrible if an industrial chain is formed, and it will give birth to a series of illegal behaviors. The most important thing is the act of sneaking. Many hotels, especially homestays and hourly rooms, usually live in couples. If you sell these secretly photographed things, especially to overseas websites, the harm will be too great. In the past, some illegal websites often had such information. ​There were previously 315-exposed Wandian palm cameras, and now there are home cameras that can be hacked in batches. While various monitoring devices have brought us security and convenience, there have also been many security issues such as privacy leaks. The cameras everywhere, the huge monitoring system, need to introduce relevant policies for supervision! ​

6 months ago

I’m not sure about the realization of camera networking. If most people don’t have public IP at home, the camera should actively synchronize the video to the manufacturer’s server, so hackers have almost no possibility of “black” the camera. Rather than hacking the camera, it is better to say that the hacker hacked the manufacturer’s server? Is it even a video sold by the manufacturer itself? If you buy a camera for a few hundred dollars and have an Internet connection, considering the cost, it may be that the main business of other manufacturers is to sell video (after all, the server traffic fee is not cheap). The above assumption is based on the fact that everyone does not have a public network IP (anyway, I am There is no idea to black the camera without public IP). According to the serious intrusion process, if the camera can be accessed from the public network, if the hacker finds the camera address, he can do it directly. It is possible to brute force the password or find system vulnerabilities. Anyway, the camera performance will not be particularly high, and there will not be any particularly advanced security measures, it is still possible to do it down. If possible, it is best if the home camera is not connected to the external network, and only the video is stored on the home server, and a specific interface is opened to allow external access (with authentication). Obviously most people can’t do it, so don’t connect to the internet, turn it on when you go out, and power off the camera when you get home (it’s better to cut off the power if it’s troublesome + cover it with an opaque box, and bring a battery if you don’t have it)

6 months ago

Most candid videos generally originate from pinhole cameras. It is difficult to prevent. You can turn off the light in an unfamiliar place and use a camera that can see the infrared, such as the infrared front camera of the pixel4xl, to block the transmitter of the phone and find the bright light. But this kind can only find the kind with infrared fill light, and ordinary ones can’t be found. Through the radio wave detection device, you can find the remote support (such as wifi), but the memory card can not be found. Generally, this kind is rarely embedded in the hotel, most of which are added later, so you can focus on all the places with black dots/holes. Use the flash to fill up the light, generally there will be reflections with a camera. And cracking the ip camera is another matter. (One hundred yuan ordinary camera) Most of the known IP cameras transmit video without encryption and can be obtained directly by hijacking. And some passwords are useless, let alone related vulnerabilities. (Moreover, many of these cameras are long-term models, and the probability of being cracked is greater) The simplest prevention is physical prevention. It is best to cooperate with a physical switch. This physical switch takes another set of control channels and turns it off when it comes back and turns it on when it goes out. This can be implemented in conjunction with other intelligent systems.

6 months ago

The technical principle should be hacking technology. If you don’t understand the specifics, see if there are technical experts in this area. Answer the question of how to prevent it. My girlfriend has a camera installed at home and put it on the table. Sometimes I can see the situation at home when I travel far away. However, automatic capture, sound tracking and other functions are enabled. This part of the function suggests that you must turn it off when you are at home. After all, if you are at home, what is going to happen will be captured by the camera, but it won’t do much. But you don’t know if you are driving someone else to control your camera. One time when I went to my girlfriend’s house, I rubbed the plastic bag, and when I heard the camera turning motor staring at the plastic bag in my hand, I silently turned off this function. On the one hand it is for safety, on the other hand it feels quite silly. If anything happens, I have to look at it. There may be a lens that is not suitable for children. Remember to turn the camera open or block it. Improve privacy protection awareness, do not install software at will, do not authorize software permissions at will, modify the default password, and do not point the camera at the bedroom, bedside, bathroom, etc.

6 months ago

As a psychology blogger, I don’t explain the principle of this aspect. Such a phenomenon is undoubtedly revealing a characteristic of human psychology-the desire to peep. In Buddhism, people’s weaknesses are said to be power, money, and color. The original sin of man is: greed, hatred, delusion, and suspicion. If you say how to prevent these, the best way is to manage your own desires and not “generate demand.” The biggest difference between humans and animals is the existence of the consciousness of “free choice”. This is the light of human nature. In the current society where society is becoming more and more healthy, if we can cultivate a healthy personality, we can release our desires through socially reasonable methods. . It will be able to completely eradicate the occurrence of such a phenomenon. And the best way to develop a healthy personality is to constantly know yourself, form good behavior habits for yourself, and release your various desires through socially permitted methods. It is recommended to use Enneagram to take a personality test to get a thorough understanding of yourself. The Enneagram divides people into nine personalities, namely the perfect type No. 1, the helping type No. 3, the No. 4 artistic type, the No. 5 rational type, the No. 6 loyal type, the No. 7 optimistic type, and the No. 8. Leadership, No. 9 and Peaceful. Enneagram is not only an exquisite character analysis tool, but more importantly, it provides deeper insights for personal cultivation, self-improvement and experience. Different from other personality classifications today, Enneagram reveals the deepest inner value and focus of people, and it is not affected by changes in external behavior on the surface. What can enneagrams bring? Enneagram Theory is a subject that emphasizes practical benefits. It belongs to the category of personality psychology. It is a kind of applied psychology. It has a wide range of applications and is helpful for personal growth, business management, and interpersonal communication and relationship processing. In the process of personnel recruitment, organization construction, and team communication in enterprises and institutions, it is used as a tool to evaluate the personality of personnel, and it has been extended to all aspects of husband and wife getting along, children’s education and parent-child relationship.

6 months ago

As a person who hangs up a ladder all the year round, TG is also quite familiar. This kind of sneak shot group is also a little heard. Generally, the group owner will use the edited version or short film clips to post crazy in the TG group, and by the way, bring his own private group. What do you need to watch the full version of the monthly subscription camera viewing rights, mainly themed/couple hotels, as well as women’s SPA and some home cameras. These sneaky photographers use hacker technology to hack networked cameras and behave outrageously outside the wall. There are a lot of people in the category of criminals. This exposure can only be regarded as the tip of the iceberg. Privately installed cameras are relatively risky. This candid video is not only in the past two years. In my impression, it has been at least ten years ago. The computer’s camera is controlled by a Trojan horse. Now it’s just changing the soup without changing the medicine. It is not recommended to install the camera in the bedroom unless necessary, and it is not recommended to give too much perspective in the lobby. The current camera industry is uneven, and the privacy and security issues have not been affected by the public. Care about how much this kind of exposure can strengthen the security awareness of the camera industry. If hotels across the country can self-check camera problems, it may be able to improve a lot.

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