Which one should Nankai Software and Peking University Chemistry choose? The subject of a is a junior student from the School of Chemistry, Nankai University. I am very entangled in the postgraduate program. I would like to ask everyone to help me give advice on the trade-offs between majors and schools. I have studied both in chemistry and computer sciences. In chemistry, my grades are within 2%, and I have scientific research experience in Daiso projects. I am a little bit worse on the computer. I just repaired Cpp, data structure, calculation group, and OS four. In the course, there is no project to take out. In addition, there are municipal and school-level scholarships, as well as a bunch of certificates for mathematics competitions and mathematical model competitions that are not high in gold content, and 540+ level 6 English. According to the statistics of where to go to the School of Chemistry, the probability of going to the Peking University Institute of Chemical Technology or the Chinese Academy of Sciences is relatively high. Based on the experience of the predecessors, it is roughly estimated that if you go to the computer industry, you can at most guarantee the level of the school’s Nankai Software School. The school of computer science is even difficult. Both are a bit big. On the one hand, it is a good title and a poor major, on the other hand, it is a major that is encouraged by the general colleges and friends. Which one should I choose? Please give pointers to the big brothers.

The 14th-level people talk about their opinions. Everyone is young, and learn whatever they like. Age is not a problem, but not studying when you are young is the most serious wastefulness, even worse than choosing the wrong major. However, there are still subtle things in the things that you like and learn. For example, 1. Like it may be Ye Gonghaolong, or dislike it may be short-sighted: I think I like it, and it may be a piece of nothingness that I feel very close. For example, mysticism and luxury goods follow suit (but I think there are still few people like our own college). What I don’t like right now may be because I’m not good enough, I don’t see fun at all, and I don’t have the qualifications to get started. 2. The first is to be yourself. One of your data members is a major: learning what you like must be maximized in a narrow range of learning efficiency, but there is no way to build a complete knowledge tree. 3. So a trade-off is to sacrifice a certain learning efficiency to try an unfamiliar field to a certain depth before making judgments. If you need a diploma that is not chemistry, then you should choose software. It doesn’t matter what betrayal of the undergraduate major. The chemistry major is getting closer and closer to the storm. In addition, if it’s just a project, you can write it regardless of major. Algorithms and data structures require practical project operation. Learning is not very useful. There are places to make wheels, and there are places to test. There are also Tiankeng’s efforts to persuade the party to quit. This is also necessary, because the behavior of one person is basically a matter of principle, and the behavior of more than one person is likely to be a human nature problem. Now there is more than one person in the Tiankeng profession. In addition to the graduation certificate, continuous learning is the kingly way. P. S. There are a large number of people from physics/mathematics/chemistry abroad who write various simulation software packages, and many people in China are selectively blind or don’t feel that there is any intersection with them at all-they are too lazy to learn. More and more people outside the school are seeing this problem. In the face of people who are not in my school and those who are not familiar with my speaking style, I still have to reiterate that what I said about studying is not just sitting in the classroom and working hard, nor is it a compulsory course for the major. Even if you get a high score, at least , I am the lower limit, to give an example of my own: the learning of things in this major is not called your own learning. I am close to the door and wall, and my peers who have a higher IQ and abilities than me do not bother to waste time here. This question reminds me of the selection of Yang Shixian Scholarship in the year I graduated. The teacher at the college asked me, what do you think is the biggest gain after working on a lot of things for four years? I said that my biggest gain is to find myself. He said he thought I still didn’t say anything, but I don’t think so. Because to be a living person, the most important thing is to retain the “possibility” of your own life. One aspect of this sentence is that ability is not about what you have learned, but about what you can learn and how fast you can learn. The teacher asked me if I would do scientific research in the future? I said I don’t know, I read a straight blog for five years, I think about it. Because I knew I couldn’t understand it at that time, and there was no need to agree to be there for most of the investment direction of my life. Hope that helps.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

As a traveller who has studied chemistry for more than ten years, plus two graduate degrees in computational chemistry, and finally transcoding, I definitely think that the software is good! You now have the opportunity to transcode, it is a godsend, don’t miss it. Many people go ashore through self-study. Although the transcoding is done on my own, it is so happy to be able to study whole-heartedly. Those who study other majors while studying on their own are thinking of finding an opportunity, so they can really focus on transcoding. But be sure to think about what you want to do when you graduate, whether you want to move bricks to a large factory or continue to do scientific research, because the two paths are very different. I tend to go to big factories because they have a lot of money and are very fragrant. If you want to enter a big factory, then improve your own coding ability, this is the skill that we eat. If you go to Peking University to study chemistry, you still have to continue reading Ph.D. After Ph.D, this is a bottomless pit. I have seen too many people who have solved their identity and then transcoded. They work hard, they are also very smart, but cleverness and hard work are not used in the right place, it is just in vain. I know that there are not too many transcoding of various majors in good schools such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. You don’t need to explore the old path they have taken after you explore it yourself.

8 months ago

Pursue whatever you want, instead of changing your choice for the brand of the school. If you want to switch to software, I don’t think Nankai Software needs to be mentioned. It’s worth going to Landa Software/Central Minzu Software if you drop another grade. Nankai software is not bad at all. If you don’t switch careers, you may go to Peking University. If you change careers, you can only switch to this school’s software. Then why is Nankai chemistry a trump card subject, and the average salary and employment environment are still slammed by soft workers? Have you ever thought about this issue? Has reached the level of 985. The quality of the school will not limit your personal development. But the major is not. At that time, if you want to change your major, it is not as difficult as it is now. You should think about what kind of job you want to do more, what kind of life you want, and which professional name you want to appear on your graduation certificate. If you like chemistry, go to Peking University. Not to like Peking University, so I went to Peking University and waited for my graduation/admission before changing careers.

8 months ago

Brother, hold on, don’t be fooled by the poisonous chicken soup! I didn’t want to answer at first. I read the answer below and suggested that you abandon the research program and attack the software professional of Zheke’s re-establishment of diplomatic relations. Based on the idea of ​​seeing uneven roads, Still have to dissuade it. Let’s not talk about which one is better for Peking University Chemistry or Nankai Software. Let me talk about it first, it can guarantee a good research, really don’t go to the muddy water of the postgraduate entrance examination. What is the concept of Zheke’s software program for resuming diplomatic relations? Just look at the situation this year. It doesn’t mean that you just have a high score in the postgraduate entrance examination. You still have to have a project, or you will be dissed when you retake the exam. What’s more, a high undergraduate GPA does not necessarily mean a high score in the postgraduate entrance examination. These are two completely different learning systems. Moreover, if you can be admitted to the postgraduate school, but you give up the place for the postgraduate entrance examination, you are facing tremendous psychological pressure. This is a person. You will involuntarily wonder if you have the chance to land steadily, but you will finally get the bamboo basket empty. Well, after the dissuasion is over, let’s return to the question, how to choose Peking University Chemistry and Nankai Software. No one can choose this for you. If I let me choose, I will definitely choose Nankai Software. It doesn’t mean how good Nankai Software is, but because I really don’t have the courage to enter the sinkhole. The pit of Peking University is also a pit. Although Nankai Software is not in the first echelon, it is not weak. In terms of probability, the overall future employment will be better than Peking University Chemical. Of course, this is just to look at it from the perspective of an overview. It depends on your own interests, talents and fortunes. If Peking University chemistry and Daniel, take the road of scientific research in the future may not be a way out. In addition, the Qingbei brand is still quite useful. Even if you don’t work in your major after you come out, you will have plenty of room for this brand alone. As long as you can get the instruction manual for this brand. It depends on how you position yourself.

8 months ago

If the latter is a direct Ph.D. and the former is a master’s degree, choose the former-even if it is a direct Ph.D. in computer science, don’t easily jump into the pit, let alone dissuade you from the subject. You can’t just see the thief eating meat without knowing that the thief is beaten. It’s extremely risky to persuade you to retire from a professional post. It’s easy to get yourself into it if you run into a scam from a mentor… In addition, if you want to enter the system, choose the former unconditionally-because of the software engineering major National exams still have certain advantages. There will be no changes in this short-term, and the selection and transfer policy is very uncertain in terms of time and region. After five years, you can still go to the Qingbei special session in the province you want to go to. Only professional, this is a big problem. Of course, if you want to go to the financial industry, you can choose the latter, and then find a direction where you don’t have much experimentation. The Qingbei brand has an irreplaceable advantage in this industry.

8 months ago

Seeing a group of people cheating on Nankai Software, I was really drunk. Software and chemistry, Nankai and Peking University. This all involves life choices that affect a lifetime. I personally feel that your family conditions, which city you want to live in and what job you want to find, these three are more important. These three items must be considered when making a choice. Family conditions are average, if you want a foothold in a big city or want to find a lucrative job, you don’t have a brain to open software. Computer and soft engineering related, the 985 good group is no worse than Qingbei, Nankai Chengming you should be clear, their group theory of employment wages is at least better than half of the Qingbei group, this is no problem. In an industry like the Internet, the school brand is secondary, as long as it is enough, technology is the king. The family conditions are superior, and there is no need to think about the city or want to enter the system selection in the future. The system is more dependent on academic qualifications, especially the selection. Qingbei is the only one because there are separate admission channels. Qingbei’s brand is definitely helpful for subsequent promotion. After all, the golden sign, the same level will look at you at a high level. In addition, software-related civil servants are actually no better than Tiankeng in job selection. Not everyone is suitable for making money. If family conditions are very good or cannot stand 996, the Internet industry may not be suitable for you. (At this level, your parents have money and social status, you go to Peking University and they brag in front of friends and have face, Gan! The biggest hobby of rich people is face…) (There is one thing to say, if the system is If it is a faculty, my personal suggestion is the computer industry. Because this industry is easy to go to the industry, the faculty is not so complicated, and it is much easier than the Tiankeng major. And the horizontal faculty of this industry is also more profitable.) Internet The advantage of the industry is that it makes a lot of money, and neither social status nor contacts can give you too much. If a person or family is not short of money, what advantages does this profession have compared to the Tiankeng profession? For example, if you want to live in Beijing or Hangzhou, your parents can directly buy you a full-fledged house in Beijing or Hangzhou. Do you still need to make money? At this time, the most important thing is to improve social status and personal connections. Regardless of family conditions and life ambitions, it is very irresponsible to come up directly to persuade people like computers.

8 months ago

I thought about this a year ago. It is also something that every biochemical, environmental, mechanical, civil engineering student is likely to encounter, whether to choose the major of the Qingbei resumption of diplomatic relations, or the cs/ai/finance-related majors of other schools. If it were me, I would choose the latter without hesitation. Because I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like, and it’s hard to get results. Among my people, a friend transferred to Peking University Chemistry. He is a great person. His experience and talent are difficult to replicate. He also hopes to engage in lithium battery related research and hope he can catch up with lithium batteries/new energy. Express, accomplish something. But when to transcode is something he has been thinking about. A friend gave up handing in machinery and went to Xijiao artificial intelligence. In fact, his attitude was very firm, and he ruled out turning in the machine from the beginning. More people around me still choose mechanical engineering from higher education institutions for further study. So, judging from my experience: only a small number of people can seize the opportunity of graduate school to change careers, and most of these people are people who have planned to change careers early, have some accumulation and reserves, and understand what they want. Something, and then seized the opportunity and made a choice without hesitation. In fact, when I might be faced with a choice, I was a little shaken. After all, the signs of Qingbei are attractive enough. The one who helped me a lot was Wang Yuanzhuo from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As expected of everyone, one hit was hit.

8 months ago

It depends on whether you like chemistry or not. If you like chemistry and are motivated to engage in scientific research, then go to the Peking University Institute of Chemistry. If you don’t like chemistry, then go to Nankai Software. There is nothing to entangle with this question. If I were you, I would choose Nankai Software, because I don’t like chemistry. You may not even choose Nankai Software, because I don’t like software majors now. I prefer some subjects that are more humanistic.

8 months ago

It seems that the problem is newly raised this year. That is, the 18th-level student? I am a chemistry major at the 17th level of the Institute of Chemistry, and I have been undergraduate to zju computer. My grades are not as high as yours, only about 8%. There are only chemistry classes on the transcript, no computer classes, and I rely on self-study. In addition to 408, I also engaged in machine learning for a while. Your scholarship, level 6 and competition results are also better than mine. In September last year, I first took the offer from the Soft School of our school and the School of Planning found a mentor, but then I took the offer from Zhejiang University and rejected all the offers from our school. The choice is greater than the effort. It is necessary to think carefully about which school or major to register for postgraduate/postgraduate entrance examination. Not to mention that you can go to Nankai Software at most. Many things do not know the result until the end. I don’t persuade me to retreat or advance. Everyone is an independent individual. I just recommend that you understand the pros and cons and choose the path that suits you best. If you choose the Peking University Institute of Chemistry, you will basically have a direct Ph.D. There is no master’s degree. If you are still entangled here, it means that you are not ready for five years of Ph.D. You can take the time to learn more about the pros and cons of interpreting Ph.D. (must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages), and whether your family can afford the cost of your Ph. You don’t need to come out early to work and support your home), whether you have enough stress resistance, halfway through reading, wonder whether quit can accept the sunk costs. When I was looking for a teacher of 100 items in my sophomore year, I started to prepare to run CS. But I am very grateful to that teacher. I chatted with her for an afternoon and talked about many thoughts about me not like chemistry very much and I plan to change careers. She told me that since she had this idea, she would not do anything at all. Since then, in class, I have been hiding in the last row, writing code and brushing questions, and rushing before the final mid-term exam. Ph.D. is basically to pave the way for faculty. Do you plan to take the academic path? If you don’t plan to, you can learn a little about the employment situation in chemistry master and Ph.D. by looking at Nankai master and Ph.D. employment. If you plan to go to a computer-related major (computer, software, network security, artificial intelligence, etc.), if you want to get a master’s degree, come out and look for a job. I think it doesn’t matter whether you are a computer school or a software school. Insured to the level of Nankai Software College of our school, the School of Computer Science of our school is even more difficult.” Finding a job depends on your personal ability. The school/mentor only provides a resource platform, and choosing a good tutor is more important than choosing a college/school. , Character first, ability second. Of course, if you want to switch to cs, you must also consider the advantages (more money?) and disadvantages (volume? 35?). There are many more that I won’t elaborate on one by one. This kind of thing can only teach people how to fish, and then you can think about it slowly, and no one can give direct advice.

8 months ago

Recommend Peking University. In China, students in Qingbei will not be rejected by any company. Recently, there happened to be a news about the marriage of Tsinghua University President Zhang XX. Zhang Moumou can still make a monthly income of 50,000 when he returns to his hometown (second- and third-tier cities). This income is much stronger than most programmers. Why can he earn 50,000 a month? The big reason is that Qingbei’s reputation is too great. You have a degree from Tsinghua and Peking University, and you can make a lot of money if you run a training class in your hometown.

8 months ago

Decisively Nankai Software. Do what you find meaningful and interesting, instead of giving up everything for a title. At first, I just looked at the topic and thought it was filling out the college entrance examination. If this is the case, of course Peking University Chemistry is better. This is because the title of undergraduate is more valuable, and it is easy to transfer to a major and find a job with this title. However, if it is a postgraduate, of course, professional first. After the undergraduate studies in computer science, the graduate students returned to their old professions. Isn’t it a loss? If you go to Peking University chemistry, but you still want to change your career, maybe what a graduate student learns is not very useful, it is purely a waste of life; if you want to learn computer in free time, it is undoubtedly a difficult thing, after all, science and engineering Masters are also very busy, different from undergraduates. It is really not worth sacrificing interest and time for a title. Unless you want to enter the system as a civil servant, the degree at Peking University is indeed very advantageous. But as you are Nankai Benshuo, you may not be worse off.

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