Let’s draw the conclusion first: aliens and humans may have a considerable degree of similarity. Let us first assume a premise that all living things, including aliens, have an evolutionary process. “Observation, thinking, practice, and communication” greatly increase the possibility of intelligence generation, so that it may be necessary. Moreover, the aliens of the Spiritual System of the Lingsheng Sect are ignored here. This will have several basic characteristics: 1. Photosensitive organs. The organ cannot violate the principle of optics, it must have a certain size so that light can be imaged, and it must have a transparent medium. It grows on the higher part of the body to reduce the probability of being blocked, and multiple ones can judge the distance. The information brought by vision is far greater than hearing, taste, smell and touch. Having “eyes” can bring huge advantages to survival and competition. Moreover, if you want to evolve into an intelligent creature, you must have a large amount of observation ability and obtain enough information, and then it is possible to reason and imagine. 2. Finely manipulated organs. Move freely where the eyes can see clearly. After reasoning and imagining the results of the observations, it must be practiced, otherwise the exercise of wisdom cannot be completed. Even the advanced aliens, as long as they also evolved from low-level creatures, must have “hands.” 3. The ability to communicate. For the time being, I think that intelligent creatures must be collective creatures. A monkey can eat crabs, and a group of monkeys will do. The ability to communicate greatly enhances the strength of “wisdom”, and of course it is more conducive to the evolution of high-level wisdom. 3.1 Language and hearing. Outside the body, reduce the clutter from yourself. That is, the ability to feel and create vibrations in gases and liquids (not excluding solids). In terms of the amount of information, sound cannot be compared with light, but in many cases, light will be blocked or refracted, and the sound accuracy is higher, which is applicable Sex is better. 3.2 Pheromone and taste and smell. Although I think this ability is very natural, it is not necessary for the generation of wisdom. That is, the ability to sense and send out small doses of substances has the highest accuracy rate, low amount of information, and high delay. 3.3 Text, body language and vision. The first article has already talked about the eyes, but the focus here is different. Obviously, light has the largest amount of information and the lowest delay. If it has spectral capabilities, the accuracy is also extremely high. Alien creatures are likely to be much better than humans in this respect. First of all, human beings do not emit light by themselves, and secondly, the ability to read light information is really limited, “like the sky full of stars, although it is vividly visible, it is still innumerable.” 4. Brain. Although it does not necessarily grow on the head like human beings, I think the brain is still very necessary. It should be an integrated brain, because if it is scattered into several places, the brain will turn slowly and the internal communication loss will be large. 5. The ability to move. No matter how you look at it, animals are easier to evolve wisdom than plants. In summary, aliens like a pile of mud, a tree, and a grain of rice are unlikely to exist. They may be very different from humans, but if they want to evolve and preserve wisdom, they cannot grow too outrageous.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The biggest problem for human beings is that they can’t imagine what they have never seen before. The gods of ancient Egypt are just human bodies, replaced by wolf heads. Or the lion’s body, replace the head. Similarly, humans have never seen so-called aliens, and it is impossible to imagine their appearance. It can only be a template for human beings to imagine aliens. It’s just a head, two arms, two legs. It’s nothing more than aliens may have no hair or eyebrows. The head is big and flat, taller, taller and shorter. Let’s modify the appearance of human beings. Therefore, the immortals or aliens in our imagination still use human beings as templates to imagine. Because we really haven’t seen so-called aliens. The question is, why do alien life need two arms and two legs? Why should life be exactly the same as your life on earth? People’s planetary environment may be completely different from the earth’s environment. Our home planet, the sun, is just an ordinary yellow dwarf, so the color of plants on the earth is green. In order for earth plants to survive and multiply, under the spectral radiation of this yellow dwarf, chlorophyll can only absorb the red and yellow spectra to the greatest extent, and discard the green spectrum, which is why the earth plants are all green. If a parent star is a red dwarf with the weakest luminosity and too strong flares, the plants on the nearby planets should absorb the spectrum of colors to the maximum and avoid the effects of flares, then their plant colors are more likely to be black or gray-black. . If it is a blue dwarf star similar to Sirius, its light intensity is the greatest, and the color of plants bred from nearby planets is all white. For any creature to survive and evolve, it must fit in perfectly with its own environment. The nature of the parent star. The mass of the planets near it, the thickness of the atmosphere, the amount of light received, the temperature, and even the autobiography, the revolutions are different. The life forms that can evolve can be completely different. All mammals on the earth today, most reptiles, have two arms and two legs. Is this an evolutionary necessity? Not really. This is just an accident with a very small probability in the history of evolution. Imagine if 500 million years ago, the first fish to climb onto land was not a fish with four fins, but with six or even eight fins? Perhaps the biological form of the earth today is completely different. Facing the vast universe, it has completely broken through the limits of our human imagination. Maybe on other planets, people don’t need arms, legs, eyes, mouths, or even heads for survival, can’t they?

6 months ago

The planets around the earth are indeed like this. Many aliens look like humans. About one-third of the aliens in this galaxy are of human type (almost the same shape as humans. You won’t be surprised, of course, skin color. Ah, size, proportions of various parts, multiple eyes and fewer fingers, these details are still many different), 70% are humanoids (birds, lions, praying mantis, lizards, etc., multiple tail wings are also normal, but overall It looks like a person), other aliens are weird and totally different from humans. For example, the body is a light ball that can be transformed into any shape or appearance. It is very fun like the ethereal alien of slime. Wait. There are many forms of life. If life is judged by having consciousness, our earth: Gaia can also be regarded as a life, or is it feminine. The entire galaxy can also be regarded as a body of consciousness, so the life she bred is often very similar, not just aliens, animals and plants on many planets are alike, because the earth is not special. In other words, how can the earth be, and everything on it is different? Below is an artist’s cartoon drawing of aliens, which is quite funny, but it is probably the same. These two forces are currently the two forces that dominate humans. Guess which one is closer to humans? Oh, I haven’t seen the little gray people who often kidnap humans. That one is basically neutral.

6 months ago

There is a plan for interstellar immigration: sending small unmanned probes to other star systems. The probes carry frozen human embryos, fetal incubators, child-rearing robots, and teaching devices for human civilization science and technology encyclopedia. In the target star system, once a planet suitable for human survival is found, the probe will land, the human embryo will be thawed, the fetus will be hatched, the child-raising robot will raise the baby, and educate and learn. Build a human base when the child grows up. Produce small unmanned probes to launch into other star systems. In this way, it takes millions to hundreds of millions of years, and humans can spread throughout the galaxy. If after the probe lands, the instrument malfunctions and the baby grows up but does not receive enough education. Humans will multiply on this planet and gradually develop new civilizations. One year after this planet evolved Internet technology, a human being asked on a website called Zhihu: Will the aliens be exactly the same as the humans on earth, even the same civilization? Or, in the entire interstellar migration program, there is no such thing as the “Human Civilization Science and Technology Encyclopedia Teaching Device”…

6 months ago

The difference between aliens and humans is only greater than the difference between humans and cockroaches, not less. You must know that humans and cockroaches have a common ancestor, and humans and aliens do not have a common ancestor. How could they be similar? What? Can you expect a cockroach to give birth to a dog or an elephant? Obviously it is impossible to know that the genetic similarity between humans and bananas is still 60%. The genetic similarity between humans and aliens may not even be 1%. It is hard to say whether the alien genes have a double helix structure or not.

6 months ago

In view of the fact that this brain problem cannot be falsified for the time being, based on serious principles, I decided to investigate a circle of mainstream alien situations that the public is relatively familiar with, and conduct random street interviews and sampling surveys to see if we can get the answer we want. ——Due to the relatively long survey process and the large number of samples, the results will be answered in a “continuous update” mode. If you have samples for follow-up interviews, you are welcome to contribute ideas to “Knowing the Problem Store: The Universe Survey” A bomb of Namek on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Subject: Namek, and Namek. Interviewer: Knowing the problem store manager and uncle store manager is 80, so start with the universe that you are most familiar with. Start with the “Namek Star” on the fringe, and see if the creatures there are exactly the same as the people on earth, even the civilization is almost the same? Everyone, please come with me-from this point of view, to put it rigorously: Namek and humans are different from the naked eye of humans and the eyes of Namek. Those who are familiar with them also know that their development of civilization and technological conditions are very different from those of the earth.

6 months ago

It may be the same as us with two arms and two legs, or even the same head, maybe the height is about the same (it’s about the same in an order of magnitude) or it may be completely different. After all, the human imagination is very poor, only the ability to imagine Come out with bigger eyes, longer ears, or find another animal’s arms and legs to replace it, we can refer to various ancient beasts, unicorns and brave dragons, they are also various permutations and combinations of various known species.

6 months ago

This should be two issues, one is alien intelligent life; the other is aliens. Aliens focus on “people”, which narrows the scope, referring to carbon-based, humanoid intelligent life. The environment that can produce such extraterrestrial intelligent life must be similar to that of the earth, so in such a similar environment, similar sensory organs, similar appearances, and similar civilizations appear, it is not surprising. But there is another possibility that alien intelligent life is non-carbon-based, it may be silicon-based, iron-based, or even liquid intelligent life. The appearance of this kind of intelligent life is unimaginable. It is not impossible that a planet as a whole is an intelligent life. This kind of intelligent life cannot be called an alien “human”, and its form is very different from that of the people on the earth, and the form of civilization is also different from that of the earth. This kind of civilization is probably not understood by earth civilization (in the high or low dimension of earth civilization). If it is a high-dimensional non-carbon-based intelligent life, it is likely to have the technology to reduce its civilization to human civilization, and it may actively interact with human civilization. But if it is a low-dimensional intelligent life, it can only interact with it when our human civilization has developed to have dimensionality reduction technology.

6 months ago

In the circle of alien enthusiasts, there is actually some vague consensus. For example, the gray people and lizard people can be determined to exist, because almost a century of suspected sighting history, after screening, the three highest proportions are found. Kind of type. One is a tall, human-like magnified version of human beings, which are more beautiful and larger, and are obviously much smarter. One is the lizard people, there are different claims that they are native to the earth, and there are also claims that they are alien species. There is also the most typical gray man, which is the appearance of big heads, big eyes, and no hair as seen in the tradition. Greys are just like mammals, they are a very large category. The human-like advanced version of humans is generally called the Pleiadians (referring to, rather than a description of a related contact record). The general view is that the lizardmen are evil and bloodthirsty. They are in the Dawsey base. It appears in books that are obviously stories. Grey people have good and evil, good at or keen on genetic creation and transformation, creating a body to transfer the soul. The Pleiadians are close relatives and origins of mankind. The positioning of mankind in this system is to transform products and a degraded version of real humans, probably the relationship between high elves and goblins.

6 months ago

This chance is not small. Aliens are illusory, after all, no one has ever publicly proven that they have seen a real entity. But judging from various materials and legends, the way of existence of aliens is very likely to be described in religions, myths, and ghosts that have been handed down by mankind for thousands of years. Whether it is the Hades or the Jade Emperor, it is possible that they are aliens. And the human soul, is it pinned on the earth or other planets? According to the law, first ask whether there is wood, and then why, do human beings have a soul? Is there an alien? No one knows for sure, all is a guess.

6 months ago

It is said that we humans are the Pleiadians plus Arcturus, Orion, Sirius, Throne and a series of aliens made of our own genes, so human beings themselves are aliens rather than evolved through a long period of evolution. In this way, creationism is closer to reality and Darwin’s theory of evolution is more like pseudoscience. HOHOHO Here to explain, I am not referring to the mythical story of God making all things in 7 days in the Bible, but the origin of mankind is more like a mutation caused by outside interference (alien genetic engineering) rather than a product of long natural selection and evolution. . The civilization of Treasure Seat is said to be the origin of humanoid civilization, after which a series of humanoid civilizations have been derived, and we are the latest generation of humanoid civilizations. So we are indeed similar to the aliens in the Piano constellation. However, there can be various forms of life on alien planets. There are lizard-based, spiders, birds, cats, fish, pigs, insects, and other types of advanced life. At present, we human beings are still trapped on the earth, so we have little knowledge, so we don’t know. It is said that the civilization of Taurus is only 50 million years old, which is very young compared to the 13 billion years of the universe. Therefore, the entire humanoid civilization is a junior generation. It is said that because we humans are a hodgepodge of many genes, our temperament is unstable, and we have been self-destructive due to the abuse of advanced technology several times before. It is said that the first human being planted by the Pleiades was not on the earth, but on a planet called Maldek or Morning Star. Later, the morning star broke out in a world war and used super weapons to blow up the entire planet, and the first crop of mankind died like that. Large fragments of Morning Star were blown away, and a small amount of residue remained to form the asteroid belt today. Therefore, the reputation of human beings is very bad in this area. The neighboring aliens may look at the people on Earth similar to what we are looking at the chaos in the Middle East now. This time the Pleiadians restarted the human engineering to deliberately inactivate human genes, allowing everyone to practice from the lower world first. When you can truly live in harmony, you can unlock and provide various high-tech to mankind. By the way, why do the Pleiadians sow the earthlings? It is said that the development of interstellar civilization is similar to RPG games and requires certain achievements to upgrade. One of the high-level achievements is to go to aliens to sow their own children’s civilization. So the Pleiadians came to seed us, and some people seeded the Pleiades first. If human beings are delayed in upgrading, then the progress of the Pleiadians will be stuck, and the civilization of the Pleiadians’ parents will be stuck. When we humans graduate, we will also drive flying saucers to alien planets to sow new civilizations. It is said that the Interstellar Council has already selected a candidate planet for mankind, and it is just waiting for mankind to graduate. Therefore, the future of mankind is bright, the road is tortuous, the revolution has not yet succeeded, and the monarchs still need to work hard. One more mouth at the end, it is said that someone looked at my string of “supposedly” unhappy, and asked me who said it. According to the aliens during the psychic, there are some from Sirius, but also from Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion and some unknown areas. It is said that as long as they practice meditation seriously, everyone can open their heavenly eyes and channel spirits. The Sky Eye is the pineal gland near the forehead, and everyone’s soul is in the pineal gland. You don’t need to listen to the “supposed” that I’ve lost both hands when you’re done. You can communicate with aliens, angels, gods, dead relatives, etc. on your own. I have not yet developed the ability to open the sky, so I can only be lazy to listen to other people’s psychic dialogues. , The real entity has never been publicly proven that they have seen it. But judging from various materials and legends, the way of existence of aliens is very likely to be described in religions, myths, and ghosts that have been handed down by mankind for thousands of years. Whether it is the Hades or the Jade Emperor, it is possible that they are aliens. And the human soul, is it pinned on the earth or other planets? According to the law, first ask whether there is wood, and then why, do human beings have a soul? Is there an alien? No one knows for sure, all is a guess.

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