I fancy Cadillac’s ATS-L, but friends around me say it is better to buy BBA. Tangled in a variety of different sounds. Is it worth buying?

Atsl is a car with obvious advantages and disadvantages, depending on your personal choice of car. 1. Brand, Cadillac is not as good as bba. Now atsl beggar version naked car is basically discounted by 100,000, 19,800, and 2,230,000 can be landed. The price of Maitan Accord Camry is similar, so I will buy it as an ordinary brand. Just do, don’t expect any car mark bonuses. Fortunately, Cadillac does not have low-end models, otherwise it would really not even be a second-tier luxury. 2. Configuration. Some people say that the atsl configuration is low, but I want to say that the configuration is not low. The low ones are things you can change at will, such as headlights and reversing images. All atsl series come standard with four-door keyless entry, automatic start and stop, fixed-speed cruise, power seat for main and co-pilot with waist drag, double glass, bose audio, full airbag, brembo brake, full 279 horsepower, aluminum alloy parts The chassis also comes with reinforcements. You can enjoy these configuration beggar versions. Let’s take a look at what other models of beggar versions look like? Add 10,000 to 20,000 to buy a fashion, and you will have full leather seats, reversing radar, central control large screen, electric rearview mirrors and so on. Except for the headlights, which must be changed, there are other basic things. 3. Performance. Needless to say, the power control is one of the best. If you don’t understand, you can check the lap time. Here are two of them, and there are many tracks, such as Golden Port, New North and so on. Both. Simply put, ats and 328/330, four-wheel drive A4 45TFSI and other cars, which are more than 100,000 more expensive, have similar performance. The modification potential is also huge. After upgrading the third-order, 01 is within 4 seconds, and 04 is within 12 seconds, which is similar to the original M3. 4. Although the space has been lengthened, there is basically no room. The rear row is okay in the longitudinal direction, reaching the size of a B-class car, and it is not as good as many A-class cars in the horizontal direction. Carefully observe that the width of the atsl is larger than the 3 series and C-class. , But the wide body is the car body, the rear looks like the small wide body that comes with the original factory, the cockpit is actually very small. There was basically no storage space. It was hard to find a place to put a bottle of water in the car. Not to mention the trunk, the two trunks were full. 5. Fuel consumption, in my case, the urban area is 11-13, the highest is 18 in traffic jam, the high-speed is 6-8, and the lowest is 5. The combined fuel consumption is 10-11. In short, at the two extremes, traffic jams are very fuel-intensive, and high-speed is very fuel-efficient. 6. Driving experience, it’s not sporty, the chassis is well supported, the direction is accurate, and the gearbox is a bit sluggish in daily use, but the track mode (that is, the mad dog mode often referred to by riders) needs to be triggered by a few feet of floor oil. , Obviously something that can be solved with only S gear, I have to make it into hidden mode, and I feel like I am in the second stage. When I want to open it, I have a few feet of floor oil, and my heart silently says: Come out! Crazy dog ​​mode!) After stepping out, shift gears. Logic and speed are not inferior to zf8 (I also have bmw, personally know it), in short, it is cool to drive. But comfort, in addition to good sound insulation, there is no comfort at all. 7. Quality. At present, the most reaction is the jitter of the gearbox, and the solution is to change the oil. But I haven’t encountered this problem. The car is more than 4W and the oil seal on the rear axle has been changed. There are no other problems. What about quality? It depends on luck. In short, more than 200,000 want to buy a car for fun, atsl value, want to buy a family car, forget it, not worth it.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I just mentioned the three-month-old version of the xt4. I wanted to bleed to mention the ct6, but the ct6 is really good-looking, but the body is too long, and my own technology is not good. The design of xt5 is a bit bloated, too commercial, and also excluded. How to say it, basically all the joint venture 4s stores have been run before buying, basically entangled with Audi a4, Jaguar xel, Lincoln mkz, BMW 3, Mercedes-Benz did not consider it. To be honest, Jaguar is really beautiful. It has an all-aluminum body and a one-meter lacquer. Its own engine is similar to the atsl parameter. The steering wheel is light and the chassis is very sporty. It has always been very popular, but the first filter is also the Jaguar (network transmission failure rate). It can’t be repaired if you touch it, and you can’t afford a small maintenance. It takes about 1600), Lincoln, the rear pressure head, the central control is too old, the advantage is to drink No. BMW is facing a facelift, and only Audi is left. The family has been asking to buy Audi, saying that they can keep their value, or buy Lexus es. To be honest, I drive more wildly, like the power to be more powerful, and I tried mine cars too. It’s too meaty. , A pair of half-dead power configuration, Audi is stable but the configuration is a bit poor, and finally chose Cadillac. The evaluation of Cadillac on the Internet is not very friendly, and I have been entangled. The labels of oil tiger, big diving, failure rate and other labels also made me entangled, but test drive After that, I chose it. Just say that the xt4, all engines and gearboxes are universal, regardless of high and low power, they are all 241 horsepower, 350 torque, 9at, and there is no big difference between the appearance and interior and the high configuration. I feel very conscientious about this. Some people say that the rear space of the xt4 ​​is not good, but I can sit in at a height of 180. The panoramic sunroof is open and there is no sense of depression. The height of 165 girls sitting in the back feels. The fuel consumption on expressways in the city is not as scary as imagined. On the shortcomings, the big dive hurts the old car owners’ hearts. Cadillac’s this is very bad and it feels cheap. The noise reduction control is very good, but the road noise is terrible, the engine sound is too loud, the frustration is serious below 40 yards, the steering wheel is sunk, the suspension is soft, the speed is turned into the corner, the sides are serious, and it gives people a sense of insecurity. The rear turn signal design is stingy, and the display design is simple, based on the car condition of xt4. But I bought Cadillac to satisfy my own feelings, a dream since I was young. When I was a child, I saw a soft-top Cadillac with a square head and a square head. (Wood?) I felt very shocked. The car can be so beautiful. From these points, it basically meets my needs. The biggest pleasure of driving every day is to wait for the green light and kick the accelerator to start, let other cars look at my taillights, and then wait for you at the next red light… Then, I changed the 20-inch wheels. , Installed four Pirelli Scorpion Kings. A set of brakes were changed, chassis balance bars were added, and the small-steel cannon-style running method was still used, starting at more than 3000 rpm, so far, there is no problem, and the overall fuel consumption is 10.1 hundred kilometers. Above, advantages.

7 months ago

The benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom. As an atsl owner, I have a lot to say. I considered Magotan when I bought a car. Ten generations of Accord. But why did you choose atsl in the end? I do not regret. First as a young man. Most of the time, I drive by myself, and the first officer can carry one person at most. Space is not my concern. Same level 2.0t? Which one can give you 279 horsepower except for a real performance car. gti amg s3 do you buy it? I’m over budget or really don’t like 2 box cars. Then there is the issue of fuel consumption. I want the horse to run and I want the horse not to eat grass. 279 horsepower? Where did it come from? Talking about the hedge rate? You buy a car for your own enjoyment. It’s not here to invest. Maybe you said to buy Cadillac to save face. I’m sorry I drove a Cadillac. you? Honda? public? Don’t blow, don’t black. My maintenance is more expensive than yours. My fuel consumption is higher than yours. The price of my car in one year is more than you lose. When I buy a car, I am not investing. I just enjoy the driving experience that the car brings to me. No matter how you comment, I’m sorry. Our positioning is the second-tier luxury brand. This is beyond doubt. I am attached to refit. Look like. I really like this car.

7 months ago

Former ATSL owner, white 14 models with 25t minimum configuration. When I bought it at the end of 2015, it landed about 26w-27w. I drove 5w5 kilometers. I just sold 13w last week. I sold it because of face issues. Because I am a businessman, Cadillac Not enough grades, so I changed to Mercedes-Benz. In all fairness, ATSL has many minor problems, but it is also very good. Many people complain about the low atsl. In fact, you’re wrong. Atsl’s hedging rate is pretty good. My car was sold for 12w+1w. At the same time, an Audi A4L in the store was only 12w for 15 years, and it was only 12w. At that time, Audi was definitely expensive. There are various minor problems-sometimes a bad headlight-radar, reversing image is not displayed-whistle on the right, etc.-run off, but I am used to it, causing the steering wheel of the Mercedes Benz to be too upright for a time to be unsuitable-shifting in the car Sometimes the lights at the place will dim by itself, that is, D, N, R, but it doesn’t matter-there are all kinds of abnormal noises in the car, but it’s okay to get used to the space: but they can accept the range. As for the rear space, the wife and the child have Sit and didn’t think there was any problem. Of course, I was obviously uncomfortable sitting at the back of 180, and there should be no problem under 170. Update 3/17 I recently tried CT4 and CT5, how does it feel that the space is smaller than Atsl? Regardless of whether it is the front row or the rear row, the front seat is still a bit head-up when placed at the lowest position, and the back row is aside from the head. Advantages? The appearance is very handsome. After seeing the atsl, the aesthetics of changing cars are much higher. What new 5 series LL lights and new E single eyelids look ugly, there is really no way to buy a slightly better-looking Mercedes-Benz cls, which feels better than atsl Almost. -The horsepower is large enough, even if the beggar version is more than 230 horsepower, starting with the comfort mode, most street cars can be lost in seconds. -The handling is very comfortable, and it feels like the human and the car are in one.-Turning is very comfortable. Now I changed the CLS to use the atsl driving style when the elevated corner is sharply turned. It is obvious that the turning speed is too fast. It is to measure the car. If it is not because there is only one Shanghai license plate and to drive out and save face, I will continue to keep my reputation, and hope his next owner can treat him well. In order to prove the real car owner, put the previous atsl photo and the photo of the current car, the license plate has not changed, the Shanghai license plate is difficult to deal with, you know

7 months ago

I have bought two Cadillacs, 14ATS l, 19XT5. A high order to take the order, a bargain hunter to buy. To be honest, XT 5 feels that apart from being cheap, it really can only be described in general. ATS L is really great value! ! ! Of course, you just wanted to buy a Camry Magotan, don’t think about ATS, this product is now cheap, but the price of a well-maintained luxury brand. But if you are a person who really likes to drive, it’s so worth it. You only need to spend 200,000 yuan to enjoy the nearly 400,000 power handling experience of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. To be honest, when our old car owners bought an ATS in 1415, they all thought it was worth it. What do you think now?

7 months ago

I just started the 2020 XT5 Lianghao at home, it’s really fragrant! First of all, the brand value is still far from catching up with the BBA line, but the aspect ratio is still good, 2.0T 241hp+9AT. (Mainly cheap, poor, hahaha) The interior materials are good. When I first learned about the pictures from the Internet, I always felt that the interior was a bit unsatisfactory, lacking a sense of luxury, and actually felt very good after the test drive in the store. The place you can touch is leather, give me a thumbs up! Comes with panoramic sunroof, front seat adjustment, front seat heating, no ventilation? (Only available on top), but the rear row supports manual front and back and backrest adjustment, which is still possible. All systems come standard with bose speakers, so you don’t need to spend money on matching them, but only the top configuration has 14 speakers, and the rest are 8 speakers, so it’s enough! The space volume of the trunk is quite satisfactory. It seems that SUVs at this level of electric tailgate are all standard equipment, right? Not much to say. The fuel consumption is still under test, and I haven’t run into it when I only drive 200 kilometers (the fuel consumption is actually not very concerned, because the logo 408 was opened before, and the fuel consumption should also be 11 or 12 when calculated). I personally feel that the dynamic effect is quite soundproof. It’s probably also because of the active noise reduction function. The throttle response is also good. I dare not step on too much during the running-in period. Basically, it is around 2000 rpm, and the speed is maintained at 1300. Switching to the sport mode can still hear the low roar of the engine a little bit. The brakes are too hard, it is really hard to ride a horse, you have to press hard to get a response, which is very unaccustomed. All in all, the current price discount of XT5 is still quite considerable, because my family does not often change cars, so I did not consider the issue of whether the secondary market will maintain its value. At present, I have driven 3000 kilometers and I am very satisfied with the performance of this car. The current comprehensive fuel consumption is 10.4

7 months ago

On the price, on the control, on the brakes, on the audio tires, this car is too worthy for you to spend more than 200,000 yuan to satisfy you. Other cars can not satisfy you for 350,000 yuan. It is not worth it. The word of mouth on various forums says it is not worth the value preservation rate of second-hand cars. That’s not worth it. Anyway, the used car value preservation rate in China is not good. It is garbage trucks. Whatever Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari, in front of me are all scum. Who cares about you, acceleration, handling, safety, I will compare the value preservation rate with you.

7 months ago

When I bought a car, Mercedes-Benz came out with a new A. The appearance was really good, and the interior was dazzling enough (after all, the atmosphere light was added), and it did not exceed my budget (budget 25w). At that time, I was waiting for the new A, and my friend said it. I just changed the shell, and nothing else has changed. I specifically cheated Chinese people for money (his original words hahaha, but I still think the new a is so beautiful). Later, I watched the Audi a3. It was too small, really too small. I thought Just think about it. Ao, I also remembered that I also went to Volvo at the time. The 4s shop was just our customer. It was deserted, but we saw the car for a long time but no one came out to introduce it (because we look too poor, hahaha), I He ran to Cadillac’s arms after losing his face. It happened that Cadillac dropped the price, so I went to see Cadillac. The atsl is not over budget, and the appearance is beautiful enough. The power is considered invincible at this price. My mother originally came to Xts. My friend said that the xts is 6 gears, and the atsl is 8 gears. Don’t remember) Let me buy the atsl. I mainly drive myself to and from work, and I don’t carry people. The back seat is mainly for bags, so it is not very caring for the small space in the back seat. It is basically settled on the spot. Haha. I am about the interior of the atsl. Quite satisfied, still quite high-end, not low at all, the air conditioner can be adjusted through the screen, super convenient, once considered Lexus’s cheapest 2-box car, but the object rejected the interior is too old, and was unwilling to take me to Lexus Look at the 4s shop. When the fuel consumption was at its best, I drove to 8.5, with an average of 10.3, which was acceptable. I didn’t drive the high speed very much, and it was a bit blocked when I went to and from get off work, so I was very satisfied with the fuel consumption. But every time I refuel, it still hurts (after all, I used to drive a Lei Ling hybrid, the gap is too big). I have been driving for more than half a year. As a female driver with acute road rage who does not understand the car, atsl is really cool. , I dare not say too much power. At least 70% of the cars on the road were killed. Several times I was the first in the traffic light row. After the start, I found that the cars behind did not keep up (which made me wonder if I was too anxious to run the red light, haha), today I also encountered an Audi driving irregularly, plugging in the left and right without turning on the turn signal, there are many cars in the rush hour after work, I generally don’t drive too fast, after all, safety first. As a result, I almost hit me. After he surpassed me, I was so angry that I increased the accelerator speed with a kick. He wanted to jump in the car. I honked the horn and drove forward. I hit you if I thought about it. Anyway, you are fully responsible for changing lanes ( I need to reflect here, and I can’t drive a grudge), but it’s really cool, I’m really angry when I see people driving irregularly.

7 months ago

ATS-V owner’s two-sentence summary: If you are not particularly passionate and don’t like tossing, and this car is a high-frequency daily-use car at home, if the budget is sufficient, it is better to complete the BBA in one step. If you are looking for personality, have a limited budget, or are people who like to play cars, then ATS-L is quite good. ATS-V and ATS-L should still be involved. This car was praised by various media, but the market did not recognize it. From the launch in 2016 to the current discontinuation, the whole period has huge discounts and low sales, which is very rare (common ATS sales are also very common). Before, German BBA brands have been exposed a lot, and Japanese Lexus has also been opened for a year, but has never been exposed. Cadillac. The ATS-V has been driving for almost a year now, and I understand why Cadillac’s products are blindly applauded (I have come into contact with a lot of cars, the following evaluation should be very objective) first talk about this car/ The main shortcomings of this brand: the interior is rough, cheap and very popular when you read high school without a driver’s license. Cadillac is still very popular in the picture. It seems that their interior is typical American luxury, on the same level as BBA, and even surpassed. But I have also seen a lot of users comment that Cadillac’s interior is rough. I thought they were the keyboard man with the rough rhythm of the American car, but now I found out that it was really the case. The actual interior of this car feels really inferior to the BBA products of the same period (maybe the worst in its class). Even if it is my ATS-V, it can’t catch up with the ordinary C300, 328 (it is more seckill than this generation of A4/5), let alone the M and AMG of the same level. Not only the assembly process of this car’s interior is not good, but the materials used are also quite rough. The leather inside the car is hard and grainy, with no texture. The metal trim strips extending from both sides of the center console, if it weren’t for it to feel cold to the touch, I even thought it was two pieces of chrome-plated plastic or something. And the switch that controls the sunroof and reading light, it feels cheap. After that, I went to 4S maintenance and tried the more advanced Escalade and CT6, and found that they were all of the same virtues. GM seemed to really not know how to make a luxurious interior. 2. Poor utilization of interior space. The rear head space of this car is quite cramped, and it is not easy for people over 1.75 meters to sit. And the legroom is the smallest among all models in the same class, really small. (Considering that domestic models of the same level will be lengthened, the rear space of the ATS-L may still not be dominant) But fortunately, the seats are comfortably filled and the sitting posture is decent. I don’t know what the ATS-L is like, but there is no storage space in the rear row of the short-axis ATS, and the door panel is not left empty. I don’t know what the engineer thinks. There is no storage space in the back door, dare to believe it? 3. The mechanical failure rate is not low. My car has been recruited by the universal 8AT shake door. When cruising, the rear axle will shake when speeding up, which is very annoying. But fortunately, it was repaired for free (official method: first brush the system (useless), if there is still a problem, replace the transmission oil (this can be solved)). Although there is no shaking after maintenance, this gearbox still has some convulsions and dragging behavior at low speed, especially in winter. This greatly affects the daily driving experience, and the BBA gearboxes of the same level are much better. Let’s talk about the advantages: 1. Control Cadillac and now the whole series are doing very well in this aspect, a bit like the meaning of the previous BMW moving closer. The skill of this generation of ATS chassis is also obvious to everyone, and it should be considered the most solid in its class. The steering is really perfect, precise, heavy-handed, and has a strong sense of road. I like it very much. The electromagnetic suspension is the same. Compare the V horizontally to the M4, and the daily comfort is directly hanging. When the track needs to be hard, it is also very hard, absolutely black technology. 2. Cheap This should be the most attractive place. The disadvantages are not to be mentioned, the advantages of the control are not complete, after all, you still have a gearbox to hold back. And the most complete advantage must be cheaper. The domestic ATS-L price has entered the 13A level of the BBA home. Compared with these cars, the driving texture of the ATS is much stronger (compared to the girlfriend’s A3 horizontally, the ATS should not be too strong. It feels that A3 to A4 is a watershed), and the interior may be half a catty (the new A can directly hit the ATS) ), but the power of 280 horses can only be really fragrant. In this range, the competitiveness of ATS is still quite strong. In general, as a daily-use car, ATS is very biased, and there is indeed a gap with 34C. So if you just buy a comprehensive daily car, believe me, even if the power may not be enough, 34C is definitely a better choice. But if you like to toss, like to modify, love to control, love to drive, and the budget is only at 200,000, there is no better choice than ATS-L. If you are a sentimental player, please act like I fart hahaha.

7 months ago

ATSL owner, bought it in 2016. It was used for nearly 70,000 kilometers, and once the deviation was adjusted, the V mark of the seat backrest fell off, and there were no other problems. Like it very much, it’s worth it. Let me talk about the shortcomings first: when the car is cold, the gearbox fumbles, and the gearbox is upshifted too early, the speed is too low, there is a phenomenon of dragging, the chassis is hard, the original tires are noisy due to the existence of ANC, the engine sound is unpleasant in the car, and the pedal position is affected. The gearbox squeezed to the middle. Advantages: good looking, good power, know about brembo brakes? The automatic start-stop hoist with the smallest movement of its kind is BBA, the steering has the smell of the old 3 series, the bodywork is good, the four-door double-layer soundproof glass, the sound is not bad, the high speed is stable, the fuel consumption is about 5, and the overall average is 9 Prefix. Think about 279 horsepower, which is called high fuel consumption? I don’t know why you’re all talking about discounts. The marketing department’s mind was caught in the door. That’s right, but it doesn’t affect the ATSL being a good car. At that time, the price of more than 220,000 yuan was already the conscience of the American emperor. Cadillac is the most proud brand of the United States. There is no doubt that the best things in GM are on Cadillac. But specific to the model, you still need to choose according to your own needs.

7 months ago

Stakeholders, CT6 owners. From the perspective of Kay’s current product line, with the exception of the ATSL pull skin car (but it seems to be adjusted to a 50:50 weight after the skin is pulled), the rest of the cars do not have a Chinese style skin lift. So it seems that the wheelbase is not short, but the space is not as big as the bba lift version. But in addition to atsl, xts ct6 xt5 and xt4 rely on super-class wheelbases, space is still enough. In terms of cost performance, Kay can be said to be Xiaomi in the automotive industry. SAIC-GM’s Jinqiao plant produces all lines (except Escalade) and sells them back to the United States. The pricing is basically the same as that of the United States, and the brand premium is very low. I tested the Mercedes-Benz E 300, BMW 530 and CT640T when I bought the car. At that time, the price of the old ct6 was not the lowest, and the new 5 series was just launched. After the test drive, I gave up on the Mercedes-Benz E first. The price and texture are not cold, and I am not obsessed with the ambient light. The BMW 530 is indeed good, but its budget is around 40. At that time, the 525 landing cost 46, and the 530 landing more than 50, so the ct628T luxury, 41W is mentioned. After driving 1W kilometers for a year, there is nothing special to complain about, that is, there is no automatic parking for low and medium models, and it is inconvenient to start and stop with a single start. The ambient light is too inconspicuous, just a light blue and white light. If there was 50W at that time, you might buy 40T luxury, occasionally stray wildly. The ct6 should be a good car when sitting, but without the belief bonus, it still doesn’t sell well. But fortunately, being a niche car is actually quite compelling.

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