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When looking at people, I would normally call me because I called my roommate, so I broke up with my roommate. It was an unremarkable afternoon. It was about to leave school for the internship. The class guide informed us that there was a survey similar to the questionnaire at 4:30 in the afternoon. Cooperating to ask us to participate on time, my roommate A is still sleeping after four o’clock, because we have four people in the dormitory, and usually the three of us act together. Roommate B and I have already got up, so I called my roommate. A, she agreed and went back to sleep. After a few minutes, I saw that she hadn’t moved. I thought it was four o’clock and she would be late if she couldn’t afford it. Then I shouted again that it’s too late if you can’t afford it. At this time, roommate A suddenly yelled, can you stop arguing, and then said, let’s go first. I was yelled at by roommate A, and then roommate B reacted and pulled me away. I really don’t think about it. I didn’t worry about it. I thought I didn’t do anything wrong, and when roommate B and I went to participate in the questionnaire survey, there was roommate A next to me. When roommate A came back, I avoided both of us. I don’t think it’s okay. After I filled out the questionnaire carefully, roommate B and I filled out the questionnaire. It happened to be dinner time. Roommate A had already left, so we didn’t ask roommate A to eat together. We waited until roommate B and I finished eating. It was less than six o’clock when I went back, I found that roommate A was in bed again. I yelled at me in the afternoon. I wouldn’t rush to ask roommate A what to chat with her. I also chat with roommate B about gossip as usual. She finally got up when it was almost eight o’clock in the mobile phone chase, and then she packed up and went out to eat alone (the door was closed very loudly) I am actually relatively straightforward and not a vengeful person. I think it’s between the three of us. The relationship is still very good. I personally think that it will pass after a nap, and it will be fine if we forget all of them the next day. At the beginning, we also said that we acted together in three peacetimes. We had classes at 8 o’clock in the morning the next day. It’s the breakfast person. Roommate B and I have been waiting for roommate A to go out to buy breakfast together. Although roommate A has gotten up, we have slowly cleaned up. With the lessons of yesterday, we will not urge roommate A anymore. Waiting for her, maybe roommate A sees that the time is late. Although we didn’t speak, we were waiting for her. She suddenly said, “I’m not buying breakfast today. Let’s go first. Then roommate B and I will be speechless. We are waiting for her. She is still like this. Isn’t it a trivial matter? As for, we both have a little temper. Later, when we bought breakfast and went to class, we didn’t reserve her place. From then on, the cold war began, until The graduate roommate A didn’t say a word to us and finally came to a digression. Both my roommate B and I had been deleted by her two or three times QQ. The key point is that I don’t know why! ! I also asked her with a thick-skinned face why she deleted me and what I did wrong. Roommate A said something about the past without mentioning it! ! I asked myself that I have a really good temper. I may not be so sensitive and my eyesight is not so easy to provoke her, but I shouldn’t delete my friends at all. When I deleted me the second time, I didn’t want to add it. Later To upload information, she used my computer to pass her friend application! In the end, I deleted it for the third time and the last time because I called out to wake up and made trouble together! ! It’s been three or four years since graduating now that she has disappeared from my world


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The eldest brother who lives in bed 1, I told him to get up in the high math class, and he backhanded me to sleep together. It doesn’t matter if you don’t go once. So I missed a subject for the first time in my life, because the exam in that class accounted for 30% of the total score. The second brother who lives in bed 2, I told him to get up for class, he said you go and I won’t go, so I hurriedly washed my face and brushed my teeth and stepped into the classroom with breakfast. He waved his hand and said that my brother will occupy a seat for you. Up. The fourth brother who lives in bed 4, I told him to get up for class. He turned over to support his body with absolute upper limb strength and turned down 360 degrees, his waist twisted and the bed collapsed. So he stayed in the school infirmary for a week, hanging up and avoiding the gold medal. I stayed in bed 3, banged on and called to get up, stretched out my hand and touched her head and said goodbye, I will sleep for a while. This is my habit, because when I go to bed and go out of the table, I reach out to almost the height of my head, and then there is no evidence from the crowd that I molested the life committee member. It spread… Hey… After so many years of graduation, brother. Yes, I miss you guys.

7 months ago

Seeing this problem, I suddenly remembered the day of the 512 earthquake. I was a sophomore in Chengdu that year, and the first class of 512 started at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the math class. Little A got up at half past one and left first. I dawdled with Little B, went out at one fifty and left. When we arrived at the classroom from the dormitory, we were late. We asked Xiao A and said there was no order today, so Xiao B and I went to another empty classroom on the 5th floor for self-study. At 2:28, the earthquake came. I held hands with Little B and ran downstairs holding the book. It happened 12 years ago, and many plots have been blurred. I just remember that the hand held by me and Xiao B was squeezed away in the panic. I just remember that when I ran to the third floor, the ceiling began to fall, and I lifted the book in my hand and covered my head. Running downstairs, I started calling home. My family lives in an earthquake zone hundreds of kilometers away, and I have experienced many earthquakes since I was young. At that time, I thought in my heart that the earthquake occurred in the direction of my parents. My only thought was that the earthquake was still so severe here, and my family didn’t know what the earthquake would look like. Panic. It was my dad’s phone number that was memorized backwards. I pressed it five or six times but couldn’t get it right. Tensed like a dream. Then there is no signal. I still couldn’t get through this call, and I cried out in a hurry. Recalling it for a long time, in fact, it should have been less than 3 minutes before we left our seats and ran out. The earthquake has continued, and I, Xiao B, and all the panicked classmates were at a loss in the small square downstairs. It suddenly occurred to me that Xiao D was still sleeping in the dormitory. Her phone couldn’t get through, so I discussed with Xiao B and planned to return to the dormitory to wake her up. I had never experienced such a big earthquake at that time, and my judgment of the degree of danger was seriously low. However, living in the earthquake zone, I also clearly judged that this earthquake was more serious than every time I had experienced. All the way back to the dormitory, Xiao D just got dressed, shocked, we took her and ran back to the small square again. A memory.

7 months ago

In the second year of high school, there was a time when the dormitory group overslept. I belonged to the one who fell asleep. At that time, a roommate yelled and woke up all night. After seeing the time, I was in the first class. After a while, I said that I must be scolded by the old class in the past. We have to think of a countermeasure. There happened to be a figure walking outside, from the class next door. Suddenly, there was an idea. He hurriedly stopped him and asked him why he didn’t go to class. He said he had asked for leave. Then he saw that we were all in the bedroom. He heard that we had overslept and was busy. Say 666. I said you wait and lock us outside the door (the bedroom door uses a padlock). When the old class comes to us, he can tell him that we are locked by others and cannot go. Then he hurried away after locking it as we said, and waited for us to wash up. When the first class was almost finished, the old class came over. He stood outside the door with a complex expression, and we complained and complained in it. The angry look was played to the extreme by us. The head of the dormitory gave the old class the key to open the door. When we left the dormitory, we did not forget to say viciously not to let us catch the person who locked us, and ran to the classroom to comment. Many friends were talking about the camera, the dormitory. There are six floors in the building. There are two cameras on each floor, one on each side of the two stairs. I didn’t expect the camera issue to come up at the time. The old class didn’t investigate it and didn’t investigate it. There is also the relationship between us and him. I won’t delve into it. At most, this kind of thing mocks us in the class. Everyone in our class has a good relationship with him. We usually call him Old Man Li, and he often jokes with us. He is weird. For example, sometimes he has dust on his hand after he finishes writing with chalk in class. Sometimes he will come down and pat your shoulder to answer questions, but actually wipe off the chalk dust on his hands…sometimes After he went to the toilet, there was still water on his hands. When he walked to the corridor outside our class and saw us outside, he would pat your back and chat with you, but actually wiped the water.. It’s a bit of a digression.

7 months ago

In my senior year, a roommate took a postgraduate entrance examination. In the afternoon, he took an English exam. After lunch, I went back to the dormitory and took a bag to the gym. I happened to see him taking a nap in bed. “Hey? Didn’t you take the English test this afternoon? I remember it was two o’clock? It’s fifty-five, why are you still in the dormitory?” “Oh, eh? No, English only starts at half past two.” “Oh, this way Ah.” I thought it was half past two if I didn’t take a postgraduate entrance examination, so I packed my things and went downstairs to buy juice and went to the gym. When I was waiting for the juice, I heard the stairs staggering, and my roommate was running while putting on clothes. Holding the bag, he yelled as he ran, “Fuck, fuck, really TM is two points.” Fortunately, that subject is English. I forgot how long the test can take to enter the exam room, or he would just miss one. Roommates who overslept will definitely wake up. After all, they still have to mix up. But we are very fond of the dormitory. It’s hard to oversleep in the dormitory. There is a grandson’s cell phone alarm clock on the bed and bed On the table. Because he was afraid that he would fall asleep when he pressed the pillow, so he put it on the table, so he had to get up. But every time he was the last one to wake up in the dormitory, so that the whole dormitory was awakened, and this grandson got up, so it is difficult for our dormitory to oversleep.

7 months ago

I will never forget that day. I am always afraid that the day will be full and I left the dormitory early (usually my roommates are still in bed when I leave, so no one wants me to disturb them so early) and did not return at noon. During the lunch break in the dormitory, a classmate asked me: “Did you see XXX?” (XXX is my roommate, this classmate is a good friend who plays games with XXX) “No.” I thought it was nothing serious. “It’s weird, I haven’t seen him all morning” he murmured. I looked down at my watch. At 13:10, “Let’s make a call.” He shook his head and handed me his cell phone. There were 6 missed calls to him, 6 from 9:00 to 13:00. So I called him myself, but didn’t answer any questions about the other roommates. They didn’t go back to the dormitory at noon and they didn’t understand the situation. I immediately panicked, and a first-level siren sounded in my heart. I thought of the roommate who had barely slept before two o’clock recently, and thought of several sudden school deaths on the news recently. No… I shook my head. Rational analysis! Rational analysis! Then list the possibilities. I simply overslept (no, I remember he had set an alarm, even if he was late before, he would arrive within ten minutes. It would be too ridiculous that he didn’t come the whole morning, and the other roommates should be leaving when he left. I will call him, and it’s impossible to make so many calls without answering it, let’s rule it out!) (the phone is muted) came to the classroom but we didn’t see it (so I waited until the first class in the afternoon and I looked around the classroom again, but didn’t come. !) An accident occurred in the dormitory or on the road (if it happened on the road, we should be notified, so if it happened, it should be in the dormitory. This is very serious, waiting for a second may cause problems) was caught by aliens I’m gone (Uh, then I can’t control it). At the time, I didn’t have that much thought. If there is an accident in the dormitory, whether I am a roommate or a monitor, I should go to find out the situation immediately. I remember it seems to be in “Tomb Raiders Notes” There is such a sentence: “After all the possibilities are listed and other possibilities are eliminated, the remaining answer, no matter how outrageous, can only be the final answer!” (Thanks to the comment section for pointing out that this is a sentence in the Sherlock Holmes case. Quoted in “Notes”) There is no time! I’m about to shoot the case and rush to the dormitory… “Please turn to page 271, let’s take a look at this question.” The teacher is attentively lecturing and catching classmates who are not attending the class with sharp eyes, some of the students around me They were dumbfounded, some buried their heads in the books, and some were secretly playing games. Two of my other roommates were also very calm, and my impatient heart was suddenly disrupted by the calm atmosphere. Should I just run out and leave the sentence “I have something important, see you again”? No, if you’re too pretended, you’ll be handsome by yourself. Excuse me to go to the bathroom and then sneak back to the dormitory to check the situation? (Eh, why didn’t I think about it at the time) But even if I go back to the dormitory, it will take nearly 15 minutes. If something goes wrong, I can’t wait for a minute. Would you miss any possibility? Wouldn’t it be too embarrassing if you find that nothing is wrong in the dorm? Suddenly I had a tricky plan. Look for someone in the dormitory to visit our dormitory! Now all the classmates I know are in this classroom, and I don’t have the contact information of friends in other classes of XXX. So I opened the WeChat group of our dormitory building and started sending requests. “Is there any hxd who can go to the XXX dormitory to help? My roommate has been missing for a long time, and I didn’t answer the phone.” Suddenly a lot of people started talking, and at first I thought someone would help soon. “What happened?” “Should it be…” “My former roommate also…” They were eating melons because of life-threatening matters? “Is there anyone who can go and take a look, please” “Sorry, I’m also fishing in the classroom”” “I’m also “”I’m too”… (the air suddenly freezes) I thought it would save time to find someone like this, but I didn’t expect it instead. Wasted time. During this period, I really couldn’t find the possibility of missing out. Before I knew it, the get out of class bell rang, and I snapped to my feet, ready to sprint back to the dormitory… Ding! A message from him flashed on the phone. “I’m sorry, I’ve slept.” I checked my watch and it was close to 14:30. “Why got up so late?” “I don’t know. I slept at three o’clock in the morning.” “I didn’t hear” “How about the phone” “Mute the phone” “It’s that simple?” “Yes” “You know me…” “What’s the matter?” “Forget it” “The clown is actually myself so you ask my roommate Would you call him if you overslept? “I should kick you up at that time!”

7 months ago

Unconsciously… the most difficult year is about to pass. This answer has continued to have some likes one after another, which surprised me a bit. By the way, since I answered this question, nine out of ten of the ten questions that Zhihu invited me to answer were dormitory-related questions… After the epidemic, we changed campuses, and the four-person party in the dormitory was ruthlessly split into In the four different dormitories, the dormitory has also changed from a four-person room to a six-person room. In the second half of 2020, everyone has entered the senior year and each has to move towards their own future. We also spent the three years of maturity accumulated in the past three years to get along well with our new roommates. The various problems in the dormitory seem to be unavoidable for the students who live on campus. I hope everyone can get along with each other in peace. Hope everything will be better in the new year.

7 months ago

Normally I would shout, and I would definitely shout when there is a class, and call them to tell them what time it is, and give them a wake-up call. If they respond, I won’t call them. Then if they say before going to bed, don’t call them. , Then I will definitely not shout, and if there are roommates sleeping, we will not speak loudly or make any loud noises. Let us live in the same room and help each other to create a good dormitory atmosphere. I think it is necessary!

7 months ago

Undergraduate period will be. When we were undergraduate, the four people in our dormitory were all in the same major. Almost all classes in the freshman year, such as advanced mathematics, linear algebra, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, college physics, college English, and ideological and political courses, were all taken together. Almost every day there are classes from 8 to 10 in the morning, commonly known as 8 in the morning; there are also two or three classes every week starting at 2 in the afternoon. The courses in these time periods are usually overlord courses such as advanced mathematics, line generation, chemistry, big things, and English. They have a common feature, that is, they are easy to understand, and if they do not understand, it is easy for people to sleep in class. Sleeping in the classroom, and sleeping in the dormitory, it is easy for people to have the idea of ​​“sleeping anyway, it’s better to sleep more comfortably”. I belonged to the one with a stronger sense of crisis in our dormitory. This was mainly because I was beaten by mathematics and chemistry for many years in middle school, between “Er Zhuzi felt that I was doing it again” and “Er Zhuzi found that things were not so simple”. Repeated horizontal jumps, just after entering the National Chiao Tung University and experienced the “Let you know your English proficiency test”, referred to as the proficiency test (EPT) killer stick. When the roommate on the opposite side of the bed in your dormitory is a mathematics and physics double country two (or country one), the roommate at the head of the bed is a physics country two, and the opposite bedroom is a mathematics country two, when you have had one or two with your classmates from Jiangsu and Shanghai After this English class, it is hard not to doubt that you can study in the same school as them. I thought about this issue carefully, and finally found out that I might have entered the same school with them because I did well in the Chinese test. However, my major now is biochemistry and environmental sciences, and the 40 credits may also be related to Chinese. Only five or six (but later I found out that all the courses were related to Chinese). At this moment, I realized that if I didn’t work hard, I would definitely fail. Back then, I was afraid of dropping a course not because of the need to rush for the scholarship and the number of graduate students. It was purely because our transcripts had to be sent home to parents every semester, and I was worried that I would not be able to go home after the course. In addition, during high school, I always get up before six in the morning to prepare for school, so in the first semester of freshman year, I usually get up at 7 o’clock in the morning under the dual push of work and rest inertia and psychological pressure. Then I naturally tried to call my roommates up. My roommates think that they have the same inborn fear and resistance to hanging subjects as I do, so they get up one after another. I clearly remember that there was a Tuesday in the first semester of the freshman year. It was a linear algebra class from 8 to 10 in the morning. I opened my eyes and found that it was already 8:30, so all four of us in our dormitory missed the first class and waited until class. Then sneaked into the classroom. Sophomore and junior reminiscences of this absenteeism, we feel a little ridiculous, not because we overslept, but because we actually regard oversleeping as such a serious matter. But for me as a freshman, I still feel a little guilty. After all, the four of us are getting along pretty well. From time to time, we go out together for a meal to improve our lives. In case any buddy has too many subjects in the middle of the course, it is still quite embarrassing. In fact, each of the four of us also experienced some difficult moments during the undergraduate course, but fortunately, we graduated relatively safely in the end. When we graduated, the four of us went to the imperial capital to join a bank, one to Shenzhen to study finance, one to work as a teacher in Xi’an, and one to study in Minhang. Now I heard that the two working roommates are going to meet in Beijing. The 2020 doctoral dormitory of the National Chiao Tung University is a two-person dormitory. My current roommate wakes up much earlier than me, and I have almost no chance to wake up roommates who have overslept. On the other hand, my roommate sees that I go back so late every day and always sympathizes with me, so I don’t often wake me up in the morning (except knowing that I have an experiment or a class), but always help me explain in front of the tutor “Go back last night It’s late”.

7 months ago

When we were freshman in our dormitory, there was a girl a who was responsible for calling us to wake up every day. She was the first to wake up every day. When we woke up late, she took the initiative to call us. Everyone became accustomed to her calling. But B and I have alarm clocks every day. When the alarm clock rang, we turned off and squinted for a while. After two minutes, a would call us very softly. After we got up, a did not call, which caused another girl c to wake up late. She was the only one who put on makeup in the dormitory, so she woke up late. If I don’t have time to kill myself, I walk with b every day, and we both go to class without paying much attention. A is in class with other dormitories, and c is also in class with other dormitories (we are all in the same class) When I went back to the dormitory after class at noon, I heard a said that c said twice in the dormitory that I got up late today and didn’t have time to eat. They all said it in front of a. What they meant was to blame a for why not. Tell her to get up? ? ? So everyone, people are willing to call you a good-hearted person. If you don’t ask you to set your own alarm clock, don’t be so selfish, people shouldn’t be you. A good person can become a bad person by doing one less good thing, so don’t be an old good person if it’s okay. (If anyone sees it, continue to do more strange things in the dormitory)

7 months ago

A roommate wants to attend an interview that he doesn’t want to go to. The food was tasteless, but it was a pity to discard it. She was nervous and entangled all night, staying up until three o’clock before falling asleep. She overslept the next morning. I woke up and looked at my watch, oops, too late, too late, I have missed the morning train, and it takes half an hour for all the cosmetics to be applied. It doesn’t help to get up, I hope she will be treated tenderly by the years. She woke up in heat, and blamed me for not calling her to wake her. I said I worked hard, I covered you with a quilt. The second roommate asked me to wake her up. We are going to participate in the arbor day in the yard to plant trees up the mountain in the afternoon. She complained that learning is important, not the kind of tree planting. Said to sleep for a while to replenish the spirit. Let’s call her when we leave. She overslept, we didn’t call her, and went on our own. When she came back, she brought her a takeaway. While sucking the rice noodles, she said why not call her. Has the teacher called her? We told her that we had signed your name first on the sign-in form. There is half a mouthful of rice noodles. She said thank you, and then suddenly raised her head. Why was it the first one? Because the teacher said that everyone volunteered to sign, and they were willing to dig a hole to sign the name in front. So, I didn’t go to dig a pit either? It’s okay, isn’t someone who has a crush on you? We let him dig all our pits. Hey, you guys are really bad, but the rice noodles are delicious. By the way, he bought the rice noodles and asked us to bring them to you. He bought four servings and invited us to eat them. You might as well wake me up. Cannibalism is short, and through our efforts, the boy who digs the hole chased her, and we successfully married this girl. Sanshangbu overslept, we quietly washed up and went to class. When we came back, she said with confused eyes, why didn’t you call me? Did the teacher call you? The teacher didn’t call his name. Seeing that you were tired from labor last night, I didn’t call you. She let out a long sigh of relief. However, the teacher said that next week I would like to find a few good professional students to do the project together. We are afraid that you will drop out of class and have no dynamics. Did you report my name? Not really, we recommended you. Ah, why are you bullying me? Although I like to eat rice noodles, I was full on the day I planted the tree. Hahaha Later, that girl won the first prize and got a lot of points. Invite us to dinner, we specially ordered rice noodles.

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