Girls tend to overestimate how much men like their appearance, just as men tend to underestimate their attraction to girls’ inner beauty! There is a saying: “Starting from appearance, falling into talent, and being loyal to character.” The beginning of all romantic and perfect love is inseparable from “love at first sight.” Indeed, in the early stages of sexual attraction, everyone “judges people by their appearance.” But this appearance does not require you to be a beauty, but that you become the “Xi Tzu” in his eyes. So this is what many girls will find: Why this girl is obviously inferior to me in all aspects, but she finally finds such a good male ticket or husband? This is not because she has a better life than you, but she knows better than you how to present herself in front of men. I read a piece of news before. A lady went to a date with a brand name during a blind date. She thought that this way a man would treat her like a goddess. What she didn’t expect was that the man blacked her out after returning home. Because in that man’s opinion: I can’t afford such a “goddess”! The reason lies in the fact that most girls understand the needs of men in choosing a spouse and the needs of men in the actual process of choosing a spouse. In fact, there is a big discrepancy. 2. Judging from the cases I have observed in the past, those women who are spoiled by men are actually not the best-looking or the best ones considered by the general public. The important reason is that more and more men are beginning to realize that being comfortable in the relationship between the sexes is actually the most important thing. Therefore, many people start to put the “feeling” of getting along with girls in a very important position. The so-called feeling of getting along is: as a woman, what are the “hidden values” you can provide to the other party? If there is only external attraction, then your attraction to the opposite sex is probably only fleeting. Because in the end you are not so special and distinctive in his eyes. So, this is the reason why many men start to be indifferent immediately after being with girls. It’s not because every one you meet is “scum”, but if you only rely on the attraction of your appearance, then in the end your own attraction will only become more and more limited, so that the other party is unwilling to take the initiative on you. Additional investment. 3. So, besides appearance, what other characteristics are important to the attractiveness of girls in the eyes of men? 1. Girls’ smiles; people often say: “Girls who love to laugh, are not too bad luck.” You must know that in this world, besides disease, there is smile. And the infection of a smile is positive and can move people. Therefore, I often hear male students say to me: “I can’t forget the smile she left in my memory.” And a lot of emotions go to the back afterwards, mostly because the laugh from the beginning has become Later complaints. 2. The self-confident temperament of girls; whether a girl is self-confident, in fact, men are particularly sensitive to this. So this is that scumbags always like to find girls who are not confident or lack love, because they feel that such girls do not need to spend too much time and energy to obedient to them, and will not leave them. But scumbags will never really fall in love with them. Because girls who are not confident enough are not challenging enough for them, and men are always sensitive to whether a girl is truly confident. On the contrary, the reason why those confident girls can attract men’s sincere likes is very important because men feel that they have their own selves and principles, and will not become a Virgin or a Virgin for a man casually. The beggar in love. 3. The gentle voice of girls; people often say that women are like water. And the voice of a girl can best reflect the soft characteristics of a girl. Generally speaking, a loud voice will make men feel more artificial. If the voice is too loud or noisy, it will unconsciously remind people of a charter wife. If the voice is too small, it will give people a feeling of lack of confidence and confidence. Therefore, for girls, different people will have different timbres. But the prerequisite is the overall feeling of your voice, whether it is enough to move people, and give people a feeling of being comfortable and wanting to be close. This is also a very important part of feminine charm. 4. The personality and character of girls. Many girls are often jealous: “Why can’t your male ticket forget your ex-girlfriend.” Remember, what a man can’t forget is not only the beauty of a girl, but also the memories and feelings that the girl left to him. , That belongs to her unique personality and attractiveness. This is what really makes many men think that they are attractive and the source of thoughts. And this personality and character, here is also a simple explanatory for everyone; first, the character is best to be approachable and easy to get along with. In fact, most men don’t like to have long-term relationships with women who have their own “princess disease”. Even if he can bear it for a while, he will still choose to leave because of exhaustion over time. Second, you don’t need to become someone else, you just need to keep yourself. Many girls will deliberately become less like themselves in order to please a man. But as everyone knows, when you do this for him, it will only be exchanged for him to treat you more contemptuously. Because your “pleasure” behavior has betrayed yourself. Third, a good personality makes oneself comfortable, but also makes the other person comfortable. And this involves the “Emotional Intelligence” level. As long as the girl who will make a man willing to be with her for a long time, the emotional intelligence will not be too low. Because they know how to grasp the direction and scale of a relationship. And in this process, I still have the ability to maintain myself.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I think there is no good personality. When you are a cute and well-behaved girl, people who hate you will think you are hypocritical. When you are an independent, outgoing, cheerful and lively girl, you hate it. Your people will think that you are too thoughtful, so that she has no time to say anything. This question is meaningless. Everyone has a different personality. People who hate you still hate you. But the person who likes you will like you no matter what your personality is.

6 months ago

Girls who can play with me usually have very good personalities. Specifically, they can be summarized as the following: 1. Under the condition of knowing that others are not malicious, they can tolerate other people’s small mistakes and will not go online. 2. You may complain about people or things you can’t understand in front of your friends, but don’t ask your friends to stand in line. Don’t interfere with friends’ hobbies. 3. Willing to communicate in time when encountering misunderstandings, and will not turn over the old accounts with close people. 4. Know how to reflect, know the mistakes and make corrections, and will not double standard. 5. There is no concept of “enemies”, only people who don’t want to touch more. 6, the character is not stubborn, and does not mind exposing a sense of need to others.

6 months ago

In the relationship, what kind of personality is a good “good personality” for girls? In a nutshell, women with “sweet mouths” that make men love to their bones have high love quotients! There is a fan baby, I call her Coco, she told me that she was rejected by the male god, and asked me why? After listening to her confession story, my first feeling: “Hey, girl, facing the boy I like, that’s it.” Every time the male god calls, she is on call. Every time a boy would say to Coco, “It’s nice to have a friend like you.” Gradually, Coco felt that he must be different from others in the hearts of boys. On a special holiday, Coco confessed. I believe everyone knows the result. The male god rejected her confession and expressed his willingness to continue to be friends with her. But after the confession, the relationship between the two is much worse than before, and there seems to be a layer of film between them. Coco was particularly upset, feeling that he did not have the right time to confess. In fact, it is not a matter of timing, but a wrong approach. There are also many fan babies who always ask when they leave a message: “After using 18 martial arts, the male god still ignores me, why is this?” “My boyfriend is less and less willing to pay attention to me, and he says everything. It’s very rare, what should I do?” “Although he is together, but he is always hot and cold to me, how can he be more enthusiastic?” They all said the most difficult things in the world. Things, lose weight, go to bed early, get up early, let the people you like also like yourself. The last one should be the supreme problem. To maintain a long-term and comfortable relationship with others depends on commonality and attraction. Rather than oppression, bondage, flattery, and blindly giving and moral self-movement. This is the performance of not having a high love quotient. What men like is not a scheming girl, but what they like is their high EQ! 1 In “Ode to Joy”, there are two completely opposite people, one is a quyue who does not play cards according to common sense, and the other is Guan Juer, a well-behaved girl. Amazingly, they fell in love with the same person. The results of it? Fairy Qu successfully settled Dr. Zhao within ten days, and the two of them fought fiercely. And Guan Juer is still in secret love, even the other party doesn’t even know about it. Seeing Qu Yaojing and Doctor Zhao show their affection in a fancy way, she could only say, “This world is like a huge claw machine, and I just want you through the glass.” If you didn’t watch it, she could only say: “This world is like a huge claw machine.” Drama, the ghost knows who she is talking about? Don’t laugh at her first, we all used to be “Guan Juer” in real life. When I meet someone I like, I am nervous, at a loss, and don’t know how to show myself… I watched the opportunity slip away before my eyes. In fact, Guan Guan and Dr. Zhao have more in common. Both of them have connotations, have the same hobbies, and have seen the same video. Unfortunately, there is not enough love quotient, and there is no story between you. In this era, 80% of the emotional deaths are due to not being able to tease guys. If you don’t show your high love quotient, good men will be teased away by other women. 2 Don’t be emotional when you should use your brain. Now there is no shortage of beautiful women in this society. If you want to be beautiful, plastic surgery is enough, but women with high emotional intelligence can truly keep a man’s heart. A woman with high EQ is not just about appearance, but wisdom to revive men, so that men can’t extricate themselves. 1. Never proactively confess Some women think that if you fall in love with someone, you will be brave to chase it, and you will have the courage to proactively confess, but this method is very passive. When a relationship is still ambiguous, when you have not yet identified a man Do you like you when? Then, in the process of a woman chasing a man, if a woman chooses to confess actively, either the man reluctantly accepts it, or the man refuses embarrassingly, she will become very hurt. Therefore, a woman with high EQ will not choose to confess her actively even if she loves a man deeply. Instead, wait for the man to confess his own initiative and let himself take the lead in the relationship, so that he will neither feel embarrassed nor hurt himself. 2. Keep a faint distance. Women with high emotional intelligence know how to get along with men. They will neither pay blindly nor choose to enjoy themselves, but rather take a good sense of measure and maintain a faint distance from men. . Too proactively pestering men will make men feel unconquered, and too alienating from men will make men feel hopeless, so we must give men hope and make men willing to make efforts to chase them. 3. Don’t contact too frequently. If women contact too much, men will complain that you are too clingy, and if contact is less, men will say that you don’t care about yourself, so in this process, women should use emotional intelligence to solve them, and don’t contact too much. Don’t contact too little. The number of contacts per day should be controlled at about two. A man must take the initiative to contact you instead of contacting yourself. This is a psychological tactic. If a man takes the initiative to contact you, he will cherish you even more. Fourth, let men learn to actively pay. There is a thing in love called cost. The time, money, and thought we spend on a person are all costs. The more you give each other, the more you can’t do without each other. Therefore, a woman with high EQ will never give it on her own initiative, but let a man learn to give it actively. This is the most brilliant way. The more he pays to you, the harder he is willing to leave you. 3 Never wait for others to fulfill you. One, show weakness + act like a baby (know how to release needs and guide each other to meet needs). The female treasures say: “I am a female man with such a personality.” But in fact, showing weakness and acting like a baby are not the same Personality, but a skill. Girls with high EQ can easily talk about love because they know how to show weakness and act coquettishly to release their needs and guide each other to meet their needs. How did the emotional female man develop? When you have a need, expressly implying various expressions, the other party cannot satisfy you. On the one hand, you will feel a little resentful in your heart, thinking that he may not love you enough if he does not do this; on the other hand, you encounter the same thing next time , You may just bypass the other party and do it yourself. Anyway, looking for him was a waste of words, so I might as well just do it myself. The more this is the case, the easier it is to give the man an idea—it turns out that if I don’t do it, the girlfriend will do it himself. Slowly, you do more and more, and your boyfriend does less and less. The deeper your grievances, the lower your boyfriend thinks he is in demand. If you come here at this time, someone who will be mad and coquettish will be a real “green tea bitch” “, your relationship is over. Why is he unwilling to help you when you ask for help? It’s probably because you ask for help in a wrong way. Next time you can try the “green tea” trick: show weakness + act like a baby. Showing weakness and being coquettish are interlinked, and the core is “you will not + specific plan + irreplaceability + anticipation”. For example: If you want boys to grab you a very popular concert ticket, you can say: “My dear, this ticket is really too popular. I have not been able to get it several times before (you won’t). Computers are very good, I heard that your friends are also very good, can you help me grab the ticket? (Specific plan), no one around me will, I can only think of you (irreplaceable), I Knowing that you will definitely help me, right? He is your favorite little sweetheart… (expected) “The high hat has been worn for him, do you think he can answer it? Men can’t get used to it, they’re used to going wrong. 2. Emotion management ability is particularly strong (emotions can be kept stable most of the time). Under normal circumstances, green tea emotions are relatively stable. Generally speaking, it gives people a gentle and pleasant personality. Here is a psychological point of view-positive emotions are easy to dissipate, and negative emotions are easy to accumulate. For example: when you hear someone complimenting you that you look very good today, you may laugh and forget it after a while, but if that person tells you how ugly today is, you will probably wonder for a long time. . Therefore, even if you are always sweet-hearted, if you are emotionally unstable, it will only allow others to accumulate negative emotions towards you. Even if you do well in a normal state, it is estimated that you can only end up with “This girl is generally good, but just Bad temper” evaluation. Believe me, stable emotions, whether in life, work or in emotional relationships, will benefit you a lot. How to control your emotions? Sister Bai has two methods here: observing emotions and recording emotions. 1. Observe emotions-the ultimate three questions about emotions (mainly for negative emotions). When you are ready to have emotions, ask yourself three questions first. ① What mood is it now? When you can tell the current state, the mood has been relieved to a certain extent. ② Why do you have such emotions? As you think about this issue, your attention will be distracted again, and you will even think, isn’t it worth this girl to be angry about this mess? ③ If I act accordingly with this primitive emotion, does this behavior fit my goal? For example, if you see your boyfriend talking to other girls, and want to accuse him of not caring about your feelings and not loving you, then do you think your behavior can make him sincerely admit his mistakes, or let him resist you and make things happen? Got worse? If you do not accept this result, you can consider other ways to express your emotions. 2. Record “Emotional Diary” Buy a small book, and record “time, mood, scoring (-5~+5), events” in the book every day when your mood fluctuates (positive or negative). Persevere, you will understand your emotions more and more, and then stabilize your emotions. 3. Balance the proportion of love in life. I asked my girlfriends who once asked me: “How do you think the two people in love get along?” She said that she prefers to stick with him and see all corners of the world, although A bit hypocritical, but very romantic. This is normal, just like twins’ “Love Is Bigger”, the whole world is not as important as you and me. If it is a passionate love period, two people are in a state of crookedness, ok, no problem. But the point is, what happens after the passionate love? At this time, the man will slowly regain consciousness and return to a normal state-love is love, life is life, and there is a clear dividing line between them. Love time belongs to girlfriend, other time belongs to work, family, brothers. But girls are different. They still think that love is life, and life is love. They hope to permeate each other’s life all the time. If the other person doesn’t follow it, it is not enough love. What’s even more frightening is that in the process of their sinking, they will exclude all non-essential matters that conflict with love, such as friends, hobbies, and so on, and only boyfriends will really be left. As a result, the girl’s demand will increase geometrically, and the man’s demand for you will not increase accordingly. This will greatly reduce his desire to further develop an intimate relationship with you, leading to your pattern in the intimate relationship. reduce. Your feelings are real, but you overestimate the weight of love. On the other hand, she devoted herself to the whole process of falling in love with green tea, but at other times she was rich in dancing, singing, illustration, playing piano, painting, and playing with her girlfriends. At this time, instead, the boy was anxious. “How can I ask her, she said she was not free? Did I do it well enough?” When it comes to this, you have to take out your own notebooks and list the things you once wanted to do but did not achieve. interest. Such as feminine interests (yoga, flower arrangement, dancing, cooking), masculine interests (basketball, football, glory of the king), genderless interests (photography, movies, mountain climbing, hiking), get active and let them enrich your amateur life. Here is a useful chicken soup: Doing these will not only give you an independent personality in an emotional life, but also moderately reduce your needs and expand your social circle, so that the pattern will be rubbed up. 4 Some girls always sneer at love skills. They think that the green tea bitch, the scheming girl, and the white lotus are the ones who use routines to love someone, and they must not be true love… But in fact, for men, they only care about it. Are you really attentive to him. In the TV series “The Legend of Zhen Huan”, there is a scene: After Zhen Huan fell out of favor, in order to regain the favor of the emperor. Once she knelt in the snow, poured many butterflies into her clothes, and pretended to meet the emperor by chance. After seeing the emperor, even though he doubted the origin of the butterflies, he said to King Guo: “I don’t know where the butterflies came from, but as long as she is willing to pay attention to me, it will be enough.” This move may be in other concubines. In the eyes of the concubine, Zhen Huan is a complete “scheming bitch”, but the emperor is not stupid. How could he not know that there are no butterflies in winter? It’s just that those are no longer important at this time, at least, this woman treats me with care. In the hearts of men, they think like this: “If a person is willing to spend energy to learn routines to get me and make me happy, doesn’t this mean that she loves me?” Moreover, compared to stupid white sweetness, most men They are more attracted to women who understand love skills, because they understand men better. Imagine if you are a man, would you prefer to be with a high emotional intelligence woman who loves you and understands you, or fall in love with a “silly white sweet” who doesn’t know anything and who makes you a mess every day? So, love skills are not “green tea”, they are your shortcut to a man’s heart, and a magic weapon for you to be with your favorite him faster and happily! High love quotient is also a social skill, don’t just watch your love gradually go away. Now you are mostly spoiled and grown up. Not only do you have the reservedness from small to large in your bones, but you also have more pride in your heart. But for the person I like, I can let go of my reservations and confess my emotions in a low profile. This initiative and bravery is really admirable. How to make the courage paid in return eventually, instead of ending sadly? Find me!

6 months ago

1. He wants to spend time with you. The willingness to “invest” time in your relationship is a key indicator of a successful long-term relationship. Although you are very busy with work and housework, if he loves you very much, he will set aside time alone with you anyway. 2. He will ask “How are you doing today?” When you are together, he will be interested in asking you whether you are happy or unhappy this day. The partner who cares about the other person will remain open to communication and provide practical support. 3. Trust you. If you go home late, he will not question where you have been, nor will he be suspicious of your phone. People who really care about you will show their trust in you in this way. 4. Help you when you need it. Everyone is very busy now, and they don’t like to do extra chores. However, he who loves you will be happy to provide you with some help, such as helping you fix the WiFi, buying medicine for you if you are sick, and so on. 5. Show respect for your opinions. Studies have shown that even if couples hold completely opposite views on some issues, they may still live happily together. The secret is that both people are open enough to accept the other’s opinions and respect the other’s right to reserve their opinions. 6. Listen to your opinion when making a decision. In small matters, husband and wife can make decisions for the family according to their respective expertise, but everyone will care about their own opinions and will be actively sought and listened to. 7. Express your affection for you. Partners don’t have to make love to get emotional intimacy, but showing physical closeness will make you feel connected to each other, even if you just put your hands on your shoulders. 8. He will look at you. Non-verbal expressions are often the most revealing of a person’s affection. If he is willing to look at you when you are talking, or occasionally you find him looking at you, it means that he likes to be with you. Of course, you don’t have to stare at each other all the time. Just looking at you in the crowd is enough to convey a positive and affirming message of love. 9. Like to talk about the past with you. Reminiscing about the good old days between partners has a very positive meaning for strengthening the relationship. If he often says to you “Do you remember that time…” and then recalls an interesting event in your life (maybe you don’t remember it anymore), then it means that your common experience is in his mind It has an important position in China. 10. Willing to fight for you and you. External pressure and resistance tend to make lovers stay together more firmly. In a good relationship, when you are criticized unfairly, he will defend you and protect you from attack. 11. Make you feel better and better about yourself. Really loving your partner will enhance your self-esteem and sense of presence. The feeling of being cherished will greatly promote your sense of self-worth. If he makes you more and more confident, then you will not only be more willing to be with him, but in the days when you are separated, you will also use more positive Look at yourself from a different perspective.

6 months ago

Knowing a man, knowing this man, can give play to the gentleness and acceptance of women. There is a line in the movie “Hedong Lion Roar”: Liu Yuehong: Cheng Jichang, you just sang well. Cheng Jichang: My lyrics may not express my central idea, so the general public may not understand what I sing, uh, by the way, do you understand what I sing? Liu Yuehong: I understand, your central thoughts are all from your inner world. You have another artistic talent, they don’t like you, it’s just that they don’t know how to appreciate it. Cheng Jichang: You exalt me ​​too much. Liu Yuehong: Actually, I think your works are full of sensibility and innocence. Among them, there are positive content. If you keep working hard, someone will feel it one day. In just a few words, Liu Yuehong not only expressed his appreciation, but also his “understanding”, and this “understanding” is not the kind of superficial understanding that I have seen everyone see, it is for thousands of people. Among them, I perceive the unknown side of you, and I see your unique place, which will make the man feel “it is hard to find a confidant, and it is enough to have a confidant in this life.” Priscilla once said in an interview She “hopes that more people will treat Zuckerberg like me.” “Unfortunately, people can’t see Zuckerberg’s interesting and considerate side like me,” she said, “He’s very sensitive, really I attach great importance to the needs of other people, and sincerely hope to make others happy. This is the Zuckerberg I know.” Yes, Zuckerberg in the eyes of others is a genius, a rich man, and a combination of various symbols. Priscilla sees and values ​​him as a person, his inner nature, his pursuit, such “understanding”, such infinite approach to his soul, which can move people’s hearts more than any technique, and can constitute a kind of ” The long-lasting and deep connection of “life connection”. Reading each other is a prelude to our warmth. Warmth and acceptance are the eternal needs of mankind. Everyone is no exception, especially men. What does a soldier desire most in private? Naturally, it is no longer fighting and killing, but the gentle acceptance, care and tolerance away from male hormones, which is the unique broadness, tolerance and warmth of women. In a good relationship, it must be a woman who plays the role of sister and mother at the right time, allowing men to speak their own thoughts safely and open their hearts. You may not necessarily be able to solve his work troubles, but your listening will allow him to slowly find ideas, release emotions, and return to rationality in the Tucao. A writer once wrote: Who can give us men more care and compassion than a woman? I don’t know who else except women. When we continue to have shortcomings, stupidity, and failures, she will give us support and understanding, and the most shocking thing is that she has a magical power to make us feel better about ourselves. When a woman loves you, she will present everything in her heart in front of you, and you will feel an intoxicating feeling. She makes you feel love and the world is so beautiful. People will degenerate into a child or even a baby in an intimate relationship. No matter how strong the appearance is, a wounded child lives in his heart, eager to be understood and healed. A good lover can understand people’s deepest desire in love. She has a broad and warm acceptance of human nature, time, life, and laws. Only in this acceptance, two The heart can truly be close and connected. Finally, back to the question at the beginning, maybe every woman should understand why you are interested in this question. If you want to transform yourself according to the “standard answer” to get the love of men, then you may be wrong from the beginning. And if you open this article with curiosity about the other gender, perhaps you have embarked on the path of healthy communication between the two sexes. A boy once said honestly: “I want to live my life with the person I like, not for protection or something.” If you agree with his statement, I hope you won’t be in love and be loved. Lost yourself in the game.

6 months ago

A good personality, depending on whose eyes it is. If you look at it from a universal perspective, you must be intellectual and generous. If you look at it from a man, you must be gentle and virtuous. It will be considerate. But if you look at a mother, you definitely want your daughter to be independent and not far-fetched. This character should contain the element of personality! I most hope that girls will have a growth mindset and constantly cultivate and improve themselves!

6 months ago

I think the girls around me have very good personalities except for the very few who are jealous all day long and frame people to think about things that hurt others and benefit others. However, I feel that when the elders say that a girl has a good personality, it means: greet them, chat with them, and listen to them if you agree with them. If you conflict with them, you can’t hold a grudge. So if they say that the character is good, it would be uncomfortable.

6 months ago

The boyfriends who have chased me, or talked about, said that they liked my character and wanted to be with me. Every time I hear this, I feel a little unhappy. Isn’t the appearance of the heroine attracted them? (Woo woo woo) Let’s talk about a few cases. 1. I used to work part-time outside of college. There were a lot of students working part-time together. Sometimes they would talk together and go back to school together after get off work (only for girls). After working for a period of time, a student from a foreign school came to work part-time. He was more solitary. Some old staff members discussed that he was not good at doing things, and may not be very enthusiastic about him. Once I came into contact with him at work, I told him about the best way to work in the future, because I love to laugh, and I may be smiling when I talk to anyone. When it’s over, it feels like this person treats me differently. He will protect me at work. I am afraid that drunken clients will molest me and stand in front of me (too deliberate, embarrassing for the thief). Every time I look for opportunities to approach me, I will come to my school on weekends, because I really don’t like him. Looking at his eyes, he is very repulsive. He later confessed that there is no way, I can only change He’s bitter and mean, he said directly that I didn’t like him, don’t come to me again, after a few more rejections, he knew that it was impossible to be together. When he gave up, he said: “You are beautiful, there are more people than you, and the body is not as good as others. I don’t know what I like about you?” (Isn’t it because I was empathetic and warmed your heart? Haha, self-guessing) 2. Let’s talk about the second one, I also met part-time, a music student in the same school, a good girl like me, For the kind of art students, they only look at it twice, and never dare to touch them. He was later assigned to stand opposite me and could see each other’s various behaviors, but I never dared to look at him, but Yu Guangzhong felt that he looked at me. I liked him at the time (like his height, His appearance, what he wears, but he didn’t want to be in contact with him). Later, he was assigned to stand with me once, and he took the initiative to talk to me, and we talked about the cities we had been to and the places we had played. After get off work, he would wait for me to go back to school together, the kind of ambiguous feeling on top, I don’t know how he feels, anyway, my deer bumped into it. When I return to the dormitory, tell the dorm sisters that I have a male god, haha! In a few days, he was leaving his job. On the last night on duty, he asked about my boyfriend, I said how do you know, he said he had seen it, and I said it hadn’t been long before we broke up (long-distance relationship breakup), that day He added me to the deduction, and it was the last time I was waiting for me to get off work. It snowed that day, and there was heavy snowfall in the goose feathers. After a while, I turned white. (A little surprised and a little bit sad, I will never contact you again, after all, it’s a dream) I deliberately walked behind him and took a picture of him. I wanted to make a souvenir by myself, but I was still caught by him. Found it, hehe. Later, I didn’t expect that he would contact me with deductions, dreaming of me about what he said, the little bit before that is so beautiful (to death, I am about to lose myself), a few days after I left my job, he asked me to go out to the playground to meet Now, because I like him, I never refused his appointment (behaved too unreserved, haha) he confessed in a few days, and I accepted it. Behind is to eat together, press the road together, dance square dance with the aunt, walk the dog together, and travel together. I asked him why he likes me, and he said he likes my character. When I was out drinking with his friends, I would say that you are having fun. His friends praised me for being sensible and he was very happy. During my relationship, I never asked him to buy things for me (he would buy them for me). I also prefer to listen to his opinions, and I will give him a lot of face in front of his friends, and never get angry (this may be his favorite character). Later, we stayed for several years, quarreled and exposed each other’s shortcomings. broke up. He finally said that he hated my character the most, and he said that I had changed. Yes, I have changed, I have become more concerned about him, and demand more (because I can’t see hope, I can’t feel safe, I’m afraid) 3. This person I met on a blind date, and I will talk to WeChat before the blind date. After chatting for a few days, I won’t be cold, chatting on WeChat is more talkative. If you have a common topic, I will crackle and tweet. It happens that the blind date is also a talkative person, and I become the one who seldom talks. One, listening to him all the time. For him, chatting is very pleasant, he has a common topic with me, and impressed me very well. Later, I met for dinner. I kept wearing a mask during the epidemic. When I sat at the dinner table, I took off the mask and chatted with him face to face. Then he went to the cashier to open the ticket, and I waited for him by the side. I waited for a long time. Without speaking, just wait quietly. Later, he sent me home, and then he expressed his feelings to me. He said that he liked my character, looked quiet, and looked gentle. Saying that I am very polite, (will take off my mask and talk face-to-face, willing to wait for him to issue an invoice, and will not be impatient) I feel quite normal, and I have nothing else to do. When I heard that I have a good personality, my head is big. In the end, maybe you don’t like my personality the most. I told him a lot of bad things about me. I’m not virtuous, gentle, and bad. He said yes. Let’s get in touch and see, now I’m working on it. Haha has a good personality, maybe it’s just empathetic, empathetic, lively and cute, polite, don’t be pretentious!

6 months ago

Girls like that kind of soft persimmon are definitely not called good personality. On the contrary, aggressive girls are not called bad personality. The real character is the girl who is serious in doing things and behaving, and can pick up the girl who can put it down. The common problem of girls is that they can’t afford to hold it down, and once they are invested, it is not easy to go out. But some women have their own hobbies and things that they can devote themselves to. Once they have sustenance, their personality will not completely build their own happiness, anger, sorrow, and happiness on others. As long as there is a little bit of character that goes with the flow and is not overly involved in it, the girl’s character becomes much more cute. Because they will have fun for themselves, how can they make others feel unhappy? There is only happiness with her.

6 months ago

1 Don’t lose your temper. As a girl, I am really annoyed to see some girls lose their temper. My inner thought is why you are angry again. It’s really too difficult for someone to provoke you again. The main reason is that she will show up when she loses her temper. The truth is that no one wants to look at your ugly face. No one wants to pay for your mood. You can’t even control your own mood, so you can talk about your personality. Some people may want to use this method to attract the attention of people around them, but everyone knows that this is really a stupid method. Therefore, in fact, both boys and girls should control their temper. Don’t always be the one that destroys the atmosphere. It may be a good party or a team building. 2 Don’t care about anything, everyone likes generous girls. This kind of girl is more likely to feel happy, and at the same time they also bring this joy to the people around them, which is really great. Happiness is divided into two halves. Those girls with small belly and chicken intestines are sullen all day long. The look of a sad face one day. A girl with a good personality must live very comfortably. Will not be entangled by this world. Be able to be yourself. At the same time, it is precisely because of this generosity that they can make more friends. This kind of generosity actually refers not only to the essence, but also to the material aspect. Some people are really iron cock, and they have never been reluctant to spend a penny, but only think of reaping benefits from their friends. 3 Know how to respect others, accept differences and respect others’ clothes and habits. Don’t think that girls who make up must not like to learn, girls who wear short skirts are very social. Never judge others casually based on what one wears. As the saying goes: People should not be in appearance, and sea water should not be measured. On the contrary, some girls who put on makeup think that girls who face the sky all day are vulgar. Please don’t judge others by your living standards. Everyone has their own different choices. 4 Others make some moderate jokes and will not be angry in life. I wonder if you have discovered the existence of such a group of people. You can never make jokes with them, because they really get angry too easily. To be honest, a girl who can’t make a little joke is generally not very popular, because others will think you are too cold. In fact, compared to the cold iceberg beauties, many people still prefer down-to-earth girls. Life needs humor. 5. Don’t be a bitter and mean person. Generally speaking, the mouth should not be so poisonous. Some people can’t spit out ivory when they see other people’s achievements, and say some nasty things. Whoops, what’s so great. Wait a minute or something. Girls, you must be kind and bring your light to the people around you. The beauty of life, the shining place in others. 6 Some people know how to apologize for doing something wrong, but they don’t apologize when they are clearly wrong. This kind of person is extremely disgusting. They did not take responsibility, they would only escape. An apology is not ashamed. On the contrary, those who can lay down and apologize are more worthy of respect.

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