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First say if it is not, and then answer why. The hardware is obviously more difficult than the software. Answer: Yes. When I majored in electronic information engineering, I felt that the hardware was too difficult to learn, and the hands-on ability was poor. I didn’t understand anything about analog, digital, high-frequency, signals and systems. I was so angry that I switched to software, so I could be self-taught. . The hardware is of the kind that you can’t teach yourself at all. Domestic hardware technology is not as good as software. A: If it is said that chip-level hardware technology, the domestic technology in this area is indeed not as good as Ali, Tencent and Baidu’s software technology, which has developed to the world’s first-class level. The subject of the question should mean that the hardware technology is backward, so it is more necessary to recruit high-paying talents to develop. I understand the meaning, and I will talk about it below. If you talk about board-level hardware technology, as @大帅 said, the technical requirements are not too high. Although the barriers to learning and entering the industry are high, once you have completed your studies, the work is too simple, and there is no technology to speak of, and it cannot be compared with software. Board-level hardware is now only left to copy pictures, look at the chip manual. The chip manual even helps you explain all the peripheral circuits. Only a senior assembler is required. Why is the salary of hardware engineers worse than software? Answer: Although this question asks why, I still want to answer whether it is or not. The answer: Yes, it is true. Many hardware engineers themselves think that the salary for hardware can only be so much, and it can’t be more. (There are exceptions everywhere, especially good ones) As for why? As I have always told my friends, the salary of a position does not depend on the technical difficulty of the position, but on the market value of the position. The market value is determined by market demand. Difficult jobs may not necessarily have high market demand, and easy jobs may not necessarily have low market demand. Is it difficult to build an atomic bomb? It is difficult to build a rocket, of course it is difficult! But is there a market demand for this in China? In addition to entering industrial enterprises. The answer was that someone posted the rocket engineer’s price. In fact, to put it plainly, the reason is that the market demand for hardware engineers is far less than the market demand for software engineers. Let me talk about board-level hardware engineers first. In the various companies I have experienced over the years, a large department has dozens of people, the number of hardware engineers is basically single digits, and the others are software engineers. The ratio of hard and soft engineers ranges from 5:1 to 10:1. Similarly, for a project, a number of software engineers will be assigned, but there may be only one hardware engineer who is responsible for all modules. Even for the mobile phone industry with abundant human resources, hardware engineers are at most subdivided into general hardware engineers, baseband hardware engineers, radio frequency hardware engineers, and Audio hardware engineers. For other industries, a general hardware engineer may take everything. As for why the demand is so small, as mentioned earlier, the board-level hardware technology has been developed for so many years, and many things have been integrated and modularized. There is no hardware engineer to play the stage of creation. It is not too different from the average one. many. Especially driven by the turnkey solution created by MediaTek, almost all chip manufacturers will provide a full set of reference designs, that is, you can copy the work, copy the work, and even ask the chip manufacturer to check the work. Once the work is completed, the job of the hardware engineer is left with daily chores, failure analysis, production line fault handling, and software debugging software. There is no more room for design and creation. If a product is launched on the market that requires continuous hardware design improvement, it means that the hardware design of the product is a mess at the beginning, and this kind of thing is absolutely not allowed to happen. As for software, no matter what stage, continuous improvement and innovation can be achieved. Maybe, it can lead to a little new problem. It’s a big deal afterwards with an OTA upgrade and repair, but these tasks need people to do it, and software to do it. At any stage of a product life cycle, software engineers can play far more space than hardware engineers. As for hardware engineers, once the plan is finalized, it is stable. Let’s talk about chip-level hardware engineers, which is strictly a chip design engineer. This is typically a position with high technical difficulty and market demand. Therefore, the salary is more than that of software engineers in the same industry. But it is still much lower than those of Internet software engineers. Although there are many people engaged in Internet software, the software of Internet companies is iteratively fast, and the software needs are much more numerous. The scale effect of Internet companies making money is far greater than the scale effect of chip companies.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It’s very simple. It has nothing to do with the difficulty of technology. It is purely because the industry does not make money. It is easy to make money from the demographic dividend on the Internet. Naturally, software wages are increased, but the wages of software jobs in the manufacturing industry are not very profitable. In many industries, such as large semiconductor companies, the wages for hardware are not low, but the barriers to entry are high. When college students said that they should choose the industry first and then the career, they didn’t believe it at that time. Now…

7 months ago

With all due respect, hardware is divided into board level and chip level. Board level hardware is now becoming more and more simplified and integrated into the chip. Board level hardware is now just copying pictures and reading the chip instructions. The chip manual even helps you explain all the peripheral circuits. Only a senior assembler is required. Chip-level hardware engineers never lack salaries. It’s just that the barriers are high, starting with a master’s degree from a prestigious school, I don’t have many companies, and I don’t have many daily contacts. On the other hand, software, because of project requirements, requires more manpower, several times that of hardware, so the same code is copied and assembled, but the personnel gap is blocked more slowly. But even so, now simple UI software is gradually difficult. Those with high salaries are those who write core logic codes.

7 months ago

It is related to the size of the cake and the imagination space. Most of the time, the hardware lacks imagination space. The wild ideas are ultimately limited by physical limits and manufacturing precision. Relatively speaking, software is easier to turn wild ideas into reality, at least to display and present it. With room for imagination, the cake can be made bigger, and someone will pay for it. For example, hardware is a job that lays beds and quilts. This is a basic job with relatively fixed demand and limited space because of stable salary; software is a service industry, chatting with each other is high, and investors are willing to invest more money. If you are rushing for money to choose a job, perhaps you can deliver express delivery and your salary is no less than an engineer. However, for hobbies or a certain kind of dedication, hardware engineers are a good choice, down-to-earth, step by step. Come on!

7 months ago

Our middle school education has cultivated a not-so-correct way of thinking. Things that are considered difficult are more valuable. In fact, this is not the case. The price of a thing is mainly determined by the relationship between supply and demand. Prices will rise when supply exceeds demand, and prices will fall when supply exceeds demand. The difficulty and high salaries in some industries are due to high entry barriers and long training cycles, resulting in very little supply. At the same time there is a lot of demand. Such as doctors. Some industries are difficult, and these industries cannot make money quickly, so the demand is not large. The treatment is not high, such as hardware. Some industries are not difficult, but because they can make money quickly and require a large number of practitioners, the salary can also be very high, such as top Internet companies.

7 months ago

I personally make software, and I understand it this way. It depends on the direction of capital injection, such as Internet applications. Because of the chaotic state of the Internet in the early days, it is often possible to build applications based on existing technologies and make money. Capital will definitely flow into the field by a large amount, but if you actually look at the field, practitioners will find that most of the work and workshop work are done. There is not much difference in personnel (a lot of manual work). But if the hardware is a scientific research expert, it is different. For example, the Chinese chip problem, the lithography machine problem, these all require top scientific research experts. Before, there was a Huawei employee with an annual salary of more than 300W, and she was in the storage field. Experts.

7 months ago

To be honest, hardware requirements are higher than software requirements. Without a lot of hardware circuit design experience, it is basically impossible to make a beautiful circuit board based on some basic knowledge in books. For software, you can learn the language well, write code as required, or carry someone else’s, you can always write it. So why are hardware engineers not as good as software? I think this is related to the industry and the domestic development environment. Now the Internet has been developing rapidly. Almost every domestic BAT and other Internet giants will have their own apps, and apps are developed and maintained by programmers. As Internet giants make more money, programmers will naturally be paid higher. What about the hardware? Making hardware itself is difficult and requires a lot of high-end manufacturing. Lei Jun complained at the Xiaomi 9 conference, “Of course, after I made the hardware, I found that the hardware is too difficult, too difficult. Many domestic companies seldom participate in high-end manufacturing. The demand for hardware technology is not high, and the investment and cycle of hardware R&D is far greater than that of software R&D. Therefore, companies with high levels of hardware R&D are mostly large-scale companies, and most of them are European and American companies. In short, the development prospects of hardware engineers are still very good. With the development of China’s high-tech technology, hardware engineers will definitely be indispensable in the future. At the same time, because hardware engineers cannot understand hardware knowledge, they also need to understand code, structure, etc., it is difficult to get started. After entering the industry, they need to continue to study and learn, so there is a shortage of talents. Has been relatively large.

7 months ago

Partial question If Congo wants to engage in low-orbit commercial aerospace now, do you think that even if there are technical talents in Congo, their salary will be higher? will not? The reason is simple. This field has deep technical barriers, trial and error costs, and highly dependent on a country’s industrial system and national strength. If you enter speceX as an individual, your treatment may be very good, but if you go to Congo, the treatment will not be high, because the profits of the entire global market are basically divided by one or two companies, and other people have no technical advantages when they come in. Without product market advantage, how long can it last even if there is a financing subsidy in the initial stage? If you want to last longer, you must make full use of the limited money. Can the salary be high? The treatment is not high, and many people have to run away if they can’t afford the high consumption in the market environment. In this way, the superior enterprise successfully squeezed out the subsequent chasers. The hardware mentioned here can be regarded as the field of electronic chips in a narrow sense, and high-end manufacturing in a broad sense. And here is the moat of the developed countries in Europe, America and Japan. In fact, in Germany, the treatment of hardware is slightly lower than that of software, but it is not so outrageous in China. After all, Germany still has many advantages in high-end manufacturing. In fact, it is very difficult to deepen the software and hardware problems. If the problems are done well, the problems of middle class and above are not big. However, the treatment is determined by the industry, including the position of your company in the global industrial chain. Therefore, the treatment of a person depends not only on personal efforts, but also on historical opportunities. The engine chief of Ukraine Madasic is not good, the country is over, and the treatment is not as good as the 28-year-old financial freedom of Bytedance. Has Bytedance really contributed much to the country and the nation? Where do you go to reason? Look at the domestic core technology, and it has been blocked by foreign countries for decades. When will it be lifted, but what kind of professional rocket engines, electromagnetic catapults, and high-performance materials are all dissuaded from professionalism?

7 months ago

Personally, there should be several situations. One is that most hardware engineers, including IC engineers, power supply engineers, and FPGA engineers, are working in traditional industries. These hardware engineers are rarely used in other emerging Internet industries. In China, wage levels in traditional industries and manufacturing industries are much lower than those in the Internet industry. This is a general trend. Of course, there are many hardware engineers who do well and earn a lot, and this may account for a relatively small number. Second, most companies don’t pay enough attention to hardware. They think that the initial investment and consumption are relatively large, and they rarely make a lot of investment in this area. In terms of economic benefits, it is more cost-effective to buy ready-made technical solutions directly than to raise engineers to research and develop themselves. This also indirectly caused the income of hardware engineers to not be very high.

7 months ago

There are many people who leave messages to me to argue, I don’t think it is necessary. It seems that if I win the quarrel, I will be very good, but I won’t. I will not be angry because of any of your comments and quarrels, and you will not get any benefits, why bother? In fact, I myself have spent a lot of time playing hardware since last year, which I find very interesting. I don’t mean to demean myself, let alone demean certain people. If everyone feels that the question is correct, it means that software engineers are indeed earning a lot of money. If everyone finds hardware difficult, software is easy. So what reason is there to choose a hardware design position instead of doing software? You say you like it, you say you major, in fact, after most undergraduates graduate, what will you do? Including my own background of 985 211 blessing, I personally assess that my undergraduate degree is not very rewarding. If you feel that you are right, software is easy, hardware is difficult, and software revenue is high. So, I suggest that you work in software. Your own job becomes easier, your income is higher, and your job is less. Free up time to play with hardware design. Isn’t it good? Where is the hardware difficulty you mentioned? If you just make a circuit board, the hardware is much easier than the software. I think the difficulty of the hardware lies in the design of professional chips and the treatments. However, many foreign products do not have the same strength substitutes in China. If so, I believe that the pay for this type of work will not be very low. The basics of software are easy, but there are thousands of kinds of requirements. I think it’s okay to give more software engineers. How much time do they have to hold their breath to scold the project manager? When it comes to the Internet, most of the hardware is a PC, and the software can span several industries. From this level, where is hardware more difficult than software? However, I really like making hardware and playing hardware lately, which is really interesting.

7 months ago

The treatment of hardware engineers is not as good as that of software, which should be a consistent phenomenon across the world. The product profit that software brings seems to be higher, such as a game. For hardware, the cost of developing a new generation of platforms is relatively high. The cost of testing and verification equipment is high and the investment is high. (A mid-to-high-end oscilloscope is 500,000 to one million). If there is an error, the cost of correction is also included, so the relative profit is relatively small. As for which is more difficult to discuss, this is probably a difficult argument in itself. Good hardware engineers need a solid technical background and practical experience. There seem to be many software engineers, but good software engineers are also hard to find.

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