Let’s take a look at the response from the Great Empire. A report published by the London Think Tank stated that the Chinese Navy’s fourth-generation 055 destroyer, which is huge in scale and has complex technology, is a symbol of the capabilities of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Deep Blue Navy surface combat fleet. The 055 destroyer that has been in service has a displacement of 12,000 tons and is called the Blade Sea-class cruiser by NATO. When the first destroyer 055 was launched a few years ago, it was called the largest surface warship in Asia (except for aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships) by the English media. Sidharth Kaushal (Sidharth Kaushal), a naval researcher at the British think tank “Royal United Army Research Institute” (RUSI), wrote in a report in October that the Chinese Navy’s 055 destroyer is much larger than the 052D destroyer and is widely adopted. New technology. According to the Chinese Navy, the 055 destroyer is “the iconic warship for the Chinese Navy to achieve strategic transformation and development.” But Kaushal believes that this new type of destroyer is not yet considered a game-changing weapon. He said in the report that from the historical development of China’s shipbuilding, the 055 destroyer can be counted as a new generation of high-quality first-line surface combat ships deployed by China. It can be used to understand China’s understanding of future wars and China’s efforts to improve future wars. Efforts for the effectiveness of the fleet in the environment “Better than the US and Japan destroyers” British think tank reported that although the Chinese Navy’s 055 is called a destroyer, its displacement and capability are close to the US Navy’s Ticonderoga-class cruiser (Ticonderoga). Ticonderoga’s warship with a displacement of 12,000 tons is equipped with 112 vertical launch units, allowing it to launch a larger number of larger, larger, and longer-range offensive and defensive missiles, enhancing its ability to respond to different threats. The ship’s missile launch system supports two modes: hot launch and cold launch. The report believes that the vertical launch system is equipped with the 400-kilometer Eagle Strike-18 anti-ship cruise missile, which enables the 055 to have a farther strike capability than the current similar ships. In addition, 055’s vertical launch system can also be equipped with Yu-8 rocket-assisted anti-submarine torpedo and Longsword-10 medium- and long-range ground-to-ground cruise missile. The 055 destroyer has quality advantages over the U.S. Navy Ticonderoga-class cruiser, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force King Kong-class destroyer and Atago-class frigate, such as improved stealth and more advanced sensor functions. The Type 346B Active Active Phased Array Radar (346B AESA) equipped with the 055 destroyer is superior in accuracy, anti-detection and anti-jamming to the use of “passive and passive” (PESA) such as the 3D radar produced by Lockheed Martin radar. “It is not a weapon that changes the rules.” Chinese military commentators have noticed that compared with the latest Maya-class destroyer of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, the Chinese Navy’s 055 destroyer has more powerful battlefield situational awareness. The report believes that the battle management system and command and control capabilities of the 055 destroyer are not as good as similar ships in Japan. Japanese Mayer Chinese analysts emphasized network integration of air defense and surface strike missions of warships, but the report said there may be software limitations in this regard. In addition, the 055 destroyer does not use an integrated full electric propulsion system, which limits the space for future development of the ship’s capabilities, such as being equipped with magnetic railguns and directed energy weapons. Despite the rapid expansion of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy in recent years, there are still fewer active large surface warships such as guided missile destroyers than the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, not to mention the US Navy, which has the largest number of large surface warships in the world. The report believes that even if all 8 055 destroyers are in service, the above quantitative comparison cannot be changed. The author of the report, Kausal, believes that the Chinese Navy’s deployment and procurement of multiple 055 large destroyers shows the new shipbuilding model of large surface ships. China’s warship manufacturing will integrate domestic and foreign technologies to carry out trials in different modes. Once the design is passed, it will enter a large series of manufacturing stages. For example, in 1990-2012, the Navy purchased 6 types of guided missile destroyers. The report believes that if the 055 is equipped with a railgun and Dongfeng-21D anti-ship ballistic missile in the future, its surface firepower will be fundamentally improved. In the future, this 10,000-ton destroyer may become a key part of the PLA aircraft carrier battle group in the future. The emergence of China’s 0.55 million tons of destroyers, coupled with the existing Japanese Maya-class guided-missile destroyers and South Korea’s Sejong-class destroyers, challenged the emerging view of future naval warfare that the devastating strikes come from small ones that are not easily detected. Battle platform. Kaushal said that although large platforms are easy to detect, they also have more advantages, such as powerful power generation capabilities, which can also form new technological advantages and improve their survivability in the missile era. In addition, large destroyers like 055 can also serve as command and control hubs for small boats and unmanned ships.


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6 months ago

The 055-class destroyer leader (classified as a cruiser in the US military memorandum) is undoubtedly one of the world’s top warships, from weapon systems, structural design, to the power system that was once a shortcoming. Superb level. In addition to carrying more weapons, the biggest advantage of the 055 is that it is equipped with a more complex radar system. It adopts the dual-band design of S-band radar and X-band radar. Compared with the 052 destroyer, the detection capability is greatly improved. It is bound to be blue in the future. The water fleet configuration will play the role of flagship. The construction cost of the ship is about RMB 6 billion. There are currently 2 ships in service, 1 ship is under installation, 2 ships trial voyage, and 3 ships outfitting. If you are a top 10% taxpayer in China whose salary is higher than the tax threshold, maybe Which contains your tens or hundreds of yuan of elementary money. If you buy a house in a big city with a house and a car, you may have paid thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Even if it is only for the taxes paid by yourself, please be proud of the crystallization of the labor of the Chinese people at this moment!

6 months ago

The spokesperson introduced that the Type 055 destroyer “is a landmark achievement of the Chinese Navy’s strategic transformation and development.” What is the strategic transformation of the People’s Navy? The 2015 national defense white paper wrote: In accordance with the strategic requirements of offshore defense and far-sea escort, the Navy will gradually realize the transition from offshore defense to the combination of offshore defense and far-sea escort, build a synthetic, multi-functional and efficient maritime combat force system, and improve strategic deterrence. With counterattack, maritime mobile operations, maritime joint operations, comprehensive defense operations and comprehensive support capabilities. From offshore defense to far-sea escort, Dream Deep Blue needs equipment support. China has a continental coastline of more than 18,000 kilometers and an island coastline of more than 14,000 kilometers. For a long time, the main task of the People’s Navy was to conduct defensive operations in coastal waters. During this historical period, the Chinese Navy created a classic battle of “small boats fighting big ships”, leaving behind the shocking “sea bayonet” spirit. In this historical period, Chinese soldiers often said: “Swords are not as good as humans, but swords are worse than humans.” In this historical period, the tactics of “flying, diving, and fast” appeared, and the theory of “unlimited warfare” appeared. , 022 missile boats appeared. This is a history full of fighting spirit and a bit bitter, but our exploration of technology has never stopped. After going through the stages of seizure, acceptance, purchase, imitation, and self-research, China’s defense industry finally caught up with Western countries. Modern ships such as 052D and 054A have been in service one after another, and the Liaoning and Shandong ships have brought China into the magnificent dual aircraft carrier era. The Chinese navy has the system power to sail to the open sea, and the 10,000-ton drive is an indispensable member of this system. She is the deluxe version of the aircraft carrier’s “Leading Guard”, carrying more weapons, and is responsible for the air defense, anti-missile, anti-ship, and anti-submarine missions of the aircraft carrier formation. She is also the command center of the destroyer fleet, performing various maritime combat missions and playing the role of “all-rounder”. Because of this, she is known as the iconic warship of the strategic transformation and development of the Chinese Navy. Compared with the destroyers of other major countries, she is not inferior at all, and is even the world’s number one in some technical indicators. At present, the second ship 055 has been listed, and the remaining 6 ships have been launched. What is certain is that the track of this type of main battleship will get farther and farther. With the long sword in hand, dare to tie the blue dragon.

6 months ago

Seeing that some people say what to do if there are not enough place names, you don’t need to worry too much. There are always some old ships retired, and the names of ships will naturally be replaced by new ships. The provincial capital is not natural enough to be supplemented by some more important or significant prefecture-level cities (it is said that Yan’an may be named a 055). If the prefecture-level city is not named 056, it will be named at the county level and then the prefecture level. The city is named destroyer. Anyway, it turns out that small boats like 037 were named at the county level. The life of such small boats is basically replaced by 056. There is a saying in the naming of warships: “name early and enjoy early, and name big ships later.” The most famous is the unfortunate Shenyang. At the beginning, Shenyang was used to name a Kuomintang uprising ship (a coastal defense ship compensated by the Japanese army after World War II) when the navy was founded. Anshan in the same province became one of the four major naval kings. The first Anshan ship (the four kings: Anshan, Taiyuan, Fushun and Changchun), and the second largest city Dalian named a 051 in the 1980s and then Shenyang named 051C in 2006, and now I heard that Dalian and Anshan have been named 055 (Rumors, I don’t know if it’s true. I personally feel that Anshan is more likely to be 056 or 052.) Taiwan is not unacceptable. The navy on the other side has not used mainland place names for naming. For example, the other side and we have served the Shenyang at the same time. Including the current six “Kangding”-class ships, they are all named after mainland names. There is nothing inappropriate for our warships to be named after Taiwan names. Moreover, a Type 079 landing ship of our army is called Alishan. It is easy to name Alishan after the place on the other side. After all, the local economy like Lhasa is still inconvenient for the climate to carry out some double-support tasks. It’s a big deal. Just take over from other places

6 months ago

The situation is very serious, comrades
Our destroyer is always named after the provincial capital
Now launching the Lhasa
In the provincial capital, only Taipei is left unused…
The number of provincial capitals has become a fatal bottleneck in increasing the number of capital ships
This requires us
Immediately, immediately, resolutely, thoroughly and completely, reunify the motherland and regain Taiwan
Otherwise, it will seriously affect the national defense construction…

6 months ago

In fact, a ship really doesn’t mean much to the combat effectiveness of a naval power. Even if you are an aircraft carrier or a strategic nuclear submarine, you always have the time to go home for repairs. A ship actually doesn’t mean much to the power symbolism of a naval power, because one more aircraft carrier or one less aircraft carrier can only represent whether you have an aircraft carrier or not. It has nothing to do with whether you are strong or not. If you don’t believe me, look at us north. Family. However, the potential significance of a ship to a naval power is very great, because it is not difficult to build it if it can be built by itself and put into the battlefield. Whether it is subsystems or platform integration, these scientific research problems are not problems. In the future There will be more “dumplings” of this level joining the army, and you are a potential naval power. If this ship was bought, then. . . . . Then please take a look at our neighbor of a major southern power. Is it a potential naval power? Is our goal a naval power or a navy power? This goal means that 055 is listed on a very different meaning to us. The former means that 055 gives us an additional coastal area air defense radar and missile launch vehicle. The latter, the latter, the latter, the important thing is said three times, which means that we have the ability to build a 20,000-ton regional air defense cruiser. This is the high-end weapon needed by the navy’s first power. The 055 train, I think Small. Okay, all military fans are big trotter. I admit it. I want 20,000 tons of big dumplings!

6 months ago

The Type 055 destroyer is China’s new generation of large guided missile destroyers, and it is also a main battleship planned and developed after 2010. Compared with the Type 052 destroyer and Type 054 frigate, it has taken a leap in design thinking, realizing a truly top-level integrated design. This is reflected in the 055 ship’s complex electromagnetic detection and countermeasure system. The change in R&D thinking reflects the transformation of the navy’s strategic operational norms. Ocean warfare is different from offshore warfare. Due to the sparse deployment of far-sea forces and the imperfect support system, large combat ships must have strong self-support capabilities and complete synthetic combat support capabilities. In the past, some support tasks could be performed by shore-based and aviation platforms. In open sea operations, they had to rely on the fleet to complete them. Therefore, ocean-going joint combat formations must be equipped with large aircraft carriers, complete carrier-based aircraft wing, and large surface combat ships. In early April, the Navy’s Liaoning fleet crossed the first island chain and entered the Pacific Ocean. The formation includes one aircraft carrier, three destroyers, one frigate, and one supply ship. Only one of the 055 ships is available. At present, the navy’s new service 055 can supplement its formation strength, which is a promising era.

6 months ago

The entry into service of the Lhasa ship is of great significance. This shows that the rabbit aircraft carrier formation has basically taken shape. As a 10,000 (xun) ton (yang) jian, the Lhasa ship’s combat effectiveness is far more than just a warship. He should It is responsible for the defense command node of the aircraft carrier formation itself (preferably one fleet with two ships in one direction). He is the key node for integrating air defense, anti-submarine, and anti-ship forces in the formation into one system. In addition, as a 10,000-ton carrier platform, in the absence of a dedicated command ship, it has the potential to be the flagship of the fleet. It can gradually free the responsibilities of the aircraft carrier from the fleet affairs and focus on offensive command (of course, the aircraft carrier can still be used as flagship). In short, the entry of the Lhasa ship can enable China’s aircraft carrier formation to truly have a complete regional (ocean) combat capability, which can be deployed independently as a complete unit.

6 months ago

Can the navy sell dumplings one by one, even if it is covered with rain and dew? The air force brothers are already hungry and thirsty. They just celebrated their birthday a few days ago and didn’t even eat a bite of the birthday cake. Are they a bit wronged? As an aviation developer, I really feel that the air force equipment must keep up with the trend. What kind of airplanes are we able to find now? There are dragons in the sea, shouldn’t there be flying eagles in the sky? I know that everyone will share a lot of air force equipment with me. But dear ones, is that enough? This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. Shouldn’t the naive air penguins come here for a few dozen? Also, such a cute fat chicken must have a better little heart, this………… Brothers are running tight these days, can you make a few decimal places in the GDP? Experiment, earn more overtime?

6 months ago

It’s just one ship, enough for it. If you want to fish in the ocean, you need at least three ships in groups, three ships in rotation, three rest ships, and at least one set of this configuration for each fleet. The South China Sea is so big. There are not enough sets. Two sets are needed. With this, the fishing function is still a bit single. You have to add a flat bald head, and the flat has to be decorated with a small plane, otherwise it will not look good. In order to carry out large-scale fishing operations, do you have to upgrade the underwater, otherwise the fish will hear it before it reaches the point, and it will run away. Generally speaking, it is conducive to large-scale fishing operations, suitable for sending goods, and increasing new transportation options for visiting friends. Conducive to fishing operations away from home.

6 months ago

[D] Introduction to ship knowledge, small but refined (different from the British, French and Italian core venting ships with more than a dozen general-purpose anti-submarine frigates, Germany pursues generalization and a smaller fleet, about ten ships in total) The navy has also recently begun building ships, the MKS180 frigate (military number F126), a 9,000-ton, multi-purpose missile frigate with a full load of 10,000 tons. There are four ships in the early stage and two additional ships may be added. It will be commissioned in 2027 at the earliest, with a single ship of more than 100 million euros. The Dutch-led subcontracting four contracts in Germany have a total price of more than 500 million euros. MKS180 is used to replace the old F123, and now the latest four F125s, which are only more than 7000 tons, were originally scheduled to be four. The first two ships are too problematic. Not only is the budget overruns repeatedly delayed, the first ship was returned by the military to re-modify it. The second ship accident can not help but doubt that the German shipbuilding industry and the so-called rigorous generation are inferior to the generation, the trend of Indianization. The once popular MEKO modular concept in Germany can be large or small to meet the needs of different customers in the world for weapons and sizes. As a new generation of German frigates/10,000-ton large destroyers/quasi-cruisers, the original plan was a 1,800-ton corvette, similar to that of 056. Because the corvettes are more useful than guided missile boats, they are multi-purpose, self-sustaining and seaworthy. They are roughly the next-generation K131 of the K130. Later, because of ocean-going and mission adjustments (suppressing China to share worries for the United States), it changed from K to MKS multi-purpose. This wind direction is very interesting [K] Not to mention that the South Korean Congress has forced money to ask the military to build an aircraft carrier, but there is no use. KDX-III Aegis is still very successful. [J] Japan’s four King Kongs with 7000+ tons, two Atago, and two subsequent and latest Maya with a full load of over 10,000 tons with a full load of 8,200 tons. According to the Heisei 27 annual plan, including the construction cost of the first ship and the Aegis combat system scheduled to be provided to the two frigates, part of the procurement cost is as high as 168 billion yen [2]. In the Heisei 28 budget, the construction cost of the No. 2 ship alone reached 173.4 billion yen [7]. [A] In addition to the three that were just launched in the United States, Bath Steel and Ingles also have nine Arleigh Burke under construction. Including three Arleigh Burke III Arleigh Burke-class DDG-112 ship Michael Murphy was originally the last ship of the same class, but in April 2009, the US Navy announced that it would accompany the Zumwalt class destroyer. As the number of ships to be built is reduced to three, the construction plan for three Arleigh Burke-class ships will be added. It was reported on June 3, 2013 that the U.S. Navy awarded General Dynamics Shipyard and Huntington Ingles Shipyard a total of more than 6 billion U.S. dollars worth of contracts to build nine Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, and it is possible to build a tenth one. [16]. After that, the United States continued to increase the number of new ships ordered, and in the procurement report published in May 2013, increased the budget for two new Flight III ships, which increased the total number of ships of the same class under construction and planned to 79. ]. According to 2015 intelligence, the U.S. Navy can purchase up to 42 Flight III ships in the year, and the first ship will enter service in 2023 [18]. [Z] So the situation is such a situation. It can’t be built, it’s even smaller than 055, except for the corvettes with completely different positioning like 056 (022 stealth guided missile boats have been half eliminated), those ships in between may not necessarily need to be rebuilt and improved. . The situation and progress are changing rapidly. The new era has passed the stage of holding four modern-class ships, the new four King Kong, anti-ship artifacts, Chinese Russian Aegis blowing, and Haikou Chinese Aegis and broomsticks. With the F-20, there is no longer a F-11. So with 055, the future standard is this, and there is no need to go for something worse than this. Not to mention like the United States man-made 80 Alibaba clients, 22 Ticonderoga (plus 20 FFG (X) constellation class in the future) around the world. China is only the second one, really not much, one a year, this speed is a bit slow (the United States launched three ships at the same time), and even a bit of a threat to China. Even the Germans as far away as Europe have to follow to build big ships, and the times have changed. Although the Russian navy was not capable of building it, it redeployed the Kirov ship to Port Sudan and was preparing to rebuild and modernize a stocked ship of the same class. The world has entered a real-life mode. South Korea’s 3 King Sejong-class ships have plans to rebuild 3 more and double them. Japan has 8 large destroyers with a full load of 9,000-100,000. The current benchmark is no longer the Vietnam-Indian Navy or the Lafayette ships. In addition, the 055 guided missile cruiser is also randomly divided, which is a war fear. After all, Arleigh Burke doesn’t count. Even DDG-1000 is still called a destroyer and not a cruiser. It can only be said that this concept has been abandoned. The four large German ships are still guided missile frigates.

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