I was a girl. When I was in college, I gave 400cc on the day of adulthood. Afterwards, I was alive and well. What happened? My classmates were still worried about me. Then one year during the New Year, I went to town to donate blood, 400cc, because I didn’t eat breakfast in the morning, and I stayed up all night for a few New Years without a good rest. I fainted after I fainted. I fainted for the first time and experienced a wonderful feeling. I woke up in minutes, the nurse gave me a cup of brown sugar water to drink, it was too awful to drink, nothing happened when I woke up. Then last time my brother used blood in a hurry, but the hospital didn’t use it. He said that he had to donate blood to use blood. Then he donated 400cc on the spot. I was a little dizzy because he didn’t eat breakfast. But other bodily functions have not changed, and the body is still great, no problem. But if you donate blood, you must eat well, rest well, and wait until breakfast is absorbed, so you won’t faint. The first time I donated blood, I thought it was sacred and novel, so when I was an adult, when the school just had a blood donation cart, I went to donate blood. Later, I learned that after blood donation, I can use blood for free, and family members can give priority to blood. So later, I went to donate 400+200 blood, and the total blood donation was 1000cc. But the facts proved that there was no use for eggs. When my brother had an emergency to use blood, the hospital did not give us blood, saying that there is no blood. Donate by yourself and exchange blood with blood. I was very angry at that time. It was completely different from what we said before when we donated blood. My brother also donated it himself. It was useless. Then I have O type, which is more versatile, so I went to offer it, hahaha. After that and I knew for a while, about the shady scene of blood donation and various harmful and harmless discussions, during that time, I really planned to never donate blood again. But some time ago, I watched a documentary and made a freshman. I looked at some people, really because there was not enough blood, there was no way to delay the rescue, I decided that I would give it twice a year, in case I save one person, let alone my own experience, I I feel that there is no harm to my body. Still good physique, no effect. But some people, perhaps because of this bag of blood, lost their lives. Maybe many people have the same thoughts as I did before, so the blood volume in society is even more insufficient, and then a vicious circle, and there is no blood. I would rather I take a small step first and donate blood once every six months without affecting my health. It can help a little. I am a girl like the host, and the offerings are finished. Afterwards, if you are alive and well, then it is all right. Don’t worry! In case you don’t give up for a few days, then you should consider less offerings in the future. It still depends on personal circumstances. Don’t be upset, the host, we’re done offering, right? Our goal is to get our blood to the place where they are needed and to save the lives of others. It’s really great. Mom scolds you and is not worried about you, it’s all right after you laugh. Which mother doesn’t care about her daughter? So don’t think too much, just be happy and healthy


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

One thing often raised by blood donors is the amount of blood donated. The amount of blood donation actually has a lot to do with body weight and physical fitness. 45kg girls, and 80kg guys, have completely different tolerance to blood loss. The same weight is 70kg, a fat man who is panting after walking a few steps, and a brawny man who does 100 push-ups are not at the same level. For some people, 400ml is like peeing, and they come back after drinking some water. But for some people, it will cause more obvious effects, even fainting. But did the people at the blood station decide whether to donate 200 or 400 based on each person’s specific situation? No, it’s all a brain draw, until the blood donor can’t stand it.

7 months ago

But did the people at the blood station decide whether to donate 200 or 400 based on each person’s specific situation? No, it’s all a brain draw, until the blood donor can’t stand it. Although it is mandatory that girls under 45kg and boys under 50kg cannot donate blood. However, it is not uncommon for girls with less than 50kg to give 400 to their families. The point is that if a blood donor faints, the blood station and the Health and Health Commission are able to suppress it, and there is no accountability mechanism at all. No matter how safe it is to donate blood, let this group of people do it, and manage it in this way, it is full of hidden dangers. Parents may not understand what is going on with blood donation, but they know too much about how the group of people in public institutions do things all day long. If this abscess is not pierced, public institutions will not make corresponding reforms, some people will be cleared out, and work cannot be done with the interests of blood donors as the core. There is no solution to this problem.

7 months ago

“Female sex” is not a condition to determine whether blood donation is harmful to health, so it cannot be answered. However, I will donate blood on the basis of not drinking alcohol for one month, maintaining more than 6.5 hours of sleep a day and eating adequate amounts of three meals for a week, not in my menstrual period, and no plan for high physical exertion in the next two or three days. Basically speaking, for a person who has not found an abnormality in the previous physical examination, I think it is almost the same by comparing the health questionnaire of the blood donation station. Related benefits: For regular blood donors who have donated blood for 11 times, they should exercise more than 30 minutes of brisk walking every day, consume more than 200 grams of meat, and consume more than 2 liters of fresh water.

7 months ago

If you put yourself in a position as a parent, I think you will be scolded. This is the care of parents, and your mother is not wrong. As a medical worker, I think it is worthy of encouragement and praise for the host to donate 400cc of blood. However, you must first confirm the weight of the person going downstairs and the menstrual period. It is naturally not recommended if you are too thin and too light. Especially as a girl, I want to remind you that if the period is not Suitable for donating blood like this. Women should pay special attention when donating blood. Menstrual period is not suitable for blood donation. Normal women’s menstrual bleeding volume is about 30-80ml. Although it is not as good as the amount of blood donation, for the sake of health, avoid donating blood during menstruation. But in any case, the blood is used to treat diseases and save people, and will not be used to make pendants.

7 months ago

The renewal speed of red blood cells is fast enough that it will not cause harm to the body. The human body is a huge and complex life body that includes eight major systems. The operation cycle is repeated and repeated. There are many human cells and their life cycles are different. As far as red blood cells are concerned , Its life span is generally 100 days to 130 days, and the average life span is about 125 days. The lifespan of red blood cells refers to the time that red blood cells are released from the bone marrow to survive in the peripheral blood, which means that a healthy person will automatically undergo a “major exchange blood” within 125 days.

7 months ago

This is expressly stipulated in the “Blood Donation Law of the People’s Republic of China”. According to Article 9 of the law: “The blood collection from blood donors is generally 200 ml each time, and the maximum shall not exceed 400 ml. The interval is not less than six months. It is strictly forbidden that blood stations violate the provisions of the preceding paragraph and collect blood from donors excessively and frequently.” In other words, between 200-400 ml is legal and compliant. The blood donation volume below 400 ml is a safe blood donation volume. Usually the amount of a bottle of Nongfu Spring mineral water is 550ml, so 400ml is about the position shown by the red line.

7 months ago

I myself have had blood donation experience. At that time, I donated blood on the school blood donation cart. With the mentality of contributing to the people and by the way to check the individual and check the blood type, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I donated 400CC of “hot blood”. Since time has passed for a long time, I made a small survey in my impression, probably because of any medical history, and signed it. Before donating blood, he pricked his finger and tested his blood type on the spot. Then he got into the blood donation cart and the nurse began to collect blood. The needle is really thick. In order to overcome the fear in my heart, I did not look at the needle carefully, and there was no discomfort during the whole blood donation process. When the blood donation was about to be finished, the nurse gave a cup of warm brown sugar water. There are probably things to be noted after blood donation, don’t touch water, lift heavy objects, drink plenty of water, etc. Although it has been a long time, the initial blood donation attempt went smoothly. Not long after the blood donation, I received a text message from the blood station, which probably meant that my blood could be used to save people. After that, every new year and holidays, the blood station will also send me text messages to send blessings. Published on 01-26

7 months ago

The first time was in the blood donation cart at the southeast gate of Xi’an Jiaotong University. Several people in our class went together. When I went up, I told the staff that I would donate 400CC. The staff asked me if I had a good rest. So arranged for me to be on the machine. I was not so fat back then, and the blood vessels were found in a glance. After the 400CC was drawn, let us rest in the car before leaving, and gave us cookies and umbrellas. About two months later, I received a text message from the Xi’an Blood Station. The blood I donated has been transfused into the patient’s body, encouraging me to continue donating. However, every time I caught up with the blood donation cart, I stayed up all night, so I stopped taking it. It was this blood donation that I left a blood sample and added it to the China Bone Marrow Bank. The only side effect I encountered was bruises.

7 months ago

The Department of Hematology, Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine donated hematopoietic stem cells. This time I moved the agent one week in advance, and the extraction process lasted more than four hours. According to the doctor’s instructions in advance, I would encounter “calcium deficiency” during the blood separation process. I was asked to pay attention to whether there were numb lips and fingers If you feel cold, tell the nurse and doctor immediately if you feel cold, and immediately inject the corresponding medicine to supplement calcium. In fact, I felt it in about an hour. After telling the doctor about 10 minutes, I took the injection prepared in advance through the extracorporeal circulation machine. I really felt a flow of heat flowing in along my arm. It’s also pretty cool. During the donation process, my blood vessels were thin and the blood test was not good for the previous week. The blood was drawn from the jugular vein and the elbow vein was returned. So during the process, the Red Cross staff helped me press the eye of the left elbow. . After the donation was over because the anticoagulant was still in my body, I ate dinner in the hospital bed, ate a whole chicken, and drank the soup. During the period, the three needles on my body were always dependent on my mother and the Red Cross. The staff pressed it, and it took about an hour to let go.

7 months ago

This process is actually equivalent to an enlarged version of blood donation. During the process, I encountered hypocalcemia, and the ecchymosis continued for about a week before it subsided. Of course, this has something to do with long-time pressing. A policeman who donated on the same day as me had no response. He insisted on donating blood for many years. He donates blood components every month. He has not donated hematopoietic stem cells to qualify for the National Gold Award for Unpaid Blood Donation. As a result, after this hematopoietic stem cell donation, the hematologist advised not to donate blood again. One is that my adverse reaction is considered to be relatively serious and my physique is not suitable for blood donation; the other is that Zhejiang Province’s encouragement policy for hematopoietic stem cell donation has already included With the use of blood and blood used by immediate family members, personal benefits are no longer significant. Most of the hematologists and nurses I met during the week of donation were of two types: either I did not experience any adverse reactions and insisted on donating blood for a long time, or I stopped at the first or a certain adverse reaction.

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