I am a female, currently a preliminary party member, just took the postgraduate entrance examination this year. I didn’t apply for it, and I plan to go back to our school to study a master’s degree in materials engineering. Both undergraduates and postgraduates are ordinary books. Is there any advantage to the public examination? Is there an advantage in taking public examinations in capital cities?
First of all, I really want to get a 211 postgraduate diploma, and then take a public examination. But now there is no 211 asking me, I can only retreat to an ordinary book, but I am unwilling to do so, and feel that I must go to the public examination in the end, why do I still need to study for graduate? It’s a normal one.

You can’t pass the 211 master’s degree. In addition to the “papers”, there is also the lack of your own qualifications. You also know that the “postgraduate entrance examination” is not only about “study” but also the “teacher relationship” of your school. This is ok. ? I just answered an article, “A 27-year-old girl, in the civil service establishment, has come to Fudan for postgraduate studies. Should I quit my job and go to study?”, I feel that it is almost the same as your supplementary question. The answer is very reasonable. > First: You are now a candidate for the party, you can work hard to get the next “selection students”. Everyone who chooses and transfer students mistakenly thinks that they are going to work at the “basic level”. This is what the students who have not passed the exam think so, and the previous ones The announcement of the selection of students is not very clear. In fact, it is not as difficult as you think. The selection of students is still very advantageous. It is not only you, but the current selection of students, especially now that there is a “directed selection”, and provinces with some treatment. The writing is very clear. I went to the grassroots level for two years, suspended for two years, and even later returned to the provincial department and the municipal department. The friends who had been on the public examination before reported that the selection and transfer students are generally better paid than ordinary civil servants. Second: In terms of public examination: As long as you are an undergraduate or above, except that the national examination and selection are basically the same, don’t think that a master’s degree and a master’s degree have the advantage of public examination, no! As long as they are ordinary civil servants and functional departments, they basically require a college degree or above, so academic qualifications are not a problem, not the advantages of academic qualifications you think, especially in the written examination, the 5 major modules of “speech + logic + data” Analysis + quantitative relationship + common sense”, so everything is ready. However, students who are good at learning have a slight advantage: strong learning ability, good foundation, and quick start. In the impression of my experience preparing for exams, especially in the “data analysis + quantitative relationship + common sense”, it is indeed reflected incisively and vividly. , Can learn in a short period of time is very “happy”, of course, these are not questions of exam preparation, because the learning ability is poor, the accepting ability is poor, or the students who do not want to learn, as long as the later can be doubled Efforts are the same as them, even in terms of “details are better than their answers”, because in the public examinations, in the end, apart from the mentality, of course, it is to “details”. Third: The purpose of studying for postgraduates is not only for public examinations, but the most important thing is to have an extra “choice”. You can’t understand it now, but I understand it deeply, because my girlfriend was a graduate student during her undergraduate degree, and she graduated with a “Ph.D.” the year before and became a “university teacher” in a university. Associate professor is evaluated this year. And I’m still the undergraduate who “stays in place”. You said that academic qualifications are not important, of course it is important. What else can I do? The life of choice is the life of confidence! Fourth: Listen to what you mean, since you want to take public examinations and have not yet graduated, you should review the selection now (better than civil servants), and the civil servants have passed the 3.27 entrance exam last month. The pressure is too great and it is not good for you. So the selection of students is great for you, and it’s not too late to go to graduate school. Let me say, you review the advantages for you now: Advantage 1: Strong learning ability, quick response, no worries, no social beatings, no need to consider the setbacks and difficulties of survival, stretch out your hands when you clothes, open your mouth when you eat, and be able to get your whole body Put your heart into your own learning. (Library + dormitory + canteen + playground. You are the one who landed at four o’clock and one line. You know?) Advantage 2: Curiosity. The test of publicity is attractive to you now, not lacking in motivation, not lacking in physical fitness, and the kind of enthusiasm for learning is quite sufficient. If you want to learn, you can learn, if you don’t want to learn, you are happy, and you still have a mentality of finding a job. Feeling relaxed. Advantage 3: Not tired. It’s not tiring to learn until late. I read 2 sets of question lines a day and 1 set of application theory, and I can summarize it in the evening, and I feel very relaxed. The way back in the evening is full of joy and refreshing. I was like that back then! (Also, I can breathe the fresh air in the campus every morning.) Finally, as a senior, I want to say something to you: You still have to take the postgraduate entrance examination now, because the competition for civil service examinations is too fierce, and some candidates even review for several years. , I haven’t even been in the interview. And if your education is higher, you will have more choices in the future, and the value will be different. It’s hard to go uphill, come on. “


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Frankly speaking, the postgraduate qualification examination is indeed quite advantageous, especially if you want to apply for the central ministries and commissions or provincial agencies, but combined with the subject’s major, the postgraduate examination may not necessarily have the advantage, and may even be worse than the undergraduate examination. Civil servants. Although it is a bit hard-hearted, it is true, mainly because the major is really a bit biased. If you study economics, law, Chinese, computer, etc., then the advantage of the postgraduate entrance examination is indeed greatly reduced. There are many job options, but they are not popular. If you are professional, it is better to take the public examination early. With the subject of the subject and material engineering as the search terms, Xiaoqi searched from the 2021 National Examination Position Table and the 2021 Hebei Provincial Examination Position Table respectively. The situation is as follows: 1. In the 2021 National Examination Position Table: There are no relevant positions in the central party and mass organs and the central state administrative organs participating in the management of public institutions to apply for the examination. 2021 National Examination Position Form The central administrative agency can apply for a position, which requires a postgraduate degree and 2 years of grass-roots work experience; the 2021 National Examination Position Form is directly affiliated to the central state administrative organ at the provincial level. Strictly speaking, only one position is eligible. , Which also requires a bachelor’s degree, political outlook of party members and 2 years of grassroots work experience. 2. In 2021, the Hebei Provincial Examination Position Form used material engineering as the search term, and only 4 positions were retrieved. Among them, the educational background requires the lowest bachelor degree, and some also restrict gender. In terms of the number of recruits, it is also 1 to 2 people. , Little pitiful. Although I don’t know the province where the subject of the subject is located, only taking the National Examination and Hebei Provincial Examination as examples, the number of positions retrieved is pitiful. In this case, the subject continues to study for 2 to 3 years of postgraduate studies, and finally persists. For civil service examinations, perhaps the position selection will not be stronger than it is now. It is better to take civil service examinations now. After all, you can seize some opportunities when you go ashore earlier. Although this fact is a bit too cruel, it is true. Some public examinations are not popular in majors. , Or the number of applicants is very large, the competition is fierce, or you can only choose three unlimited positions to apply for, and the others are nothing. Therefore, graduate students really have an advantage in the examination of civil servants. Frankly speaking, it is not necessarily true. But this does not mean that the postgraduate entrance examination has no advantage for the public examination. The postgraduate degree is actually more advantageous than the undergraduate degree in terms of job selection and job classification. Whether it is the national or provincial examinations, there are still many positions for postgraduate qualifications, such as the central ministries and commissions or provincial agencies, and many positions require a minimum degree of master’s degree. Take the 2021 National Examination Announcement as an example. Let’s take the public examination to sort out the proportion of academic qualifications in the 2021 National Examination Part of the position table for all partners. Let’s take a look specifically. Let’s talk about the central party organizations first. , The minimum education requirement is an undergraduate degree, but most positions require a postgraduate degree. In 2021, the central party and mass organizations recruited a total of 283 people, of which only 6% of the number of undergraduate applicants was restricted, while the proportion of undergraduate or master’s, undergraduate and above accounted for 31%, and the proportion of master’s and above accounted for 56%. Let’s talk about the central state administrative organs. What can be seen is that the proportion of master’s degree and above is still not low. In 2021, the central state administrative organs recruited 590 people. Among them, the minimum entry requirement is a junior college, and the master’s degree is still The proportion is very high. Calculated according to undergraduate or master/undergraduate and above, only master, master and above, the proportion of master’s degree is 96%, which means that they have a master’s degree and are in the central state administrative agency (at this level) You will have more choices in the recruitment exam. Many partners will be entangled in whether to take the postgraduate entrance examination or the public examination first, or whether to take the public examination before the postgraduate entrance examination. In fact, there is no fixed standard at all. Everyone’s situation is different. It is undeniable that they are studying for a full-time graduate student. , It is also beneficial to the individual’s academic qualifications and growth. For example, the scientific research training during graduate school, social practice experience, and the friends you make are also unmatched by in-service graduate students. Some people can insist on taking the exam for several years in order to study for graduate school. One of the college classmates was to take the postgraduate entrance examination in the three wars, and they would not give up if they did not enter the graduate school. I want to go to a 985 college and university, such as realizing my dream of a prestigious university, and then taking the civil service examination through directional selection and so on. Some people are not good at undergraduate majors, so I want to pass the inter-professional postgraduate entrance examination to pave the way for my future career development. People are studying for postgraduate entrance exams for civil servants. For example, if you want to enter the central ministries or commissions, or higher-level units, you must have a postgraduate degree. It’s no denying that postgraduate exams do have certain advantages, mainly to some extent. , There are more positions to choose from, and there are more choices, but everyone’s situation is different. As mentioned earlier, you might as well download the job application form of your province in recent years to see the job status that you can apply for in your major. If it is not ideal, it is better to take the public exam early~

6 months ago

In fact, the advantage is not as great as imagined. According to the current situation, the level of units that can apply for a master’s degree is slightly higher, and the normal recruitment can also be designated as a fourth-level chief staff member (some positions are still designated as a first-level staff member), but the difficulty of the exam is actually not simple, especially now The number of jobs has been reduced, and the proportion of grassroots jobs has increased. Of course, a high-level applicant is actually quite good. At least at the starting point, it may be the end of many people. In addition, some developed provinces and cities currently require a master’s degree in the grassroots entrance examination. If you want to work in these places Students of, you can consider studying for a graduate school. For example, Beijing recruits civil servants, most of the grassroots legal inspections require a master’s degree… The benefits are finished, let’s talk about other things. Let me talk about the number of postgraduate entrance examinations. In 2021, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations will be about 3.8 million. Of course, many people thought that it would exceed 4 million before the official data. The number of postgraduate entrance examinations in 2020 is over 3 million, and the number of postgraduate entrance examinations in 2015 is about 1.6 million. The number of people who will increase every year will increase by 10%. Of course, this item has not yet ended. Students who understand postgraduate entrance examinations should also understand that the number of exemptions is now increasing. The percentage of waivers has increased. Of course, many students have heard that graduate enrollment expansion is indeed an enrollment expansion, but most of the enrollment expansions are ordinary colleges and universities. There are not many expansions in double-first-class universities. Of course, it may be expanded. The whole system. Let’s talk about the current recruitment situation. The current general trend of recruitment is to tilt posts to the grassroots level. Now most provinces recruit for grassroots posts accounting for 70% to 80%, which is an extremely exaggerated proportion. What does this mean? If you continue this trend of recruitment, you may still only be able to apply for the grassroots unit after you finish graduate school. By then, the success rate of landing will be higher or lower than it is now. I’m not sure, but the difficulty is definitely still great. Do you want to take the public examination after graduate school? There are three situations: the first, if you can get to the top schools, they are some schools in all provinces that have directional selection, which can be rushed, and it is very worthwhile; the second, the local admissions are severely restricted, and only the master can participate. Civil servants are recruited, or because there are few positions to apply for in this major, there is an urgent need for postgraduate entrance to major to reverse the situation; the third is to study for a graduate school, because of this complex, I want to complete the graduate school to take the civil service examination, and be assigned to the fourth-level director. member. As in the above situation, if you take a certain good school and then participate in the orientation selection or take the talent introduction examination to enter the system after graduation, it is very worthwhile and cost-effective. As far as the difficulty of the examination is concerned, it will be much lower. The system is relatively easy; if you are taking an ordinary college entrance examination, or changing your major, and then go to the public examination, you will be given four-level chief staff and associate-level treatment, which is more than 500 yuan a month, which is okay. But there is also a cost-effective issue to consider. The master’s degree should be at least two years. Who knows how the two-year test situation will change, and whether you can apply for the test after two years. Of course, the situation above is still the same. If you pass the test in a good school, It’s a professional change, that’s not a big problem. In other cases, I strongly recommend that the subject of the test take the public examination first and take up the position first. However, it is quite difficult for some people to occupy the pit. With the current examination situation, the number of applicants is large, and the difficulty of the examination papers has increased, it is not easy to go ashore. However, if you want to take the test, one, two or even three years, as long as you are willing to work hard, the final accumulation will definitely give you a satisfactory result. Let’s take an example of a classmate who had been training for public examinations. Back then, they were also choosing between the postgraduate entrance examination and the public examination. In the end, they chose the public examination. In the first year, the results were not well understood. In the second year, they suddenly became acquainted and went ashore. They passed the two. Provincial exams for each place, plus a municipal business editor. The year before last I also asked me questions about postgraduate studies. Last year, he was admitted to the MBA of a certain 985 college and university, which can be regarded as fulfilling his dream of taking the postgraduate entrance examination. A few days ago, he was still talking about public examinations. He said that three people came in from his unit last year, all of them were graduate students…No matter which one is to be decided, one needs to consider a question of time cost and make a decision after thinking it through. In addition, the public examination and the postgraduate entrance examination are actually not in conflict. After the postgraduate entrance examination, taking the provincial examination is not a big problem, and there is enough time to review.

6 months ago

No advantage, the better the school, the more disadvantaged, unless 985, this good opportunity to select and adjust can offset some of the disadvantages, but the overall disadvantage. Because the better the school, the stricter the graduation thesis requirements, the writing and defense time of the graduation thesis just conflicts with the sprint stage of the test. Don’t think that you will be comfortable when you are admitted to graduate school. In fact, graduate students have to do more than undergraduates, but time is a little bit more free. For example, undergraduate students are clocked in from nine to five stations, and they carry 100 bags of rice every day. The graduate student is the tutor and gives you 20,000 bags of rice in one semester. As for whether you can stay up late, do you fish in the middle? Will you die suddenly? No one cares about you. It may be okay if you take a civil servant test in a small city. If you take a civil servant test in a first-tier city, you just go to a good school. The graduation thesis is difficult, and the public examination is even more difficult. It is good if the energy of normal students can be taken care of. The most miserable thing is that the paper is not completed, the graduation is not completed, and the public is not accepted, both sides are not pleased, and the person is still tired and half dead.

6 months ago

Is there an advantage to postgraduate exams for civil servants? Of course, many positions require a bachelor’s degree or above, and they are given to four-level chief clerk and the next. Then your graduate student is admitted to the general postgraduate school and you are the four masters. But is it worth spending three years to change this advantage? not worth it. First of all, there are some positions that require postgraduates, but few, or even many general positions, only require undergraduates, and postgraduates cannot apply for them. Secondly, it is said that there are good positions that only recruit graduate students, but there are already few good positions like this kind of provincial government. If you want to enter a good position, you must have the qualification for selection, that is, some 985 colleges and universities, such as undergraduates and masters. Finally, there are more and more people taking the test now, and you still don’t know what will happen after three years. As far as the civil service examination is concerned, your learning status may not be as good as it is now. Therefore, if you really want to take a civil service exam, you don’t need to study for graduate school, unless you can’t apply for a major now or you want to get a better 985 selection, or if you are not a graduate now, graduate school can help you get a fresh graduate status.

6 months ago

There is basically no advantage in the examination of civil servants at the grassroots level, but there are still advantages if you examine the provincial government and the central ministries and commissions. Because of the large number of posts in these departments, the bachelor’s degree probation period expires after one year and is qualified as a staff member. After two years, the staff member can be promoted to the fourth-level chief staff member. Level main subject, do you say there is an advantage.

6 months ago

I failed the undergraduate entrance examination, and now a low-level 211 university is forced to go to graduate school. A few things I have learned: 1. In addition to provincial departments and ministries and commissions, graduate students who enter the city directly (deputy-provincial cities say otherwise) cannot be appointed as the fourth-level chief clerk, but the first-level clerk enjoys the treatment of the deputy department. 2. The material major has always been of little help to the public examination, and it seems that the public institution is better. 3. The written examinations for civil servants in most provinces and cities have ended this year, and there may be some public institutions examinations. 4. Preparatory party members are the same as formal party members when applying for the examination. 5. Now unless you test for ministries or Shanghai civil servants, most civil servants in provinces and cities are double-blind interviews, and you can’t see your resume, so you don’t know if you are a 211 examiner or if you are a graduate student. If you are I think 211 graduate students will be helpful for promotion. Most of the better units now have a few 985s. 6. It feels like you have no choice now, you can only go to graduate school first, and your exams are getting better every year, so you can graduate as soon as possible. 7. Take the Jiangsu post I am more concerned about. If a graduate student chooses the post, there are not many posts. Most of the national tax recruits are limited to undergraduates. I don’t know why such a restriction. Of course, the Jiangsu Provincial Examinations are basically undergraduate and above. 8. It is true that for some ministries and departments, postgraduates are the threshold, but there are really plenty of talents. There is only one chance when you graduate. There is no particularly good offer guarantee, and there are a few who dare to rush. 9. One more thing that might be more irritating. Undergraduates went ashore first and took two or three more years of wages. At that time, the house price was cheap, but now the monthly payment is low. The wages of our graduate students have not risen, and the housing prices are so high. It is already a headache to think of the down payment. If we catch up with the big increase in 16 years, I will be out of breath…

6 months ago

Thank you, invitation, the right to choose the job position is a little bit bigger, almost negligible, there is no advantage. After entering the job, 211 or three books have no effect. It is just a box in a table in the file. In addition to the personnel department, almost no one in other departments will notice your girl. If the time is tight, you will work for three years. Three years in advance, three years old is very beneficial to choosing a spouse, three years later, employment, and then choosing a spouse after stability, the older leftover female did not run. As the age increases, the psychological pressure increases and realizes that women choose a spouse and move to marriage, which is positively correlated with age, that is, the older the age, the higher the requirement, while the male chooses a spouse and moves down the marriage, which is negatively correlated with age. The older the age, the lower the requirement. This makes it even more difficult for older leftover women to find a good couple. In summary, there is no advantage.

6 months ago

Let me tell you a little bit, if you can read my post. These are two issues, 1. Postgraduate qualification examination for civil servants and 2. The future development of postgraduate qualifications in civil servants. Let me start with the first question. In the civil service examination, a graduate degree is a threshold. For example, most positions in the central and provincial agencies require a graduate degree. For posts below the municipal level, undergraduates are generally required. (Note: Postgraduates can also be taken, but it depends on the job requirements. For example, if you are marked as a first-level staff member or below, even if you are admitted to the postgraduate school, you will only be a first-level staff member, and you can take up to four levels. The salary of the chief staff only). Second, unless it is directly selected by the provincial organization department (not public examination), postgraduates in ordinary universities and 211 and 985 are basically treated the same in the organization department. Let’s talk about future development. The department level you want to test determines the height of your ceiling. In the department, it is normal to retire at the department level (at least the inspector is still possible). In the hall, the highest level is at the division level. If you take the test in the municipal government, it is basically the top level. Of course, I’m talking about the general situation. At the same time, among civil servants, age is a relatively large influencing factor, and you are a female, so it is recommended that you decide whether to study graduate school in light of your future career development

6 months ago

In fact, there is not much advantage, but if you have to take the postgraduate degree of civil servants in developed areas like Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai and various provincial capitals, it is indeed necessary for some positions. However, if you take the general position, most of the applicants are eligible to apply for undergraduates. The number of applicants for postgraduate positions may be slightly less, but this does not mean that postgraduate positions are good candidates. The scores for graduate positions are likely to be higher than those for undergraduate positions. There is no advantage in your professional exam. Most of the positions are professional restrictions, not academic qualifications.

6 months ago

If you are still a fresh graduate, then you can take some positions that restrict fresh graduates and postgraduates. In fact, sometimes the more restrictive positions, the fewer the number of people, which means that the chance of landing is greater. Postgraduates will be graded differently after they are admitted, and some positions will directly indicate the recruitment of graduate students. Also, even if you fail to pass the public examination, graduate students have some advantages in finding a job.

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