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In 2014, I was exactly 30 years old and cashed close to 10 million in 360. I bought several houses in Beijing and saved several million. At present, I am working in a large factory. The annual salary + self-media + consulting income totals several million. I will start stock trading in 2020, and I will earn more than 2 million yuan in one year: the total income will be around 5 million yuan in one year. I don’t know if Can be regarded as financial freedom. Just brazenly share with you, how do we, as ordinary people, achieve financial freedom? In addition, I feel that trying to gain financial freedom through entrepreneurship is very undesirable. Just imagine if you start a business to make money, what should you do if you are not careful? So the focus of today’s discussion is how to obtain financial freedom through work and investment. Before the article officially starts, I will send you two pieces of information. If you are a programmer or plan to do the IT industry, the algorithm is very important. I will send you an algorithm note written by Ali P8, which is his experience summed up by Leetcode. This information helps many friends around to join the big factory: BAT boss’s brushing notes, a must-see when entering the big factory! ​Mp.weixin.qq.com In addition, the development of the workplace must require methodology. This pdf of workplace development I summarized is for everyone: I think there are four points: 1. Control the desire to consume in “Poor Dad and Rich Dad” In this book, there is a particularly classic sentence: Both the poor and the rich buy luxury goods, and the poor often use their monthly hard-earned money to buy them. That is the wealth that should be used for investment or left to their children. The rich use the capital they generate to buy. The poor did make them look rich after purchasing luxury goods, but they randomly entered into a debt crisis. The monthly salary is used to repay debts and continue to take out loans, and they enter a vicious circle. Ordinary people are better at spending money, while rich people are better at saving money and buying things that can add value. What can continue to increase in value is called an asset, while consumer goods are just a consumption. 2. Establishing the second type of income. The essence of the workplace is a tool person, and programmers are precisely the kind of tools that will depreciate in middle age. In particular, workers need to build a second income in their lives before the downturn in their careers. During the period of writing the official account, many programmer readers asked Yang Ge: Do you want to develop some sideline? How to develop sideline? Sideline business is indeed a very good way for us to obtain a second income. If you haven’t built enough core competence before, I don’t suggest to do other attempts, it will pick up the sesame seeds and lose the watermelon. If you already have a deep accumulation in the industry, you can do your job well and have core competitiveness. At this time, trying to do some exploration is completely feasible and necessary to some extent. There are two kinds of jobs in this world: predictable jobs and unpredictable jobs. What is predictable work? For example, part-time work, fixed and fixed wages, except for year-end bonuses and project awards, there is almost no disturbance. For example, you can be a part-time writer, write an article, and get a fixed salary after delivery. Predictable work is difficult to accumulate compound interest, but it is a means for many people to survive. What is unpredictable work? For example, starting a business, struggling arduously for many years, may have nothing, or may ring the bell when listed. For another example, if you write an article on a public account, you may not read thousands of words eloquently, or it may burst out a 100,000+. The most important suggestion for exploring side business: do predictive work for the main business, and unpredictable work for the sideline as much as possible. Taking the sideline type as an example, programmers can take over outsourcing, do company internal training, do APP, or write technical blog public accounts. Receiving outsourcing and doing corporate internal training are predictable tasks, while doing APP and blogging public accounts are unpredictable tasks. Unpredictable work contains a lot of uncertainty, and ordinary people must introduce uncertainty in countering life. Work that is too certain can at best sustain your livelihood, and it is difficult to make you rich or financially free. To quote a more classic sentence in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”: Working to earn wages can only make you a little bit stronger than bankruptcy. Here is a copy of the hard-core information on career promotion and salary increase that I wrote: 3. Regarding work as an investment. Many people are looking for a job with a high salary, but the truth is that no matter how high your salary is, you won’t let it. You are rich. This assertion is cruel, and it takes many years for many people to understand. When I just graduated, I also struggled with the high salary. The company didn’t give the high salary OFFER, so I didn’t consider it. When I was working for two years, I met a senior Huake, and he woke me up. He is an early employee of Baidu. In 10 years, he cashed out tens of millions in Baidu. He told me that no matter how high your rank is and how high your salary is, the money you earn from working will not change your life in any qualitative way. Because as your salary increases slowly, your desire expenses will also increase, and eventually you will always be in a state of cessation. You need to find a reliable company that can give you stock options as soon as possible. The definition of a reliable company is rapid development and the integrity of the boss. Since then, I have established a basic principle for finding a job: I only find companies that can give option stocks, and salary is no longer my priority. I have also developed a habit. If I am in a company with stock options, I will never sell the shares of this company easily. My philosophy is: time and money are your greatest resources. If this is a good company, since you are willing to invest time in the company, why can’t you invest money to continue to hold the company’s stock. Based on the above knowledge, in the past few years of 360, almost no shares of 360 have been sold. When I decided to quit my job and start a business, I sold out 360 shares. In the past 5 years, 360’s stock price has risen 10 times, and I have also won the first pot of gold in my life. Many 360 colleagues did not enjoy the greatest dividends because they were not optimistic about the company, or were eager to consume, and kept cashing out. 4. Cognitive arbitrage The biggest weapon for ordinary people to counterattack: cognitive arbitrage. In work and life, you must not only immerse yourself in work, but also look up at the sky. Thinking and summarizing methodology is an indispensable way to improve cognition and a process of summarizing fragmented knowledge into dynamic wisdom. How important is cognition? There is a story saying that a group of people went to dig for gold and some people went to sell water. In the end, those who dig gold didn’t make money, but those who sold water were all prosperous. why? This is the difference in cognition. Hijackers are especially prone to get caught up in the details of their work. I don’t know if you have ever had the experience of not caring about people and things around you during a working day. Although this kind of addiction has allowed us to grow at a high speed in professional skills, it has affected the improvement of cognition to a certain extent. First of all, the lack of cognition will make us unconsciously become leeks under the sickle. There is essentially no difference between the various routines of cutting chives for young people in the sky today and various health products for cutting old people. The essence is to use your low cognition to reap you mercilessly. Just imagine, how does a person who is constantly harvested by sickles complete the accumulation of the first pot of gold? What’s more important is that through continuous improvement of awareness, we have core values. And value is a prerequisite for equivalent exchange between us and the big bosses who master social resources. The truth about the operation of this society is resources. Rich second-generation and successful bosses disdain to exchange resources with ordinary people, but they also need to obtain truly valuable output in other fields. What if you are an ordinary person with super cognitive ability? Then you have the ability to leverage resources. Even if you ultimately fail to leverage resources, you can let people who are better than you eat and chat with you, and learn how people think, thinking models, and business models. And how to make money, you will definitely benefit a lot. Pinduoduo Huang Zheng is an excellent example. Through his super professional ability and cognitive ability, Ding Lei and Duan Yongping have been inspired one after another. Even Duan Yongping took a picture of Buffett’s dinner at a high price and took Huang Zheng with him. It is conceivable how helpful Huang Zheng would be after a meal. Continuously improve cognition to leverage more resources and contacts. Learn more about the laws of the world and money movement through resources and connections. And then applied to investment, financial management and capturing opportunities, it will naturally get closer to financial freedom faster. To sum up: control the desire to consume, build a second income in life as soon as possible, treat work as an investment, and continuously improve cognition. This is the end of the above four suggestions. Beating workers is very hard and tiring. Beating workers is not easy to counterattack. Some people will complain about the cruel society and cold-blooded capitalists. But you will always be the only one you can rely on, and the change will begin from now on. Once we understand and master the laws of money operation, we can also control it instead of being enslaved by it.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I have really calculated this problem seriously. Financial freedom, in the final analysis, is the annual income >= expenditure on the premise of not working. 01 Let’s start with expenditures. The expenditure of an adult is in an inverted U shape. In the early stage of having no children, it is mainly driven by consumption upgrading; in the later stage of having children, it is mainly children’s education expenditure that accounted for the bulk; in the old age, although sick Expenses must be taken into account, but after all, the consumption power is declining. If the pre-insurance is well configured, the elderly’s expenditure is limited. Suppose that starting from my current situation, the family expenditures to be covered in the future include: 1. I am not particular about the basic needs of clothing and food. Uniqlo can also wear it, but I can eat better. According to the pattern of 1-2 cups of convenience store coffee a day and going out for a meal on weekends, it would cost three thousand a month, and two people would multiply it by two. 2. The problem of housing is that if I buy a house now, I pay a down payment for the elderly, and the remaining loan is 25 years, then I have to pay 10,000 yuan per month, 120,000 yuan a year. 3. Traveling from time to time If you don’t have to go to work at once, and travel 2-3 times a year, then 20,000 to 30,000, which is not too much. If you buy, you will have to add 20,000. 4. The cost of deadly electronic equipment. When I was young, I bought a PS4, played a game, and changed to a headset. This part is less than 5,000 a year. 5. The child’s living expenses are calculated from the wife’s pregnancy check-up, to the birth, to the child’s school and cram school expenses. If most of his needs are met, I will first estimate 2 million for raising a child in Beijing and spread it evenly. 25 years is 80,000 per year. 6. Pension expenses cannot rely on the children to provide for the elderly, and they have to rely on themselves for the elderly. If I bought consumer insurance such as critical illness insurance, commercial medical insurance, etc. when I was young, it would basically be covered by a medical visit, plus the cost of living, which would cost more than 2,000 per month for two people to be more than 4,000. Assume that my formal old age starts at the age of 60 and can live to the age of 80. I have listed the expenditure just now in a table. A total of 9.07 million needs to be spent. Assuming that I can have financial income until I am 70 years old, then my average annual expenditure is 227,000 yuan. The above is the estimated expenditure based on my own. 02 Now let’s talk about how much money is needed for the above expenditures, which have been estimated, so how much money is needed to support these expenditures? There is a saying that your assets reach 20 times the annual household expenditure, then even if you have achieved financial freedom. How did this 20 times come from? Here is a hypothetical estimate, that is, assuming that your asset’s annual financial management rate of return is 5%, then the annual household expenditure*20 is just the number of assets that can be covered by financial management revenue. Some people think that the annual return rate of 5% is not high, and it is easy to achieve. However, inflation must be considered. The current value of 100 yuan is different from the value of 100 yuan in twenty years. This is the power of inflation. Assuming that the long-term average annual inflation is 6%, then my asset’s annual return rate must reach 11% to be able to barely resist the threat of inflation. In addition, as I said above, household expenditure is not uniform and linear. The peak period of middle-age expenditure is far more than 200,000, but the average number of these costs is diluted to other years. Therefore, I think the calculation should be based on the year with the highest expenditure, otherwise large expenditures may reduce the principal. The highest year is 300,000 20 years = 6 million yuan. So, the conclusion is that now I need 6 million to achieve financial freedom. 03 What is 6 million? Now comes the third question, what is this 6 million? Because this 6 million yuan is to generate cash flow, it certainly cannot be a set of real estate, because although fixed assets can appreciate, they cannot be realized immediately. Then, 6 million can only be assets that can generate stable cash flow, such as financial assets. Finally, if it is a few houses in Beijing, just sell one set for a few million. I didn’t say all of the above.

7 months ago

Simple financial freedom is asset income cover current labor income. Primary financial freedom is the increase of asset income to the current full income of the family. Mid- to high-level financial freedom sees the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom. The upper limit of financial freedom is probably the “lifetimer” in the science fiction novel “Support for Mankind”. In the early years, I was able to achieve simple financial freedom. Because the Khrushchev building, the only rented building in the house, is aging and depreciating, now I can’t realize simple financial freedom. When it was rented out in 2004, the tenant was a German engineer who missed Minde to work in China, with a full-time translator and driver. Now it is rented to the head of a decoration company to live in migrant workers, sleeping in high and low beds.

7 months ago

When I went to the United States that year, a local friend in New York told me that with a million dollars you would be free. So I have three part-time jobs at school, one is washing dishes during the day, the other is a security guard in a nursing home at night, and a part-time translator! Although I did not have a work permit, and the wages of illegal workers were basically not high, they were still much better than in China at that time. I basically didn’t sleep at that time! The charm of money is too great! Later, when I got the green card, I started trading, opened a restaurant, and the assets exceeded one million, then I realized that the US million freedom was a lie! When you buy a house, you have to pay taxes every year, and the tax is still changing every year. Forget it, it’s more expensive than renting a house. Eating hamburgers is very cheap, but vegetables are more expensive than meat. As a Chinese, food costs a lot this month. But no matter how settled down, there is business, wives hurt, children have money to spend… and later the family said that my aunt’s house was sold for more than 10 million and was ready to go back to my hometown. At this time, I suddenly realized that domestic financial freedom is too difficult! (I used to fantasize more than once to sell my house in the United States. After I clean up my business and return to China, I will soon pick up the chrysanthemum and enjoy the free life of Nanshan.) Calculate that the house in the United States can be sold for about 1.2 million yuan, excluding taxes. The renminbi is only RMB 7 million. If you sell your deposits, securities and companies, you can only buy a house of about 100 square meters in a good location in Beijing or Shanghai when you return to China. How can you dare to have financial freedom with the remaining money? The development of the country is beyond the imagination of all the passionate young people who went abroad in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s for their wealth, freedom, legal system, democracy, equality and fraternity. For example, those friends in Beijing and Shanghai who sold their houses in order to dream of going abroad. Now they have worked hard for decades. Most of them returning to China like me means that they are still not the group of well-off people! Just as a friend told their Beijing classmates at a college party last year that they laughed at these people who were desperate for the American dream: “My father and mother have a room, I have a room for work, and my wife has a room. I just want to do it today. Selling two sets, donating all the money for the sale of the house, and the value of the rest of the property is higher than the results of decades of going out.” Yes! Who would have thought that our country can now become or is becoming the center of the world? In the United States, when you truly integrate and enter American society, you will find that the so-called democracy, freedom, legal system, equality and fraternity are a joke! Like ordinary people, if a white man and a black man fight with alcohol, then the police will definitely deal with the black man. But if a black person beats an Asian, hehe, it must be a problem with Asians. Racial issues not only affect the poor, but also the middle class in business and the above. Closer to home, if the inflation rate is included in the country, financial freedom in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen is estimated to be 40 million. Of course you have to do financial management for these 40 million! If it is a small city with three or four lines, six or seven lines or a small city that is almost the same as our hometown, the financial freedom is almost 15 million! Of course, ordinary people, ordinary people live with 8 million basic financial freedom! This is when you have an industry on the premise that you have a house! Many people may not agree with the text I wrote, and the number of wealth and freedom in it is relatively large, but preventing problems before they happen is what we young people should do the most. Therefore, the number of such wealth and freedom is not large. The United States is creating the world’s largest financial bubble, and our ordinary people are increasing prices from firewood, rice, oil and salt to toothpaste and pants! Finally, I still have to tell friends who read this article that they will not plan to be poor forever! Money is a good thing, but ordinary people have to save money! If there is a chance one day, you have no money, you can only dream of making money

7 months ago

The money you earn is exactly one piece more than your desires, which is financial freedom. My former boss drove a Mercedes-Benz S600 long ago and lived in the best house in the city center. Financial freedom in my eyes. But he also has troubles. With a Mercedes-Benz, he wants to buy a Land Rover, and with a community, he wants to buy a villa. So he is a lot of age, and he has to accompany his clients to drink big wines until he has thick blood fats. Is he financially free? It seems not, because his desire is higher than his income, so he can’t stop. Financial freedom can be considered financial freedom instead of thinking about how many assets you own. Then we young people might as well be pragmatic and think about how we can achieve financial freedom. “The Road to Wealth Freedom” says: The freedom we want is essentially the autonomy of time. Therefore, the definition of freedom of wealth is: the so-called “freedom of personal wealth” means that a person no longer has to sell his time in order to meet the needs of life. Now that it is determined that time is the decisive factor in our battle for wealth and freedom, then we will use the ruler of “time” to measure our work. According to “The Road to Wealth Freedom”, there are three different business models for individuals, that is to say, there are three different ways of “selling time” for individuals. The first business model is to sell once per share. We work for others, which belongs to this business model. When a monk hits a clock for a day, or a clock for a day, he makes a day’s money. Whether you are spreading pancakes and fruits on the street, or talking about a business worth hundreds of millions in the CBD, as long as you are at work, you can’t escape this business model. One drawback of this business model is that no accidents can happen. Once you get sick, or something goes wrong at home, and you stop working, you will cut off your source of income. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to make a fortune just by selling one share at a time. The second business model is to sell many times at a time. This is equivalent to turning retail into wholesale. Singers sell records, writers sell books, programmers sell games, all belong to this business model. For example, Mao Buyi has a digital album on NetEase Cloud called “An Ordinary Day”, which sold for 25 yuan, sold 450,000 copies, and had a turnover of more than 10 million. This is the power of selling many times at a time. Mao Buyi spent only a portion of time to create this album, but it brought a steady stream of income, the value of this transaction. Faye Wong, the queen, even if she doesn’t work, she still earns more than 10 million in royalties a year. Of course, we may not be as talented as other singers, so what should we ordinary people do? You can practice new media writing, and post the same article to different platforms to earn multiple benefits. You can also practice photography, and send a photo to the corresponding website. The important thing is the idea, which is to sell one copy many times. The third business model is to buy other people’s time and then sell it. If you can reach this level, congratulations, you have become the boss of others. The essence of part-time work is that the boss buys your time at a low price and then sells it at a high price. At this level, you must pay more attention, take advantage of your comparative advantages, and ask professionals to do the work in areas you are not good at, so as to save your precious time and concentrate on creating wealth. For ordinary people, the third business model is a bit remote. I recommend that you break away from the first business model, start from the second business model, and move on to the freedom of wealth.

7 months ago

Freedom of wealth is the dream of almost everyone in society. Essentially, people want to live a high-quality life without labor every day. In my opinion, the core asset a person has is a healthy body. Only by protecting one’s own body can we talk about the freedom of wealth. Once you lose your health, this ordinary life will be destroyed instantly. So generally speaking, I don’t tend to work hard, because the money in exchange for health has to be handed over to the hospital in the end, and it is inevitable that I will suffer physically. I understand very well that with my own strength, I can only save some money by owning an ordinary house and an ordinary car. From the freedom of wealth defined by myself, I have achieved it. I don’t have a big expenditure item like children, and I have very little expenses. If I reduce my material desires, I can live without going to work. But people who have no worries and worries must have foresight. Although I can lie down directly after get off work every day without additional burden, my anxiety is not less than that of my peers, and the happiness I have is far inferior to them. Generally speaking, I am a lucky person. Someone treats me well and is willing to accompany me every day. The patients at work are very friendly to me. Even Zhihu has many friends who give me guidance and help. To be honest, I think that the current state is almost at the peak of life, and whether you have more wealth is not that important. If people really have unlimited wealth for themselves to squander, and use their own time unlimitedly, they will gradually become bored and lonely. So you see, so many wealthy and free people, logically speaking, they can decide their own way of life, but they still go to work on time every day, and even find many things for themselves. It can be seen that extreme freedom also brings a sense of emptiness, and people need to restrain themselves, and this restraint is also a mechanism for people to protect themselves. Recommended reading for girls: Be a woman who can talk, do errands and make money.

7 months ago

Recently, I have indeed fantasized about a lot of problems in this area. First define what I personally think of as financial freedom: do not go to work, do what you like. The key is here. Everyone’s “like things” are different, and the corresponding expenses are also very different. In 2019, a survey said that the financial freedom standard of first-tier cities is 290 million, and the subject’s own standard seems to be 30 million. But if you pursue unrestrained freedom, 3 billion is not enough. Boss Jia still owes 12.2 billion. I figured it out by myself. After deducting the birth of my home, I can now have a 1000W with a complete insurance plan (mainly medical) It’s free enough. To be conservative, suppose you invest in bank wealth management, with an average annual return of 4%; invest in bond funds, with an average annual return of 6%; invest in stock funds, with an annual average of 10%; direct stock trading, with an annual average of -∞ to ∞; housing investment will not be mentioned. Slightly complicated, but in terms of long-term returns, it is estimated to be roughly equivalent to stock funds. 200W investment wealth management, 400W investment debt base, 400W investment hybrid funds, 0 yuan stocks. Mathematics is not very good. Let’s make a rough calculation. The annual income is 7.2%, and the annual income is 72W. Is it free enough? Everyone will have their own judgment. There is a small trick, for example, take out 1 million (depending on the specific expenses), according to the appropriate proportion of short-term debt, secondary bonds as the next 5 years of expenses. In the past 5 years, another 9 million rolling investment has piled up the principal. Then, more importantly, enrich your spiritual world. When a person is empty, he will create disorderly. This answer is invalid as soon as people make a mess.

7 months ago

Everyone has a different definition of freedom of wealth. For example, for the public with a monthly salary of 5,000, one million assets may have achieved the freedom of wealth, because 1 million assets are based on 5% of the annual asset income, and the 50,000 yuan income after bed basically covers the monthly salary. The cost of 5000. After going to bed, income is greater than expenditure equals to what I think is freedom of wealth. For example, a white-collar worker with a monthly salary of 20,000 has an annual income of about 250,000 yuan. According to a good standard of living, the monthly expenditure is 15,000 yuan and the annual expenditure is close to 200,000 yuan. For them, the freedom of wealth is equivalent to an annual income of more than 200,000 yuan after going to bed. According to an average 8% of asset income, 3 million is considered to be wealth freedom. For another example, a small company boss with a profit of about 1 million yuan a year, for these people, if they want to realize the freedom of wealth, perhaps their wealth must reach at least 30-50 million, because they require a higher standard of living and a higher level of consumption. higher. Freedom of wealth is not easy to achieve. For another example, the “high-net-worth individuals with an annual income of 5-10 million” must have at least 200 million yuan in wealth and freedom, so that they can easily afford luxury cars, mansions, luxury travel and other expenses, and freedom of wealth. There is no specific standard anymore. In the above, the major shareholders of large listed companies, the chairman of the board, etc., have an annual income of 50 million to hundreds of millions. For these ultra-high net worth people, the freedom of wealth may be equal to unlimited, because often these groups of people have Desires are very high. Private jets and private yachts are what these people yearn for. However, it is true that they cannot afford private jets with an annual income of 50 million, so their wealth and freedom are approximately infinite, because their desires are endless. On top, It is the top dozens of Forbes on the list, such as Jack Ma, Ma Huateng, etc., whose annual income can reach billions or even tens of billions. For them, money is no longer a pursuit. They have realized the freedom of wealth. However, they do not Freedom, because their desires are all-encompassing. Some people want to have high morals and power. Some people hope that they can stay in history and make great contributions to society. For them, freedom of wealth is not even the top threshold. The top richest people include the world’s richest person, Musk, Bezos, or national chaebol controllers, such as Samsung in South Korea, or families with great financial resources and power, such as the Rothschild family. For these people In other words, controlling a country, having endless rights, or landing on the moon, is the goal of Martian immigrants. Wealth freedom?? For this group of people, it is just a very distant memory in life, and it is not worth mentioning. Let’s talk about my own concept of wealth freedom. For me, one billion US dollars is wealth freedom. Although I also dream of luxury life such as private jets and manors, I must consider what kind of living standards can be achieved in light of reality. I am content. In fact, I can easily live in a 9-figure rmb house and buy a big cow. When Cullinan is not under pressure, I will be satisfied. Desire determines the limit of freedom. When the degree of freedom of wealth already includes desire , Then the freedom of wealth is realized. What is the essence of freedom? It is nothing more than being free from the bondage of the soul and what is the source of the bondage of the soul, dissatisfaction with reality, the pursuit of perfection, and the hypocrisy of self. (Ma Yun on Is money really not interested?) Everyone has a certain amount of vanity, and we should dare to admit and accept our vanity, and vanity is not a derogatory term

7 months ago

Financial freedom is also freedom, what is freedom? Freedom means getting rid of all fears and being able to pursue what you want to your heart’s content. What is financial freedom? It is to get rid of the fear of money, not for money, but to pursue what you want. From this perspective, I am afraid that this is not just a matter of assets. How many assets are in the present tense but in the future? Will assets depreciate, will they disappear, will they become worthless? No one can tell. And as long as this uncertainty exists, who can get rid of fear? I am afraid that the richest man will not work either. Look at the rich people on the cusp, don’t they worry that their wealth will be cleared overnight? Or to narrow the scope a little bit more, if what we mean by “financial freedom” means that ordinary people think that there is income without doing work, and the income is enough to spend? Then the keyword is enough to spend. How can I spend it? If you let go of your hands and feet, wouldn’t the king spend a billion dollars in more than a month? So, if you want to indulge yourself, I’m afraid not much money is enough to spend, right? But what about controlling desire? The so-called “sufficient flowers” may not be considered difficult, right? Especially today. One person, food, clothing, housing, transportation and play, talking one by one. Wear: Suits and leather shoes are definitely not as comfortable as big pants and flip-flops. Food: Eat a state banquet every day, in less than a month, you can start thinking about food at home. Live: Find a third-tier city with a good climate. The house is not expensive, but it is well decorated. With practical appliances, it is much more comfortable than Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. OK: 100,000 domestically produced cars are no worse than 300,000 joint venture cars, especially electric cars, which are more comfortable. Play: A mobile phone plus a computer is basically enough. Change a mobile phone in 2 years and buy the latest model. That’s it for Jack Ma. Change a computer in 5 years? Parents have pension insurance, which is not a big problem. The education of children is a problem, but it is not necessary to have children. If you are sick, you still need to be covered by medical insurance. If the medical insurance can’t be covered, let’s do whatever you want. I don’t know how rich you are to be able to force your life outside of medical insurance. Even if it continues, the quality of life might be worrying, right? You see, it doesn’t take much money to live comfortably, and financial freedom is not so remote. In fact, if many people do not work now and control their desires, they will be free soon. So why do so many financially free and quasi-free people still go to work? There are several situations in this: 1. The most common one is to resist risks. What if one day is inflation and the money in hand is not enough to spend? So there is a job, social security, and I feel at ease. 2. The second most common thing is to be uncomfortable at leisure and find something to do. Don’t look at you feeling tired from going to work every day, yelling about being exploited and oppressed every day, and one day you will stay at home for three months. If nothing happens, you still can’t stand it. Labor is the rigid need of human beings, even if it is not bad for money, it is necessary to work. This is a psychological need. Aren’t many people looking forward to going to work during the epidemic? This is a good example. 3. There are some serial entrepreneurs among the entrepreneurs. Their previous companies have gone public. It stands to reason that financial freedom must be realized, but they still have to start their own businesses, and they are desperate one by one. What do you say they want? It’s hard to understand, right? In fact, if you have participated in sports training, you should have experience. After a basketball training, I was so tired that I called myself stupid. Why did I suffer this crime? As a result, when I woke up, I couldn’t help thinking about it again. The counterpoint yesterday was quite fast. How can I get rid of it? How can I prevent someone who is taller than me? Thinking hard, came up with a few tricks, so I couldn’t wait to end the training. The fun of continuous entrepreneurship is nothing more than this. It is not that labor needs people, but people need labor. People not only need labor, but also realize self-worth through labor. People also need challenges. Through challenges, they can obtain more and more extreme experiences. These experiences are the materials that build a person’s values. The better the quality of the materials, the more sophisticated and magnificent a person’s values ​​will be, and life will be enriched. So, assets are only necessary but not sufficient conditions for financial freedom, right?

7 months ago

This question is too subjective, because everyone has a different definition of financial freedom. Some people think that as long as they can survive without working, they will be financially free. Some people think that private jets and yachts are needed to be free. . Everyone has different opinions, and naturally they have completely different standards for financial freedom. So I want to make a simple ranking based on the “rank” of financial freedom to ensure that people with different views can find their own standard of financial freedom according to their rank. The subject of the question can find out where the standard in your mind is. Bronze financial freedom: about 500,000 yuan. what? Do you say that 500,000 RMB can be financially free? I said seriously, yes. It is naturally impossible to spend 500,000 RMB. But who made us bronze? Naturally everything is simplified. You divide the 500,000 assets into two for investment and financial management, one with a conservative annual return of 5% and the other with a radical annual return of 15%. Assuming that the ratio of the two is 50-50 and the target is achieved as desired, that is, the comprehensive annual income is 10%. If the level is higher, a long-term stable 10% income should not be too difficult. Then there will be about 50,000 yuan in income a year. How to use this 50,000 yuan? ① Among them, 20,000 are rolled into the principal to fight inflation and reduce risks. This is essential. Otherwise, as inflation and price rises, your 500,000 will end sooner or later, and there will be no financial freedom. ② Among them, 10,000, find an 18th-tier county town or rural area where the conditions are better and you can rent a house. The rent in the county is very low, and you don’t need to rent a good house, it should be enough. ③ There are 20,000 left, daily food and drink should be enough, and the quality of life is guaranteed to be no worse than most ordinary people working in the county. This is probably the so-called “lying flat” mode. If you want to, it should be said that most people can do it. It’s just that most people don’t want to, because in this case, there are indeed a lot of things to lose. For example, don’t think about getting married and having children, and don’t think about buying a house. You can only be forced to be single. Of course, you succeeded in getting rid of the work-only life, and you don’t need to enjoy 996 blessings, and you wake up naturally every day. These are what you can get after choosing “Lying Flat”. Silver financial freedom: about 2 million yuan. With 2 million, your quality of life is relatively secure. Even if you don’t work, your living standard is probably more than 95% of people in China. After all, there are still 600 million people in China whose monthly income is less than 1,000, right? According to the calculation of 10% annualized income, your financial income for a year is 200,000. If you don’t live in a big city (in fact, after choosing this mode, there is no need to live in a big city. It is more cost-effective to choose a small city with beautiful scenery), life will be quite moist. The 200,000 is still divided into two parts: rolling in the principal and consumption: rolling in the principal, also calculated at 4%, 80,000. I think that if you choose not to work, it is necessary to guarantee a 4% increase in investment capital every year, otherwise you cannot guarantee that your life like this will continue in a few years. And once you leave the workplace for several years, it is extremely difficult for you to go back. So we must ensure this part of the asset, that is to say, it is not passive income-expenditure = money rolled into the principal, but money rolled into the principal = income-expenditure. If the investment income in a certain year is not good, the expenditure in that year can be reduced, but a 4% increase in principal must be guaranteed. As for the consumption part, 120,000 yuan a year, an average of 10,000 yuan a month after bed income, can already live relatively comfortable. You can use your income after bedtime as your salary, get married and have children like ordinary people, and earn 10,000 yuan a month in a third-tier city is enough to buy a house. In terms of consumption, there is nothing wrong with realizing the freedom of the vegetable market. In short, people at this level can live like ordinary people financially, and because life is easy and less stressful, they are generally much better than ordinary working families in terms of quality of life and happiness. If you do not have more luxurious requirements for life, then 2 million is enough to ensure that you can not work. By the way, most of the new immigrants from Dali are such people. They have some savings but not much. They move to a small frontier town and enjoy the mountains and rivers every day. They are free and do not pursue the economy, but only seek comfort and happiness. Those who are interested can do it. Learn about. Gold financial freedom: about 5 million yuan. At this level, as long as you choose to live in a third-tier city, your financial situation is quite stress-free. You can rely on interest to buy a house in a third-tier city in two or three years. If you want to build a villa in the local area, it’s no problem, and you don’t have to worry about your daily expenses. After deducting the part rolled into the principal, there is still a disposable income of 25,000 per month. The money can be almost free in third-tier cities. Free supermarkets, free restaurants, and free domestic travel are not a problem. If compared with the consumption of ordinary migrant workers, this level has fully realized financial freedom. Of course, if the money is put in first-tier cities, it won’t be a big deal. 5 million, it’s probably not enough to buy a house in full in first-tier cities. Therefore, this level is also a very polarized rank. It can be extremely chic in third-tier cities. Once you enter the first line, you can only barely settle down, and it is impossible not to work. As for the previous ranks, there is basically no need to consider entering first-tier cities. This rank is probably also my personal minimum financial goal. I hope that I can reach this level before the age of 30, and then consider starting a family. Of course, if the level is higher, it is better. If you can’t reach it, find a second and third line at this level to be chic, personally think it is also good. The above is only for ordinary living standards. If you want to buy luxury goods for clothes and stay in a five-star hotel for travel, then this amount of money is far from enough. If you want higher quality, you need a higher rank. Platinum level financial freedom: about 20 million yuan. This level is probably the dividing line between third-tier cities and first-tier cities. Only at this level can you consider life in first-tier cities and enjoy better medical, education, and living resources in big cities. If you can afford to buy a house in first-tier cities, you will not be unable to repay the loan. You have truly reached a level where you can gain a foothold in first-tier cities. In terms of life, most of the freedom of education (studying in the best areas is still a bit difficult), freedom of medical care, freedom of travel, freedom of shopping malls. In fact, the biggest problem of life in big cities is real estate. This giant has solved it, and there is actually no problem with the rest. Take Beijing as an example, a house of 100 square meters, assuming a flat area of ​​60,000 yuan, the total price is 6 million yuan. Assuming that the down payment is 2 million, the mortgage will be 17,000 a month for 20 years. Taking into account the interest, it will not exceed 20,000. And the financial management income you can freely control is 1.08 million a year, for a house, there is no pressure in theory. However, if you want to live in first-tier cities, it is limited to this. The freedom to buy a house cannot be realized, and the standard of living cannot be fully used with luxury goods. The standard of living is not higher than that of people who spend 5 million in third-tier cities. The difficulty of survival in big cities is evident. If you want to live a free life according to the highest standards in a big city, you may need a higher level.

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Quoting the philosopher Tang De’s explanation of “freedom”: you can do nothing if you don’t want to do anything. Financial freedom means that you can use your existing assets and cash flow without being obedient to others and not obeying forces. Don’t look at other people’s faces alive, and have the confidence and capital to reject everything you don’t want to do. Reaching 2000w assets and 1 million annual income is completely enough. Those levers in the comment area can consider reaching them first. What I said is that net assets do not include your liabilities. There are also people who mock this number. I was thinking about 1 million. Yuan is really small, but ten thousand is really much, haha. Wealth has a diminishing marginal effect on everyone, which means that if your income rises from 10w to 100w, you can instantly become happy, and happiness is not enough to describe the joy; but you say that from 100w to 200w, 300w feels the same ? Obviously not. If you are accustomed to making money, no matter how much you make money, there will be no strong psychological changes. Three meals a day, firewood, rice, oil and salt.

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