I am a youth party member, and the profession I am currently engaged in may not be “mainstream”. I am able to witness the centenary of the party’s construction. I feel very honored. I also want to use my field of expertise and advantages to do something meaningful to contribute to the centenary of the party’s founding. Do you have friends who have the same interests as me come to create ideas and act together?

I am a slash young man born in the 90s, and I am now engaged in many jobs that I like. Having the opportunity to join the party, it should be during the freshman year that he actively responded to the school’s call and became an activist for party membership. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to become a regular member at school, and became a party member on March 1, 2015. The official name of the Communist Party of China. The title of party member has always been very honorable to me, and I am very proud of it. However, counting the time I have joined the party, I feel that I have never done anything to contribute to the party, which makes me feel ashamed. 2021 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. I am honored to have the opportunity to witness this glorious moment, so I want to use my advantages to do something this year. One of my side jobs is a script-killing game shop owner. Now there are two physical script-killing shops in operation, and I am also an author of the script-killing game. I liked the script killing game because it can bring people into the art world of script interpretation, allowing game experiencers to have a good immersive interaction. It is an offline entertainment activity that requires both logical thinking ability and language expression ability. , And during the game, you can not only exercise your social skills, but also harvest many like-minded friends, and gradually become one of the 80, 90, 00 favorite offline entertainment activities. Because of the script to kill this game, I have made many good friends, including the current partner, and the small partner I met at the beginning of the game. I got to know the soul mate through the game, but when I took the idea of ​​”giving a gift” to them When communicating, the result is that they are not care, maybe because they are not party members, maybe because of the stereotype formed by the solidification form before the party building, they neither support nor care about my ideas, let I feel that I am very isolated and helpless, but it is precisely my determination to do what I want to do, and I also want to change their inherent stereotypes about party building-related activities. For this year’s 100th anniversary, I took advantage of my own expertise to write a red immersive interactive theater “Returning the Long March Road”, combining the game features of script killing, hoping to use a performance technique that young people like. Presenting, so that everyone can complete the study of party building related history in the process of game interactive experience. Although it has not yet been implemented, I think it will be a new experience for everyone. I would like to start with me, and look for more young party members and young friends who are engaged in all walks of life. I hope that we can unite our strengths. As a generation who can look at the world, we should also show it to the society. Let’s take a look at our strength and the vigor of our time. I hope that we can find like-minded friends. Together we can use our expertise and advantages to carry out a “gift” action for the party’s centennial birthday. In this special era, Days can also leave a special touch of our youth!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Study law well
Improve professional skills
Don’t trouble the law firm
Don’t burden the Lawyers Association
Don’t black out the lawyer
Do not touch the law and discipline
No false litigation
Not participating in malicious litigation
Uphold the party’s leadership
Uphold justice
Uphold fairness and justice
I, try to do the above as much as possible, at least not to violate, it is the best gift.

6 months ago

As an old party member, I hope you can learn more about the spirit of the party!
The party’s work is very taboo against formalism, and doing one’s job well is the greatest contribution to the party.
The party never needs party members to give gifts to the party!
The party has always let party members take the lead in serving the people!
Serving the people with these 5 words can be done!

6 months ago

Doing your own job well is the best gift. What is the purpose of the party? What is the most essential policy? Why should there be a party? There is no need to sing praises, it is meaningless, only the implementation and execution of ideas. What the people want is practical benefits. As a party member, you should set your own example to win the trust and support of the masses, and let this party continue to be The support of the masses does not lie in how to behave yourself. This behavior is actually showing your loyalty to the party, rather than your own personal flattery in order to attract the attention of others.

6 months ago

As a hot chicken web writer, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, and spiritual party member, perhaps incorporating the party’s long history of struggle into my own novel is the most meaningful thing I can do for the party mother. Promote Marxism-Leninism in the novel, praise the magnificent revolution and the construction work after the revolution. In this case, maybe our future generations can follow the protagonist and feel a little revolutionary romanticism when they read the inferior work of the next person. The party has been founded for a hundred years, and I hope that my writing will have some value.

6 months ago

My ideal is actually quite unrealistic, but it’s okay to talk about it. I want to be a real entrepreneur with a conscience. It doesn’t matter how much money you can make. It doesn’t matter if you earn it, you can feed the whole family, and it doesn’t hurt to earn less. I just hope that the domestic economic environment can be better, and try to influence the social atmosphere. However, since this thing is called an ideal, it can be said that it is basically impossible to achieve. In the past two years, because of the epidemic, many things have been affected, and my plan has been disrupted. I’m not too young anymore. I have to face the decline of physical fitness, intelligence, and energy, and I don’t have much effort to fight for a lot of things. I am just a small arm, unable to twist the thigh of society. After making money, you may also be overwhelmed by desires, just want to make more money. If I am only worthy of my conscience, I will be laughed at by the world for being a stupid x… So, what can I do? Try not to hinder the country as much as possible, and strive to create a little social value~ Answer the questions in Zhihu and help some people in need~

6 months ago

To start with, I have visited some museums when I visited some places over the years. What impressed me more was the specific people and events at that time. In fact, many people only knew something in the history books about the history of the year when the party was founded. These are some highly generalized nodal historical events. If some people and events of the year (especially those that are not so familiar but very meaningful) can be vividly displayed in some ways, it will feel very interesting.

6 months ago

Tell me about my background: Hefei University graduated with a major in journalism, CET-6, and a little knowledge of computer networks. Although a girl, she likes politics and military affairs. My superficial knowledge is concentrated in: news, English, internet, politics and military. As a post-90s generation, we are in the best era, because there is a lot of information acquisition every day; but also in the worst era, a lot of spam fills the screen. Due to the development of the self-media in the past two years, we have entered an era of information explosion. However, because we media itself is “writing for money”, in order to obtain traffic, many we media people have not been offline. They treat some extreme cases as common events, put the truth in the opposite way, and describe the fictitious things as “has happened.” fact”. What kind of information is there on the Internet? The Americans gave China a thumbs-up, believing that China will immediately (or have already) replaced the United States and become the world leader; Russian and Ukrainian girls come together in China, and their only wish is to marry a Chinese; China’s “great weapon” will make the Indians. Shaking, Americans have weak legs, Russia is willing to be a little brother; Chinese workers go to Africa to become a tycoon, three wives and four concubines, worshipped by the locals. The citizens of such a small country hope to become Chinese and worship Chinese culture. …In a word: China’s national strength has already caught up with the English Premier League. Foreigners are very longing to go to China, love China, love Chinese people, women are vying to marry Chinese people, and men want to come to China to realize their dream of making a fortune. There are also some self-media articles that are hot spots, and they also arrange fake news in order to obtain traffic for profit. To give an example: I remember that last year was a typical incident the year before: a family of three in China was humiliated in Sweden, and the matter continued to ferment, which attracted great attention from the Chinese people. We media authors will naturally not give up this opportunity to attract traffic to make money, and have published “Chinese narratives: I was treated inhumanly in Sweden”, “Chinese youth: I am in Sweden, and no local people have made friends with me”… …However, these articles are not only dubious in credibility, but also have extremely poor writing skills, and the content is even made up of ramifications and pieces. As a journalist, I can imagine that readers will be either misled or hated after reading these spam messages. Then, what can I do for them? I can publish some real information to see and hear it. Even if my strength is weak and one of 10,000 people sees it, it can “a single spark can start a prairie fire.” The bigger advantage is: my content can solve the reader’s desire for accurate information acquisition. I created my own official account: from the perspective of foreign netizens, slogan is: strive to be objective and accurate, the original translation of foreign netizens’ views on China. The purpose of creating this official account is to convey their true inner thoughts about China through the real comments of foreign netizens. Although these comments are praised, there are also prejudice, slander, and disdain towards China. My hope is: After the real voices of foreigners are exposed, let people know how they think of us. It is by no means “singing and dancing uplifting” or “warranty talk” as invented by the media. Only by conveying the original words objectively, can we “see and hear them face-to-face.” I am working hard, and I am also very grateful for the support of netizens. From December 10, 2019 to today, my official account fans have increased from 26 people (friends and family) to 8w+. Many people left me a message and asked me to cheer. I am really grateful and touched. Believe me, I will operate this official account well.

6 months ago

Of course it is to propagate Mao Zedong Thought (if the review is passed, I will not learn to replace it with teachers as usual.) As the foundation of the party and the foundation of the country, only by allowing these ideas to continue to penetrate the hearts of the people can we prevent the discoloration of the country and the overturning of the hearts of the people. Don’t let the working people suffer from the second crop. Here, I would like to share a few quotations as the most meaningful thing today: The core force leading our cause is the Communist Party of China. The theoretical basis that guides our thinking is Marxism-Leninism. ——This is the first sentence of the opening quotation, and it is also announcing who we are and how we are thinking. We have said in the past that the rectification movement is a “universal Marxist education movement.” Rectification means that the whole party learns Marxism through criticism and self-criticism. In the course of rectification, we must be able to learn more about Marxism. -When thinking is chaotic, behavior will follow, so we must constantly correct wrong thoughts to the right path. In a class society, everyone lives in a certain class status, and all kinds of thoughts are all marked by class. ——This is the most powerful analytical weapon. If you want to analyze why a person thinks and does this, just look at his class attributes. National struggle, in the final analysis, is a question of class struggle. It is only the reactionary ruling group in the white race that oppresses black people in the United States. They must not represent the workers, peasants, revolutionary intellectuals and other enlightened people who make up the vast majority of the white race. -We can give the American people on the other side as weapons. All warlords, bureaucrats, comprador classes, big landlords who collude with imperialism, and part of the reactionary intellectual circles attached to them are our enemies. The industrial proletariat is the leading force of our revolution. All semi-proletarians and petty bourgeoisies are our closest friends. For the vacillating middle class, the right wing may be our enemy, and the left wing may be our friend-but we must always beware of them and not let them disturb our front. -In a world of great controversy, the ideological struggle to distinguish between socialism and capitalism in our country will take a long time to resolve. This is because the influence of the bourgeoisie and the intellectuals from the old society will continue to exist in our country for a long time, and as a class ideology, it will also exist in our country for a long time. If you have insufficient or no understanding of this situation, you will make a huge mistake and neglect the necessary ideological struggle. ——The longer the time, the more difficult it will be to cover up the light of this passage. Just write it down here, and hope that it will come out with this question.

6 months ago

I am also a youth party member, and the profession I am engaged in is not mainstream. I am now knowing how to answer the questions. I look forward to using my professional knowledge to provide some new ideas for confused friends. I don’t know if it counts as the answer. Significance:) In my opinion, being alone, doing the current work well, caring and warming the people around you, and not adding chaos to the country, this is the meaning in itself. The subject, as a party member, must play a vanguard and exemplary role and contribute to the world. This is a great idea, and the country will be proud of having comrades like you. Because I don’t know what the subject’s field of expertise refers to, I only provide some ideas for reference. If you are a person who likes to work independently and is good at thinking and analyzing problems, go to explore the essence of some problems, publish books or answer questions, and inspire others. If you like public welfare undertakings, free blood donation and community volunteer services are also very good. If you are good at teaching and educating people or treating diseases and saving people, you can try to do some charity courses, charity diagnosis, and charity consultation, starting from the community. If you are good at organizing and influencing others, you can call on a group of small partners who have the same expectations as you, combine their areas of expertise, investigate social needs, and see what you can do together. For example, if you are good at psychology, you can set up a charity organization to discuss the issue of “hollow heart disease” among young people and so on.

6 months ago

First of all, I feel that the subject is still a very enlightened person. As one of the non-mainstream professions, I can answer such a tall question, and I am really ideologically stretched. However, since there is an invitation, I can’t live up to this invitation. I don’t know your field of expertise and advantages, but as a lawyer, I still know my field of expertise and advantages. Standing on this major premise, that is, at the node of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, I think it is necessary to highlight that party members should closely follow the pace and rhythm of the party and insist on coming from the masses and going to the masses. If it is me, I am afraid that I can only Do some voluntary consultation and legal aid, and then consolidate yourself, work hard to produce and live, not to add chaos to the party, and I don’t need the party to worry about me. I’m afraid that’s all.

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