As we grow up, enter campus, enter society, and enter the workplace, there are more and more moments of “forced to do business”, from the “talent show” when we were young to the “insincereness” when we grew up. For some helpless reasons, we are forced to say things we don’t want to say, meet people we don’t want to see, and do things we don’t want to do. Do you remember the experiences and feelings that you had to bite the bullet?

What I remember most is that one year when I went home for the New Year, I went shopping with my mother, then walked into a shop and planned to buy two pairs of shoes. The owner is a couple, a little older than my mother. Then when recommending shoes, he made a mess with my mother and talked about our mother-daughter relationship and when I was not married, suddenly they stopped doing business and pulled me. Mom walked aside and whispered! I didn’t figure out what was going on at first, and looked at my mother and the aunt in confusion, looking at me and smiling quietly. Does my mother know this aunt? Relatives far away? After a while, my mother ran over to me and told me to write down my contact information and give it to my aunt. Aunt is useful! I thought it was my aunt who needed my mother’s help, so I wrote the contact information to my aunt, and then the aunt asked my mother to go back and wait for the news, so my mother took me out of this store! After I came out, I asked my mother, do you know each other? What do you leave my contact information for? My mother told me to leave it alone and talk about it when I go back! It really made me confused! Then think about it, it’s okay, just give it, anyway, it’s all from my hometown, it’s nothing. I thought it would be over like this. Two days later, that aunt actually came to my house early in the morning and whispered to my mother for a while. After a while, my mother let me go downstairs and said to meet someone! Early in the morning, I was in my hometown, still wearing pajamas! I said I won’t go, so if I saw someone so early in the morning, it would be fine to let her come up! My mother started her three-inch tongue, a lot of babbles, it made me a headache, but she couldn’t help her, so I quickly washed a bit, changed clothes and planned to go downstairs! Then I saw my mother watching my aunt and I go out, and told the aunt to trouble her! I looked at my mother in amazement, won’t you go? My mother said, you will know if you follow the aunt! Then my aunt told me that she had introduced me to a relative’s son. The relative’s son had not come back to celebrate the New Year in Shanghai, and asked the relative’s mother to come and take a look at me! The sky was rolling, and I especially wanted to leave the auntie at that time and turn around and go home, but when I saw the aunt came to my house so early in the morning, I really couldn’t get in, and couldn’t retreat! Be angry with my mother in my heart, thinking about going back and settle accounts with her for a while! I stayed with her every day and didn’t even tell me anything! Then I followed my aunt downstairs with a face of tears and tears. I saw the mother of the legendary blind date, and called Auntie hello again, asking if I had dinner or something! I was really greeted by two strange aunts, embarrassing cancer all over! I don’t know what I should say, I saw the two aunts smile at each other for a while, and then smile at me again. I can’t wait to find a place to sew in! Finally waited for that auntie to tell me, go back soon, your mother is waiting for you to go back to eat! They also went back to eat! I rushed home at a speed of 800 meters, and yelled at my mother as soon as I opened the door, you don’t know if your old man can give me a breath, someone else sold your girl! What kind of blind date did you arrange? It was the mother of the target of the blind date. Why don’t you go down together and have a look at each other! My mother said that what the aunt said would be too formal if she went down too. Let the mother of the blind date look at me first, and his son agreed, and we will talk about the follow-up when the time comes! I instantly felt that I was picked up by my mother, what is it all about! I can only sit and wait to be picked? No way, that’s my mother, I may have picked it up, but I can’t do anything to her! This is already very embarrassing, I think it will just be rejected afterwards, and it’s not a big deal. Anyway, let my mother resolutely don’t do these dumb things in the future! I didn’t want that aunt to come to my house again that night. I said hello cheeky so hard and went into my room. After she left, my mother ran in and told me that the blind date had told his mother that he thought it would be fine, but I have to go to Shanghai, and he can arrange work for me! I don’t do a good job in Beijing, why should I go to Shanghai alone? The minimum is 6000, including food and lodging! Am I like a jobless person? I told my mother to leave it alone, so I told my aunt that I disagree, I think I am still young, and I have to fight for my career! My mother thinks it’s good if someone introduces a job with food and housing, but if it doesn’t make sense to me, it means that I’ll go and talk to my aunt every day! I told her again and again, definitely forget it, don’t let the auntie run around to spread the word, how embarrassing it is! Unexpectedly, someone added me to WeChat at night, and it turned out to be the blind date! Give me a voice and say, see how I look like! Her mother said it was okay, but it was a bit short! I really have 10,000 that thing in my heart, galloping past! When he came over through the video, I hung up and replied, sorry, I have a boyfriend, my mother doesn’t know it! I heard that later, that aunt still blamed my mother, her daughter had a boyfriend, and she lied and said that she did not, and let her work in vain. My mother was so embarrassed that she started bombarding me when she came back! Really, I didn’t even look at who was introduced, and it made me feel so embarrassed to meet people! Now when I think about it, I really feel that it is a farce! I remember so clearly! Hahaha


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

When I was in the delivery room, I felt like a fish on a chopping board. I was slaughtered. From various prenatal “in-depth” inspections to dressing and care for various postpartum wounds, I pressed my stomach all the time. I can’t say no. Words, can’t shed a tear, can’t be “hypocritical”, only stiff. From the anxiety and worries of opening ten fingers and then turning around, to the piercing heart and lungs after the anesthetic fails, I can only use Ren Xianqi’s “Sad Pacific” to describe: “One wave has not subsided, and another wave is attacking. One wave is too late, one wave has passed long ago, and my whole life is like waking up from a dream, deeply saddened deep in the bottom of the Pacific…”. Although it is nothing more than a memory, it is still the darkest moment in my life. From then on, whoever persuaded me to have a second child was blacked out.

8 months ago

Poor monk but not talented, slap his face with his dharma name, slap his own face exclusively. Poor monks are not talented, the dharma name is really fragrant, and the one who has milk is the mother. For example, my schedule is very full, and I suddenly found that one two days next week, I will have a little free time (about 4 hours), and then I swear: “Take a good rest, don’t take so many orders, let the years be quiet, and be kind. Myself.” So, I plan to go to which park to walk, which hotel to swim, and which mall to shop and shop. And I told myself firmly that I would not agree to whoever asked me to do what, when I didn’t make enough money. I was thinking happily, and the WeChat rang: “Teacher, would you like to queue a new student for you. Do you have time to pick it up?” Or, “We have a new product to be launched, and we need an advertisement to post an official account. Take a look. Can you write?” I didn’t even hesitate for a second: “No problem”, and then added a sentence: “Thank you”.

8 months ago

Nine out of ten times when life is unsatisfactory. When I was a child, I was introverted and taciturn, afraid to go out, but was called out by my neighbors, asking questions, and was forced to go out for business. When I was a little older, when I arrived at university, I came into contact with more and more people in society, and my personality gradually became outward. I went out to work during summer vacation. I was forced to hand out flyers and exchange business cards to earn dozens of dollars a day. Sometimes in class activities, everyone has to perform talent and is forced to “talent show.” After returning home from the holiday, I have to be caught by relatives and neighbors and ask questions, “xxx, did you find a girlfriend? How long do you work every day? How much salary do you pay every month? When do you get married?” . After stepping into society and entering the workplace, this situation becomes more obvious. It is difficult for you to be a taciturn person: do a debriefing report once a year, can you do it? You are forced to “debrief report” once a month to do a technical sharing, can you do it? Being forced to “share technology” sometimes think: “I obviously only want to be a beautiful man quietly, why do you want me to show up?” What experience do you have when you are forced to operate? Come and interact in the comment area~

8 months ago

When I was young, I didn’t express my meaning, and I grew up insincere. We were happy when we were young, because if we don’t want to do anything, we just need to cry and make trouble. When I was young, I thought it was cool to grow up, but when I grew up I realized that there are so many “forced business” moments in my life. When I was in junior high school, because I had to apply for bursaries, I had to fill out something called the “Family Situation Survey Form” every time. After each time I filled it out, I had to go to the village committee to stamp it. It seemed that I had stamped it to prove it. What I filled in is true. The other classmates were all used to stamp by their parents, but my parents were not at home, grandparents were getting older, and younger siblings were too young, so they had to stamp themselves. This is what I am most reluctant to do but have to do. The reluctance to do it is because every time I go, I will be embarrassed-or ask me whether I have paid the garbage disposal fee of the previous year, or just ignore me and let me run away lonely…no I don’t do it because I can apply for bursary only if I fill out this form. This is a procedure and there can be no exceptions. This was the first time I was “forced to operate” when I grew up. Another time, my sister had a fever at night, but the family was not at home, so I took my sister by the hand and went to the doctor’s house in the village to see a doctor. At that time, many people in the village had dogs at home. As long as they went out at night, they would be chased by dogs. We were very scared, but we still had to go because we had to go to see a doctor. We hold a flashlight in one hand and a stick in the other to prevent the dog from being bitten by the dog when it comes after it. When we were halfway down, we suddenly heard the barking of dogs, and we immediately became vigilant. There are really dogs, and there are five! ! ! Now we panicked and hurriedly waved the stick and said loudly: “Don’t come here!!! We are just passing by!!!” Fortunately, I was not bitten by a dog, but I am still afraid of dogs… the more I grow up. You will find that more and more times are “forced to operate.” We can only bite the bullet and do it. Then “deceive” myself “everything will be fine”

8 months ago

There are too many moments for being forced to open. 1. When I was admitted to graduate school, I thought I could relax, but at the same time, the students who graduated from the bachelor’s degree have already bought a house and a car at home, and are about to get married in half a year. I thought about my family and my future in silence. 2. When she was in graduate school, when her girlfriend had already graduated and her parents had been arranging a blind date for her. I clenched my fists, and secretly made a promise. 3. When the graduate students were about to graduate, the students all found their ideal jobs. And I am still preparing for the judicial examination silently, worrying about my future work. 4. When I was still worrying about the exam, my girlfriend had already proposed to break up because of the opposition of my parents. I was forced to choose to complete, tears shed in my eyes, and my heart was secretly angry. 5. When students graduate with an annual salary of more than 200,000 yuan. At that time, I was only 100,000 a year, and I was deeply confused about my future. 6. When I bought my first house, I was still complacent. As a result, the room is too small and the life of a family is very inconvenient. 7. When my classmates are already married, and I am still struggling for the house and my daughter-in-law. How many times I wanted to quit my job, but silently endured it. 8. I thought that life was so stable. But one month’s mortgage was nearly one month’s salary, and I silently continued to work as a sideline. 9. When being criticized by the leader for an inconsequential matter, how many times do you want to directly refute it to the leader? But after thinking about the family and salary, he silently endured it, and grinned to the leader with a smile. 10. When I see my sister being unhappy at home. I was suffocating in my mind, I must work hard to make money. Until I surpassed my brother-in-law several times. 11. Although I go to bed after two o’clock every night, in order to do a good job of side work, so that every student can graduate smoothly. I still insist on sleeping only four hours a night. 12. When the mortgage urges text messages every month. When there is not much money left after paying off the mortgage. 13. When I was with my girlfriend, I rode an electric bike to endure the cold winter wind. I acquiesced to the goal of a family in my heart. 14. Classmates are doing ideal jobs. But I go to the grave every day at work. Painful and still struggling constantly. I also want to relax, and I don’t want to be forced to open business.

8 months ago

When I was 6 or 7 years old, I would play mahjong. The key is that I can touch the handwriting. I just don’t look at the cards. I can tell which card I have touched based on my hand. It’s similar to the way blind people use “touch” to read. . I inadvertently showed this hand in front of my parents. As a result, they were like picking up treasures. Every time they went to social activities such as relatives, they would take me without saying a word. The entertainment at that club is mainly playing mahjong. Before the cards are opened, the seats are divided. The seats are divided into four pairs, and one of them is drawn out and placed in the four positions of the mahjong table. Fetch it, and finally pair it out. Every time at this moment, my dad/mother would let me draw cards for them, saying it was a good luck! At this time, when I was forced to open a business, I would walk up without incident, touch the card with my hand, and then tell my dad/mother loudly: “Dad/mother, I touched XX” and turn the back of the mahjong I touched upwards Pass it to him/her, and then they will walk to the corresponding position on the mahjong table with the card, and slowly open the mahjong in the eyes of everyone’s expectation. It really is that position! The next card friends just praised, your child is so smart, and at first glance, he teaches well and so on! My fame has spread among many hemp friends. Everyone knows that there is a 6 or 7-year-old baby who can draw cards. There was a mahjong hall owner who didn’t believe in evil, and one day a lot of people made a bet with me: “One mahjong for one dollar!” I naturally readily agreed. “Two barrels, six bars, 70,000…” “Alright, stop and stop! The little doll is amazing! I surrender.” In less than five seconds, I have accurately turned over a dozen cards, and so does the boss. A powerful character, he changes his face when he changes his face, and immediately surrenders! I didn’t give the money later, but didn’t charge my parents for the license fee! So far became famous! It took two or three years to be fooled like this, and then even the school teachers and classmates knew that I had such a magical skill! The teacher also specially asked me: “Study hard and less mahjong!” Me: …I don’t want it either!

8 months ago

As I grow older, there are more and more “insincere” moments, such as having to work overtime at work, getting along with arrogant and self-righteous colleagues, and putting children in their hometowns as left-behind children because of the need to make money. Each is a life issue. . Sometimes life cannot tolerate your choice, and these can be passed with patience, but the harm between my relatives is a chasm that I cannot cross. When I was a girl, I naively thought that there would be no big conflicts with my future in-laws. If you treat them well, they will naturally treat you well. People are mutual. But the reality is that you are good at talking and silent when others treat you as a bully, and you always want to pinch you. I didn’t expect it to be the moment when I was “forced to operate” when I returned to my hometown to meet my in-laws. There are 6 facade houses in front of my husband’s house, and a large courtyard behind. Our wedding room was just built in the big yard, and we lived with in-laws. Because of the two brothers, they agreed to have three rooms for one person before getting married, but they became the fuse for quarrels after passing the door. My father-in-law is steadfast and willing to work, but he is very happy, has a grumpy temper, and is vicious. My husband was beaten up since he was a child. I heard him say that once he was hung from a tree and beaten. So my husband was afraid of him from the bottom of his heart, and the two of them never got together. Every time my husband is a little bit unsatisfactory, he talks about the house. After a while, he says that there are two rooms for you. After a while, he will give you one. Sometimes he says that there is no one without you, and the house will not burn. Give you. Whenever this time, I just treat him as a joke, thinking that if you don’t give it to your son, you can still bring it to the coffin. But their behavior was beyond my expectations and it can be said to have opened my eyes. At the end of 2019, due to an opportunity, the house was planned to be rented to others to open a supermarket. Both parents-in-law didn’t mention it, and they didn’t make a phone call with her husband, they stripped the room we were living in without authorization, and re-built the shed to prepare to rent it out. It’s as if my husband and I don’t have a family home, and he doesn’t have this son. In this way, we only have to go back to live in my natal house, and the confinement that was done in my natal house when the second treasure was born, they did not listen to me. My husband and my mother took care of me. Moreover, it never mentions the rent. From then on, I became deeply disgusted with them. There was no house, no money, no money, 10,000 pieces of grass in my heart, your mother turned over… Finally it broke out at a family gathering in 20 years, I questioned them, and My father-in-law said that when he said he had two houses, he turned his face on his face and didn’t recognize anyone. I also asked my husband if he would provide him with old-age care. There was nothing if he didn’t support him. After talking, he went upstairs by himself. His relatives persuaded me to “he said let him go.” The mother-in-law was still there saying the cost of helping us with our grandchildren… Hehe, I burst into tears, no one cares about your feelings, even life and death, there are such in-laws It must be what I did in my last life. They have become a thorn in my heart, and whenever I think of it, I pierced myself with blood. Although her husband is also very angry, he is a typical “remember to eat or not to fight”. When I returned to my hometown in the summer, I still looked at them obediently and asked me to go too. The alienated expression on my face betrayed my heart, and the feeling of “forced to open business” filled my heart…This is a thorn in my heart. The side that I don’t want to face last is hurting each other.

8 months ago

Adults’ world is full of “forced business”, full of helplessness and bitterness after growing up How many adults put on a “pain mask” every day to start a day’s work, but the heart is still that What about a simple and innocent child? For me, I have always lived more self and freedom before working. This may also be the obvious label on most post-90s generations: I don’t like to be controlled, and my emotions will show up. Later. Only after I found out that once I worked, the true inner freedom was too difficult to obtain. After entering the job, I found that the adult world is really hard, and the physical fatigue can be relieved. The most feared is “heart fatigue”. There are too many involuntary and insincere words. For me, “forced to do business” may be those scenes where you have to smile when you face the leader, at work, or when you go to office. Sometimes it is also I will laugh at myself helplessly: “I finally became the kind of person I hated the most.” I still remember that I started working in a bank as soon as I graduated from a graduate school. It can be said that the first year of work has truly experienced “social beating. “At that time, I was in a financial accounting position and I needed to report to the tax bureau on a monthly basis. I originally thought that tax filing was a routine work that needed to be done in accordance with the regulations. At that time, it was enough to comply with the tax filing regulations. I don’t know how to deal with the Inland Revenue Department. I don’t know how to deal with the Inland Revenue Department. As the supervisory authority of the bank, the special administrators are very arrogant. Whether some things can be done is really just a special administrator. It’s a matter of words, so I gradually change into a smirk every time I go to the tax bureau. Later, I went to work in the bank hall for a period of time. I really got experience. The standard service in the hall needs to be right. Everyone who comes to the bank smiles, listens patiently and answers, no matter how annoying the heart is, especially when encountering some unreasonable and difficult customers, wearing a uniform and monitoring hall means that they can’t conflict with customers. It can be said that hall work is a test of people’s patience. It is really “forced to open business” every day. This is also the reason why many bankers hate the job of a bank. There is always a saying “China is a favor “Society”, maybe this is the “unspoken rules” of the adult world. The various scenes of interpersonal communication are full of hypocrisy and nihilism.

8 months ago

It can be said that I can have my current achievements because of being “forced to operate” during college. For me, although I have been away for almost a year, I still miss that time. Compared with high school, I have more free time allocation rights, but at the same time, some people have pushed me to the stage. Although it was painful at first, I am very grateful to them. As a teacher student, it is necessary to be able to give lectures on stage. Before the internship, we actually had no relevant opportunities. However, in some courses, there will be small groups of workers, and people will come forward to do group presentations. And me, as a shy boy who was once bad at words. At that time, I didn’t know how to refuse, but I bit my head and took over the position of group leader for three classes. The final staged group presentation was not unexpectedly in my hands. At that time, I spent a lot of time designing PPT and display videos in order to do a good display. As the number of impressions continues to increase, I can more and more give long speeches in front of everyone. The red contrasts sharply. Later, my work in the Student Union became more and more smooth, because I was able to edit and produce some videos and PPT independently. I participated in the Teacher Professional Skills Competition in my senior year and won the first place without any surprise. And all of this was caused by the “chain reaction” when others pushed me to the podium. “Forced to operate” in my opinion is an attempt to get out of my comfort zone. If I don’t try it, I will never know that I can do so well. I hope I can open more skill points in the future~

8 months ago

Probably after the work entered the society. When I was a student, I lived very casually, very selfishly, and too lazy to make a good relationship. Anyway, I like you if I like you, and I never say hello if I hate you. I don’t need to ask you to do anything anyway. After entering the society, you have to wear a mask, you are forced to deal with people you don’t like, and you have to deal with people in various positions, because if you want them, you have to smile, and you have to be careful when you do things in the company. Afraid of offending a bunch of people by accidentally saying the wrong thing. Including many things you don’t want or don’t want to do, you have to do it in order to cater to them, or you will be an alien. I don’t know if it is a kind of sorrow.

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