The faith of the Holy Light spread widely in Azeroth, starting with Alonthos Faor, the founder of the Knights of the Silver Hand. Without him, there would be no Paladin. His four apprentices became the earliest Paladins are all famous figures in Azeroth: Uther, Dathrohan, Turalyon and Fording. Uther’s tomb became more and more beautiful. We know that Fao was first active in Stratholme. It was there that he received signals from aliens. These aliens called themselves Naaru. Faor has long been disappointed with humans and other races. In his eyes, these people only know how to take arrogance and intrigue. For this reason, Faor believes that Azeroth needs a new master, and Naaru is his choice. . Naaru has been committed to ruling the universe and constantly looking for new colonies in the universe. They kept sending out brainwashing messages, declaring that the Holy Light is the only way to redeem, and Naaru is the savior of the Holy Light. Once a living entity receives the signal and gives them feedback, Naaru will find the target planet based on the returned information, and then launch a war of aggression. But their plans are always blocked by the Burning Legion, because the Burning Legion has been committed to the peace of the universe for many years, secretly helping the people of all planets to fight against the Naaru. Fao certainly received the information and hit it off with Naaru. 2. On the other side of the shadow of Argus, the prophet Velen who was still in Argus was brainwashed earlier than Faor. Velen originally planned to help Naaru occupy Argus, but the Burning Legion took one step ahead of time and informed Kil’jaeden and Archimonde of Velen’s conspiracy and helped them drive Velen out of Argus. After Argus’ plan failed, Velen discovered the orc planet Draenor while fleeing. After settling down there, he began preaching again, intending to assimilate the local orcs and lay a solid foundation for Naaru to invade Draenor. . However, the Burning Legion also discovered this situation, so they sent Kil’jaeden to contact Gul’dan. At the expense of his appearance, Gul’dan led the orcs to defeat the draenei headed by Velen. You know what I paid, but this war almost destroyed Draenor, and the remaining Draenor became the current Outland. Velen failed again, and Naaru didn’t give up on him, but gave him instructions for the next step-to Azeroth. 3. The Rise of the Holy Light Faao can receive the Naaru message because of an altar he built in Stratholme. This altar was originally a meteorite. After the meteorite fell on Stratholme, it was transformed into the current altar on the spot. After that, Fao received the message from Naaru in the altar. Now he plans to spread the Holy Light across the continent, but Azeroth has many races, complex beliefs, and extremely difficult spreading. Naaru had obviously realized this a long time ago, and deliberately sent a false message to Velen, letting him go to Azeroth. After the Burning Legion intercepted the news, they didn’t know that it was Naaru’s trick, so they ordered Gul’dan to join forces with their informant Medivh in Azeroth and opened the dark gate, intending to use the orc army to completely wipe out Wei. Lun. Don’t care about the orc. Unexpectedly, Velen didn’t go to Azeroth, but hid in a corner of Draenor. Fao then began to preach that Azeroth had been invaded by outsiders and called on all nations to resist the orcs. Therefore, mankind united with other races and launched a fierce war against the orcs. The four horsemen of Fao’s apocalypse gained in the war. With the recognition of all parties, they began to become the top leaders of the alliance ruling class. Turalyon took the opportunity to lead the Alliance forces through the Dark Portal, merge with Velen lurking there, and defeated the already weak orcs in one fell swoop. Naaru dispatched Adal to sit in Shattrath and began to fight against Draenor. rule. On Azeroth’s side, with the help of the power of the Holy Light, the Alliance defeated the orcs, the Holy Light religion was widely accepted, and the Paladin became the most noble profession. However, the young Arthas didn’t think so. He found that the Paladin’s fighting methods were extremely despicable, seemingly radiant, but in fact they deliberately used strong light to keep others from opening their eyes, and then carried out sneak attacks. Fans are no different. What’s even more exaggerated is that the Paladins are not outdated, and they often use the most disgusting tricks, invincible and Hearthstone. Of course, the Burning Legion noticed Alsace’s intelligence, and sent Ner’zhul to communicate with him, telling him the truth about the Holy Light. So Arthas decided to help the Burning Legion destroy Naaru’s conspiracy. Fourth, the tragedy of Lordaeron Alsace pretended to be a teacher to Uther, joined the ranks of the paladins, and wanted to disintegrate the Holy Light from the inside. Unexpectedly, the Holy Light Church had long been corrupted internally. Dathrohan, Fording, and Uther were dissatisfied with Faor’s leadership and united to kill the mentor. After that, the trio began an internal struggle for rights. To become the leader of the Holy Light religion, you must get the approval of the Naaru, and to communicate with the Naaru, you must go through the altar in Stratholme. Ever since, the three forces of the Paladin Legion slammed at Stratholme at the same time. Ner’zhul also used the forces of the Scourge to destroy the altar. The main reason why Uther accepted Alsace as a disciple was to use his prince’s identity to mobilize the alliance’s army. Therefore, in the battle for the leader of the Silver Knights, Uther clearly gained the upper hand. However, he didn’t know that Arthas was an undercover agent sent by the Burning Legion. At the gate of Stratholme, Alsace expelled Uther on the grounds of treason, burned down Stratholme, the large base of the Holy Light, and smashed the altar together with the Scourge. In order to prevent Uther from having other attempts, Arthas secretly let Jaina lurch by the paladin’s side, and the two also performed a show in front of the gate of Stratholme in front of Uther. Breakup drama. Uther failed to seize power, Dathrohan established another school and formed the Scarlet Crusade. Fording was completely defeated, with nothing, and even his son was snatched away by Dathrohan. Uther returned to the king of Lordaeron to instigate and break the king with the prince, father and son. In grief, Arthas went to Northrend, obtained Frostmourne with the help of Ner’zhul, became a death knight, led the Scourge Troupe to level Lordaeron and solve Uther. Just as Arthas was preparing to completely destroy the Holy Light Cult, Naaru began a mental attack on Ner’zhul, but Alsace had to rush to the Ice Throne to rescue the Lich King. 5. Kalimdor’s chaotic Eastern Kingdom side, because of Alsace’s withdrawal, the power of the Holy Light began to recover. On the continent of Kalimdor, the remaining forces of the orcs began to slowly rise under the leadership of Thrall. Medivh and his mother, Aegwynn, assisted Jaina in establishing Theramore in Kalimdor to help Thrall reorganize the orcs and fight the Holy Light. The Burning Legion sent Archimonde to plan to destroy Naaru’s power in Azeroth with the orcs. In ancient times, Sargeras, the leader of the Burning Legion, had a relationship with Azshara, the queen of the night elves. This relationship caused Azshara to lose control and blow up the Well of Eternity, making the night elves always full of the Burning Legion. hostility. So Archimonde’s arrival was met with strong resistance from the night elves, so that Thrall, who didn’t know it, joined the queue against Archimonde. Archimonde was young and experienced. He had never thought of being hurt by friendly forces. Heartbroken, he held the tree of life and wept bitterly. He was unsuspectingly blew to death by many elves. Distressed in this chaos, Illidan escaped from the prison and talked with the Burning Legion again, this time he promised to help the Legion defeat Naaru. The first thing Illidan had to do was to handover work with Alsace. He came to Northrend and had a meeting with Arthas. During the meeting, it was decided that Arthas would be responsible for Azeroth and be the new Lich King, and Illidan would be responsible for the cleaning of the Naaru in Outland. 6. Disputes in Outland Illidan took Karthus and Vasqi to Outland, and was attacked by Adal and Khadgar. Maiev Shadowsong was chasing behind him, so he had to retreat into the dark temple and train. Demon Hunter. Maiev Shadowsong was later captured by Illidan, learned of Illidan’s true purpose, and determined to help Illidan destroy Naaru. After Outland was controlled by Naaru, Turalyon was sent to Argus to fight Kil’jaeden and Archimonde. The arrival of Illidan made Naaru vigilant, so Velen went to Azeroth to contact the Holy Light Cult. After Stratholme’s altar was destroyed, the Azeroth Holy Light cultists lost their connection with Naaru, and had to hide in the various organizations of the alliance, acting as some bloody and saving roles, and the scenery was completely absent. And Velen’s arrival brought news of Naaru, and once again opened the door of darkness. The Paladins flooded into Outland, and after meeting the Naaru there, they regained their vitality, and began to slaughter the four directions with swords in both hands and the keyboard. On the tribe’s side, Thrall pursued Jaina with no intention of managing political affairs. The blood elves took the opportunity to join the tribe and brought the Paladin, which led to the tribe being captured by the Holy Light. Due to the brainwashing of the Holy Light, the Alliance and the Horde joined forces to attack the Dark Temple with Naaru. When Illidan saw that the situation was over, he had to ask Maiev Shadowsong to take care of his demon hunters. After Illidan’s death, Maiev took advantage of the seal of imprisonment to protect the demon hunters trained by Illidan. 7. Although the fall of Icecrown Citadel can get in touch with Naaru in Outland, Azeroth still does not have a medium to communicate directly with Naaru. It is worth noting that the reason why Ner’zhul can be attacked by Naaru’s spirit is because of the head of the Lich. Wearing the head of the Lich, you can receive both instructions from the Burning Legion and messages from the Naaru. After Arthas became the Lich King, he recuperated in Northrend, preparing to clean up the Holy Light in Azeroth again. After being exiled, Fording has been lurking in the Eastern Plaguelands. In the process of dealing with the undead for a long time, Fording finally learned the secret of the Lich Head. If he obtains the Lich Head, he can become the Holy Light Cult. leader. So Fording used the power of a creature called the Footman to seize the leadership of the Silver Dawn and instigated the leaders of the Alliance and the Horde to attack the Icecrown Citadel. Sure enough, Arthas lost to the strongest creature footman in the end. Just as Fording was about to take away the head of the lich, Bolvar on the side put the head of the lich on his head before he was ready, and became a member of the Holy Light. leader. Since then, the Holy Light has become the first faith of Azeroth, and Naaru will soon rule this continent. 8. The end of destiny Just as Naaru started his aggressive plan step by step, the demon hunter reappeared in the world, disrupting the process of the Holy Light’s unification of the universe. On the planet Argus, the leader of Naaru, Zera, was also unfortunately defeated. In order to deal with the demon hunter, Zela’s soul instructed his men to resurrect Illidan, and wanted to destroy the demon hunter by controlling Illidan. It also made up the story that Illidan was the son of light and shadow to deceive the footman and ask the footman to help run errands. After Illidan was resurrected, he falsely promised Naaru to fight the Burning Legion. Turalyon, Khadgar and others used the foot man to resurrect Zela. Zela couldn’t wait to brainwash Illidan thoroughly after his resurrection to avoid future troubles.


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6 months ago

Because the story editor of leg is Flor, he is famous in the history of Holy Light Black. It is said that because his warrior profession in another game can’t beat the Paladin, the Holy Light has always been the Holy Light in the plot he designed. The object of being degraded. The cause of the script is Illidan. First, the voice of the members of the Demon Hunter. He sacrificed everything and saved the world. It seems that the player character has not experienced a historical version, but the corresponding story of 7.0 is completely inherited from the story of 6.0 to the previous one. Yes, the demon hunters who just came out of jail are the mere rubbish, which led to the initial evaluation of dh is not particularly good (of course, because the profession of dh is simply too buggy in the entire version of leg, this situation has a fundamental impact. Don’t call things). At the same time, in order to resurrect and cleanse Illidan, he created the role of “Madonna Zela”. In the plot, Zera said that the player did not know how to promote, and even invaded the dark temple to destroy the great plan of the Son of Light and Darkness (Ilidan) to destroy the legion. At the same time, he believed that Akama, who regained the temple for the people, was a complete traitor. This washing method undoubtedly makes the player feel that the mother of the holy light is a sb. Afterwards, Flower arranged for Illidan to become the Virgin Zera of the Long Aotian Society. The Prophet Velen followed Illidan and became Long Aotian and chose to abandon the guidance of the Virgin, causing the b-frame of the Holy Light to drop sharply. Followed by the “Chronicles” (wow official formula book), which revised the definition of the six powers. Originally, the external forces in wow have good and evil, but if you have a firm will, you can also use evil forces to do good things, and you can use the power of good to do bad things if your mind is chaotic. However, after the chronicle was revised, it was stipulated that there were six original powers in wow (Holy Light, Austrian Numbers, Natural, Void Evil Death), and the six power attributes were relatively neutral, only that the user would have a bias of good and evil due to the effects of power. At this time we saw again: 1. Long Aotian Illidan using fel energy. 2. Using the energy of the void, directly brought a group of blood elves to become the elder sisters of the void elves and join the alliance. 3. Give up the faith in the Holy Light and only use the Weilun of the Holy Light. 4. The alliance began to question the allegiance of the alliance paladins (the holy light or the alliance). 5. Focus! The light of the world of Draenor is flooding, and Iriel in Draenor slaughters the orcs along the way, causing the orcs to flee to Azeroth. After this series of smears, there is basically no b-frame left in the holy light, and it is not difficult to pass by.

6 months ago

What is the logic of the player’s hostility to the Holy Light… Is it a priest or a knight that these two Holy Light professions do not deserve to be included in the group? Players are not hostile to the Holy Light, but the players who can’t play the Holy Light. We generally use one word to describe it: Cai Sheng Light is first of all one of the six forces in the setting. After the power of light is manifested, it is sacred magic. Naaru is the first group to use the power of light. It is also said that the birth of Naaru originated from the collision of light and shadow. The energy remnant, in contrast to the Void Lord who uses the power of shadow. In other words, it is not rigorous to say that players are hostile to the Holy Light in the plot. Players are more uncomfortable with the various behaviors of the users of the Holy Light. Of course, this is also thanks to our dear WOW screenwriters. The essence of the Holy Light is a kind of Power, how to use it is a different choice for everyone. Some people use it to help the elderly and the poor, some people use it to conquer others. Some people let others accept the light from the heart, and some people force others to accept the light. Some people think that the holy light is the right way to redeem, and some people think that the holy light is the only right way. Some people think that the holy light can heal people’s body and mind, and some people think that the holy light can cover the body. People use it to protect their family members, and some people use it to eradicate dissidents

6 months ago

In wlk and before, the holy light is pure and flawless. In the ultimate boss battle of wlk, holy light is even used to save the field. The earliest blackening of the Holy Light was probably in the ctm version, the plot line of the high-level night elves infighting, an official short story. This chapter introduces the ins and outs of the struggle between the old couple Tyrande and the shadow song sister and brother. The final result is that the old couple sits firmly in the dragon chair. Hands. The cause of this struggle is related to the Holy Light. One day, Velen gave a speech at the Alliance Summit, saying that after his own serious research, Elune was not actually a Moon God, but a Naaru, belonging to the Holy Light faction. This remark caused widespread dissatisfaction among the night elves, which intensified the conflict between the priests and the secular. At that time, I felt that the Holy Light must be blackened. However, in the panda version, the screenwriter was changed. Wei Guangzheng’s Xiaohou became a war monger, and the Holy Light began to wash away. The Tauren Dezko let the Alliance Prince Anduin free because of his belief in the Holy Light. However, the level of the screenwriter is really not good. This level of whitewashing has instead recruited black for the Holy Light, which makes people feel that those who play the Holy Light have little courtesy and no righteousness. So after the screenwriter came back, he naturally took advantage of this trend to continue to blacken the holy light to death.

6 months ago

What is hostile is that there is nothing wrong with the Holy Light itself. The Holy Light is a kind of energy. How to use it is a matter of the user. It can only be said that the user of the Holy Light will be lawful, and whether it is justice is different. But the problem with the Holy Light is that in addition to being a power, the Holy Light itself is also a belief and a religion, and most players lack a good impression of religion. What’s more, among the big brothers who use the holy light, the son of light and darkness appointed by the mother of the holy light is such a birdman. Of the 25, the only one who can be regarded as the grandest of the audience is Fording. Natural evaluation is low. (By the way, the blood elves used the Holy Light correctly at the beginning)

6 months ago

I am not hostile to the original holy light. In the original setting, the holy light is the light that originates from the heart of human beings, which is the concretization of the guardian beliefs of mortals themselves. However, Blizzard gave the Holy Light a god-Naaru. Holy light no longer originates from mortals, it is bestowed by “God”. (Azeroth swears) Let me talk about why I hate Naaru. In Azeroth, no matter the battle of the ancients, the sky and the earth were broken; the battle of the seamounts, the bloody battle of the three clans never retreated; or the well of the sun, all clans never moved forward. In the face of a powerful enemy, he never thought of surviving, so Sargeras’ plan fell through, Archimonde hated the seamounts, and Kil’jaeden was beaten back to the toilet and washed away. And what about Argus back then? Naaru, the so-called savior, will only let them abandon their families and children, and spend tens of thousands of years in exile. what? Can’t beat because the high-level is corrupted? Look at the War of the Ancients. what? Because the Legion is unstoppable? All ethnic groups in Haishan teach you what blood sex is. If they resisted to the death, would they still be the proud Eredars instead of the sad draenei—the exiles now. Oh, by the way, although I forgot how to eat the book later, the broken ones at the beginning, but were abandoned by the savior of Naaru, and then when they needed cannon fodder, they gave the gift of the holy light aloft and let them die. Then in Draenor in another world, the Holy Light showed its aggressiveness even more brazenly, and died if you didn’t believe it, emmm. Conclusion: Why are you hostile to the Holy Light. Why is the current holy light no longer the light of the mortal who was born out of his own beliefs when the mortal himself was in a desperate situation? The holy light now is given by a group of hypocritical gods. It used to be like our descendants of China, fighting against heaven and earth, constantly striving for self-improvement; now it is like xxx, everything is the gift of the Lord. he-tui. Supplement “World of Warcraft Chronicle·Volume I·Chapter IV” “After the end of the troll war, a group of human priests began to have faint hallucinations, dreaming of angel creatures and radiant geometric figures. The priests did not Knowing that he is actually communicating with the Naaru in the dark world. Through this connection, the Naaru washes the hearts of some human beings and leads them to know the Holy Light. “Of course you have to say that Naaru is not a gift of the Holy Light, it is A mentor is a leader, a pioneer, a spokesperson or anything. But I still said that, it is uncomfortable for me to understand that the holy light that mortals obtain by themselves is related to a group of inexplicable creatures. over.

6 months ago

The former idealist beliefs. Here comes the Mother of Light, what kind of behavior is this! ? This is the airborne god! ! ! The Naaru was our comrade-in-arms, not our god! Mulu can choose to sacrifice himself to save the blood elves is really great. Adal always assembles coalition forces to kill eggs because the egg always does too much in the outer domain for self-preservation. Pumping water, genocide, and enslavement are not pulled. The Holy Light died at the sacrifice of high lord Tirion and Fording. The new screenwriter may be a devout religious believer, God loves the world. Many Chinese atheists hate God the most. Something that is superior to human nature will only make us feel completely disgusted. We are going to overthrow them! The holy light we want is our comrade-in-arms and strength, and is our strongest shield. We fight back against the undead of the natural disasters and the demons of the Legion, and are our most reliable warhammer. We hope that our people can live a happy life regardless of race and belief, and not an extreme cult where the unbelievers die. I like Yrel very much. At the beginning, she was just a girl next door who relied on her account. She was able to take responsibility because of the Holy Light and pick up weapons to protect her tribe. Instead of the current tyrant of the Holy Light, the unbelievers die!

6 months ago

The Holy Light didn’t do anything, the Holy Light creature was terrible. In front of the Legion, there was only no promise, and the natives attacked hard, sitting and watching and even operating Yrel behind the scenes to launch the war of religious extermination in Draenor. It is strange that the heroic people of Azeroth had no overall view of the overall situation, and they led the Light Legion almost to death in the Tarbuk and Argus, who was free to shuttle through the rebels. Senior leaders (boards) kidnapped professional leaders and forced them to transfer jobs-even if they were shot and exploded, they were unsuccessful. Another key point has already been mentioned by friends. The screenwriter has tried to use the power of the holy light as a power assigned by the holy light creature. Do you say that foreign games are politically correct? I think the operation of this Naaru, whether deliberately or in a crooked manner, really contains a false universal and self-righteous advanced civilization. However, looking at it now, the possibility of Naaru being a race is extremely small. After all, can it be considered bad if good intentions do bad things?

6 months ago

Because Shengguang is an MLM organization…
Although I don’t know where you can see that the player is hostile to the Holy Light.
But both 7.0 and 8.0 blackened the Holy Light.
For example, regardless of Illidan’s will to force purification, the result was blasted by Illidan.
In the 8.0 Maghaan plot, Draenor, who had lost the Burning Legion but was occupied by the Light Legion, turned the local residents into fanatical light worshippers and killed all other races.

6 months ago

I am a Paladin player and I think the Holy Light has done nothing wrong. Those who are hostile to the Holy Light are simply a fear of order. At present, the mainstream haters are concentrated when the Virgin is going to purify Illidan. Illidan sprayed the Virgin to pieces with one eye spray. As a paladin, like Turalyon, I wanted to cut Illidan into ten catties of cartilage and ten catties of bashfulness on the spot. In our opinion, Illidan, you rebel, you can tolerate natural power, you can tolerate arcane power, and you dare to ask for evil energy. Yes, you say you don’t want the Holy Light. What kind of fierce woman does a bitch pretend? I gave you the holy light because I fancy you and feel that you have the aptitude to be a hero. I hope to give you the power so that you can expel the Burning Legion. Okay, we know that Illidan can’t count on it anymore. My understanding is that a person who has been in the underworld for a long time is accustomed to freedom, and he is resistant to working from 9 to 5 in the system and learning to become a powerful country every day. As a result, being boasted by a group of people is to follow my heart and yearn for freedom. Shit, Illidan, what qualifications do you have to talk about? A mourning dog who was detained for 10,000 years and then expelled from his home. Forcibly whitewashing, that’s the screenwriter’s business. If Tyrande hadn’t been blackened back then, Illidan would be the patriarch of licking dogs. Then the second bigger black spot is the Light Empire in Draenor. Before engaging in the heathen massacre, we understand the ecological composition of Draenor. Draenei is a foreign population, orcs and ogres are natives. Killing ogres is politically correct, because ogres established a slavery empire and enslaved all races. The orcs themselves and Ai Xing allies also killed a lot. It is also politically correct to kill the Crow Man. The Birdman surrendered to the Legion and was already annihilated by the Ai Xing Allied Forces. What about killing orcs? In fact, it is also politically correct. After all, everyone has killed a lot. So what Yrel does is politically correct, what are you doing? Okay, the remaining orcs are mainly the Frostwolf clan and Warsong Remnants. Old Hoo leads the party, don’t wash it. Lao Laohou is a hero, this is not. So in this case, Yrel integrated the power of Draenei’s Holy Light, revolutionized Draenor, and integrated the scattered planet of Draenor into a highly civilized empire, did it bring better to Draenor? s future? Freedom, a weak planet, what kind of freedom do you talk about? Delano is simple and backward. Have you ever been free? The Legion is here, and the Iron Horde can’t stop it either. Only when the draenei came, they brought friendship and peace. Nagrand’s orcs and draenei mixed together very well, but how did the orcs treat others afterwards? Ai Xing’s gangsters came to your house to beat you without notifying you at all. The Mag’har orcs escaped, and they didn’t talk about restoring the country, and didn’t dare to say bad things, so they were so embarrassed and looked down on you. Since they are all for counseling, staying in Draenor and worshiping the Holy Light, wouldn’t it be good for the family to reunite? Why be an ABO (Orcs of Asingson)? Especially the old roar, I laughed, the legion is here, you open your arms to hug, the holy light is here, do you say you have a backbone? You are not as good as Illidan at this point. And what, are you afraid that you have forgotten what the Iron Horde and the orcs from Outland did to the draenei? Orcs were killed, you cried for human rights, draenei was killed, huh smile to extract the soul? Let the Holy Light wash your dirty brain! Don’t blame the Burning Legion, but the Iron Horde did you Xiaohou with Oldhou, right? The Holy Light Empire hacked the old roar to death. There is no problem at all. As for the small roar, cast the shadow to the light, the rising star of the orcs, the archbishop of the chant clan, the orcs ushered in a wave of birth peaks, and the various tribes of Draenor are closely united in Iraq. Under the leadership of Pope Riel, the new Delano of Holy Light was built together. It can be seen that the Holy Light is not blindly slaughter. Good orcs are also given high positions when they enter the religion. The Holy Light Empire does not have racial discrimination. What is the key? World of Warcraft is a world without reproductive isolation, orcs can marry draenei! Do you dare to say that this is not a major development of the orc race? After the unification of Draenor, all nations are united, there will be no more wars and killings. Everyone is engaged in infrastructure and economy, and powerful planetary power. In the future, Aixing can provide better help when it needs allies. Just think about it, where do the orcs live, what are their living conditions, what is the level of the main city of draenei, and the temple park is not beautiful. In Shadowmoon Valley, the draenei temple and the graveyard of the Shadowmoon clan are the best contrast. Don’t be fooled by the BBC-style out-of-context mission line. You said that Draenor is very hot, but people are thriving now, and you say they are engaged in genocide, and they are now targeting poverty alleviation. Does Maghan help Aixing? It also occupies a lot of the population and eats a lot of food… Maghan can represent the orcs, why can’t Xiao Xiaohou? If the Holy Light wants to say that it has done something wrong, it is too benevolent. It should have organized the Crusade Army to burn the old poles of the undead to ashes one by one. Back then, the Silver Hand did not make trouble with the Heart of the Virgin, and accompanied Arthas, but there was nothing wrong with it. Uther was really the shame of the Paladin. Many people say that it is not good for the Virgin to force Illidan. But is the Virgin wrong? The Holy Light takes the world and establishes order in various places. Isn’t it better than a chaos? Isn’t the world great, isn’t it good? The army’s combat effectiveness is not good, and with a Paladin, the morale is instantly high and the combat effectiveness is amazing, but we like to call the Paladin to be the political commissar.

6 months ago

Holy light is a kind of power, I don’t know whether it is good or not, but Naaru is divided into factions, and users are also divided into good and bad. For example, Illidan’s jigsaw puzzle and Shattrath’s jigsaw puzzle are forcibly poured. Which one do you think is better? Weilun in the normal world and Yrel, who drove Mag’han to death in the parallel world, both use the Holy Light. Which one is better?

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