Recently, the internal layout of the “Shandong Ship”, a domestically-made aircraft carrier that has quickly emerged from the circle with its “combat power”, has been exposed. It is reported that the choice of “Shandong” as the name of the aircraft carrier is mainly because the Qingdao Military Port in Shandong has made important contributions to the construction of a dedicated military port and support facilities for domestically-made aircraft carriers.

The “Shandong Ship” has a supermarket and laundry room in the warehouse. Among them, the cooking class will prepare 7 meals a day, 2 more meals than the American aircraft carrier!

It is understood that in addition to the three main meals in the morning, midnight and evening, the cooking class will also prepare two inter-meals and two evening meals, braised wing roots, fried bitter gourd with fungus, braised pork ribs with kelp, fried shrimps with broccoli, and dried fish… Fruits are even more indispensable. They are nutritious and delicious, with a complete range of categories. They are also attracting a wave of “Internet food” online check-in.

Those who have experienced large surface vessels or offshore platforms know that seven meals a day are normal. If you don’t believe me, you know all those who work on offshore platforms. It’s not that you have to eat seven meals, but people are on duty 24 hours a day, so the restaurant serves meals in seven time slots. Supplement: There is another one in the middle of the night, between midnight snack and breakfast, around three o’clock. Four meals, three in-between meals. Dinner is a normal meal, with meat and vegetable soup as the staple food. The meal is a simple belly pad, such as baked buns. Generally, there is a lounge where you can smoke, coffee, tea, poker and chess. Meals are usually sent to the rest room. Everyone will smoke a cigarette, eat a steamed bun and drink some drinks, rest for ten minutes and then go back to work. Breakfast at six or seven in the morning, around nine. Lunch: lunch at 11 or 12 in the afternoon, dinner at 3 in the afternoon, supper at 6 or 7 in the afternoon, midnight meal at around 0 in the morning, and a total of seven meals at 3 in the morning, four large and three small. This is a common situation, not every ship and platform is the same. And no matter how big the ship or platform is, everyone’s job is actually fixed, and you can’t just wander around. The working area for daily rest is actually very small. It’s very interesting to say, I’m curious about the one I haven’t experienced, but it’s almost like going to jail. Can you let the wind go when you go to jail? Where can you let the wind go on the sea? Especially long-term shift work day and night, holding in a small space on the sea, the probability of psychological discomfort and mental illness is higher. Therefore, good diet is not a simple life issue, but a collective mental health issue. Abandoning his wives and children, floating on the sea for several months, and then eating badly, morale is greatly affected. A former colleague of mine once said a very vulgar thing: Maddoka’s career will kill half of the guns in a lifetime than others. Rough words are not rough. Psychologically, I don’t know how to explain the mental pain of life at sea. But people who often float on the sea know that the probability of problems in interpersonal relationships, family relationships, and husband and wife relationships in similar businesses is significantly higher than that of normal occupations. It is said that there are saunas on the nuclear submarines of the former Soviet Union and female soldiers on the nuclear submarines of the United Kingdom. If you do something privately, just don’t poke yourself, and don’t care about it. I guess it might be the psychological relief of various countries. As for our country’s natural way of not messing up, apart from discipline, we can only think of ways to regulate our mental state in terms of food. Second supplement: Generally, everyone’s appetite is okay in the first few days. After a week or two, the appetite is generally problematic, and the sense of taste is obviously degraded. When eating is completed, I force myself to eat, but the amount of food is significantly reduced. Living on the sea for a long time, eating is a painful thing. Everyone is generally numb, and they can’t taste the food. When the task is completed. So, don’t look at the amazing title of seven meals a day. It really makes you go out to sea for a try. After a few months, you will know that it feels very uncomfortable. After a long time at sea, people’s mental state and mental state are not very good. It seems that the brain’s reaction is not very sharp. Moreover, this matter is contagious. If a person misses home, his wife and children, and his father, mother, and friend, everyone’s emotions will soon be affected. Although there are usually satellite phones, they are not just for calling. Generally, to adjust everyone’s mood, it is to change the pattern to make some delicious, refreshing vegetables and the most popular.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I remember that in the 1970s, the army stove should be 80 cents, and the navy ship stove was 80 cents, and the officers would have meals every week. The submarine stove is higher, and the nuclear submarine is at the same level as the pilot. The warship also regularly scrapped some expired sugar and canned food, which can be taken home by the officer and asked for the price. At that time, the treatment of the army was really good compared to the place, and it also had its own supply station, which held military meat tickets and egg tickets, and could buy additional meat and eggs. Now that my life is better, I have to eat well when I eat. But I hope to have a detailed calculation of the calorie and protein of the meal, which is not only delicious, but also useful.

6 months ago

first of all. There seems to be a hot shop on American ships. For example, a bed. Two people. You sleep and I work. I sleep you work. It’s the same if it’s not a hot shop. It’s not a group of people who always have to change shifts and rest for five meals. The Shandong ship should be similar. Seven meals. There must be at least three groups of people in Shandong. Now I personally guess that it is a state of overcrowding, bringing the crew to familiarize themselves with the business, and having a lot of food is actually normal. The difference in the number of people. Differences in work intensity. I can’t compare the specific data with those who do it. That is required. The food empire is joking

6 months ago

1. The aircraft carrier is a city. The ship has more than 3,000 “rooms”, and one room a day can sleep for almost ten years. Post offices, radio stations, supermarkets, gyms, etc. are all available. The power generated by a ship can supply a small city, and there is no night in this city, and there are shifts to fight, so seven meals a day are normal. 2. The life of the aircraft carrier is closed, long time and crowded. When going out for training and combat, officers and soldiers have been in a state of high tension for a long time, have been working on ships for a long time, and the labor intensity is high. Sufficient material supply is sufficient guarantee. 3. Not eating seven meals alone, but separate. There are thousands of crews in various types, working hours and intensity are different, and they must eat in different peaks and partitions. 4. There are a large number of training personnel and a large amount of food. Because there are only two ships that need to undertake experiments, training, combat, and verification tasks, and there are currently large-scale aircraft carrier construction plans. Therefore, the current pressure of training crews is high. According to my personal estimation, there are more people participating in the training, so the overall consumption is relatively high. 5. Two more meals than the United States, but the overall investment can reach a fraction of the US military. The U.S. military has a huge long-term food supply, all kinds of snacks are readily available, high in sugar and fat, even a few kinds of bubble gum. In the post-World War II social economy, a large number of companies relied on military orders, high profits, and lobbying procurement personnel to purchase. An aircraft carrier can eat 140 million yuan in three months, and thousands of people can eat hundreds of millions of dollars a year. There is a lot of waste and corruption. A 1,200 coffee pot, a 10,000-dollar toilet seat. However, some foods in China are low in cost, and state-owned enterprises and the military’s internal system are used to purchase food, and the overall purchase price is low and high quality.

6 months ago

This statement itself is inaccurate. American aircraft carriers accurately say that they provide meals 24 hours a day, because there are so many people on the aircraft carriers that they must stagger their meals. The cabins provide meals 24 hours a day, and the aircraft carrier personnel also have people to eat at every time slot 24 hours a day. Aircraft carrier personnel do not have the so-called “morning, middle and evening” ordinary people’s daily diet. Including sleep, some people have to reverse day and night, otherwise it will not be able to form an all-weather combat capability. I have never seen the term “five meals”. Even if there is, it should be about the shift schedule of the house instead of eating five meals a day. The “seven meals” of the Shandong ship should also refer to the schedule of the cafeteria. After all, there are only five shifts in 24 hours, and only Uncle Hei’s loader (feeding machine) can stand. It is possible that the navy eats more meals every day.

6 months ago

Let’s take a look at the general situation of the Shandong ship. The aircraft carrier has always been the country’s heaviest weapon, and it is also the strength of a country’s navy. At present, the Chinese navy has two aircraft carriers-the Liaoning ship and the Shandong ship, of which the Liaoning ship was transformed from the Ukrainian carrier Varyag. As my country’s second aircraft carrier, the Shandong ship is also my country’s first domestically-made aircraft carrier in the true sense. It took 6 years from the start of construction in 2013 to the delivery to the Navy in 2019. This is a major milestone in the construction of my country’s national defense equipment. It can be said that the Shandong ship is of great significance to our navy construction. The height of the Shandong ship is as high as twenty-story buildings, and the length is about 300 meters. The entire area can reach the size of three football courts. There are more than 3,000 cabins on the ship, which means that you can sleep in one cabin a day, and it takes about ten years to make a lap. For recruits after boarding, the first thing may be to remember where their room is, so don’t get lost. It was this big guy who came back to the problem. On the Shandong ship, the cooking squad will prepare 7 meals a day. In addition to three main meals in the morning, midnight and evening, there are also two inter-meals and two evening meals. Every meal has fish, meat, and fruit, rich in nutrition and a complete range of categories. The veterans of the officers and soldiers can better protect their homes and the country if they eat well. I will give you a small home for everyone, so you have to take care of our people’s soldiers. There is nothing wrong with this wave, and the food should be done well.

6 months ago

As a great food country, as a part of traditional culture, food culture has always attracted people’s attention. The concepts of “food is the heaven for the people” and “seven things to open the door, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea” have deeply influenced every Chinese. It can be said Everyone has a close relationship with diet. None of those flying in the sky, walking on the ground, or swimming in the sea have never entered the mouth of our countrymen. Throughout history, over five thousand years, several dynasties were changed because of famines, and farmers could not have enough to eat. Just imagine, there is no need to worry about food and clothing, and life is rushing, who wants to do those things that are off the head? China is a society of human relations, especially the older generation pays attention to feng shui and pays attention to auspicious days. In the early days in the countryside, celebrations, openings and relocations, wedding receptions, and weddings would invite a group of relatives and friends to help and set up a table of delicious food. After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, the wine is happy to wash away the unhappiness and troubles, and after a meal, it is called a hearty and hearty. Eat and drink enough, and do things naturally and easily, and get twice the result with half the effort. If you want to grab a man’s heart, you must first grab a man’s stomach. It’s not unreasonable. Especially on the battlefield, in a sense, what is going to fight in a war is logistical support. The ancients said that when the soldiers and horses are not moved, the food and grass go first. Some experts once said that solving the problem of combat effectiveness in terms of food is no less than a self-revolution. After perfecting the problem of eating, the combat effectiveness is just as powerful as a tiger. In other words, seven meals a day, I can only envy and jealous while waiting for food, I can’t hate it anymore.

6 months ago

The aircraft carrier is a large community with thousands of people. The social animals have to add a midnight snack on the ground every day. The daily work intensity on the ship can only be greater than that on the ground. Take the red vest on the deck as an example. It is necessary to ensure that when training at sea The loading and unloading of live ammunition for full-deck carrier-based aircraft. Repeatedly lifting more than one hundred kilograms of ammunition from the ammunition rack to coordinating the loading and unloading of hundreds of kilograms of ammunition. No mistakes, this work can be exhausted by some ground crew members on the ground. The big flight is released directly on the small bench next to the hangar, not to mention the high temperature and humidity at the sea, it is a physical challenge to the personnel, who can withstand this if you don’t eat it… Another example, the ship engine team, At the bottom of the aircraft carrier, taking the latest domestic model of the Shanghai ship as an example, 8 boilers need to provide the entire ship with electricity equivalent to the power required by medium-sized cities. Compared with the working intensity of the urban power supply bureau and power plants, the space is more narrow. The technical content is also higher, which not only puts forward higher requirements on the quality of the personnel, but at the same time, staying in a noisy and narrow environment 7*24 hours, the test of the physical strength and energy of the personnel is also huge!

6 months ago

It’s very gratifying, because to fight is to fight logistics. It is rumored that during World War II, German soldiers seized a batch of American military supplies on the European battlefield, and found that there was a birthday cake inside. It was made in New York that week, and the German soldiers knew they were defeated. It is not to say that a cake can be thrown on the battlefield to determine the outcome, but that this delicate and fragile non-military resource can be transported to the front line so quickly, which proves the strength of the Allied logistics supply line at that time, and the deployment of military equipment is even more important. Needless to say. Similarly, it does not mean that when two fleets meet, a fleet with seven meals a day must be able to fight a fleet with five meals a day. It means that our resources have been deployed in place, and we have the ability to arrange shifts so that on-duty personnel can choose to eat at a convenient time. very good.

6 months ago

If you are reluctant to spend money on protecting our people’s army, in the end those “savings” will become compensation, which will be doubled or ten times. What’s more, how much money can be spent on food? They are all home-cooked dishes: stir-fried broccoli with prawns and dried fish sections, which are not great delicacies of mountains and seas. The cost of launching a dongfeng radish during the exercise is enough for the entire aircraft carrier for several months. An army that can’t eat enough has no combat effectiveness. An army that does not eat well will reduce its combat effectiveness. People are iron, and rice is steel, so you panic if you don’t eat a meal.

6 months ago

Extra meals should be prepared for crew members who are still on duty at normal meals. The situation of the warship is not clear. I used to be the pilot of a cargo ship (merchant ship). Since the ship is sailing 24 hours a day, the crew is divided into three shifts. The chief officer is in charge of the shift at 4-8 o’clock / 16-20 o’clock. On duty, the second officer is on duty at 0-4 o’clock/12-16 o’clock in the two-in-charge shift group, and the third officer is on duty at 8-12 o’clock/20-24 o’clock in the three-in-charge shift group. In this way, some crew members are still working during normal meal times. I have been a second mate and third mate on a merchant ship. If I miss a meal after get off work, I usually cook some noodles by myself. A good chef will reserve some food for us, but we need to heat it ourselves. If you’re diligent, you can cook your own food. The chef who cooks a dish won’t mind too much, just tell him. As for the aircraft carrier, holding a bowl with noodles in his hand, I can only say that I am too envious.

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