Because the children were deeply moved by Jia Ling’s mother, the children’s trouser pockets praised their cleverness. When the children wanted to eat skewers, they would catch crayfish by themselves. When the children’s trousers were broken, they would continue to learn to sew patterns. Tolerant and comfort, believe that the child will succeed. When admitted to the Provincial Art School, I am happy for my children from the bottom of my heart. I am not willing to sit down to save school fees for my children, and to abandon great opportunities to change my destiny, just to continue to be a mother and daughter, and to insist on being a mother. The last dream did not forget to comfort her daughter who blamed herself. Then I determined that I would like Li Huanying to wrap my child with all the love. Then I looked at my mother again, and I knew that I asked the child to do the dishes, full-time domineering full of control desire, and the first two sentences would be sprayed. I originally took my mother to see Li Huanying, and wanted her to learn what a good mother is. In the end, even if you don’t cry, you still spray the movie. I sighed my fate, but I didn’t show it to my mother. If you travel back, even if the soul is scattered, my father will chase Li Huanying.

It’s normal. Your child cried so much when watching “Hello, Li Huanying”. He was moved by Li Huanying, moved by Li Huanying’s great maternal love, and not moved by you~ Li Huanying said, I just want her daughter to be healthy and happy, she It really did! When your child sees Xiaoling pulling on her trouser pocket, and her mother praises her for being smart, what she thinks of is your scolding. When she is so old, she pulls her pants down; when your child sees Xiaoling is so fat and wants to eat roast Skewers, when mom can rush to catch shrimps even if they don’t have extra money to make them, what she thinks of is your scolding, and she knows how to eat and eat all day long. If you’re so fat and still eat, don’t you need money? When your child forges a notice in order to give her mother a face-up, even if it is taken apart in a place like a school banquet, the mother still believes that her child will become a talent, and if she substitutes herself, it is probably because you will be discounted. Of course, don’t want it if you are moved, why didn’t you have such a mom? Then I went home and did a little less housework, such as washing dishes. Sure enough, my mother was complaining again that this movie was watched in vain, so why didn’t I know that I was filial to my mother? But during this period, how did your mother do it?


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9 months ago

Because you are not a mother like Li Huanying! This movie is really not suitable to be watched with parents. After the child watched it, it turns out that there is such a good mother as Li Huanying in the world, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Li Huanying: My child, I only want her to be healthy and happy! You: My child must be healthy and happy, versatile, excellent grades, 985 master-doctorate, have a good job, respect me, honor me, and…other parents are deeply moved and deeply moved after watching the movie Reflect, and be a parent who makes children happy in the future! You: I’ve watched the movie. Why doesn’t this kid have any sense of self-reflection? He doesn’t work hard to help me, and he doesn’t study hard. Isn’t he grateful to me every day and thank me for giving birth to him? I watched it with my husband. There was only joy and no tears in the process of watching, because his parents love him in this way. Their family is democratic and equal. The husband and wife are harmonious and harmonious, emotionally stable. The children raised are also gentle, considerate, cheerful, optimistic, and emotionally stable. . On the other hand, I cried for a pack of paper, with mixed feelings, complicated feelings, many thoughts, and two lines of silent tears.

9 months ago

Movie Lihuan Ying was very moved, but the form of expression does not mean that your mother loved her like your mother will tell you to wash the dishes sweeping will call you lazy, greedy you will laugh, temper up may also beat you, but Like Li Huanying in the movie, she cares about you, loves you, and worries about you in a corner you don’t know, just like when you go to school out of town, the living expenses will be paid automatically when the time comes, just like when you stay up late to study in high school , The fruit and milk she sent you is like she is stingy, but every year you have new clothes and countless snacks, just like on a dining table, the first time you move your chopsticks, it must be for you to pick vegetables… ….

9 months ago

Low EQ: You are not Li Huanying, and your child is not Jia Ling. High EQ: Family education still needs to continue to communicate and cry. It’s an emotion. I watched this film and I cried too, I just watched it last night. But it doesn’t affect my maverick, I just come out to work when I have to. Everyone is an independent individual, equal. Even if they are not equal, don’t think about controlling others. Children are not attached, let alone develop according to the imagination of their parents. He has his own thoughts, his own life. When I know this matter, when I feel calm. For example, I want to be a waste and want to lie flat. My mother didn’t allow it, but now she still has nothing to do, so she gets angry.

9 months ago

As a watch “Hello! “Li Huanying” cried until the tears kept flowing down, even if I think back later, I feel particularly want to cry, but when I return to my mother’s house, I resolutely refrain from washing the dishes and keep talking back. A daughter who has grown up and lives alone, I think I am particularly qualified to answer this. problem. Let me first explain why I don’t wash the dishes. I am [adult] [living alone], and I have lived alone for a long time. It is now my ninth year. I can and can do everything from home to home. In my own house, I do general cleaning every weekend until the early hours of the morning. The daily work of cooking and washing dishes is nothing to me. I will, and capable.

9 months ago

But I will not do it. Because when I do, my mother will definitely pick out all kinds of faults next to me. The water flow is big, the detergent is squeezed too much, the water has no time to dry… I have done housework for so many years, anyway, and I did not do so badly. But my mother must provide various guidance nearby. Moreover, people who do housework know what I’m talking about, and working in other people’s kitchens is particularly uncomfortable. You don’t know where to put everything, where to stack the washed bowls, and what to pay attention to… I personally have a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder. As long as the washed bowls are not placed in the designated position, it means that they have not been brushed and need to be brushed again. So I didn’t let my mother clean the dishes for me. My bowl is not even allowed to clean up the housekeeping, so I have to do it myself. Comprehensive aspects: I just hate doing housework for others. Let’s talk back. The reason for talking back is very simple, because my opinion and my mother will be inconsistent.

9 months ago

When there is a disagreement, especially when it comes to me, I will try to communicate with my mother, which, in my mother’s view, is to talk back. Finally, let me explain what I was crying when I watched the movie. When I watch a movie, I will make a “I want the ending” in the middle. For example, when I watch “The Wandering Earth”, my brain is filled. The ending is that the earth falls into Jupiter, and Liu Peiqiang takes the Navigator into the depths of the universe. THE END. Rounding up is equivalent to seeing the blue space number. And I read “Hello! In “Li Huanying”, the ending of my brain supplement is that Jia Xiaoling successfully matched Li Huanying and Shen Guanglin, and then at their wedding, it became more and more transparent, and finally disappeared. If I disappear and change a daughter that my mother is satisfied with, I will disappear immediately. But it’s impossible to die for me to become the satisfied daughter of my mother! So, the subject, do you understand what I am crying?

9 months ago

Just looking at the scoring highlights, everyone looks like Jordan. Parents are great. Take 99.99% of parents, good moments for their children in their lives, and film them into a series, and they can watch you cry. But, you know what I want to say but. Life is made up of countless trivial things, not only poetry and the distance, but also the immediate ambivalence. It is your parents who help you cook, raise you up, and work hard for you. It is your parents who force you to go to cram school, prevent you from playing games, and urge you to get married. Li Huanying in the movie is almost a perfect mother, like a goddess. Even if she found out that Jia Ling had forged her admission notice and was ashamed of her grandma’s house in front of countless relatives and friends, she could laugh it off and comfort her child. She really only needs her daughter to be healthy and happy. But even if she is so tolerant, when she is found by the head teacher, she will say “when can you give mom a face once”. Not to mention the parents in daily life. A little trivial matter will become a reason for both parties to be unhappy. Imagine what would happen to your parents if the fake admission notice was discovered to be yourself? 90 minutes of moving will be easily obliterated by decades of triviality.

9 months ago

Being lazy is the generality of anyone, and it is also the animal side of human nature. Under the premise of being able to survive, no species in the animal kingdom is “hardworking and brave”. That kind of characteristic is naturally eliminated by evolutionary forces-it is too wasteful of energy and increases the probability of danger. The ultimate ideal of every natural design is the king, that is, the ideal creature of evolutionary theory that will stay motionless after eating and drinking. Because of this, education and continuous education are the necessary means to shape the “second nature” of people’s sociality. It needs to counter the inertia engraved in people’s genes, and use a long time of accumulation and various methods and skills. As well as punishment, a BB who can only eat and drink Lazard gradually get rid of its pure animality step by step, and grow into a socially useful talent with infinite possibilities-this process generally takes ten to twenty years and probably several million Capital investment in RMB.

9 months ago

The death of her mother and the gradual deterioration of the family’s financial situation were all after she became an adult. She also really couldn’t resonate with the lives of children with little money at home and poor grades. Poor people, children with poor grades, how can there be such a romantic “maternal love”. What can never be separated from is clumsy self-righteous sacrifice, intermittent smugness, complaining about each other because of the hard life, and regret after complaining. Rather than so much tolerance and understanding. Expressing “children want to raise up but don’t wait for a kiss”, “Mom loves you more than you think”, “Mom used to be a little girl who knows nothing”

9 months ago

Li Huanying said that she hopes her daughter is healthy and happy. Although mothers have sympathy after hearing this, they think: my daughter is healthy and happy… Then I have such great maternal love, is it not worthy of a filial child ? He/she will not clean the dishes tonight/do not clean up and see if I will not click (Beijing dialect, which means to criticize and blame) him/her. It would be great if we could take such a good opportunity to educate our children to be sensible. Health and happiness are too empty, health and happiness also follow my will, the most important. Praise needs to bring real benefits, and it has always been. Chinese pragmatism.

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