I don’t know if it’s too late, because now I’m only in the experimental stage. Let me introduce my situation. In 1992, I went to the edge of the third, self-examination for undergraduate, adult college, never read high school, graduated from junior high school and studied for a year of technical secondary school, I don’t know the situation of secondary technical school, at least once when I was in technical secondary school, students fight every day Fighting is non-mainstream, like a place where gangsters live, and can’t learn anything at all, so I drop out of school. I was about 16 when I left school~ I was extremely confused. My childhood friends, mixed days in secondary school, or high school, I could only play games at home every day. My family looked down on me, and I was drifting away from my childhood playmates. As you know, information in that era was far less advanced than it is today. When I was bored, I turned on TV and saw that there were business management masters and entrepreneurial masters everywhere on TV. I really wanted to fight for it. Later… One job is a waiter, the second job is to distribute flyers, and the third job is to be a security guard. I pretend to increase social experience. Then I waited for work at home. Every time my aunt came to my house, I would ridicule me. Three years later, my childhood playmates went to college or went to work, and I was still lying at home. I learned from the pain and asked the family for money, applied for an adult college, and took the self-examination (the kind of living on campus). I thought I had finished studying hard. You can find a good job after completing your career, so I spend the whole day in the study room. I graduated smoothly after another four years. From serving dishes to so-called white-collar workers, I felt that this was the place where my dream started. I worked hard, but later… I was fired and the leaders looked down on me because I was not a full-time undergraduate. , Reason for dismissal: poor work ability. Of course, maybe I do have a problem. I started my job hunting journey and traveled all over Shenyang. I was scammed by insurance companies, investment companies, or training institutions, or: I’m sorry, as long as we are full-time, we finally found a satisfactory job. I thought this This is where the dream started again. I worked hard, and then scored twice and was fired again… This time it was really not my problem, because all the people who came to work here spent money. The purpose of recruiting me is To deal with the opening ceremony of a new factory area, one year of preparation, after the ceremony, unload the grinder and kill the donkey. (My parents divorced since I was a child, and I lived with my grandparents. The two elders brought me up together, leading to a cowardly personality and a peacemaker.) After losing my job, my grandfather died, and I was dumped by my girlfriend again… After the first seven days, aunt I said a few words, “It is gold, it will always shine, provided that you must be gold, are you?”. “Either you go to a restaurant and become a lobby manager! How experienced you are”! . “Just forget about studying this thing, you can’t compare with your brother, you can see how good your brother (that’s her son) is. Studying is not suitable for you.” I want to chat with my friends. Their chat content: better than cars, better houses, better jobs, better than girlfriends, and later…I fell asleep during the day and went to Internet cafes at night to play games, submit resumes, and interviews ~ the unit agreed to hire me, I don’t Go~Because I don’t want to work, I don’t want to meet people. I went to the interview just to reassure my family. In a blink of an eye, I was penniless at the age of 26 and had no face to ask my family for it. My best friend was out of town. Money, let me find a job just to relax. I don’t know anything, education is useless, work experience is not enough, lost confidence, social phobia, for me the most reliable and unskilled job is security… It turned out that I was back to the starting point a few years later. I cried when I was on duty in the guard room on New Year’s Eve. …The only advantage of security is that I have enough time to manage, and I have a 24-hour break for two days. Anyway, I’m already doing things that I’m interested in. So I read history, philosophy, and memorize Tang poetry and Song Ci, every day. Immersive reading (family and classmates come to my house, they think I’m pretending)… Later, I saw that an agency recruited government employees without a constitution. I wanted to try it. I saw that there is no full-time restriction. Then Anyway, I am a security guard. I have time and I love to study and I will try, and I was admitted… Aunt came as scheduled~ said, oops: Your job is a bit decent. What is the salary? Did you get married? Can you mix it up? Can be admitted as a civil servant? ……The office work is still idle, and I even wanted to find a girlfriend during the period, but every time I was about to succeed, my extreme low self-esteem made me give up. Thinking of the previous things was actually nothing, anyway, I just didn’t feel confident. After all, I have been looked down upon by my family since elementary school. Elementary school is better than studying, who is better than high school, who is better than college, who is better at work, who is better than who is better, and whose family conditions are better than who is better. I am just after their business talks. The role of verbal criticism and writing. Going to work, I think I’m not promising. Going to study or going to university thinks that my book is useless. After graduation, I think I’m not working in an agency. When I arrive at the agency, I think I’m not working in the organization. Right~ I just confuse my life. Because I really have nothing to do~ Then continue immersive reading~ With the accumulation of knowledge, it seems? like? I am improving? That kind of feeling is hard to say, but I especially wanted to make up for my regret, so I decided to go to the postgraduate entrance examination. …… Two years of preparation for the exam, regular operation for twelve hours a day, after all, I have never read high school or a formal university, and I know nothing in English (um…English one, cry out), my friend mocked me: you never took the college entrance examination. Still taking the postgraduate entrance exam? Or, how old are you? ……We failed in World War I, and the aunt sent her blessings as scheduled, but you still study? Still have to take 211? What can you do if you are admitted? Can you make money? Can you find a job? Can you find someone? Can you buy a house? Can you support your parents? Either you still go to the hotel to be a lobby manager, right? Aunt is for your own good! ……If you can’t do a battle, you will score twice. Later, half a month ago, on February 26th, the Lantern Festival. Hmm… I can’t compare my English scores with the big guys, but I really crossed the line, and there are three points more. After all, I only got 24 points in the exam last year. Well… I plan to admit 29 people this year, and I steadily landed. All the famous 211, major in Marxist philosophy. ……Past experience tells me that unless you are a high-tech professional, don’t block the road. Major is only one aspect. You can learn a lot of knowledge, you can test a lot, and what you can learn is what you can use. Yes, it doesn’t matter if you don’t use it, and art is not overwhelming. During the preparation for the exam, I met many fellows. Those younger than me or the same age as me, the eldest 41-year-old is still studying. Of course, I don’t mean to improve my academic qualifications, I hope you can understand. As for why I applied for this major, the epidemic last year showed me the strength of the motherland and the evil of capital. I am proud of the prosperity of the country! I hope to tell the Chinese story through continuous hard work, nothing more. I met someone I like and will not let go again this time. I found what I like to do and I will stick to it. I earned the first pot of gold in my life through learning. The so-called right things usually bring good results. If you want to learn, don’t ask about your future. Sorry, the following is a bit messy, because it’s almost time for dinner, so let’s do it first!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

When Mr. Jin Ping was 70 years old, he initiated a non-paid private consultation with the master and asked: I suddenly want to learn now, is it too late? Duke Jin Ping asked Yu Shi Kuang and said, “I want to learn in my seventy years, I am afraid it will be over!” Shi Kuang said, “Why not Bing Zhu?” Ping Gong said, “An You is a minister and plays his ruler?” Shi Kuang He said: “Blind ministers dare to play with their monarchs! The minister heard:’Small but studious, like the sun at sunrise; strong and studious, like the light in the sun; old but studious, like the bright of Bingzhu.” Bingzhu Zhiming, what is it or ambiguous?” Pinggong said: “Goodness!” The master’s reply is: life is like a dark night, reading is like lighting, the brighter is smoother, and the further one is more joyful. At least in the description of Shikuang, you are strong and learn. At this moment, you are truly as high as the sun, throwing away the youthfulness, and steadily illuminating your life. This is better than moving forward in the dark. This passage is the reading comprehension I gave to the students in the first grade of junior high school. You see, if they don’t read it in elementary school, they won’t be able to learn this lesson. All the roads must be walked by themselves; all the lights must be lit by themselves. It’s too late, let’s go.

6 months ago

I found that the argument on the Internet is really a very strange thing. I often go to know about it, and I find that the mainstream public opinion seems to be this: 1. If you ask, “Is it too late to start studying hard at the age of 30 and change the destiny of yourself and your family?” Then the answer must be: too late, 30 is just right In the prime of life, there are a lot of opportunities, and it is never too late for people to work hard. I will give you an example from my own counterattack experience. But if you “Is it hard to find a job at 30?” “Is there a high probability of being unemployed at 35?” Then the mainstream answer will tell you that it is difficult to find a job at 30, and there is a high probability of being unemployed at 35. It is exploitative. so good. Moreover, you are still looking for a job at the age of 30, which has proven that you are a loser. 2. If you ask “Is the distribution of educational resources too unfair? Is there no chance for the children of the poor?” The answer is definitely unfair, and there must be no chance. Good schools are occupied by rich people, school districts are so expensive, good teachers are concentrated in good schools, poor children cannot go to good universities, and the passages are completely blocked, sooner or later, pills. But if you ask, “Is reading important for the teacher or your talent and hard work?” It must be because your talent and hard work are important. Teachers and schools are cheating, and teachers know that they are cheating money. Students study well mainly because they are smart and hardworking, which has nothing to do with the school. “I only got 400 points in my second year of high school. Can I get one book for a year?” “Two months before the college entrance examination, can I increase my counterattack by 50 points?” There is definitely no problem, and the probability is very high. 3. If you ask “Are opportunities greater than efforts? Are opportunities less and less in this era?” It must be that opportunities are greater than efforts, and opportunities must be less and less. One life, two luck, three feng shui, opportunities and choices are far more important than hard work, and most people work hard, but they are actually useless. Zhouyi is a good thing, I hope you will find out. But if you “I’m an xx in her early 20s, and the conditions at home are xx, the road is crooked, is it useful to work hard?” It must be useful, and it will be successful with a high probability. 4. If you ask “Is the curing becoming more and more serious? Is the bottom layer getting less and less opportunities?” Then the curing must be getting more and more serious. The bottom layer definitely has no chance. The poor should not have children. Suffer, let the children suffer. But if you ask, “The conditions at home are poor. After graduating from a junior college, you know that playing games is wasteful during college. Is there no chance now?” Then there must be a chance. After graduating from a junior college, you can also take the postgraduate entrance examination of Zhejiang University and make a fortune. There are many, many paths, diplomas are useless, and some are opportunities to counterattack. 5. If you ask, “I have five or six thousand monthly incomes in Shanghai, am I living at the bottom?” It is definitely not. You have surpassed 80%-90% of the people, and there are 600 million people with a monthly income of less than 1,000. But if you ask, “Is an annual income of 500,000, this condition is okay? A blind date?” Do you have a face for this condition? “A girl is 28 years old, graduated with a master’s degree, with an annual income of 300,000, and a blind date?” At the age of 28, points are deducted, and an annual income of 300,000 points, which is completely exploded by a beautiful young girl with no academic qualifications. A man must choose the young and beautiful one. “Are all the people who drive BBAs poor?” They are poor people, especially those who drive BMW. “My income is xx, my family’s assets are xx, what’s the level?” I don’t know the production materials, or the bottom. 6. If you ask: “Does the role of postgraduate education become smaller and smaller, and is it harder and harder to find a job.” It must be true. Now the homogeneity is becoming more and more serious, and employment is becoming more and more difficult. He can chat with you for an hour’s internal scroll. If you ask: “What kind of job is the best job for graduates?” It must be within the system and civil servants. The annual income of civil servants is 100,000, which is more than 300,000 in private enterprises. Landing is actually the best life choice. You will know that the system is good in the first year. But if you ask: “I am a 27-year-old girl, and I am a civil servant in the system. The family conditions are not very good, the work life is very boring, and I am admitted to graduate school. Should I quit my job and go to graduate school.” That is definitely going to be a graduate student. The platform is different, after reading it, the whole life will be different. Young people must bravely embrace change, and if there are many opportunities for postgraduate education, the future can be expected. Then if you ask again, “A 27-year-old local girl, if she doesn’t get married, will she be an older and leftover girl.” It must be true, the gender bonus period will soon be gone, and she will be overwhelmed by the young stupid white. Maybe China is really too big, there are too many groups online, and the groups are too divided. But if these ideas are concentrated on the same group of people, and they give these answers a thumbs up, and even those who write these answers are all from the same group, the image of the group of netizens in profile seems to be a little bit.

6 months ago

Chinese people often have this idea that it is too late to work hard after 30 years old. 30-year-olds have basically settled their families and careers, and they will enter the middle-aged crisis of the workplace at around 35. It is not easy to maintain the status quo. , Let alone change destiny. But in fact, most people have been employed for less than ten years at the age of 30. There are still 20 to 30 years to work in the future. At the age of 30, they are afraid of change and dare not try. It is too early. Many people’s examples can prove that it is never too late to change. As long as you are willing to act, there will be hope. Regarding the question of the subject, I started studying hard at the age of 30. Is it too late? I think that it is too late, but reading is only a way to change. For a 30-year-old, reading is different from when it was in school. What adults need is lifelong learning. Those who want to open a sideline learn cross-domain knowledge; those who need work learn related technologies; even if people who don’t find any learning needs for the time being, they can broaden their horizons by reading more books. Learning can be a rigid demand or a hobby. Learning can be reading books, online lessons, or communicating with others. 30-year-olds who want to change their destiny through learning need to pay attention to the following points: 1. To break the “fear” and act effectively for people who cannot break through themselves due to age restrictions, many of them are afraid of losing and worrying about giving in vain. If you want to change careers, you are afraid that your current job will not be as good as your current job after changing careers, and you will lose your stability. To break the original shackles, the most feared thing is to be a “giant of thought, dwarf of action”. Before implementing it, think about the difficulties first, and naturally it is easy to retreat. To break the “fear” is to reduce the burden of thinking and do what you think of, rather than predicting difficulties. 2. Get out of your comfort zone step by step and build self-confidence. Change can’t be done overnight, but step by step, especially for people who are transformed through learning. The learning of most knowledge requires a long process. Many people die on the journey, many people are tired of persistence, and in the end, few people can really persevere and get results. The best way to do this is to set yourself small goals, build self-confidence through the satisfaction you get after completion, and promote long-term persistence. People have been living and working for a long time, and it is difficult to take the first step to change, but those who are brave enough to go out and persevere can make a difference. 3. Regular review and continuous improvement of the strategy. People are prone to wrong direction or method in the process of hard work, especially for 30-year-olds who have a family and a family. I will take the test for other people’s research, which may actually be out of touch with my original job, and I won’t be able to get any income after the test. I also learn programming for others, but I don’t know that others can use it in work, and I can’t take it independently if I learn it. an item. Suitable for their own learning, or learning that is purposeful and can ultimately gain benefits, is more suitable for adults who are eager to change their destiny. If you can’t find the direction at this stage, you can read some books first to improve your core ability and expand your cognitive boundary.

6 months ago

For a 30-year-old, there is no need to reason at all, it is a problem of execution. But your mentality is too wrong, this mentality is likely to cause you to stop tasting, and it is easy for you to get hot for three minutes. Without a stroke of the horoscope, I just want to change my destiny. Do you dare to think so if you are admitted to a university? Don’t listen to the XX hour theorem. The reality is much harder than this. For those who have not studied at university, they may work hard for a year on something, but their salary has increased by two thousand yuan. If you rush to change your fate, it is estimated Give up early, this is the year of the monkey, most people give up like this. Only when you regard hard work as a lifetime thing, do it with a ten or eight-year mentality, and with the mentality of making yourself a little better, will you persevere and have the possibility of changing your destiny. For a 30-year-old person, reading is not simply learning theoretical knowledge, but finding something that is within your capacity to focus on growth. Reading refers to doing it with your heart and mind, such as using online courses to learn about other people’s experiences.

6 months ago

If the subject is thirteen years old, I will definitely support you to change your destiny through reading, because for a thirteen-year-old boy, if his destiny is bad, reading is the fastest way to change his destiny, and I changed his destiny through this road , And what I do every day is to guide students through this path to change their destiny, if necessary, I can come up with countless examples. However, the subject, you are already thirty years old. I think there must be many people telling you that it is best to plant a tree ten years ago, followed by now. Unfortunately, you are really thirty years old. I am also thirty years old, thirty years old, not to mention knowing the destiny, at least I should know how the world works, and I should also know that chicken soup is useless to change life. If you don’t understand, let me give you an example. I have watched a documentary called “High Ten” in the past two days. This documentary records a student who re-entered for ten years in order to be admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China. In the first college entrance examination, he only took a college entrance examination. In the second year, he repeated one year and took a second exam. In the third year, he repeated one year and one exam. Later, he was admitted to Jilin University. He didn’t go because of professional problems. He didn’t want to go until he was admitted to the China University of Political Science and Law in the tenth year. He went there after his teacher persuaded him. In other people’s high school for three years, he studied for a full ten years, and finally got 625 points in the exam. One of the classes I took this year is a repetition class. I told them this story in class today. No, no, I didn’t want to motivate them to fail to achieve their goals like that student. On the contrary, I want to tell my students that this kind of behavior is very, very stupid. You must know that the student’s family is very poor. He relied on the school’s repetition subsidy for ten years. After seven years of repetition, he was thirty-three years old when he went to university. By the time he graduated from college, he was already around 37 or 80. His family could not provide him with any help, because his family could almost be described as a family apprentice. Then his job search process will be so difficult, but anyone who has participated in the job search does not need it. I said I knew everything from my heart. To put it bluntly, the capitalists will not be impressed by his high ten experience when facing him, they will even think that he should have been eliminated three years ago. Even if it is a public examination, there is a 35-year-old limit, and he even loses his qualifications for registration. I am not pessimistic, his future is still extremely difficult. To put it more realistically, excluding the way to change your destiny since ancient times by studying to test a good school, I don’t think that simply studying can change your destiny. Even if I used to be a book-reader, and it is precisely because of the book-reading that I have gained a little fame in Zhihu, and made a little money by relying on this fame. But you have to know that reading a wide range of books is just the basis. I know that there are opportunities for my fame, and opportunities are hard to find. Therefore, many of my students asked me how to be a “net celebrity”, and I shook my head and told them that I just told you the specific method, you may not be able to succeed, because the success of others is difficult to replicate. Because of this, when someone on the Internet tells you that no matter how much you read, you can change your destiny. In many cases, this person is very naive. You have to believe it, you are more naive than him. After all, as far as I have observed, the so-called “change of fate” by many people is nothing more than making money. And reading, especially reading most non-professional books, is difficult to realize directly. There is a golden house in the book, so you have to gain fame through reading, or else you have read the book for a lifetime, even if you are not a single person, how can you get a golden house? Therefore, if it is for this purpose, I suggest that you spend your time studying in your own profession. To put it bluntly, do what you are doing, and see if you have the opportunity to dig deeper in your industry. Some money. Even if it is selling pancakes and fruits, selling a few more per day is better than dreaming of studying to change your destiny. If it doesn’t work, then accept your fate! On how to recognize fate and read more books, it is still very helpful. The vast majority of people have not yet reached their thirties. It’s time to admit their fate, so they might live a little better.

6 months ago

I was also 30 years old and started thinking about changing myself. It has been 8 years now. To be honest, my life is still like a feather, and I still live tremblingly every day, but compared to eight years ago, my state and circumstances are completely different, and the things I care about and troubles have also undergone great changes. . At present, studying hard and living hard may not allow you to completely change your destiny. You may still be trapped by money, tired of emotions, and disturbed by others, but when you think about how you were when you were thirty , You will still feel that all this is worth it. Halfway through my life, sometimes I still feel confused and helpless. The days I have to fight for everything are very tiring, but I still continue to persuade myself that there are still 20 or 30 years to bet on, as long as I am not in the same place. Stepping, no matter how bad it is, it will not be worse than it is now. So, I fell asleep, and woke up the next day was a bloody day. I hope that one day, I can really answer this question.

6 months ago

At the age of 30, the direction of efforts should not be “reading-oriented”-at the age of 30, you should have a certain understanding of the world and capital operations, your own class, and the cultural characteristics of China, and should be oriented toward making money . If you choose to study, postgraduate entrance examination, civil servants, or Ph.D., or even want to re-take the college entrance examination-that should all be for making money. Don’t use chicken soup. The 30-year-old adult world is beginning to be eliminated, and the class differentiation is obvious. When you are 20 years old, even if you are average and have a bad family, there are many people who are willing to treat you with tolerance and kindness. The school will forgive you. Your mistake, your face full of salt and pepper will make many uncles or sisters full of tolerance for your selfishness, laziness, and paranoia. Maybe it’s long, and there is no shortage of suitors around Ye. At 30, give up dreaming. The rich woman will not take care of you and give you a chance, and neither will the uncles. It’s best to be clear-headed in your assessment of yourself and society, know yourself clearly, and tell yourself that even if you die, there are not many people who feel sorry for you. You will operate normally without the earth. The recognition of the degree is also a little clearer, no one recommends you for the honorary doctorate or the X school cadre training class, which proves that you are not a celebrity. Changing classes requires wealth—not reading. If reading is a way and a means to change classes, it may not be the best way and means. Social competition is very cruel. You have to understand that not only 30-year-olds want to make money, but 40-year-olds, 50-year-olds, 60-year-olds, and 20-year-olds. Who doesn’t like money? Who doesn’t want to change his destiny? Don’t the students of China’s 30 million vocational and technical schools want to change their destiny? Don’t 500 million farmers want to change their destiny? Don’t people with a monthly income of 600 million and 1,000 do not want to change their destiny? So our question becomes, how to change destiny? It costs money to make money and change destiny. You have to pay a price-but there may not necessarily be a return if you pay. It is generally believed that reading is a shortcut-but that is only the first level. Looking at the textbook to do the questions is only the first level-although there is a lot of competition, it is still the first level. I rarely see cases of changing classes at the age of 30-really very few. Not to blow you. I saw a 36-year-old person who went to take the Ph.D. 985 exam and successfully went to a Erben as an associate professor at the age of 40. I have seen this, but his every step is very hard. Of course, his class hasn’t changed too much, he has been middle class from before to now. Reject chicken soup, think of something realistic

6 months ago

It is indeed too late to start to change destiny now. As an ordinary person, the height of your life has been determined. The platform is the existing platform. And the younger generations have one crop after another, regardless of the hardware or software, you have no advantage. However, aren’t there such words as “late bloomers” and “accumulate thin hair”? There are still opportunities in life after the age of 30. You have to prepare for this uncertain opportunity at all times. Once it comes, seize it. In this way, it is possible to improve your life. If you don’t work hard and don’t improve yourself, maybe you don’t realize the opportunity is coming at all, or if you realize it, you can’t grasp it. Efforts to improve yourself may not change anything, but at least it will not make you eliminated. I am 36 years old. 12 years in the system. In the first 10 years, I had mixed life, got married, had children, and had children. The idea that my family has always instilled in me is, women, work stably and leisurely, and take good care of each other. The same goes for the aunts and sisters in the unit. Until three years ago, I was 33 years old. As the children grow up and with age, my desire for money and future becomes stronger and stronger. Looking back on my work and life, I am extremely dissatisfied with my current situation, but my ability is not enough for me. Ambition. After a long period of confusion and anxiety. I found that only by studying, reading, and improving myself can I be saved. Until now, the job is still that job, and the platform is still that platform. I can’t change these (maybe I still can’t make up my mind). But the difference is the peace and determination in my heart. Although I don’t know what will happen in the future, I know what I should do. This is much better than not knowing what to do and doing nothing. Another point is that I study hard and keep learning skills, and the children see it in their eyes. This is also teaching by example. I hope they don’t let themselves down when they should work hard.

6 months ago

It’s never too late to study. If you truly hear the Tao, you will die in the evening! Just like some people practice calligraphy, do they have to become a calligrapher and be able to sell calligraphy for success? Not really. Whether you are practicing calligraphy or reading, the most important thing is to change yourself, not the world. To put it plainly, reading can change your spiritual world or improve your subjective initiative. …If you expect to make a fortune by studying after the age of thirty, that’s not necessarily true. Reading and getting rich are two different things, and sometimes they can’t even promote each other, but instead hinder each other. The key also depends on what kind of book you read and how you read it. …If your reading refers to the examination of academic qualifications, that’s another matter.

6 months ago

Why is it too late? I am the best case. I also started studying hard at the age of 27 or 28, which is very close to my 30s. Now two years have passed, and it will be 30 soon. It can be said that my destiny was changed through reading and studying. Through reading and learning, I switched from a traditional industry to the Internet, and my salary increased rapidly. In my opinion, even if you start working hard at the age of 30, it is not too late at all, you can still change your destiny and life. However, 30 is not a young age, so some strategies need to be adopted. 1. Utilitarian reading For people who are already 30 years old, time is very precious and should not be wasted at all. Therefore, to read selectively, be utilitarian. how to say? When you encounter a question at work, read with the question. This is the best way to solve the problem, because at this time, your brain is running at high speed. If you read a book aimlessly, this kind of efficiency is actually very low, because the brain has limited memory and can’t remember so many things. Although utilitarian reading is effective, I think it is not the most effective way to learn. why? Because it is not a system, knowledge is fragmented and difficult to summarize. Therefore, it is best to pay for some courses. This kind of knowledge is systematic, and you will meet many people like you. If you communicate and learn together, it is easier to make progress. More importantly, you will know some people outside the circle, this is the beginning of your change. 2. Use the Internet to amplify your advantages Now, the Internet can provide almost all services. In other words, no matter which industry, you can use the Internet to develop your business. If you want to use the Internet to carry out business activities, you must first expand your influence. When you have a certain degree of attention and a certain reputation, all kinds of resources will naturally come to your door. So how to expand the influence? A relatively simple method is to share your experience and opinions on the Internet. This is how a person’s influence is established. Of course, this requires a process, which may be several months or several years. But what is certain is that as you continue to accumulate, your influence will become greater and greater. To sum up, if you want to change yourself through reading and learning, you must first enrich yourself, and then continue to expand your influence through the Internet. I hope that everyone who is unwilling to be ordinary can live the life they want.

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