The tactics are single, I thought fpx3-1rng, rng can win at least one game. Looking at the three games, Lucian and Bull Head will never let you lose if you lose too thoroughly. Without these two heroes, Ming’s performance is really average. Xiaohu is really overestimated. Xiaohu who couldn’t get the counter position in the first two rounds was directly destroyed. In the first round, Nal beat Jace and was brushed by counter jungler Lilia. The wild is not better than the Udyr wild area. The single two brushes down the road. The early outbreak of the blade cannon is too high. There is no way to find a chance to exchange blood. Ginx has no way. The key to the disadvantage is that no one can control Luo’s opening of the group. When there is no single point of control At that time, there is no one who can restrict Luo’s rng. You can’t count on Luo to come and start a group. When your nar gets bigger, open it up. There is also a second starting point on the fpx side. In the second round, the fpx is still the red side. , Don’t think that Xiaohu must be beaten by the counter knife girl. This is actually Xiaoyou, but the single-handed girl pushes the line, resulting in Udyr’s weak control ability in the upper half. Udyr can’t beat Lilia, Lilia can play. But the main reason for Udy’s incident is that there is no line right. After all, you are not singled out. Kanavi, who is supported by the teammates, said it is quite good. As a jungler, his favorite is that his teammates have no line rights. Can’t eat the bottom road, the river crab duo donated a mingming to save the pass. It was passed twice by a. As a barrel with w skill first hand, it is very crisp to the road. Actually, this game is a small game. You can also use the small cannon’s e and Kai’Sa’s passive full damage, and the small cannon is even easier to exchange blood, but the river crab tragedy can’t be played in the third round. The good rng came to the red counter and gave an o’clock. Yep? ? ? Because Xiaohu really has no heroes. The first three rounds of fpx are very clever. Rng was forced to ban Gnar and Kenan if he didn’t take the top order. Because Xiaohu wanted to make the fifth hand and ran into Niu Coulee’s crocodile, Xiaohu didn’t know what to play. Now, Xiaohu in the red side still can’t get the advantage. After all, all beings have equal attributes, and it’s hard for his tower to go beyond Gala’s turn to take Kai’Sa, lwx took a small cannon. This wave of early exchange of blood Kai’Sa is indeed an advantage. Just click to kill the small cannon, it’s already very good, but after the army line advances the tower, I want to eat some plating, which causes the crocodile tp to get around and take a blood. At this time, Aoun has vision, but I don’t know if there is no skill that makes it impossible. After all, the head was handed in, but there was no way for Wei to pretend, and when the middle road was still pushing the line, he installed to the three wolves on the opposite side, and was killed by Tian and Doinb. In this round, Xiaohu and Cryin didn’t take him. Good heroes, there are no bright spots in the fight. In general, the toughness of rng is gone, and he is very anxious. Whether it is Gnar flashing a big move to open a support, or wei does not want to let you grab anything, it can be seen rng I’m impatient. I won’t be able to play when I’m always inferior on the top lane. Wei is also very confused and wants to grab Riel. Fpx doesn’t use the support that can interrupt Riel e. It depends on you since you are not strong. With a single point of control, I will take out Luo, who is more capable of teamwork. There is nothing wrong with everyone in the middle of each other, but you don’t expect him to stand up and save the world. Tian or lpl is the best in rhythm and jungle thinking, lwx and Liu Qingsong’s. The double road is also top3. Niu Coulee has the best line-up ability, but it is also very good. The playoffs have been cautious and many old doinb bastards, but the support ability is still top not much. There is only one LPL cheering.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I think it is quite right, RNG has indeed been “backlashed”. The regular season of the spring season was chaotic all the way, and received a lot of attention and praise. In the first game of the playoffs, it lost a wave of 3-0. RNG’s unique and single tactics in the regular season and Xiaohu’s strange hero pool made them feel like a new team. They enjoyed the new team benefits for three months, but once they were touched, there was no chance of turning over. The FPX jungle position has been turbulent for a whole year, but now Tian is back in time at his peak, which is embarrassing. Destiny is fair to every team. There are not so many so-called “miracles” and “dark horses”. The accidents you see are inevitable undetected. In a mature sports league, no team can become the champion in one season. IG waited for JackeyLove for two years, and TES became the fourth place for two years before becoming the champion. What you can see is honor, what you can’t see. It is the accumulation of precipitation.

6 months ago

Isn’t it true that what Uzi said? In fact, RNG’s fate has always been there. Both BLG and JDG have told everyone how to play RNG. Once faced with a strong top laner, the weakness of Xiaohu’s insufficient laning ability will be magnified. If the opponent’s jungler comes to help again, Xiaohu will disconnect. In the rhythmic jungle, Xiaotian is really strong, and looking for opportunities and playing rhythm let us see that S9 omnipotent Tian. Speaking of this, it’s a pity bo. If you didn’t participate in the fake match, then FPX has two top junglers, a rhythmic jungler, and a wild nuclear jungler. The two systems are simply perfect. In fact, I think whether you are a RNG member or a fan, you should be convinced of the loss, because it is true that you can’t beat the hard power. Back to the game, in fact, RNG’s goal is very obvious. I said before that Xiaohu should not be selected for the top laner. He played well this season because of Wei’s help. Xiaohu’s personal on-road strength is not strong, at most medium-to-high, and his hero pool on the road is problematic. Xiaohu is strong in team strength. Why does Wei always keep on? It is because Xiaohu’s personal laning strength encounters strong upper lane strength. It’s easy to get blown up. Both biubiu and zoom have educated Xiaohu this season. RNG must lean on the road. Obviously FPX has caught RNG’s fate. Facing the nuguri tiger, he should see the gap between himself and the top laner. Finally, how did RNG allow UZi to explain its game? Wasn’t it allowed a while ago?

6 months ago

Barren tactical reserves and players with obvious shortcomings have become obvious signs of RNG. RNG can be seen to be broken by other strong teams every time the version is changed. Are you surprised to lose FPX yesterday? Not surprised at all! What level of FPX team? After the bo storm, there are still two styles of qualified and top jungle reserve, the champion is on the high price, the million gold oil in the single, there is no short board ADC, and the top assist! Just with the combination of the hero pool in the upper and middle wild, you can play with a team like RNG who can guess what to choose with your eyes closed. Why does your RNG have a lineup to eat the whole season?

6 months ago

Everyone knows the problem of rng and is waiting to see the jokes~ If it weren’t for a wave of winning streaks in the spring games, his own fans would have broken the result for him. A wave of winning streaks + feelings made him dying and sitting up in shock and sick. Thousands of trees are in front of the tree~ If you rely on stitching to repair, the pit players can make a team stay strong. This is the biggest insult to those teams that are hard to reinforce. The backlash has just begun, waiting for the only two. The nightmare begins after the popular players are consumed. The powder and the black combat power is much stronger than the pure black. After all, who hasn’t come from 18rng~

6 months ago

To put it straightforwardly, “backlash” works well. 1. BO5 Xiaohu was smashed by his bones, can Xiaohu be blamed for this? No, because he has just been transferred to the singles for a few months and he is not a top single in his own right. Xiaohu is an old mid laner, why did he switch to an order? Because of the management’s sorrow operation and notoriety 2. RNG’s management team had a set of sorrow operations and sent a top order of 50 yuan, coupled with the rubbish reputation of “contract drop god”, no good top order was found during the transfer period. So I pulled Xiaohu over and put it on the top (Riseby), and pulled out the fruit brother, live LOL player, Izawa second, humanoid defense tower, who had been pressed by Xiaohu on the bench, as the starting mid laner 3. This is the hidden danger of RNG itself. There is a problem with the top lane hero pool, and the alignment strength is not enough. It needs to be taken care of by the jungler and sacrificed by the jungle. The mid-lane is not stable (tie hun zi), and someone needs to take things with it. Regular season It didn’t burst out, all the high-intensity BO5 burst out. What do you say this is not “backlash”? At the beginning of the season, it’s not easy to recruit people and play tricks; at the end of the season, other people’s top laners will kill you, and you will always look good.

6 months ago

He Uzi said that during the backlash, the cannon didn’t get the head, and he was burned to death by the jungler. In addition, he was sold by RNG, and he blurted out. But Uzi’s use of the word backlash is very appropriate. Isn’t RNG being backlashed by what it did before? The operation of the management and the gods of the contract made rng no players available, so Xiaohu could only turn on, relying on the sword to move the slant to take the first place in the regular season, and now FPX grabbed the lifeblood and returned to the prototype. If Uzi saw RNG in the third muscle memory-like four guarantees, I don’t know what he would think. People are really watching.

6 months ago

There is no problem at all. In this game, RNG gave up the style of the regular season. In the regular season, the RNG will be on the double line. After the liberation is on the road, the Tigers will attract various firepower to develop the double C and then team up with Xiaoming. Look for an opportunity to start a team, Xiaohu and WEI will output with the first wave, hit the second wave and wait for the AD harvest. But the premise of this tactic is that Ueno can have an advantage, and the support must be strong to open this BO5. I don’t know because they are facing What’s wrong with the bone strength, or because of Xiaotian’s recovery, RNG gave up this style of play, and as a result, I don’t know what I’m playing anymore. It’s not alright that Riel’s strong driving ability is still a lot worse than Niutou. Unfortunately, all three FPXs are BAN Niutou. Then I feel that there are actually Japanese women who can choose any kind of RNG ALL IN C that can be strong. Xiao Ming, who is still quite capable of position, found the opportunity to take away the key position directly. Winning the team battle is the key to RNG’s victory.

6 months ago

RNG’s operations in the past few years have really protected many potential players from lightning! The god of contract is well deserved. Money benefits are more than everything, and I don’t have any face. Now there are RNG “club fans”, which are really talents. The management of RNG is thinking of ways to make money, and fans generate power for love! In the face of interests, what “favored in team building” or “veterans of several dynasties” is a fart. As everyone knows, who is the biggest fan group of RNG! Recall the JackeyLove incident, the XDD incident, and then the uzi being sent to the elephant incident. Think carefully. The so-called backlash, this is the power of behavior. Advise latecomers to think twice before signing the contract.

6 months ago

RNG is the weakest team among the top four. Don’t have too much luck playing the strong team in the regular season. Shanks was not there when playing WE. Playing SN, SN didn’t find his status at the beginning (won a TES that lost to RW at the beginning, and then lost in a row). Almost three rounds of IG were headwinds, and IG lost by himself. When playing fpx, the bo didn’t get up. , Hitting edg and choosing a small cannon to steal the chicken broke edg’s mentality, hitting JDG was bloody, and hitting TES was almost at a disadvantage in the early stage. The regular season RNG schedule is the most balanced, rarely hitting a few games in a row on the schedule of strong teams. Then, after wei’s play style was seen through, Xiaohu’s original form was revealed, with too few changes. Xiao Ming was anxious and lost quickly. At BO5, there is very little water.

6 months ago

Very normal, not surprising at all. From S3, I saw that Uzi’s nature is what old players understand. His current performance can only prove that he has never grown a bit, and that he is the same Uzi before. Let’s take a look at the other LPL experience package JKL. In the IG team, the tactical status is low. After winning the championship, Baolan basically has no lower limit. The Ning king is bad, and the management is targeting-more classic seafood allergies to eat. Seafood, I am the doctor’s sorrowful operation, and even rumor has it that I apologize on my head and deliberately targeted during the transfer period. Have you ever heard of any violent comments by JKL in public? After the transfer to Tes, he was under tremendous pressure. The worst public opinion was that he lost the spring crown. After he got the summer crown, he finally became a little nervous. In the end, what did he do? Thanks to Guo Hao, the TES manager who helped him six months ago. Only got along for half a year. Now let’s take a look at UZI’s personal experience. Of course, in the mouths of some dog fans, what I’m talking about below is to hack him (just talk about his manager) and spray Tabe away. Finally, please come back; Lu Xi Hit the wild; the world game Weibo interaction; angry at the base network management; angry at the curly hair family; SB assists Nuoxia; Rank renamed to spray BJG, he has made few excessive behaviors? Almost anything can ruin his career, so I am not surprised at what he did. This time it was just a quirk about the club. At the same time, so far, I have never seen LPL prefer anyone S3-S4 in the royal family like UZI. In the real sense, the first person to introduce Korean aid was Ryl, and now it has a tendency to dump We. At that time, Insec had I believe that those who have watched the game should have an impression. Ryl of S5 broke down, and OMG directly transferred him to the head team of the season. When OMG broke down, there was another QG50 million fishermen. After QG exploded, RNG took over. At that time, in the past few years, UZI was not the top ad in LPL. There was a smile in the front, Nami, and IMP and Deft later, but his every transfer was basically toward the Galaxy Warship. Then look at what happened between the current RNG and UZI in the past few years. After the S6 spring crown RNG was beaten by the current season champion SKT in MSI, it felt that the bottom road was unintentional and Bang was a breakthrough and needed reinforcement. Then he bought UZI with a lot of money to prepare for reinforcement. After losing the summer championship, the World Championship knockout was beaten again by the current season champion SKT. The only one to win was looper, who also contributed to the performance of EZ and Jhin’s teaching round. The end of S6 is meaningless from the results- For nothing, the effect may not be as good as Wuxin. S7’s most classic “Perfect Wuxia” also showed a “unique ad understanding”, and it was also the only ad that died in front of the incense burner in the season. The classic style is also reported to be against each other. In the finals, it is 3:0 Samsung, but don’t go to the Samsung group stage to play the non-mainstream Ueno. In the knockouts, it is like a brainless incense burner and meat. In the season ad, no matter it was the newly debuted fish belly, the long-famous Bang or Ruler, none of them died in front of the incense burner monster. S8, in view of S7’s unlimited performance, RNG began to change its tactics, sacrificing the little tiger of the incense pot, and introducing Casa. During the period, the overall tactics of the command flag version changed from the original midfield rhythm to the core of the bottom lane, and it was matched with the versions of ad Kasa and EZ Eventually won MSI and Xia Guan. In this period of time, UZI is indeed the world’s No. 1 ad, but his style of play is not the assassin style that dog fans are proud of, but a very regular back row waiting for harvest. But in the S8 finals, he once again showed an unlimited performance, and even the G2 record directly ordered him as a dish, and accurately achieved the tactical arrangements before the game, even if the final Bo5 was not the step of cheering, Basically, it was overturned, but in the end it was targeted at the pillar of shame. During this year, RNG and Tengjing’s marketing directly won him the title to supersede the public opinion. Nike Benz’s advertisement was almost arranged for him alone, and the result was that the two companies were scared to withdraw their advertisements overnight. RNG did not win the championship as planned. Instead, IG won the championship and the league was caught off guard. Public opinion exploded. No one knows how much RNG and LPL lost. S9 is also quite illusory. JD and IG in the spring show fell one after another. TES playoffs continued to pull the hips and FPX suddenly emerged, which directly caused RNG to avoid bubbling and get the tickets directly. Dog fans all boasted the last UZI. , But it is almost impossible to see that this ticket was caused by the strength of the Tigers in the postseason and the strength of the vampires. If I really want to play a bubbling match, JD, IG, and TES, who are in a warmer state, can climb out of it. Then Xia in the first round of the World Championships was opened indefinitely. After Xia was banned in the second round, he could only play the second-rate choice of EZ. In the final round, he staged a classic second-level capture and sent away his team to help Oucheng break the magic barrier. , And finally succeeded in dumping the pot Xiaohu. S10 ran away at Casa, and the transfer of the summer game did not come. It was determined that there was no hope for reinforcement. When the team needed his support, he retired with diabetes for only reasons. . . . . . During this period, the club didn’t communicate with him. I don’t believe it. As a result, he retired directly. Then he was still eating and drinking during the live broadcast. Everyone can see what the same diabetic Sika eats. Diabetes is common around us. Of the cases, everyone knows what the patients can eat. From UZI’s point of view, the entire LPL saved him more than once, and he went out to the S5-S6 spring game, and the Royal Club has almost occupied his career. I have strengthened him and changed his tactics. At his peak, he was not marketing his own team, but mainly UZI individuals. The sponsorship was all Nike and BMW. He did not over-consume his personal credibility, almost except for the S game. The other is fame and fortune, and these almost all come from the RNG club. From RNG’s point of view, the money was smashed, the mind was spent, the tactics changed, and then when I needed you the most, you came to retire and play dead. E-sports has always been claimed to rely on traditional sports. I am a professional player who has hardly seen a big sports event and dare to treat his club like this, but UZI has done it. You are like an iron-blooded jumper for Garnett’s transfer or after both sides have paid, the club sent him to win the championship in order to realize his dream, but in UZI, just watching the club come back, there is no return at all, and in the end, he has to kick it away. And RNG’s real UZI return was exactly the time when he madly asked him to accept the kind of unlimited ads last year. Even before these ads, RNG might have made the last contact with him, but the result was definitely not satisfactory. In the end Before the contract expired, it was even more turbulent. So, UZI hasn’t changed anything from start to finish. I won’t be surprised at what he does. Even if he suddenly broadcasts a live broadcast today and yells at RNG, I feel normal. At the same time, let me give some advice to the dog fans, don’t go to RNG, but anyone who has watched the game can understand the lower limit of UZI’s performance. S7, S8, S9’s voice BP, game videos, and even training game videos, these things must be in the hands of RNG, and these things are just the most face-saving, and he can well explain how S7UZI will be. No Xia, the rat in the high ground let him go, what’s the matter with the lantern of S8, why didn’t S9 dare to choose Kasha’s third choice EZ, which way to go home? These things are because RNG and UZI were one at the time. Neither the alliance nor the RNG would choose to expose them. If they are still crazy to rush to RNG and rush to the white stars, one day the alliance will not be able to suppress it. I guess UZI’s panties are going to be back. These fans of his were completely pulled down.

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