The description of family conflicts in “The Peacock Flies Southeast” can really give people a lot of thinking and inspiration. The relationship between Jiao’s mother and Liu Lanzhi is an age-old problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Let me start with the conclusion: The reason why Jiao’s mother disliked Liu Lanzhi was because her son Jiao Zhongqing had a very good relationship with Liu Lanzhi. Jiao’s mother has a strong desire to control the family. The appearance of her daughter-in-law shakes her control of her son and the sense of control of the family. When the son pays too much attention to the daughter-in-law, Jiao’s mother has a sense of imbalance and loss. And Jiaomu, as a mother, has a kind of “my son is the best” filter for her son. In the original poem, Liu Lanzhi said: “It’s too late to break five horses in three days. It’s too late for you to weave, but it’s hard for the monarch’s wife!” A horse is ten zhang, and the Han dynasty ten zhang is 23.1 meters. The horse is 115.5 meters, and 38.5 meters of cloth are weaved a day. Liu Lanzhi began to learn weaving at the age of thirteen, and began to learn tailoring clothes at the age of 14, and married Jiao Zhongqing at the age of 17, according to Jiao Zhongqing’s “work together for two to three years” and the 19-year-old son of the county magistrate wanted to marry Liu Lanzhi. It can be seen that Liu Lanzhi was about 19-20 years old at the time. Therefore, Jiao’s mother is not actually displeased that Liu Lanzhi’s work is unpleasant, but is looking for an excuse to embarrass her. Jiao’s mother herself said, “I mean to be angry for a long time,” which means that Jiao’s mother has long seen Liu Lanzhi displeased. When you hate someone, you look down on her in all aspects. Even Liu Lanzhi herself thinks that it is not because she is slow to weave, but because it is really too difficult to be the wife of the Jiao family. Weaving is just one of the fuse of the outbreak. This woman was rude and Jiao’s mother stated that the reason was: “This woman is rude, and her actions are free.” Is Liu Lanzhi really rude? Judging from the poems, Liu Lanzhi seems to be a good wife, “Sixteen Poems and Books”, and Jiao Zhongqing’s evaluation of her also believes that her “women’s line is unbiased”. After Liu Lanzhi was condemned, even the county magistrate and the prefect to recruit her to be a daughter-in-law, if she is really as Jiao said, the county magistrate and the prefect will approve her to be a daughter-in-law? Liu Lanzhi herself denied and said: “I am going to follow my father-in-law and dare to be self-directed?” I do everything according to the wishes of my mother-in-law. Where can I make my own decisions? In fact, “behaving freely and exclusively” is one of the reasons why Jiao’s mother dislikes Liu Lanzhi. But it is probably not that Liu Lanzhi really acted freely, but that Jiao’s mother was under the control of Jiao’s mother. Jiao’s mother was too harsh on the standard of “acting not to be freely controlled.” Jiao’s mother’s desire for control is fully exposed in her own words: “This woman is rude and acts freely. I will be angered for a long time, how can you be free!… You can send it quickly and send it away carefully. !” I have been angry with her for a long time, how can I help you? Mother Jiao didn’t care what Jiao Zhongqing thought, all she thought was that I was angry and I was not satisfied with her. You can’t help driving away Liu Lanzhi. It seems that divorcing his wife has nothing to do with Jiao Zhongqing, and Jiao Zhongqing has no right to speak in this decision. So Jiao Zhongqing had no choice but to say in a helpless and threatening tone: “If you send this woman today, you will never get it again!” If you drive away Liu Lanzhi, I will not marry forever. With that said, Jiao’s mother was even more angry, and the boy did not listen to me: “The boy is fearless, how dare to help the woman! I have lost my kindness and will not agree!” You dare to help Liu Lanzhi Talking, how dare you kid? There is no room for negotiation on this matter. “The door is not right, the household is not right.” Jiao Mu Jiao Zhongqing has a kind of mother filter that “my son is the best”. Jiao Zhongqing’s family background was not so good. The preface said that Jiao Zhongqing was a “little official in the Lujiang Mansion”, and after Liu Lanzhi entered Jiao’s family, she needed to weave all the time. And Jiao Zhongqing said: “My son is already a poor man, and I am fortunate to have this woman.” I myself have not been a high-ranking official, and I have a great fortune. Fortunately, I have such a wife. If it is compared to family background, Liu Lanzhi’s family background should not be bad. (Modified according to the comment area, and updated to discuss the content of Liu Lanzhi’s family background. The original sentence is “Of course, if it is better than the family background, Liu Lanzhi’s family background is worse”, and the “family background” is changed to “family background.” In addition, the title of this section is added. Double quotes, emphasizing that the focus of this section is how Jiao’s mother views Lanzhi’s family.) When Liu Lanzhi left to pay her respects to Jiao’s mother, he said: “When I was a daughter, I gave birth to Xiaodeyeli. There is no lesson in this, and it is too expensive. Family. I have received a lot of money from my mother…” Liu Lanzhi stated that he grew up in the countryside when he was a child, did not receive much education, and was ashamed to marry Jiao’s mother and received a lot of money… This may be Liu Lanzhi’s self-effacement. The word. But Jiao’s mother really thinks that Liu Lanzhi is not worthy of the Jiao family. When Jiao Zhongqing said frankly that she would die in love, Jiao’s mother said: “You are a big son, an official in the Taiwan Pavilion. Be careful not to die for a wife, how little love is for you!” You are the son of everyone, and you are an official in a high official’s house. Don’t die because of this woman. You are different from her, and it’s not worth it. Even if Liu Lanzhi’s family background may be as good as Jiao’s mother thinks, it’s not as good as Jiao’s family, (modified according to the comment area, the original sentence is “In fact, Liu Lanzhi’s family background is not very good”, originally “family background”, changed to “family background” ) But other conditions are really very good. How good is it that when she was Jiao Zhongqing’s wife for two or three years, she was driven back to her natal family, and the county magistrate and the prefect sent matchmakers to propose marriage. It can be seen that Liu Lanzhi may have a reputation for being virtuous (perhaps before marrying Jiao Zhongqing). In order to welcome her as a daughter-in-law, the prefect put up a welcoming team: “Communications are fast-dressed, flowing like clouds. Green bird white boat, four-horned dragon child flag The graceful turns with the wind, the golden car and the jade are the wheels. The green horses, tassels and golden saddles. The money is 3 million, all worn with blue silk. The variegated three hundred horses, Jiaoguang City Salmon Zhen. Congren four or five Hundred, Yu Yu goes to the prefecture.” And Liu Lanzhi’s brother also thinks that marrying the prefect is better than marrying Jiao Zhongqing: “You can marry the official first, and then you can marry the prince. It’s like heaven and earth. Enough to honor your body.” There are no heirs and it is said that Jiao’s mother dislikes Liu Lanzhi because she has not had children for two or three years. Because there are no relevant clues mentioned in the whole poem, it can only be said that as a kind of speculation, it may be one of the reasons why Jiao’s mother dislikes Lange. Why did Jiao’s mother agree to Liu Lanzhi as a daughter-in-law in the first place? It is possible that Jiao’s mother agreed to Liu Lanzhi as a daughter-in-law at the time. The reputation of “Fu” is also very good. Why would Jiao Mu be like this? If we look at the experience of Jiaomu, we can actually understand why Jiaomu is such a person. First of all, the whole poem does not mention Father Jiao. Liu Lanzhi himself said: “Being in the service of the father-in-law, dare to be self-directed?” He only mentioned “the father-in-law”, saying that doing things in accordance with the meaning of the mother-in-law. It is possible that Jiao Zhongqing and his sister were brought up by Jiao’s mother alone. In the past, when his sister was still young, Jiao Zhongqing and his mother depended on each other for life. Finally, after Jiao Zhongqing grew up, he entered the government and became an official, and his life gradually improved. Later, I heard that the Liu family had a daughter named Lanzhi, who was very virtuous, so she begged the Liu family to marry Liu Lanzhi as his son’s wife. After marriage, Liu Lanzhi had a very good relationship with her son Jiao Zhongqing. Fortunately, Jiao Zhongqing even listened to Liu Lanzhi’s words, not Jiao’s mother’s words. Jiao’s mother felt that her family status had been challenged, and Liu Lanzhi made Jiao’s mother feel that the relationship between their mother and child was also alienated. Various psychological changes caused Jiao’s mother to reject Liu Lanzhi and embarrass Liu Lanzhi. Liu Lanzhi is really unbearable, so I have the first paragraph. Liu Lanzhi complained to Jiao Zhongqing. I can’t stand your mother driving me like this. Go and tell your mother to send me back to my natal family. Of course, Liu Lanzhi may not really want to leave their home, but to respond to this situation to her husband, hoping that her husband can stand up and resolve the conflict between their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. At this time, Jiao Zhongqing was also a bit stupid. He ran to Jiao’s mother and asked her: “I can’t be a high official, but it’s okay. I married such a good wife and slept with her. Even when Huang Quan is dead, she will stay together. She has done nothing wrong, why are you not treating her well?” Think about it, can Jiao’s mother not be upset at this time? At this time, this sentence of Jiao Zhongqing, directly in the minefield, is simply a typical negative of communication in life: I can’t be a high official directly against Jiao’s mother in tone, but fortunately I have a good wife how much I have with her. Well, it’s so good that Huang Quan will be together to blame Jiao’s mother when she is dead. Why don’t you treat Jiao’s mother Liu Lanzhi for a while, but Jiao Zhongqing has no choice but to threaten: “You chase her away, I won’t be in my whole life. Married.” This immediately lit a fire. Jiao’s mother was so angry that he said, the boy has grown up with stiff wings, and he dares to face threats and is not afraid of anything! He dared to stand by the woman’s side and speak for her. Why are you angry? Her son disobeyed her, rebelled against her, verbally ran into her decision, challenging her family status, and the reason was Liu Lanzhi, a woman from a lowly family who had been married for less than two or three years. When I read this article in high school before, I really didn’t feel much about it. Now that I know how complicated and helpless housework can be, I feel a lot of emotion after reading it. In fact, things in the family, such as people drinking water, know how warm and cold they are. We are only imagining and speculating based on the article, but the actual situation may not be like this, or it may be more complicated than this.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In fact, the point of this question has never been that Liu Lanzhi did something wrong, but that no matter what Liu Lanzhi did, Jiao’s mother would definitely embarrass her. It was never Liu Lanzhi who was wrong, but her mother-in-law Jiao. Although Jiao Mu is hateful, she is also a poor person. We often hear such a saying, “Mother is strong”, which means that mothers sacrifice everything for their children and can force themselves from a weak woman to an omnipotent superhuman mother. From then on, all the decisions and efforts in life It’s all for the child, even so enthusiastic that I lost myself, leaving only the child’s success or failure, joy, anger, sorrow and joy. Without her birth, the child would indeed not be born into this world, but the child is not the mother’s personal property. From his birth, he is an independent life, a human being equal in personality with the mother. It’s a pity that some mothers don’t think this way. They always blur the boundaries between their children and themselves. They think that since the children are born and raised by themselves, they should be one with themselves, and they love themselves as they love themselves. Children will also expect their children to love their mothers as if they love themselves, and a good relationship with their mothers is like a person. Since they are a person, how can they have two ideas? So when the son and the mother have a disagreement, the mother will feel very painful, because for her, it is also a kind of spiritual “weaning”, which will make her realize that she and her son are not one. At this time, the choice arises. If the mother accepts this, it is equivalent to accepting that those selfless contributions before them have really become “selfless contributions”, referred to as vain emotions-they will export all the resources and emotions. Give it to the child, and the self that was once a complete and independent woman has long been an empty shell after years of endless and unreserved dedication. Losing control of her son and losing the meaning of his existence, this Ma Baonan’s mother’s own existence began to falter. If she still wants to live normally, she can only work hard to rebuild herself. Of course, this process is never easy. Even at this age, many women no longer know how to find themselves. Therefore, most people will choose another path, which is to take advantage of the mother’s status, emotions and morals to kidnap, force the adult child who should be separated from the mother to stay with the mother, and even interfere with the child’s normal personality development, so that he will always be a person. The child was forced to live by his mother. Of course, this is an extreme situation. In life, people are often between these two choices. Some mothers prefer to let go, and some mothers prefer to control, but the Jiao mother in “The Peacock Flies Southeast” is very A typical “controller”, when she finds that her son is inconsistent with her own ideas, and tries to rebel against herself and deny herself for other women, she is strongly stimulated, so she starts to use her only mother power frantically to dismantle her son The daughter-in-law, in order to let her son “recognize the reality”, return to her embrace, and continue to live as a tool to satisfy her mother. Among them, it doesn’t really matter whether Liu Lanzhi’s wife is virtuous or stupid. On the contrary, the more stupid and ugly she is, the better, so that she will not “confuse” her son and let him have a daughter-in-law and forget his mother. This is the queen chosen by Empress Dowager Cixi for Guangxu. This is the Emperor Guangxu’s favorite concubine who was drowned in the well by Empress Dowager Cixi. In short, stories like “The Peacock Flies Southeast” are not uncommon from ancient times to the present. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that it will become a famous Yuefu book that has been passed down through the ages, because the stories it tells are too representative. Tragedies like this can actually be prevented in modern times. Both the society and children should pay more attention to these single parents or mothers with psychological defects, and understand their thoughts by learning relevant psychological knowledge. Help them establish life goals other than their children, so that there will be no tragedies of “mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fighting for a man” or even breaking the net.

6 months ago

Let me mention an idea. The reason may not be internal, but external. When Jiao Zhongqing fought against his mother, he specifically mentioned, “The son is already in a poor position, and fortunately to be able to regain this woman.” His mother forced him to divorce his wife. What does it have to do with his official career? This sentence is a bit abrupt. There is another point that needs to be clarified, and that is Jiao Zhongqing’s family background. The government officials cannot be compared to today’s grassroots civil servants. Jiao Zhongqing is a government official, and the prefect’s meritorious service is of this kind. Different from the subordinate staff who were recruited by the civil servants, although this kind of staff worked for the government, they belonged to a low status and had a very sad status. In fact, Jiao Zhongqing’s status as an official can be compared with the contemporary “Mo Shang Sang”. Why know your husband’s son-in-law? The white horse is from the Liju, the blue silk is a horsetail, and the golden horse head; the deer Lujian in the waist is worth more than tens of millions. Young officials in the fifteen houses, doctors in twenty dynasties, thirty servants in the middle, and forty residents in the city. In “Mo Shang Sang”, in the face of frivolity, Qin Luofu exaggerated the wealth of his husband, but the boast should also be on the spectrum. Under the background of the Han Dynasty, the rising space of the officials is worthy of expectation. For the prefects who live in the city, even those who come and go are everywhere. Gongsunhong: Prime Minister Gongsunhong, also from Xuexian County of Qishuchuan State, with the word season. He was Xue prisoner when he was young, guilty and exempt. Zhang Tang: After the death of his father, Tang became an official in Chang’an. Wei Xiang: Wei Xiang’s character is weak Weng, Jiyin Dingtaoren also moved to Pingling. Learn the “Yi” for less, for the history of the county and death, exemplify the virtuous, to countermeasures to Gaodi, for the Maoling order. Bingji: Yoshimoto started as a small official in prison, and later learned “Poetry” and “Rite”, all of which are righteous. The aspect of living and living is generous and courteous. Zhao Guanghan: Less work for the county officials and the state, under the name of a clean and Tongmin corporal. Ju Maocai, levelling order. Cha Lian is the order of Yang Di. If Jiao Zhongqing is a small official in the Lujiang Mansion, it is very likely that he comes from a wealthy family in the Lujiang Mansion. But Jiao Zhongqing’s family was not thriving, and only one son, one daughter and one old lady appeared on the scene. Liu Lanzhi’s family is likely to be similar to Jiao Zhongqing. Her father has never been seen face-to-face. The family is completely a flipped version of Jiao Zhongqing. There is a mother, an elder brother in charge, and a younger sister. “Said that there is a daughter of Lan family, and there is an eunuch.” This sentence of the matchmaker shows that Liu Lanzhi is also an official and eunuch, rather than a merchant who casually guessed in many articles on the Internet. Liu Lanzhi may also be similar to Jiao Zhongqing, this kind of declining family and declining ancestors and officials. Under this circumstance, Jiao’s mother has a strong desire to marry her son, and Liu Lanzhi’s brother also has a strong desire to marry her sister. These two people are also the most active in demolition of CP in “Peacock Flying Southeast” because of the marriage. It is really related to their interests, and the high branch that can be climbed does appear again. In this way, Jiao’s mother was so picky about the perfect daughter-in-law, while the county magistrate and the prefect paid much attention to Liu Lanzhi, which can explain at the same time. The magistrates and prefects already have fame and status. The third and fifth sons of the matchmaker are not the eldest sons of the heirs. At this time, marrying a wife may pay more attention to the virtue and beauty of the woman herself.

6 months ago

Why does Jiao’s mother hate Liu Lanzhi’s daughter-in-law so much? Perhaps we can find the reason from the times. The Western Han Dynasty was an era in which women were relatively tolerant. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty’s mother, Wang Mei, could enter the Prince’s Mansion by remarrying, gaining a favor and giving birth to an emperor’s heir. In the past, Lu Zhi, the wife of the emperor of the Han Dynasty, was in charge of the world for fifteen years, and after that, the Emperor Deng Sui of the Han Dynasty and Emperor Deng Sui ruled the dynasty for sixteen years. It can be seen that the political environment is also loose for women. Cai Wenji and Ban Zhao, two outstanding female writers, can also explain to a certain extent that aristocratic women have the right to education. However, this kind of lenient and power is only aimed at the historical environment. Compared with women in the new era, they are still living in a long night. After all, there are only a few people who can stay in the annals of history, and most women have to cut off their flesh and blood and put themselves into the mold of “Germany and Honor” to shape them into a unified style that conforms to the patriarchal aesthetic. This is no less than a spiritual self-castration. If women of the civilian class still have a certain right to breathe free air, then most women of the aristocratic class can only live as canaries in cages. Most of their lives live in the back house and teach their husbands and sons. Unlike TV dramas that interpret the sly and gloomy house fights, most of them are not jealous, and even take the initiative to accept new people for their husbands, because the patriarchal society deprives them of ethics and education. The right to be jealous. This is the kind of women. After castrated most of the desires in their lives, their only hope of living in the back house is to have a son who can be passed down from generation to generation. Because according to the same ethics, this son must be filial to her, without any principle. If this filial son can be promoted to the pinnacle of life, it will be the highest achievement in life for his old mother. For a woman born into this kind of woman, there is nothing to seize. Her son is her only constant property, and the investment is good, and it can even rise to the suspension of trading. Then, how can we not grasp it firmly. A few wise women can grasp the scale, but most mediocre mothers evolve this expectation into a kind of abnormal control psychology. The male psychology that grows up under this kind of control psychology is also unsound. Using a vocabulary that we can easily understand, they are “mabao men”. In Jiao Zhongqing’s mother, we can see that, in fact, her only requirement of her son is to be obedient. When Jiao Zhongqing went against her will and interceded for his wife, her first reaction was, “The kid is fearless, so how dare to help the woman.” Translate, “You kid is brave, dare to help you.” Daughter-in-law speak!” Yes, it is not Liu Lanzhi who is angry that she is angry, but her son is helping the daughter-in-law to speak. This shows that her son was the only one who respected her in the past, and it also shows that she has a sense of crisis that his son is about to be out of control-if his son listens to his wife, he will not listen to his mother! Therefore, Liu Lanzhi must be dismissed. It has nothing to do with her own disobedience, but because she made her husband disobedient. There are tens of thousands of women in the world, so you can leave a Liu Lanzhi and change to another obedient one. Don’t take your son to death. How similar this is to the thinking of Jia Baoyu’s madam! Liu Lanzhi was a rare woman with sound minds in that era. She knows etiquette, knows poems, and knows the standard. Just like Jiao Zhongqing said, marrying her was the greatest fortune in this man’s life. After getting along for two or three years, Jiao Zhongqing, a ideological child, clearly showed signs of growth. He began to know how to fight for his rights and tried to protect his poor wife. But it only stops there. After all, Jiao Zhongqing is a boy who hasn’t grown up. He doesn’t have the courage to break free of the thought shackles his mother has put on him since he was a child. He can only choose death to fulfill his love. This is a fierce war, enough to make later generations sacrifice. But in the cracks where we can’t open the words, how many youthful souls have been buried in the past two thousand years?

6 months ago

This question is to ask why the mother-in-law does not like the daughter-in-law? Does this need a reason? do you need? Don’t you need it? Damn, of course not. Don’t doubt, some mother-in-laws have a naked hatred for their daughter-in-law, no matter how good you are, no matter what you do, no matter how you treat her well, it’s useless. Mother-in-law, it will be bad for her daughter-in-law, and she can’t wait to let her daughter-in-law eat all the hardships she had suffered. If you lost your husband or had a bad relationship with your husband in the past, but your son and daughter-in-law are affectionate, the hatred for your daughter-in-law will increase. I guess Liu Lanzhi’s mother-in-law may be like this. Her husband has not been mentioned in the full text. Her husband died young, leaving behind an orphan and a widow. The widow and her son depended on each other for their lives. At night, her son is her only spiritual support and the closest person. But when the son is married, the daughter-in-law is beautiful and wise, and he is in love with the son, kindly and lovingly, staying and flying in pairs, the better the daughter-in-law, the better the son will treat her, and the sweeter the two will be. Only a lonely old lady is left alone, how can he not hate this woman who took her son away? My old mother-in-law is not good to my mother-in-law, she lowers her eyebrows in front of her, and dares not to show off. When I first married my husband, I was full of enthusiasm thinking about treating my mother-in-law as my mother, and secretly holding on to the injustice for her mother-in-law. My mother also taught me to be nice to her mother-in-law, saying that my mother-in-law is not easy. Until I was in confinement and my mother-in-law came to take care of me, I was fortunate to see another face of her, and she yelled at me coldly, and always said how she was in confinement, such as getting out of bed and washing diapers and eating two. Eggs and so on, I never forget to add the young man nowadays at the end, tusk. In front of me, I told the aunts who came to see me that later I couldn’t help but tell her, Mom, the times are different and the society is developing and it will get better and better. My mother-in-law, this old lady who kept low eyebrows and even a little cowardly in front of my old mother-in-law, said viciously, what else could it be? Do you want to chew and feed you? At that time she came to take care of me. My mother gave her a set of clothes, gave her nearly 1,000 yuan in health care products, and gave her another 1,000 yuan. Normally, my mother gave her all kinds of ingredients. She just cooked three meals a day. My mother wanted to take care of me before, and the room was cleaned up, but she didn’t expect her to come. My mother said, since she’s here we can’t help but let her take care of her. When she goes back, others will laugh at her, so bear with it. . It was when I was weakest, and I don’t know how to be so bun, what she said, I would only cry secretly at night, and at the same time constantly reflect on what I did not do well that would make other people’s kind and virtuous mother-in-law treat me like this. I have been thinking about it all the time, but then I collapsed. I once thought about jumping upstairs with the baby in my arms. Later I realized that it was because of postpartum hormones and other physiological reasons, coupled with psychological factors, and I got postpartum depression. I felt very distressed that the self who was carefully thinking to please her mother-in-law and constantly reviewing what she did not do well was originally necessary. The self who is tenderly cared for. It’s not that I’m bad, it’s not that I’m good to my mother-in-law, she will definitely be good to me, no; it’s not that she will be sympathetic to my daughter-in-law after being abused by her mother-in-law, no, she will only Judging by her simple instincts that the other party is weak, I can finally put the pain I suffered on my daughter-in-law. In the process, she healed herself. I understand her, but I don’t forgive her, I just despise her. I am very fortunate to live in this era. I have a well-paid job, financially independent and independent. All I have done is to abandon the expectation of my mother-in-law and the respect for this old lady who has no blood relationship. The ability to deal with such an illiterate old lady is a sledgehammer, but I disdain it. Fortunately, my husband is very good to me. He often regrets that he didn’t protect me in the first place, so he treats me better now. Except for the holidays, I rarely go back. Even if I go back, I won’t remember her likes and buy her a lot of things like before. No, I’m polite and alienated from her. If she has anything that upsets me Behavior, the first time to go back. But when I treat her like this, she treats me carefully and kindly. My time is very expensive, my feelings are very expensive, and I have to spend it on people who are worthy. In my eyes, she is the mother of the one I love, but it is limited to this. Having said so much, I just hope that the sisters who have had the same experience as me, love yourself, don’t waste time and energy on people who are not related to us, don’t let these unnecessary emotions interfere with yourself, remember , The mother-in-law doesn’t like you, it’s not that you are doing well, don’t take the time to struggle, try to improve yourself, and be a shining self. The era of Liu Lanzhi has long passed. Whatever flowers are planted will bear fruit. Jiao’s mother was originally a filial daughter-in-law, and could have enjoyed a peaceful and happy old age, as long as she didn’t make it. It’s just a pity that Liu Lanzhi, such a beautiful woman.

6 months ago

There is a big conspiracy among them! I suspect that this Jiao mother should be a spy sent by Cao Cao to Soochow! We know that there is a sequence for the peacock flying southeast, which is what he wrote. At the end of the Han Dynasty in Jian’an, Jiao Zhongqing, a small official in the Lujiang Mansion. In Jian’an, it happened that more than ten years ago, Lujiang was Cao Cao’s site. Later, in the 13th year of Jian’an, the Chibi War, half of it was lost to Soochow. It is very likely that at this time, a spy had already been planted. Considering the relationship between the northern accent and the southern accent, I boldly predict that Jiao Zhongqing’s Ma Ma is the kind that is well-known by Wu Guo and Wu Jian! Why must the son divorce his wife? He wants his son to marry his boss Qin Shiluo! What’s the situation with Qin Fuluo? It is written in “Mo Shang Sang” that this is from Handan! Hebei people! And Hebei is the birthplace of Cao Cao, Yecheng is in Hebei, and Yecheng is Cao Cao’s iron ticket warehouse! She must have her son to marry a beauty from Hebei, this beauty may be the downline of Jiao’s mother! Why is Jiao’s mother so disgusted with Liu Lanzhi? Liu Lanzhi may be a member of Wu Guo’s treacherous team! why? After Liu Lanzhi entered Jiao’s house, she had been looking for clues to Jiao’s mother everywhere. She was discovered by Jiao’s mother. She said: “This woman is rude and acts freely.” It is obvious that the secret investigation is relatively unprofessional. Found. This is understandable. Even if Liu Lanzhi has been trained by the organization since childhood, she is only more than ten years old. In the poem, there are some clues that the Jiao family’s financial situation is problematic, and there must be some black money. Jiao Zhongqing is just a small official, what is his wife dressed up? The bride puts on strict makeup. When I embroider the clip skirt, everything goes in all directions. Sneakers underfoot, tortoiseshell light on head. The waist is like a stream, with a bright moon in the ears. They are all precious jewellery. Can a small official make so much money? Where did the money come from? Receive a lot of money from the mother. This is the black-hearted money made by Jiao’s mother betraying the motherland. Don’t forget, Liu Lanzhi has only gone home for more than ten days, and the prefect immediately sent someone. This is an official at the provincial governor level. This is on the surface a begging for marriage. Why should the prefect’s son be so impatient? This is an excuse, this is to protect our spies. Otherwise, why would the first marriage marry a small official, and the second marriage would have a dowry of “three million yuan, all worn with blue silk. Three hundred variegated horses, handed to Guangzhou Salmon Zhen. Four or five hundred people, Yu Yudengjunmen.” This Was the prefect’s son brain-dead? If something is different, it must be a demon. This is all false. It is to protect our exposed spies as soon as possible. That’s why there is a proper book of the mansion. I am very anxious to welcome you tomorrow. This strategy has not succeeded in the end, and can only get away with suspended animation.

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Personally, Jiao’s mother does not dislike Liu Lanzhi, but just an ordinary old woman with a broken mouth. (It is a very bad habit to defensive and broken mouth. There are many people in daily life. The words of concern must be said in a mocking way, the words of criticism must be said in abusive ways, and the abusive words are super double. , This is very bad. This article does not mean that Jiao’s mother is a perfect and good person.) The biggest problem is Jiao Zhongqing, who does not handle the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and has no responsibility. When he works outside, Liu Lanzhi and Jiao’s mother must get along more often, and my sister-in-law also likes Liu Lanzhi, which shows that although the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not very close, it is likely to be passable. Liu Lanzhi must have suffered some grievances (excessive weaving work), but in that era, this grievance was within the scope of feudal bad habits, and there were no such things as non-feeding, full housework, torture, personal insults, etc. . It is common for his wife to complain to his mother. She said she wanted to divorce, but the relationship between the couple is so good. Her real purpose is to hope that Jiao Zhongqing can find a way to improve the current situation. As a result, Jiao Zhongqing turned around and directly questioned his mother. As a mother-in-law, I am sure to be angry when I hear this: “Well, you Liu Lanzhi, you are so cute and clever on weekdays, you actually cooperated with my precious son to scold me in private.” The mother was so angry that she quit her wife casually, Jiao Zhongqing Just add fuel to the fire: “I won’t marry if I leave!” Think about it, if you are Jiao’s mother, you won’t be angry. But at this time, it is estimated that her daughter-in-law came to apologize in her heart, and the matter passed. As a result, when Mr. Jiao returned to the room, he began to babble: “My mom wants you to go, you go home temporarily, and I will pick you up later.” Liu Lanzhi did not talk to Jiao’s mother directly, but listened to her husband’s message and decided Jiao mother wanted to drive herself away. She is also a man of temperament, so she just leaves. Liu Lanzhi did not procrastinate. He was “sordid for her husband, not enough to welcome future generations”, “remembering mother-in-law’s home” to her mother-in-law, and “playing and forgetting” to her sister-in-law, although her husband had said that she would pick her up soon. , But she didn’t believe it. At this time, she wanted to make a clean break. However, Jiao Zhongqing gave her hopes to “swear not to be separated from Qing” and “to swear to meet her.” She repeatedly emphasized that she should go back to pick her up, and she said Pu Wei Yanshi’s remarks. He said he would pick it up after a while, but he didn’t move after “returning home for more than ten days” or “matchmaker going for a few days”. It wasn’t until I heard that my ex-wife was going to remarry, that she hurried over. Come on here, it’s not about grabbing a kiss or asking about the specific situation, but it’s yin and yang when it comes up: “He Qing is moving forward” and “I am going to Huangquan alone.” Good guy, it started moral kidnapping right away. After that, he said that he would die, and when he got home, he went to abuse his mother with great fanfare: “I am going to die! I am going to die! You take care!” After the torture, he “turned his head to the house, and gradually saw anxiety and anxiety”. Begin to make excuses for immortality. It was not until I heard that his ex-wife had “lifted her body to Qingchi” that she “wandered under the garden tree”, and she didn’t know how long she wandered, and finally “hanged the southeast branch by herself”. I think the reason for Jiao Zhongqing’s death in love is not as pure as “for love”, it should be mixed with some moral pressure. I have never understood why “Peacock Flies Southeast” will become a symbol of love. Liu Lanzhi said to leave and leave, said that he started a new life and he started a new life, and he said that he died; Jiao Zhongqing messed up, gave promises but refused to fulfill them, the Great Onmyoji, hesitated and hesitated. This is obviously a tragic story of a wise and determined woman, a boy who is not grown up, and an old woman with a broken mouth but not guilty of dying.

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After reading the story of the peacock flying southeast, I was very puzzled about Jiao Zhongqing’s mother’s dislike of Liu Lanzhi. From the story, we can know that Liu Lanzhi married Jiao Zhongqing at the age of 17, and met Jiao’s mother to expel Liu Lanzhi after two or three years of marriage. The reason given by Jiao’s mother here is that “this woman is rude and acts exclusively.” And the attitude is “I will be angry for a long time, how can you be free”! From this point of view, Jiao’s mother thinks that Liu Lanzhi is rude and free to act. So if from the above point of view, Liu Lanzhi is weaving and serving her mother-in-law every day, how to expel Liu Lanzhi with rudeness and freedom of action, and at the same time, Liu Lanzhi, Jiao Zhongqing, and even his mother and brother did not object to this point. , And even said that Liu Lanzhi only said that being abused was unbearable. In the following, Liu Lanzhi went home for only ten days, and the third son of the county magistrate came to propose marriage, and then the fifth son of the prefect to propose marriage. The problem with Liu Lanzhi’s deportation was the so-called marriage proposal between the third son of the county magistrate and the fifth son of the prefect. This story is not so much that Jiao’s mother forced her son and daughter-in-law to death, it is more of a powerful and powerful looting other’s wives. If Jiao’s mother hates Liu Lanzhi for fear that she will be expelled in the first year of marriage, it is better to say that because of the pressure from the county magistrate and the prefect, Jiao Zhongqing, as a small official, is afraid that she will not be able to bear it, Jiao’s mother. In the face of this situation, it is no problem to expel Liu Lanzhi directly and let Liu Lanzhi marry the prefect or the son of the county magistrate. Can also keep Jiao Zhongqing. However, Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi had no solution in this matter. At the same time, Liu Lanzhi’s brother told the truth. The brother was upset when he heard it, and he said: “Why don’t you do your tricks! Marry the official first, then marry the prince. If you are like the world, it is enough to honor your body. If you don’t marry the righteous man, you can marry the prince. What is his desire?” Gao Fushuai, won’t you marry a small official? Especially in the above, Liu Lanzhi also explained that her brother has a bad temper. For Jiao’s mother, the daughter-in-law brought great disasters to the family, and also affected the future of her son’s life and death. Brother Liu Lanzhi was grumpy and agreed to marry her sister to the prefect’s son. What he did in it is still unknown. In this case, Jiao’s mother’s attitude towards Liu Lanzhi was relatively normal. To drive Liu Lanzhi away, she started working overtime. What is Liu Lanzhi’s attitude on this matter? Helpless. At the same time, he did not recognize Jiao Zhongqing’s helplessness. This young couple is not more affectionate than Jin Jian. In Liang Zhuzhong, Ma Wencai can be said to be a very unlucky one. His marriage with Zhu Yingtai is a family marriage. I believe that if Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo really sleep together at night, it will not kill Ma Wencai Any interest in Zhu Yingtai. After all, in the feudal era, no one can bear such a situation, or even modern times, unless it is a ntr fan. But as the peacock flew southeast, the true evil was concealed. It was said that it was caused by the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, but his powerful and powerful wife was taken lightly. What’s interesting is that the beginning of the peacock flying southeast points to this fact again. The preface said: In Jian’an at the end of the Han Dynasty, the wife of Jiao Zhongqing, the young official of the Lujiang Mansion, was sent by Zhongqing’s mother and vowed not to marry. His family forced him to die by throwing water into the water. When Zhong Qing heard it, he also hung himself in the garden tree. When people hurt, it is Shi Yuner. The wife of Jiao Zhongqing, a young official in the Lujiang Mansion, was forced to die by throwing water into her family. Jiao Zhongqing hanged herself upon hearing this. When people hurt, it is Shiyun. Why was Liu Lanzhi forced? Forced marriage, why forced marriage, the sons of the rich and powerful marry forcibly. Is Liu Lanzhi willing? Unwilling, but there was no way, so he committed suicide. Is there a way for Jiao Zhongqing? No, did Jiao Zhongqing commit suicide? not necessarily. People were hurt by the time, because of poetry, I didn’t dare to speak directly, only poetry was spread. What is Jiaomu’s attitude? The reason for finding is that there is no reason. But the point is that Jiao’s mother wants Jiao Zhongqing to marry again. For Yu Jiao’s mother, remarrying is the key point, why is it the key point? The son remarries and draws a line with Liu Lanzhi. Whether Liu Lanzhi marries or not has nothing to do with Jiao Zhongqing. This is also a kind of submission. What about Jiao Zhongqing? Choose to let his wife go home. How about Liu Lanzhi? Go home to be married.

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The death of Liu Jiao was inevitable at the time. Because there are only two possible choices for them: either surrender to Brother Jiao Liu and violate their love vows; or die to maintain their love vows. It is impossible for Liu and Jiao to rebel against the third possibility at will. Because the social conditions they live in are not selected by them themselves, but are established and inherited from the past. The deaths of Liu and Jiao certainly had external pressure, but there were also internal reasons. The reason is that their own thoughts cannot get rid of the dominant feudal ideology at that time. “Book of Rites: Ben Ming” contains: “Women have seven to go: go with their parents, go without children, go with adultery, go with jealousy, go with evil, go with more talk, go with theft.” Jiao’s mother used to persecute Liu Lanzhi. Article one. The “Book of Rites” also stipulates: “It is better for children to have their wives, and their parents are unhappy.” What Jiao’s mother used to suppress Jiao Zhongqing is the rule of filial piety. After Liu Lanzhi returned to her family’s home, she was also pressured by the patriarchal system. So are Liu Lanzhi and Jiao Zhongqing fundamentally opposed to these feudal dogmas? No. What Liu and Jiao have repeatedly argued is that they did not violate these feudal norms. Their understanding cannot be immune to the limitations of the times. Liu Lanzhi and Jiao’s mother and brother Liu think that only by adhering to these feudal dogmas can the happiness of themselves and their loved ones be truly maintained. Obviously, under the social conditions at the time, Mother Jiao and Brother Liu were the strong, while Liu Lanzhi and Jiao Zhongqing were destined to be the weak to be swallowed. They were not in the May Fourth period when the Confucius shop was overthrown, but in the late Eastern Han Dynasty when the Chinese landlord class had a great future and the feudal system was on the rise. The struggle of Liu Lanzhi and Jiao Zhongqing was just an unconscious and hopeless conflict between their own reasonable humanity requirements and the feudal ethics that violated these requirements. Therefore, their death is the product of the inevitable requirement of history and the fact that this requirement cannot be realized. Their deaths are an accusation against the evil nature of feudal ethics. Ideological limitations cannot divert or negate the objective effect in the practical sense. Liu Lanzhi and Jiao Zhongqing deserve to be the early rebels of feudal ethics, because they did not submissively submit. Death and submission are both the destruction of them by feudal ethics. But these are two different types of destruction. If they submit, then although their bodies are still alive, their souls and their ideals of love will no longer exist. But death showed their struggle to uphold the ideal of love. It was in line with the inevitability of historical development. It won the sympathy and respect of the people of later generations and became the spiritual inspiration for future generations to break the feudal shackles. Therefore, the death of Liu and Jiao has broken through the narrow scope of individual people and individual families and has great typical significance, exposing extremely common social problems. The great ideological value of “Peacocks Fly Southeast” lies in the fact that in the early days of Chinese feudal society, it vividly used the family tragedy of Liu Lanzhi and Jiao Zhongqing to die for love, exposing the cannibalistic nature of feudal etiquette and enthusiastically praised Liu. The rebellious spirit of Lanzhi and Jiao Zhongqing’s loyalty to love and resistance to oppression directly pinned the people’s passion for freedom of love and marriage.

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In the poem, when Jiao’s mother was about to drive away Liu Lanzhi, there was a sentence describing me that was particularly impressed: “A mother beats the bed.” In order to drive away the beautiful wife, Jiao’s mother was already manic, and she was so angry that she was beating the bed on which she was sitting. Furniture for sitting similar to a low stool). Jiao’s mother is a widow, who has been depressed for many years and has a psychological perversion, and will love her. No matter how good Liu Lanzhi is, it is useless, the better, the more beautiful, and the more jealous. (And Liu Lanzhi is indeed very marketable, and many come to ask for a kiss.) It’s useless to exchange for a daughter-in-law. In fact, it really reflects the persecution of marriage in the feudal society, and the vertical inheritance of the family. Jiao Mu is also a victim, but just like Cao Qiqiao became the perpetrator.

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I have seen that the analysis by the respondent is very good. He mainly analyzed the psychology of her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The mother-in-law believed that the appearance of Liu Lanzhi had seriously affected the close relationship between her mother-in-law and her son, and had shaken her status in the son’s heart and her family status. So the mother-in-law must try to find her own position in her son’s heart and family status, and she has no tolerance for others, how can she do it? The mother-in-law chose to pick up and find fault with Liu Lanzhi. She thought that by doing so, the relationship between her son and her would go back to the past, and the son would treat her as obediently as before, but the ending turned out to be the opposite. His son not only directly confronted her, but also died in love with the daughter-in-law Liu Lanzhi, whom she absolutely hated. So looking at it this way, Jiao Liu’s love tragedy is a bit of a literary nature. The wicked mother-in-law who made various tricks to make things difficult for her daughter-in-law paid the price for losing her only son, and she also lost her support for the rest of her life. Back to the present, in the inexplicable relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, it is rare to have such a tragic ending. Because they either endured it or got divorced. After all, modern society is more free. Why should they sacrifice their lives for love at every turn? What’s more, how many people are going to marriage because of true love, or bred true love in marriage! Moreover, modern people will even think, you are making things difficult for me now, wait until you can’t climb the old ones, just watch it! However, the psychological trauma is always there. This is not enough to vent. She will repeat the mistakes of her mother-in-law and strictly control her son. When the former daughter-in-law welcomes her daughter-in-law, a new mother-in-law battle will take place. I seem to be pulling too far.

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