Recently, Guangzhou, Guangdong. A number of customers said that the Gucci belts purchased from Vipshop were identified as counterfeit on multiple platforms such as the goods. The customer service of Vipshop said that due to different sales channels, it is not recommended to go to the counter or APP for identification of overseas shopping products, but they are guaranteed to be genuine.

Consumers are confused! 133 Gucci belts were identified as fakes. Vipshop will come up with “iron evidence” to refute, and the opponents responded quickly in the middle of the night…Vipshop has recently fallen into a “real and fake Gucci belt” incident. The reason is that some media broke the news that many Gucci belts purchased by consumers at Vipshop were identified as fakes by identification platforms such as Dewu. According to reports, as of April 6, this batch of “problem belts” involved 133 pieces and the amount involved was nearly 330,000 yuan. On the evening of April 7, Vipshop and Dewu made their voices. Vipshop stated that the products sold are guaranteed to be authentic, and the appraisal report issued by a third-party organization or platform that has no appraisal qualifications has no legal effect. Dewu said that the Gucci belt provided by the relevant user was reviewed and the identification result was still non-genuine. For a time, whether these Gucci belts were true or not became the Rashomon incident.
Vipshop: The traceability results show that the belt has no problem. According to The Paper, a consumer bought a Gucci belt at Vipshop for 2,549 yuan on March 8, and found it after receiving the goods on March 20. The size does not match, so it is sent to the Dewu App for identification, so that it can be resold in the future. Eight days later, the Dewu App issued an identification certificate, calling the Gucci belt a counterfeit. Afterwards, consumers asked Dewu App to provide identification standards, but the customer service responded that the identification process was a trade secret and it was inconvenient to disclose. It is recommended to check with the buyer. In the process of reporting with Vipshop, consumers found that Vipshop could not provide invoices, customs clearance documents and anti-counterfeiting codes for the belt. According to the incomplete statistics of consumers, a total of 133 belts in the rights protection group were identified as fake, and the amount involved was about 330,000 yuan. According to Red Star News, some consumers have already filed a lawsuit with the Guangzhou Internet Court, demanding that Vipshop will pay three compensations and apologize. On the evening of April 7, Vipshop issued a statement stating that it had recently noticed feedback from individual users on Gucci belts. After internal investigation and verification, this batch of Gucci belts was purchased directly by Vipshop overseas. The purchase link was clear, reliable, and legal. Regulations to ensure authenticity. This batch of goods was also randomly inspected by the Guangdong Company of China Certification & Inspection Group and has passed the appraisal. According to the report, Vipshop sent 11 Gucci belts to CCIC Guangdong Company for random inspection on March 7th and March 13th, and the appraisal results were all “conforming”. In addition, every Gucci belt is equipped with a genuine anti-counterfeiting buckle from Vipshop, which can avoid other uncontrollable risks. Vipshop said that in order to dispel users’ concerns, it will once again entrust China Inspection and Certification Group Guangdong Company to appraise these products. If consumers still have concerns about the product, they can contact the customer service hotline of Vipshop, and they will follow up one by one. At the same time, it is also recommended that when consumers have doubts about the product, they can choose an authoritative appraisal agency with appraisal qualifications for appraisal. The appraisal report issued by a third-party agency or platform that does not have appraisal qualifications has no legal effect, nor can it be used to determine the authenticity of the product. Basis. According to a Red Star News report, Vipshop also said before: “We guarantee that the products sold are genuine, but for the sake of consumers’ shopping experience, they have agreed to their return applications. If consumers are still uneasy, they can send them back. The belts are then taken to the inspection for testing.” At present, some consumers have indicated that they have received refunds from Vipshop. Obtained object: the result of the review is not genuine
On the evening of the 7th, the Dewu App also uttered immediately, claiming that it was concerned about media reports that the Gucci belts sold on a certain platform failed to pass the identification of the goods, and reviewed the Gucci belts provided by related users. After verification, the Gucci belt provided by the relevant user is not genuine in the identification result. It is worth noting that in the third-party appraisal results given by Vipshop and Dewu App, China Inspection and Certification Group has appeared. Vipshop cites the report of China Certification & Inspection Group Guangdong Co., Ltd., and Dewu App cites the report of China Certification & Inspection Group Shanghai Co., Ltd. The predecessor of Dewu was the shoe identification section of the Hupu community. In recent years, trendy identification platforms such as Dewu and Nice have gradually become popular among young people, and they have rapidly grown into the top platforms for young people to buy shoes and trendy products online. Take Dewu as an example. When a buyer buys goods on the Dewu platform, the seller first sends the goods to the verification center of the platform for inspection. After the authenticity is confirmed, the platform then ships the goods to the buyer. At the same time, the Dewu platform also has some products in inventory, and users who need to receive the goods can choose to purchase the products of the Dewu platform. Public information shows that as of December 2020, the number of online identifications on the Dewu App platform has accumulated more than 90 million. Jiemian News reported that in order to protect reputation, almost all luxury boutiques will not accept consumer identification requirements, which creates a vacuum between consumers and the platform. Sometimes the conclusions given by the appraisal agency can only be used as a reference.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This wave of “cloaking ears, stealing bells, self-deception” remarks is really shocking, it’s no good to want to take advantage! The original price is more than 4000, buy 3000 in other apps, Vipshop 2549! It’s true. It’s just an “illegitimate child.” Haitao products and counters belong to different sales channels, which means that the counters are officially recognized, and Haitao is only officially not recognized by the government, but it is indeed made by Gucci, but Isn’t it still false to say that, “I gave birth to a child but I don’t admit it”, it’s not righteous! Every product of Vipshop is guaranteed by China People’s Property Assurance Co., Ltd., so Vipshop will not dare to sell fake products, but if consumers cannot sell products produced by such so-called different sales channels through a third party Inspect, then it is impossible to know the authenticity, which means opaque, which means that it cannot be convinced. Things bought with a difference of more than 1,000 yuan have been identified as fake by several apps. How bad is this consumer buying? This also reminds consumers. If you want to buy a completely authentic product, you can only go Shop at counters or on Tmall International.

6 months ago

Interest-related, former employees of Vipshop. Wow, I feel that my old club has been doing nothing good in the news in recent years… This wave, I stand at Vipshop. Everyone, don’t worry, put away your 40-meter long swords. As a man who has smoked the cigarettes given by Mr. Shen, I am absolutely neutral. You will see if you look at it. If you usually use Vipshop, you will find that you have never heard of many of the “international brands” on the flash sale above. Are these international brands real? In a legal sense, it is 100% true. A complete set of country trademark registration, company registration, license contract, and the contract agreement signed with Vipshop are all neat and tidy. In other words, in a legal sense, this is a true “international brand”. As for the establishment of this brand is a bit short? What’s the matter, I didn’t say it was a century-old shop when I promoted it, right? For the same reason, I don’t know if you have ever visited the outlets. Of course, I guess I have never been to the National People’s Congress. The Adi and Nike bought at the outlet are more than half cheaper than the specialty store. Why? “Special channel supply” is nothing more. We use poor glue, soles and uppers to manufacture them and sell them exclusively in outlets. Is it genuine? Of course, it is produced and sold by Adi and Nike. The same applies to some of the products at the So, is this belt real? Answer: 100% is true. There are legal documents. Is it the same as we usually go to the luxury store to buy it? Answer: If it is true, it will do. You care about that much. So, are the appraisers who got things wrong? It doesn’t seem to be. People are indeed identified based on their own experience. I haven’t seen it before, so I must think it is fake. Will Vipshop sell fakes? Not necessarily. Judging from the law, (if the procedures are complete), it is indeed genuine. This time Rashomon, I guess I can only wait for Gucci to come out and make a statement to see where they are standing…

6 months ago

It’s good to say that you have found four third parties, including the China Inspection Group’s certificate issued by you by Vipshop, right? What will Vipshop do? First, I said that I did not recognize the results of the inspection group, and then took ten belts and sent them to the inspection group for random inspection and said they were genuine. First of all, what you said may not be accurate, right? Afterwards, I went to the inspection, so whether the inspection is accurate? Take a step back, and be accurate. What is the relationship between your random inspection and the fake ones bought by others? Are you using someone else to buy this one for inspection? First stand a wave of gains. Although getting things is not a good thing, right.

6 months ago

It is the Rashomon script that Vipshop: This batch of GUCCI belts are directly purchased overseas by Vipshop. The purchase link is clear, reliable, and legally compliant to ensure authenticity. Obtained object: After verification, the Gucci belt provided by the relevant seller is not authentic in the obtained object identification result. A buyer: The Gucci belts sold in Vipshop’s self-operated stores are being discounted, and there is still some profit margins when reselling them. Compared with the statements made by the three parties, I am more inclined to stand out. 1. Vipshop has not provided objective evidence to support its claims so far, and no matter how complete the invoice link is, it cannot prevent the adulteration of genuine and fake products. 2. A buyer’s statement proves that the new products sold by Vipshop are cheaper than second-hand products. This unreasonable phenomenon further strengthens the authenticity of the statement. 3. The goods will be inspected for each item on the shelf. Such a large quantity of goods are identified as fake goods, and the source is uniform, and the credibility is high. 4. Vipshop now blindly argues that a third party has no qualifications, or that its own products have undergone random inspections as a refutation, and have not directly responded to products that are currently suspected of being fake. Even the response from the customer service made people speechless: “It is not recommended to go to the counter for inspection, but our products are genuine”, this sentence and “It is not recommended to do a paternity test, but the child must be biological” does not mean the same… …From a comprehensive point of view, the quality of this batch of Vipshop is seriously questionable. Where does the so-called “price difference” in the secondary market come from? The wool is on the sheep!

6 months ago

This shows that luxury goods themselves are buying feelings. It is not wrong to say that it is an IQ tax. They are all foundry products. The quality is not related to the price at all. It is only related to how much money you give to the foundry. The same material, the same craftsmanship, without the sky-high profits of luxury dealers, the result is that the quality of the copy is better than your genuine product.

6 months ago

There are two answers to this story: 1. Vipshop will use shoddy goods to cheat money. The customer unit price is more than 2400. 2. A security deposit of 150 yuan for defrauding the property has formed a scale. The two must have a fake. Then analyze the probability: Vipshop’s business model is to help brands destock. The inventory of brand-name products is very cheap. Calculated by cubic meters or ton, fraud is necessary very low. Genuine products are the basis for their livelihood. If this sign is broken, Vipshop will It’s dead. What Vipshop will give is the traceability identification results, and there are mid-inspection random inspection reports. Procurement only appraisal without after-sales service, a small amount of 150 deposit, said to cooperate with CCIC, but CCIC said that the property was appraised by itself. In other words, Dewu talks to itself from beginning to end. To sum up: Unless consumers play tricks on their own, there is a high probability that they will swindle the 150 deposit, or Vipshop will smash the brand to purchase.

6 months ago

Procurement: The identification result is fake (China Inspection Shanghai) Vipshop: The traceability result shows that there is no problem with the belt (China Inspection Guangdong) Intermediate Inspection: At present, the identification of the product itself is Gucci: No comment for the time being. Gucci itself does not provide identification services, as long as it is purchased through official sales channels, it must be authentic. Both Vipshop and Dewu seem to be half-hearted. It is hard to say whether Vipshop is selling fakes or gaining a 150 yuan deposit, but when both parties say that they are okay, maybe both of them have problems. The current core point lies in Vipshop itself. The latest news says that Vipshop is not an authorized store of Gucci, and the suspicion of Vipshop is growing. However, the problem of obtaining things is not small. Identification and identification are completely two meanings in the Chinese environment. Identification is authoritative and can be used as a basis for the court; identification refers to distinguishing things from true and false, and the court does not approve it. It’s very interesting to play word games with this product. Weibo says it’s identification, but it’s a pity that the picture of identification shows the identification.

6 months ago

As a second-luxury practitioner, I must be very certain: Vipshop will not dare to make any conclusions, but there should not be too many merchants selling real and fake cats, especially some small brands, which are the hardest hit areas for fakes. , Such as Coach’s men’s bags, all the fakes I encountered without exception all originated from Tmall International. Many customers first buy luxury goods. Although the “coach” brand has a poor tonality, many merchants just spot the buyers who have not bought the “luxury”, leading many buyers to think that coach is really like this. Finally, unless Gucci responds, neither brand believes

6 months ago

I first came into contact with luxury goods at the age of 18 (a scholarship to buy a certain brand-name bag for my mother), and since then, a question has been haunting me for more than ten years: I recognize the premium, but why most luxury goods themselves are not There is an anti-counterfeiting mark, so you have to go to the counter to let others look at with a magnifying glass? Isn’t that much premium enough to prevent counterfeiting? The answer? I recently wanted to understand: a high probability, they themselves don’t know what the difference is between their goods and goods except for the brand.

6 months ago

I have watched the related videos again. Let’s not talk about any problems with Vipshop, but it is recommended to fire this customer service directly. Combining audio and text data, I gave the logic of this customer service answer and sorted it out as follows: We have specialized overseas supply channels, which are guaranteed to be authentic, although we cannot provide any relevant authorization documents or purchases of goods Order, customs clearance; because the goods are returned from overseas, which is different from domestic sales channels, it is not possible to do domestic identification; because domestic identification is not possible, we will neither recognize the identification results of third-party platforms, nor Recognize the appraisal result of the domestic Gucci counter; finally, we use the personality guarantee to sell the authentic product. What kind of ghost logic is this? As a person who has nearly ten years of overseas shopping experience and has brought back a lot of self-wearing goods from foreign human flesh, I have never seen the same model of goods on the shelves of the same brand. There will be domestic and foreign sales. the difference. (If there is something wrong, please correct me and open my eyes~) Sometimes, some brands will design different versions for a certain style, such as Balenciaga’s Coke clothing and Thom Browne’s four-striped sweater. Will be updated. There is no change in appearance, sometimes even the color is not changed, but there are some subtle differences in style details. At the worst, the brand will at least change the item number to sell it to distinguish products of different years and seasons. But one thing is absolutely not wrong, that is, as long as the product number is the same, not to mention domestic, foreign, online and offline, even if it is sold on the moon, it should be exactly the same. I haven’t seen any big brand that will export products that are limited to a certain country or region, and look the same but have a special item number. People are full to support? Maybe you have to risk being said to be discriminatory to make exclusive confession. Put it here in Vipshop, even the Gucci brand has become “not qualified for identification”? If the senior executives of the Kering Group heard these words, they would have a black question mark on their faces: I have no way to decide the life or death of the products I produce? It’s better to say: “The identification of the obtained object is invalid; the obtained object is the Li Gui organization; the obtained object is used to defraud the security deposit, and the face is lost…” and other propositions, it is a fuss, maybe the two sides can still fight back and forth. , Continue to wrestle for a while, maybe even hit haha ​​and just pass by. What did the gun point at the Gucci official. A living example of a typical customer service saying the wrong thing.

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