On April 6, Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, stated in Xiaomi’s live broadcast: Today’s Weibo poll results show that fans want us to make mid-to-high-end cars, so the price range of the first Xiaomi car is 100,000-300,000 yuan.

There are no surprises in the price range of 100,000 to 300,000. (Unfortunately, I didn’t jump out to write a forecast a few days ago) 1. The price range of 100,000 to 300,000 is too wide and too wide. The Xiaomi brand has left an exceptionally abundant product positioning margin for its own car. To have an appointment is to say nothing. Let’s talk about the brand first. Our very common Honda, Buick, Nissan, Ford and other large number of auto brands sold in China, more than 90% of their respective models, can be relatively harmoniously squeezed in the price range of 100,000 to 300,000. Even if there are occasional models such as Volkswagen and Haval priced outside the price range of 100,000 to 300,000, the main selling price of these brands is still in the price range of 100,000 to 300,000. Xiaomi said that the first Xiaomi car is in the price range of 100,000 to 300,000. The implication is that the positioning of the Xiaomi car brand with this car is temporarily inferior to Wuling and Porsche, but it may become Volkswagen, Any one of dozens of brands such as Honda, Geely, Toyota, and Buick. Yes, even if some car brands are eliminated, there are still a lot of things left behind: then let’s talk about the models. In the price range of 100,000 to 300,000, there are more and more good cars and bad cars. Who does Xiaomi want to be? Moderate car? Trendy cars? Crossover SUV? Hardcore SUV? May I ask Xiaomi know what car sales and how to price in each market segment? Toyota Camry/Volkswagen Tange/Hover Big Dog/Audi A3/Hongqi H5/BAIC EU5/Honda Odyssey/Cadillac CT4/Chevrolet/Skoda Super/Kia Kaiku…what exactly does Xiaomi want to be the first car Where’s the car? He obviously didn’t say anything. Second, smashed some unrealistic illusions from outsiders, such as the unrealistic fantasy that Xiaomi cars are less than 100,000. Many people borrowed the existing positioning of the Xiaomi brand to imagine many selling points of Xiaomi cars, such as cost performance, fever, young people’s first A car… So Xiaomi wants to build a new trendy small electric vehicle in the early ten thousand years to challenge the Wuling mini EV and other models. @张防防大佬 wrote in this answer that this kind of fantasy is impossible: the reason is: low-cost electric vehicles such as Wuling mini EV are not easy to build, this kind of car is not particularly popular with young people, Xiaomi The brand image should go higher. Here is one more thing: Xiaomi should be very clear that the low-price car market has a poor prospect. Behind the appearance of the Wuling mini EV is the rapid shrinking of the market in the price range below 100,000. Among them, many models such as Wuling Hongguang, Baojun 510, Baojun 730, etc. are even the decline of Wuling’s own. Including imported cars, the market for cars in the price range of 100,000 to 300,000 accounts for nearly 60% of the market. I believe Xiaomi is not blindly guessing the market for three price ranges. In summary, the release of this price range of 100,000 to 300,000 is mainly for laymen. Lively, people in the industry look at this price range for positioning brands, let alone positioning models. Finally, even if Xiaomi’s price frame is 200,000, I still can’t judge whether it can be accepted without product information. If it is a Xiaomi Audi Q3 that can be won at 200,000, I certainly accept it. It is 200,000 to buy a Mi Haval H6. I certainly don’t accept it.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Just take a look at the statement in this live event. 1. The range of 10~30w is white because the span is too large; 2. This range is only a survey result released by Lei Jun, not an official Xiaomi decision; 3. Judging from the status of the live broadcast room, Lei Jun Haven’t really entered the state of being at the helm of car companies, and the thinking and planning of product functions are similar to the level of Minke; 4. The above sentence is by no means questioning the level of Xiaomi’s car manufacturing. After all, there will be a lot of talents and data. Lei Jun is used in the final decision; 5. The individual insists on his previous judgment, that is, the press conference should release 2~3 models of different levels at the same time, but the first car to be marketed is an A0 class car.

6 months ago

Then, on average, it should be 199999 (laughs). If I had to change the car at exactly that time, I might not think about it (provided it is convenient to charge). But I believe: The vast majority of Xiaomi mobile phone users are definitely not the first owners of Xiaomi cars. Lei Jun just cheered the price, it sounded like he was going to build a car with a real estate excel, and he threw out several models in one breath. But as long as Xiaomi is serious about building cars, obviously it should refer to the new domestic power Three Little Dragons, that is, there will only be one or two models at the beginning. Because for a company that had no foundation before, too much stride is not easy to pull the eggs, but the separation of people and eggs. By focusing on the research and development of a few models, the cost will be relatively controllable, and it will be better to make perfect adjustments based on market expectations. This process will also burn a lot of money, and the pressure on Xiaomi will actually be great. Lei Jun said that more than 100 billion on the account would be fine, and Xiaomi could not have all his wealth in it. What if the mobile phone products suddenly cannot be sold in two years. Successful businessmen cannot do anything brave and unpretentious. The first car must be stable, and cost must be considered comprehensively. Therefore, 199999 is a relatively reasonable price. It can not only show mid-to-high-end positioning, but also allow young people with certain financial strength to come over to eat crabs, and first build market reputation (and therefore, today’s hot list of Xiaomi TV’s delivery of “high-end advertising” is not at least possible Appears in the car, after all, once the new field is smashed, it will be difficult to save). If the market responds well, more models of people-friendly models will be introduced, which will become the “first car for young people” in the general sense. Therefore, from the very beginning, it was impossible for the first Xiaomi car to have too obvious overlap with Xiaomi mobile phone users…Of course, if you buy a car and get the latest MIX phone, that’s another matter.

6 months ago

I still hope that Xiaomi can be the first performance car for young people. The price is around 20w. It doesn’t require much performance and control. The gs is now 20w, which can surpass the gs. This price-performance ratio will be there or if it can be found. In the case of 30w, I think the reference should be ct5. Under 30w, the top configuration is stronger than ct5 and it is worth GM. Now it is the cost-effective route. I believe that Xiaomi will not lag behind GM by much, and even surpass GM’s irresponsible blind guess. One wave: Mi GT 19.9999w, zero-hundred 4.5 seconds, Ruisi 58 seconds (dated with A45) Mi RS 29.9999w, four-wheel drive with LSD, electromagnetic suspension rear axle steering fully drawn, zero-hundred 3.5 seconds, Ruisi rushed in 56 seconds (911 level)

6 months ago

This sentence is almost the same as not said, that is, even if he does not say it, the most likely possibility is that the range of 100,000 to 300,000 100,000 to 300,000 is not a level, but can represent a total of 10 levels of two models, corresponding to the car. A-class economy, B-class economy, C-class economy, A-class luxury and B-class luxury, corresponding to the compact economy, medium economy, medium and large economy, compact luxury, and medium SUV in SUV Luxury. Models with a price range of 100,000 to 300,000 yuan, which almost include more than 80% of the current car sales. Is it the same as not saying it? Models above 300,000 are not available in quantity; models below 100,000 are too low for pure electricity. You can see if the ones on the market are either the old man music level or the online car-hailing type.

6 months ago

10 to 300,000? This is the price range from the entry-level car of the joint venture brand to the mid-level BBA car. For the same brand, such as Volkswagen, 100,000 yuan is the Polo 2.5L manual panoramic enjoyment version, that is, the Beggar version. 300,000 yuan has reached the entry model of the Touron X, which is already a medium and large SUV. If Lei Jun is telling the truth, I can only say that he hasn’t figured out what car to do

6 months ago

As far as new energy vehicles are concerned, I don’t have any obsessions with the brand. Instead, I am more inclined to choose a good-looking design. The definition of this design is relatively broad, including but not limited to the appearance of the car, the interior, the name of the brand, and the logo of the brand. If you want to target the current new energy car company, for the thriving Xiaopeng, Weilai, and ideals, it will attract me the most, and it will make me want to have real money, or Weilai. Anyway, I really like the design of Weilai’s es8, but the design of the sedan et7 is not very attractive to me. As for Xiaopeng, the logo really makes me have no desire to buy, and the ideal whole design makes me feel a bit “silly”. So I am looking forward to what kind of design Xiaomi’s car will come up with (hopefully not the best design without design, or the combination of the best of each family), especially the logo. The logo that Xiaomi now uses is redesigned by the original Kenya. Although it is more aura than the old square, it is still not suitable for cars. I hope Xiaomi can spend some money to invite a better designer to have a good-looking and appropriate logo. Having said that, because what Xiaomi has been doing is to directly penetrate the price bottom line of an industry, so when Xiaomi did not officially announce this price range, I still hold whether Xiaomi will compare with Wuling Hongguang ev. Mentality. After all, although Wuling Hongguang EV is cheap and can be called the first electric car for young people, it is still very rudimentary in all kinds of bells and whistles. Those of us who eat melons count on Xiaomi’s end to make up for it. As a result, Xiaomi’s first car directly ignores Wuling Hongguang ev, a small rival. It seems that Mr. Lei is either looking down on the market where Wuling Hongguang is located, or he is afraid that he will not be able to grab food~ As for Xiaomi’s car, whether he will be considered in the test. Let’s see if we can have a Beijing card in three years. Let’s talk about it…

6 months ago

If Xiaomi chooses to cooperate with BYD in depth, directly purchase BYD’s mature three-electric platform or DMI hybrid system, and then make substantial innovations in appearance, interior and vehicle software, it is entirely possible to replicate the success of Xiaomi’s mobile phones that year. A few days ago, Lei Jun invited Wang Chuanfu to participate in the “Huaxia Classmates Reunion” at Xiaomi Technology Park, which may involve cooperation. As the owner of BYD Song pro ev, I personally think that the interior style of the Dynasty series is conservative, and the car software and the entire 4S department can be described as bad. At least the 4S shop experience in Beijing is very general. These are exactly what Xiaomi can use its advantages to make up for.

6 months ago

This is really a very high goal. It is the most difficult thing to build a car to keep on the sweet spot of the market and still make a profit. Dyson said that it had spent 20 billion, and the car stuck at 1.3 million. You must know that the OEM of a vehicle is a very important asset. Even if it is to build a shell, have you seen how much waste is scrapped in order to build a qualified shell in a BMW factory? You can see the big truck pulled out outside the Tiexi factory. These scrapped materials, man-hours, and supporting factories are all spent tickets. It is no longer easy to keep variable costs at 100,000 to 300,000, not to mention other fixed costs. This is definitely a very difficult road.

6 months ago

I don’t know cars, but I also know that a car’s price range spans such a wide range, which is still a bit outrageous. In other words, Xiaomi left enough room for itself. And even the highest value of 300,000 is much cheaper than Weilai’s. Looking at the sales of electric vehicles in 2020, although electric vehicles are gaining momentum now, traditional car companies are still the protagonist in the automotive market. The conditions for the large-scale promotion of electric vehicles are not yet mature, so Xiaomi’s rivals are not traditional car companies. It is an electric car company like them. As long as you grab the piece that is still bigger than the small cake, then you can eat a bigger cake in the future. So 100,000 to 300,000, although this span is quite large, but if we take an intermediate value to 200,000, this price is a price that ordinary people can afford. With subsidies, it will be lower, and this price is also the price of an ordinary medium-sized car. It’s just that there are no competitors in this range. Mr. Lei is ambitious, but with such a large price range, it is difficult for the outside world to tell what model of car Xiaomi wants to build. As for whether I accept it, don’t accept it, don’t have money, accept it, don’t have money.

6 months ago

Mr. Lei is talking about the first Xiaomi car, so it is a model. There is such a large price range for the low-end and mid-range models on the market. 100,000-300,000, this is simply a low profile is a three-bungee high profile is an entry ho. So 100,000 to 300,000 appears in a car model, it is impossible in this reality. Then there is only one possibility, that is, Xiaomi hasn’t made a start to make a car, and even the market entry point has not been planned. I guess that if you don’t OEM and really make it yourself, it will start in at least 5 years.

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