Roommate: The opening is only to modify the unlimited money, and directly pull up the level. 1. Haven’t played a few stand-alone games. 2. The number of steam games does not exceed 10.
Myself: The only time I opened the game was to play the subway series. When saving, I had to fight a lot of monsters (stuck), and I had to open Invincible. After opening Invincible, the horror atmosphere of the game is completely absent and tasteless. After the stand-alone game is opened, you can’t experience the game at all, so why play the game?

First of all, this is a problem of opening modifiers in a stand-alone game. Basically, there is no possibility of ruining the game experience of others. I will treat it as if your roommate does not have one. How should I say, I can understand you, but I can’t. Maybe you find that your roommate has missed the fun of reclaiming wasteland, and you persuade him not to open the modifier, and he thinks you can’t control it; or maybe you simply don’t understand your roommate in other places, so you hate the house and the black; or you see I think it’s so violent, but I am embarrassed to say it because of the face; in summary, you and your roommate have three different views. So you are persuading well, belittle your contempt, or be puzzled by your roommate’s behavior. Why do you say that I understand you, because I have encountered all of these situations. A friend of mine likes to open the modifier when he plays on a stand-alone computer. When playing LOL, he likes to open a custom computer. He just likes to enjoy the mindless and simple feeling of crushing. No matter whether the game is difficult or not, look for the modifier in advance, just like looking for a Chinese patch in advance. . Are you used to seeing it? I can’t understand it anyway. But he didn’t press my head to force me to play like this, and it didn’t affect others, so after I persuaded him once, he occasionally complained about it. It’s also annoying. The junior high school classmates asked me how much money I paid for buying so many games, and asked me why I didn’t buy pirated copies, and I brought my own modifier. I was like an elder, and I still wanted to borrow the account after a long time. It was ridiculously ridiculous. Don’t you despise me? But it made me despise, so I directly refused, and I don’t take the initiative to contact him much later. There are also a few friends who have a good relationship with me. We simply have three different views in this respect: I feel that A should open up wasteland by himself and jump over it directly; A game system that A thinks should not be missed, and B thinks it is torture; The various brushing methods studied by B, I seem to be superfluous…Such differences abound, but we still play games together, because we all know “mind your own business” why can’t I understand you? Because the points where you “attacked” your roommate were completely absent. I have played few games, and everyone was born without playing games; Steam inventory, most people start from zero inventory; computer configuration, I don’t know the specific configuration, but my configuration is very poor and very good I have used all the configuration of the computer, and the computer configuration is only the embodiment of the consumption view and personal property; I basically buy the game at a discount, and if you are all at full price, I respect you as a man. Do you think your roommate’s direct money level is very low? People can enjoy unparalleled happiness. Do you think your “self-disciplined and targeted” use of modifiers is very advanced? No, the modifier is opened once it is opened. It is not based on your own ability. You and him are the same. And I can’t play some game combat systems, but I thought about the plot, I just open the modifier and push directly (only for single player), and there is no problem. Of course, you can hate your roommate, you can also post Zhihu to seek empathy, but I don’t recommend that you use those four reasons to describe your hatred for your roommate. You will hurt a lot of people who haven’t played a single player. Games, stocks are small, computer configurations are similar, and people who like to buy games at a discount are in the heart. They did nothing wrong in this way. It is recommended to change it to “He looks like he is greedy and asks us to copy homework as annoying” or “I can persuade him but directly scold me that my gameplay is wrong.” This is obviously an example of your roommate’s problem. . If you are simply uncomfortable, then you might as well find a post or some other tree hole to vomit. Knowing is used to solve the problem, not for you to use the phishing and ask questions and then attack your own classmates from knowing the quotations. Don’t play with these low-level murderers, it’s really boring.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Players of the P club console clenched their fists. What happened to the stand-alone game? Stand-alone game opening is also a way to enjoy the game! (Zhensheng I played the Witcher 3 for the first time, because I followed Heitong Google’s video into the pit. What I am obsessed with is the plot, dialogue, scenery, music. And playing cards. (We just want to cover the face. Reading a “large-scale interactive novel”, I really don’t want to worry about cats, bears, addictions, New Year’s Swordsmanship, and so on. I don’t have much free time, my hands are disabled, and I can only open and hang them. This is especially true for P club games, yes. The console taught me how to fight steel ambitions. From the beginning of research all, focus.autocomplete, instantconstruction, manpower, to the occasional political points or military experience on the veteran difficulty, this is the novice village where the console gave me a good experience. . There are also some game designs that deliberately torture you, such as the final hidden boss of the Octopath Traveler. Leveling up is a trivial matter, and the key routine takes more than half an hour to play a game. Once a car is overturned, you have to start again. It must be completely on the Switch. Getting through is simply destroying the resilience of the soul. On the next PC side, Fengling Moon Shadow walks away. Games that can withstand the test of Feng Ling Moon Shadow will not be bad. I played Taiwu Picture Scroll until the 20th hour and opened the modifier, and then Just played for the next 400 hours. The modifier will definitely clear a part of the game experience. But if the core experience of this game is in some numerical value, it is hard to say that this is a solid work. As the ninth art, it is all in all It is to express something, especially good games recognized by players, basically have some narrative cores. The scenes, music, texts, and interactive modes formed around these cores actually bring players more experience than mere numerical values. So far-reaching. Therefore, although opening the modifier does seriously affect the playing experience, it should not be rudely determined that this is an “incorrect” way of playing, especially in stand-alone games. Besides, 996 is popular now, and everyone’s free time is very tight. . Even if you open a modifier for a stand-alone game, you have to bear moral condemnation. Then the game will eventually become the exclusive of the leisure class? The chef cooks the dishes and puts them in my bowl. I can eat whatever I want.

6 months ago

When “Cyberpunk 2077” was selling pictures and money on the entire network, I directly adjusted the console to 70 million euros. When I found out that I missed the plot because of not enough attribute points, and the game comes with washing points, which can only wash skills and cannot wash attributes, many online guides suggest not adding points before level 20, and save a file when it reaches level 20, and then When using that file to open different weeks, I directly adjusted the power response and other attributes to the full value of 20. why? Because I’m pretty sure that my own time is more precious, I need to put my limited time on the part that I want to experience more. Nevertheless, when I completed the full achievement and listened carefully to every line and plot in the game, it still took me 204 hours. At this time, I have fully experienced the full content of the game I hope to experience and I am very satisfied. However, if I spend a few hours to spend money, open the second or even third week to change gears and add attributes in order not to disturb the balance of the game, the above time will definitely go to more than 400 hours. If you have this time, just do something else. all good. On the contrary, when I played “Sekiro”, even if I failed hundreds of times, I would never modify it, because I knew that the fun I pursue is the process of constantly challenging myself in heads-up. This is the time to go The modification is meaningless. So, my friend, whether you want to modify it or not depends on what you want. Everything must be treated dialectically, and you cannot hang it from one tree to the next.

6 months ago

Correct a thinking: not everything is the best, the same game is not 100% all-round experience is the best option, appropriate skip some unnecessary / you do not like it is often a better choice game Considered by many to be the ninth art, it is enough to prove that it is not as simple as you play it. We might as well regard the game as a carrier. What do you think this carrier can carry? Culture, fun, spirit, philosophy, emotion, attitude… However, no matter what kind of game on the existing market, it can not be polished to the detailed presentation of the various carrying elements, so it is not difficult for us to find a good one. The game is nothing more than two types: 1. Achieve the ultimate in a certain bearing element, such as a tear-jerking plot, a battle experience that makes people love it. 2. It has a good performance in several bearing elements, such as high-quality picture quality + good The core of the plot, no matter how well-rated a game is, there must be elements that are not particularly perfect. If you really care about it or don’t think it is necessary, why not use some plug-ins to skip these? In addition, everyone’s thinking and ideas are different. Some people like the ups and downs of the plot, and some people are immersed in the thrill of solving puzzles. The excitement of killing the boss after fine manipulation is different from person to person. It is like “The Witcher 3” Such a stand-alone game narrows the population that can be affected to only individuals. Obviously, it is understandable that the famous infinite retracement entry of “Ghost Valley and the Eight Wilds” a while ago is not different from the plug-in. But shake a good talent and build a good one. The entry can really help you get a lot of wives~ (but I still want to say: The Witcher 3 can really be fun!)

6 months ago

How to look at the Eight Desolate Wind Spirit Moon Shadow Sect of Ghost Valley?
There are many types of players, each with different hobbies, exploration, achievement, killing, farming, suffering
Maybe your roommate just wants to quickly experience the content of the game
I play a lot of stand-alone games with mentally handicapped difficulty. Do I feel dull?
No, I know I only have the skill level, there is no need to embarrass myself

6 months ago

Here, for example, I like a writer, and I like to read everything he writes. When he wrote something, he must have written with the mentality of telling people something. For example, he wants readers to receive the five points of information, one, two, three, four, and five. If readers can receive these messages, then the purpose of this article will be completed. But sometimes I don’t have enough time, or I’m too familiar with some information, or there are various reasons, anyway, the final result is: I choose to skip the content of one, two and three points, and only look at the four or five points. content. How to evaluate this behavior? No comment, he wrote his, I see mine. Can you tell me that I don’t like his article through this behavior? Can you say that I don’t respect the fruits of other people’s labor? Can you say that I didn’t understand the meaning of the article? Can’t it. There are times when I rise up and see an article that is very well written. I will still wonder how he conceived something, and I will also go to the source of his quotation. At this time, I can not only read it out. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ninety can be read. How to evaluate this behavior? Can you say that I’m so idle? Can you say that I took the other party’s article as a god? Could it be wrong that I understand more? Not very capable. Isn’t this the same as the game? The plot, music, gameplay, pictures and other elements are intertwined into a work. I may not like a certain point of it, and may want to skip a certain part of it, but it does not affect my continued experience of other content. Isn’t that the case with modifiers? It’s like a very interesting ghost valley and eight wilds. I started to use some small methods to brush materials and experience when I was in the crystallization period. Why? Because I knew at a glance that the routine was the same as the previous one, I just changed the skin, so I felt boring before opening the modifier. I even deliberately put up with it for a while, just to experience this boring feeling, by the way, I attached a nice name to this boring feeling: “When I experience cultivating immortals, the loneliness of’the cave is seven days, the world has been thousands of years’. Loneliness.” However, this kind of small link does not affect me in the idea of ​​supporting the author, and everybody recommends him to play this game. It is also when playing Black Soul. When being abused by BOSS/mobs, either the mentality collapses and does not play, or the modifier is used to charge and watch the plot. Well, sometimes the needs are there. It’s not that I don’t respect the game experience they designed, but that I want to change the taste and experience something else after experiencing it. The modifier/console is a good tool to speed up this process. Like the combination of Isaac, in the month I played hard, I also tried various combinations of props with the console in order to do a good job during the game. Through this method, my level of playing games is also much higher. You see, at this time, the modifier can also be used as a tool to improve the level of the game. The difficulty of the game is designed to be like that for a reason. Using a modifier will undoubtedly ruin the experience, but it is just like the front row of the prince said: the cook made the dishes and put them in my bowl. I can eat whatever I want. Row. That’s it.

6 months ago

Opening up does not necessarily have no gaming experience, or that sometimes opening up is just for gaming experience. Under ideal conditions, all aspects of a game should bring happiness to players, but this is just an ideal. In fact, in most games, there are always some aspects that damage the game experience. In this case, plug-ins are used. It is beneficial. In other words, the premise of using the plug-in is to make it clear that it is for the game experience. If it is used inappropriately, it is generally overdone, which will make some aspects of the game lose its effect and destroy the game experience. So, using plug-ins is actually a technical task, and you must exercise restraint, restraint, and restraint. To the extent that it is not very disgusting, it is not easy to use plug-ins. For example, I played “Ghost Valley Bahuang” before, and I won’t talk about the advantages of this game. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult in the later stage, which makes me very anxious. Kuafu is almost exhausted from chasing the sun and needs to replenish the spirit fruit and spring water, but I am still a god, and I must reach the realm of enlightenment to get the spirit fruit and spring water. Seeing that Kuafu was about to die, I was still in the foreseeable future. I could only turn on the plug-in to adjust the value, quickly brush enough Dao soul, breakthrough to the realm of enlightenment, and saved Kuafu. Then I adjust the value back. There are only a few Lingguo things in a year. I can’t learn high-level exercises because I don’t have enough spiritual roots. Other things such as money, contribution points, and realm are all enough. Why should I wait for years to get Lingguo? This game has become boring and time-consuming to play, so I opened the plug-in and adjusted the spiritual root to just enough to learn the exercises, and the game progress was promoted. An armed force system and an economic system. These two are best if you can’t open the hanger without opening the hanger. The former is opened and hanged, and it will not improve your own operation and upgrade the power of equipment; the latter is open and hanged. With a lot of money coming out, there is no motivation to do the task. The game, after all, is to find something for yourself to do, and if the motivation is lost, the game can’t be played. There is also the same game, different players have different sources of gaming experience. For example, the wizard, some people like to experience the plot, some people like to fight with monsters, and some people like to watch the screenshots of the scenery, the correct use of the plug-in can quickly achieve their goals, which is also very good.

6 months ago

Before you are confident that you know how to experience better than this friend, please answer three questions first-you went to a company to apply for a job, and accidentally discovered that the interviewer was a childhood friend who moved away for many years. Do you recognize each other? You go to the client company to make a proposal, and when you go to the bathroom, you hear the other person talking on the phone and say you like another style. Do you modify the proposal? You are working hard in society. Suddenly your parents said that if the old house in your hometown is going to be demolished, you can give 100 million. Will you use this money? The answers to these three questions may be different for everyone, because everyone’s pursuit is different. Life is like a game. What we want is not just results, but also a sense of struggle and honor, these wonderful process experiences. But it is not only the process that can bring experience. Sometimes we feel that the process is too tiring, hoping to skip the process and enjoy the happiness. Upgrading, researching, and quests are the joy of the game process; spawning monsters, shopping, and crushing are also joys of the game, even because some games require too much time and energy, many people can only give up the game without modifying it. You can’t say “XX Wushuang” because the plot is not full enough to give players a good game experience. Your friend is just playing this game as a Wushuang Shuangyou, and it is also very happy for him.

6 months ago

The same is eating vegetables, some people will chew slowly, some people will pour it directly into their stomachs, do you ask if it is delicious? Who eats nonsense? Even if I didn’t taste it, my stomach had already told my brain, it was so cool. As long as you play games, there is definitely a gaming experience. This is like, some people who love men and women need to find someone, then date, then get married, and finally they can do sports together. And some people go directly to a certain place, pull out a few pieces of paper, and then they can do exercises together. If there is no gaming experience, then what is this person playing games for? It’s like doing exercises alone, without pleasure, with money, and no other benefits. Could it be a mental disorder? Many times game design is for most people, but there are always some people who only like some of the fun. It’s like some people like to do sports, if it’s not a last resort, they don’t want to fall in love. Some people just like to experience the plot with full skills and equipment, rather than working hard to challenge various difficulties. These people actually went to experience the plot, and the various battles of the game did not increase the experience. This is like watching a romantic drama, and it turns out that most of them are fighting on the battlefield. Is there still a risk to watch? We also have to stimulate, look at the legs, look at the chest, look at the wet kiss and look at the drawing, it is almost 18X. Some people are more straightforward and just want to watch 18X. In fact, there are plots in 18X. But many people just don’t like to watch it. Although these plots are very tempting in non-18X, but in 18X, I just want to skip it quickly. I used to play games, not only had to turn on the cheat device, but also on the acceleration, in order to quickly clear the level. I’ve played the game, it’s enough. If you ask about the experience, I think it’s good. The ones that are really inexperienced are not open. But those who play games for other people’s games. For example, some anchors, some studio human power leveling. It’s like doing homework, you just do it for some good, for others. People who like to play games anymore, if you force him to play, he will vomit if he keeps playing. It’s like sex. Why do some people want to go out with their beautiful wives, because it’s not good for oneself, but good for others. The experience is a lot worse. Some people think that their experience is everyone. Just as some people think that dating is not as good as prostitution to save money and joy, it’s just that he doesn’t understand the joy of love. You don’t understand me, I don’t understand you, that’s all. You are dull, don’t you understand how fun I am playing?

6 months ago

Opening (modification) really destroys the fun of the game, I agree with you on that. Don’t talk about it, you just talk about the infinite vacuum blade in the Night of the Moon (old players should know what I’m talking about). This is a weapon that is already in the game. It is reasonable and legal, but once it’s brushed, the game The fun disappeared in an instant. But this is only your and my personal opinion. You can’t force others to have the same opinions as you, let alone feel superior. As long as the online game is not opened and hanged, destroying other people’s gaming experience, you can play as much as you like on a stand-alone machine. You can’t control it.

6 months ago

Don’t mention online games, just talk about stand-alone games. No matter what kind of game, its essence is something that brings people a sense of pleasure. Some people like to appreciate the plot, some like to brush up on it, some like subtle manipulation, and some like to conquer powerful enemies. Note that these are everyone’s own pursuit of playing games. Some people like to open and play a game in the simplest way, there is no problem, after all, they bought it by themselves, and others have no right to interfere in how they want to play. Of course, all of this has a major premise, even if it is a stand-alone game, other players should not be ridiculed and pressured on the social level. Players who don’t use modifiers don’t need to interfere with the behavior of the other party. Players who use modifiers shouldn’t make boring mockery to players who play hard. It’s all about being happy, so why bother to fight.

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