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Giant Society of Chemistry. The former beast giant, the organization of Mr. Jiek Ganpa Kushava Xavier, the giant research expert of Marais, and the foreign counterpart of Han Ji. Marais established the country with giant weapons. With the Warhammer family hanging on the phone all the year round, the Giant Chemistry Research Society can be said to be the only way for the Marais (non-warhammer senior Malai officials) to understand and master giants. They can study the inheritance rights of the beast giants from the top of the Marais military government, and can also influence the military’s arrangements for the heirs of the beast giants to a certain extent. Captain Magath, as the “intelligent giant animal trainer”, should not have little communication with this organization. Kushava Xavier can turn himself into a giant of wisdom in order to study giants, and is a research madman who can take the initiative to step onto the altar of truth. It is unclear whether his colleagues are also such lunatics. The information that the Giant Chemical Society can hold includes but is not limited to the following: the content and methods of the so-called “blood test”, the method of inheriting the spinal fluid of the giants, the genealogy of the wisdom giants of the past generations, and general information about the “road”, The principle of the rule of uniform dripping of Eldia human blood, the manufacturing method of transformation medicine and sclerotherapy medicine, the particularity of the king’s blood, the identity of Jike as the owner of the king’s blood, the origin of the Ackerman family, and even part of the real history and The final solution to the mystery of the giant. After the high-level Marais officer was beheaded by Allen, the Giant Chemical Society could serve as Captain Magath’s senior adviser and deputy, responsible for pacifying the Marais people, drawing up an attack plan, and even developing special anti-giant weapons (such as the car-powered giant back). The gun that is moving). Even if there is a reconciliation ending, there is the Giant Chemical Society, and it is more convincing that the Giant Chemical Society will come forward and negotiate with Han Ji than just relying on a hot pot to let go of hatred. After all, the Giant Chemical Society is also the person in the world who understands Han Ji’s fanatical enthusiasm for giants, and they can conclude that the enemy is not only the power of giants, but also human greed. But then what about the Giant Chemical Society? No more, eat it. The aforementioned puzzles either automatically pop up the answer as the plot develops (the origin of giants, the peculiarities of the blood of the king), or simply forget them together. A meal is clean and clean, comparable to a certain uncle who looks like Darwin with unhealthy eating habits. 2. The Restorationist, Anni Restorationist is not the only camp of Grisha and the others-this is obvious. The owl had undergone blood tests before Grisha joined, and Grisha and their information and Dana had also been sent from other restitution camps. All signs indicate that Grisha’s restorative camp is just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, Allen and the others also knew it. So, what about the restoratives in Allen’s generation? Allen and the others went to Marais for reconnaissance, have they managed to find the remnants of the restoratives? They are the natural allies of the Eldia people on the island and the de facto comrades of Allen’s father. When Allen and the others boarded the Marais mainland, how many organizations were left for the restitutionists? Are they all turned into brainless giants, or are they still secretly active, or have they been domesticated into the “Eldia Human Rights Committee” that ran away Allen? No matter what it turns out to be, you just squeak, JSC. Ever since Ani became a sleeping beauty, there has been speculation that Ani and her father are another undercover group of restitutionists. The reason is obvious: everyone in Eldia is under surveillance and lives in a concentration camp. Under the circumstances, where did Ani’s father’s martial arts come from? Where did they find the forest to practice martial arts? Why did Ani’s father send Ani, who specializes in martial arts (specializing in giant fighting), to join the warrior team? Ni “must go home”? ? But in the end JSC gave the most disgusting conclusion: No reason, just for the sake of prosperity and wealth, Anni’s father told her to “must go home” but the long-term love led to remorse. This stroke not only directly erased the meaning of Ani’s two tears, but also ruined Ani’s character from being a beautiful, powerful and cold female warrior into a mentally unstable little girl controlled by a father. Co-authored for a long time, but you have a dad waiting for you to come home, not Petra? 3. Sasha’s southern Malay accent Jiabi immediately recognized him after he met a family: Sasha and their so-called “dialects” were actually southern Malay accents. The giant world and the earth are mirrored and reversed. Parady Island is located in what is now Madagascar, while the so-called “South of Marais” is roughly in North Africa and even Europe. From this point of view, the identity of the Sasha family can be determined: the male descent of the Marais were trapped inside the wall because they lived on the island of Parady when the 145 king encircled the land, and since then they have become self-recognized Al. The Dia people fought together for the second empire of Eldia, just like Qiao Feng who thought he was a Han and helped the beggars to kill the Khitan dogs. If JSC can point out this point, it would appear that the chain reaction caused by Jia Bi’s killing of Sasha is even more absurd: Sasha believes that she is an Eldia and also fought for the Eldia, but she is actually Marais. People; Jiabi is a genuine Eldia, but she thinks she honors the Malays, and for the two Malays, she killed Sasha, the nominal Eldia, the actual Malay People; Niccolo is a Malay, but he wanted to kill Jabi for a nominal Eldia, a Malay in essence; and the one who rescued Jabi in the end was the same as Eldi. Yaren, Sasha’s father who is actually a Malay. At the same time, Allen wrote “Armor Blaus” on the medicine bottle that was in a hurry in the cave of Reis’s home. This was the name of the Sasha family. Why is Sasha’s family name printed on the giant’s potion? Why did the Blaus family travel thousands of miles across the entire African continent to live in the forests of Parady Island? What does their family have to do with giants? Judging from the text on the jar, it seems unlikely that they were “coincidentally” circled in. Therefore, Ymir (the person in issue 104, not grandma) specially reminded Sasha not to care about the accent. Did you notice anything? It’s still the same as above, but you can say it. Finally, I talked about the use of Chase’s “out of the forest” remarks that make people let go of hate. Really think outsiders invaded Parady Island out of hatred? It’s for the ancestor giant! For ice blasting and fossil energy! 4. Giant Medicine and Giant Science in the Wall First of all, thank you Zhu Ziqing for your reminder. Don’t you say, I have forgotten that the old royal family on the island still holds Giant Technology. The Reis family has giant potions, hardened potions that can upgrade Allen, energy production, and differentiation (so that they can “choose the strongest one” for the queen) before Grisha comes. Stability has been passed down for nearly a hundred years. After a round of coup d’etat, the technological products guarded by the royal family were immediately left with the remaining three-dimensional mobile devices used by the Central First Gendarmerie Regiment, and the only technological achievements made were the thunder gun. Until the end of the Leberio War, the conquest of Pallady still relied on the giant medicine sent by Irena from the dozens of warships sent by Marais. Han Ji! The head of the investigation corps! Giant research enthusiast! Even the ground sound deterrence plan requires the use of giant medicine to let the king’s blood giants pass on from generation to generation. Even if the giant medicine in the old royal family’s inventory is gone, don’t you think about doing it again? Even if JSC said “Han Ji wants to do this, but Almin can’t do it, Alan doesn’t cooperate”, I think he has tried. he tui. 5. Foreign country First, briefly define the “foreign country” in this article-in the giant world, other than Marais, the Eldia Empire, and the sunrise country. Willie Deba’s performance has many ambassadors from many countries (more than enough to have a cocktail party). Obviously, the world is far from being completely unified by the mighty Marais. What do they think of Marais and Aldia? Which country was directly destroyed by the fighter group? The Middle East directly bullied by Marais? Ou Liang Guopeng’s home country? London? (Only in the animation) Silk country? Sunrise country? It’s a pity that the foreign countries other than Marais and Sunrise described by JSC are as simple as small mice in Skinner’s box. Once hit by giants, they will hate the Eldia. They don’t even want to take a look at the warships besieging the Middle East fortresses. Whose flag is flying: It is Marais, not the Eldia Empire. In addition, the description of “foreign countries” is nothing more than what Wood said: They treat the Eldia people more badly than Marais. According to JSC’s description, it seems that the whole world is a huge, chaotic and simple-minded community: they are bullied by Marais, but they hate Eldia, which has been the case since King 145 retreated to the island. But we know that people and people cannot be generalized, and the world shouldn’t be like this. The Huashan School has the Jianzong Qizong, the Beggar Gang has the Jingyi School and the Dirty Yi School. Heaven and Earth will have the family name of the country, the Muwangfu family, and the Fuwang family. The Lu family. Can an independent country and a country in the Middle East and the Far East not be affected by the Eldia Empire in the face of giants can be generalized? After being conquered by the Eldia Empire, can the country facing the invasion of Marais be generalized with the above two? Can the sunrise country not belong to another force controlled by Ms. Qingmei and can be generalized with the above? Just as “Hetalia” and “The Rabbit” have simplified a country into a person and an animal, how can the whole world be as monolithic as JSC portrays? 6. Why did Luo Papa go all the way north? Why did Rod Reyes become a giant ignoring others and heading north? Why does he have the same high temperature as a giant giant? Why does this giant’s posture become so similar to the grandmother’s? What’s special about the brainless giant that Wang Xue turned into besides being able to sound the baton? do not know. Did not say. At first, readers generally speculated that there was a giant secret treasure hidden in the northern region far away from the invasion of the giants, but until the recapture of Maria’s Wall, there was no evidence to show that. Later, some people suspected that they wanted to eat Ani. Later, when the world map was opened, the readers started to Luo climbing to go to a certain location on the African continent outside Parady Island. I saw someone put the big secret treasure on the Cape of Good Hope. After the grandmother Ymir’s story was revealed, this big secret treasure was believed to be the tree hole the grandmother fell into. But in the end? Said nothing. The grotesque bug came out and let out an anger, and turned everyone into a giant (and then back again the next time), and left, ah no, let’s go. I suspect that JSC doesn’t even remember Luo Pacli. Rod Reys, you are so miserable. A passionate young man has transformed into a conservative old noble. Except for the illegitimate daughter who died with his own illegitimate daughter, the whole family was cut off by his brother’s bodyguard before he died. One death, skipped the second death, and was directly appointed by your God for the third death. he tui. 7, Corps Picsis is only the highest commander-in-chief of the southern garrison. What about the East? How about the West? How about the North? Although the giant came from the south, the southern commander will have a higher weight, but the other three commanders don’t have any role at all, right? Nair, the head of the gendarmerie regiment, only has the Central First Gendarmerie regiment in his hands, not under his control. His men followed Alvin and lost 60% of their troops. Where did the Rogue who indulged in red wine at the meeting come from? It stands to reason that Nair should have been in the gendarmerie at this time to say nothing about it, but it seems that Rogge is still at the same level as Nair. 8. Forest of Giant Trees, the giant who resurrected Jike. Why are the trees of Forest of Giant Trees so tall? At that time, it was generally suspected that there was a problem with the local veins, especially after a giant brought back the tragically offline Jike. However, the animation shows that the giant was only missed by Levi. It was the unsullied giant that Jike used the monkey brand red wine to transform the captain into an unsullied giant. There was nothing special except that he might be able to act at night. So how did this ordinary giant repair Jike’s mutilated body? Why does the giant’s belly still have this function? Why do the trees of the Giant Woods Forest grow so big? Is it just because you need a big tree to be the battle arena? 9. How did the strange species come from? When the fat officer transformed Grisha and his comrades in arms, it was known that at least the Malay government had the ability to artificially control the size of the Unsullied Giant. So, why are there strange species? Is it because your hands tremble when you get the needle? Or is it because of the strong will of the person who was given the injection just before the injection, as readers generally believe? Whatever it is, you mean it. 10. The Ackerman family, Mikasa’s headache, how did Ackerman come from free will? Is the so-called “Ackerman’s recognition of the lord” news true or false? Jike’s source of intelligence? What’s wrong with Mikasa’s headache? Is it the resistive behavior of Allen during brainwashing, or the stress response when free will conflicts with the command of the lord? The latter question is related to Ackerman’s free will, and ultimately to the shaping of the two most popular roles of Mikasa and the commander. At the same time, it can lead to problems: the entire Ackerman family, grandma, and even all Al Are the Diyas, the servants of the “Master”/Early King/Ancestor, or are they humans with free will? I saw a saying before that the final outcome is to show the power of free will. Although the ending talked about some questions about free will…but I can only say that it is not satisfactory. After all, I really can’t accept that Jike Yeager can be healed and take the initiative to send his head out and be chopped off. A stalwart who is not attached to life because of his childhood experience, regardless of whether his or other people’s lives are not taken seriously, but has the brain to deceive a series of old fried dough sticks such as Marais, Qingmei, and Pallady. He will actually take the initiative. Give up (according to the method in his mind) to save the world… It’s as ridiculous as the MCU’s Thanos gave up snapping his fingers. 11. What is Toyo like? What is the situation in Toyo? How important is Mikasa to Kiyomi? This question determines Kiyomi’s position-is it purely to do the monopoly business of ice-blasting stones, or is it to use Mikasa as a life-saving straw, trying to use the descendants of the generals to subdue another rival faction? Whether Qingmei’s position in the East is stable or not determines whether Jike proposed and Han Ji and Almin agreed to the “Geo Deterrence + Climbing Technology” plan can be implemented smoothly. No one wants to see that the deterrence plan has been going on for several years, and when they are waiting to accept technology, they suddenly get stuck in their necks, right? 12. What happened in history? 145 Why did the king shrink to the island? How were the Eldia people on the mainland left behind? Why did the attacking giant run into the hands of the restorative? The wall teacher may know, but he didn’t say. After the death of Father Nick, the entire organization went offline; King Rais might also know it, but the regiment was destroyed, and there was no trace of their base camp left; Owl might know part of it, but he didn’t care at all; Warhammer Giant I know for sure, but I haven’t said a word since Lara Deba was opened by Allen. The Giant Chemical Society may know it, but it has also been taken offline. There may be intelligence in the memory of the giants of the past, but all giants They are all being riddlers. Except for Ellen, Jared, and Warhammer, the other wise giants didn’t even take a peek into the fog of history. Which one and which part of the rehabilitation, the king of the wall, and the Warhammer family say is the true history? Judging from the current situation, we can be sure that all three parties have the correct part and all have concealed parts. Where is it? What is the truth? ? Don’t tell me “the truth is not important”. JSC uses the positive portrayal of Magath to shout “Remember history” at the hot pot meeting. Is the history that people need to remember is a contradiction, conflict with each other, and confusion modified according to the political positions required by each narrator at the time Is it? If it is, it’s not a loss to give JSC a right-wing hat.


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7 months ago

The giant’s high hopes were not unfounded. Those mysterious foreshadowings that seem to be the tip of the iceberg do not point to this ridiculous ending. Sort out the foreshadowings that I remember more deeply. At the end of Chapter 107, the secret of the queen’s pregnancy is revealed, and Histria’s face is ashamed, which implies that Histria’s pregnancy is not as she wanted, but the product of being forced to cooperate with a certain plan. Chapter 130 Alan’s memories unfold. He discussed the World Destruction Plan with Histria and promised not to let her give birth to a child who is destined to become a victim. When Allen and Jike met, Jike talked about Mikasa’s feelings for Allen, and at this time, what appeared in Allen’s mind was the scene of his coexistence with Heath. So what is the significance of the previous foreshadowing? This is what makes me feel strangest about Chapter 139. Before, I deliberately used the spring and autumn style to create a secretive atmosphere, but in the end I found that there really isn’t any conspiracy theory. These examples abound. It is well known that Isayama had planned the ending at the beginning of his creation, but why use an ending-oriented creative technique to release smoke bombs everywhere to dig himself? In addition, the picture of spores released by Jianshan in an interview with “The Hot Land” in 18 years did not appear, but I instinctively think that this picture symbolizes a more reasonable ending. What does a man holding a baby make us think of? I have two opinions. First, this is the child of Allen holding Histria and the child of “history.” Allen fulfilled his wish against the background of the betrayal of the relatives and gave his people the “freedom” he hoped for. Second, this is Gulisha holding the young Allen. The world line reopened. At the end, Allen passed on the memory to the past, hoping to change everything, and no one else would embark on this bloody road. Therefore, in this life, Allen is just an ordinary, “free” child. However, everything is over. The Attack on Giant Chapter 139 is really just like that.

7 months ago

The most terrifying thing is not to fill in the holes, but to see in the dark. Jian Shan Chuang finally expressed his true far-right values ​​with this kind of silent expression of approval. The disappointment is not the logic and plot of the comic itself, but the intention. To put it simply, this ending expresses the following points of view: 1. The slaughter and forced reproduction of the Eldia before is a matter of the predecessors and should not be carried by the Eldia. 2 The 145th king has the strongest power, but he ran to the island to lock himself up, thus limiting the previous crimes of the Ai people, so the 145th king is a hero for all mankind. 3 Even if the 145th generation of kings did not leave the island afterwards, they even came up with a “no-war contract” just waiting to be killed. Even if the Ai people outside the wall live like slaves and domestic animals, people all over the world still refuse to let it go. Ai people. 4 Therefore, the Ai people can only resist, smash the whole world and kill 80% of the people in the world, so that everyone can get real freedom. Let me translate for you these 4 heinous crimes that correspond to the real history and the world. 1 The heinous crimes committed by Japanese militarism in the past are a matter of predecessors and should not be borne by the current Japanese. 2 The emperor originally wanted the jade to break, but he unconditionally surrendered. No matter what he did before and whether he was selfish or not, he is a hero in the world. 3 Even if the Japanese no longer have an army and become American dogs, countries including China still have to force the Japanese to confess their previous crimes and are not satisfied with the concessions made by Japan. 4 Now the future of Japanese young people is very simple. Only when war is provoked, the world is broken, and a new order is created, the new Japanese can truly be free. The brilliance of this work lies in his hidden narrative and hidden expression of views. In front of the basement, humans fight against giants in pursuit of freedom. First, give the Eldia a preconceived and high profile image. After the diary, the Malay chapter resonates with the tragic character of Grisha, and then strengthens the Ai people by deliberately hating the fake Bila. The image of the victim. After all, giants or giants are just a piece of skin, and the essence is what I said. Now that Japan is not a country, the people see no hope, and the United States is nourished like a domestic animal. This is the fact and the status quo. Isayama created the reason for this result: Japan’s evil in World War II. Isayama created an interpretation of this reason: The Japanese nowadays have done no evil and should not bear the guilt of their predecessors. Isayama gave a solution to this problem: 1. Sterilization (peace) 2. Destruction (war) Isayama himself tended to 2 from the final understatement of 80% of the deaths, from the last Lu Zi’s badge, from The blood-stained Lenayani Pick and other good deaths can all see that a considerable number of Japanese think about reality: the right wing is the only way out. But I neither agree nor empathize.

7 months ago

When this ending first came out, I also felt that Isayama was washing the ground for the right wing. After discussing it with my friends, I changed my mind, because we felt that both sides could find suitable evidence from the works… I even doubt the giants now. The work itself is a kind of performance art of Jian Shan Chuang. He not only teases the readers, but also teasing politics. Everyone is caught in the head of his Jian Shan Chuang. In this performance art, Isayama was only the first person, but in the end it was caused by the belief that Isayama was the left wing of comrades, Isayama was the left wing of the class enemy, Isayama was the right wing of his comrades, and Isayama was the right wing of his comrades. It was done jointly by the right wing of the red elements. Even with changes in social and political trends, the mainstream interpretation of giants will also change, and Jian Shan Chuang only needs to soak in the hot springs and eat melons to watch the show. Being misunderstood is the fate of the expresser. Once a work is published, the interpretation is not restricted by the original author. That’s why it is said that philosophers see Yi, Taoists see licentiousness, talented scholars see lingering, revolutionaries see fullness, and gossipers see the secrets of the palace. What will be the next story? The flag formed by the Imperial Eagle and the Land Self-Defense Force flutters high. Below it will be 731, a gas chamber, Nanjing, and Auschwitz, the countless blood and tears of modern mankind. The story of Wei Li Luan Shen is over, and the story of mankind begins. If Isayama is not fishing, then my evaluation of him is that he satirized the fanaticism of right-wingers, criticized his tampering with history and brainwashing citizens, lacked in-depth criticism of the ruling class (King Fritz), and was invaded. The description of the suffering of the Chinese people is insufficient. Generally speaking, he is a kind-hearted but narrow-minded centrist, a good person who can unite. After talking about Isayama’s thoughts, let’s talk about the plot itself. I really don’t understand this ending. Even if he really wants to wash the ground for the right wing, I can think of several washing methods that are much more elegant than this one. For example, the Women’s Federation prevented Diming and was wiped out by the Malays. Then all the Eldia on and off the island were wiped out. When she was dying, the queen held her newly born child and said, “Sure enough, Alan That’s correct. How can you be free if you don’t slaughter all the people outside the island, regardless of men, women, and children?” Isn’t this more interesting than this trash ending, and it’s more for the right wing to wash the ground? If Isayama really thinks that the ending is good, he might as well change it to Ellen’s resurrection, and open a hot spring shop in Hiji Kuni with Mikasa, and disclose the address of his hot spring shop in the story and set it to Ai Li’s. The address of the hot spring shop, and then waiting for readers to shit. You have the freedom to hurt readers and open a hot spring shop. We have the freedom to go to your hot spring shop to shit. Everyone is born free. Look at this shit, how cute it is, because he is already in this world. Donate large intestines to Isayama! (These few sentences are the slogan of the magical “Giant”. There is no meaning to encourage netizens to shit. Please don’t misunderstand the little butler.)

7 months ago

6 The highest praise directly judges the right wing because of thinking too much. From the Marais chapter, Jian Shan hasn’t portrayed the thoughts and tendencies of political struggle at all. What this work wants to express is not the same thing that most readers want to see. Jian Shan Chuang said early that he would hurt the readers. From the perspective of this ending, the method of injury is still the irony he has always used. Come, think about it a little bit, what does Jianshan Creative want to express with this “reunion” ending? Excuse me, what is the basis for the per capita reunion of the Salvation Team? Based on Alan Yeager’s voluntary back-up and 80% of human beings slaughtered! Do you think that in the Salvation Team three years later, there are still people who miss Allen or feel that 80% of human beings have died unjustly? The first thing Kony thought was that his mother should be alive. What made him think was to have a sister. Reiner was still infatuated with the married queen, and the queen had fun holding the child on the bed. The commander who fought the genocide on the battlefield to the end received nothing except the tombstones and crippled bodies of his deceased comrades. Yani, who was heavily in debt, gained family affection and love. (Part of the description is taken from other respondents) This is actually a great irony of “victory”. The happy lives of many characters are based on 80% of human deaths and Allen’s suicidal behavior. The fanatical people on the island are also raising their guns to recreate Marais old militarism (a few sober people: Sasha’s parents, funny sisters have obviously different attitudes to this), and the world’s struggle never stops. The only person who is grateful to Allen is Almin, who also has a universalist tendency in his works. The only person who loves Allen is Mikasa, who will always be with Allen. Allen fulfilled his promise to the Salvation Squad 104, and finally succeeded in allowing them to live longer, and the human struggle will never stop. Allen doesn’t care about it, he just hopes that his friends will live well. Allen’s last bit of willfulness is that he doesn’t want Mikasa to marry another man for at least ten years. This ending is actually “emotional” rather than “story-directed”, the young tame and eternal god. Although all of them came to see Allen at the end of the 104th issue, it is undoubtedly that Young Tamer cares about Allen most. However, the interpretations and deviations of the enthusiastic readers are expected. Every month when a comic comes out, the major forums are caught in a war of words between the Yapai and Hanpai. The answer to the answer below is very well analyzed. What Jianshan Chuang wants to express is actually that simple and straightforward. The ending that Jianshan Chuang planned early is actually the ending of the world-related love that he wrote with reference to Gal GAME muluv. Even if this ending does not match the previously completed plot at all, he has to show that he has not forgotten his original intentions, and put this shit to the readers.

7 months ago

If the ending of the giant is really like this, then it is really a bad work after the groundbreaking. But I object to some of the imposing views in Gao Zan’s answer. (Some people say it ended hurriedly, but the fact is that the last words are already prepared and delivered ahead of schedule, so the author intentionally avoided any points that can polish and pave the way for the plot, meaning that this ending is a carefully cooked presentation. A pot of Ollie from the back end, there is no mistake.)

7 months ago

Let’s put the conclusion first: In the end, the story completely collapsed the plot of this comic, but it succeeded on a higher level. I’m not the kind of person who reads a manga dozens of times and then reads the details of analysis and research, and many people have said that the plot has a pit. So I say something else. The values ​​of the giant comic are created by JSC using the author’s power, cleverly designed perspectives and personal settings, and automatically brought readers to Eldia. For example, in the entire comic, has there been any mention of how Eldia enslaved and oppressed the people of other tribes (countries) during the two thousand years after gaining the power of giants? Have you seen Aldia from the perspective of other peoples? The first King Fritz digs his slaves casually, kills his slaves at any disagreement, and allows his daughter to swallow his mother. Such an inhumane beast, he treats his own people as such. What about the enemy? Even in the so-called inner-wall period, in order to reduce the food supply, the royal family deliberately launched a war against the wall with no chance of winning and killed 20% of the population. How can the so-called benevolence be seen? The people of the world have been ruled by this kind of things for two thousand years. Is it not normal that there is a sea of ​​blood and blood in their hearts? JSC deliberately portrayed the Malais as vile, arrogant and timid as a mouse. Not only did they only use Eldia’s giant power, but even the front-line fighters were all Eldia (think with ass) The Eldia have rebelled in this way). Then use the perspective of the Eldia in Marais to complain how shameless Marai is (of course, the actual controller of Marais is also a part of Eldia). This concealed the crimes against humanity committed by Aldia in two thousand years. This comic is pretty good-looking, but its three views are completely crooked into the bones. Therefore, although the final story is completely unrecognizable, it reveals the militarism and far-right ideology implied in this comic, so that most people can recognize that it is an outright anti-defeated comic and see its true face. At this level, the comics are successful.

7 months ago

1. The giant is not a comic with a serious historical view. Its basic setting is an overhead background. Under this setting, the default is “all history is contemporary history.” It is obviously abrupt to include history. Just like the word problem of “a pipe for storing water and a pipe for draining”, you should solve math problems instead of thinking “this is unreasonable”. 2. However, I believe that the first reason cannot be convinced by this friend, so consider these events: the war between the Huns and the Han, the Five Wushuanghua, the Jin-Meng-Song War…; the genocide of the Indians in North America, the Jews in World War II The time when… happened. You will find that regardless of the lapse of two thousand years or seventy years, the descendants of people who are in war can still feel the pain and shame firsthand. This is not something that can be prevaricated by the phrase “to look at historical issues from a modern perspective.” If we have to look at it from a modern perspective, then the modern concept of human rights was actually established after World War II, so what happened during and before World War II is included in history? This perspective itself is a far-right perspective, right? 3. The setting of the giant is from the beginning of two thousand years to the end of one hundred years ago. For a period of 1900 years, Aldia ruled and oppressed all the races of the world, and combined the wall for one hundred years. The post-royal clan still regards his own people as a grassy sect. It is conceivable what the people of all ethnic groups in the world have experienced during these thousand and nine hundred years. The incidents in Article 2 lasted only one or two hundred years, and they had already caused such a big impact, and it was a matter of one thousand nine hundred years. The so-called “humiliation of being imprisoned in a birdcage for a hundred years” by the Eldia are comparable to this? Do all you can to exaggerate the latter while ignoring the former, isn’t it the comic version of “You just lost a leg, Ziling lost her love”? 4. Tell a story, and you will understand why I am dissatisfied with this narrative. Country C is on the mainland. Country J is on the island. In a certain year, Country J gained strength and Country C became weak. So Country J launched a war against Country C and occupied it for 30 years. Finally, Country A retreated with the intervention of Country A. To my island. Country J made a no-war agreement and abolished its offensive army. However, while Country C was gradually recovering its vitality, it did not thank Country J for its termination at the time. Instead, it wanted to destroy Country J completely. Seventy years have passed, and country C is still aggressive, constantly provoking country J and even invading country J’s territory (island). At the same time, country C continues to suppress and criticize country J in the international arena, completely disregarding country J’s retreat. In turn, it has created more than 70 years of peace… Country J finally fought back, but this was all forced by Country C. Do you think country J is innocent? But what happened during the 30 years when country J occupied country C, why did you never mention it? Check this story and you will understand.

7 months ago

At the beginning, I said that this is where the mainland is on the opposite side of the island of militarism. Who is it that burned, killed, looted on the mainland, and then fled back to the island? On the island, the current Japan’s peace constitution was brainwashed to let them have no army (Self-Defense Force). The other side of the island has been re-promoting the war crimes of the Japanese in the past, making some Japanese think that they are guilty. The other side of the island has been stealing its own (giant’s) high-tech, and I want to see all the high-tech on the island. Finally, the people on the other side of the island were slaughtered, and the military system was rebuilt by himself. You have always looked down on the Propaganda Department, at least you have long seen that this film is a big problem, it was banned too timely, and the remaining giants would just blew themselves directly. It happened that the brother downstairs had the same opinion as me.

7 months ago

Ymir walked forward along the road, and Alan seemed to be guided by Ymir and followed him. At the end of the horizon, at the end of the road, is a withered old tree with a dark hole under it, with a faint suction. The ancestor Ymir was standing on the edge of the cave. The weird worm began to drill into the hole. Ymir didn’t say a word, but his expression seemed to signal Alan to follow the bug through the hole. Allen thought about it for a moment, then made up his mind and dived into the hole fearlessly. He followed the insects, crawling all the time, in the endless darkness, just listening to the sound of the insects ahead. Crawl slowly. “The cave is the answer to everything!” This is Alan’s will, for everyone, whether it is Pa Island, or Malai, or the peaceful future that everyone in the world is struggling to pursue! Allen, he, is the last forerunner in this world! On the other side of the hole, whether it is the world of gods or the hell of demons! We must cut off this cause and effect! ……I do not know how long it has been. Allen’s eyes are still pitch black, his heart is gaunt, his whole body strength is losing, and his speed slows down. Is it his home to be lost in the darkness? “No, I can’t fall down here.” The eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, and his hands and feet are getting numb. If there is anything supporting Alan to move forward at this time, it is his extraordinary will! “Damn, I can’t give up, please give me more strength.” He begged God. But in this chaos, there is no God. There is only the silent darkness and the rustling worms crawling. Just when he was exhausted, there was a bug cry in front of him, as if calling him. Allen struggled to raise his head, and there was a tiny spot of light in the distance. Even if this light spot, no matter how small and small, it is still dazzling in his deep eyes! “Exit!” Every cell in his body was trembling, as if a dry battery was activated by electricity, and power continued to flow into his body. People all over the world seemed to pray for his strength. Hope, this is the power of hope! The light spot is getting bigger and bigger, changing from a light particle to a light spot, from a light spot to a halo… the light thorn in front of me makes my eyes hard to open. Allen had to close his eyes, exhausted his last force, and moved his leg out of the cave with difficulty. Even through the eyelids, he could feel the light penetrating the bright red capillaries sting his eyes so much. But it’s warm. When he got used to it, he slowly opened his eyes. There is a white flat ground under his feet, with a slight smell of sawdust and wood pulp. Strange patterns are painted on the flat ground. The air was full of dampness and decay, like a basement covered with moss. A ball of light hung in the gloomy sky, spreading light around. There is nothing in front of it, but a vertical cliff. I don’t know how deep it is, but a huge wooden torii can be seen faintly below a few hundred meters. Alan, looking back, it was a huge yellow wall. There are various huge gray-white murals hanging on it. One of them was three soldiers-like men, facing Alan grinningly. One of the officers, holding a katana in his hand, was about to slash at a man who was tied with a rope. Beside the tied man, there was a disheveled woman lying on the side. The woman’s jacket had been stripped off halfway, revealing her body. The blood on her chest indicated that the woman had been dead for a while. The woman’s right hand direction. Three steps away, there was another woman. The boy who died lying on his stomach was about 3 years old in terms of height. In the lower corner of the mural, it reads “Nanjing, 1937, Captain Jianshan”. The other murals are similar. “Click!” There was a loud noise, as if something was being opened. “These poor country Nuo bugs, my dad saw one kill one back then.” A huge complaint came from Hong Zhong. Allen’s bones seemed to be fighting, and sweat came out of his forehead, and he clenched his fists. In the mist in the distance, a towering giant with a patched coat gradually appeared. His head almost touched the ball of light! His face is distorted and hideous, his eyes are like copper bells, deep and blood-red, and the fierce light is revealed! “When I finish drawing this cartoon and I have money, I will go to the Yasukuni Shrine to offer my father’s spiritual card.” The super giant said something. The sound was like thunder, making Allen who was hiding in the dark corner a headache. “Huh, a bookworm?” The giant stretched out his index finger and crushed the weird worm that he couldn’t avoid. “Bite out the holes in my drawing paper.” Alan looked at the weird worm that turned into a paste and covered his mouth. He almost called out. “I just bought Guiyue’s new fan.” The giant took out a pack of tissues from the drawer, then took out a stack of books full of Noko from his handbag, picked out one, and threw the rest into the corner. I am preparing to taste it with relish. “Waiting.”? what sound. The giant heard a strange noise. He followed the sound source and removed the book that had just been thrown in the corner. There was a vague pool of flesh and blood the size of one-third of a grain of rice under the book. “This is the dumbest mosquito I have ever seen.”…The pathway, next to the tree hole. Allen woke up abruptly, sweat soaked her whole body, “Is that the god who has been in charge of us?” “If it is, that is also an evil god!” Ymir looked at Allen and said nothing, she What I saw back then was such a haunting hell scene. No, we have to resist him, we have to create our own destiny. Pass this message to everyone, and give your heart to the community of all mankind!

7 months ago

What is the meaning of Histria’s pregnancy?
What happened to the weird worm in the end?
Why do you want Alan to direct Mom to eat?
The first point ruined the history of Ymir and Histria.
The second point is that even if it explodes in situ to a carrier to which the weird worm has no attachment, it is better than it is now, and the result is not explained directly.
The third point is that we must be disgusting everyone who can be done with strange things.

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