For the BYD brand, the deeper you understand it, the more you feel that this brand really does not lack good products. Every product on the table is a good product with leading technology, super performance and rich configuration, which will bring to car owners. The driving experience is also very good, but it is only known to those who have driven it. I think BYD should learn from those new car-building forces. Although it cooperates with OEMs that are far less than BYD’s quality, even if the product has not been seen yet, writing a few pages of beautiful PPT can blow the brand to an explosion. Easily capture the hearts of consumers. However, BYD doesn’t have this method. It is focused on technology and has always disdain to engage in these aggressive marketing. Therefore, everyone is also curious about why BYD’s products are so good, but some consumers are still not applauded? Although BYD products are good, they are only known to those who have used them. In an era of fierce market competition, the fragrance of wine is also afraid of deep alleys. I hope that BYD will increase its marketing efforts to enhance BYD’s brand influence and let more people see the benefits of BYD products. Let’s talk about my personal experience. Like me, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy Taiwan Qin. Many people say that I am so scared of money. Is it not good to buy a joint venture brand with hundreds of thousands of dollars? (Of course I won’t tell you that I chose BYD at the beginning. It was only because of the license problem that I had to choose a new energy vehicle, so I chose BYD, which is a passive consumer), but it was not until they tried to drive my Qin with a curious mentality that BYD was not in the legend. It’s so bad, of course, I have driven this car for so many years, and there really is no place for me to complain about it. My brother-in-law said at the beginning that we should not buy BYD. He said that the F3 bought by friends around me said that BYD is so bad. Although I tried my Qin, although he didn’t speak, he obviously felt embarrassed (maybe it was because he was slapped.) ?), how it looks like in June and July of this year, because of an accidental opportunity, in the 4S shop test-driving the new generation of BYD Tang, they happened to be changing cars, and the whole new generation of Tang got it without a word. In fact, the current situation of BYD is also a microcosm of China’s independent brand auto industry. The so-called “layman sees the excitement, insider sees the doorway”, not every consumer can choose products from a professional perspective, but judge by the brand halo product value. Our Chinese automobile industry has never lacked good products, but only influential brands. In response to the question asked by the subject of “I think BYD Han is a good car, but what should I do if the BYD brand is too low?” I don’t think there is anything to be entangled in this question. I have tried a good car but I really like it, then start, Han is Taiwanese A good car with both performance and price/performance ratio. You can’t go wrong with your eyes closed.

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6 months ago

I am the owner of a joint venture (Buick Regal 2015 1.6T top-fitting I bought in 2017), but I recently bought BYD. The direct reason for buying a car is Shanghai’s traffic restriction policy, and it is not allowed to enter the inner ring after May. Originally, I bought petrol trucks by auctioning license plates, but in January, 230,000 people grabbed more than 10,000 license plates. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t win the bid. After thinking about it, I chose a hybrid. Why not choose pure electricity? The first is safety. Such a large battery is still quite dangerous, and the safety management of the lithium battery power manager for our project is a major difficulty. The second is not to have mileage anxiety. When I saw gasoline cars before, I saw Audi A6, Q5, BMW 5 Series, X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Volvo XC60, Cadillac XT5. But because there is no license, you can only choose new energy. After seeing the hybrid of the Audi A6, the test drive feels good, much stronger than my Regal, the vision is very wide, the driving texture is also strong, and the rear row is also large. Disadvantages, the chassis is slightly harder and the tail box is too small. After seeing the A6 hybrid, I also learned about the hybrids of other joint venture cars, such as XC60, Tanyue, and Tiguan. Then, I saw BYD. First notice that they are all Han. There are really many Hans on the road, and parking lots are also common. I checked the Internet and the various configuration parameters are also amazing. But I needed an SUV, and then I saw Tang DM, 4.3 seconds. Hehe. Then go to the 4S store to see the car, test drive, order the car, and pick up the car (2021 Tang DM, 26.68W). The whole process did not take more than a week. On the way to book the car, my wife asked me, are you sure you want to buy this car? Won’t you regret it? I replied that this car satisfies all my needs for an SUV, except that it does not have an air suspension, and of course there are three words for BYD. I bought a BMW, maybe I need to add 100,000 more for this mark, but when I bought BYD, I just bought a car. In fact, human beings are inherently contradictory. For example, I have a need for face (luxury cars, such as BBA), a need for license plates (new energy), and performance (100 acceleration, etc.). But how can the world get the perfect law? At this time, you can only do subtraction, list all the needs, and then subtract what you can accept, and the rest is what you really need. Maybe I am still a pragmatic person in the end, hoping that domestic brands will flourish, and I also hope that my choice this time is right.

6 months ago

This problem reflects that BYD’s brand building needs to be strengthened. My own car is the first-generation BYD Tang, and I am generally satisfied with it after several years of use. When I buy a car, I pay more attention to the quality of the car itself, not to the brand. Coupled with the fact that BYD’s vertical integration model has always been optimistic, the BYD brand is even a plus for me. According to my personal observation, the number of young people who accept and agree with independent brands and new energy vehicle brands is also increasing. But it is undeniable that quite a lot of people have a great influence on the brand in their car purchase decisions. Two days ago, I knew that there was a question: Why can Tesla cut leeks with strength? In this regard, I personally believe that the key is: Tesla has successfully established a brand image through a series of bold innovations to create a more advanced three-electric system, unique driving assistance capabilities and other important differentiated selling points. In contrast to BYD, I said in a column article: In the era of fuel vehicles, BYD has continuously missed the two major dividend periods of the surge in China’s auto market and the rise of SUVs, which directly led to BYD’s long-term struggle in the second-tier of its own brand until it started to use new energy vehicles in the past two years. It has changed. BYD’s vertical integration strategy is considered successful, but blind diversification when capital is insufficient has also seriously dragged down the development of its main business. At the level of tactical execution, BYD failed to expand with low quality after its success in F3, and the burden of the photovoltaic business was superimposed, which severely damaged BYD’s financial status and brand image. By the time BYD gritted its teeth and survived the difficult time, it has missed the most vigorous growth period of the Chinese auto market. In the same period, first-line independent brands have entered a period of adjustment and accumulation after growth, and the technical level of fuel vehicles has made breakthroughs in various aspects. Later, they have grasped the dividends of SUVs with their keen market sense. Facing the tide of SUVs, BYD is faltering and struggling, and the few SUV models have not been updated for a long time. Until the Dynasty series of new energy models, BYD continues to make up for its shortcomings, and the dividend period of SUVs basically only eats a little tail. As far as the product is concerned, I personally think that Han is indeed a good car, and its recent sales have also hit record highs. On February 3, BYD released its sales data for January this year. The total sales volume was 42,401 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 68.44%; the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 20178 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 182.88%; BYD Han’s sales reached a new high of 12,103 vehicles, and the cumulative sales volume of Han’s entire series has exceeded 50,000 since its launch. In addition, Han EV sold 9,298 units, and Han DM sold 2,805 units. The sales ratio of higher-priced EV models is much higher than that of DM models, indicating that the average sales price of BYD Han cannot be underestimated. In my previous answer, I said that BYD Han’s sales have exceeded 10,000 consecutively in the past few months, which fully meets the expectations of BYD’s senior management. The key to the next step is whether the sales of the former Han can be stabilized in the subsequent mid-term facelift. But in any case, the continued increase in sales has reflected BYD Han’s impressive product strength. In the question, “I think BYD Han is a good car, but I feel that the BYD brand is too low.” In fact, I am not surprised at all. In the final analysis, BYD is still paying its debts for its negative brand image in the past. I even think that most of the public opinion on the entire Internet is positive about Han’s product strength, which has shown that BYD’s brand building has made great progress. In the early years, BYD’s construction of the Dynasty series was more difficult than it is now. For example, my own BYD Tang has been criticized for its slightly partial product strength. Compared to the majority of people now agreeing that Han is a good car, the first-generation Tang’s products have been questioned, and many people have even criticized them as “diversion of petrol and electricity” and “garbage for cheating subsidies.” When it was mentioned that BYD Tang was mentioned, the first reaction of many people was: “What? Spend more than 200,000 yuan to buy a BYD?” So, Han’s situation is much better now. It should be noted that the progress made in BYD’s brand building certainly includes the evolution of vehicle styling design and even the progress of the marketing system. But in the final analysis, the continuous research and development of the three-electric system and the perseverance and deep cultivation of the upstream of the industrial chain are the fundamental guarantee for the progress of BYD’s product strength and brand power. It is hoped that BYD in the future will persist in its dedication to technology, further exert its competitive advantages in vertical integration, and become the top giant of new energy vehicles in the world.

6 months ago

This is not simple. Buy a single-family villa for parking, and then buy a watch that is more expensive than a car to wear, so that others will only think that you are low-key and will not think you are LOW. Or you can change the NB license plate. A dozen or twenty years ago, we had a local tyrant with a family property of hundreds of millions (a few hundred million years ago). His wife drove an Audi A4, but the license plate was 000C, which was dazzling. At first glance, it looked like 0000, the traffic police had to hesitate for three minutes to record the violation. What he likes best is the jeep with a broken canvas roof. It has a military license, because this car can be parked illegally, but the military license seems to have been confiscated within two years of driving. I also like that kind of car, because when I was a child, I was prone to motion sickness, and I felt the most comfortable riding on all sides. When I was young, my parents asked me what kind of car I liked. I was referring to the bus because there were many windows. My mother said that this car is not for family use. What is your favorite car? I said that my favorite is the one without a roof. My mother hesitated and said, “You may not be able to buy a car without a roof in the future.” By the way, his family had a supercar in the 90s. This big, the most high-end car I’ve ever taken except for the high-speed rail. During the Chinese New Year, several parents made an appointment to eat at a certain restaurant. I walked there, and his wife drove a red supercar passing by and said to pass me over. I got into the car and found that the person was sitting backwards, 500 I’m going to faint when it’s not up to the rice, and quickly tell her that the air outside is good, and I still want to walk over. Now I see many people posing for photos with luxury cars. I regret that I didn’t rely on his Rolls-Royce to take one at the time. However, with my concept of cars back then, I might be sitting in the driver’s seat to take a photo. In a word, as long as you are not short of money and don’t think about LOW, there are always many ways to do it. what? You have no money? Don’t even have money to buy a watch? If the BYD brand is not LOW, as my mother said to me when I was a child: “You may not be able to afford this car.”

6 months ago

A certain leader of our unit, the owner of BYD Qin, would trot all the way to the parking lot when he returned to the unit. He would often remove the ice cream cone from the parking space. Every time he drove away, the security would put the ice cream cone back and wait until he came again. low? In terms of cars, the unit is a bunch of BBA, and BYD is low. But when it comes to people, it’s not low at all, and BBA owners have to ask for instructions before reporting. As long as people are not low, driving a low car is called low-key, driving a luxury car is called taste. If a person is low, driving a low car is called poor and sour, and driving a luxury car is called forcibly acting. Buy a good car? A car is a tool and nothing can be changed. 1: Buy a car for face or respect. This is indeed an unavoidable problem, but some people take it seriously and some people take it lightly. In most cases, it is whether you feel that you have face, whether you feel that you have been respected, and that you feel that having face can indeed improve your happiness. The key is to see if you can’t get through this heart, and it’s really cool to drive BYDhan; If you really can’t make it, then give up BYD, there are still many choices at the same price. However, most of the time a person lives in the circle of acquaintances, it is difficult to change one’s image and status in the circle of acquaintances through a single event. In layman’s terms, it is unrealistic to install a complete set of force to improve the standard, but the cost of installing a complete set of force will increase a lot. As for what strangers think of you, I don’t think it really matters, because it only accounts for a very small part of the scene in your life. As for what Zhiyou said, the security guard’s face is not good, the car is stopped by the security guard and so on. I think this kind of scene is more in the short video, and the probability of occurrence in life is extremely low, so low that it can be ignored. Anyway, I I haven’t seen it. 2: Buy a car to pick up girls. If picking up girls is the first need to buy a car, and you want to use the car as the core tool to attract girls, then don’t buy BYD. 3: The respondent provided too little information, but I think buying a car should consider two major aspects, and follow a principle: consider the ability, consider the needs, and meet the needs to the greatest extent possible within the scope of the ability. Don’t do things beyond your financial means, pretend to be cool for a while, pretend to be tired forever. Consider your core needs and potential needs before you make a decision. After all, for most people, buying a car is a super-large purchase. 4: Finally, I will talk about Han, I am also a Han car owner, currently driving a mileage of 1500KM, I am still very satisfied with the car. The main needs for buying a car at that time: 1. Take the kids out to play on weekends, 2. Daily commuting to and from get off work. Both are indeed used at present. Because of the license restriction, the tram was considered. At that time, it was mainly compared with Han and M3. To put the safety seat, the rear space requirements are high, so the M3 is decisively excluded (in fact, the M3 is excluded when it is so small on the road). I am indeed not a face-loving person, neither of my family, and BYD did not feel shameful when I drove out. I’m just a small person. What I care about is safe departure and safe arrival. What I care about is the baby being happy in the back row, not crying or making trouble. Whether BYD affects face, I have only encountered such a thing once. Department dinner, a colleague drives Toyota Corolla, I just bought BYD Han. The department intern told me in private: *Brother (me) still has to work hard (meaning that colleague drives Toyota, I drive BYD). After hearing this, I couldn’t laugh or cry. I felt that he had a deep misunderstanding of BYD Han. I didn’t feel shameless and didn’t explain it. The two sentences of Yinghe passed.

6 months ago

On the afternoon of March 17, the four-day maintenance was over. The old man finally went home and replaced a “two-way car power supply assembly”. The old parts were sent back to the manufacturer for troubleshooting. Logically speaking, even if the DC/DC converter of a hybrid vehicle is hung up, as long as the small battery that supplies power to the spark plug can still output normally, the vehicle should not be forced to speed limit. If the power is suddenly lost at high speed, it is very dangerous. It should be possible to continue driving with the traditional powertrain, but the power of the motor is lost. It is recommended that BYD modify the system fault tolerance strategy. Everyone is usually more tolerant of the quality of new energy vehicles, after all, they can be regarded as crab eaters. The quality of Han DM remains to be observed and experienced. As a car owner, I hope this article does not need to be updated again. After driving for more than a month, the face slap came, and I couldn’t wait for 315. On the afternoon of March 14th, the vehicle reported “low-voltage power supply system failure” during normal driving (EV+S), and the failure occurred after only a few seconds. It disappeared too late to take pictures, and the driving was still normal. After I drove another two kilometers to buy a dish, the fault light began to stay on, the vehicle power was limited, and the accelerator speed could not exceed 25 per hour. Fortunately, the 4S shop is very close to my home, biting the bullet and driving a double flash, the turtle moved quickly. Cut into HEV+S on the road, the engine can work, but the power is still limited. Plug in the computer in the 4S shop to check, report DCDC failure and LBMS low battery alarm. The repairman opened the hood, checked all the wiring harness connectors and battery voltage, but still could not be diagnosed, so the old man had to stay overnight in the store. Power limitation should be a serious quality problem second only to brake failure and loss of direction. It is also the first time I have suffered such a serious failure in so many years since I bought a car. Since the cause of the failure and the repair plan have not yet been clarified, let’s take a return patch of 300 yuan a day and wait and see. The Han DM beggar version on the premise of the Spring Festival is currently more than 500 kilometers away. Let me hand in a small homework and talk about why I bought BYD (mainly because of poverty). We have bought 6 cars before and after, all belonging to 6 brands. They are totally different and undisciplined. My dad took the lead in buying SAIC Roewe 550D 1.8T, then I bought Chery A3 2.0AT, and finally my wife’s Volkswagen Golf 1.4T. A few years later, I had two babies. I first replaced the Ford Sharp 2.7T, and then my dad replaced the Chevrolet Explorer 2.0T. This year, it’s not my wife’s turn to change cars. Let me talk about the value preservation rate and failure rate of these vehicles. The Roewe 550 has the lowest mileage when selling the car, the worst car condition, the central control button fades, the wiper occasionally fails, the navigation is lost by the 4S update, and the value retention rate is extremely low. Chery A3 has a better value retention rate than Roewe, and the car condition is much better. I have only replaced the blower due to abnormal noise in my hands for a few years. When selling a golf car, it is the one with the longest holding time, the longest kilometer and the highest residual value, which is more than the Chery A3 and Roewe 550 combined. In fact, this Golf has the most failures among several cars. The dry dual-clutch gearbox has reached the point of overhaul, and the response is far worse than when the car was lifted. Don’t want to start with a big throttle. When the front drive shaft oil seal leaked when 5W was more than 5W, an assembly was replaced. The central control all-in-one machine reports a fault code and cannot start when 6W is more than 6W, so take it to flash the machine and fix it. However, the brand belief of the public is added, and the second-hand market recognizes it. Because of the gradual tightening of the license restriction policy in Shanghai, I propose to use a pure electric Tesla model3 or BYD electric welding (Han EV) for the new car, especially the electric welding roof with 100 kilometers acceleration in only 3.9 seconds, and the configuration is high, which is coveted. After a test drive, the model3 chassis is not generally hard. The new single-pedal mode cannot be adjusted. The wife is a veteran driver of a petrol truck and is not accustomed to driving. I think Tesla’s dynamic response and control are really good and very direct. I hope that BYD will learn and develop a separate sports plus mode. After the test drive, my wife said it was easy to drive, but it must be mixed to avoid mileage anxiety. Since the basic equipment of Han is high enough, such as panoramic image, driving position ventilation, and active safety are all standard equipment, so we have always liked the top equipment for the first time we bought the beggar version. DM has been used in the BYD system for many years, and it must be mature enough, and 437 horsepower is also enough to buy food and pick up children. Let’s talk about the experience below. On the first night after picking up the car, I played the K song function in the car. My wife and children liked it very much and sang the battery for several kilometers. Later, the neighbor children also came to the car to sing on their birthdays, and directly changed their car purchase plan from Audi A4L to the same model as Han DM (have paid the deposit and wait to pick up the car), even the color and configuration are exactly the same (I personally think gray is the best Look). In general, this car is beautiful in appearance, large enough in size, high in configuration, good in power, accurate in voice recognition, sincere in materials, affordable in price, and heavy in weight. These are all advantages. The following slots are limited to the DM model. If you want to buy Denhan, please ignore all driving related parts. 0. Some people say that BYD’s brand value is negative one hundred thousand, and it is not enough to make a good face. Business is relatively taboo, which is understandable, but ordinary workers like us do not matter. BYD owners should think that they should give the brand a long face on their own, rather than let the brand give themselves extra points. 1. The interior wants to create a sense of luxury, but the force is too strong, so that some kills, such as the shape of the air outlet of the air conditioner, and various wood grains. I personally prefer the low-profile aluminum veneer. 2. Hev+Sport’s low-speed low-throttle has a slight intrusion, about 15km/h, as if the gearbox is connected, EV+Sport is silky smooth no matter how it is opened. I have only used these two modes, ECO has not tried it, and I do not plan to try it in the future. 3. The H+S speeds up very fast under high throttle, and the power output is a little bit paragraphic. The throttle response is between Tesla and petrol vehicles, more sensitive than petrol vehicles, but lacks the explosive power of Tesla’s start. The car will be more comfortable, but the driving will not feel comfortable enough. 4. In H+S mode (80% of my frequency of use), the tuning of the 6-speed gearbox is occasionally confusing. The battery is 91% remaining. When the vehicle is hot, about 10~15km/h, when the accelerator is completely released and the brake is completely released for a long time, the engine speed will sometimes remain between 1500~1900 rpm (it does not affect the driving, it is probably only me. This kind of turtle-hair car owners can only notice), and the speed does not decrease with the decrease of the vehicle speed, and the kinetic energy recovery is not activated. At this speed of a normal petrol car, the engine should be only a few hundred revolutions larger. I checked a section of the video specially, and it showed that the regeneration of GPF was not triggered. Since it is not generating electricity, the gearbox does not seem to be engaged. How about maintaining such a high speed from high? In addition, when overtaking and kicking down, there is one and only one case where the gearbox does not downshift, and the engine speed can only rise slowly. The reason is unknown and remains to be seen. 5. The air conditioner heats slowly. The Ruijie car basically gets hot after 2 minutes from the basement to the entrance of the community. If Han DM does not turn on electric heating or remote control preheating, it will take 20 minutes to drive the engine to generate heat. Only the above can be warmed up. To light up the little snowflake in the air conditioner interface (the icon design that tests logic) is to turn on the electric heating, which heats up very quickly. 6. Pure electric cars seem to be unable to maintain torque even when they pass the speed bump, and they will slip when the throttle is loosened. This is true for both Han DM and model3. 7. The brakes also have a sense of passage, and the connection between kinetic energy recovery and mechanical brakes can be optimized. 8. The driver’s vision is not good enough, the A-pillar blind zone is large, the brown center console will reflect light on the front glass, the exterior rearview mirror is too small and there is no double-curvature lens. 9. The reaction of the car and the machine is slow, especially when the panoramic image is used, it takes 2~3 seconds to come out, which is much slower than the panoramic image on the sharp world. This should not be the case. 10. The gear reaction is also slow. When P reaches R or D, it feels like the car has to think about life before going. The experience of cutting from D to P is great, and the engine stalls simply and neatly. 11. The Baidu navigation voice broadcast that comes with the car will occasionally break the sound. 12. The default dial seems to be an energy meter. Who wants to read this? The engine speed display is too small, and it seems impossible to check the water temperature. I personally like the dial to show the tire temperature and water temperature and speed…13. The texture of the chassis is better than I expected. It is comfortable and tough. It is good without encountering big pits. I heard that the performance of the elk is good. Although the front of the car does not respond quickly when turning, and pushing the head is more powerful when the throttle is high, it is itself a home positioning, so don’t be too demanding. At high speeds, it is much more stable than the Explorer. 14. The sound insulation in the car is good, the EV driving is quiet enough, the H+S noise is not loud, the engine sound at least sounds pretty good in the car, and the 4000 rpm sound line is much thinner than the 2.7V6. I think the NVH of the vehicle is not just about low decibels, but the noise is nice. If you step on the gas pedal deeply, it’s the young lady’s breathless breath, isn’t it very pleasing to the ear? 15. The stereo is very general, and the electronic flavor is strong. 16. The tire uses ContiSilent with built-in sponge to mute it. Isn’t it more fragrant for Xuewei to use ContiSeal for self-repairing? 17. For the National 6B, the exhaust head is plugged with the painful GPF (Gasoline Engine Particulate Filter), which not only affects horsepower, but also consumes fuel and is easy to block. It would be great if the shielding sensor can be removed by itself. 18. There are not enough physical buttons in the center console. The air conditioning adjustment depends on the tablet. It is very convenient to call Xiaodi to adjust it by voice, but usually the internal and external circulations are often cut to and fro. I am afraid that Xiaodi is too annoyed. It would be great if BYD could design a custom button on the steering wheel. Common functions can be cut in seconds. 19. This is the advantage. The DM car weighs 2 tons, and the electric welding is even heavier. Junior high school physics tells us that large objects take advantage of collisions. Nowadays, there are more and more electric vehicles running on the road, and the weight is unambiguous. If you don’t go out with a 2 ton, you are afraid that they can’t be rolled inside. I am more disgusted with a small number of new energy car owners who drive slowly. For example, energy recovery starts after 200 meters from the red light, and the following cars are not super or not. It is very uncomfortable. If you don’t drive online car hire, you need to control the cost. Please don’t just focus on saving electricity but delay the time and fuel consumption of other car owners. If I can’t control the energy recovery distance, I will consciously make up the accelerator when I see a car coming. In the sharp sector 2.7T urban area, there are about 13~14 fuel per 100 kilometers, the same vehicle weight, the same route and the same driving method, the Han DM meter shows about 8-9 fuel, I think it is already very good, this is the technology progress. The slot seems to have said a lot, but it is the deep responsibility of love. I’m looking forward to BYD launching high-end brands, such as the legendary 5m3 “yin” (name carefully!), the acceleration from 100 kilometers seems to be 3.X too, if the entire double wishbone can be overhangs, aluminum alloy Carbon fiber is as willing to stack materials as Xiaomi, and maybe I will replace the sharp world with it in two years, breaking the 3 to 3 balance between our joint venture and our own brand. Come on BYD!

6 months ago

I am not the owner of a Han car, but I am the owner of Song Pro DM. The car is actually not a brand. The brand is of course also important, but the brand is more to give a kind of self-confidence or confidence. If you recognize the car, then I think the product is not branded. It doesn’t matter, it means that you will recognize it whether others recognize it or not, and you will not care about others’ opinions. In addition, the brand relies on long-term construction. For now, it is impossible to establish a brand recognition that convinces the public in the short to medium term: bear the brunt of it. Zhao Changjiang, the sales director, does not change in this position, it is difficult to make a big improvement in brand building. Secondly, the quality of the staff of offline dealers and direct-operated stores, the store experience (in my case, at least two friends around me buy BYD, there are two people who don’t pour the water or watch the car. In addition, most people think that the Dynasty series needs to be split and rebuilt into the door face of BYD. It is said that it is now advancing the new force of learning and learning. Marketing, traditional car companies are not bad either. This time WEY rolled a few laps and fell down a 20-meter viaduct. I learned from the response of other people on the Great Wall. I looked at it as a comfortable old car owner and dog. I hope to cure this story. The reputation is built by the old car owner. It’s not very bright and slot points (I haven’t bought other cars, nor have I experienced the services of other car companies), but the car is a good car, and the technology is beyond doubt. If you ask me what to change for the next car, it’s BYD. As for the store, it’s just like that. The brand effect doesn’t work for me.

6 months ago

Hello, I am the owner of the 2016 Camry. Although I am a joint venture car owner, I now prefer domestic cars more and more. I am now very concerned about the new Song plus new energy on the dm-i platform. The first is the high-end appearance and high-end interior, which Camry can’t give me (note: mine is a 2016 car). The second is that only domestically-produced vehicles can meet the needs of 150,000 to 180,000 new energy vehicles, and that means that only BYD can meet the requirements. I usually commute 80km to and from work, and the gas bill is about 1,000 a month. It can be said that I am complaining. So I have been watching electric cars, and later discovered the battery life problem of electric cars in winter. I turned to the plug-in hybrid and thought it was a very suitable car for me. Electricity for short distances and oil for long distances. Previously, BYD’s plug-in hybrids were the most at 80km, and now it is 110 to 120, which is simply tailor-made for me. The price is changed to two fields, the same level of SUV, do not have to think about 100% + 250,000. Let’s talk about the interior. I’ve suddenly opened my mind recently. I spend 90% of my time in the car. Watching the videos of those driving Mercedes-Benz in Douyin, the elegant interior makes people think that driving is a kind of Enjoy, why did I give up so much for the sake of a brand? I think I still have to drive happily, and drive cool. This is the advice summarized by a driver with 5 years of driving experience. I think domestic cars are not low. In my heart, BYD’s Han is at the same level as A6, and at the same price, and it is not lost to the existence of E-class. Every time I saw Han passing by, I would give my wife Amway this car, passing by Wandali BYD’s booth, and taking my mother and wife to have a look. They all fell in love at first sight. I can’t see cheapness in it, all I see is sincerity. But having said that, the logo before BYD did pull my hips, but this has changed my outlook after BYD changed its new logo. I see that many people on the Internet continue to spray logos and fail. I think these people are really low and flat in the era. This is the current mainstream aesthetics. Does it have to be a pattern to look good? The simpler the more advanced it is. I personally think that the only thing that makes me think BYD brand low is probably the poor name. The second is the attitude of the dealer. The salesman at the Wanda booth will not say a word to you, but they follow closely. Behind you, his face is expressionless and even with some contempt. If he can’t say anything, he won’t say the second sentence. I want to adjust the seat and tell me that there is no electricity, and the conversation is over. Wouldn’t you tm plug in the key and turn on the electricity? I left decisively, thinking that I would have to go to the 4s shop next time, but I never went there because I wanted to change the car, but my wife didn’t allow it. I thought it was not worthwhile to add money, so I had to give up.

6 months ago

Where is it low? BYD, this is called Western style, Han, Qin, Tang, Song, this is called including ancient history and culture! The combination of the two, this is the name of the combination of Chinese and Western cultures! Isn’t Tesla just a foreigner’s name? What is Rolls Royce? What’s the meaning? What is Ferrari? What’s the meaning? BMW, Han Xue BMW? A bit of the moral of the battlefield hero. A bitten apple. Apple has a lot of meaning in the Bible or in the Western world, but in Chinese culture, it is nothing, similar to bananas and Sydney. But Xiaomi represents the prosperous years of Xiaomi plus rifles. Honda, in our culture, is nothing. Volkswagen, this is very simple. Yamaha, I don’t know the meaning of this, because it is a Japanese brand? Sony, Qualcomm, and MediaTek also have no meaning. I don’t know the meaning of BYD, but Sony, Rolls-Ross, Qualcomm, Yamaha, Honda, Volkswagen and other ghosts can become high-end and luxury representatives. Why is our BYD low? BYD Han, Han represents our ancient Han Dynasty! Doesn’t this name hit Honda? public? Yamaha? Sony these? Where is it low? How low is your ancient history and culture? Anyway, I think the brand names of Han, Qin and Song are very good! Hope it sells well abroad. Let them know that it is a Chinese brand car at a glance! We can also build a good car in China. Inside and out are China’s core technologies! Why use a foreign name, a brand of foreign culture is good? Our own brand is not good? There are a lot of videos at station b. Han is a good car, with shock absorption, wind noise, sunroofs can be closed, fast acceleration, and no exposure to the sun. These most important experience parameters are the Tesla edamame dumpling 3 million eight hundred and eighty. Thousands of miles away. After all, if the performance of the car is not good, it can be replaced by a mobile phone, connected to Bluetooth to listen to music, but if the shock absorption is not good, the wind noise is large, the sun is not sun-proof, and it is expensive, then I. . . . . . . No one in me discriminates against any other brand of car. Good brands such as Apple and Samsung will also have fraudulent mobile phones. Huawei also has pitted mobile phones, and big brands like Honda and Volkswagen also have pitted cars. Now BYD’s newly launched hybrid, as well as Han’s car, are really excellent. Han used the money to buy a beggar model3 to buy a high-end model! The current evaluation data of the hybrid car hits the joint-venture car at the same price, but it is not known whether the quality is stable. I don’t look down on Tesla, but look down on Tesla model3, let alone the workmanship. This car has small rear space, high wind noise, and poor shock absorption. Is it the level that a 30w car should have? The big skylight that everyone thinks is very cool will make you black when the sun is shining. The car becomes an oven! The most important thing is that BYD has a big killer and a blade battery. Anyway, I will never buy a ternary lithium battery car. What if I sleep in it or if my child is in it, I go out and burn for a few minutes ? Although the probability is small, once it happens, the consequences are disastrous. Maybe the probability is one in 10,000, one in 100,000, what if I am the hapless child? Why is it that such an excellent car, under such a domineering name by Han, is it still low? I don’t think it is low! I am extremely confident in our country’s excellent cheap and affordable products! On the contrary, I look down on people who use model 3, and people who use domestic cars.

6 months ago

The president loves and hates the BYD brand. What he loves is his charming models. BYD’s “Dynasty” series not only has a cool look and super performance, but also inherits the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The car logo of Chinese characters is a clear stream; the president admires BYD’s steadfast technology research. The blade battery and super hybrid DM-i all show their core technologies and can compete with foreign manufacturers. . What I hate is that BYD Kong has a good martial arts, but it is dragged down by the brand image of pulling the hips. It can only show 50% or 60% of the ten success, which is really regrettable. In 2020, BYD sold a total of 320,000 vehicles, which can only be ranked eighth among independent brands. The data is not very eye-catching. In addition to last year’s “top-tier” EV, BYD’s models are more capable of hitting. , Also the sales of the Song series can still be seen. 1. 2020 2020 is a year of tremendous increase in brand exposure for BYD. BYD has demonstrated its “king” strength in the field of new energy. BYD, which initially relied on the manufacture of batteries, has a profound technical background and has already laid out a development strategy for new energy vehicles. BYD launched the world’s first plug-in hybrid mass-produced car in 2008, but the price is as high as 150,000 yuan, and the expensive price has discouraged many small partners. The first-generation DM technology is fuel-efficient and has its own existence. Certain defects, this car has not been promoted. However, BYD did not lose confidence and continued to concentrate on researching technology. In 2014, BYD announced the “542” strategy at the Beijing Auto Show (5 means acceleration within 5 seconds from 100 kilometers, 4 means full-time electric four-wheel drive, 2 means fuel consumption per 100 kilometers 2 Within liters), redefine the new energy vehicle standards from the three dimensions of performance, safety and fuel consumption, reflecting BYD’s strong corporate confidence and deep electronic technology. Cars built in accordance with the “542” strategy must not only have super power performance , But also to ensure extremely low fuel consumption, of course, the price must be close to the people, this ambition of BYD has been realized one by one. The time has come to 2018. As a car company that can independently develop and manufacture “three electrics”, BYD has launched the e-platform, also known as the “33111” platform, to make the development of pure electric vehicles faster, lower cost, higher performance, and quality. better. These numbers mean: the first 3 is to drive 3 in 1 (high integration of the motor, motor controller, and transmission) to achieve a 17% increase in torque density, a 20% increase in power density, and a 33% reduction in total cost ; The second 3 is a high-voltage 3-in-1 (high integration of the DC-DC, charger and distribution box of the high-voltage system), which can be adapted to various battery voltage platforms; several ones are 1 PCB board and 1 Smart large screen (smart automatic rotating large screen equipped with DiLink system), a high-performance battery, models launched on this platform, such as Yuan EV, Qin Pro EV, etc., have good performance and cruising range. Energy consumption and weight are also reduced. BYD, which continues to work hard in the field of new energy, finally showed its muscles in 2020. First, at the end of March, it released a blade battery based on lithium iron phosphate technology. This battery has ultra-high safety and good cruising range. . After that, the first flagship model BYD Han EV equipped with blade batteries was launched, which hit the high-end electric vehicle market and faced the new forces of Tesla and domestic car-making. Han EV did not lose out at all. BYD’s strong momentum has not diminished until 2021, and it has released the super hybrid DM-i technology that may subvert the traditional fuel vehicle market. Among the three models, the Qin plus DM-i with a starting price of 107,800 yuan has attracted many attention. With a power loss of 3.8L and an acceleration time of less than 8 seconds, BYD once again surprised the world. 2. The Han EV is a good car BYD’s flagship electric car built by BYD’s all its high-quality resources. The Han EV definitely has the strength of a “king bomb”. It integrates all of BYD’s “black technology”, and the price range is 21.98-27.95 million yuan. I can also feel BYD’s sincerity, that is, I want to make friends with consumers. In appearance, the Han EV adopts the brand-new “Dragon Face” design language. The front face is more exquisite, with a sense of sight of a sports car. The full lines on both sides of the front are very powerful. A chrome strip runs through the headlights on both sides. The “Chinese” logo in the middle is very eye-catching and full of antiquity. Such a car is quite recognizable when driving out. Regardless of its appearance, it is also a top-notch existence. The interior of the Han EV also reflects BYD’s understanding of luxury quality. It is superior in terms of use and workmanship. The symmetrical design of the center console is harmonious and beautiful. The 10.58-inch center control screen has built-in BYD DiLink. The 3.0 intelligent system is more humane and more technological. In terms of configuration, Shanghan EV is also a crazy pile of materials. The drag coefficient of BYD Han EV is only 0.233, which can effectively reduce energy loss during high-speed driving. Han EV also uses the Bosch IPB brake control system, which can better recover energy and help ensure the cruising range. The blade battery was used in Han EV for the first time, with a battery capacity of 76.8kWh, which is extremely safe. The long-range version has a cruising range of up to 605 kilometers, with a zero-hundred acceleration time of 7.9 seconds, and a four-wheel drive high-performance model with a cruising range of 550 kilometers and a zero-hundred acceleration time of 3.9 seconds. Regardless of appearance, configuration, endurance or performance , Han EV has an international standard. In January 2021, it delivered 12,000 sales, and sold more than 10,000 for three consecutive months. It has become BYD’s sales responsibility and the best-selling high-end sedan in its own brand. . When you see a Han EV on the street, the president will stop paying attention. It is so handsome and cool, and I can’t help but look at it. If BYD’s brand image is taller, Han EV will be even more popular. 3. Improving the brand image is the key. Apart from caring about the cost-effectiveness of a car, ordinary people buy a car. Brand value is also an important factor in deciding whether to buy. After all, it costs more than 100,000 or 200,000 to buy such a large item and want to drive it out. It is also human nature to have face. Many people will think about buying a joint venture car even if the budget is only 100,000 yuan. From the bottom of their hearts, they feel that domestic cars are not up to the standard. This is also a problem that all independent brands will encounter. The premium ability of domestic cars is too poor. All have to rely on low prices to compete with joint venture brands. As mentioned in the previous article, BYD was the first manufacturer to produce batteries. The car was made halfway, and it was also the earliest imitation. What BYD F3 and F0 give people the impression that they are low-end products, and the quality of the car is not stable, giving the impression that It’s not very good. It belongs to the second-tier level in independent brands. Once such a view is formed, it is difficult to change. In the past few years, BYD has made continuous efforts in the field of new energy to gradually make consumers aware of BYD’s industry-leading strength, but it is a difficult task to enhance the brand image and value, and it will not be accomplished overnight. BYD’s logo is also a sub-item. The company’s initials “BYD” as the car logo is really simple and rude, without any high-end attributes. This is also one of the reasons why many people do not look down on BYD. There are also online Regarding the “BYD” joke, this makes many people feel that it is shameless to drive out. The Dynasty series launched by BYD, using Chinese characters as the car logo is a coup, with culture and style. Written at the end: Judging from BYD’s actions in recent years, the “Dynasty” series models are the focus of the development of auto companies and are also conducive to the establishment of a high-end brand image. However, consumer perceptions still need to slowly change. BYD has the technology and strength. The several models launched have already conquered some discerning consumers. The president feels that BYD’s development will get better and better, in the field of new energy. Continue to flex its muscles. If you like Han EV, you can consider starting, choose the one you like and let others talk about it. It is not ashamed to drive a domestic car.

6 months ago

At present, under the background of high housing prices, the car can no longer represent much, and the vain car owner has the courage to borrow money to buy a car under the flicker of the merchant. If you look at an S-Class Mercedes-Benz, don’t think he must be like that. Because you can drive away with a down payment of 200,000. In addition, there are many other benefits of making cars under the name of the company, second-hand luxury cars, and cars can no longer represent anything. Therefore, even if you buy a car that you think is not low, it does not mean that it is not low in the eyes of others. Look more at the news network. The protagonist’s clothes have a single color, and some don’t even have a logo. Are they low? Buffett drove Cadillac, Zuckerberg drove Fit (someone came and said that they were all fake, so I would be naive to believe in it. I should add, ①Even if it is fake, and fit is so low, Xiaozha still specially pretends to be low. Explain that the car can’t pull people down. ② Delete this paragraph and it doesn’t affect the meaning of the title. So, if you use these again, you can save it. Do you think they are low? Nowadays, whether people are low or not depends mainly on their own self-confidence. If a well-known person starts BYD, people will not think that he is low. Instead, they may think that he does not talk about ostentation, diligence and frugality. So let’s improve yourself. Don’t care about other people’s opinions. If you really want to prove that you are not low, show them ten real estate certificates.

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