What are the characteristics of such trap courses? How should ordinary people prevent and identify?
In December last year, Ms. Zhang in Beijing saw an advertisement that she could join the “Wealth Management Little White Camp” for only one dollar and learn financial management courses online.
Attracted by the article, plus a dollar is not too much, Ms. Zhang did not hesitate too much, quickly paid, and entered this financial knowledge learning course called “Ten Times School”. Ms. Zhang found that, unlike other online teaching, every student who enters the “financial management small white camp” must fill in personal information, including disposable monthly income, debt status, and three important wealth goals.
Through online courses, Ms. Zhang began to learn about financial management knowledge of stocks and funds. The teacher told her, “No matter what your current financial situation is, this will be the most valuable lesson in your life with regard to financial management and increasing income.”

For a period of time, I often received marketing calls recommending wealth management products, and I don’t know why I was really disgusted with such calls. As for me now, whenever someone calls the word “financial management”, I will have an instinctive emergency response and hang up without saying a word. I thought about it later. There are two main reasons. One is that I am a poor person and I don’t have much spare money. Second, I think I don’t have much money and investment skills. The ordinary life will become more and more prosperous. I bought a house last year and there was still a few days before the down payment. The banker tentatively asked me to buy their wealth management products. I almost didn’t suppress the anger in my heart. I thought, although it is indeed not easy to do business now, you can’t even let go of the list of these few days. But after thinking about it, it was not easy for everyone. He also tactfully refused to say anything for three meals a day. I used to feel dull. Until today, I saw the incident of “one yuan in financial management but was defrauded of nearly 10,000 yuan.” I once again confirmed that this kind of thing will definitely not happen to people like me who have excessive rejection of the word “financial management”. . I simply read the news reports and was stunned by this kind of fraudulent marketing. Isn’t this a MLM in disguise? First come to a small class, give you a sip of poisonous chicken soup to “get rid of poor people’s thinking”, “no matter what your current financial situation, about financial management to increase income, this will be the most valuable lesson in your life.” Let you taste a little bit more sweetness. After completing the “12-day “Financial Management Little White Camp”” project, after I have the illusion of improving my ability, the foreshadowing is over, start to slaughter, and upgrade the “8,000 yuan gold card member” . Then he put the money in his pocket, and people went to the empty building. Leave two lines of tears for the deceived. The reporter learned that even the “teacher” in class is learning the courseware, and every step of the scam is prepared in advance and has a corresponding “correct answer”. Reporter: Do you have a professional background in this area? A staff member of an online financial management class: I am also taking this class and studying. Reporter: It means that you are still studying while giving them lessons? A staff member of an online financial management department: It is the courseware given by the company, and then we just follow the lesson. You think that all the big coffees are teaching you, and the dreamers get rich overnight. In fact, they have set up a full set for a long time, and they can get the bait. They divided the trainees into “potential stocks” and “abandoned sons.” “Potential stocks” are well cultivated. “Abandoned sons” can’t even make money. Get up early and let go of them without wasting much energy. According to a report found by the reporter at the scene, the online financial management course of “ShiBei Xuetang” divides the users of “Xiaobaiying” into six levels. Among them, there will be a clear classification of whether the students have money and whether the available funds are above 8,000 yuan. And 8,000 yuan is the threshold to be able to participate in the follow-up courses, and it is also the key to the value of this “little white camp” student. To put it bluntly, in addition to the liar being too cunning, the greed of the human heart is still faintly at work. Investment needs to be cautious, and keeping your eyes open is the kingly way.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It exposed the big problem that people nowadays are getting lazy. In the beginning, people wanted to make money by selling their labor, so they recruited typists, with a daily settlement of one thousand characters and one hundred yuan. Later, people wanted to make money by selling their talents, so they wrote a seven-day crash course and made a thousand by submitting one article. Now, people want to make money with money, so you are Buffett in the one-dollar financial management class. In contrast, liars are more and more industrious. As for how to look at it, scammers will never disappear. The difference is nothing more than selling abduction today and selling cars tomorrow. The deceived people will never disappear. They will be deceived again and again. It’s not that they don’t think it may be a scam, but they always warn themselves: What if it is really true this time?

7 months ago

The so-called training financial institutions usually put out some very tempting words such as “1 yuan to learn financial management”, to show that you can come to me and you can get the most benefits with the least effort. The deceived person was caught by the training institutions just because he had this kind of greedy for petty and cheap, and wanted to take shortcuts to make quick money. The two values ​​went hand in hand. First, it uses attractive words to attract attention and catch the victim into a cage. Slowly brainwashing in the cage, and finally launched some advanced courses and other high registration fee courses to induce victims to pay. When the victim is immersed in the joy of getting high income immediately, they do not know that it has become a green leek. That is, to a large extent, it is because the deceived person’s mentality is not right that the training institution has the opportunity to cut leeks. If it is so evil, everyone can earn tens of thousands or even 100,000 million a month with this little money to learn things, then there will be no saying that 996 is a blessing, and there will be no college students inwardly scrolling. The graduate student is just a piece of academic paper for job interviews in the future. A person who is truly in a profiteering industry will never let you know what he is doing. A piece of cake is so big. If you eat one more bite, I will eat one less bite. Could it be that my conscience finds that I am worried about the country and the people alone and I will share the cake with me? This kind of scene is true, I dreamed it when I was a kid. In fact, it’s quite abusive. This old gameplay from many years ago is still believed by people. Don’t really expect these crooked channels. Study hard, work hard, enrich your leisure time, and correct your mentality is the right way to open your life.

7 months ago

Nothing to look at. One word: Greed. We have been educated since childhood that the “pie in the sky” thing is not reliable. But the truth is understood, but in real life, it is often blinded by greed, and it turns out to be the target of lawless or legal elements. Whether it’s this kind of financial management class, or various titles such as “easily lose weight”, “5 minutes of quantum reading a day,” “1 dime allows you to evolve from mentally retarded to Einstein”, they are essentially taking advantage of people’s greed And the speculative psychology of eating a fat man in one bite, and then enticing people to contribute more money unknowingly. Therefore, the enlightenment of such incidents is to never believe that there are so-called shortcuts. If the other party’s propaganda speaks of something that 99.999% of the world’s people can’t do as simpler than eating and drinking, then if you still believe it… let’s live an ordinary life honestly. Sometimes this has nothing to do with IQ, it’s purely uncontrollable greed. Unfortunately, the facts have proved that the greed of the heart cannot be overcome by reasoning, otherwise there will not be so many cases of gambling and ruining people and buying funds to the rooftops. For this reason, this type of scam for harvesting IQ tax has existed in the past, and it will happen today, and it will happen tomorrow. Change the title at best. Seeing this, if you panic and feel that you may not be able to control your desire to spend money, I strongly recommend that you regain your sexual desire instinct and hurry up to have a baby. At the very least, if the pension is defrauded in the future, can I still find someone to support it?

7 months ago

At first glance, I learned from Bank of China Crude Oil. The main reason is that the Bank of China Crude Oil claims to be the most suitable financial product for financial management. The user group, grandpa, aunt, college students, buy one to pay three, and are threatened to go to a credit investigation, pitting tens of billions of users, and also being fined 50 million, who is not jealous of the uncompromising business? In fact, these small video advertisements that teach you about financial management are full of our lives. On Douyin, browsers, headlines, Weibo, etc., there are beautiful names like cultivating your financial business, but in fact it is Lie you to spend money to buy their courses or services. It is said that survival within 8 hours, development outside 8 hours. More and more people realize the importance of sideline business and investment and financial management, and those scammers have caught the public’s psychology in order to get you in with ease. Everyone is eager to achieve financial freedom, but the road to financial freedom is full of thorns. Familiar things are free for the first few days, and then advanced learning. Some of them cost a lot of money at one time, and some are divided into several times. Just like entering the team to do typing and coding to make money several years ago, it shows 100-200, just Said that you can only do the lowest level, and then said that you can do it if you pay 400-500 to do the high-level. If you pay it, you can just change the shell.​

7 months ago

Eastern Buddhism believes that greed is the enemy of Buddhist practice and the root cause of all troubles. The West classifies greed as one of the seven deadly sins. You see, no matter the Easterners or Westerners, on this issue, everyone is their own. My heart-wrenching words are all written in the answer to the question above, and now I see this news, but I feel a sense of powerlessness. The threshold of this tm liar is too low. The knowledge that has just been heated up for two years pays for this pot of porridge, and now it falls into a large pile of mouse shit. I can already make up the picture: some people who are still hesitating whether to give up their bottom line and embark on the career path of a liar, after reading this news, they stubbed out the cigarette butts in their hands, and took a sip: “So many Tang Seng Meat, why don’t I have a bowl of soup?” So he resolutely chose the method of teaching people to get rich to get rich first. One of a hundred schools of thought, great p ian son.

7 months ago

I have actually participated in this kind of training for 1 yuan financial management. And I won’t say who recommended me, lest I won’t be able to answer. In the process link, there are indeed personal information to be filled in, including the sensitive question of [how much money do you use for financial management]. I have always been sensitive to data. How could it be true that I wrote a small number so that people would not ignore me. As for the courses, talking about some basic knowledge can make Xiaobai feel that he has met a great god. Some slogan-style sign-ins make people feel like they have returned to the world of sales. Post a few screenshots of the so-called rich wealth, how can we not let the Xiaobai people impulsive. Afterwards, the course was over, and the trainer invited me to open an account several times through private messages. It said that the handling fee was low, so what. Helplessly, I just didn’t want to be moved, and in the end it was nothing. In fact, I really want to say one thing – not only the financial management industry, but also various experts who do training, really know how to make a lot of money! How can such a good thing be told to outsiders? Does he think he makes too much money? ? There are only two possibilities: 1) It is cheating people to join and eats the commission of the franchisee; 2) It has really succeeded, but it may be luck, knowing that it is impossible to be successful like this all the time, it is better to collect money for training to last And surely win.

7 months ago

The universal concept is to resist the insider’s evaluation of the outsider. Even if you are the audience evaluating the program, the audience evaluating the song, the customer evaluating the product, or the diners evaluating the dishes, you will be discriminated against because of your qualifications. As professionals in the industry, controlling the audience is also one of their daily and abilities, which is the result of long-term experience. So they will think that they understand customers better than customers (audiences, customers,…). It is this arrogance and pride that allows them to maintain a consistent mode of operation. Not to mention 1 yuan to learn financial management. It is common to learn futures, foreign exchange, stocks, and various emerging financial products for free. Especially for some international leading trading platforms, those free introductory materials are beautifully done, and there are regular online teaching and simulation platforms. But after you experience it, you will find two problems: The information is relatively shallow, and it can’t let you fully understand what you want to do. It’s like someone tells you what a car is, the functions and principles of its surface parts, but you can’t drive it, let alone repair it. Those online public courses are not taught in universities, but more like pyramid schemes. When you really want to obtain financial investment-related information, the manager has already started bombarding sales through your registration information. When you don’t know anything, they will keep asking you to open an account and invest money in the account. The more the better. No one would joke about money. Investing in such a serious matter, without learning and simulation to gain enough sense of security, who would dare to do it with real swords? So in my opinion, these managers are too ugly to eat, and they are too anxious. I have talked about similar topics with the account manager of financial investment, and I suggest that I patiently help my clients build enough sense of security and trust, and don’t push my subordinates to sell. She just kept repeating the word “professional”. Only by maintaining a high temperature can the professional image be reflected and the trust of customers can be obtained. It is the professional practice of this business to push customers to spend money to do their best, and the effect is best. I can understand that what the platform earns is commission, and customers cannot guarantee the compensation itself, let alone their business. Increasing transaction volume is the core purpose. You are not letting the client learn something, it will never be learned. You just have to make them feel that they have learned it. I think I wouldn’t get caught in a darkened situation anyway, and other people shouldn’t either. So now everyone who is deceived is slapping me in the face.

7 months ago

Knowledge in this world is very simple. For example, the knowledge that “one dollar financial management is a fraud” is so simple that many people even disdain to write it. But when it is publicized, it will be of great benefit to the entire society. But the person who wrote it did not return. The propaganda person did not return. So gradually, everyone became indifferent. But fraudsters who promote “one dollar financial management” can get a lot of money through fraud. They can invest a little bit of money to buy advertisements and buy traffic. In contrast between the two parties, it is natural that the whole society is filled with false fraud knowledge. On the contrary, sincere, simple answers are rare. Just below this question now. There are a bunch of scam answers. There was a sigh.

7 months ago

Country is micro-comment | wake up! Those who dare to guarantee a high rate of return are liars and gentlemen who love money and take the right way. More and more people are willing to spend time, energy and even money to learn the tricks of making money, but recently there has been a case where one yuan of academic financial management was defrauded of nearly 10,000 yuan. For 7,999 yuan, you can learn the secret of an annualized rate of return greater than 15% from a so-called financial planner. Why can you encounter such a good thing? Why not be a star fund manager if a financial planner is so powerful? If there is such a coup, wouldn’t it be a bull market? After the three questions of the soul, please remember that whether it is financial products or financial training, as long as you dare to guarantee a high rate of return, it is a liar! (Reporter Xia Bin)

7 months ago

Today it is said that cases are released every day, but there are always people who are fooled every day. When I was eating at noon today, today’s statement was again talking about online fraud. My uncle said that some scams are so stupid that they are obvious at a glance. Why are people still fooled? This is a question worth thinking about. Obviously, these various scams capture the weakness of human nature. Everyone has different weaknesses. For example, the elderly are afraid of death, women are afraid of ugliness, children are afraid of stupidity, and men are afraid of weakness. Poor people want to be rich, bachelors want to get out of alone, and lonely people want to fall in love. Therefore, the elderly are deceived by selling health products, women are deceived by cosmetic surgery, parents of children are deceived by early education training, and singles are deceived by killing pigs. One Yuan Xue financial management was defrauded of nearly ten thousand yuan, obviously it is love to take advantage of small gains, but also want to get rich overnight and be deceived. It’s right to learn financial management, but if you want to get rich in a short period of time through financial management, it’s definitely impossible. It must be a liar to have such a teaching. Always remember: there is no pie in the sky. When encountering or facing such temptations, everyone should first ask themselves: Is there such a good thing? Does this match conform to common sense? If it is not in line with common sense, then why is there such a good thing? Am I capable enough to get such a good thing? Ask yourself a few more times, and it may not be so easy to be fooled.

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