The Cambridge History of War is a good book, and there are many details to refer to. Whether the Roman or Greek phalanx of the Eastern and Western armies, Daqin, or Japan, the archer (Mongolia), the javelin (Rome) break the formations -> the formations (Qi Jiguang Mandarin Duck array, Greek phalanx, Roman phalanx), cavalry break everything Skirmish. Otherwise, what is meant by “stretch soldiers”, no matter how “Japanese people are good at jumping” or with sharp blades, it is useless to run into a standard army formation, not to mention that there are crossbowmen in the pile and throwing cold arrows on the shoulder of the gunner. There is no room for detours in the battlefield, and it relies on courage and strength, and trust in comrades-in-arms. The gap in the ordinary battlefield must be quickly filled, otherwise it will be catastrophic: the Roman legion has a short sword, and the metal craftsmanship at that time is very poor. It is not reliable to use a long sword, but it is squeezed into one or two by a shield. Going to the opposite gun array is like cutting melons and vegetables. The original words of the Cambridge war history are: many veterans have witnessed the power of Roman daggers, and they have severed their limbs and flew across, which is frightening. The era of the military formation was still very advantageous for skirmishers until the “queuing to shoot” era of line infantry. The army was strictly disciplined and didn’t dodge until the face was shot, and the army that was particularly brave and bayonet was the most fierce army. In the First World War, Germany had machine guns, and the British lined up to send tens of thousands of talents a day to the end. There is room for swordsmanship and spear skills in street fighting and architectural competition, or there is temptation, but in most cases, the number of people, equipment, and environment are not equal, and the battle will soon break the balance and resolve the battle. In the battle between battle formations and battle formations, most of the time the purpose is not to kill on the spot, but to break the formation, break up the formed ancient troops into skirmishers, and then hunt these remnants like animals, or catch or kill them. Consolidate the results. It is rare to see battles that slaughter tens of thousands of people in a day and a half, and as long as they appear, they will basically go down in history. Most of the ancient armies came from strong men. Even self-employed professional soldiers did not have a strong will to fight at a loss. The reason for the last person in the battle was usually one of the following reasons: either because of the backwaters or the inability to retreat in Wengcheng. To retreat, refer to the case of Carthage besieging the Roman legion, or the case of Han Xin binding the fate of the general and the soldier in a last fight. Generally speaking, Bingbing, HEMA and the like are more similar to the duel between swordsmen. It is not a confrontation between armies, and it is not the same thing at all.


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6 months ago

Not to mention ancient times, even in modern times, people were especially careful about temptation when queuing to shoot. Let me talk about the cold knowledge of queuing to shoot. There was no smokeless gunpowder in the past, so after a row of volleys, the smoke will affect the line of sight, so an effective first volley is very important. The shots fired too early or the bullets flew past. The top of the person’s head, or hit the ground. Therefore, the British red shirts’ tactics are to advance, make a fake action of firing, lead the opponent to shoot first, then advance, enter the effective killing range, a round of volleys to destroy the opponent, the British are known for their tenacity and can tolerate the opponent. Two or three volleys were fired. Although “Patriot” is a great drama, but the British people were beaten first and then shot. The tactic of the Roman era was that if both sides collided with each other, it was a failure. The Romans usually try to get the opponent to remove the shield, usually the short spear throws three rounds, so even if the enemy’s shield blocks the short spear, it will be scrapped, and it can only be thrown away, and then collide with the Roman sword and shield. . The Romans had a very good way to determine the effective range of the short spear. Rome would bring the sling, the sling that killed the giant Glia. Generally, experienced slings can determine whether the enemy is the enemy or not by throwing a few rounds. Go to the shooting range of the short spear.

6 months ago

They will test each other. Unless the morale and strength of the two sides are too far apart, a mindless charge will kill the enemy 1,000 and lose 800, and may even be defeated by the opponent inexplicably. Therefore, two armies of similar strength must seize a favorable position from the beginning of the formation. They can occupy a condescending hillside or protect their flanking river, and even the favorable position of the sun and the wind is the goal of the two sides. In the process of approaching each other, both parties must try to outflank each other’s flanks while avoiding being outflanked by each other. Both parties constantly adjust their positions like fighters on the ring. After the battle, first use long-range projected weapons to harass each other, and see whether the opponent’s flag will make the movement easy, and then send troops to squeeze each other. If the battle is unfavorable, send the second battalion forward to replace the first battalion. After regrouping and adjusting for a while, they will go into battle, and it will go back and forth until the opponent’s movement becomes flawed. After the flaw appears, the match point occurs, and both sides will go to the loophole area to fill up their forces. At this time, the battle rhythm reaches the most intense, and both sides will do their best to mobilize the reserve team to withstand the front line or use the troops that have completed the outflank to flanking each other. When both sides have run out of backhands, the outcome of the next battle depends on who completes the transfer first. If the reinforcements of the vulnerable side arrive first, they can continue to fight. The attacking side’s outflank will cause a breakthrough if it arrives first. After the breakthrough, the vulnerability area The army will be divided and surrounded by enemies on all sides. Soldiers will feel that the general situation is gone and lose their will to fight and begin to rout. This army will eventually disintegrate, and the army next to it will also be divided and surrounded after losing the cover of its comrades, and it will also begin to disintegrate. One infection caused a large-scale chaos, and at the same time panic spread, the morale of the whole army plummeted and the army became distracted and finally the whole army collapsed. At this point, this army can no longer form an effective organization to resist. It will only hand over its back to the opponent during the rout and let the opponent slaughter. This link is also the link that really caused a lot of deaths and injuries in the cold weapon era.

6 months ago

The combination of the two. You need to know that the army wears armor. Generally speaking, helmets, breastplates, wrist guards, and three-piece suits are available. Then the simple helmet and shield. I also think that being simple is nothing but cannon fodder without much value, and there is no discussion point. What does this mean? 1. There are very few attack routes. 2. The fault tolerance rate is very high. Therefore, temptation tends to become short and extensive. The action becomes more direct. The attack efficiency becomes lower. The importance of physical strength has risen. But it doesn’t mean that skills are useless. In fact, the effects of skills are magnified. It’s just that the way of expression has changed, and it’s no longer so ornamental.

6 months ago

If it has been hand-to-hand, the military formations of the two sides have been mixed up, and there is no way to test. After this period of time, it is mainly to hold shields and push each other to try to break through the opponent’s formation. Both sides squeeze face to face and even the space for normal swordsmanship. It’s not bad that there are a few queuing friends pushing you to stand still. It’s ugly. It’s ugly. It’s so admirable. There are occasional unlucky people who are squeezed out of their phalanx. They are stabbed to death by a group of people with various weapons. The temptation in the time is mainly the long-range and cavalry phases often tirelessly changing back and forth. For example, the cavalry charge has never been like a wave in the movie, but rushes in front of you. If you are not scared to disperse the cavalry, then the cavalry will slow down. Turn around and re-compose and charge again and again. Sometimes it can be tossing for a whole day without contacting you. It is to make you mentality. If the training is not good, the mentality will collapse long ago. For example, I can make the cavalry move to the flank. The way the deputy wants to outflank you makes you have to increase your troops on the flanks and wait for your camp to be chaotic. Hey, my cavalry is back. Hey, I’m going to outflank you again. Tossing back and forth depends on whose line is chaotic first.

6 months ago

If it’s a big battle, when the battle of the Cold Weapon Era is fought, there is no room for you to test each other. Basically, it is crowded. The more elite troops are likely to maintain the formation. This can be achieved through the rotation of the front and back teams. Maintain combat power (such as the beginning of the American drama “Rome”). The less-skilled troops may be defeated by the elites. If you encounter the opponents of the same level, the formation will be disrupted when the opponents meet each other. The enemy and the enemy will get mixed together to form a melee. At this time, if you have anything in your hand, you will desperately fight. It’s fortunate that you didn’t hurt the friendly army by mistake. There is no way to try each other (such as the beginning of Chen Kexin’s movie “To Ming Zhuang”). but! Regardless of ancient and modern times, smart people try to avoid hand-to-hand combat. What is the nature of war is to send the strongest possible attack power to the weakest place of the enemy at the farthest possible distance. It is stupid to throw fists face to face and fight each other. That’s why there is a wooden stick dagger. The wooden stick is not strong enough and the dagger is not long enough to deliver. Then tie a spear to make a spear and develop it as a halberd and beryllium spear. It was not enough, there was a bow and arrow, a powerful crossbow, a catapult, and then a musket, machine gun, cannon, and missile drone. Infantry’s physical strength is limited and can’t run far. What if there is a bottleneck in the delivery of attack power, engage in cavalry, engage in chariots, take the train in the steam age, and later become the armored tank aircraft with gasoline and diesel engines, which allows you to deliver attacks at longer distances. The force has been until now in the era of strategic missiles.

6 months ago

They all fought each other! Surely chop it to death! Don’t chop, keep it for the New Year? You must maintain a good formation when you chop, after all, it’s a team fight, and being alone = death. Fighting in ancient times was actually very simple, using terrain or city walls. Good food and grass, wait for you to do me! When you finally climb up, or run over, you will beat you up with multiple advantages! So investigation is very important! There is only one life, and adults understand that if you don’t do it, you must win! Therefore, fighting in ancient times was like playing chess. First find a dangerous point and set up camp. Investigate the other party and make sure that there is nothing wrong with your food route! Constant investigation, investigation, constant bribery, against the opposite person, constant harassment, find the weak link on the opposite side, and send elite soldiers to fight! It’s like the battle of Guandu. Find a granary and burn it in the middle of the night. It’s like the battle of Feishui, where the rumors are spread first, the front loses, and the people behind run away! Just like the battle of Pengcheng, Xiang Yu was surprised and attacked the city to the west. Liu Bang was defeated! Therefore, before the real decisive battle came, they were all lined up to find bugs with each other. It is really short-handed, and it must be because one side is sure of victory, or someone forcibly opens a group on a high ground, and the opposite side has to take it! In ancient times, wars, in summary, were mainly about mentality ~ mentality was actually morale ~ morale collapsed, and then defeated.

6 months ago

It’s impossible to smash in short-handed combat. Generally, you should take two stabs to ensure that the opponent has no fighting capacity and go to the next one. Unless there is a big gap between the numbers of the two sides, there will be no time to smash people. It is very difficult to attack twice from the position. Generally, when you attack to the point where the opponent is unable to fight, you will find the next one. You can help your teammates on the battlefield. After all, it is a coordinated battle, not a ring.

6 months ago

The main force is the four-to-five-meter long spears squeezed into a dense array. The array may be mixed with swords, shields, broadswords and halberds and other combat soldiers are looking for gaps to rush forward, and there are two sides of the two wings who are fighting wits and brave knights. How many positions do you think you have to move around? With an order, everyone should follow the captain and the top of the flag. The deputy captain and the military judge squashed behind the team, destroying the formation and rectifying the law on the spot. This is just a box of hundreds of people. There are hundreds of squares like yours around. Everyone should be a ruthless propulsion machine before the formation is structurally damaged. In a well-matched battle, all the squares on the same surface of the two sides will exchange blood until the cavalry on one side decides the victory and takes advantage of the situation. After copying and lateral attack, or a certain square on the front was penetrated and then the second-line reserve team was also penetrated and then the enemy was punctured from the front.

6 months ago

The cold weapon era is not too far away from us, and there is still a lot of information left. At that time, war was not so much passion, but more work, in fact, it is the same now. Just like the current preparations for the battle, after the two sides met, each set up a battalion, and then a large number of small-scale pre-order battles with each other. Sometimes it was a reconnaissance unit, sometimes a logistics unit, sometimes it spread out quickly after the fight, and sometimes it continued to add more fuel. Big. This kind of small-scale encounter, with few people and a complicated environment, is really comparable to fighting among the world. Li Zicheng was actually killed by a dung fork in this situation. Afterwards, the army array battles, usually close in line, and the melee ends. Both sides strive to withdraw the troops that have fallen into the melee and use a complete formation to top them. This is still the same today. Only when the array collides, it is brainless, other times personal skills are more important

6 months ago

In legion battles, there will be situations where there will be collisions and substitutions with arms. But this is from the visual point of view of the game, in fact, the battlefield situation is much more complicated. General army operations will match different arms. There are common soldiers such as footmen, crossbowmen, and even catapults. Under normal circumstances, if the strength is equal, the short arm is handed over, and the light cavalry is stuck in a stalemate, the light cavalry will use its mobility to move to the side, use crossbows and javelins to destroy the enemy’s camp, and the swordsman will find gaps to penetrate. Of course, there is also a situation where the types of arms are asymmetrical. For example, if an infantry is facing a cavalry, the cavalry will use the mobile ability to use long-range weapons to consume the enemy’s active force, and finally give a heavy blow when the enemy’s formation is defeated. The case is Mongolian cavalry. The spearmen are also soldiers, and they won’t be consumed in vain.

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