Because it meets the human brain’s desire for cognition of the body. Different from the extension of the power of ordinary humans (animals), but at the same time retaining the highest charm (sexual attraction) of the human body, on the one hand, our rationality is very eager for the extension of “control”, which is commonly known as the second element. Desire for power”. For example, when a man sees an excavator or an armored vehicle, he can’t walk. An excavator, men from 8 to 80 years old on the road are all onlookers, and a very small number of women are because of the male’s ability to influence the environment (strength extension) The sensitivity of women is higher than that of women. Are you a worker bee? Strength is very important. So those structures that can have an impact on the environment, structures with special functions, you all like to see them. So we humans like armor, exoskeleton, transformations, and fit machines—it hasn’t changed since ancient times. It strengthens your fragile limbs. Give you a shell that matches your swelling soul. You who are wearing armor are what you really want to look like. It is not a weak chicken that can be solved by a single bullet. Why is fitness addictive? When you look at the arm in the mirror, you are hard. why? Because you desire control, you are not satisfied with your physical ability. You long for another “body”. At the same time, just like women like skirts, they emphasize their gentle extension. Secondly, on the other hand, the human brain is based on animals after all. When it comes to the evolution of the body, sexual motivation cannot be lost. For example: I now turn you into an invincible metal pros and cons. You are invincible in the world, are you willing? Do you think you are attractive after evolution? There is no-because it is non-human, it breaks away from the level of human desire as an animal, without the “human flavor”, the charm will be greatly reduced. For example, we all love watching alien monsters fight special forces. Who loves to watch high-dimensional consciousness creatures fight against silicon-based lives that look like crystal pillars? Look at that stuff. The energy floated around, crackled, broken, and finished. what? Right, you are still an animal, so the charm of attracting animals cannot be separated from the category of animal instincts. Sexual charm is the animal world, universal, the strongest sense of motivation (attraction). As a result, the bikini armor/machine girl “naked girl” appeared. She took care of satisfying our desire for both rationality and sensibility. On the rational side, it gave us powerful control by re-creating the body shells for combat. This woman is wearing armor and holding an epee, fully powerful and invincible. It satisfies our desire to “remove and control the environment”, and is the body reflected by the soul, not the distribution of nature. In terms of sensibility, it retains the most important “sexual charm” of animals, such as the chest, waist, groin and buttocks. So that a “non-human” desire transformation body will always have “the most important sexual charm in the charm of animals” instead of being a super metal cube. Powerful but has nothing to do with animals. Finally-why is it a naked girl in a battle armor, but not a naked man in a battle armor? From a male point of view, in fact, the purely exposed body “is not enough to satisfy men’s desire for body evolution”. A main character is a muscular man with a fit. Men only think, OK, okay, pretty cool. That’s all. But if it is a completely transformed “humanoid monster”, such as Kamen Rider, Reproductive Armor, Iron Man, etc., it is stronger than muscles and more devastating-it is obviously not a human anymore, and males have more expansive desires. Will be satisfied, that’s right. Men, more hope that they “completely change.” And the female character, as this “naked armor” state, is the most perfect-why? Because male consumers want to conquer her. If the female character’s sexual charm is not exposed, and you are also covered by mechas and leather jackets, wouldn’t it be a “fuck”? Two powerful “human-shaped” bodies get together, what the hell. Isn’t this just getting involved? No, sexual attraction itself has a conquering element. Therefore, as a “prey”, women must expose their “sexual charm” in order to have “setting value”. For example, you see, the “transformed and evolved body” that represents a male, in fact, sometimes does not completely reproduce the appearance of a fit human. It just needs to be a human figure. Don’t be too particular about other things. But the “female evolutionary body” is 100%, without exception, even if it is a pure female robot, a biochemical monster. It also retains the complete appearance of female sexual attraction and the outline of sexual charm. There is no “mutated and evolved” female character that loses sexual characteristics. No. Although this is not a female boxing. However, in fantasy themes, women… just want to be conquered, to satisfy male readers, chase, and possess desires. (Male readers don’t engage in fundamentals, so female variants cannot be separated from sexual characteristics). But it must also be distinguished from the natural female body of “pure flesh toilet”. It must be as beautiful as a male body extending desire (a combination of rationality and sensibility). Therefore, you, a female character, should be someone who has sexual characteristics and is detached from the concept of the human body at the same time. Among them, the most normal and relatively invariant structure is the Naked Girl of War Armor (the swimsuit is only for publication). SO. Yes, if humans are allowed to determine the appearance, it is estimated that the trunk retains the characteristics, but the exoskeletal appearance of the insects on the hands and feet.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

And this bikini problem is a classic case in the game creator’s tutorial. “100 Principles of Game Design”-Principle 62, Pathways to Addiction. …In fact, we are proud of developing addictive games. …How do we get addicted? … The behaviors that humans exhibit for pleasure are usually closely related to their survival needs: eating, socializing, and sex. These behaviors stimulate addictive pathways in the brain (see Principle 49, the method of attracting attention)-Principle 49, the method of attracting attention. …The first is sex. Usually, the women in the game are designed to be super sexy, so that the player can focus on a specific thing. … This conventional practice is often used in the game market and in the game itself. Women’s armor is not like armor at all, but more like underwear. …Rather, it is for a beautiful and sexy visual experience. Not much to say, the tutorial is like that.

6 months ago

People who are looking for realism in a fictional world must have a problem with their brains. jpg I have a nonsense explanation. In fantasy combat, defense relies on shields. The shields are inspired by the character’s magic and spiritual power. The defense equipment is actually similar to a magic amplifier. However, when characters use magic power, they will inevitably generate heat. Ordinary people who exercise vigorously will get very hot. Moreover, the masters of these nuclear bombs who use their hands at all times must generate extremely scary heat, so heat dissipation must be considered. Refer to the engine. After long-term development, there are two schools of equipment heat dissipation: independent heat dissipation type with built-in radiator type independent heat dissipation: reduce the coverage area of ​​equipment and increase the contact area between the human body and the outside world to better heat dissipation. Advantages: light weight, flexible and beautiful. It is the first choice for most female characters. Or assassins, thieves and other highly flexible careers preferred. Disadvantages: exposure is not easy to pass, and the thickness of the shield will definitely be weakened. Built-in heat dissipation: the whole body is covered with armor, and a radiator is set in the armor. It moves forward and out to form an air duct to increase air convection and improve heat dissipation. Advantages: The shield is thick, safe and reliable, and is the first choice for most fighter roles. Disadvantages: heavy weight and unsightly. In summary, this is just a choice between two genres. Pursue lightness, flexibility, and beauty, choose independent heat dissipation type. In pursuit of safety and reliability, thick armor, choose the built-in heat dissipation type. Just like when you buy a car and choose naturally aspirated and turbocharged, it’s your own choice, and it has nothing to do with the fact that the audience are all LSPs. I probably have a problem with my mind too!

6 months ago

Ah, isn’t it obvious? Use pornography to create selling points and attract male groups. Regardless of their age and figure, the women in the game are indifferent or unrestrained. They are set to be a solemn and elegant queen or a warlike female general. You can see them appearing in tights, short skirts, bikinis, and low-cut dresses. It has become a common phenomenon to put a short skirt in the armor (be like the picture) even if it is necessary to fight. You wouldn’t ask why girls in the two-dimensional mobile game wear so little when they fight, it’s just that because many men eat this set, the merchants just like it.

6 months ago

What are you talking about? Wearing clothes in battle will bring you huge flaws. All the fabric on your body will become an obstacle to you in hand-to-hand combat, especially the top clothes will increase the force point on your body. The opponent can pull The way of clothes causes you huge flaws. Once the tops are caught in the neck, it is very easy to cause suffocation. Therefore, the best combat wear for close hand-to-hand combat is to wear nothing but women’s upper body without wearing anything is obviously unable to pass. So in artistic creation, most of the artists who made a compromise chose bikinis. In fact, men basically never wear tops in hand-to-hand combat. The new generation of hot clothes lovers also have few illustrations that men wear. Wearing a piece of cloth on the chest does not mean anything against women. Therefore, the subject is just simple and rare. It is strange that women have not been the main body of combat since ancient times. Women’s combat dresses are all changed from the bad equipment of our men…

6 months ago

This has nothing to do with animation and gender. Fights should not wear clothes. On the one hand, if the clothes are tight, or the other party pulls the clothes, it will greatly restrict activities. Fighting is another strenuous exercise. It is easy to get hot and uncomfortable when wearing clothes. On the other hand, fighting depends entirely on the body, so it is natural to wear clothes to show the beauty and strength of the body.

6 months ago

Mei Zhai. Practicality? Asking is magic! No, I didn’t mean to say that I shouldn’t be charming. The thing of Meizhai is “I can do it again!” if you are good to be charming, and if you are not good enough, it is the collapse of a person’s setting + the toes buckle out of three rooms and one living room. I mean, can you give a male character more of that-a kind of armor? It doesn’t have to be armor, anyway, it is the kind of handsome, fancy, and exciting element that the female fat house loves to watch. As for the practicality of the bells and whistles, it is not a matter of the screenwriter.

6 months ago

No, if the Japanese ACG wants to talk about proportions, it must be school uniforms and dresses. Bikini is probably not as good as cheongsam. Why design special costumes for combat forms, because the battle scene is the climax of the story conflict, the core of the plot, as a visual art, it is not possible to make a breakthrough on the screen? Fortunately, humans can only change their clothes. If the robot fights, the old robots will give you directly. If it is more than cooking, you need to wear a special chef’s uniform. If it is a race horse, there is a decisive uniform. Pokemon and Rainbow Pony that don’t wear much clothes also have to be transformed. As for why it is a bikini, the author and the market think it looks good. Whatever the actual effect is talked about, none of the one hundred anime is “practical”. At most, it will be combined with the scene at the time when it is designed, such as the white bridegroom costume of Mario Odyssey. The actual content of the game is often a little bit more because the player’s common sense should be taken into consideration when the player acts autonomously.

6 months ago

I think this is a postmodern aesthetic based on video games (including trpg, crpg, etc.). The character’s “combat strength” and “powerfulness” have been expressed through attribute values, skill mechanisms, and even concepts. At this time, it is a kind of repetition and redundancy to depict the character’s professionalism in combat through realistic pictures. In this way, the dimension of character design is emptied, just to use it to dent fashion, or to buy meat and sell soft porn to attract lsp-in short, it is to create a gimmick that can bring a positive effect to sales.

6 months ago

Because the main target group is men, you are in the current society. Adult men staying at home to play games and watch anime are still regarded as a manifestation of injustice, naivety, and waste of time. Women generally like to go out to eat, go shopping, and afternoon tea. If the topic is reversed, it is like men complaining why the streets are full of women’s fashion, accessories, shoes, underwear, and shops, and why the clothing stores have more women’s styles. Since men are always scolded for indulging in anime and games, how can they blame the manufacturers for only making character images that cater to men’s tastes?

6 months ago

You have this question because you reversed the problem. The fights in the anime are mainly not better than combat power, but mainly for the audience. It is interesting to fight with two heavy tanks? Since it is for the audience to admire, the less the costumes, the better-looking. If you can pass the trial, you won’t even see the bikini armor, and you will be naked.

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