For example, Gu Sha, many Chinese people, especially the elderly, find it very ordinary, and foreigners think it is incredible to abuse children.

I love vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, especially leafy greens. Just as Chinese people cannot understand Western countries’ love for dairy products, foreigners cannot understand Chinese people’s love for leafy vegetables. Like my family, there must be leafy greens on the table every day; my children grew up in Canada and have a more localized eating habits, such as a love of cheese, but if they don’t eat leafy greens one day by chance, they will also ask why not you.
This is the world’s per capita vegetable consumption in 2017, and China ranks first in the world with 377.17 kg per capita. I searched for a long time before I found the second place Guyana, 272 kilograms (the comment area reminded that the second place is Armenia, 336.18 kilograms), which is far from the level of vegetable consumption in China. Moreover, Chinese people do not eat grass because of poverty. There are year-to-year changes at the bottom of this graph. It can be seen that with the development of the economy, China’s per capita vegetable consumption has gradually increased. For example, in 1990, China’s per capita vegetable consumption was only 99 kg, which is more North America, which consumes few vegetables, is still low. But this picture shows vegetables, including all leafy vegetables, stems, fruits and vegetables. According to my impression, potatoes and tomatoes account for a high percentage of vegetables consumed by Westerners. For example, in North America, the annual per capita consumption of vegetables The amount is less than 120 kilograms, of which potatoes account for 60-70 kilograms (the per capita fresh potato in the United States is only 15 kilograms, and the rest are finished and semi-finished products, such as French fries and potato wedges). And abroad, the per capita consumption of potatoes in North America is not in the forefront. In many northern countries, such as Belarus, it is as high as 181 kilograms and Russia is 131 kilograms. In contrast, China only has 40 kilograms. I did not find the per capita consumption of leafy vegetables, but in Western supermarkets in Canada, there are very few leafy vegetables. The only common ones are lettuce, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, radish tassels, and cabbage. You can also see arugula in the salad, and some other spices such as rosemary and coriander. And among these leafy vegetables, only lettuce and spinach can be eaten by Chinese people. Their cabbage is different from Chinese cabbage. The leaves are thick and tough, and the texture is the same as the common domestic purple cabbage except for the color. . Not to mention the kale, because I bought it once because of curiosity. The main veins of the leaves are all crude fiber like bagasse, and the leaves themselves are as old as paper. In China, there are dozens of different varieties of cabbage alone, not to mention the cruciferous family. Chinese people eat this family to produce flowers; there are other sweet potato leaves, pumpkin tips, pea tips, and wolfberry leaves. And so on, in addition to many local specialties, such as reed wormwood, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, grass head, malan head, purslane, etc. I think a large part of the so-called “cultural shock” experienced by Chinese people after going abroad is dietary inadaptability. For example, many common vegetables in China, especially leafy vegetables, are very rare in western supermarkets abroad. Therefore, if there is no Chinese supermarket, I guess I have already returned to China. It is estimated that it is also influenced by the Chinese, and the Koreans and North Koreans have the same love for leafy vegetables and wild vegetables. There are many wild vegetables here in Toronto every spring and autumn. Many Chinese and Koreans have a hobby of picking wild vegetables. It is said that the Chinese are okay, and wherever the Koreans go, there is nothing left of wild herbs, and there is basically no need to look for places that have been swept by the Koreans. There is a kind of wild garlic in Canada. It used to be a weed that was widely distributed in the eastern and western provinces of Canada. Because of its good taste, it has been eaten by the Chinese and Koreans and needs protection. The Ontario government stipulates that each person can only harvest 50 plants per year. . Westerners do not understand why East Asians love to eat leafy vegetables and wild vegetables, but many of them know this. One of the common weeds on lawns in Ontario is clover. Because Ontario has chemical pesticides and herbicides banned, no more powerful herbicides can be used. Clover is particularly tenacious and easy to grow. Where can the vines climb? Take root there, and soon it will be a big piece. When I first bought the house, the lawn in the front yard was almost completely occupied by clover and Arabian mother-in-law (the English name of mother-in-law is veronica, which sounds pretty good), so I can only rely on artificially uprooting and pulling out weeds. Packed in a cardboard box, ready to be composted. A white neighbour’s aunt walked by with her dog and asked if I was going to eat the grass, which made me dumbfounded. But let alone, I actually missed it myself. When I first came here, I thought clover was a grass head… Canada (and the United States should be the same) actually eat food here is the rich. The price of general green leafy vegetables is 2 dollars/pound, the cheap ones such as cabbage are sometimes more than 1 dollar, and the more expensive ones such as bean sprouts (pea tips) are around 4 dollars all year round. Chicken drumsticks in Chinese supermarkets cost more than $1 per year, but only $0.8 when they are discounted. Pure pork lean meat and large ribs cost about $2, and only a little over $1 when discounted. Leafy greens lose a lot when choosing vegetables, so it is much more expensive than meat. In fact, many of the eating habits in North America are driven by prices. Many health-friendly things are more expensive, such as leafy vegetables, nuts, miscellaneous grains, etc., while the prices of refined sugar, refined carbon water, and dessert chocolate are very low. . So rich people in North America are eligible to be thin, and poor people are forced to get fat… Leafy greens contain a lot of phylloquinone, also known as vitamin K1, and vitamin K is one of the necessary blood clotting substances for the human body, and it is also the anticoagulant drug Warfarin Antagonists, so the guidelines for the use of Warfarin specifically pointed out that if patients eat green leafy vegetables while taking warfarin, they may need to increase the dosage. Interestingly, East Asians eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, but the proportion of blood hypercoagulable state is much lower than that of Westerners. The reason may be due to the high-fat, high-sugar and high-protein eating habits of Westerners. This may be regarded as proof that eating a lot of green leafy vegetables is a good eating habit for Chinese people.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Cooking…Yes, it’s cooking three meals a day. At the beginning, I thought the Canadian locals I knew were too weird, and they basically didn’t cook. The so-called basic is to make a meal in a few days. For this meal, many semi-finished products are often used perfunctorily. For example, chicken is torn off with roast chicken from the supermarket. Later I found out that it was not that I knew the strange flowers, but that they basically didn’t cook. Most of the time, I eat takeaway, all kinds of semi-finished products. When you go to a foreigner’s house, the kitchen is super clean, but many coffee machines are very dirty, which means that they are either diligent in cleaning, or simply not doing it. If there is a foreigner, even a so-called housewife, if you talk to her about whether you like cooking, 80% of them have a common language.

8 months ago

Haha, it must be a nap. When I was studying abroad, I was doing an internship at a large telecommunications company. The most difficult time was the time for a nap. Because I still maintained the domestic siesta habit while studying, I was particularly uncomfortable when I suddenly arrived at the company. In the afternoon, during the most difficult period of time, I would cry and yawn, and it would feel like I was rehabilitating drugs, painful. One day a colleague asked me very concerned about what’s wrong, and I talked about this unspeakable conceal with a little shyness, and he laughed. He told me that he actually wanted to take a nap, because he had been sent to China for a year. During this year, he found that his Chinese colleagues turned off the lights at noon, and then everyone lay down and started to sleep soundly. Forcing him to start a nap too, and then found that he was heartily and comfortable after the nap, and he fell in love with the nap ever since. Unfortunately, when he returned to the United States a year later, he was uncomfortable and it took him a long time to detox. A nap is really a cultural blessing, but it’s a pity that foreigners don’t understand it.

8 months ago

When I was growing vegetables, I just plugged the scallions in the supermarket with roots in the water to extend their lifespan. This is incredible in the eyes of my classmates… There is a sly mouthful brother in the circle who successfully smuggled toon seedlings to Canada. Stubble. It is said that the flood of bamboo in New Zealand is also dried by farmers who miss bamboo shoots. There are many rules about not tipping in North America. If you do not tip, old immigrants will be called to stop and be reprimanded. Coins are not good enough to insult people. There are also rules of 15%-30% of meals. Nevertheless, any Chinese who has just gone abroad will not have the habit of tipping.

8 months ago

Don’t express emotions strongly on the face. I have seen foreigners who are full of joy when they speak. East Asians generally feel that they are grabbing horses. Mathematics problems in the supermarket make it difficult for the cashier. I heard from a Hispanic classmate in an exchange class. He was taken a math test by a Chinese when he was working as a cashier part-time. A Chinese should have been given a change of seven cents, but he took out two cents and handed it to the cashier, saying that he didn’t want coins and asked him to calculate… He angrily said that he was not a money exchange machine. …Wouldn’t you give him two one-dollar bills? ? ? ?

Last edited 8 months ago by yahoo898
8 months ago

Who summarized the nightlife: three kinds of people wandering on the street at three o’clock in the morning, the young lady, the alcoholic, and the serial murderer? Obviously, the nurse sister who is off the night shift, the college students who come out to cheer, the supper, the Internet cafe to kill Matt… So many people will wander at night! Later, I discovered that this is true in Europe and America. I don’t want to be treated as a lady, a drunkard, or a serial murderer, or I don’t want to meet these people.

8 months ago

It seems that squatting with feet on the ground is very difficult for foreigners. I often see on the Internet that foreigners can’t squat. Sometimes they can squat down, but they also have to stand on their heels. There are also things related to population. I remember working as a translator in a French company when I was in Shanghai. At that time, there was a need to hire technical people, and the French technical old man interviewed in person. At that time, an interviewer came from Shanghai Iron and Steel. The old man asked: How many people do you have in the company? Answer: 100,000. The old man said: I’m asking about your company, not your city. Answer: 100,000, our company. The old man looked at me in surprise, because he heard it from my mouth, I was translating. I said: This kind of steel plant is very big and there are many people, which is normal in China. The surprise in the old man’s eyes, I can’t forget it, it’s been many years.

8 months ago

When I was in France, I started to learn French. In French class, the teacher asked the students about the difficulties in ordinary life. A classmate asked: Why are there so few people on the road? The teacher said with a puzzled look: less? It’s always been like this. I said: Oh, is it like this in small cities? The teacher was a little unhappy and said: Small city? We are the sixth largest city in France. Oh. . . The doubts of the Chinese classmate below are still unsolved, the sixth largest city, why is there no one on the street? The tap water taps abroad use 24-hour hot and cold water, and all taps do this. Cold water can be drunk directly, but Chinese people like to drink hot water, so a classmate asked in class: Can the hot water in the tap be drunk? The teacher hesitated and said: Maybe you can drink it. . . Not so sure. But why should you drink hot water? The Chinese classmate I asked didn’t know how to answer the teacher’s question. He said: Don’t everyone drink hot water? The two looked at each other and did not understand each other.

8 months ago

Still drinking hot water. During my internship in a French company, one day I made a cup of hot water to drink. By the way, it is not easy to get a cup of hot water abroad. I use the coffee machine to make it. Taking advantage of the early morning when I go early, the other people have not come, so I use the coffee machine to boil some hot water. Then the water cup was placed on the table, the water was still hot. A colleague came to me and accidentally touched my water glass and found it was hot. I looked inside suspiciously and asked me: What is this? I say water. He asked: Is there any sugar in it? I said no. Asked again: Is there any salt in it? I said, no. Asked again: What’s in there? I said: It’s hot water. Then he asked: What is it for? I said: drink. He was incredible, and asked again: Just hot water? Just drink like this? I said yes. Well, he’s energetic, and talk to this and that: Oh, come and see, she drinks hot water! (Note that the accent is on “hot”). If you travel abroad and arrive at a place where the foreigner prepares hot water for you, or the hotel has hot water for drinking or hot water equipment, they must often receive Chinese people. This is the experience of receiving Chinese people.

8 months ago

Drink hot water. Speaking of this, it really saved my life. The dormitory I lived in in the UK was changed from that old house! This is the premise! ! ! When I first moved in, my Filipino roommate watched me boil hot water every day and reminded me that the tap water in the UK can be drunk without boiling. I could only explain at the time that this is our Chinese habit. Then, the wonderful thing came. Soon, she and her Indian roommate began to have diarrhea, which was very serious. It is said that the two spent a lot of money to get cured. The NHS really couldn’t wait (๑‾᷅^‾᷅๑). Later, they didn’t know how they found out that our flat water pipes were old and the water was not clean. Our administrator is an old grandfather who is very responsible. After learning about it, he quickly changed it for us. He was surprised why the same flat, my American roommate and I were fine. I thought about it later, maybe because I drink boiled hot water. American roommates only drink drinks, never water.

8 months ago

Turning is not allowed to go straight to Langkawi, renting a car, making a small turn at the T-junction, without stopping and waiting for the straight-going vehicle, and being deliberately crashed into a claim. (There are many people who disagree with this article. I would like to explain the difference between Chinese and foreign regulations: foreign countries: no traffic light intersection, regardless of whether there is a car in the straight lane, you must stop completely before turning (vehicle speed is zero), and confirm that there is no car in the straight lane before driving into , Do not interfere with the straight-going vehicles, including slowing them down. Domestic: There is no car in the straight-going lane to turn, as long as the turning car has entered the lane, the following vehicles need to slow down and avoid.)

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