My daughter is in the third year of the junior high school. Recently, it has been very hard to review. Basically, from 7 am to 10 pm, 6 days a week, 7 days a week soon. Suddenly discussing the question of meaning with me over the weekend, and what is the meaning of thinking about mathematics, physics, and chemistry these days? In the future, parabola and quadratic functions will never be used when shopping on the streets, especially chemical equations. So studying so hard now is to get into the middle school entrance exam, and then to get a good university and find a good job. To put it bluntly, it is to earn money to eat? Does this make sense? I told her that some things can’t just be useful and useless and judge the value and meaning. They can also exercise thinking and affect our perception of the world… Does she explain better?

Most undergraduate majors have compulsory courses in physics, high school has compulsory courses in physics and chemistry, and mathematics is something everyone has to learn. Why let non-professionals study physics, chemistry and mathematics? Learning physics and chemistry is to have basic right and wrong judgments in life. Although high school physics does not fully describe the main theory, it can at least point out that force is the cause of acceleration, not the cause of speed. High school chemistry initially uses the view of ions and the view of oxidation and reduction to understand chemical reactions, paving the way for predicting the chemical properties of unknown substances. It is precisely because force is the cause of acceleration that the vertical upward throwing motion will appear upward, rather than downward at the beginning; it is precisely because of the oxidation-reduction reaction that the mixture of the 84 disinfectant and the toilet cleaner will produce chlorine. These phenomena are of course encountered in life. However, high school physics and chemistry also have big flaws. Except for uniform variable motion and uniform circular motion, high school physics cannot accurately explain the state of general variable motion; high school chemistry does not have enough knowledge of reversible reactions, so it is impossible to explain why the acidity of strong acids is also different. The underlying reason for the defects of high school physics and chemistry is that there are no more mathematical tools. I think the current mathematics teaching does not fully emphasize the attributes of mathematics. Mathematics is applied to all natural sciences, but it is not a part of natural sciences. Only by correctly understanding the attributes of mathematics can you understand what you are studying mathematics for and how to understand the theories and ideas of mathematics. Because of the foundation of elementary and junior high school mathematics, middle school physics and chemistry can be a little more quantitative, which can make the theory and problem solving a little more accurate and have stronger predictive ability. However, without calculus and other relatively modern mathematics, it is indeed not far in the natural sciences and even other fields. For example, to find the speed of a general motion process, or to find the displacement of a general variable speed motion, you must use calculus. As for junior high school mathematics, physics, and chemistry, the theory itself does not have much meaning, but knowing some common sense will help you learn the formal content. It may be easier to master the calculation of polynomials and fractions, accumulate some examples, and then learn the properties of general functions. First, I am very familiar with the condition that the resultant force is zero for an object to move in a straight line at a uniform speed, and then discuss the situation where the resultant force is not zero, which can disperse the difficulties. I often think that what I learned in high school can be regarded as formal academic content, but what I learned in junior high school can only be regarded as common sense. When a junior high school student asked what was useful in what they had learned, it was really difficult to answer too much, because junior high school hadn’t really been exposed to science yet. But I no longer think that the content of junior high school is meaningless, because it involves pedagogy. However, you should not think that junior high school teachers do not need to understand science because the content of junior high school is not so scientific, because if you don’t understand it, you don’t know the direction of education.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In fact, I don’t feel that mathematics, physics and chemistry are useful. It’s too normal. That’s because we already know and understand it. For example, my mother was almost fooled into installing 5 or 6 thousand water purifiers in the town. First, give lectures and give gifts, and then use “experiments” to demonstrate how magical the water purifier is. Here, the flicker technique may include a series of physics and chemistry knowledge such as electrolyte, filtration and adsorption. That’s because she feels magical, it’s an artifact! In addition, mathematics, physics and chemistry are very useful, especially after being a parent, especially when the child starts to have strange whys, keep asking questions, and keep challenging your knowledge reserve. I ask you abruptly, why does the plane fly? The pressure difference between the upper and lower physics can help you out; why do we add gasoline like water and why does the car smoke? Why did the car ran away? What kind of knowledge can be less about chemical reaction, exothermicity, and transformation of energy form? What parents need to pay attention to is why children feel that mathematics, physics and chemistry are useless? Is it because of the pressure of review? This is what we adults want to help children sort out.

7 months ago

It is inappropriate for the heart to speak, and reason to speak out against it. ——The unbearable lightness of life What she seeks is comfort, empathy, and venting, but you are still reasoning with her. If she is your love partner, you are already on the verge of breaking up. What a person wants to express is not just the literal meaning of his mouth. People who learn math well are recognized as smart. Do you need to tell her this truth? No matter how bad she is, isn’t she a fool? What she said is meaningless, but isn’t she still reviewing it? why? Because I’m tired. So she is complaining on the surface that it is meaningless, but in fact it is because the pressure of study needs to be released and fatigue needs to be relieved. Only by understanding the real intention behind can real communication be achieved. This is your responsibility as a parent, and it is also a necessary ability. This is not only the case, but most of the communication in life is like this. The language that people talk about duplicity, unsatisfactory words, and utopian paranoia is actually because of their inner needs.

7 months ago

Tell her, child, you feel right. Your entire childhood, adolescence, and youth, most of the hard work played by your study is to cooperate with the country and put hundreds of millions of young people into age groups, intelligence levels, regions and parental classes.” In the nursery, you don’t want to wander the streets and cause trouble. The second is to let you spend 15-18 years of hard work to make a super big “delayed gratification”, so that you can exchange for a photo at the end of the journey of undergraduate and master’s degree, apply for a job, choose a spouse, and show off comparison. , The inadvertent leaks in the Versailles-style Tucao, and even the circle of friends shared a large number of scenes of the alma mater’s anniversary on countless occasions, obtained a small leading position, a brighter and brighter toughness, and a layer of seemingly nothing. Accompanied by a high level of lifelong superiority. If you don’t do this 15-18 years of delayed gratification, then you will be disqualified from superiority, the stepping stone will be banned, and when Versailles complains, your psychological demands will not be satisfied. If you don’t stay there for more than ten years, your parents will have nowhere to put your youth. The black hole of energy that you spent that year was like a full moon, it will empty and wash your mother’s tired life, and your life will be 6-9 years. Child, you should learn. You go and learn to make sure that you won’t lose or be fooled. Not only will you liberate your parents and let your childhood go, you may also know a bunch of handsome men and beauties, and they will flow into the hormonal rush of Bayankra, Mississippi.

7 months ago

A colleague from my wife’s work unit, who has a master’s degree in liberal arts in a prestigious school, often complains that mathematics is useless. A girl in her forties still feels that she can’t use it, that’s really she can’t use it, so it’s totally understandable for a third-year child to say it’s useless. But useless does not mean that you can not learn, because if you don’t need it, it doesn’t mean that others don’t need it. Teaching is a common practice and it cannot predict whether you can use it in the future. It doesn’t need to be your business. Not teaching in schools means that the country does not have talents in that area. The truth is this truth, you don’t need to learn it, but you must have other skills, such as what you can think about yourself.

7 months ago

You can try to take her to learn investment and financial management, help her open a stock account, and give her 500,000 start-up capital. Maybe she will be very interested. Everyone’s talent points are different, maybe she is not interested in science, but the talent point is at the liberal arts level. Or they don’t like exam-oriented education, but they have a great talent in business and investment. Maybe when she graduated from university, the 500,000 yuan would become 100 million. This is how a new generation of stock gods was born.

7 months ago

During the Anti-Japanese War, science students made artillery shells in the rear, and no matter how bad they were, they went to artillery. As a political commissar on the front line, liberal arts students take the lead in charging. It is commonplace to get shots if they can survive to see their lives. Our opponent Japanese, science students build magic fans in China, and liberal arts students send them to use magic fans. The situation in the Soviet Union is similar to ours. American science students were sent to Manhattan, and liberal arts students were sent to Omaha Beach to rescue the soldiers. Only France is fairer, regardless of whether the liberal arts students go home with their baby with both hands. It’s not that it discriminates against liberal arts students, liberal arts students contribute a lot. The gap lies here, and I will weigh which one to report.

7 months ago

I am also quite dissatisfied with the curriculum and it is difficult to understand. If my daughter asks me in junior high school. I will probably discuss our similar views with her. I have had such a point of view from a few years ago, and you are welcome to criticize and correct me. The current education is not set for ordinary people, but for certain elites. As for the country’s need for ordinary people or elites, I can’t say that. But now the knowledge learned in junior and senior high schools, including the basic subjects set up by universities, especially science and engineering, is only used by a few people in their future work. Just like these courses, I think at least a case analysis course should be offered on how ordinary people use this knowledge in their lives. Some knowledge that ordinary people need more can only be obtained from society by themselves. Such as psychology, sex education, interpersonal relationship, love courses, management courses, including self-management, organizational coordination, logic, human science, ethics, and the three views that truly fit the real world. The knowledge that can be used frequently in social life is not obtained from the education system. Frequency of use is actually a very important reference indicator for learning. Why this question is so difficult for us to answer, I personally think it is the emperor’s new outfit, you have to reluctantly find meaning for your children. And most parents themselves don’t know what it is really good for! Except for Chinese, there is no systematic pre-knowledge for us to learn this knowledge. History and politics are barely linked, so even if we learn it by ourselves later, it is very difficult. There are also hobbies that can accompany people throughout their lives, which can only be obtained from social training institutions where dragons and snakes are mixed. In this period when most people can learn things most, a lot of time is wasted on knowledge that will not be used in the future, so that they are at a loss after entering the society. I think this is also the reason for the frequent occurrence of mental illnesses such as depression. one. (Actually, I have a conspiracy theory to infer that this is also a kind of knowledge monopoly to ensure competitive advantage.) Of course, this situation is due to the fact that our country has just begun the development of these basic disciplines and lacks guiding ideological guidance and related majors. The quality of teachers has a lot to do with it, but I think this is a direction that is worth paying attention to. Gao Zan replied that in this state, empathy and understanding are more needed than reasoning. But parents don’t know this knowledge point. Even if they hear it, they still have a little understanding and it is difficult to use it. Shouldn’t these things that are often used in daily life be taught in the morning? The current courses, starting from junior high school, are really useless for ordinary people except for exams. What industry do most people work in? Which industries need to use these basic knowledge? If it is popular science, increase common sense, why should we learn those principles? Isn’t it a more cruel education model that gives people hope and despair?

7 months ago

As an ordinary person who has graduated. I just want to say, the child, you are right, you really don’t need much in life, but it is used for exams, which will allow you to enter a good high school and university, so that you are more likely to find a good job. Children, we are in an environment with so many people, we must prove that we are better than others in order to live better, and this is one of the few ways you can prove yourself now. Of course not only limited to this, we also don’t want you to become an exam machine. We want you to be happy. We hope you can experience happiness in the competition instead of anxiety. We will not force you. We only hope that you can be kind to others and learn. Kindness, being able to be in it and out of it, to be satisfied in fulfillment. Children, life is a struggle against meaninglessness. There are too many meaningless things, too many formal things, you just Just like Mom and Dad, I’m confused. Look, is the life of Mom and Dad also the same, very dull? It’s the first time we have come to this world. It’s the first time for everyone to live, and we will encounter little confusion. We have resolved the confusion because of your presence. Then, you must learn to find meaning by yourself. This is you. Ability. Children, mathematics is not important, functions are not important, but academic qualifications are very important. It is a proof of your learning ability, a pass and a stepping stone for you to enter the society. It can give you more opportunities. With it, you can do what you can and want to do within your strength. Without it, what you can do, you may not be able to do it. the above.

7 months ago

It’s really not that easy to communicate with children, but I think children are more likely to hear other people say this, and reviewing is really hard, so they feel tired of learning. It may be that you need to find a way to relax your child a little, so that she can breathe a little bit. As for the question of what is the use of what you learn, from a practical point of view, even if you don’t need mathematics, physics and chemistry to buy food, you will probably use it in future jobs. Now those high-paying jobs such as IT and financial positions All must have a relatively good background in science and engineering to be competent. Therefore, studying hard is not only a stepping stone, but also an ability to settle down. From a higher level, these disciplines are indeed training people’s thinking and broadening people’s horizons. The so-called meaning of life, in fact, it is meaningless to think about almost everything. How much money is earned and how high status is. It is impossible to escape the last death, the dust returns to the dust, even if it is inherited from generation to generation, this generation is wasted, the next generation is also wasted, and the generations to come are useless. To be meaningful is nothing more than to see what people have never seen, what people say, expand human cognition, and add a little more color to the world. But if you want to do these things, you won’t be able to study well.

7 months ago

It doesn’t make sense to most people, but the matter itself is very meaningful. That is a sort of screening. Select students who are interested, capable, and willing to pursue further studies in that field, and continue their research after university. If you don’t open that course and no one learns, you won’t find these students. Rely on farmers to build airplanes? Are you relying on bandits to build missiles? How to strengthen the country? 81192 how to go home. My grandfather was born in 1919 and never studied mathematics, physics and chemistry, because I really don’t need it. Han Han, I remember writing a sentence a long time ago. I still remember, if you don’t let me play, how do you know that I can’t play in the World Cup.

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