You know there must be a lot of people with financial freedom, right? Want to hear your story? For example, what was it like before financial freedom? How to achieve financial freedom? How will you all live after financial freedom?
Please give me some hope of life for this petty man~

The first group of players: colleagues who bought a house early. They all bought a house in Shenzhen in their early years (more than one set). Now they are worth tens of millions, possibly over 100 million. The older ones basically bought them by themselves, and the younger ones mainly depended on the family to support the first set. The youngest is less than 30, but he has been working for more than five years. When he came to Shenzhen, his family helped to buy a house. In the past few years, the rate of property appreciation has completely exceeded that of wages. Why should we emphasize working for more than five years? Because Shenzhen was still very cheap at that time. It’s really time to catch up. People who come to Shenzhen later are not so easy to get in the car. Life status: work is very Buddhist, not at all involved. In the technology industry known for its inward scrolling, happy child-raising (second child birth without pressure), Buddhist-based work, and Buddhist work on weekends. If you don’t work overtime, you can have a lot of fun-travel, fitness, piano… Anyway, it’s happiness. The second group of players: the overall age of the colleagues who stock up a lot of stocks is too old. Between 35 and 45, they are all elderly people from the company. They have purchased a lot of company stocks (non-listed companies, the kind of internal stock circulation), and then The price per share has doubled hundreds of times, and it really grows with the company. One of the most talked-about stories is that of a teacher in the department next door. His wife used to be our company’s HR. Over the years, every time she talked to a former colleague, she would take the initiative to buy the stocks of the other party, and finally stock up. A lot of people…This type of people are widely present in the Internet technology circle. Most of them follow the company’s growth. With the rise in option/stock prices, they have financial freedom, but they have not achieved the core position. The highest level is the director level. , So I’m not tired to that point. Of course, it’s more that people don’t want to be promoted at all. Life status: similar to the first category. Go to work leisurely every day and never take the initiative to roll. The above two groups of players rely not so much on strength as they rely on luck. Catch up with the good times, and made correct investment judgments, thus enjoying the double dividend of the times and the development of the company. The third group of contestants: executives of large companies & founders of startups. The executives of large companies are different from senior workers. It is impossible to have financial freedom in any case with an annual salary. Such executives often have financial freedom through the options and stocks granted by the company. Although they are only small shareholders, their wealth and company share the same honor and disgrace, so they will have a stronger sense of responsibility. The leader of the department next door just bought an improved house in Baozhong, which is said to be the full amount. Everyone knows what the price of the strange flower is in Baozhong. The new level has improved, and it will be listed for 40 or 50 million. He also sighed with the subordinates of the department. It is reasonable to say that he is financially free, but he is still working hard. . Therefore, the matter of financial freedom depends on the mentality. Needless to say, founders of startups. Not to mention how big the company is, the annual turnover is almost 100 million yuan and you can get financial freedom in stages. However, such people are more aggressive and anxious. After all, when their eyes are opened, so many people in the company have to eat. Daily life is also very busy. One year, our younger generations met to eat bamboo rats and snakes. I told a teacher (the teacher belongs to the startup company CEO category). He was very curious. He ran over to eat with us at the noon meeting, but he tasted it. So Weier ran back to the meeting again. I have a stationery store myself. There is a mess in the warehouse (everyone who has been an e-commerce company). He looked at the photos of our site and sighed. After a long time, he found that he came 20 years ago. Guangzhou, and friends squeezed out the photos of renting a house in a village in the city, and sent them to us. ——The picture shows a small broken house with a wooden bed inside and two young men in vests and slippers. Life status: This type of people will not be satisfied with financial freedom. In fact, they can retire long ago, but they are still struggling at work for the realization of their self-worth. Belongs to the kind of people I respect and yearn for. The fourth group of people: achieved financial freedom through investment. I wrote an answer before about two peers around me who are truly financially free because of this bull market. One is @陈大宝. Sister Bao shared her story of changing from 100w to 700w, which is what happened this year. Go and find out by yourself. Sister Bao’s complete financial freedom should be a matter of time. Another is my undergraduate classmate. After graduation, he joined a blockchain company, and later went to start a business, also doing blockchain. The starting capital is 7000 yuan (2016)-he sold the SLR that his parents bought him for money-after this year’s bull market, the assets reached 2000w+, and it is marching towards nine figures. I think it means breaking 100 million yuan. It’s a matter of time. Our undergraduate studies in radio and television, so the SLR is not a big toy, it is the guy we eat…This product sold the guy who ate, and then went to the blockchain. We should know that we thought that he was in the MLM organization. (.) This category of players is very different from the first two categories. The first two categories are really lucky, but this category of players has a personal keen eye and a lot of study and practice in the economy and finance, so that they can achieve financial freedom. of. Life status: Because they are very young, I think they are not so easily satisfied, and they are still engaged in their careers, basically not on the road of starting a business, or preparing to start a business in the future. Too strong is not good… Finally, let’s talk about my own. I think that my family’s financial freedom from the low-end version is “just waiting for the day.”


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The first is to be stingy and lazy, which can greatly reduce the threshold of financial freedom, and only one or two million is enough. Shift your hobbies to your mobile phone and computer, play games to fight for prostitutes, and don’t ask for more than 3000 krypton gold. Don’t pay attention to the brand when you wear it. It’s nothing to eat. If you don’t take the initiative to find those expensive things to eat, you will not go bankrupt. Get married and give birth to a wife who is equally lazy, and the beauties can be settled around 10w20w. When giving birth to a baby, let him take the route of the college entrance examination. If he fails, he should not insist on noble education.

6 months ago

There are two types of financial freedom: the first one is inherited from the family business and is born with a golden key. Among these people, they are born with financial freedom. The second is to struggle hard by oneself. In addition to workaholics, you also need ability, opportunity, and understanding. My colleague, a delicate girl, gave a living allowance of 500 yuan at home when she graduated from university and worked alone in the field. Absolute workaholic, no holidays throughout the year, one person contracts more than 60% of the office business. Within a few years, I bought a house in a second-tier city by myself. I saw her during her lunch break, and she was also reading books on investment. She was a mushroom with super self-learning ability. Equity and fund futures have been involved, and the harvest has been quite fruitful. There are two houses in the second-tier cities and one in the third-tier cities. It is estimated that the working capital is about 3 million. The specific passive income is not clear. It is estimated that the per capita income is still lower than Zhihu. But to the general public, it is basically financial freedom. After all, everyone’s definition of wealth freedom is different. If you think she has resigned, travel around? Get married and raise children? Lie flat and eat, drink and have fun? not at all. Now they not only continue to work on their main business, but also continue to trade stock funds. They also do self-media, and they start to make money on multiple lines. It is impossible for a workaholic to stop. They prefer to explore new areas, and making money is the favorite game of wealthy people. The core secret of financial freedom can be considered: Chao Yan’s Essays.

6 months ago

After reading everyone’s answers, they are all financially free after work. I’m sorry, my university is financially free. This is a long story, and I have to start with a phone call my dad called me that day. “Daughter, I have to talk to you about something. Don’t get excited after listening.” “It’s okay, Dad, let’s talk about it.” “Actually, our family has six suites in Shenzhen, three companies, ten stores, all In Hainan.” “Ah? Dad, don’t tease me, are you drinking? How is it possible.” “No, what Dad said is true. I have nothing to lie to you.” “Then why are you and mother going back? Working? It’s so hard every day, and I don’t come back once in half a year.” “What’s the matter, your mother and I actually went to travel, and went to deal with the company’s affairs.” “Okay, then why do you often tell me about home? We are very poor. We must study hard. How can our family still live in the country?” “If you know that your family is rich, how can you study hard? The reason for living in the country is the good air here.” So why did you suddenly tell me now?” “It’s not for your sophomore year. There are some things that can’t be kept from you. You should let go and try it.” “Dad, what do you want me to do? Want to ask me to drop out? I won’t drop out!” “What are you dropping out of, you are dreaming. I want to give you ten million, so that you can toss and start your own business. See the world more often.” “Huh? Dad? , Don’t tease me. Let me start a business, and the money will be lost!” “It’s okay, it’s only ten million. Our family doesn’t need this little money. If we don’t have it, we will talk to Dad. You will help manage the company in the future. . Okay, that’s all. We’re about to board the plane. Your mother and I decided to fly to Yunnan to play today. Hung up.” “Hello? Dad! I can’t do it, Dad!” Dad really hung up my phone! Suddenly, the mobile phone text message prompts the speaker. After reading the text message, it is indeed 10 million. My dad really didn’t lie to me. I checked it again and again, and it was indeed 10 million. Suddenly a huge sum of money was added, and I was a little overwhelmed. What should I do? Can’t live up to my dad’s trust in me! I just did it. I first took a tenth to invest in some stocks and funds, and found a friend who knows about stock funds to help me take care of it. There are also nine million, invested in some reliable senior and senior sisters of the school’s entrepreneurial projects, and also invested in several off-campus homestays and snack milk tea shops. If I have some money left, I will save it first. I will invest in the stock if I have a promising store. Anyway, I can’t think of a good way to make money for the time being. The monthly income is only seven to eighty thousand, which is not too much. After all, the entrepreneurial project is still in its infancy and needs to be invested in. How do you feel after financial freedom? One word: cool! Two words: very cool! Three words: very cool! Although I am still studying, my usual life is the same as that of an ordinary college student, and my food and clothing are no different from everyone. I don’t pursue any famous brand, I just buy the clothes and shoes I like, and I don’t have to consider the price. Dozens of dollars are the same to wear, comfort is the most important thing! If I miss home on the weekend, I will fly back to see my grandparents, eat a meal and fly back. If you are on holiday, you will travel everywhere, eat, drink and have fun, fly to this classmate’s house today, and go to that friend’s house tomorrow. As for the ordinary life, the only difference is that you don’t have to ask your parents for living expenses and tuition, and you don’t have to look at the price when you buy things. “Sister Jane! Sister Jane! I’m almost late for class, and you won’t get up!” “Immediately, get out of bed!” “Your alarm clock has been ringing for a long time!” “Then you can turn it off for me.” After class, I can continue to dream and tell everyone about my life after graduation. Who can dream, even though I am just a salted fish, but occasionally I can daydream~ Bao, don’t stigmatize me, I’ll blacken you~

6 months ago

Let’s talk about personal circumstances. I, in Shenzhen, currently have 3 houses, 2 in Shenzhen, and 1 in Dongguan. I have a deposit of 2 million and a Land Rover car. My partner also has a house, one in Hangzhou and one in Foshan. I am very satisfied with my current life. We can be considered to have achieved financial freedom. Although to many entrepreneurs or rich second generations, this achievement is nothing. However, in the eyes of ordinary people, there is more than enough. Now my subject is still working. I am a freelancer, collecting rent and wages plus side jobs, and earning around 70,000-80,000 per month. We currently have two houses repaying the loan, and the rest are paid off, so there is no pressure. He is a programmer, and his job is not so stressful and easy, so he doesn’t want to resign. And I, after working for a few years, began to engage in my own freelance work. A computer can be turned on to make money. Go out to work if you want to work, write articles at home if you don’t want to, and kill the time. A few years ago, my job salary was pretty good, and girls like to save money, so I saved a lot of money. Money and a house are women’s greatest sense of security. Now that I have a house and a car, I want to pursue my own career and don’t want to go to work and be squeezed by the boss. On weekends, we will often go out to play, sometimes flying to Shanghai, sometimes flying to Hangzhou, travel by the way to see the local housing prices. Compared to many cities, I like Shenzhen and the air and vitality here. It is said that I am a Shenzhen native, but I think that only by owning a house can I feel that I am a Shenzhen native. If there is no house, it is just a visitor in Shenzhen and a worker in Shenzhen. Because of the house, you can enjoy the dividends brought by the development of this city. Rising housing prices, educational resources, medical conditions and so on. Many workers in Shenzhen did not have the vision to invest. Even in the past few years, when housing prices were very cheap, many people had the opportunity to get in the car, but they did not seize it. For example, I had a friend at the time. When he first came to Shenzhen, he rented a house. His salary was relatively high. At that time, he could buy a small one, but he didn’t. He felt that the house price was too high, so he is still renting. But now, the assets of my subject and I have far surpassed them. There are 5 houses and the location is very good. The two cars are switched on, and I usually work when I want to work, and I go out to travel if I don’t want to. Basically, I travel all over the country. Yes, foreign countries are currently not safe, so I still prefer to stay at home. How good is domestic? The mountains and rivers are good, and the people are lovely, no worse than abroad. …I can have such a good life now. I don’t rely on my parents or anyone. I got it by my own imagination…Seeing this, please don’t hit me. Life is so bitter, please allow me this salted fish to have a dream, although this dream is far away and unrealistic. My life now is like this: I don’t have a car, I don’t have a house. I am just a worker who rents a house in an urban village in Shenzhen. Every time I look at the housing prices in Shenzhen, I feel like a toad and want to eat swan meat. Whenever I go home from get off work and look at this brightly lit city, I feel very melancholy. I will fall into random thinking about when I can achieve financial freedom myself. I work hard. The boss of the company has achieved financial freedom and lived the life I want to live. But where is the hope of working as a worker? Since financial freedom is so far away, then my goal is smaller, and I can accept it if it is a little bit closer to financial freedom. Salted fish also has its own dreams. I didn’t want to answer at first, but Zhihu pushed it to me~ Finally, I secretly tell you that there is a surprise when you double-click on the screen~ Let alone, my feet are numb when I squat in the toilet. I have to go back and continue to move the bricks.

6 months ago

It’s not me, it’s my parents, who are already financially free. Low-profile version. My parents are grassroots civil servants in small cities in the 18th tier. The two of them were born in rural areas. There are several children in the family who have been farming since childhood. They had enough food when they were studying, but they were malnourished, and their faces were all swollen from the photos of those years. Later, I was admitted to the college entrance examination, and then I got my job. My parents just started from nothing, saving money, except that the first small bungalow was funded by the elders, and later they were repaid by loans. Now there are several suites, shops, and courtyards with a good location. Collecting rents amounting to more than 100,000 yuan a year, I also start a small business and stock up on things for sale. They work leisurely and get a salary. The two earn more than 100,000 yuan a year, and they earn 100,000 yuan a year by conservatively managing their finances. Their annual expenditure is only more than 20,000 yuan. Dad used to be the main force of the work unit, but now he gets older, and now he’s basically doing chores, and he’s not tired. Mom’s job is okay. She has to be in the work unit for three hours during the working day. Others are not strictly controlled. It doesn’t matter if she visits the mall and hangs out relatives, it doesn’t matter if she drives to the small town next door to enjoy the flowers. Besides, parents will retire soon. Grandparents are gone. Grandma and grandpa are in good health. I took it and lived in a rented house nearby. There is heating in winter and it is convenient to take a bath. They are close to the park and practice every morning. They buy vegetables and cook by themselves. Parents are afraid that they will not be willing to eat meat, so they will give some stew on time. In the past, hard dishes such as meat actually don’t have to worry about parents too much. Later, my neighborhood became the Xiongan New District. Because of its proximity, house prices and rents suddenly skyrocketed, so I earned a lot of rent. They also bought a nursing home, a lake-view and mountain-view room in a small county in Hainan. Then they bought more elevator rooms in their hometown, they lived in for the elderly, and rented out the house they now live in. They take a vacation for nearly one month each year, so they will go to Hainan to live for at least half a month every spring. There is a car worth more than 100,000 yuan at home. They can drive 20 or 30 times in the province every year, the kind of group of colleagues, classmates and neighbors. What have you been to Chengde, Zhangjiakou, the mountainous areas around Beijing? There are so many one, two, three-day tours. There are also groups to soak in hot springs, to see performances and exhibitions. My circle of friends is often screened. They took me when I was in school. After working far away from home, they just went to play by themselves. Chengde Saihanba Mulan Paddock, as well as Grassland Tian Road in Yu County, Zhangjiakou, are indeed well-deserved, with endless green grass and cute little sheep and oxen, wild flowers, wind-powered fans, and flocks of horses and delicacies. Parents have some free time anyway. When they are in good spirits in spring and autumn, they have to ride a racing car three or four times a week in the early morning, riding more than 30 kilometers, sometimes directly 50 kilometers. My parents are still very frugal and used to it. It’s okay to go to the wild to dig dandelions to soak in water, dig wild vegetables for cold salad, or chop stuffing to make dumplings, and plant some radishes and green onions downstairs. No smoking, no drinking, no hobby. In my spare time, I am doing exercises, practicing calligraphy, my father is playing chess online, and my mother is fine to buy clothes and watch the show. I envy my parents, I want to live like that, but I am in the second line, working and getting married and paying off my mortgage. My parents said that they should pay back the mortgage for me, I said no, I have to rely on myself (the comment is right, I have already relied on both parents to pay for the house renovation and car, but also to talk about fighting on my own, embarrassing) .

6 months ago

Under the circumstances, the market value of a house in Shanghai is about 1,800, of which 4.85 million loans for a car. The total amount of consumables purchased in 16 years is 900,000 yuan. It is now worthless. The foreign investment equity is 6 million. The income is about 12% in 16-19. Last year was 20. I haven’t distributed cash stocks of 900,000 yuan in the year. I have a company with a registered capital of 6 million, but it’s basically an empty shell. Now it’s not open, so I will pay it to me and my wife’s social security provident fund. It’s not a problem. I don’t want to struggle anymore in my life, I plan to sell my house to the first or second line. I will sell the house and pay off the loan. There are still 13.15 million. This year 31. I don’t have children for the time being and I don’t want to think about it in the next 2-5 years. Maybe it’s too late to consider. The daughter-in-law is old and the production is not safe. I will calculate the next first-line or second-line consumption and income. As for the 6 million investment equity, I didn’t consider it. Happiness is the most important career achievement. These are all Fuyun’s personal personality, Zhu Jing, who doesn’t want to be persistent anymore, just planned it like this. As for which city is currently considered near Jiangsu and Zhejiang, I think Huzhou may not be specific. You can help recommend it. Thank you.

6 months ago

To answer this question, we must first make it clear that financial freedom has different standards for different people. For example, a fellow I know who wrote a book lives in a small town in our hometown. He lives in a self-occupied house. There is a suite in the county town and Shanghai in the urban area. There is an Audi A4 in the car. My wife’s career is edited, and I write a book myself, with an annual income of 200,000 to 300,000 yuan. From the perspective of annual income alone, they are far from financial freedom, but in fact they really have financial freedom. Because they are very satisfied with small town life, their monthly consumption does not even exceed 2,000 yuan. Because I was born in a rural area, the food is basically delivered from home. Their lives are super simple. My friend himself is an otaku, and his wife is also a very contented girl, with a kind personality and very affinity. There are acquaintances everywhere in the town. So their lives are very simple, contented, and they know how to control, but basically there is no pressure. For the future of the child, their idea is also very simple, let her enter the house by herself, and give her the Shanghai apartment. Everything else depends on how she goes. After giving the example of my friend, I will give another counter-example, myself. My manuscript fee is higher than that of my friend, basically maintaining at 600-900,000 per year. I currently live in one house, and there is also a villa and an apartment. In addition to these, I also opened a bathing city in partnership with my brother-in-law. It took three years to pay back. Last year, I started to make a profit and distributed about 300,000 yuan. However, my financial situation is very tight, and it can even be said to be stretched. Last year, I often felt that the money was not enough to spend, and at the end of the month, I found a lot of bills. At the beginning of this year, I seriously reflected on it and found that the root cause of this situation was that I was too uncontrollable in spending money. Every time I encountered a bottleneck in writing, I relied on buying to relieve anxiety and stimulating myself. Then I often buy things that I don’t need at all. Sometimes I am really vain, and from time to time I buy large items that exceed my actual needs. For example, there is no need to buy the villa. For example, I just bought the tank 300, but I don’t play off-road at all. Another example is that I bought 3 watches last year, but I don’t actually wear them every day. Usually, I go out with a Xiaomi bracelet. Just because I don’t know how to control, I always feel that the money is not enough to spend, and I don’t have the ability to hedge at all. Starting this year, I bought a set of tea sets and started to make tea at home instead of spending tens of thousands to go to Starbucks a year. When you feel irritable, go for a run or ride a bike. On weekends, you will invite people to go picnic and fish, instead of going to the mall to buy and buy. Then I started cooking by myself instead of eating restaurants every day. Reduce internet surfing and play more with real friends. After this period of change, I finally have a 6-figure deposit in my current card. Compared to the usual less than five-figure before, I feel very fulfilled. So financial freedom depends not only on your financial situation, but also on how you live. When we get rid of the control of low-level desires, we can practice financial freedom when the economic income is not particularly high. Of course, if you want to achieve financial freedom in an absolute sense, you have to work harder. Among the people I know, only my brother and the eagle have achieved this. But looking at their lives, you will still find that they are actually very self-disciplined, and then you will find that truly wise people know how to restrain their desires. Or the other way around, it is impossible for a person who does not understand moderation and cannot control his desires to achieve financial freedom. Of course, what the subject wants to know may be what a high-quality lifestyle is like. I’ll take my brother as an example to briefly say: My brother is in charge of Ping An Bank, a number of shops, real estate, and the annual income is not clear. Anyway, financial freedom is very early. Apart from the daily management of the company, they are engaged in the collection of mahogany, and then they meet with people to taste wine, take their daughter to see various exhibitions four times, and sometimes go to pretend to be elegant and listen to operas. For sports, their family would ride bicycles, play badminton, and then go picnic and take pictures on weekends. But in fact, they still spend more time managing the company. It feels that their lives are actually very ordinary, and there is nothing special about them. Many things just seem to be tall, but in fact they are just another form of socializing, exercising, and satisfying spiritual needs. The real difference is how you satisfy yourself. So financial freedom in a sense does not mean that you have earned a certain degree of wealth, or that you can retire early. It’s that you are no longer dominated by material desires, and you begin to know how to enjoy life and know what you like. And if you can’t get rid of your desires and are always dominated by desires, then no matter how much money you earn, no matter how good your financial situation is, you will not feel free. Therefore, freedom may not be so related to our financial situation, but to our own mental state. Jiang Wen once commented on Peng Yuyan and said: He is a truly free man, because he is truly not dominated by biological nature and can freely dominate his body. You can decide what you do on your own. Probably this is true freedom!

6 months ago

I don’t have. I’m not you. Don’t talk nonsense. Tell me about my friend, I was born a foreign Chinese. The monthly income should be 300,000 yuan, the vice president of Asia-Pacific of a traditional industry company. Parents’ pensions can’t be spent, and they’re healthy. She has never been married, has no children, and has no big hobbies. She spends money… Can she eat with my “Nine Hair Nine”, do you think? Because he was born in hardship, it is said that he came out of the slums when he was a child (actually it was the area where the Chinese family lived), and he was kidnapped and hit three times in a gun battle. The total price of the real estate should be more than 50 million yuan. I don’t even ask for a lot of investment. In short, the money can’t be spent. What do you say about people’s daily life? Half a war correspondent. Originally in charge of Asia-Pacific business, last year the epidemic broke out, but unfortunately all the affected areas were managed, and wherever they were serious, they had to go. Europe, Brazil, and India… easy to go, but difficult to return. Sometimes the flights in that country were almost closed. She was lying in the airport with her sleeping bag on her back. As long as there was news of leaving the country, she rushed over, and then for half a month, nothing happened. Later, their big boss couldn’t stand it anymore, and they had to fly a private plane to pick her up, but it didn’t work and they were not allowed to leave the country. Later, the diplomatic channel gave him a press card, and let the Observer Group fly to the United States first, then turned around three times, and went home after a week of tossing. Well, I took a break (working as usual) for a week, and I was sent to India again.

6 months ago

In fact, just like the general public, they would drive a big G to eat street food, and they would wear a few hundred dollars in shoes and a few hundred dollars in clothes. There is no food at home today, and the nanny at home has not come back to worship the ancestors. Should I drive a big G or a Rolls Royce to buy vegetables? After struggling for a long time, let’s ride my Yadi electric bike. When I arrived at the vegetable market, I asked the price of potatoes for 3 yuan a catty, and finally after fierce bargaining, the price of 2 yuan was sold. The afternoon was really boring. I drove out with my friends and bought a villa and a Lamborghini. At night, I really don’t want to cook. I ordered a takeaway. After looking at Meituan for a long time, I ordered a bowl of rice noodles, opened a bottle of Wuliangye, and had a drink. The life of the rich is so unpretentious. I really can’t blow it anymore, because I can’t imagine the life of the rich.

6 months ago

Assets status: Housing: 3 suites in Beijing East Third Ring Road, all of which are about 250 square meters, with a total price of 8700w, two for self-occupation, and one investment house that has not been lived in or rented out; just sold a set of 17 years ago For financial management, a house that has not risen much, 290 square meters, sold 4300w; a courtyard near Guijie with a basement with a courtyard, add a block of more than 200 square meters above and below, and count as 2000w in Shaoli; a villa in Los Angeles, USA, 14 years I bought it for 450w, and now it is 600w; I live in an apartment, 300 square meters, and bought it for 320w in 18 years. At the beginning of this year, some people did not sell it for 450w. Real estate conservatively counts 200 million cars: A8L W12 in 2008, ML450 in 10 years, and X5 in 14 years in the United States. I don’t like buying a car too much. If you buy it, you lose money and investment and income: The shops on the edge of Beijing’s East Second Ring Road had a mandatory rent reduction last year due to the epidemic. Now it has a net profit of 700w a year and can earn 20 years. If you change hands, you can sell for more than 100 million yuan; your own company and a Beijing pawnshop use corporate loans to manage wealth, about 2500w, all for one year, with a capital and interest rate of 10% per year. Last year, it was changed because of the epidemic. 7%, but now there is no good and stable investment. I am old and in average health. I don’t want to waste my brain much. It’s good to keep the value. I am covered by Taikang’s global medical insurance for mothers and children, and all other financial insurances are covered by Taikang’s global medical insurance. Count about 1000w; in 2006, he was fooled into the stock market by a friend and invested about 1500w. It has been locked up until now, maybe it’s worth about 400w? Just assume that there is no such money; not counting market changes and asset appreciation, the annual income is almost 1,000w. Idle money: add one for regular and current periods within a year, and there is a 400w-500w; Hong Kong and US households have about 500w, which is not used overseas. Money, so it’s all the money you buy with regular capital and interest guarantees, so it’s not counted as expenses in income: the biggest expense in our family is the children who are studying for the children. The tuition fee for a year at university is $5w, and the living expenses are a little more generous by the way. He manages his own finances, and he has almost $5w. In addition, he spends 10w renminbi a year for all the mess he spends. Other various expenses in the United States have to be 50w-60w renminbi a year, real estate taxes, and lawyers. The fee will be billed, and the water, electricity and gas pool gardener HOA is counted. I basically don’t spend much money myself. I bought luxury goods when I was young. Now there are more than 20 bags lying in the cabinet. I went to Europe to buy it 10 years ago, and it has been used until now. It’s very new. Buying a 12w-15w a year for cosmetics, clothes, shoes and hats will cost me very little travel. Generally, once or twice a year is good, except for the epidemic until now. In order to maintain my green card, I went to the United States twice, but did not go anywhere. Before the epidemic, the country usually only went to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Japan, South Korea, Xintai, eating comfortably, relatively safer than Europe and the United States, good natural environment, many Chinese people, short flying distances, flying time in Europe is too long, I go more when I am young, the United States in recent years because of the green card is really annoying. High-speed rail tickets are first-class business, hotels generally live in four seasons or the same level of domestic living expenses, clothing, food, housing and transportation, our family of four is 60w yuan a year, and all domestic and foreign expenses are 200w yuan a year, how can it be enough? 14 Starting from the beginning of the year, I will basically run twice a year in the United States, once for a month, travel for ten days and a half month, and spend the rest of the time in Beijing, taking care of the trivial matters of the house and the company, plus taking care of the elderly and the children who have returned from vacation; I hired an aunt who cleaned every day. There were aunts who cooked before, but because of the epidemic, I started to like to cook by myself. When the children were in Beijing, I could not accompany the elderly at home and do the spa by myself. , Swim and exercise, watch TV, buy daily necessities online, don’t have any hobbies and have too many girlfriends circles, and occasionally a meal with friends is not bad, mainly because I take care of everything at home. I have to manage everything from the company’s auditing with the accountant to the communication with the management agency. So I don’t spend much time every day; my son always wants me to find a driver, but I always think it’s unnecessary. One is that I don’t necessarily go out every day, and the other is a book I took in 83. I have driven 40 years younger and have driven large cars and long distances. Now I drive better than most in the city. Professional drivers are good, and not all of them stay in the country for a year. There are always two or three months that do not need a driver. There is no need to open a money to get up and cook every day in the country. Arrange planning and planning in the morning to see what is available at home. It’s okay. I’m going to prepare lunch again. I usually drive out in the afternoon to work. I’ll go to bed after dinner and watch a TV chat with my family, and then I’ll fall asleep. Let’s talk about the experience. For me, any problem that can be solved with money is fine. It’s not a problem. If you open your eyes every day, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to go to work. If you are willing to do all kinds of things, you can hurry up, and you can delay it if you don’t want to, except for the ones that you can’t control at all (such as running a green card and dealing with management departments in China). There is no need to figure out how to make more money to increase income and expand the industry, but still think about how to preserve the value of assets and outperform inflation; other than that, don’t consider spending money for the elderly and their children, and try to use the best that can be used. Ok. It’s really boring to be in isolation. Let’s update it a bit. Although it’s anonymous, I also update a bit of pictures to increase credibility. Share my life with everyone.

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