The drama was a long time ago. In the past two days, seeing friends discussing Liu Xian’s daughter, I suddenly remembered this problem that has puzzled me for n years.
When I saw it, I was still young, and I felt that the two couples were clearly in love. Why did they separate like this? Even mutual misunderstandings are far-fetched in my opinion. Is it just because of suspicion of each other? Or are there any ulterior reasons?
It is said that the daughter of Liu Xian at the time really surprised my eyes, so that I secretly hope that Yanxi will be with her. But in the end, Yanxi didn’t want her whether she was single or single, so why couldn’t they go together?

At the beginning of the scene, it was the scene of Bai Xiuzhu’s eighth lady swinging on a swing. It was intriguing, but it was the first dialogue between Jin Yanxi and Bai Xiuzhu. Because of Jin Yanxi’s father’s position, Jin Yanxi commented on her three elder brothers, and finally said that she didn’t care much about it. His father has been busy for most of his life, and he should have taken a break long ago. Bai Xiuzhu said, “You don’t understand it.” My brother said, power means rich. If you don’t have power, who will care about you? Jin Yanxi replied: This is the opinion of the common people, I don’t think so. From this opening remark alone, we can know that, first of all, the three brothers of the Jin family are not effective. When the father’s position changes, none of them can be counted on. This is also the case when Jin Quan was forced to step down as prime minister. A group of people surrounded it, but none of the three sons could make a constructive suggestion. Secondly, it can be seen that the fourth son of the Jin family, that is, the hero of the TV series, Jin Yanxi, is very ignorant of political matters, has no sense of the rise and fall of the family, and is not interested. Correspondingly, Jin Yanxi advertised herself as an elegant person. I originally thought that the male protagonist I wanted to portray was an elegant person, but I can see from his later behavior that he is not an advanced thinking person, who really wants to break the class gap and does not enjoy money and power. people. Finally, it can be seen that Jin Yanxi is different from Bai Xiuzhu. Two people who are also born in a wealthy family. Faced with this matter, Bai Xiuzhu understands that power means wealth. You can say that she is realistic or she can be so sophisticated. She soberly knew what her glory and wealth came from and what she relied on. On the other hand, Jin Yanxi showed that he was incomprehensible about it. In a way, it was also called innocence. It is already here, at least from On the surface, Jin Yanxi does not love power, does not understand reality, and is more idealistic and romantic. So, in this opening remark, I understood that these two people will not come together. The second thing that impressed me was the three encounters between the hero and the heroine. At first sight, in the paper flying all over the sky, the heroine’s thin back, plain and pure blue blouse, ink-colored skirt, and two braids, slightly on tiptoe, caught the paper with both hands, like a dream in the broken shadow of the moonlight Illusion, like elves dancing lightly in the moonlight, when golden wind and jade dew meet, they win but countless in the world. This is falling into love at first sight. In the second meeting, Jin Yanxi called her friends to find a beauty in the nun’s nunnery, and then met the mother and daughter Leng Qingqiu, who returned from devoutly worshiping the Buddha. Jin Yanxi and the crowd blocked the way down the mountain, Leng Qingqiu said that the trouble was to give way, and then left a back for Jin Yanxi. Jin Yanxi got up and wanted to chase her, shouting loudly, hello—( At this time, he didn’t know anything about the heroine, he hadn’t even seen the front face), the heroine only nodded to the side and left. For the third time, Jin Yanxi asked his subordinates to search the whole city for a deserted search. The women with two braids all over the street were forcibly pulled to see if they were deserted. He counted the number of two braided children in the city. Finally, Jin Yanxi said he would search from house to house. Then, Jin Yanxi and Leng Qingqiu met at the flower shop. Jin Yanxi looked up by chance and saw the Leng Qingqiu holding a lily, smiling as pure and peaceful as a lily. Jin Yanxi chased it out when it suddenly rained heavily. Leng Qingqiu had already boarded the rickshaw and went away. After Jin Yanxi chased him all the way, he finally knew Leng Qingqiu’s residence. These three encounters only reminded me of the Book of Songs “Jia Jia”. Later, the teacher at Leng Qingqiu Girls’ School happened to write on the blackboard, and what he explained in the classroom also happened to be “Jia Jia”. Bai Wu is confused, there is a beautiful woman on the side of the water. Follow it retrospectively, follow it retrospectively, but it is impossible to see it, and it can be seen from afar without being scornful. For love at first sight, I am very fascinated when I am young. Because it is warm and romantic. But now it seems that this kind of eager love for no reason is bound to come and go fast, like all the most gorgeous things, come with great momentum, and disappear so embarrassingly. Just like fireworks, just like the epiphany. In the end, Jin Yanxi, who was caught in the cold after chasing the rickshaw in the rain, lay on the hospital bed. Bai Xiuzhu hurried over when she heard the news, and she shed tears in distress when she saw Jin Yanxi who was ill. It was this one who cried, and Lin Daiyu’s shadow appeared directly in her mind. In “Dream of Red Mansions”, Baoyu was beaten by his father and screamed in pain on the hospital bed. Daiyu also hurried over and ran to Baoyu’s bed, tearing with distress. But here, the attitudes of Jin Yanxi and Baoyu are completely opposite! Baoyu, who called pain in front of other people, saw Daiyu anxiously, and said to Daiyu: I don’t hurt, I just bluffed them. And Jin Yanxi said to Bai Xiuzhu: You go, I am going to sleep. Both the original work and the TV series have talked about “Dream of Red Mansions” many times. Zhang Henshui also said in the original preface, “Someone said: This is like taking the path of “Dream of Red Mansions”, but it can be called the new Dream of Red Mansions. : This is quite similar to the situation of countless Zhumen in modern times, and is abbreviated to it. I also said: Weiwei”. There are a lot of discussions in this area, and the ability is limited, so no specific analysis is done. The rise and fall of a big family ️ Be loved by everyone like Baoyu ️ Little pity who resembles Xiangling Zhen Yinglian (Zhen Yinglian) and three sisters-in-law fits like Wang Xifeng ️ The little pity who was molested by the eldest master wants to be included in the side room looks like Jialian Ping’er ……but Baoyu and Jin Yanxi must not be equated! Baoyu’s pity and appreciation for women alone can’t be compared with a thousand. Treat your childhood sweethearts and women who admire you in the same way. Can you expect him to show mercy to women? His admiration for Leng Qingqiu, from beginning to end, is his affectionate love. I only wrote the impression of the first episode. The somatosensory of this episode is here. The next post-viewing is nowhere in sight. After all, it will take a lot of time. I won’t write until the next time I am in a good mood and want to write. End with the super funny repeating lines in the play: When did my words change!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

From the relationship between Jin Yanxi and Bai Xiuzhu, it can be seen that Jin Yanxi is a typical person who is incapable and has a big temper, who pretends to be innocent and can’t stand others. As the youngest son of the family, he is much loved but highly anticipated. However, Jin Yanxi has not achieved achievements in academics, business or politics. He is a man who can stand up to the ground, but as a female ticket, Bai Xiuzhu is a person with full of personality and righteousness. He is not obedient. He suppresses Jin Yanxi everywhere and does not give him face. As a result, the Jin family will ridicule Jin when they meet them. Yanxi was afraid of Bai Xiuzhu, and on the surface he was drawn into the distance between the young couple, but for a young and energetic boy about 20 years old, it was a great irony to say that he was afraid of his wife and his girlfriend. That’s why Jin Yanxi often showed a cynical attitude to conceal her loss, and used the rebelliousness that the more his family was matched, the more he rebelled to express her distress and unwillingness to be at the mercy of others, eager to be the master, several times in the TV series , Jin Yanxi wanted to make some careers, but always stopped abruptly because of his father’s censure and mother’s doting, so Jin Yanxi was full of frustration. Until he encountered Leng, he found that Leng was not as lively and publicly as Bai Xiuzhu. At the same time, when dating, Jin Yanxi said what to eat and where to go. Leng had never seen the world and did not pay for it. On the one hand, it’s even more important that everyone is a lady who does not go out of the door, so she does not interfere, and it is not easy to interfere. So Jin Yanxi has experienced the joy of control and dominance in Leng for a long time. After getting married, Leng is because of the change of identity. (From girlfriend to wife), in order to fulfill her obligation to assist her husband, she began to control Jin Yanxi’s daily entertainment activities, which made Jin Yanxi unable to understand why she used to be a cute, sensible and obedient girl My friend, who also became a layman like an old mother, began to talk with him about official career and work and began to interfere in his private life. In fact, neither of them has changed, but their moods have changed.

7 months ago

Yesterday, I just finished reading the novel of Jinfen Family, Jin Yanxi is a scumbag through and through. Personally, I feel that he was just a momentary infatuation with Leng Qingqiu. Later, his wife was pregnant and ignored. His father still fooled around with the actor during his funeral. After marriage, he still entangled with Bai Xiuzhu. After the house was on fire, Qingqiu took the child and ran away. He even breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, the movie that he played after becoming an actor is still unrepentant. He beautified in the TV series.

7 months ago

The interpretation of this love story is completely different between the novel and the TV series. In the TV series, Jin Yanxi, played by Chen Kun, is dizzyingly beautiful. He is a son-in-law who is very similar to Jia Baoyu. Although he is foolish, he is open-minded, cherishes women, is equal to everyone, and is innocent. Even if he changes his heart later, it is because For reasons such as the obliteration of passion, gender incompatibility, changes in the environment, etc., he has been muttering “I have never loved anyone except Qingqiu.” Their tragedy has already laid the groundwork. Whether in the sea of ​​sunflowers or the lilies on the vines, the sweet scene is also playing the bleak song of “Dark Fragrance”. The fundamental reason for their separation is because of the thoughts and personalities of two people of different classes. Qingqiu likes to be deserted and Yanxi likes to be lively; Qingqiu is calm and self-sufficient, thinking about everything, Yanxi does whatever he wants, and can’t hide words in his heart and mouth; Qingqiu Be strong, always have self-esteem, Yanxi is used to be a moth, not thinking about the future. They are not the same kind of people at all, but two completely different people are temporarily attracted to each other, and after the passion, they find that they are everywhere incompatible. In the novel, Jin Yanxi is a scumbag through and through. He frowns on all women and wants to hook up. It is not because of love after he is desolate, but because of her lustful personality. He has a strong desire to control, and he has to get what he didn’t get. Qingqiu himself also admires vanity and wants to dress well and eat well, so the two hit it off. After marriage, the romantic Jin Yanxi is naturally unwilling to be lonely, and he is very selfish and indifferent. He is very selfish and indifferent. Everything is centered on himself, completely a giant baby, and he is not responsible for anyone. Not only is Qingqiu deserted, he marries any woman, and the final outcome is chaos and abandonment.

7 months ago

In fact, it is very clear in the original book that Jin Yanxi is a worthless playboy, let alone deserted, even Bai Xiuzhu may not be able to grow old with him. The reason for divorce has nothing to do with “love”, just two words: no money. In the original book, Jin Yanxi and Bai Xiuzhu had a fierce fight since the beginning, and they should have had a physical relationship, so Bai Xiuzhu himself has become a “real girlfriend” or “quasi-young grandmother”. But at this time, Jin Yanxi was still the prime minister’s son, rich and free, and her main pastime was picking up girls. But the woman next to him is either a young lady like Bai Xiuzhu. Although beautiful, her family is not weaker than him, so she has a big temper. She wants Jin Yanxi to “coax” at any time, coax him, Master Jin Yanxi. When the temper came up, I became a little bored. There is also a type of “Miss Wu” who “self-finances the social expenses”. The Jin family also warned Yanxi. He himself knew that such a woman can only “make friends” and must not marry home. Jin Yanxi pursued the deserted autumn, but was tired of eating big fish and meat, and suddenly saw the refreshing side dishes appetite. Leng Qingqiu is not only beautiful, but also very talented. Among the young masters and ladies, studying is not a rare thing, but considering the social background at that time, it is rare to see a woman who can read and write, write a good handwriting, and chant poems and make fus. After Leng Qingqiu was hit by Jin Yanxi with money, the two did not intend to get married, but unexpectedly Leng Qingqiu was there, and she originally intended Yanxi to find a good doctor to deal with it. But Yanxi was angry with Bai Xiuzhu at this time, so she simply asked Leng Qingqiu to get married. After marriage, Leng Qingqiu was not applicable, but he worked hard to integrate into the big family. Jin Yanxi quickly got tired of Qingqiu after marriage. Originally, the couple just looked so close, and even lived so close, but Yanxi’s father passed away, and suddenly the tree fell apart. Everyone immediately faced the most realistic problem: I was out of money. When Mr. Jin was here, everyone sold the face of the “Prime Minister.” Brother Jin didn’t need to go to work. He only got four or five jobs with a salary. After his father died, these “companies” dismissed Big Brother Jin together. Brother Jin even went home angrily and complained, saying that these people were too much, but he didn’t realize that the “work salaries” he had received before were others who looked at his father’s face. He himself didn’t have the ability to make a dime. Then there is separation. The young masters of the Jin family, who are proficient in eating, drinking, and having no way of making a living, although there is no income, after all, everyone has a considerable fortune. If they can live a good life, it is not impossible. Here, the second and third brothers of the Jin family are relatively normal. In other words, because their wives are all rich ladies, they can still “hold down” their husbands. Jin Yanxi was completely degenerate. Take the money from the division, go to hold the actor, spend money like running water, and be taken advantage of by the actor. Leng Qingqiu couldn’t control him at all. In the later stage, after Xiao Lian got married, he went back to Jin’s house to visit everyone (in the original book, Xiao Lian and Liu Chunjiang got married very smoothly, not so bloody). Others are feeling that the little girl will become a young grandmother by chance. The young masters were gradually declining, and only Yanxi was chatting up and asking how much the diamond ring was in Xiao Lian’s hand. Even the eldest brother of the Jin family was surprised at the wretchedness of Yanxi. Later, Yanxi continued to spend a lot of money outside “playing”, regardless of whether it was Qingqiu or their son. Or find fault and quarrel with Qingqiu. It’s not so much whether Qingqiu wants a divorce, it’s better to say that Yanxi can’t wait to drive her away sooner. Yanxi had no regrets until Qingqiu left. His only regret is that Qingqiu took his son away. But then I thought about it, “I’m still young, so my son doesn’t have to worry about it”, and he was completely relieved immediately. From then on, I never thought of Qingqiu mother and son again.

7 months ago

When I watched this drama, I felt that there were two hints that the ending would not be a happy ending. I watched the drama more than ten years ago, so it’s no wonder that I wrote it wrong from memory. In one place, Jin Leng and Yan Er were newly married to the dance party. Leng Qingqiu refused to dance. Jin Yanxi wore a mask and danced with a girl on the dance floor. After the dance, Jin took off the mask and looked at each other, and the co-production girl also took off the mask. As a result, Bai Xiuzhu looked at him coldly, and Jin Yanxi was dumbfounded. The other is the quarrel between the two after marriage. Jin Yanxi broke Leng Qingqiu and looked in the mirror and asked her, which one of you is not from the Jin family? Leng Qingqiu couldn’t stand the humiliation and wanted to return to her natal family. As a result, the whole family members of the Jin family came to persuade the old lady of the Jin family to accompany them. Rich wife’s life is gone. This film perfectly reveals the weakness of the son of the Republic of China. He yearns for freedom but can’t give up the life of aristocracy. Bai Yueguang’s wife has really integrated into the family and he has begun to become a monster. Bai Xiuzhu mentioned in the title description, I will talk about it again. The director’s treatment of Bai Xiuzhu’s role is actually a bit flat, which makes us the audience think that she is a bit too vicious for a female role. In the original work, Bai Xiuzhu had sufficient motives for revenge. At the beginning of the original work, it was clearly pointed out that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. It was said that the two of them had a relationship with each other, and there was only one marriage certificate. I personally think there are several places in the original that actually hinted at them. Have had a skin close. In any case, Bai Xiuzhu was cheated by a scumbag, and Jin Leng was married to Fengzi. In order to be accepted by the audience, the director made a popular adaptation of the whole work, which helped the play become a classic. I believe that old audiences have the impression that in that era or a little earlier, film and literary works like to artificially divide female characters into white roses and red roses. And Jin Yanxi is the pure-blooded White Rose Party here as the director. Leng Qingqiu started with a standard student hairstyle. After marriage, the dress gradually became red. After giving birth, the wife was full of feelings and completed the gradual change from white to red. Of course, you can also understand that white pearls have become white rice grains. Bai Xiuzhu is mainly reflected in the transformation of her hairstyle. Before studying abroad, she was always a head of money and domineering. After studying abroad, she straightened her hair and changed her clothes from Western style to cheongsam. Turned white, so Jin Yanxi turned around and started to pursue Bai Xiuzhu. But Leng Qingqiu’s background color is still white, and Bai Xiuzhu’s background color is still red. Jin Yanxi is too superficial. He neither understands Leng Qingqiu nor Bai Xiuzhu, so the ending will inevitably be empty. In the end, I still have to express my attitude, the maid of the Jin family in this drama, Xiao Lian, is the one who looks good!

7 months ago

The so-called love at first sight is nothing more than a sensation. As an audience, everyone will follow the facial features. If you change Chen Kun’s face to a greasy man, do you still think this encounter is beautiful? His behavior can almost be regarded as a wretched man playing a hooligan. To say something different from the subject of the subject, I think Jin Yanxi never really loved Leng Qingqiu from the beginning to the end, but only because of her appearance, which is different from the cool temperament of other girls I have contacted. Love, I really can’t talk about it, he has never even known her. What he loves is the deserted autumn, gentle and well-behaved, and a small bird in his own imagination. When he discovered that his wife has her own personality and arrogance, he got colder. , I feel that his wife has changed. After all, he loves his own soulful personalities even more. The role of Jin Yanxi has been beautified in the TV series, but I still feel that he is scumbag. When it was first broadcast, my junior high school female classmates were fascinated by him. I think they are like fools. Jin Yanxi is a typical dude, but she pretends to be high-minded, feels elegant, feels that she is different from other dudes, and stand up again; if he has no ability, it is natural to enjoy the life of a drunk and gold fan, and he does not know how to be grateful to his parents; After the family fell down, he refused to recognize the reality, did not have the ability to survive independently, and took care of himself. However, he still couldn’t let go of the life of rich clothes and food; the wife depended on her own ability to earn money to support herself and her children, and he even felt that his wife’s behavior was ashamed . “But it turned out that Yanxi didn’t want her whether she was single or single.” You are afraid that you did not see the end. After the Jin family fell, Jin Yanxi knelt and licked Bai Xiuzhu, hoping that Bai could take her abroad, but Bai did not want him. Put down Chen Kun’s filter and take a good look at the plot, and you will feel that Leng Qingqiu and Bai Xiuzhu are not good enough for him, just a scum.

7 months ago

When I watched this drama that year, I was also moved by Bai Xiuzhu, and I didn’t feel the deserted autumn. Jin Yanxi and Leng Qingqiu were originally two kinds of people who couldn’t beat each other. The momentary freshness and rise of the dude, youth and passion have poured out the romantic plot, I still remember the sea of ​​sunflowers. For Jin Yanxi, Leng Qingqiu is like a unique clear stream. The initial attraction is extremely inevitable, and the final parting is extremely destined. We always yearn for different people and different lives, and when we really live with them, it is not necessarily suitable. The difference in family background and life style has caused differences in married life. The original free love has now become a variety of management and control after marriage. What impressed me the most was the scene where Jin Yanxi pointed to Leng Qingqiu and said, “Which thing on your body was not from the Jin family?” I thought this was the reason why Leng Qingqiu resolutely left. Just like you think about it, if your husband quarrels, he points to you and says, “I bought the house, and you get me out of the house.” Sooner or later you will leave. In this home, Leng Qingqiu didn’t find his own sense of value and belonging. Everything was like a big dream, but there was less reality in the end.

7 months ago

When I revisited it, I found that the first episode hinted at a sad ending
In the first episode, Master Seven and Leng Qiu meet in a narrow alley. Brother Seven sits in the car and looks at the deserted Qiu who is walking in front. Qing Qiu frantically looks at the manuscript paper flying in the sky. Those papers are clearly floating around in front of them. But no matter how you catch it, unless the wind stops and the paper falls, no matter how you catch it, it will be futile.

7 months ago

Jin Yanxi’s nature is a man who has no sense of responsibility and can’t carry anything on his shoulders. At the beginning of being with Leng Qingqiu, it was the impulse of some teenagers who thought they were very powerful and wanted to prove themselves. Only then did they come up with the ability to resist pressure that they had not had in the past so many years and did some responsible things; but waited for the passion to pass. , He returned to his original temperament. He can’t help with the trivialities in life, and can’t help with his discomfort with the deserted autumn of his small family after the freshness disappears. When he made the decision to elope, he was still too immature. He didn’t understand what kind of person he was and what kind of life he faced.

7 months ago

When I was young, I didn’t understand why they quarreled after marriage. The daughter-in-law was married and left at home. I also experienced the feeling of being left out first, and then I understood why Qingqiu was crying. Qingqiu doesn’t have so many ways to entertain herself. She is a person who needs company, but Yanxi didn’t give her company.

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