This issue was meant to be an order for the mountains and rivers, so the two men became the focus of the audience, and the others were all foils. However, the man caught in the middle of the mountain and river is absolutely amazing, and he looks very big in the foil. Next to the two boys, who had no scruples about fighting, sat a quiet and innocent Garfield. . . . After being splashed with pink powder all over, and the two boys yelling at each other across him, I saw the smile on his face like Garfield. I’m a little lazy, but still like a dumpling, I want to hug it and love it. How did he do that? It’s so harmonious as an electric light bulb? There is a sense of presence, but not hate it? Innocent and pitiful, but also makes people laugh? There are also singing and dancing sessions, aren’t you a singing and dancing singer? Learning is slow enough. I saw his mouth with a grin at the base of his ears and his squinted eyes. I didn’t know why I suddenly realized what happiness is. Are you in a good mood? Why are you in such a good mood? Say it and make everyone happy together?

As a master of scenes, Mao was not easy to steadily output his high EQ speech, not embarrassing others or embarrassing himself. As a buddhist boy, playing games has never had any damn desire to win. Just like completing tasks, he is always slow and calm. Every time he plays a slightly more intense competitive game, he is always defeated for the audience. Provide a laugh, that’s enough. In general, this issue of QuickBook, caught in the middle of the mountain and river, the performance is as stable, cute and funny as always. Originally thought that Mao Mao Shangkuai was going to push three specialties, who knows that you have to wait, three specialties come soon!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The feeling that Mao is not easy to enter a variety show is very real. He doesn’t have too much desire for expression, but every time he is cueed, his little expression is funny, and the answer he says is a stalker from time to time, totally unknowingly funny. Also, the most fun thing about Kuaiben this time is his anger. Like a kid, he will compete with others for failing to abide by the rules of the game. Apart from stomping his feet and complaining aggrievedly, his anger will help the guests who fell on the ground up. Then I continued to feel wronged and returned to the position to play games with the small basin. It was the first time I saw a person who was so cute even angry.

6 months ago

After reading this issue of QuickBook, I felt a complete mess in my heart. Mao is not easy to be this person. He is a very introverted person. He has always liked to step aside when he was on variety shows. He stayed aside and wished that everyone couldn’t see him. Now it’s much better than before, but he still doesn’t like to express himself. But it was precisely that, it seemed that he was very real, and it also happened that there were a few familiar people in it, and he also let go. This time I can see that this big guy is having a good time. In this fast book, the most impressive scenes are probably the mixture of Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan. Mao is not easy to be caught by Gong Jun. After Mao is not easy to bulge, it is not easy for Mao to guess the high-energy moments of movie clips, and there is dancing eagerly. Looks like… I have to say that this issue is the strongest Mao Buyi’s mood. Mao Buyi used to appear in variety shows with a touch of hopelessness, but this time he felt that he hadn’t enjoyed it, and he was outdone before it even started. Mao Buyi was caught in seconds when he played the game, and his bulging appearance was too funny. I watched Mao Migu’s video· 1026 after playing it to see if Mao was not easy to be caught, he all sat down and asked Sun Yi if he could do this? It’s really a big ball. I didn’t have a sense of participation in the game once I came here. It started and ended. I laughed and cried. Hahaha. When I was learning to dance with Sun Yi, I couldn’t help but spit out other people’s distractions. Mao is not easy to dance and learn not to be anxious ~ Cat Migu’s video 954 Playing Mao is not easy. Either he doesn’t talk, he talks fun, and his little expression is really enough for me to watch for a long time. However, Maomao is really miserable (I’m sorry, I want to laugh hahaha) He just sits quietly and can’t ignore him. I have to say that some people have a natural passive sense of variety. I don’t know if Teacher Mao still remembers the time when his three specialties were released. Let’s make an advertisement here. Teacher Mao’s songs are so good. Friends who like to listen to songs can look forward to his three specialties, which will be posted before the end of May. There are a total of 10 new original songs, original albums that are not easy to fluff. The quality is high and the requirements are strict. You can look forward to it. Mao Buyi’s “Speaking” stage is stunning

6 months ago

This happy base camp can be said to be a very large exercise for Mao Diyi, and the mood swings are also very large. There was a man in front of me who was forced to become a man caught in the middle of Shanhe Ling because of his slow walk, so embarrassed that he had to pull his legs, and his pants were almost rotten! Hahaha did not forget to say some scenes: “I have tried my best to act as natural as possible!” Why did Kuaben treat Mao so hard? I just want to say good job! His embarrassment and bewilderment look really funny! Mao. It’s really hard to play the game later, even though he tried to sit as far away as possible, he was hit by Shanhe Ling! He was also splashed with pink powder! At this time Mao is not easy to just sing a sentence that he does not want to confuse right and wrong. After being seen by Gong Jun, he splashed pink powder on other people’s heads. He didn’t run in the opposite direction. He was caught before he could run, laughing to death! I still feel wronged like a child. In short, this happy base camp is really good-looking. The only regret is that I still haven’t squatted to the third major. But I believe that Mao is not easy to say fast, and that will certainly not make us wait too long. It is worth looking forward to!

6 months ago

Mao is not easy to be a magical existence. Mao’s sense of variety shows is different from others, especially different. He has always been cautious, modest and prudent, and often tries to “stand aside” in variety shows. But the more he hides in the corner, the more people want to pull him out, just like playing a game of “Let’s Find the Difference”. Although Mao is not well-known for not Yiyi, the same is true of “Mao Dongdi”. On the other hand, Mao was not easy to take things seriously, but his humble and humble personality made it difficult for Mao to become a “golden sentence exporter” in variety shows. He was caught while playing a game with Mr. Gong Jun, aggrieved, questioned and fouled, and couldn’t help pulling Mr. Gong Jun who was thrown to the ground. He looked like an honest and kind child. I always said that I couldn’t dance, and I learned to follow the gestures seriously. The most important thing is that those few happy birthday songs that I sang casually are really so good…

6 months ago

Seriously, I almost forgot that I used to fan Mao is not easy haha, he is my Weibo attention relatively early, but I don’t use Weibo frequently, I just remembered that I fanned him when I saw him, because of him. Looking at the son of tomorrow, I only saw his cut. I really like that song. I listened to it for a long time. I am not a long-time lover, and I have a broken habit of fetching people regularly, but I think he should always be on my watch list, just like Pan Yueming and Wang Yanlin. Because he is so cute and sincere.

6 months ago

It can be seen that Mao is very familiar with Hu Xia, after all, he is a singer of the same age. But why do Mao Buyi and Sun Yi look more familiar? They also sang and danced together, and the conversation between the two was very relaxed. Did they know each other before? I thought that this time Mao Mao would reveal some information about the new album, but Mr. He and Brother Jia helped the fans to ask that Mao was not easy and didn’t know when it would be released, so everyone looked forward to it. Doesn’t it have to wait until Long has time to do it after the creation camp is over?

6 months ago

After watching this issue, I didn’t expect Mao to make me laugh. The scene of splashing the fans caught my heart. When he started to pretend to be fans, he grabbed some flowers, and then splashed Gong Jun. Gong Jun grabbed him, and he said that you were playing with him. On the one hand, he raised the small basin obediently. It was so cute. In fact, I want to say that Mao’s hard-to-reach variety sense comes from his reality. The audience loves to watch this natural thing.

6 months ago

Real and cute, like a kitten, although he is a big man of more than 1.8 meters, he just makes people want to snoring ớ ₃ờ, he is still the youngest in the guest, hahaha, finally reflected. Before on stage, it was affectionate and cold. I look forward to his new album. Will it be released in May?

6 months ago

I didn’t really understand Mao not Yi before, really because I was in the Korean circle before, so I just deserved his name. Hu Xia belonged to listening to his songs, but never knew what he looked like. Then in March of this year, he entered the pit and mountain and rivers. Then he learned a little bit about the entertainment circle and read this issue of Express. Besides eating sugar, he liked it. It’s not easy for everyone, especially Hu Xia and Mao. They are too cute. I want to analyze these two children frame by frame. Are they handsome and cute? Since then evolved into a fan of these two people! It’s so cute and so popular!

6 months ago

The appearance in the Happy Camp is so cute that it makes people want to bully him. It makes people forget that he is a 1.83-meter man from the Northeast, haha. A genius in language and a stupid body, he was still angrily after losing. After being caught by Gong Jun, he dragged Gong Jun to the floor and wanted to reach out to hold hands. You can see that he was very educated. Although the game is lost, in the end, he still has to pick up the bowl obediently. This is like a kindergarten kid.

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