I feel that the levels of these two abilities are a bit different. From the actual effect, you can go back one hour (cooling time is one hour), no matter where you are at which time you use this ability, although it is only one hour, it is still equivalent You have traveled back and forth, and you can repeat this hour indefinitely. But foreseeing the next hour (no cooling), this is different. It seems that you can predict the future infinitely, but you can’t participate in it. At most, you will only know what will happen in an hour. And it cannot be repeated, the wheel of time rolls forward normally. Comparing the two, it is definitely more practical to look back one hour. The key is that it can be repeated infinitely. Infinite repetition means unlimited trial and error. You can try your best in this hour, and you are going back from one hour later to one hour ago, which is equivalent to what you have predicted an hour later, which is nothing like the original point now. It is predicted that one hour after cooling is much stronger. To put it bluntly, one is to modify the behavior of the existing results, and the other is to modify the existing behaviors of the possible results, but one is repeatable and the other cannot be repeated. Considering your own abilities, within an hour, to a large extent, the estimation that you can influence and change can only be limited to yourself. For example, if you want to change a certain tragedy, but there is a high probability that when you know it, it will be far more than an hour. Then whether you know it now or foresee it, there is nothing you can do. Even if you really encounter a live event, how to change it. Thousands of miles away from you, not to mention that I can’t go there, and I’m considered a lunatic when I call, and I will inevitably be investigated afterwards. Then how do I explain it?

Back in time. If the cooling time is equivalent to the retrospective time, then standing in the observer’s perspective means that we can regard people who have the ability to retrospect time as those who have returned one hour in the future. This person is equivalent to predicting his future for an hour all the time-as long as he himself is willing. So, in fact, time backtracking itself includes the function of predicting the future. At the same time, there is time to go back and bring more benefits: for example, relative immortality, for example, a life-saving artifact with a cooling time of 1 hour. In this way, I will choose to go back in time. Unless the subject of predicting the future does not refer to the future of “oneself”, but the future of the entire “world”. For example, if I sit at home, I can predict what will happen to the White House in the next hour. Well, with this ability to predict the future, I am not only a living god who can measure everything, but also the ultimate strategic weapon. —————— But there is a little bug in time retrospective, which is about this life-saving effect-if we are the owners of time retrospective ability, not observers. If you are killed by someone or have an accident during the cooldown period, you will directly game over. Since we will not take the same actions after the retrospect time as before the retrospect, during the cooling time, we will face a brand new future, an unknown future. During this period of time, it’s like playing a game without resurrection armor, and the risk factor will rise linearly. Unless I act very cautiously, there will always be a day when the ship capsizes in the gutter. It depends on personal choice.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

I definitely choose “foresee the next hour”. why? Because there is a Festinger law in social psychology. Point out that 10% of things in life are beyond our control, while the other 90% are beyond our control. Therefore, the ability to “foresee the next hour” can reduce or avoid the 10% that we cannot control in our lives, making our lives more controllable and more certain. We must not underestimate “foreseeing the next hour”. There is a saying in Sun Tzu’s Art of War: Therefore, the ruler is good and virtuous, so he moves and overcomes others. Success comes from the crowd, the prophet. The secret of Ming Junxian’s victory lies in the “prophet”. Although “foreseeing the next hour” is not enough for ordinary people to rule the country and the world, self-cultivation is still enough.

9 months ago

Going back one hour needs to add a condition, body function and age also go back, only keep memory. There are too many ways to play like this. Go back one hour, and go back after the skill cools down after one hour, which is equivalent to repeating this hour indefinitely, realizing immortality in disguise. Using this hour, you can learn unlimited knowledge, you can explore everything possible within an hour’s distance around you, and you can get unlimited pleasure when you do indescribable things. However, there are two unclear information on the subject. The first is the added conditions above. The physical function and age must be backtracked, otherwise it will not be exhausted and will die within an hour. The second is whether the one hour of backtracking is counted in the cooling time or not, at most, the life span is doubled, and the attractiveness is greatly reduced. If neither of these conditions are met, it would be too miserable. Although you feel that your lifespan has not changed, from the outside, it seems that you are activating this skill with an overdrafted life. If you activate it once to reduce your lifespan by one hour, it is not worthwhile. .

9 months ago

The ability to predict for one hour is actually very tasteless. It is easy for people to be tempted by immediate interests and ignore the long-term consequences, leading to risk taking. This is the case for people and countries. If there is no long-term worry, there must be immediate worries. Looking at the current United States, in order to please voters , For short-term benefits, what has become of the toss. The avoidable dangers are also limited. Most of the factors that can lead to death are chronic diseases. The dangers that can be avoided within one hour are car accidents, natural and man-made disasters, and acute illnesses. This possibility is actually not high, and it will increase. Many troubles.

9 months ago

The old gamers think about the bug backtracking to see the function. I don’t have to talk about it. Try one by one. This thing is very similar to reading files and playing games. Perfectionists may suffer because life has unlimited possibilities. Maybe your life may be forever reading. The file is back. . . After all, there is no clear ending in the game, there is always a better way. Backtracking has another advantage, you can read unlimitedly. After all, your knowledge has not been cleared, right? There is a bug in the second ability. The so-called predictive ability is not so simple. Of course, we assume that the future is undetermined instead of the script.

9 months ago

.Life, here refers to the length of thought. Even if you foresee the future, your life is still only a few decades. But one hour of cooling back for one hour is equivalent to allowing you to stay at a certain time indefinitely. Even if there is a time difference in neurotransmission occasionally, it can make you one second as an hour, which is equivalent to one day equal to 360 days for others. For example, on a certain Saturday, you can choose to watch a whole show with yourself in a bed, start watching at nine o’clock and finish it at nine o’clock. Then you can choose to do whatever you like.

9 months ago

The fault tolerance rate, the limited ability of people, even if you know what will happen in the future, it may not be able to prevent it from happening. And time won’t wait for you, you can only watch every thing you do and try to solve it within an hour in the future. According to the ability of human action to do at most a dozen effective things an hour, the chances of changing the future become smaller and smaller as time progresses. Backtracking is different. You can try many, many times, and then easily summarize the rules and keep trying and making mistakes.

9 months ago

Ability, having time backtracking is equivalent to that as long as I have perseverance, I can become a top talent in any industry in the blink of an eye (the perspective of perception by others). The degree of danger, foreseeing the future of what you do in the eyes of others may be weird, the last second you were doing something in a hurry, the next second you walked away lightly, unable to change your image in the eyes of others. Because one hour is limited, there is no way, you must seize the time as much as possible. Backtracking can repeatedly try to find the correct way and then optimize the implementation plan with the least effort, the least impact and the least noticeable. Published on 02-23

9 months ago

The body crossing is more troublesome. It is very likely that two of you will exist at the same time, and the memories will be different. Two you activate abilities, become four you, eight you, and 16 you, exponentially increasing, and if the abilities keep activating, countless you will appear at that time anchor at the same time, and the entire universe will be filled with you instantly, and then Collapse into a singularity. Then the big bang, re-interpret to the anchor point where you got the superpower, collapse again, explode again, collapse again, explode again, endless loop. Therefore, the body crossing is not considered. The ability to go back to the past cannot be activated indefinitely, because you will always get tired of being stuck for an hour. You have to follow the time. One day you will die of old age. You may live a long, long time, hundreds of years and thousands of years. But it will still die. Try not to go to places where you cannot escape within an hour, and do not have chronic diseases.

9 months ago

This game has a shuffling mechanism. The cards in your draw pile in the lower left corner are disordered (in fact, they are ordered, but they will be displayed in random order), and you don’t know what you will draw next time. When all the cards enter the discard pile and there is no card in the draw pile, another draw will trigger the shuffling, which is to shuffle the cards indiscriminately and change the order again. Well, back to the question, there is a treasure that can only be bought in the store. Its function is that you can now know the card you draw next time. What a relic of Sbarasi!

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