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Xiao Yan is essentially a modern man, with a knight spirit, proud and love to pretend to be X. But as long as others don’t provoke him, he generally won’t provoke others, and at the same time he will repay his favor. Secondly, he is a very purposeful person. After setting the goal, he will definitely implement it to the end. For example, in order to challenge Nalan Yanran, he won the heart of Qinglian after nine deaths. It’s been too long after watching Douluo II, and I can’t remember many of the plots, so I can write some rough sketches. His character should also leave the Duke’s Mansion at the beginning, will not be affected by these birds, and at the same time, he should be very grateful to his mother. After arriving at school, she probably won’t have much to do with Tang San’s daughter. Tianmeng Bingcan didn’t really look at him, but the relationship is definitely not bad. In the original work, Electrolux is a good teacher, more than a hundred times better than the master, let alone encountering someone like Xiao Yan who is kind and must repay him. Therefore, under his cultivation, Xiao Yan’s cultivation path should be smooth. Huo Yuhao himself would definitely not lose to Tang San in terms of Wuhun and spirit ring. If it weren’t for Tang San to become a god early + PUA, his position would definitely be Huo Yuhao’s. Not to mention Xiao Yan’s top combat talent, and Electrolux’s help. So the main line should be resurrecting Electrolux and revenge for his mother. Revenge should be to beat his father to the knees and apologize to his mother. It may kill a few people, but it will not destroy the door. Of course, if he wants to practice, he will definitely conflict with Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, and then hang those so-called monsters, Shrek and Tang Sect old things will stumble him. According to this, the mid-term will brush the instance, for example, join a mercenary group, or live in seclusion in the soul beast forest. This also left a foreshadowing for the contradiction between Tang San and Xiao Yan. The road to becoming a god in Douluo Continent was controlled by Tang San, and there was a high probability that Xiao Yan would become a god in resurrecting Electrolux, but there should be a way with Electrolux. Xiao Yan was extremely talented, and he was not PUA by Tang San, so when he became a god in the later stage, he would definitely encounter various obstructions from Tang San. Moreover, according to Tang San’s old Yinbi character, he would definitely attack Xiao Yan during the ceremony of becoming a god. At this time, Electrolux would burn himself to help Xiao Yan become a god smoothly, and at this time he forged a vengeance. Xiao Yan went to the God Realm, and the other gods were unknown, so he would fight Xiao Yan with Tang San in the first place, and Xiao Yan would probably not be able to beat so many people. So I personally tended to Xiao Yan’s return without success for the first time. After that, Xiao Yan continued to cultivate the soul + ice element, and once again went to the gods. This time, most of the gods were not his all-in-one generals, and at the same time, understanding the truth of the matter would be biased towards Xiao Yan. The text “Tang San, you have prevented me from becoming a god over and over again, and killed my teacher. Today I will take your dog’s life.” Xiao Yan said blankly. After many years of silence, he became more stable. Although the margins were not repaired and the vicissitudes were a little bit vicissitudes of life, his eyes were extremely firm. Tang San pretended to be calm and said, “The road to becoming a god should be controlled by the gods. You set foot on the road to becoming a god without the approval of the gods. This is your own responsibility. As for your teacher, he is more than guilty!” I passed the gods and wanted to bring the gods together to deal with Xiao Yan, but the gods all had their eyes lowered and remained silent. Even the phoenix god Ma Hongjun didn’t say a word. Only Xiao Wu stood beside him, hesitant to speak. “Joke! What a god you are, you are not even qualified to talk to me like this!” Xiao Yan said. “I want this day, I can’t cover my eyes, I want this place, I can’t bury my heart, I want these sentient beings to understand my intentions, I want you, the so-called god, to disappear!” Tang San’s eyelids twitched, pretending to be The way to talk. The figure suddenly pressed down, a Tang Anger Buddha lotus popped out of his sleeve, and then he kept turning his figure, igniting a hidden weapon. The Empress Tang San became a god and never gave up the way of hidden weapons. He used god gold to create many hidden weapons, and even extracted various poisons from the world and smeared them. Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a blue pulse spread out from him, and the place he passed was already an ice-bound tomb, which easily solidified Tang San’s hidden weapon and decomposed it. The gods did not want to be affected by the pond fish, and they quickly left the scope of the battle. The God of Life could not conceal his astonishment at this moment, saying, “This is entropy reversal! You must know that elemental creation is caused by entropy increase. If I am not wrong, Xiao Yan inherited the god of creation. I am only here. I have read the record in this aspect in the divine calendar, but he didn’t expect that Xiao Yan would have mastered it completely. Tang San was afraid this time it would be more ill-fated.” “But this is also his own fault!” Her husband was Tang San. Forced to leave the realm of God. Since the two great god kings, the god of goodness and the god of evil, were not in the god realm, the god realm had been Tang San’s eloquence in these years. Tang San continued to confuse the party and attack dissidents. Marginalized the powerful god of destruction, causing the god of destruction to run away in anger. When Xiao Yan attacked the God Realm for the first time, he ordered the gods to besiege Xiao Yan, and the gods suffered heavy casualties. It was only afterwards that the truth of the matter was understood, and everyone was used as a gun by Tang San. At this moment, Tang San was already panicking. Summoned the Seagod Trident, drew out a terrifying wave, but was instantly annihilated by ice. Xiao Yan’s endless ice domain (entropy domain) was pressed to the corner of the temple, unable to retreat. Next to him is Xiao Wu. “Three brothers…or else you apologize to him, we were wrong…we…” “Shut up! What kind of thing is he!” Tang San burst out with a hideous face. He was so embarrassed for the first time since becoming a god. He hated himself for failing to kill him in Xiao Yan’s becoming a god. “That old thing, dying is still obstructing my way” Tang San had already completely torn the disguise at this time. Most of Xiao Yan’s face was covered by shadows, and he couldn’t see his expression clearly. He raised his head slightly, and a crystal clear tear was drawn across his chin, and it fell down, freezing in a moment. “Teacher, when I came to this damn world, you have been helping me. You taught me to use my spiritual power. You taught me to behave in the world. You warned me to be cautious and not to provoke troubles. But some people are bad to their bones. , Is a born cub!” That year Xiao Yan was twenty-eight, standing like a ghost, watching the teacher die in front of him with his own eyes. Xiao Yan gently put his two fingers on his forehead, and there seemed to be stars shining in his pale blue eyes, and the sun and the moon turned. “Sura God is in one body!” Tang San opened his last hole card. In this level of battle, his spirit and all spirit abilities had no effect at all, so he could only make this strategy. “It’s late, Wuxiangyu!” This is Xiao Yan’s own magical skill, which can completely deprive a person’s soul and pull it into the entropy field to annihilate it. Tang San only felt that an incomparably powerful force had locked his aura, and at this speed, he had no time to wait until the integration was over before he died. So he took the initiative to lift the fit. Xiao Wu looked at Tang San with some doubts. Suddenly she seemed to understand something, and immediately stood in front of Tang San. She slowly opened her arms. She clearly looked small and thin, but she looked like a fearless warrior. Xiao Yan’s intangible power locked Xiao Wu’s soul like Yan Luo’s life-threatening rope. Tang San had no image at this time. When Xiao Wu stood in front of him, he took advantage of Xiao Yan’s distraction and used ghost shadows to forcefully break through the entropy domain and reached another corner of the temple. Xiao Wu’s expression instantly froze. At the last moment, she looked at Tang San in the distance, but there was a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. “Brother, you are so far away from me, Xiao Wu–want to die by your side.” Xiao Wu slid weakly to the ground, turning into a curled up bony bunny, and then disappeared. “Xiao Wu, I’ll avenge you, I can’t die yet!” Tang San kept muttering to himself, as if to convince himself, “Is this the loyal and unparalleled third brother in your mouth?” The God of Light sneered beside him. Ma Hongjun. Xiao Yan expanded his field. Seeing this scene where the relatives parted and died, there was not much pleasure of revenge. Tang San’s divine body was constantly being worn away in Xiao Yan’s domain just now, bones can already be seen in some places, there is not much hair left, and he is extremely embarrassed. “Why sacrifice yourself for a hypocrite?” Xiao Yan said, “Tang San, today you will definitely die!” Tang San summoned the Clear Sky Hammer, and spirit rings rose from under his feet and smashed into the void with force, trying to break the space and escape. . However, in the field of entropy inversion, even space cracks can be annihilated, and only the smallest space element particles can remain. Tang San completely lost his spirit and spirit, and fell to the ground like a mourning dog. Xiao Yan walked towards Tang San step by step, his black hair gradually turned white, and his eyes turned blue. This is the sign when he is fully operating his divine power. He strangled Tang San’s neck, and instead of looking at each other, the frost spread along Xiao Yan’s hand. “You and I have no grievances and no enmity, but you rushed to kill me. You kept saying that it was for the gods, but the gods in your mouth were only-yourself! You damn it!” Tang San thought about relying on his own at the last moment. Using hidden weapons to deceive and sneak attacks, Xiao Yan’s divine power had already frozen his body. Xiao Yan closed his fingers, and Tang San fell, and his body and soul disappeared. Xiao Yan was revenge, but his eyes were a little confused. He was facing west and knelt on one knee. This is the chivalry that Electrolux taught him, expressing the highest respect. “Teacher, I will definitely revive you.” Xiao Yan couldn’t kneel down, and mottled lights and shadows sprinkled on his back. He in ragged clothes was more like a mortal. But all the gods understand in their hearts: He is a born god, the true god, he is Xiao Yan! “I’ve decided, I want to marry him, he is so handsome.” The eyes of the God of Light seemed to flash with stars.


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7 months ago

First help the third Wuhun, Teacher Electrolux, to reshape his body. There is also revenge for the mother. This is the top priority. But, Xiao Yan is always doing things. It shouldn’t be done to kill the Duke’s whole family. But it will definitely hit the hall with great momentum, and the whole family will kneel down and admit their mistakes. Xiao Yan’s principle is that it’s my business to forgive, and it’s yours to admit mistakes, the door is clear. Then I witnessed the lover or friend, Dongerqiuer was torn to pieces by a certain abnormality and combined together. Together with Mr. Electrolux, we worked out the methods of killing gods by mortals. (Because Tang San monopolized the road to becoming a god, and Electrolux had experience as a demigod with an unstable lotus-shaped explosive to kill the gods. , Could it be? Killed in the realm of the gods, snatched back the hateful suture monster named Tang Wutong, and then separated that thing. A few years later, in the central area of ​​the Star Dou Great Forest, a forbidden area where soul beasts dared not enter for a million years. It was supposed to be a deserted place, the boy in black appeared next to the small lake again and spoke to the beautiful girl who was taking a bath. Just as in a parallel world, at the end of the story, Xiao Yan and Xiao Yixian.

7 months ago

First of all, with Xiao Yan’s character, he couldn’t move his mind to Tang San’s daughter. Since he was not moved, then Tang San couldn’t PUA him in the early stage, and Xiao Yan’s early stage would be a lot smoother. In the case of the Duke’s Mansion, there is a high probability that those who have bullied others will be chopped off, and the rest will be let go. After witnessing the tragedy of Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er, Xiao Yan would definitely start planning to show Seagod Tang San a little bit of color in the future. He would also be 100% attached to Electrolux, Xiao Yan valued his Shien extremely, not to mention that he was destined to never die with Tang San when the master made sacrifices for himself. Then the final plot will most likely become the queen of Xiao Yan, and fight Tang San with the anger of his master for Wang Qiu’er, Wang Dong’er and the people on the Douluo Continent who have suffered because of Tang San. In the end Xiao Yan won a big victory, and other gods also surrendered to Xiao Yan, and Douluo Continent began to gradually get better without Tang San’s spoils.

7 months ago

Thanks invite. The Duke’s Mansion may not be left. [Huo Yuner was tortured to death. The Duke’s Mansion is a real villain except for Dai Luoli’s mother and son, and Dai Luoli is not an orthodox White Tiger Martial Spirit, so. 】Electrolux was killed because the monthly ticket was not enough. According to Xiao Yan’s heat of the year, he would definitely not encounter this situation, so the teacher resurrected get✓ I even think he will find a way to achieve the maximum freedom of the soul, honestly in the later days Emperor Meng Bing and the others are in a situation not as good as domestic slaves, and even the benefactor Xiao Yan will not fail. Wang Dong’s line is likely to start with GG. Xiao Yan won’t let others clean up the house for him. It’s good to wait for others to pull it down. The dormitory will probably be changed to Beibei because of Tang Sect, because you don’t need to buy soul bones for Wang Dong. , And can’t owe money, let alone get on Shrek’s thief ship. And oranges, ummm, oranges are quite arrogant, you may not be able to play together. He Qiu’er, Emperor Rui Beast is more arrogant, but Qiu has always been a concessionary attitude towards Huo, because his childhood was miserable, it would be the same if Xiao Yan wore a baby. Sacrifice should not be sacrificed, the heroine script get? Because I think Xiao Yan may be too lazy to deal with the troubles taught by the Holy Spirit. Then Xiao Yan was collecting Nana Nanshui, water, leaves, bone clothing, and so on. At this time, Qiu should propose to part ways. The hostess Dou Er repeatedly asked to serve the first wife’s house and refused. The same is true if his temperament can’t be changed and Xiao Yan meets. If Di Tian still thinks that the beast tide Xiao Yan might help. In terms of the position of god, I guess it is the god of ice. Emotions are impossible, he is not indecisive.

7 months ago

The sky was gray and the wind blew, and the leaves were rolled up and filled with a bit of depression. A young man walked on a crowded street. He carried a small package and walked on the road. His worn clothes were eye-catching. , But the boy didn’t care. The boy looked at the people coming and going on the street. All the world’s attitudes are displayed in front of the boy’s eyes. He watched a child fall down on the street. He was about to step forward to help him. The child’s mother hurried up, picked up the child, and patted the dust on the child after he picked it up. “Doesn’t it hurt, baby, don’t cry or cry, mom is here?” The boy’s eyes instantly reddened, and he remembered the time in the White Tiger Duke’s mansion, and his mother said everything in order to leave two hot steamed buns for himself. , When the surrounding subordinates insulted him. His mother guarded him. To comfort him, his mother had never asked for that seat. She was satisfied just thinking that she had had a relationship with that ruthless man, but the woman still refused to let them go. Her mother couldn’t afford it after being beaten. Doctor, he watched his mother’s body gradually decline little by little, but there was nothing to do. He knelt down and begged many people, but no one wanted to offend the mistress of the mansion to help a lowly child. The mother stroked his hair before she died. Give him the dagger that is wiped clean no matter what, tell him not to stay in the ducal mansion, go out and find a place, wherever you go, don’t think about revenge, it’s better to live well than anything else. . After he buried his mother, he packed his things and left the White Tiger Duke’s Mansion. He swore before his mother’s grave that he would make the Duke’s Mansion pay the price, but he could only walk aimlessly. He wanted to go to the Star Dou Great Forest. To obtain the first spirit ring for his martial soul, even a ten-year spirit ring is good, he needs power, the power to avenge his mother. But for a child, this purpose is too difficult to accomplish. He hasn’t eaten anything for many days since he left the Ducal Palace. His eyes gradually began to be confused, confused, bang, and he finally fell down. He gradually opened his eyes, and the faint candlelight next to him brought him a little light. An old woman walked in with a cane. He stood up forcibly and touched himself. His clothes were a bit old. But it was not the original torn clothes. He felt around and didn’t feel the baggage he brought out. He hurriedly prepared to get out of bed and went to find the baggage. There was the last thing his mother left for him, and he couldn’t get it. Lost, “Little friend, lie down, you are just getting up, and you have to cultivate for two days. Your burden is on the table.” The old woman walked over slowly. He took a sigh of relief, and then disappeared.

7 months ago

First of all, Xiao Yan must take his mother to escape from the Duke’s Mansion. Maybe he couldn’t leave, but his mother died there, and this Liangzi was forged. This is a deadly vengeance. Run to the forest and meet Tianmeng Ice Silkworm and Electrolux, Tianmeng Ice Silkworm and Electrolux are likely to be equivalent to the role of Yao Lao, and more importantly, Xiao Yan’s previous life on Earth, Electrolux is a magician , It’s a hit. Douluo Continent generally has at most a dozen spirit rings and more than a dozen skills. It’s different if Xiao Yan has Electrolux. In the early stage, even if there was no soul, there was magic, and Xiao Yan II was a human, his martial soul was still a spiritual eye, his mental power was not low, not to mention Electrolux had many methods, and the plot could be arranged and slowly remembered a little bit. Not to mention in the later period, the spirits came out, and even a necromancer’s spirit was undead, incorporated into the Holy Spirit teaching, all the church members were purified, and the spirit spreading tower was created, and then the Tang Sect was revived. In fact, I don’t think he has any need to revive the Tang Sect. Anyway, the later Tang Sects of the novel don’t read him well, and it has always weakened the importance of the Spirit Transmission Pagoda. Why is the organization created by Huo Yuhao turned into a villain, but your Tangmen Shrek doesn’t have it? Speaking back to the early stage, as for Wang Dong’s temper, Xiao Yan attacked on the spot and was assigned to other dormitories. I guess Tang San saw that his daughter could not bind the Son of Destiny, and gave her daughter a task overnight, even exposing Wang Dong’s daughter’s body. Later, Tsundere was used to shape Wang Dong and Xiao Yan stepped into the suit. But I think Xiao Yan would like Tangerine and Wang Qiu’er more (Wang Qiu’er is not sure if there will be any, but Tang San may always interfere in order to tie up Xiao Yan, or fall in love with Wang Dong) later Xiao Yan because of Electrolux teaching , Knows how to refine alchemy and magic, and he also learns Soul Guidance Device, and he also has a few abnormal martial arts and soul spirits, are these not more powerful than Tang San’s hidden weapons? The inheritance of the hidden weapons of the Tang Sect is broken, and how can the hidden weapons be as powerful as guns? I must go back to take revenge. Xiao Yan may even want to kill the woman. Then his dad will come out and say the classic-sounding words of the third youngest of the Tang family, asking to keep the fucking woman killed, Xiao Yan will not set off the star. Luo is good, but the big deal is that Princess Xingluo was taken away, and she begged for mercy, Xiao Yan missed her old love, forgave Xingluo, not for the Duke, how could he bring such a father to heaven? Speaking of Xiao Yan’s harem, there must be a lot of them. All oranges are collected, the mainland is unified directly, the soul guide is developed at full speed, and the Holy Spirit Cult has been incorporated. Evil soul masters have the possibility of being purified, and they may want to spread the spirit tower. Just like to create a purification tower called a holy spirit tower, since then the evil spirit master has cultivated in an upright manner, and there has been no evil spirit master since then. But with Tang San, the harem may be blocked, and Wang Qiuer may still arrange sacrifices (this is disgusting Tang San) but Xiao Yan himself does not hate spirit beasts too much. After understanding the cause and effect, he found that Tang San was obstructing it. If you don’t like Wang Dong’er, at least he will not be willing to be Tang San’s son-in-law. At this time, he might be killed by Tang San. If it is possible that Wang Dong’er would survive the plea, she would forbear it, it is difficult to be a god, because Tang San is the only one in his own family, who would dare to inherit the godhood. At this time, there are two key figures. One is that Electrolux cannot become a god in his world, but he should be able to know a little way. The second is the Golden Dragon King. The Golden Dragon King has been suppressed for so many years and has been looking for opportunities to break out. In fact, Xiao Yan Count as a good candidate, riot in advance, and immediately next, inherit Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan let go, rush to the gods, and destroy the hands, against Tang San, Tang San’s hidden weapons are in Soul Guidance Device and Magic, Soul Spirit, and even Golden Dragon. What is there in front of the king? The big deal is the expansion of the God Realm, the loss of the God Realm, and Xiao Yan’s harem will strengthen itself and continue to rule the mainland. Evil soul masters can cultivate normally because of the Holy Spirit Tower. Ordinary people cultivate to the limit of giving spirit towers to spirits, and spirits can help several spirit rings. They only have a little talent, so it’s not good that they can’t cultivate because they can’t hunt spirit beasts. Tang Sect’s scientific research spirit is carried forward, and it combines magic with the soul guide, so that everyone can practice effectively. If you don’t have the talent, you can try magic.

7 months ago

The main premise is that Xiao Yan has the aura of Huo Yuhao’s protagonist. It’s not enough to die halfway. The Duke’s Mansion will definitely not be as comfortable as Huo Yuhao, except for the couple of Dai Luoli, it is estimated that they will be cool. The number of deaths is not certain, and death should not be enough. Xiao Yan still has a little bottom line and affection, but Duke Baihu can’t escape if he admits his mistake. Then there are the three major plug-ins. In the God Realm, Tang San must have no hope, the god of emotions is not necessarily, Xiao Yan, this kid is too arrogant, and Rong Nianbing’s temperament can’t be matched, so I guess there will be no knife. Soul beast, Tianmeng Ice Silkworm should receive the same treatment as Huo Yuhao. In the end, it was nothing more than becoming a soul, relying on Xiao Yan to survive. With Bingdi Xuedi. On the contrary, Electrolux, with Xiao Yan’s temperament, is definitely going to resurrect the teacher when he goes back to the seat of the God Seal King (refer to Yao Lao) and then? Then Xiao Yan didn’t even need Tang San’s plug-in, the Undead Membrane Technique was more nb than Evil Soul Master or something. Xiao Yan’s proper pragmatism is simply the best heir to Electrolux. What evil spirit master, what sun and moon empire, dare to pua me? The mighty hatred and resentment were overwhelmed, and the Sun-Moon Empire instantly became the second church (that is, the simple church of Pua Electrolux), but it is more likely that Xiao Yan would rely on Nana or Tang Ya’s line directly hooked up with the Evil Soul Master. He was a saint son by himself, and he didn’t have any role in Tang Ya. Tang Ya sucked energy and he sucked his soul directly. This was much more evil. The line of the Shrek Seven Monsters is probably useless. Wang Dong’er died suddenly at the start, just like Xiao Yan’s bad temper. People don’t offend me and I don’t offend people. Do you dare to ask me to wipe the board? In the next second, he slammed the door and left. I’m afraid that Xiao Yan’s temperament is not going to lead Tang San’s body to “eradicate the evil”, and then there will be a good show.

7 months ago

Xiao Yan, who became Empress Dou, still passed through Huo Yuhao in the first place? Xiao Yan, who became the Queen of Douluo, assumes that his strength is sealed and he needs the power of the Douluo system to be liberated. It is very likely that he will fight Tang San later. The best end of the duke’s mansion is to be defeated. Dissolution, after all, even if the original plot develops, Xiao Yan will not intervene in the development of the mainland, and will find ways to go back. After all, his wife and children are still fighting, and Tang San will come down to threaten people later, Xiao Yan will intervene in the first crossing into Huo Yuhao? Either work as a tool man under Tang San’s wicked power, or be killed directly by Tang San. Or build up? How many shots were fired on Tang Santianling cover?

7 months ago

According to Xiao Yan’s temper, Tang San’s daughter dared to ask Xiao Yan to clean up the room, or Xiao Yan moved out, or she moved out, or she just started working, she didn’t like it at all. According to the description in the book, Wang Donger didn’t say anything. Xun’er is Xiao Mei, even Xiao Yu can’t match it. . . In the future, the Duke’s Mansion will kill the fucking person, and the others will be fine, just like strangers. In the future, Xiao Yan is very likely to like that sacred angel. The god of sea god’s emotions is nothing, but Xiao Yan’s cruel heart, the god of Shura Raksha (I don’t remember whether the god was destroyed) only had these three gods of fire. Then the Evil Soul Master, he wouldn’t care if he didn’t provoke him. If it provokes him, it would be finished, and the Evil Soul Master would be destroyed. Finally, go to the God Realm and overthrow the Tang family’s tyranny with the God of Destruction. Forget Electrolux, in the early stage, without Wang Dong’er, Electrolux would not die, Xiao Yan would definitely be regarded as an evil spirit master. Definitely find a way to revive Electrolux. If Electrolux was completely cold, Tang San would be done.

7 months ago

Some people think Xiao Yan too hard and Tang San thinks too much. If Xiao Yan didn’t engage Tang San, his daughter and Tang Shrek, Tang San probably wouldn’t embarrass him, and Xiao Yan would have no reason to engage Tang San. Sect and Shrek, as long as Xiao Yan doesn’t become an evil spirit master at the start. Dou Er is so scumbag at the beginning of the Tang Sect, it is basically impossible to have enemies with Xiao Yan. If the Star Dou Forest meets Tang Ya and Bei Bei as Dou Er has just started, Xiao Yan is very likely to enter Shrek. After all, In any case, it was also a well-known academy. At this time, Xiao Yan had no power and wanted revenge. He had no choice but to send the door to the first academy in the mainland. Moreover, in terms of Tang Ya and Bei Bei’s character, Xiao Yan would have a high probability of having a very good impression of Tang Sect. If you entered Shrek and met Wang Dong, it was not as bad as others wrote. At first, Wang Dong made things difficult for Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan’s reaction should be the same as Huo Yuhao’s. It was a fight. After the fight, Wang Dong was not convinced. But Wang Dong is not the kind of person who perineates him. Two people probably hate each other when they are not in the first class of school. But after the first class, if Wang Dong finally helped Xiao Yan complete the lap task, Xiao Yan would definitely be grateful. Then the relationship between the two began to ease, and eventually they would gradually develop into brothers. There is a high probability that Wang Dong’s route would be Same as Huo Yuhao’s development. But Xiao Yan didn’t even think about opening the harem. If Tang San saw his son-in-law opening the harem, I would never bear it. Later, because of Wang Donger and Wang Qiu’er, Xiao Yan would definitely hate Tang San, but after Tang Wutong appeared, Xiao Yan’s reaction should not be much different from Huo Yuhao’s, and he couldn’t help but want to approach her, and then Tang Wutong recovered Wang Donger’s Memories, with Xiao Yan (I think Tang Wutong shouldn’t be a big problem…just at the beginning, when he didn’t remember Huo Yuhao, his attitude was a little bad, but after remembering it later, it wasn’t bad…). After being with Tang Wutong, Tang San would make things difficult for him, but his identity at the time definitely didn’t know that Tang San was making things difficult for him. Tang San left the seal on Tang Wutong, right? It was the thing that would be beaten out every time Huo Yuhao hugged her, I think Xiao Yan shouldn’t be incomprehensible, after all, this can be regarded as a father protecting his daughter from being bullied. Then in the end Tang San forcibly brought Tang Wutong back to the God Realm, this kind of thing…Xiao Yan didn’t have much reason to hate Tang San… It’s all right for Dad to take his daughter home with love and reason. Then Xiao Yan tried his best to find Tang Wutong, had a fight with Tang San, and was threatened by Tang San again, making things difficult for him. At this time, Xiao Yan would definitely be dissatisfied with Tang San, but he would certainly not hate him. In other words, her father is her favorite person. Then after untold hardships, he married Tang Wutong. Finally, Tang San said that it was for Xiao Yan to better integrate with the gods, and then the two began to be kind and filial… Generally speaking, you only need to enter Shrek. The academy remains the same, so Bacheng will not be any different from Huo Yuhao…Unless you don’t enter the academy for casual training at the beginning, there is a high probability that you will not conflict with Shrek and Tangmen, as long as Xiao Yan does not go to the sun and the moon. Empire, or becoming an evil spirit master, there will never be any conflict with Shrek. If it came down like this, Tang Wutong’s line would definitely be gone. Tang San paid attention to him only for his talent, so there was no reason to embarrass him. In general, the possibility of Xiao Yan and Tang San getting a feud is too small, almost impossible, so there is no need to write these two people as enemies… As for Electrolux, Xiao Yan would definitely want it. He resurrected him, but the problem is that Douluoli really didn’t give a clue that Electrolux would be resurrected (I remember that? Or after becoming a god?) So even if Electrolux is gone, it won’t have any clues to the main line. What’s the impact, the most is the resurrection after going to the God Realm. Xiao Yan’s resurrection of Electrolux has no effect on Tang San, so Tang San may not stop it. After all, Tang San even Huo Yuhao’s mother brought him to the God Realm. This is a trivial matter. Three will not stop it. Thinking of Huo Yuhao’s mother, I think if Xiao Yan and Tang Wutong were together, and finally went to the God Realm, and found that Tang San had got his mother into the God Realm, then even if Xiao Yan was dissatisfied with Tang San, he would be very grateful to Tang San. After all, this belongs to great grace. To sum up, as long as Xiao Yan falls in love with Wang Dong’er, it is inevitable to be pua from Tang San, and in the end, there is a high probability of being grateful to Tang San… The only thing in the book that can change this ending is not entering Shrek at the beginning…

7 months ago

I feel that as long as a modern person travels back and has the ability, he will have to find a way to kill Tang San, Grandmaster Pua. His feudal lingering poison is not dead, and Douluo Continent has no good days. If you think about it carefully, Tang San’s set can’t all be said to be a distortion of his three views. In fact, he is a standard feudalism that has passed through the past. Although his set is not a good thing in Douluo Yili, but At least the work is in line with the background of the time. After all, everyone is a feudal force that engages with each other. But from the beginning of Dou Er, he really used the attribute of feudal poison to the fullest. First, he regarded his children as his own private property, intervened in feelings, and tossed whenever he wanted to. Then he restricted the development of the Soul Guidance Device and didn’t want to let science and technology progress. By the way, the gods could not intervene in the world. He took the Douluo Continent as his own property, and the development must follow the wishes of Tang San, the supreme emperor. Properly is the lingering poison of feudalism, the protagonist of the socialist era who travels back, and it does not conform to the core values of socialism without killing him.

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