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I have spent ten years in the Tsinghua Garden. I am not excellent, but I have seen all kinds of people. I will talk about my feelings on this topic. After reading many answers, some said yes, some said no, and most of them also had real examples of real people. It is impossible to say which is right and which is wrong. The reason why there are different answers is because the essence of this question is not touched. Shangqing North is only a representation, not an essence. We might as well examine this question again, “Can Shangqingbei really change a lifetime?” A lot of attention has been placed on “Shangqingbei”, and I think the more important “change” and “lifetime”. This question can be abstracted into several meta-questions: What factors affect or determine a person’s life height? What is the proportion of a well-known good school education in this factor? What factors can have an impact and “change” the trajectory of life? Let’s analyze one by one. The first question, what factors affect or determine a person’s life height? Many people are looking forward to making a big leap in their life through something the day after tomorrow. This is human nature. However, through what I have seen and heard in Tsinghua for so many years, looking at the development of people around me, and the initial understanding and cognition of some workplaces about to enter the society, I have probably summarized the following factors, which cannot be said to be correct and comprehensive. But it is based on what you have seen and heard: Parents’ soft power and family economic foundation: I am not talking about families that are directly rich or powerful. It is still the appearance. Parents’ soft power is the core. Genes, horizons, patterns, styles of life, etc. Of course, the economic foundation determines the superstructure. This is the basic principle. Only with a certain foundation can there be a relaxed environment to assist in opening up the horizon and pattern, so the economic foundation is also the key. Take Zhang Yiming, the founder of ByteDance, as an example. He has a relaxed environment for self-exploration since he was a child, and his parents are both in technology and business and other related jobs. When he was in high school, he made it clear that he is suitable for work with timely feedback, so the university I switched my major to the computer. And Zhang Yiming once said in an interview that when he was studying in Nankai, some of his classmates had better computer skills than him, but it was a pity that he spent more part-time jobs for the down payment after graduation. The layout and economic foundation of this The impact of the gap on people has already been revealed. Is Zhang Yiming the most outstanding computer ability? Not necessarily, but his height and calm growth rhythm are given by his parents and family. Let alone a big man like Zhang Yiming, after all, the probability is very low. Let’s talk about the relatively poor families who come to Tsinghua in the relatively backward areas. Many of the reasons why they can come here are that the parents themselves are relatively special, either their IQ genes are in place, or they have very firm beliefs or an optimistic and relaxed attitude towards life, which gives their children positive guidance. So for them, Shangqing North is a result, not a changing factor. But what is not optimistic is that if the economic foundation is poor, there are still restrictions on life choices in the long-term development. In this factor, combining the above points, I would like to say something that may make parents unhappy. Many parents hope that their children will become a dragon and hope that their daughter will become a phoenix. However, the stark reality is that the starting line for children is not those acquired technical talents, the starting line for children is the height of their parents. Instead of transmitting the pressure of expectation to children, it is better to lead by example and improve yourself. People may not be frozen in middle age. If you stop learning and growing, how can you convince your children? Geographical environment of growth: Looking at the top 500 domestic companies each year, it is not difficult to know that many of the founders are mostly from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangzhou. The energetic business environment there is inevitably influenced by the children born there. Even if they did not start a business, the students from Jiangsu and Zhejiang in Guangzhou that I met in the university are much more open than the relative thinking of the Central Plains, and they have a relatively advantage in the growth of comprehensive ability. Some experiences from the day after tomorrow: There is an old saying that Long gives birth to nine sons, and the sons are different. In addition to the probability of genetic allocation, there are also acquired experiences that have a great impact on individuals. Such as special practical experience, such as a good book read. Reading here, I want to emphasize that the people we know wherever we go in real life are, after all, limited. However, in the book, you can meet many great people and see a lot of wisdom, which is the most convenient and lowest-cost way to open your horizons and patterns. Either travel or study. For example, Jack Ma, if he did not have the experience of going to Australia that year, he then went abroad to get in touch with the Internet. Perhaps his personal soft power can also enable him to succeed in other areas, but it is not necessarily that he created Alibaba. Of course, the reason for this experience is also related to the two factors mentioned above, gene, family atmosphere, geographical environment, and Jack Ma’s soft power created by the comprehensive factors that enable him to seize the opportunity to go to Australia. The second question is, what is the proportion of a well-known good school education in this factor? Take the factor of education separately. Again, parents are the children’s first teachers. This importance cannot be overemphasized. Combined with the subject of the original poster, we mainly analyze university education. To be honest, the university is basically teaching now, and there is no education. To a certain extent, it is not a big problem to ridicule Tsinghua as Wudaokou Vocational and Technical College. This is not just a school problem. This is a social problem. I won’t discuss it here. I don’t have the qualifications. Considering the problem of the host, those who can come to Tsinghua basically have their own comprehensive strength, and the resources and academic qualifications given by Tsinghua are only a bonus. Even if you don’t come to Tsinghua, the ability to learn will not develop much. Shangqing North is more a result than a cause. If the overall soft power is not solid, because some pure IQ genius and other reasons come to Qingbei for a tour, what you should be like after graduation will still return to the original shape. Therefore, Shangqingbei is not a cause, but a result. The real cause is the effort to improve oneself so that one can match with Qingbei. Of course, in addition to talking about soft power, I have to say that there are indeed some relatively watery members in Qingbei, so relying on Qingbei’s reputation can indeed get a good job and treatment for a while. However, life is a continuous process, but if you have a reputation without real solid soft power, you will still fall to the height of your own ability sooner or later. The third question is, what factors can have an impact and “change” the trajectory of life? The overall meaning I expressed above is that, except for a few cases, Qingbei is a result of personal soft power in place, not the cause of the change in the trajectory of life. Let’s talk about a not-so-good conclusion. Many people’s lives won’t change dramatically. Genes, parents, family, many are indeed established very early. But it’s not without it. I personally summarized three factors: belief and persistence: faith sounds a bit illusory, and persistence seems a bit clumsy and has no technical content. However, look at many successful people or people who are progressing in life. Many of them have these two factors. Not to be reconciled to mediocrity, the belief that you can grow up, and whether it is practice or reading, various attempts, and then persistence. The trajectory of life is not composed of several points, but many, many discrete points form a line. The upward movement of each point may affect the trend of the curve, and if each point can progress a little bit, the curve of life will be Will slowly be changed. Noble people and important things: There are no shortage of examples, because some people’s advice or help, or the inspiration of an event, or the influence of a book, then changed the trajectory of life. But the former is hard to come by, and what you can master is to read more. Fortune: The above one can only be said to be a gradual influence. If it comes to such a big topic as changing life, it is only fortune. Regardless of the previous dynasties, the times make heroes, and the current wave of entrepreneurial development, the big life ups and downs follow the big changes of the era. Many people can only post-mortem. As for how to grasp it, this is a proposition that cannot be discussed. In summary, let’s go back to the topic. I feel that education, especially campus education, is only a part of life. Life requires lifelong learning and continuous hard work, so as to keep the trajectory of life going up. People are small, so small that they often wonder if they are being manipulated by fatalism. But life is very great. As long as you don’t give up, you will always work hard in silence, and you will eventually be able to control your own destiny.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

My high school class back then was an experimental science class in the province. My college entrance examination results are eighth in science in the province and first in the class. A little ashamed, our school was awarded the provincial science champion in our last term, and in our current term, it is also the eighth provincial science prize. A total of more than a dozen students in our class have attended Tsinghua University and Peking University. My husband is my high school classmate, he was admitted to Peking University. We were just good friends when we were in middle school, and we have been in friendship for more than ten years, only to realize later that this person is actually quite good! Digress. I don’t know if Shangqingbei can change my life. Because you have to know what will happen if you don’t go to Qingbei, and what will happen if you go to Qingbei. But in real life, only one situation can happen. I think the question I really want to ask is, can you live well in Qingbei? If it is from the perspective of economic income, as far as the friends I know personally, I don’t know that I have encountered financial problems. Not only students from Qingbei, but our class did not go to Qingbei, students from Beihang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and other schools, now working at home and abroad, life and work are very good. Or the questioner just wants to know, what can Qingbei give me? Qingbei can provide some environment and a platform. For example, if you study undergraduate in Qingbei, you may be more likely to apply to study abroad at a better university abroad. You can also meet some very talented people. Of course, you may also be under a lot of pressure and find that there are people who are stronger than you in every field. (There are also all kinds of people who passed the admission to Qingbei. When I first entered the school, I experienced being cut in the queue when I was eating in the cafeteria. I was quite surprised at that time. I also had a halo about Tsinghua at that time.) In addition, I was able to People who pass the college entrance examination in Qingbei (it is said that there will be more doorways after independent enrollment), IQ and learning ability should be good. Also has a certain degree of stress resistance. It’s absolutely no problem to deal with most of the work. I saw a high praise answer, saying that the ideal state was obliterated. This is a pity. But I don’t think this is something that only happened to Qingbei students. What is more grateful is that I feel that my husband and I still retain some ideals, retain curiosity about knowledge, have relatively strong learning ability, and independent thinking ability. These are not only because of the learning experience in Qingbei, but also our previous growth experience and the experience after Qingbei. The second half of this answer is for sharing with friends with different needs. Life is indeed a marathon. We are all running, thinking, and realizing. I will continue to update this answer. wish everyone!

7 months ago

I know two examples of Tsinghua University, but the trajectories of their lives are very different. “1” My cousin, it should be the college entrance examination taken in 2001. Before him, it seemed that our county hadn’t had a student who was admitted to Tsinghua University for many years. As you might expect, his life went smoothly. From undergraduate to PhD, the female classmate of the same department eventually became his wife. Get in the car before Beijing’s housing price skyrocketed, and share employee shares when the company went public. There are two daughters. On Father’s Day, I saw him posting to Moments. The picture is a watercolor painting given to him by two little babies. After being admitted to Tsinghua University, Zheng’er eight classics changed his life. But there is another one who was admitted to Tsinghua University. The brother of my university roommate should have taken the college entrance examination ten years ago. According to my roommate, after his brother was admitted, the county held a special commendation meeting and directly distributed 50,000 yuan. After graduating from university, he didn’t continue his studies, and entered a design institute in Beijing. The salary was okay. But after two years of work, my body suddenly became ill. In addition, I didn’t like the leader at first. After resigning, I returned to my hometown to supplement physics for high school students in a local educational institution. The two of them, with the aura of top universities, walked out of Tsinghua Park, but embarked on different life trajectories and moved towards different futures. Harm, everyone’s pursuit is different, and I can’t discuss good or bad. But I just want to know, standing at the same high starting point, what caused their differentiation. (To be honest, what I want to know is how to become as rich as my cousin, and I don’t want to be a teacher.) “2” It’s been almost 20 years since my cousin was admitted to Tsinghua University. In the process of completing his undergraduate-master-doctoral degree, the domestic Internet has completed the preliminary construction and is transitioning to the mobile mobile Internet. Oh, by the way, his major is design, and his job is to write code. (I don’t know if I can’t write it now) After joining the work, I jumped to 3 giant companies, and took root in the last one in 2011, until now. During this period, he perfectly caught up with wave after wave. I bought a house in Beijing before the soaring house price, jumped to a certain mobile Internet before the arrival of the 4G commercial era, and the company went public in a few years, direct wealth and freedom. My roommate’s brother graduated in 2014, majoring in civil engineering. At that time, the golden age of domestic civil engineering and infrastructure construction has passed, and a large number of colleges and universities are expanding their enrollment, and the continuous influx of people in the industry is cheap labor. (This year, Tsinghua’s civil engineering department enrollment was directly delegated to advance approval, and it is not allowed to change major…) Of course, Tsinghua’s background would be much better. Before he resigned, his salary would actually be a per capita level. But no matter how strong an individual is, it is ultimately a mote in the wave of the times. Entrance to Tsinghua University did provide them with a chance to change their fate, but there are too many factors that will affect what it will be like in the end. Choice of profession and industry, different work units, time and opportunity, hard work and luck. So, being admitted to Qingbei can really change your life? The “3” era is really different. In the past, the college entrance examination was almost the only way to rise. In the composition materials I read when I was in high school, a large number of successful entrepreneurs are making waves in the business sea. In their early years, most of them were killed in the college entrance examination. But now, this passage seems to be almost blocked, and it is difficult for a poor family to get a noble son. The abnormal distribution of educational resources is an ironclad fact. What is even more shocking is that the high school students in the small county do not even know that they are actually facing injustice in education. The degree of information occlusion is so serious that everyone thinks that everything is normal, and all the points are scores. Just work hard. Involving this matter, it was originally a pervert, but it has gradually become the norm. In the end, people ignore its existence and don’t realize that they have actually encountered injustice. I have never seen my cousin’s daughter. I only learned from my elders that the primary school the little girl studied was Tsinghua Primary School, and it would become Tsinghua Primary School in a few years. Then you say, when she took the college entrance examination, how could she get worse? If the score is high, then inherit the mantle of the parents and Tsinghua will go. If the score can only read a low-level 985, just go abroad for gilding. The 985, which you can’t pass the exam after a lot of effort, is the lowest choice for some peers. “4” is quite Cao Dan’s. Looking at it this way, is the future hopeless? The tilt of educational resources means that most people cannot pass the 985 exam, let alone Qingbei. Even if they are admitted, there are too many factors that determine future development. Looking at it this way, do you still believe that passing the Qingbei exam can change your life? (It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, 80% of them won’t pass the exam anyway) Let’s talk about a more practical question. If you don’t pass the Qingbei exam, you don’t pass the 985, 211, or even one or two books, you’re a specialist. Is there any help? Can you become rich? Can I still marry a beautiful wife? I think, you might agree with me after reading the following. This era is contradictory. On the one hand, class consolidation is blocking the upward passage, but on the other hand, the times have also created a large number of new passages. You will find that the number of young people who have made a difference in this era far exceeds any historical period. Their growth is not like the old-fashioned biographies in the composition materials. They may not have a glorious academic background, but they can also make waves. The college entrance examination is really important, but it’s not just about scores. A person can endure so much suffering for one thing when he is a teenager, and living like an ascetic monk has greatly forged his will. This is an extremely precious wealth of life. You know, many people have never worked hard for anything in their entire lives, and the group of people who are studying hard, have experienced it in their teens. The undergraduates in the university do not necessarily mean that they are not good, because many people are busy with the things they like and don’t put their minds on the courses. But high school scumbags and silly boys spend their time. They couldn’t do it in high school, and they won’t do it in the future. If you are a high school student, then you have to know that what ultimately determines your future is not the trigonometric functions you learned and the Lisao Chibi Fu, nor the final score, but three years of as a day’s hard practice, which will shape you into What kind of. Of course, if you can stick to it, the college entrance examination will not be bad in the end.

7 months ago

can. There is a distant cousin who was admitted to Tsinghua University in the 1990s. He was expelled from the school when he was involved in starting a business while his partner had committed a financial crime. Yes, I was only admitted to Tsinghua University for postgraduates, but I have not graduated yet. In this way, his life was also changed. This cousin’s family is not good. His father is a bastard and he is not doing business. He has been in jail, and his parents have divorced since childhood. He is a typical single-parent child + the bottom of society. What’s worse, this cousin has a problem with his brain. Not stupid, he is studying well. But his character is extremely naive, nerdy to the extreme, and emotional intelligence to the extreme. In his hometown, he is covered by his rogue father, and most people don’t provoke his family. When you come out to a big city, you will be killed by others. No, not long after arriving in Beijing, he was expelled. In fact, his partner told him to take the blame, but the Public Security Bureau tried to find out who was the mastermind. But he still played a role, not completely innocent, so he was expelled, but he didn’t go to jail. My cousin, even so. Because he read Tsinghua University. He still found a beautiful wife who graduated from Peking University (later was so disappointed in him and divorced). She gave birth to a smart son (after the divorce, with her mother, the child has a normal personality). Have a job (Tsinghua classmates take care of him). There is a room to live in Beijing (come early, classmates give pointers). I am 50 years old now, still like that, extremely naive, without basic knowledge of the sinisters of the society, and can be deceived at every turn. I complain about something, complaining that I am incapable, complaining that I am stupid, just like Xianglin’s wife. Then continue to be credulous and continue to be deceived. But there are classmates back then, and family members to help them. Although there is no wealth, it can be considered as worry-free. The reason for the more anonymity is that this account has many fans and personal family experiences are revealed in other answers. Although this story has been vaguely processed, it is very representative. Once someone reads my other answers, it is easy to locate my cousin. I’m just telling a story I heard from my parents and family gatherings. The authenticity is not guaranteed, but the story itself is real. Those who care about how my family is mixed can rest. In addition to his classmates, my cousin’s current life is also supported by my family. My parents are ten years older than this cousin. They came to Beijing ten years earlier. They have been in the system, and they are the first people in the family to take root in Beijing. The rest of the family came to Beijing, and they were all taken care of by my parents, whether it was permanent residence or work. In addition, my parents have graduated degrees, and have never been divorced. There are more than one suites, which are better than this cousin. Maybe my parents were contemptuous and despised, but in most cases they expressed regret. Because the cousin was regarded as a child who had grown up when they watched, and was a very obedient child who studied well when he was young, he was admitted to Tsinghua University for postgraduate studies.

7 months ago

See who you compare! One of my classmates passed the entrance examination to Zhejiang University in the second year of high school, and the college entrance examination is a big province. It is too risky to take the entrance examination for another year to impact Tsinghua University. One of my senior sisters was recommended to Zhejiang University in her senior year. She was very unconvinced because she had the first prize in the national competition. In previous years, she could also protect Tsinghua University. This year, she can only protect Zhejiang University and she is not reconciled. Tsinghua who gave up directly and took the college entrance examination. Then compare them with those who are normally admitted to Tsinghua University. I don’t think there is a substantial difference. Tsinghua University may be better than Zhejiang University’s handover, but there is no obvious gap in individual development. Moreover, our biochemical materials are really horrible, and Tsinghua is not good at it! However, I really admit that our type of midstream 985 compared with other people’s Tsinghua University, there is indeed a big gap. However, I agree with the statement given by my alma mater. Our school can also create a platform and opportunity for us like Tsinghua University. It is really talented and thoughtful, and it is not easy to be buried in a school like ours. I didn’t say it directly later, but I understand that we are indeed no one with high quality students at Tsinghua University. I want to engage in scientific research, I want to start a business, our school will not delay me, my level is limited. Someone who passed the Tsinghua University level failed the exam, which means they fell to our midstream 985. Those who have the transfer level of Zhejiang University can pass Tsinghua University with extraordinary performance. The college entrance examination is a big province, like me, the exam is good, that is, Zhejiang University handed in, really can’t reach Tsinghua University. Our school’s per capita scientific research funding is much higher than Tsinghua University, with a top 985. As far as personal development is concerned, I don’t think it has any obvious impact. The key is to look at your own level. Even with the difference in the difficulty of the regional college entrance examination, Tsinghua and the downstream 985 are already two worlds. You are you. You can choose a good major if you can’t pass the Tsinghua University entrance examination. You may not be better at developing than Tsinghua University. And those who can’t touch the threshold of Tsinghua University don’t have to lament anything. It’s not because you didn’t get admitted to Tsinghua University and you are struggling, but because Tsinghua has nothing to do with you. The college entrance examination seems to be life-changing, but life is long and there may be a smoother road. My classmate from Zhejiang University, he didn’t want to go, because he couldn’t learn his beloved biology, and now he is engaged in finance. My elder sister who went to Tsinghua University has just gotten her wish to learn biology. As a result, it was difficult to find a job after graduation, so I started with CPA and now I am also engaged in finance. Different routes have come to the same end. Life! It’s so funny, haha!

7 months ago

High school super middle school, there are more than 50 people in the class, a dozen of Tsinghua University and Peking University. Half of Tsinghua and Peking University in the province are in our school. At that time, the exam was still 3+2, that is, foreign language + physical chemistry. At that time, the province had two full scores in physics, both in our class. Our class has two recommended chemistry departments at Peking University. When they were in high school, they liked chemistry very much and hoped to be a chemist and contribute to China’s chemistry career. Allegedly, Mendeleev is their two common idols. The first place in the class in the college entrance examination went to the School of Life Sciences, Peking University. At that time, there was a popular saying that the 21st century is the reality of life sciences, so the first place filled in this major. Another one in our class went to the Department of Physics at Peking University. She is a young lady with perfect scores in physics, and Madame Curie is her idol. The other two went to Peking University School of Medicine. At that time, Beijing Medical University was incorporated into it not too long. Many people still felt that Beijing Medical University was not from Beijing University, so those who went to Beijing Medical University had the lowest scores. We were recommended to Tsinghua Computer for the first place in the whole year. After the college entrance examination, I once chatted with him and walked under the night sky. He said to me, “Napoleon said that the so-called genius is to light up oneself and illuminate an era.” He said that he hopes to dig deeper into the field of quantum computers and work hard to fill the gaps in science and technology in the motherland. In addition, our class has a Tsinghua Department of Mechanical Engineering, a Tsinghua Department of Thermal Energy, a Tsinghua Department of Mechanics (later renamed the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics), and two Tsinghua Department of Materials. At that time, Tsinghua didn’t have any messy classes like the Yao class. At that time, Tsinghua’s most powerful class was called the basic science class. After entering the school, the brother of the Department of Materials Science went to the basic science class. At a meeting, he said that he hoped to make some contributions to the country in basic science. Several other Tsinghua brothers said that they still hope to learn a specific major and contribute to the manufacturing industry of the motherland. We also have a brother in our grade. He has a good relationship with me. He is recommended to the Fudan Department of Chemistry. He was recommended in the second year of high school. I can’t remember who his idol is, but he chose the field of chemistry inspired by the deeds of a certain chemist. More than ten years have passed. There were two people from the Department of Chemistry at Peking University, one engaged in game software development and the other engaged in VC investment in the United States; the person from the School of Life Sciences at Peking University worked in real estate; the young lady from the Department of Physics at Peking University went to teach in a certain super middle school in a certain tier city. For Tsinghua, the computer brothers stayed in the United States, entered Oracle, and worked as a database; the mechanical department later went to Germany and had very little contact. The remaining Tsinghua brothers, two for fund, one for entrepreneurship, and only one person Also engaged in the professional work. And the buddy of Fudan Chemistry gave up his ideals early and became involved in the financial circle after graduation. Since we graduated, we have never had a large-scale gathering, and we were all busy. But there is still a connection after all. I asked a few people at Peking University why they gave up their dream of being a scientist, and the answers they got were all realistic because of the pressure of life. Except for a small number of people who are really strong in scientific research, most of them are people with very rich family backgrounds. When I was looking for a job, I once met a history department of Peking University (or archaeology, I don’t remember well). I was looking for a job and found the Palace Museum. The monthly salary was 5,000 yuan. After get off work, I helped various cultural relic lovers appraise treasures. , 200 yuan a time, relying on this to subsidize the family. At least when I was studying, many people in Northern Qing Dynasty were idealists. Eating better and dressing better is not a life-changing for everyone. However, if his ideals are extinguished, for him, it will indeed change his life. Most of the brothers and sisters in Qingbei are living well, but they have lost their ideals. Therefore, from this perspective, it is society that really changes us, not Tsinghua University and Peking University. Many of us, before Shangqingbei, were full of ideals and hope to contribute to society. Such values ​​were forged in high school and have nothing to do with Qingbei. But when he came out of Qingbei, the ideals of most people gave way to reality, which was cruel and sad.

7 months ago

No one has the protagonist aura of martial arts novels. Shangqingbei is not like joining a certain arena, or falling down a cliff to meet a hidden master who teaches you peerless martial arts. There are also cooks in the big gangs. Falling off the cliff is more likely to fall to death. There are so many occasions that affect life, just like everyone starting at different positions on a runway at the same time, and at the same speed, some people are already several positions ahead of you. I have seen many inactive Peking University graduates. When I often listen to my younger brothers telling me how much financial freedom a certain alumni earns per month, I am deeply saddened by what I have done nothing. It must be admitted that sometimes, Shangqingbei is already the highlight of life. It was a grand firework show of a lifeless life. The splendid fireworks will eventually go out. But this does not mean that the sky will disappear.

7 months ago

In fact, it is not a class transition that changes life. The undergraduate training model of your school is to produce academic talents. Class transition is not the goal of your school. Even graduates can’t guarantee that they can find a good job. It might be a different story to expect the class transition from the Qing Dynasty to the north. I come from a low-level family in a small tier 18 city, and I have the honor to enter your school. Nowadays, a well-known coding company in a first-tier city has a good salary, but I am anxious about not being able to save a down payment. And seeing my colleagues and middle school classmates relied on their parents to buy houses immediately after graduation. In just three or four years, the real estate appreciation was far greater than the salary I saved. It is really hard to make people think that your school can bring me economic status. How much improvement. In such an era where wealth is the only criterion for evaluation, I really can’t live in peace and happiness. What’s more, food, clothing, housing and transportation are the basic needs of people. However, if I think about it carefully, the freedom of wealth and the leap of class are the benchmarks and values ​​imposed on me by society after graduation. My original intention to enter your school was just to meet interesting friends and do valuable research. Although research has not achieved much, I have met many weird friends, spent a fantastic undergraduate life, and even learned a little useless idealism. These thoughts, these friends are still influencing me and helping me, and of course they have changed my life. If possible, I hope I can have more empathy and more thinking and judgment in the ups and downs of the times.

7 months ago

Divide the times. My father-in-law graduated from Qingbei. His family was a rich peasant back then, and he was a so-called poor person. The school in the village did not accept him, so he could only listen in secretly. Failed to participate in the military and political trial, but failed. Later, he worked as an informal rural private teacher for several years. After the Cultural Revolution, he resumed the college entrance examination. He was admitted to Qingbei for the fifth time in the province. After graduating from Qingbei, he was assigned to work in the provincial capital. After working hard to reach a certain level, he retired honorably. I think for him, being admitted to Qingbei is a major turning point in his destiny. I went to the bank to do business a few days ago and chatted with a lobby manager. The younger brother graduated from Qingbei. I was surprised why he came back to the bank to work as a teller. It’s not that the bank is not good, but that the bank’s requirements for the school are not so high. He is somewhat at a loss when he comes here. He reluctantly said two words: “Hukou.” Times are different, and the school’s influence on people’s fate must still exist, but it will not be as significant as before. It is somewhat difficult to solidify the class and only hope that the academic qualifications will change. However, I think the significance of Qingbei is not only to change destiny. Most of the people who can pass the Qingbei exam are those who can engrave their abilities in their bodies. They have developed good study habits. They are not limited to what is in front of them, and they are willing to absorb more nutrients and grow up. Even if they cannot change across classes, their lives are generally not too bad.

7 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion: it will change your life, but it is difficult to cross classes. Take my classmates when I was an undergraduate at Peking University as an example. Classmate A: In a small county in the inland town, she is the female student and the champion of the college entrance examination. My parents are a small civil servant, now an IT factory 996, monthly salary…tens of thousands. The small civil servant’s position in the county seat is stable and belongs to the middle class, and her salary in Fubao City is also the middle class. Tied. But in terms of future development, it certainly seems to be more promising than parents. Classmate B: The second generation of the capital drove the French Xli sports car home on weekends every day. It is said that most of the boys who have been in this college during their undergraduate years-similar to “choose concubines”-to determine the final object. At present, Meiguojia has children at home and takes pictures at tourist gatherings. Considering that its class is basically difficult to cross, it can barely be regarded as equal to the father’s generation. Classmate C: Poor students in remote provinces are remembered as the only poor students known to us in the hospital. During the internship period, I could find a good job, but because my father was seriously ill, he frequently went home to deal with it. Finally, I missed a quality internship, my mentality collapsed, I transferred to the school for graduate studies (don’t ask me why I didn’t get a postgraduate, I don’t know), and I also failed. Later, I heard that I was going to test the establishment or joining the army, but I don’t know if I succeeded. After graduation, he didn’t join our WeChat group at all and was missing. If he succeeds, he can barely enter the middle class from the bottom half of his foot. Classmate D: Sensitive words Gaoguan dad match up, and entrepreneurial projects are a hit. Several rounds of financing of billions of dollars, the business spread all over the country, the industry first, and then crashed and failed. The company currently owes billions of dollars in net debt, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. After all, it’s investors’ money. The future is limitless, but whether he can surpass Gao Guan’s father is still unknown.

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It will change, and there is no guarantee that people will definitely cross to the upper level, but it is guaranteed that people will not fall to the bottom. Among the reasons, in addition to the talents, education level, and aura of Qingbei students, there is another particularly important-“circle”. The more students from top universities, the more they value the alumni circle, and the more enthusiastic students in the circle are, supporting each other and helping each other. Regarding this point, Jiang Fangzhou, a graduate of Tsinghua University, remarked in the roundtable group that is particularly interesting: “Today I will be honored by Qinghua, and tomorrow I will be honored by Qinghua.” In particular, the word “return” fully demonstrates the importance of Tsinghua graduates’ importance to Tsinghua’s identity and the importance of Tsinghua’s circle. When we discuss the excellence of a certain group of people, it is unscientific to only look at the upper limit. Because of great success, in addition to personal talent, opportunity is more critical. And the correct scale should be to look at the lower limit and to look at the ratio. From this perspective, you will discover the greatness of Qingbei. For example, among the graduates from Qingbei I met in my life, although I can talk about the real success, there is only one person who has succeeded in starting a business and the company is valued at several hundred million. Although most of the other people are ordinary technicians, because in the IT circle, the income is also high among the entire population. In other words, maybe limited by my vision, I know that among the graduates of Qingbei, extremely successful is very few, but none of them are considered as bad. Of course, there is one thing I have to mention, that is, looking back at the highlight moments of their college entrance examinations, and then looking at the lives of most of them after graduation, in comparison, there is still something to be moved. I remember one time, when the company was traveling, I was sitting next to a senior software engineer in another department. He talked about the school he graduated from all the way. I didn’t expect that he graduated from Tsinghua University. His wife was his university classmate. It is even more remarkable to ask again. He turned out to be the second place in the college entrance examination in their county at that time. I immediately looked at him with admiration and asked him: “You can do the same job as me at your level? “After politely saying that I had a good reputation, we talked about his classmate circle again, and at the end he said something I was very impressed. He said: “In fact, there are many of my college classmates. The time when the college entrance examination is released is the peak of life!”…We added WeChat to each other that day. After that, in the circle of friends, I saw that he posted most of the videos of children learning to paint and practicing piano, which are no different from beings! And the other Qingbei graduates I know about, after being immersed in life for many years, when they reach middle age, if the glory of the year is not humane, they will all be in the life of husband and wife, house and children. tired…! Perhaps life is not easy to be one of the essence of life, eating whole grains, no one can avoid the vulgar!

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