I recently learned about the entrance examination for graduate students in junior colleges.
Many people say that if you are a junior college student, you will have no chance to go to the postgraduate entrance examination. It is completely impossible.
Because the tutor over there would never choose a junior college student.
Our teachers, friends and classmates all say that there is basically no hope for college graduates.
And I still want to cross-professional postgraduate entrance examination, the two majors are not at all connected.
Is it really hopeless?
I still have the last bit of luck, do I have a chance?

As a senior who has landed 414 points for the postgraduate entrance examination, let me answer this question. First come to the conclusion, there is not only a chance, but also a great opportunity. Let me talk about myself first. I was 414 points ashore as a junior college entrance examination. I am a master of translation major, and I have also seen Master 375 landed ashore Southwest University of Political Science and Law and other junior college students. There are too many examples of specialist landings. You can pay attention to the official account of the specialist entrance examination. There are many cases there, so I won’t talk about it here. Let me first talk about why you find it difficult to take postgraduate entrance examinations for colleges and do not have the opportunity to go ashore. That’s because you have a low self-esteem because of your professional status, and psychological reasons account for a large part of it. To put it bluntly, arrogantly humble. Let me tell you objectively whether it is difficult to take a postgraduate entrance examination for a college. The main differences between postgraduate entrance examination and undergraduate entrance examination are as follows: One: the scope of the colleges and universities to apply for. In the postgraduate entrance examination, all colleges and universities of undergraduates can apply for the examination (except those who have not obtained a degree). However, college students will be subject to two restrictions when applying for the exam. One is that some schools have explicitly rejected junior college students to apply for the exam. The second is that some schools allow junior college students to apply for the exam, but they need to pass CET-4 and publish journal papers. This is a disguised dismissal. Two: Do ​​you need additional testing? This is the biggest difference between junior college students and undergraduates in postgraduate entrance examinations. The postgraduate entrance examination for junior college students needs to take two additional major courses for undergraduate majors (this is also divided into schools and majors, some schools do not need to take additional exams), but undergraduates do not have this step. In addition, there is no difference between the college entrance examination and the undergraduate entrance examination. So students who want to take the college entrance examination should not be intimidated by unknown fears. The college entrance examination is not much more difficult than the undergraduate entrance examination. I remember that when I was just in my freshman year, I had the idea of ​​upgrading to a college, but I overheard a classmate saying that it’s harder to get a college upgrade than jumping from the sixth floor without dying, so I gave up the idea of ​​getting a college upgrade. Looking back on it now, I really regret it. If I got a bachelor’s degree and then took a bachelor’s degree exam, the range of colleges I could apply for would be much larger. Therefore, in the matter of improving academic qualifications, the most feared is that others will think of others and disrupt their own plans. Just because they can’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t. Come on, every specialist.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It just so happens that there are two cases around me, one is my intensive reading teacher in college and the other is a grammar teacher. The two of them have a common feature, their first degree is a self-study college. The intensive reading teacher comes from Linchuan, Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, the hometown of talented scholars. He is the eldest at home. His sisters study a lot. He dropped out of school to work in Shenzhen during his early years. During the period, he taught himself for major and undergraduate examinations. After two years of hard work, he was admitted to Jiangxi Normal University as a graduate student and taught us intensive courses. This is not his end. After we graduated, he was admitted to the Beijing Normal University for a Ph.D. He is now working in a school in Shenzhen. During an academic exchange the year before last, I ran into this life mentor again. The grammar teacher is from a rural village in Shaanxi, and she is crazy diligent. She is the hardest girl I have ever seen. She was only a few years older when she taught us. She also took the “shortcut”, self-study college-self-study undergraduate, if I remember correctly, it only took less than 5 years. Her effort may be beyond your imagination. Apart from eating noodles (Shaanxi people are not used to eating rice from us here), sleeping, and working, the rest of the time is reading books. Two books a day are said to be borrowed from the tutor. . Later, she learned that she was the pride of their big family and the “light source” of a big family. Even if her uncle had no money, she would take care of her, so she sent all the money she made from translation to her home. I don’t know if these two real cases can answer your doubts. If so, I hope you can give them a thumbs up, maybe they can see my answer.

7 months ago

I only say what I know-there is a girl in my dormitory who was admitted to graduate school two years after graduating from college. I know a teacher in the school where I work now. He graduated from the junior college and studied graduate school and then worked in our school. He is now studying PhD. One of the students I taught, after graduating from junior college, was admitted to undergraduate, and is now in graduate school. There was a very popular question on Zhihu: What will happen to the experience of a teacher at 985 school when a student discovers that he is a junior college student? (The subject is college -> 211 master -> 985 doctor -> 985 college teachers) The answer is all expressed admiration that he thinks he is very good! …The biggest shortcoming of college students is the weak theoretical foundation. What you should do now is to make up for your shortcomings, rather than believing in an excuse for the loser.

7 months ago

There is a chance, but because junior college students can only take the postgraduate entrance examination as candidates with the same academic ability, and some colleges and universities do not allow candidates with the same academic ability to cross-examination, it is recommended that students still pass the college entrance examination and obtain a bachelor degree before preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. In the following experience post, students can take a look at what kind of hard work a junior college student needs to make in order to be admitted to a graduate school. It is impossible for everyone to take 211 and 985 in the college entrance examination, but the strong sense of inferiority was obtained from the little girl who was admitted to 211 in the same year as me. In order to raise my head in front of people I know, and in order not to suffer from such stumbling again, I made up my mind that I must go to undergraduate. I care a lot about the college entrance examination. I have been preparing for almost a year, and I think it’s harder than the postgraduate entrance examination. Preparation for the entrance examination is very short, but I have never forgotten the inner suffering. I think it was the experience of upgrading to college that allowed me to quickly adapt to the 12-month postgraduate entrance examination, and the number of crashes was only a few. Why take the postgraduate entrance examination? My postgraduate entrance examination was not set at the beginning. I didn’t really want to continue studying, but I was confused about employment. I didn’t like my major and couldn’t get a deal. The decision to cross the exam also took half a year to make a decision. I spent half a year studying high mathematics and found that if I want to take the math test, then my one year is not enough. I started looking for information everywhere and asked the school. I study mathematics extremely hard, but I don’t want to relax my ideal college. For the winter vacation of 2018, I had to give up the postgraduate entrance examination. In a chain of bookstores, I saw several “psychologies” in the recommended books. I started to learn the principles of psychology and searched for psychology at station b. Although part-time work was very hard during the winter vacation, I still had a lot of fun in psychology. I have 10 months to usher in the 2020 exam. I think it’s psychology. After I decided on my major, it became very easy to collect information. I found many channels and met many kind people. I also asked the counseling agency. In the end, I chose a candidate with a good reputation and a high level of psychological professionalism, which is in line with my three-span candidates. The university-Hunan Normal University. Let me talk about how I did it in the three disciplines. 01 I have only passed the CET-4 test five times, and I have only passed the undergraduate test. My first test English score is not very high, 69 points. My English experience may only be suitable for people who fail high school English and who are struggling in college. English is mainly based on real test papers. I did it before the summer vacation. At that time, I copied all the articles that I read three wrongly. Carefully analyze the questioning method, the association of logical items and the problem design of the text. After the summer vacation, I control my wrong questions to the best of all right and the worst two wrong levels. The inspiration for me from the composition is that there are dozens of English composition routines, and no hot spots are tested. The composition first memorizes about 20 sample essays, and organizes my own templates in the last month. The rest of the time is to match the essays with my own templates. . Finally, it is emphasized that you must have a time concept when doing English test papers. In the later stage of reading, you must control the time of each article to 22-25 minutes. In December, I will arrange an English model test for myself, and I will spend an afternoon to do the real test. Leave three sets without writing and use them for mock exams. 02 Politics, I think we must listen to the words of the seniors, tell you which teacher to recite, and not to find other teachers to recite too much. Especially for me, a 7-book cross-examiner, you have no energy for me to memorize other things. I have 77 points in politics and spend the least time in politics. I have to do 1000 questions with Xu Tao in an intensive class during the summer vacation. In October, brush the two intensive questions and real questions, and then brush the 1000 questions again. In December, recite current affairs, recite the four choices of the eight signs and the eight signs, and recite the eight major topics. At the end of the test, I did all the wrong questions again. When I went to the test in the morning, I was still reading the wrong questions. I opened the papers and chose all the questions I did before or in a similar direction. I have 45 points for multiple-choice questions, which is also the result of my hard work in choosing. As long as you memorize Xiao Si, you don’t have to write all the big questions. If you write down the key points and add your own understanding, you can’t get less than 30 points. Although I have done a lot of questions, politics is really no brainer. It strengthens the course to understand, choice and skills. 03 I give professional courses most of the time. If you don’t pay attention to it, you can’t pay 300 points for a major. Although it is 7 professional courses, I have reliable channels to support it, so I don’t have to study hard. The psychology is really interesting, and it is not as boring as I am studying this major. For the first 3 months, I was reading and framed while reading. During the summer vacation, I had read the book more than 3 times. At first, I was reading and memorizing, but when the 7 books were not understood and time was short, it was really difficult to memorize them. I postponed the endorsement to the summer vacation. Here I have to emphasize that there are really methods for endorsement, especially for cross-examination candidates. With the help of the memory tool, I think the memory outline I made is better, and I wrote it myself after reading the book for the first time. You can write according to the title of the book, or according to the tutorial book. Reading can be combined with video explanations. Of course, if you are dealing with exams, watching the videos for teaching materials and real questions will have a better effect. The first three months must be firmly established, and then the summer vacation can be strengthened quickly. This is my first outline before summer vacation. There are 70 sheets of paper. Although I don’t remember all of them, I took my handwritten outline and memorized it very quickly for the first time. In the middle of the summer vacation, I started the intensive class with the school. I found that there were many omissions in my book. In order to better understand the book and make it easier to remember, I typed the electronic outline again. The electronic syllabus is designed to match the key points and difficulties of the real questions. Finally, I found that the electronic outline helped me save time and return to simplicity in the last 20 days. Isn’t there a saying, to read is to read the book thick first and then read the book thin. The process of making the outline two times well reflects this sentence. I began to endorse in late August. Compared to other students, I was slow, but judging from the speed and effect of my first pass, my previous steps to lay the foundation were not in vain. The endorsement is very hard. It takes my brain and mood. I memorized it for 8 hours a day from morning to night. The previous month I used Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve. I repeated the content 5 times a day, and I had to memorize 15 times a day. The most painful days for postgraduate entrance examinations are this period. I was thirsty every day when I read the endorsements. I also bought a 1500ml water bottle. At night, I drank the water and people didn’t want to talk anymore. It took me 32 days to recite the first round. When the second round started, I found that I had almost forgotten the first round, and psychological and physical shocks followed one after another. I think this is the first stage of psychological breakdown. The second stage of the collapse was in October. Those who didn’t take the postgraduate entrance examination started autumn tricks, and all kinds of interview news hit me. Seeing that the classmates around me got a good office, my heart became anxious. Not only me, but my friends around me who have participated in the postgraduate entrance examination successively went to the interview, knowing that their hearts were floating, and in the end, I was the only one who was still holding on. Therefore, the original intention is very important. At this time, you must ask yourself why you are going to graduate school. At this time, your heart must be stabilized immediately and stay away from your roommates and classmates who are looking for work. Don’t think about what if I don’t pass the exam, and I don’t have any work experience. These ideas will often make your efforts in vain.

7 months ago

Of course, junior college students have a chance to be admitted to graduate school, but the chance is slim! The postgraduate entrance examination for junior college students is more difficult than that for undergraduates! So I advise you to be realistic and you can take the exam, but don’t apply for a particularly good school (985/211), and you must pay attention to choosing a school. Don’t listen to those mental poison chicken soups that encourage you to take the postgraduate entrance examination. No matter how hard you work, everything is possible. They start from higher than you. They are not college students, so they don’t understand the difficulty of college entrance examinations. It’s as if you ask a schoolmaster how to determine good grades, and he tells you to learn as much as you want. If you think it really is, just learn as much as you want, and then you really want to learn as much as you want. As a result, your grades will only be more casual than casual. Because there is actually a big difference between people. Therefore, here, I want to pour you a pour of realistic and cruel cold water. Those who take the postgraduate entrance examination two years after graduating from junior college are called candidates of equivalent academic ability. You want to improve your academic qualifications, indicating that you are very motivated, which is good, but before blindly working hard, you may wish to check the postgraduate entrance examination requirements of your target college for candidates of the same academic level. Based on my experience as the secretary of the postgraduate admissions office in our school (ordinary double non-one book), I told me that college graduates cannot directly apply for postgraduate entrance examinations. Like undergraduates, they must apply for the same academic qualifications as undergraduates. For junior college students who want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, they must first take the college entrance examination or adult self-examination, upgrade their education to undergraduate level, and then take the postgraduate examination as an undergraduate. Either you don’t get a bachelor’s degree, you will be automatically recognized as the “undergraduate equivalent of academic ability” after two years, and then you can take the postgraduate exam. And there are still several hurdles for junior college students to apply for. Different colleges have different requirements for candidates with the same academic ability. Some schools are more tolerant and allow candidates with the same academic ability to apply directly. More schools require students to show proof of academic ability, such as certificates of English Band 4 and 6 and certificates of undergraduate subjects with 6 to 8 majors. The above conditions are not particularly difficult, the most difficult to achieve, but a fairly common requirement is: publish papers in professional journals! ! ! It is difficult for a master student to publish a paper in a professional journal. How can a junior college student publish a paper before being admitted to a graduate school? In addition, some schools will require candidates with the same academic ability to take two additional professional courses during the re-examination. In short, it is even more difficult for junior college students to enter postgraduate studies

7 months ago

Have the opportunity! From the perspective of studying in Japan, there is a high probability that a junior college student will be directly admitted to a graduate school and become a monk (master in our country). 1. The domestic education system is not flexible. If you want to become a graduate student in China, it is a step-by-step approach to the undergraduate entrance exam before going to graduate school. The full-time system often sets a lot of thresholds, and how to first become a major problem for many junior college students. 2. Japan’s education system is more flexible than that in China. After graduating from a domestic college, you can directly apply to a Japanese graduate school. After taking the school exam and passing the exam, you can directly transfer to the status of a monk (called a graduate student in China). However, one of the prerequisites for entering a postgraduate degree in Japan is that they must have 16 years of educational experience in the country, but college students only have 15 years of educational experience. What should I do? Japanese colleges and universities provide an examination opportunity for college students with only 15 years of education. As long as they pass the pre-review, students with 16 years of education can take the college entrance examination for one year. If you want to advance to a master’s degree in Japan, you should pay attention to the following points. 1. The requirements and expectations of graduate schools should not be too high, ranking and popularity are not considered. 2. Japanese is very important, and pre-examination (qualification examination) is required to take a master’s degree. What to check beforehand? 1. Personal transcript 2. Vocational college certificate 3. Essay with no less than 2000 words. 4. Language ability or other awards, etc. Japanese postgraduate program. Disadvantages: Although we can successfully complete the postgraduate program, there are only a few Japanese universities that can accept postgraduate degrees. It is recommended to determine a good major before choosing a school.

7 months ago

This question can be asked. Someone answered: Huh, what a joke, it’s good for a junior college student to be admitted to the undergraduate course, but also want to take the postgraduate entrance exam; some people say: Of course there is, look at the news, no one will counterattack from a junior college student to 211 Are you a graduate student? Faced with such an answer, do you think it will help you? Obviously, it doesn’t make any sense, it’s the same as not seeing it. In fact, many things need to be thought out clearly by yourself. If you think about it clearly, then it is the right thing to do it desperately for this goal. To be honest, let’s analyze your own experience for everyone. It’s not recommended to talk about it. It is purely some of my own methods for postgraduate entrance examinations. If it can help you, it will be very worthwhile~ Talk about your own thinking and summary about learning: Fundamental The above is-listening (online) class + reading + understanding knowledge points + a large number of questions (to help memorize and recite) = successful landing. 1. First of all, the most important thing is to have a clear study purpose, understand the syllabus of the college entrance examination, and the matters to be noted. 2. Do not just watch the video, do not touch the questions, understand the knowledge points, and solve the problems. I can do it myself. 3. Divide the learning task into small parts to master, learn only a small part at a time, instead of spending a time to complete all the learning tasks. 4. When reviewing, you must know how to learn with your brain to ensure the purpose of your learning And the flexibility of thinking, improve the efficiency of one’s own review, and can’t do useless work mechanically. 5. Recalling memories is conducive to the mastery of new knowledge. 6. Write down the knowledge you have learned through retelling, and use your notes to tell yourself every night and then share with you your commonly used learning apps to help yourself improve efficiency to a greater extent. 1. Detailed English grammar Detailed English grammar is a completely free English grammar learning software. Its content is very comprehensive, from simple to complex, basically covering all grammar knowledge points, including: basic grammar, advanced grammar, key and difficult points. The basic grammar includes: nouns, articles and numerals, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, verbs, gerunds, infinitives, special words, participles, independent nominatives, verb tenses, verb voices, sentences Type, inversion, subject-predicate agreement, subjunctive mood, nominal clauses, attributive clauses, adverbial clauses, conjunctions, modal verbs. The advanced grammar includes: attributive clauses, nominal clauses, non-predicate verbs, subjunctive mood, modal verbs. 2. The idea that Bilibili Station B is used for learning has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. More than one million fans and hardcore teachers will teach you learning skills. Are you afraid that you will not be able to get a case? You can take a look at the vlogs of the big learning guys during a break. It will really get motivated slowly. So many outstanding people are working hard, so I have to cheer myself! The ipad Baidu network disk has already supported double speed, which is necessary for watching classes, but members are required. 3. Shengxian is a treasure artifact that I still use now, and can also self-replay! When I was in the postgraduate entrance examination, I joined a postgraduate entrance examination club. Every day, everyone shared the difficulties and test points. Whenever I made a mistake, my friends would immediately point out and add knowledge points to me to avoid repeating it next time, and everyone continued to share various subjects. data. This kind of state is much better than that of studying alone. Those positive energies are really important! For this kind of cooperative learning, remember to study with efficient people. A large amount of output must be an internal feedback to yourself. I believe no one will deny the benefits that this brings. Even if it is just a simple review, today’s learning efficiency may be 10 times that of no review, and it can also help you think more clearly. By the way, you can get white noise every time you organize your thinking and review it once, which is of great help to your study, sleep, and concentration! 4. Evernote can get, organize, and share notes anytime and anywhere. The overall experience is still very good. Both mobile phones and computers can be used to help you organize super-efficiently. Cloud synchronization, convenient and fast, the main record, there are more types of creation, such as mind maps, inserting pictures, support for collecting articles from multiple media such as web pages, WeChat public accounts, etc., the function is mature, after all, it is a team development, after many years Iterative updates. Help yourself develop a good habit of using this tool. Not much to say, I hope these software can help you, reduce the pain of postgraduate entrance examination, and strive to land as soon as possible, come on!

7 months ago

Many junior college graduates want to change their starting point through the postgraduate entrance examination, but they are afraid that the school will discriminate against their origin. I feel that I have to work hard once I am in this world, and I feel that I shouldn’t be worthy of my efforts in vain. Today, Xian Xiaowai came to talk to you about the topic of postgraduate entrance examinations for junior college students, hoping to help you better prepare for the exam. 01 Requirements for postgraduate entrance examinations for junior college students 1. Junior college students with equivalent academic qualifications after graduation for 2 years have obtained nationally recognized academic qualifications (including: TV University, Night University, Correspondence University, Vocational University, and self-study exams), need to graduate for 2 years or more, and meet the requirements University graduates have the same academic ability. Pay attention to the wording, it is equivalent academic ability, that is to say, people who have completed the nationally recognized undergraduate level through various channels after two years of work can take the national postgraduate examination. 2. Retake the exam after upgrading to the undergraduate degree, which means you can apply for the master’s exam after obtaining a bachelor degree through formal methods. The better way to apply now is to apply after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree can continue to study undergraduate courses through other forms such as adult college entrance examination or self-examination. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree and applying for graduate studies, you will save yourself the trouble of applying for an equivalent academic qualification. There are a lot of friends who went to college during the college entrance examination, but with their own efforts, they successfully upgraded and then went to the postgraduate entrance examination. It is simply inspirational and counterattack. There is nothing to do! 3. The colleges and universities that want to apply for must have recruiting junior college students. Yes, not all colleges and universities recruit junior college students for postgraduate entrance examinations. Moreover, the requirements for enrolling junior college students for postgraduate entrance examinations are different from each institution. Therefore, it is recommended that junior college students choose a college first if they plan to enter the postgraduate entrance examination, and then check whether the requirements of the college entrance examination are met from the college admissions guide, or contact the enrollment unit directly for consultation. Otherwise, everything is ready and the result is not qualified to apply. Wouldn’t it be a waste of money? So everyone must consult first~02 Is there a big chance of success in the postgraduate entrance examination? The postgraduate entrance examination itself has certain risks, which are closely related to the level of personal preparation, professional competition, and the competition of the schools reported. So you ask, is there a big chance for a postgraduate entrance examination? It can only be said that there is a chance, but it depends on the specific school. 1. The scope of the school reported. There are certain restrictions on the registration of junior college students. First of all, you must meet the rigid requirements for two years of graduation. Most better schools require you to have scientific research results, such as the need to publish a paper, and English level four. 2. Retest plus test. The re-examination for postgraduate entrance examinations for junior college students needs to take two additional examinations of the main undergraduate courses of the subject. 3. Some schools may discriminate in the re-examination. This is also the most worrying issue for the majority of college students. This question has a certain degree of uncertainty. The school’s overall policy and teacher’s style may affect you, but this is something you cannot control. What you can do is to do the best you can control. , If you take the 400+ exam for the first time, I don’t think the teacher has any reason not to you. And most schools and teachers are fair. This also requires you to do more homework in choosing a school, and try to avoid schools that have been discriminatory in the past.

7 months ago

Yes, as an online master’s expert, I would like to use a real case to encourage the next topic. One of our students, Yang, recruits a three-year college. His major is chemical engineering, which is far from computer. His grades were not good during the college. Currently studying for a master’s degree in software engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology in the United States, working as a technical project leader and architect in a Beijing Internet company. If you know an architect, you should know that the person in charge of this job not only needs to be proficient in computer technology in a specific field, but also needs to understand local bottlenecks and provide solutions based on specific business scenarios. He also needs to be able to control the whole and is one of the most important leaders of the technical team. However, such an academic background did not make Yang give up switching to CS. He studied computer courses for at least one hour every day, and found the first development-related job through self-study. He received constant feedback in practice and learning. In work and study, Yang found that the current knowledge is not systematic, and he does not know much about the frontiers. Through previous work project experience and interviews, Yang successfully applied for the online master’s program of the School of Computing at Illinois Institute of Technology. Today, he still maintains the habit of studying at least one hour a day, and in the master’s study, he has been able to completely break away from the subtitles and understand the professor’s lectures, and complete the homework projects in English. I got A in all courses taken this year. All zero foundation is not a problem, low academic qualifications is not a problem, and the original professional mismatch is not a problem. The question is: can you learn steadily and have the courage to practice continuously. If you want to know about the online master’s program in American universities, you can consult me ​​or click the link to make an appointment directly: On-the-job study of a master’s degree in an overseas prestigious school-Bi’an Education​​ The degree certificate, course content, professors, progress, homework, and assessment content are also consistent with offline. This can also ensure that students in online schools can systematically exercise technical skills and have some practical project experience through homework. For applicants who currently lack technical capabilities, this is an opportunity to quickly fill in technical shortcomings. In terms of ranking, the QS ranking of US universities that open online master programs such as Illinois Institute of Technology is higher than 985 universities such as Beijing Institute of Technology and Tianda University. However, other English scores or interviews can be used to replace IELTS and TOEFL when applying, and the preparation time for materials is also significant. shorten. Moreover, the overseas online tuition fee is lower than that of traditional study abroad, which is on average 20%-60% cheaper than the tuition fee of traditional study abroad in overseas colleges and universities and online programs in the United States. Illinois Institute of Technology degree certificate (without online/part-time words) application requirements for online master’s degree. Applicants need to have a certain degree of GPA (Grade Point) and core professional course scores during the college/undergraduate period. It is best to have relevant work experience and project practical experience . If you have good grades in professional courses and rich work experience, the school will consider comprehensively so that students can be exempted from basic prerequisite courses. College interviews can also replace IELTS TOEFL scores. For example, Illinois Institute of Technology does not need to take additional language scores even if it is converted to offline learning. In addition to transcripts, online master’s degrees in overseas universities generally require a personal resume, degree certificate, and graduation certificate. Some colleges and universities require a personal statement (Personal Statement) describing the purpose and plan of study. The application plan is divided into four specific analysis cases: private enterprise development, development of state-owned enterprises and public institutions in the United States, professional development, if you work in a private enterprise, in fact, the pure online study mode saves money and time. At the same time, you can study for a master’s degree while working (there is no difference between an overseas university certificate and a full-time study). Moreover, you can directly apply what you have learned to your work while studying for a master’s degree. After completing the practical content of a certain degree of difficulty in the course, you will be more confident to participate in actual work projects. As a student who has just graduated, he actually needs this kind of experience to show his professional strength. Moreover, when you have the title of “Master’s degree in study”, the company manager will also understand that you have the idea of ​​working hard to improve the technology, and you have really invested time and energy. This kind of action is more sincere than repeating it ten thousand times during the interview. “I can learn” must be more convincing. In terms of employing people, even if you have not graduated, you still have a certain degree of academic advantage compared to undergraduates. When there is a project that needs to train new people, your priority is greatly increased. If you want to go to the United States for development and get a US dollar for graduation, then you can get an F1 visa in the online and offline mode, and you can get an OPT when you graduate. The overall tuition will be cheaper than traditional studying abroad. And similar to the Illinois Institute of Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology and other institutions located in Chicago and New York State, the good alumni resources and location are very advantageous for finding jobs. Especially for projects such as computer science, artificial intelligence, and software engineering, the starting salary for employment in the United States is very impressive. If you want to develop into a state-owned enterprise or within the system, it is recommended to choose the online-offline combination mode, and study full-time in school for the second year to meet the length of time required to stay abroad. For state-owned enterprises, except Niu Jian Haye, overseas universities are almost the same. As long as they have a master’s degree, they are better than a bachelor’s degree. The key depends on the ability to do business. In this atmosphere, it is more cost-effective to choose a combination of online and offline to reduce the cost of going abroad. If you want to cross-professional, you can actually consider the business major of a master’s degree in overseas universities. I have studied calculus and statistics, and have the basic compiling language ability to transfer to business. In fact, it is very advantageous to engage in some quantitative business analysis.

7 months ago

It is a complicated procedure to recommend junior college students to go to college before entering the postgraduate entrance examination with the same academic ability. Many candidates cannot meet all the requirements. Moreover, many schools, especially famous schools, do not admit candidates of the same academic ability, or set particularly high thresholds to restrict candidates. Therefore, it is recommended that junior college students take the undergraduate degree first if they plan to enter the postgraduate entrance examination, and then pass the undergraduate degree to graduate. There are generally two ways for junior college students to choose to upgrade to undergraduate: The first one: after 3+2, take the exam as an undergraduate. If you are still a junior college student on campus, you can choose 3+2 to upgrade to undergraduate. After successfully landing, spend another two years to study undergraduate. When you graduate, you will be a pure undergraduate. This is a full-time undergraduate with high gold content. When you enter the postgraduate entrance examination, you will be treated the same as a unified enrollment undergraduate. There are no other thresholds. However, it should be noted that this method also has its drawbacks: 1. This method is limited to college graduates, and basically only has one chance in a lifetime, which means that students who have graduated from the college cannot participate. 2. Because of the rare opportunity and the limited number of enrollment places, not everyone can successfully land ashore. Therefore, the competition is also very fierce. Every year, many people are brushed, which wastes several years of preparation time; 3. Because they have to read again Two-year full-time undergraduate, with heavy academic tasks and preparation for postgraduate entrance examinations. If you fail to obtain the required grade certificate during the study period, you may lose your degree certificate or even a graduation certificate. This means that the time spent in the early stage will fall short. Many people In the middle of the meeting, because of various uncertain factors, he chose to give up. If students feel that 3+2 has spent too much time and energy, or students who have already graduated and have no chance to participate in 3+2 college promotion, you can also consider: The second type: obtain a bachelor degree through an adult degree and apply for a bachelor degree. There are many ways to improve adult academic qualifications, such as self-study exams, adult college entrance examinations, online education, and the National Open University. Students need to choose a more suitable form of adult academic improvement based on their actual situation and their degree of learning input, such as: 1. The school students themselves have current student status, and other forms of enrollment will establish the corresponding current student status, and a person cannot have two students at the same time, only the self-study exam. During the examination process, only the student status and no student status, apply for the self-study exam Before the undergraduate diploma, the college students have already graduated, so the students can only choose the self-study exam; 2. The college students who have graduated can choose all of them, but the self-study exam requires more time to study. If possible, theoretically It takes the shortest time to obtain the certificate, which is one to one and a half years faster than other forms. This requires students to choose by themselves; there is also a method of continuous reading of special books that allows students with a high school degree and below to obtain a bachelor degree, but it is not relevant to this article. I will explain this method to you later. In short, the undergraduate degree that has been promoted through adult education is also recognized by the state and meets the requirements for applying for the postgraduate exam. In addition, this degree can also be used to test civil servants, teachers, various professional qualifications and evaluation titles. At present, the promotion of adult education has become an indispensable way of education in life and work. Choosing adult education is the most important way for you. Valuable investment. Of course, the bachelor degree obtained by the adult education is the second degree. Although the Ministry of Education emphasizes that the second degree and the first degree are the same level of education, at present, the social recognition has not reached such a level. Therefore, Compared with the first degree, the second degree still has certain restrictions, and students should also be aware of this. For example, some prestigious schools will require two additional written exams for the second degree entrance examination, and then if two people have similar comprehensive levels in the second degree examination, the probability of being eliminated for the second degree will be relatively higher. This has always existed, just like In the first degree, 985/211 colleges and universities always have an advantage over ordinary undergraduate students. For this, you can only accept and achieve that the overall strength is far beyond, not about the same.

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Have the opportunity! ! ! There are not a few examples of postgraduate entrance examinations. I saw a girl who went from technical secondary school to 3+2, enrolled in the college, and then took the postgraduate entrance examination. She will become a winner in life. In fact, nothing is impossible, as long as you make up your mind and work hard! There are two ways for junior college students to enter the postgraduate entrance examination. Path 1: Two years after graduating from the junior college, take the postgraduate entrance examination with the same academic ability; Path 2: Participate in the college entrance examination in the last year of the junior college, two years of undergraduate study, and common undergraduates to sign up for the postgraduate entrance exam.

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