Girls’ bags look small, but there are so many things! As long as I usually go out and carry an ordinary messenger bag, I have to pack it all! Maybe many sisters, like me, have a more prepared temper, so I am especially afraid that I forget what to bring, and even think about what I want to bring before going out the day before, and then quickly install them, and go out the next day. Don’t be afraid to forget it when Let’s take a look at what’s in my bag~ Masks: Now when you go out, you must have a mask in your bag. The epidemic is not over yet, so everyone still has to do a good job of protection. Another thing is that sometimes I don’t want to put on makeup. The mask is the “savior”. When I wear the mask and hat, almost no one recognizes me. I am not afraid of going out without makeup. It feels refreshing! In addition, it is required to wear a mask in some public places, so a mask must be installed in the bag as a spare. (Masks are individually packaged) Hand cream: I cannot do without hand cream all year round, so hand cream is necessary in the bag. It does not mean that hands will become soft and smooth if you apply hand cream, but don’t wipe it. Hand cream is just uncomfortable. You don’t have to buy hand creams too expensive, just refreshing, not greasy and good smelling. Vaseline Hand Cream Special Moisturizing Fragrance 50ml (Hand Cream) Lipstick: The lipstick must be taken when I go out. Even if I don’t have makeup today, I will wear a lipstick. My lip color is light, sometimes it looks too dull as if I am sick, so I still apply lipstick thinly, so people are more energetic. ​Paper towels: Whether boys or girls, should you bring tissues when you go out? Who has experienced the pain of not bringing paper and who knows… By the way, don’t bring a roll of paper, it’s really embarrassing to take it out of the bag… You can buy a small pack of tissues, which is elegant and hygienic, and it’s also a pack. It’s not expensive and does not take up space, so it’s very suitable to carry around. Small mirror: It’s really necessary for girls to bring a small mirror with you. Otherwise, it’s very inconvenient to touch up or look at makeup. What if you get pepper skin on your teeth…especially when a group of sisters go out to play, you You are the uncle with a mirror! Bus card/ID card/brand membership card: The bus card is always carried. In fact, it is very convenient to scan the code on the mobile phone to get on the bus, but it is always wasteful to apply for the bus card. The ID card is taken with you, where to take it, and who knows where to use it? In fact, I would not deliberately bring the membership card and the like. Basically, I put it in the bag and didn’t take it out, because now it is enough to use the mobile phone number at a discount. It is recommended that you bring your ID card with you, and you can bring it or not when you are okay. Bluetooth headset: The headset is a good friend in my life, and it is absolutely indispensable. Especially when traveling/waiting/boring, it is too important. And sometimes even if I don’t sing, it can alleviate some embarrassing situations. Headphones must be worn! You know everything! ​Basically, when shopping and carrying a small bag, I bring the above things. But sometimes the bag on my back gets bigger, I will bring more things, after all, I have everything I need, and I’m not afraid of anything! If the bag capacity is large enough, I will bring: umbrella: sun protection / shelter from rain is very important, it is very important to bring a small umbrella. Otherwise others will wait for someone to pick you up, and you will wait for the rain to stop? Bring your own umbrella and leave whenever you want. Under Banana Sun Umbrella UV Protection Umbrella Portable Rain Umbrella Sun Umbrella Female Sun Umbrella Plastic ¥149.00 Go to buy Kindle: This is for a long-distance car ride, I will bring it, otherwise it will be too boring for a long time. Kindle’s sense of reading is still very good, it does not hurt the eyesight and is durable. If you keep reading for a while every day, you will accumulate a huge force. Kindle e-book reader E-paper book Youth Edition 8G Black​Contact lens case/glasses case/eye drops: Which one to bring depends on whether I wear a contact lens or a glasses case today. When wearing invisible lens, I think it is necessary to wear a glasses case, otherwise the eyes will be dry after wearing it for a long time, and a bottle of eye drops should be worn at any time to relieve eye fatigue. Almost these things are in my bag~not much, but it’s really practical.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Personally, it is the following things: 1. Mobile phone (and mobile phone charger, in case the power bank is dead, you can use the mobile phone charger to recharge) 2. Card holder or wallet (including ID card, bank Cards, bus cards, all kinds of membership cards and about 200 yuan in cash, because we don’t know if we can use Alipay or WeChat to go out and buy things, and bring some cash in case of need) 3. Earphones and storage earphones (It’s impolite to play audio and video in public places on subways and buses to listen to WeChat voices. To respect others is to respect yourself) 4. Keys, car keys, house keys, etc., it’s best to get a special key Bag to avoid loss (if your home is a fingerprint lock, it can be ignored) 5. Power bank and three-in-one data cable (it is really uncomfortable when the phone is out of power!) 6. Wet paper towels (I personally don’t bring small The packaged facial tissues, because I think wet tissues are more useful, especially when you accidentally spill the soup on your clothes when eating and drinking drinks. At this time, the facial tissues are completely useless, and the wet tissues can be just one. In addition, it will be a rainy day. If the road surface is wet and slippery, the surface of the shoes can be stained with wet paper towels. Personal feeling is that wet paper towels are more comfortable than facial tissues when you are in an emergency. 7. Small capacity water cup (only about 240ml is fine, usually I bring a glass in summer, but in winter Bring a mini thermos. When I’m thirsty when I’m out, I can’t drink sweet drinks or coffee, but there are free drinking fountains at work places, large shopping malls, and subway stations, which can be used directly.) 8 .50% off umbrella (no matter whether the weather forecast says it’s raining or not, put an umbrella in your bag to prepare for it. The folded umbrella is only about 20cm after being folded, which will not take up too much space) 9. A black signature pen (with Don’t use a fountain pen if you need it. The fountain pen will dry out without ink for a long time, and you will not be able to write, and there will be a risk of ink leakage. Use a signature pen or a ballpoint pen.) 10. Small bottle of disposable hand sanitizer (in contact with elevators, doors, etc.) Handle, used after going to the toilet) 11. Earplugs (for self-study in the library) 12. A Swiss army knife (not for self-defense, but as a practical tool, you can get on the bus, the subway, then pinch it in your hand, otherwise Cannot pass the subway security check) 13. Kindle (paper book is not convenient to carry, the Kindle does not take up too much space, it is very convenient on the way to and from work) 14. A mask holder for storing masks, and three unused masks in it (Special period, necessary for epidemic prevention) Sorry, what I said above, it seems that boys can also use it haha, these are only available in girls’ bags: 15. Lipstick and lip balm (drink water, touch up makeup after eating ) 16. A small mirror (for makeup and makeup) 17. A rubber band (to tie your hair, or to roll up and tie up documents) 18. A small bag (to store aunt’s towels, tampons and condoms) for those with irregular menstrual periods For my sister, relatives sometimes visit suddenly without warning. In order to avoid embarrassment, at least prepare a night-use aunt’s towel and a tube of sanitary napkins in your bag. At least you can go to a store that sells sanitary products. . As for why you should bring a condom, as an adult woman, whether you have an object or not, you always protect yourself.

6 months ago

A 19-year-old female college student ~ go out without makeup: masks, coin purses, selfie sticks, power banks, earphones, mobile phones, screen wipes, small packets of tissues, small mirrors, lipsticks, loose powder (but actually because of my lips The color is not very light, and generally make-up will not stay outside for a long time, so these things are not very useful) Masks: It is recommended to bring two more masks when you go out. One is to prevent yourself from getting the mask dirty or you need to change the mask for a long time. You can have a replacement mask; second, even if you can’t use it, if others need it, it’s good to provide help to others in time. Not a coin purse: this is OK Take a look at my previous answer to the most embarrassing thing I have ever encountered. Although there are more mobile payments now, we still have to have cash. Otherwise, if the mobile phone is out of power and waiting to pay, it is really the scene of the death of a large company. But the loose change in the bag is not good for us to find it quickly, so a small coin purse still needs a selfie stick: the selfie stick I use is a selfie stick with a Bluetooth connection, a selfie stick and a stand. When putting it away, it doesn’t take up any space in the bag. Because I like to take photos and videos when I go out, this kind of selfie stick is not only convenient for me to take selfies, take pictures of distant scenes, but also convenient for me to put on the table to record videos. However, this kind of thing is generally heavier. Holding it with one hand is heavier for girls and will be unstable. If you don’t mind this, it’s still very useful to use power banks, headphones, and small packets of tissues: let’s not talk about it. Prepared. Put on headphones to cut off from the world, and do not ask for help if the phone is out of power. Small packs of tissues don’t occupy a lot of space and are hygienic when you put them in the bag, to prevent yourself from having no tissues if you want to go to the bathroom or blow your nose. Wipe screen wipes: This little thing is really easy to use. You can wipe it with soup on your phone when you go out to eat. You can also wipe your glasses if they are foggy or dirty. Moreover, the general screen wipes have some disinfection function, I think it is ok to wipe your hands (if you don’t think it’s impossible, don’t arrogate me, everyone’s habits are different)

6 months ago

A pack of tissues, a pack of wet wipes, a small box of chewing gum or a fresh breath spray, a lip balm, a lipstick, a box of cushion powder or honey powder, a mask, a few sheets of Grandpa Mao and two credit cards ( Recently, I don’t like to bring my wallet. In case of emergencies such as out of battery or no signal on the phone, Grandpa Mao and credit card can be used for emergency), ID card. If the bag space used today is large enough, then I will put my mobile phone, earphones, and car keys in it.

6 months ago

As a middle-aged old aunt, she is not a girl anymore, please answer, hehe, the things in my bag are very simple. Because I like to carry small bags, I can’t hold anything. 1. Card package. You must bring your door card, credit card or something. If you are carrying a mini bag, you only have two cards and no card holder 2. Lipstick. Without lipstick, stars will die, and without lipstick, there is no sense of security. After trying to forget to bring lipstick one day out, I went to the mall at noon and bought one. I really can’t stand the embarrassment that my makeup is still there after lunch but the lipstick is gone or mottled. others? No more! Mobile phone holders, tissues, water and the like need to be bought at any time. I have never experienced make-up removal, when the oil needs to be touched up, the foundation eyelashes and eyeshadows can withstand a day and a night without stress. When I go out, I like to take it easy, carrying a beautiful small bag. Unless you travel, you must add a selfie stick and sunscreen. If you are bringing a child, I will put paper towels, wet paper towels, and water-free hand sanitizer inside the child’s bag, haha.

6 months ago

If you go out with makeup, mobile phones, electric treasures (do not like the feeling of no electricity), ultra-short charging cables, keys, ID cards, transportation cards, bank cards (no bank card is always insecure), air cushion, lipstick, makeup spray ( Medium and small sample), paper towels, disposable hand sanitizer, small umbrella, a self-contained mask (when you go out, you will bring one as a spare), a small bag with one or two aunt’s towels, and a few band-aids. If you go out without makeup, you will lose cushion lipstick and makeup spray, and the others are no different. If you are still in college, add a student ID and campus card.

6 months ago

If you just go to work and don’t have other special activities, it’s as simple as a cell phone, tissues and lipstick; if you bring contact lenses that day, you will also bring eye drops; in summer, you will also bring a parasol. If you want to go out for work today, you will change your bag, put your ID card, power bank, water cup, information, etc. If you have a date party or something, you also need to put on cosmetics, mouthwash and the like.

6 months ago

Small packet of tissues (not in your bag, in your clothes or trouser pocket), wireless headset (same as above), watch (on your wrist), what’s in my bag now-pen and paper (at least three colors), power bank and data cable (the phone is too old) It needs to be charged in time) some bags (cloth or plastic bags, which can be taken out at any time for shopping or someone needs) hand cream (must be applied after washing hands), a few glasses wipes (to keep the corrected vision clear, you can also wipe Mobile phone screen) small mirror small comb (hair style is very important) key nail clippers ear pick (this is standard haha) mini small knife (always useful, anyway, does not occupy space) (People who forgot to wear or did not wear them can support it. If they are dirty, they can replace them at any time. Although there is a mask pick-up machine now) I may not be a standard girl. Although I am not young anymore, my appearance is still very sunny. , Haha…

6 months ago

Girls must go out with backpacks, but everyone’s bags are different. It feels very interesting to see this question, so I will answer it. I’m a 25+ girl. I have very few bags, but each one is very large and practical. It can hold all the things I usually use when I go out. Don’t talk nonsense, take a look at what’s in my bag~ Key: I live in a rental room, a room with several households, so every time I go out, I have to lock the room and bring the key with me, because I don’t The door cannot be locked with a key. Power bank: I like to kill the boring time by watching videos, using vibrato, and watching variety shows while waiting for the bus, or when I am in the car. The battery of my mobile phone will be gone for a while, so before going out, I will charge the battery of the power bank in advance. It’s full, and I’ll take it with me when I go out, especially when I’m out of town, it’s really painful for my mobile phone to have no battery. Earphones: I also mentioned above. I watch some videos to pass the time when I ride or wait for the car. Some people are used to sleeping in the car or need to be quiet. It is impolite if the phone is placed outside, so Said that the headphones would lie in my bag every day. Mobile phone: 100% of people will bring a mobile phone. Now they feel uncomfortable and helpless when going to the toilet without toilet paper without a mobile phone. Hahaha~ Just kidding, the use of mobile phones is really too great. In addition to basic communication, There are also online payment, clocking in at work, video meetings, navigation, taking photos/videos, watching news, entertainment, and so on. Notebook/pen: I will make plans every day and follow the plan to do things. Every time I finish one thing I will cross it off on the spot, which will make my mood better; if I am on the road, I will think of a good idea, I’ll write it down so I don’t forget it when I want to write again, so a notebook/pen is a must. Sometimes I forget the memo on my phone. Paper/Wet Wipes: It doesn’t matter whether we bring wet wipes or not, but it is really a taboo if we don’t bring paper. Have you ever tried to use the toilet without paper? It is really painful to say that it is not working every day, and that the ground should not be. What about wet wipes? The main reason is to go out to wipe your hands. If you accidentally get something on your body after eating, you can also use wet wipes to save it first. 50% off umbrella: I always carry a 50% off umbrella in my bag. It can block ultraviolet rays in summer and block rain in rainy days. Lipstick: Lipstick can be said to be the soul of a girl. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you should wear lipstick to add color to yourself. After eating, you can always make up the lipstick when you eat it. Hand cream: I apply hand cream all year round, and I will apply it after washing my hands. I can’t say that the hands are the best, but they are relatively white among people of the same age. This is not the same as long-term use. Hand cream has a lot to do with it. Cushion: I wear an air cushion when I make up. I have oily skin. After the makeup is applied, it is very ugly, so I will wear it. If I don’t make up, I will not wear it, and it is useless. Masks: Since 2020 until now, masks have not been separated from the body. Although the epidemic situation has been well controlled, it is still necessary to prevent problems before they occur. The awareness of epidemic prevention cannot be lost. It is best to bring the kind of independent packaging and put it in the bag. The inside of the bag will not be deformed or dirty. The above are the things I usually bring in my bag when I go out. It is very convenient and practical. If there are special circumstances for a few days each month, I will bring my aunt’s towel, warm cup, and snacks.

6 months ago

A man of steel
I can’t usually use small bags, I can’t hold things, I usually use bags that can release A4 files.
Disinfectant for paper towels and wet wipes
At least 1 lipstick lipstick hand cream
Card holder
Power bank, spare cell phone, wireless headset
Pen, portable notebook
Band-aid, loose powder, sunscreen spray
A bunch of car keys
A bag of miscellaneous items

6 months ago

On the way to the airport, my best sisters, my own friends asked me: Do you like big bags or small bags? Me: Big bag, can hold things. Her: Oh, what do I need to bring, there are so many things to bring, I like small bags. Me: But the package is too small to hold anything… She: You say what you need to bring, you can talk about it. After she asked this, we said in unison what we needed to bring. Me: Make-up. Her: The key. At that time, the two of us were going to travel to Thailand. When we were in Thailand, we each took out the same amount of money and put it in my place. The money we spent together for meals and taxis was put in my wallet. In my bag: makeup (foundation, lipstick, loose powder), sunglasses, sunscreen, wallet, mobile phone, power bank, facial tissue. In her bag: mobile phone, room card or key, selfie stick, special camera lens, wallet. I think we two are quite normal, but the styles are not very the same, so the things in the bag are different. But the journey is so different because of this, and because of a lot of the same, it’s simply amazing! Miss her…

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