Today, the National Poverty Alleviation Summary and Commendation Conference was held. The winners of the honorary title of the national poverty alleviation model will be awarded, and the national advanced individuals and the national poverty alleviation advanced collective will be commended.

Xia Sen, female, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, born in September 1923, former researcher of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, retired in 1982. Comrade Xia Sen began to devote herself to the revolution at the age of 14, and joined the Communist Party of China at the age of 15. She has been living a hard and simple life for many years. After she retired, she still cared about education in poor areas. She donated a total of 2.032 million yuan that she had saved through frugality to improve teaching conditions in poor rural schools in Danfeng County, Shaanxi Province and Shangyou County, Jiangxi Province. The “Xiasen Scholarship” was set up for RMB 10,000, and 182 poor college students have been funded to realize the “University Dream”. She emphasized, “The sponsored student does not only depend on how many types and universities he entered, but mainly depends on his ideological and moral performance. The sponsored student must love the motherland!” She was awarded the “National Poverty Alleviation Award” and other honors.

By the end of last year, more than 1,800 soldiers had died on the front line of the fight against poverty. Poverty alleviation is a war without gunpowder. There are many reasons for poverty. There are not only tangible external factors shaped by objective geographical conditions such as weather, environment and resources, but also subjective intangible internal factors such as clan local tyrants, customs and customs. Natural disasters and man-made disasters, various reasons have deeply restricted the development of certain areas. The obstacles to eliminating poverty are far from simple as most people think. Obstruction by interest groups, the incomprehension of the local masses, and the pressure from superior leaders, all kinds of reasons are always threatening the safety of the soldiers fighting for the poor. However, even if the road is full of thorns and obstacles ahead, there are still countless brave and fearless warriors who have resolutely set foot on that deep road. They have a lot on their shoulders, with honor, hope and hope-very heavy and heavy. However, for party members, none of this constitutes a reason for their withdrawal. For fighters who truly believe in the spirit of communism, there is no need for remuneration to overcome endless difficulties and fight for the people. Many years ago, a teacher made an accurate description of people like them: a person can have big or small abilities, but as long as he has this kind of spirit, he is a noble person, a pure person, a moral person, and a detached person. A person with low taste, a person who is beneficial to the people. They have different backgrounds, different abilities, but they all hold the same spirit-they are all the same kind of people. Good for the people-proletarian fighters. So, what is it that makes them willing to sacrifice so without flinching? Many, many years ago, the young Marx wrote an article “Thinking about young people when choosing a career”, in which it concluded: History recognizes that those who work for a common goal and become noble are great people; experience praises those The people who bring happiness to most people are the happiest people; religion itself teaches us, the ideal person whom everyone admires, has sacrificed himself for mankind-who can deny this kind of teaching? If we choose the profession that can work best for human welfare, then the burden cannot overwhelm us, because this is a dedication to everyone; what we feel then is not poor, limited, selfish pleasure, we Our happiness will belong to millions of people, and our business will exist silently but eternally, and in the face of our ashes, noble people will shed tears.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Some people always think that we say “Serve the people wholeheartedly” as a slogan.

For these people, I hope you will take a look at these people who have invested themselves in the poorest and most difficult areas in China for many years.

It is these people who persevere in burning themselves, serving the people, and serving mankind that illuminate the boundaries of human civilization and enable each of us to escape ignorance and poverty.

9 months ago

I didn’t understand before, why our country always likes to praise those miserable heroes, deaths and injuries, as if heroes have no good results. Why can’t heroes live comfortably and also make great contributions? Now I understand, there really is no such a smooth path. Behind the human miracles that have been shining through the annals of history, every step is precarious. If you can do it comfortably, who will toss yourself like that? Poverty alleviation is too difficult, and it’s difficult to move forward. It really takes human lives to fill the bones of dangerous beaches. I finally understand what a battlefield without gunsmoke is. Therefore, the heroes who rushed to the front line, they are all great fighters. They are willing to sacrifice their time, energy, family, health and even life. They have contributed everything in the road of poverty alleviation, and finally we ushered in victory. . And there are too many such people. Our commendation list can only choose the most typical and the most outstanding part of the people from a large group of shining people as representatives, and these people are all without self. The spirit is completely dedicated to himself. They are so great, I look up to them with my infinite admiration.

9 months ago

A history of China is a history of the Chinese nation’s struggle against poverty. From Qu Yuan’s feeling of “growth to conceal his tears and mourn the hardship of the people’s livelihood”, to Du Fu’s longing of “there are tens of thousands of mansions and shelter the world with joy,” to Sun Yat-sen’s “home is full of people, everywhere” There is no long-cherished wish that no one can fail to get what they want. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, more than 10 million people have been lifted out of poverty every year, which is equivalent to the lift out of poverty in a medium-sized country. The income level of the poor has increased significantly, and the “two no worries and three guarantees” have been realized. People who have been lifted out of poverty have no worries about food and clothing. Compulsory education, basic medical care, housing safety are guaranteed, and drinking water safety is guaranteed. More than 20 million impoverished patients have received classified treatment, and families who were once plagued by the disease have stood up the backbone of life. Nearly 20 million poor people enjoy subsistence allowances and special hardship assistance and support, and more than 24 million needy and severely disabled people have received living and nursing subsidies. More than 1.1 million poor people became forest rangers, guarding the green waters and green mountains, in exchange for gold and silver mountains.

9 months ago

1 million kilometers of rural roads were newly rebuilt and 35,000 kilometers of railways were added. The power supply reliability rate of rural power grids in poverty-stricken areas reached 99%, the proportion of poor villages with power supply within the coverage of large power grids reached 100%, and the proportion of poor villages with optical fiber and 4G both exceeded 98%. The dilapidated houses of 7.9 million households and 25.68 million poor people have been renovated. A total of 35,000 centralized resettlement areas and 2.66 million resettlement houses have been built. More than 9.6 million people have “moved the poor”, freed themselves of obstruction and backwardness, and moved into new homes. Many villagers bid farewell to the zip-line bridge, the moat became a thoroughfare, bid farewell to brackish water, drank clean water, bid farewell to the leaky mud thatched cottages, and lived in spacious and bright brick houses.

9 months ago

Over the past eight years, the central, provincial, city and county governments have invested nearly 1.6 trillion yuan in special poverty alleviation funds, of which 660.1 billion yuan has been invested by the central government. Since the start of the fight against poverty, the cross-provincial adjustment of land increase and decrease indicators and the transfer of funds within the province have exceeded 440 billion yuan. The total amount of microcredit issued for poverty alleviation is more than 710 billion yuan, the total amount of poverty alleviation refinancing is 668.8 billion yuan, and the financial targeted poverty alleviation loans are issued 9.2 billion yuan. The nine eastern provinces and cities have invested more than 100.5 billion yuan in financial assistance and social assistance funds in the poverty alleviation cooperation areas, and the enterprises in the eastern region have invested more than 1 trillion yuan in the poverty alleviation cooperation areas.

9 months ago

To be fair, China’s achievements in poverty alleviation are indeed “unparalleled in the world,” and they have been ignored by the world. I saw a lot of unofficial stories in Zhihu, and my feeling is “I can do it like this”? You have to know that the situation abroad is “You are poor, please move out and work. The government is not obligated to help you. It depends on personal efforts.” However, China sends money, houses and jobs to people in the mountains. It can be said that this will not happen outside of China. It’s really amazing. If the lower-class people in the West learn about China’s poverty alleviation work, they will probably rebel.

9 months ago

The first time I saw the news, I called my father excitedly. I said that the central government held a commendation meeting for poverty alleviation today and quickly turned on the TV to watch the news. Many urban people may not know what it means to fight poverty, but as a rural child, I am particularly moved and proud. Not only does it “live up to the people” at home, it is also worthy of history in the international community. The county seat of my hometown is also a poor county, but in the first two years, I have lifted my head off poverty. In the poverty alleviation campaign, under the guidance of the Party Central Committee, the lives of farmers in their hometowns have really undergone earth-shaking changes, as well as in other places.

9 months ago

In terms of drinking water safety, when I was a child, my parents used water to collect water from the well. Later, the villagers raised funds to connect the water pipe to the well, and we ate tap water. In the past few years, the village has built reservoirs in a unified way, which not only eats safe water, but also has enough water power to supply solar water heaters. Neighbors in the village basically have water heaters and shower rooms in every household, which has greatly improved the villagers. life. When I was young, I had a terrible shower, because I had to boil the water and scoop it into the basin. It would be very cold in winter. Now I can take a shower in the bathroom with 24-hour hot water directly with the bath heater.

9 months ago

As the “Internet addicted teenagers” in the new era, the Internet is indispensable to us. In the past, our village did not even have a mobile phone signal. Don’t think that this is unbelievable or something that happened many years ago. When did our village start to have 4G signal in 2016, because a special signal tower was built. . Before my cousin went to college for the winter vacation, she would post her status to everyone saying “there is no internet at home, send emails if something happens, check it when school starts.” I had to climb up to a corner on the second floor to secretly fall in love in high school. Text girls with 2G or 3G signals. Who can believe that in just a few short years, not only have 4G signals, but also broadband?

9 months ago

In terms of medical care, many people in cities cannot afford to be ill, let alone people in rural areas. I never saw my parents go to the hospital when I was young. It’s not that they are so good that they don’t need to go to the hospital, but that they look down on the disease. The same is true for other people. It has to be hard. Now farmers also have rural cooperative medical insurance, and many medical expenses can be reimbursed. If they are poor households, the reimbursement rate is even higher, even as high as 90%.

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