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Don’t touch the weapon pool. Remember, even if you lack weapons, don’t touch the weapon pool. The weapon pool is very deep unless you are a krypton. If you lack weapons, go to the blacksmith’s shop, where many weapons are good. 2. The task before the first 35 levels is to hurry up and upgrade the story characters and weapons, and after the level 35 is appropriately upgraded, hurry up and use the Saint Relic Master C to give priority to critical strikes, explosive damage, attack power and elemental damage attributes. Don’t feel a pity. Generally speaking, 50 crit rate and 150 blast damage are enough. After Master C has finished training, he will go to raise a nanny. The nanny is the main treatment. 3. The abyss depends on your own strength, so don’t waste resources to cultivate the role to fight the abyss chaos. The abyss will also give you rough achievements and business cards, there is no need to fight. 4. Don’t go for comparisons. If you see this character hitting tens of thousands of injuries today, go to practice. Tomorrow I hear that that character is great. You play the game for yourself, not for others to watch, just play the game for yourself. If you like that role, why do you practice watching others? This is nothing against PVP mode, which is to fight Daguai and upgrade. What’s the comparison? Hurt? 5. Physical strength is only 160. How to use yourself is good? Whatever is lacking is what is lacking. When lacking materials, it is lacking. I lack of holy relics. I lack of Mora’s experience book. 6. If you have to fight for three weeks, if you can’t fight, you can call someone at Miyoushe or go to the world to find someone to help. Basically, they will help you. 7. There is nothing to say about recharging. Krypton, we can’t control it, just talk about it. If economic conditions permit, start the monthly card and the 68 journey. Anyway, I am like this. In the end, let’s just say that these are just suggestions. It’s your business to play games. Others only suggest that you can have fun on your own. Finally, I wish all the players of the original gods the best guarantee is not crooked.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Krypton gold is not necessary, but the monthly card and the Pearl Journey can greatly improve the gaming experience. If it is not bad, you can buy a monthly card, let alone buy a Journey, and then recharge. The first two are enough for low-krypton players. In the current version, it is not recommended to watch videos to find gods or boxes. Solutions are already provided in the game. Watching videos means losing dozens of hours of gaming experience. Don’t play so eagerly for quick success and instant profit. Naturally, it is the best way to advance this type of game. The best way to play. In addition to using props to draw the general pool or the novice pool, do not use any rough stones into the general pool. All the rough stones should be drawn into the up pool. If you enter the pit at the current stage, the four-star Razer from the up pool is the most friendly character for the novice. No, it can be replaced by the maid of the first ten company in the novice pool (mainly for mining). If Zhongli is out, the novice can add Zhongli to the team, which greatly improves fault tolerance. Join 1 or 2 small groups of Yuanshen games. The best group is about hundreds of people, preferably no more than 500 people. When you encounter difficulties, it is the fastest to shake people in the group to help you solve them. You can also help you explain a lot at any time. You can also remind you of the small problems encountered in the game during the live broadcast of the redemption code. Too many people are not necessarily a good thing, too few people often no one responds to you. Don’t fight the world boss at the beginning of every week. If you can upgrade the world level on weekends, and then fight again, if you can’t fight wolves and sons, please refer to the previous shaking people to solve. By the way, dragons can fly to the next platform. The cuteness here is burnt to death. The new can circle the earth three times. The sacred relic copy can be brushed up to the 45th world level. If you can’t help it, you can brush a set after 35 and make up a four-piece set, although it is completely unnecessary. Miyou Club has a sign-in and can get mosquito legs. Don’t open nga and post to play the game, so as not to affect your good mood, you can go to station b if you want a guide, although this game does not need a guide at all to make it more fun. Happy game

7 months ago

If you want to keep playing this game of Yuanshen, you need to see where your game needs are: 1. Intensity players: Pursue your own strength, match roles, and use the strongest and most efficient weapons, and then Fighting monsters also need to pursue a spike, and the abyss speed pass. If you don’t have PVP, you must actively seek PVP conditions. This requires you to pay attention to the strategy of major websites, and then you must often test the effects of various weapons, relics, damage, etc. , Anyway, I’m not this kind of player, so I can’t elaborate here (Some people on the Internet Zhongli Rhythm are this kind of players, you can ask them) 2. XP player: This is me, I just look at the face to play, in order to carve the Qing Qing Wife, for the sake of Keli’s daughter, it doesn’t matter how many 648s I charge. This type of player cares more about vertical paintings and personal settings. As long as I can make AWSL, everything else doesn’t matter, so it is also a source of some heavy krypton players. One of the target user groups of .3. Plot and scenery players: I have to admit that Mihayou should be the strongest in the mobile game world. I also like Mihayou’s design of various plots, and even made it myself An excel summed up whether it’s the main line or the branch line, or even every NPC passing by, I always talk to them without missing a word. The background stories of some NPCs are really romantic and touching. Regarding the scenery, I also often Stop to take pictures during the trip to hoe the earth, or to do a lot of work when you are online with your friends. I think this is the fun of Yuanshen. Share a few pictures I took (White-haired Ningguang wife’s legs prprpr)

7 months ago

The core point of Mihayu’s game is to learn how to manage money and restrain one’s desire for krypton gold. Learn to collect rough stones, learn to distinguish which pool is worth drawing, which pool is not worth drawing, don’t draw without thinking, let alone draw a card. Learn to be a hamster and make sure that your phone has enough rough stones when the pool that is really worth pumping comes out. Most of the players who play Mihayou games for a long time become financial managers. For Buddhist games, many things are a bit lighter, so plan ahead and manage your finances for the next few versions.

7 months ago

As a 50-level veteran player who has been playing since the open beta of the mobile phone, let’s give some experience: 1. First download a Miyou Club, find the Yuanshen area, there are all the strategies, and there is a meter in the early stage. The big map of the travel agency will help you navigate, and you will avoid a lot of detours, such as the collection of Fengshen Hitomi and Iwashen Hitomi. After the full collection, the physical strength will be greatly improved. Another example is the collection of treasure chest decryption organs. You can find all of them in it. Raiders. 2. If you plan to be a zero-krypton or micro-krypton, I suggest you complete the novice mission in the Mond area as soon as possible at the beginning, and then prioritize the anchor points and the gods on the map while doing the main line. Bright, so that you won’t run a long way when doing other tasks in the future. 3. Don’t think that the original god can’t play without recharging. I didn’t spend a penny until I reached level 40. I still played very happy. Although it can’t be seconds when fighting mobs, it takes tens of seconds. It can be played, and the boss can basically be brushed, simple and simple. Those who say that they can play with money are all a group of no-brain players who don’t want to watch the strategy and the holy relics. They only have cool eyes. You don’t give them the most powerful characters and the most powerful characters in the current version. Good sacred relics, they will only feel that the game is pushing krypton, and if you don’t let him experience the feeling of air every second, he still feels that the game is pushing krypton. Let me say that those who say that they are forced to play krypton simply don’t play the original god, and go directly to play the invincible cracked version of the 4399 mini game. Isn’t he fragrant? He has to show his wisdom there. 4. Holy relics are very important! Holy relics are very important! Holy relics are very important! The important thing is said three times, the holy relic can meet all your needs with a purple holy relic of full level +16 before level 45. Before 45, you can enter the world of the original gods. What punches the Qiuqiu people and steps on the abyss Master, then ride a Wind Demon Dragon and take off directly to Wuhu! but! Never try to fight the abyss. If you are not the krypton man or high play, try not to touch the abyss. If you want to try it, try to be as simple as possible, otherwise it will particularly affect the game experience. After level 45, you can use your physical strength to brush the supporting holy relics of your team’s main c character. If the main c in your team is of the fire type, then the best configuration is to hit the head, burn the cup, and attack the hourglass. There are also life flowers and attack feathers (the latter two main attributes are fixed), these sacred relics adverbs give priority to critical strikes and critical injuries, second-selected attack percentages and attack bonuses. Auxiliary characters, such as Barbara can go to the girly set, as long as the entry is alive, put her up. If possible, it is best to put a healing bonus hat on the nanny, so that you don’t have to worry about Barbara. Poor breast problems in pull or other nanny roles. 5. The most important problem is that many players didn’t know how to use their stamina when they first played the original God, or whether they should use it up. At the beginning, many players did the task and put their stamina there. Regardless of him, if you are short of gold coins or experience books, go and play a dozen. In many cases, physical strength is overflowed, which is a common problem for many new players. Here I suggest that all the new buddies in the early stage, move your little fingers to use up all the 160 points of the system’s buckle and cable, and then go offline, because the physical strength corresponds to your adventure experience, you don’t need to think about it. To upgrade, you can only rely on the daily tasks of the main branch and the various decryption organs and treasure chests in the big world to gain adventure and other level experience, which can be said to be a blood loss. Just give you a small account. I played the original god for so long, and only opened 1388 treasure chests, 598 ordinary chests + 593 exquisite treasure chests, 145 precious treasure chests, and 52 gorgeous treasure chests. We will count as 10 points of experience for an ordinary box, 20 points for exquisite, 30 for precious, and 50 for gorgeous (or 100 is not clear). (598×10)+(593×20)+(145×30)+(52×50)=24790 experience points. Below I will calculate the experience points brought by physical strength. Every 20 points of physical strength is equal to 100 experience points. , One day plus the recovery of all the physical strength is used up, that is, when all 180 physical strength is used up, it is equal to 900 experience points. Fully full physical strength for 30 days is 27,000 experience points. Don’t think that 30 days is very long. You have to pay attention. At present, the treasure chest may be more than 1,600 points. Fully full physical strength in a month can catch up with or even exceed the treasure chests collected on the whole map. Experience value, why not do it? What’s more, this does not include the various copy benefits and material benefits brought by physical use. In this way, you should understand how important physical strength is, right? 6. The Dragon Wolf dungeon must be played. When the main line is almost done, the three dungeons will be unlocked. You can collect the dungeon benefits once a week, which can be understood as a weekly dungeon. If you want to worry less about the character talent upgrade materials later, play it once a week, and try not to make any omissions. 7. If you are a casual player, you can basically not listen to what I said before. For casual players to drive to the highest quality, it is a very good choice to go to Qingyunding or the Statue of Mond to see the scenery. 8. Don’t empty pvp! Don’t be empty pvp! Don’t be empty pvp! Just play with your own, don’t be eager to win. As long as your life is true love, you can play happily as long as the holy relic is full. There is no problem that you can’t beat, as long as you don’t touch the abyss! Many people are dissatisfied because they like to compare themselves with others. Some don’t even want to spend a penny. They don’t even want to play hard, but they only want to get the same game as the Krypton King. Experience, I just want to ask this kind of people, why don’t you go up to the sky and stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun? If you want to play well, you must set your own mentality. Casual players can also watch the scenery in the original world with their friends, and play hide and seek and other entertainment games are excellent. (The hide-and-seek gameplay here is self-created) Okay, let’s do this first, and if you think of anything else, I will add it tomorrow. I am Hanyang Jun, pay attention to me and bring you more exciting! good night.

7 months ago

0. If you understand how you want to play leisure and entertainment, you don’t need to read any suggestions, just play slowly, do tasks, watch the plot, and don’t care about the level and daily income. Playing a game is mainly for your own happiness. ? Of course, many people feel that they are more happy to cultivate a strong role to play, or if they want to do both, then you can continue to refer to the following suggestion 1, buy a monthly card, buy 68 travel, buy 68 travel, buy 68 travel if If you really want to play for a long time, please buy a trip of 68. Upgrading the trip can save you a few days of stamina. The monthly card and even the priority are not as high as the trip. 2, really, I didn’t buy a liver-protecting tablet. Just kidding, the following answer is only recommended for players who want to play this game well. Play well here refers to players who want to clear the abyss 12-3. There are already a lot of non-krypton, monthly card players who have cleared the level 12-3. If you don’t pursue it Abyss, you can ignore the need to do daily + travel + cleansing stamina + mining + dispatch every day. If you are in pursuit, you can also get good feelings, hoe the earth and mine every day, just 120 mines, basically half an hour, or you once a weekend Dig enough for a week of crystal mine consumption, hoe the earth to find time for the weekend, and cultivate priority: role breakthrough “weapon breakthrough” weapon upgrade” role upgrade (because of level suppression, sometimes role upgrade is also quite important) crystal mine is very important Very important, very important, weapon upgrade is bigger than character! Unless you start to be suppressed by monster level, please upgrade weapon first! Because weapon upgrading consumes far less resources than character upgrading, and weapons can be brought to others even if the character is not used! A friend suggested that the iron should not be digging less, because the demand for forging weapons is also relatively large. As for the original weapon, you can only look at the face. The character skills and talents are upgraded by themselves, and the priority is also very high. However, the late dragon and wolf son materials are usually lacking. , The talent materials are not very urgent, please collect all the god pupils and treasure chests that the big world can get. Find a few friends together, or add a group, the number of people should not be too many, less than 100, hold the thigh or scold in the water group, you can plan, less watching the void pvp can greatly enhance the fun of the game
3. For the main C training, please choose the strong version of the role first. Even if it is a transition, you can also choose the role that can be used as a pendant in the later period, such as Xingqiu & the emperor, please ignore the true love party and XP party. In the current version, many people think that the four-star can not be the main C. In fact, I think that many four-stars can be C in the current environment. For example, Lei Ze, the 12-3 Fools and all things are negative. Lei Ze knife breaks W is not difficult . Of course, there is a five-star or five-star priority, but some five-stars are not worth raising too high grades. Here are seven or seven, and the milk volume of 70 is even beginning to overflow 4. Do not draw cards, do not blindly draw 50 diamonds for physical strength not as good as your 160 Drill for a three-star weapon incense? ? ? ? There is no guarantee for the number of diamonds in the number of cards drawn. Try not to draw cards. Before drawing cards, think about the role positioning and whether your team needs it. Card drawing is very important, but drawing is more important to the role. Please ignore 5 if you really love the party XP party. The experience of using the PC terminal to play on the mobile terminal is very poor. Of course, you have the high-life Wendy. When I didn’t say it, the mobile phone is basically only recommended to do it online. A resin to avoid stamina overflow, slowly liver 6 in the evening, do missions before the adventure level planning 35, daily mining to find the treasure chest, etc., if you can’t beat the monsters in the big world, you can just upgrade a little holy relic, and keep the current level as much as possible. . 35. At the beginning, you can eat a small amount of resin to brush some talent materials, and you can do it without. If you can tolerate the slower upgrade, you can do nothing every day. 40 can eat more physical strength to brush weapon materials, because at level 40, you can fight the most difficult weapon materials. You don’t have to worry about wasting physical strength. If you can’t beat it, you can breastfeed and find thigh straps~ Of course, you can also brush holy relics. Low point, I personally brush the holy relics at level 40 and pay out about 3-4 times. If you really feel that the holy relics are relatively stretched, it is no problem to put together a set of mix and match, and you don’t need to pay too much attention to the effect of the suit. Of course, it’s the same thing. It’s okay if you don’t eat resin, if you can tolerate the slower upgrades and doing nothing to do every day. After 45, it is natural to brush holy relics, brush a set of main attributes that can be used correctly and first, don’t pursue perfect entries for the time being. Ensure that the abyss can reach the highest level of the current training level and then brush it day after day, there is not much to say. Starting at level 50, there will be a lot of materials that need to be brushed from the big world boss, such as the Phaseless Series and the Explosive Tree. There is no shortcut. The endless abyss of physical strength, I feel that I don’t have enough physical strength to do everything. Start the retirement stage

7 months ago

1: Don’t draw the rough stone as soon as you have it. Hold your hand and wait for the character you like to come out. (You are the European Emperor, just do whatever you want) 2: Most of the characters in it are useful, or one aspect is good (referring to the characteristics of each character), so you can practice whoever you like! (Please think twice about the strength of the party) 3: The biggest improvement in the game is the holy relic. This depends on luck to brush it for free. The holy relic can inherit 80%. In the early stage, there is a similar four-star can be upgraded, and the five-star is directly at level 16. Levels, 16, and 20, holy relic entries will be upgraded to one level, purple 4 stars are only 16 levels, 5 stars and 20 levels, depending on the primary and secondary attributes, and the primary attribute is OK in the early stage. 4: It’s best to find a friend to play together. It’s more fun and faster to play online with two individuals than to play by yourself (only play most level bosses), explore together and find treasure chests together. 5: Don’t even draw permanent residences. Most of the permanent residence guarantees are weapons. You need 5-star characters to limit the pool. Oh~ By the way, a 5-star character must be given out with 90 rounds, and 50% of them will get the current pool. UP, just like Abedo in this issue, if you draw 90 rounds, there is a 100% probability of a 5-star character, but there is only a 50% probability of being Abedo. In addition, your crooked characters, such as Keli and Wendy, who were previously resident, can’t be crooked. But don’t worry that he will remake (return to the factory) 6: If you often play this game, you must prepare at least one month card. Daily commission + monthly card = 150 ≈ one issue I am also a player of this type. It is okay to save 8000 a month. It may be obtained by mail, main line branch treasure chest and other ways to save so much. Don’t go (I checked the traveler’s manual in Miyoushe) 7: This game is almost a character development type. There are many pleasing characters and gorgeous paintings. I have to mention the art yyds. The long grass period is very long (just the kind of nothing to do). The plot will be very exciting, you can look forward to it!

7 months ago

1. It is strongly recommended to use the PC side to play. Reason: It is not that you can get in touch with the game earlier, but at present, only the PC side can perfectly display the picture quality and frame rate of “Original God”, and the other side may have insufficient configuration , The number of locked frames. In addition, the aiming and shooting in “Original God” does not have soft lock, it is relatively easier to use the mouse and keyboard, and it is a good help for insufficient damage during the wasteland period. 2. Don’t drag the Mund main line for no reason: the main line plot can be unlocked The card drawing system, the Adventurer’s Association, the Ruins of Wind Dragon, especially the Adventurer’s Union, will lose one day of the original stone if you unlock it one day later. The main line of Mond does not have a high demand for adventure levels. Generally, the adventure experience given by the task can be unlocked quickly. 3. After the character evaluation is completed, focus on training the role. Reason: A major feature of “Original God” is that the cost of trial and error is huge. In the third test, if you raise an 80-level Amber or Kaiya, the number will be half-waste, unlike the next door collapse 3, you can directly upgrade your skills when you draw a new character. 4. Pay attention to the collection when exploring, and make a good mark, otherwise you will regret it. Reason: In addition to the wind god pupil and the rock god pupil, the adventure experience of the treasure chest has directly improved things, such as monster drops, food materials, and ore. For example: If there are more than two requirements for a monster drop (character breakthrough, talent upgrade, weapon breakthrough), there will be a huge gap in the mid-term 5. Reasons for raising an unpopular output: If you want to be online, because The dungeon requires that the characters on the field are not repeated, resulting in the possibility of four players who only raise the protagonist staring at each other, such as Keli, Wendy, Xiangling, and Zhongyun also have a high probability of crashing. If you don’t want to paddle, you can raise an unpopular output. The unpopular here does not mean weak (except for Amber and Kaiya, the output is only strong and very strong), but refers to the four stars that are not up in the limited pool. , These roles generally don’t have many people and are not easy to crash. 6. There must be a reason for milk endurance: the so-called endurance is to have a milk position or a shield position, and more than two are required in the later stage. The monsters in the deep spiral are obviously strengthened (such as the scatter arrows of the Qiuqiu people), and the survival pressure will be great without milk or shields. And most of the milk position can neutralize the abnormal state of the body, and it is a lot more comfortable when playing a copy. These absolutely dry goods are all practiced by predecessors

7 months ago

Strengthen the holy relic! My goodness, I have really seen too many people thinking that if you draw a five-star card and then match a team, you can play Wushuang’s “cute new”. After DNF brushing the epic, it is necessary to strengthen the increase, and the Onmyoji must also strengthen the Yuhun. How can there be games that do not strengthen the equipment? Are you wearing a whiteboard and want to hurt someone else’s graduation holy relic? Are you dreaming? In addition, there is such a category of people, the forum is stunned. Instead of double explosion and double attack, he would rather bring a +0 whiteboard instead of keeping the dog food Mora, as if strengthening a 4-star holy relic could kill him. Then scrape Sha, then go to the forum to complain, and then when someone teaches him to strengthen the holy relic, he replied with “How do you care about other people playing games?”, this kind of is no longer cute, pure giant baby, posting is only for venting emotions and not Looking for a solution. Regarding the holy relics, my opinion is: before level 35, you can match them randomly. War mad, bachelor, and exile are all good, and the main attributes are right. It is almost the same if two or three characters are strengthened to +12. Try to practice unhandled characters such as Xiangling, Xingqiu, Beidou, Empress, Kaiya, Bennett 6-star true gods must practice. Lei Ze Ningguang is not true love, not touching, planning to draw a 5-star C from the rough stone is more cost-effective, and it is easier to graduate. Gladiators can be spawned from 35 to 45. If the main attribute is correct, it can also be used. 4 stars are enough, 5 stars is better. After 45, brush the copy of the holy relic, all the resin for the previous upgrade reward can be invested. For specific graduation requirements, you can refer to various strategies. You can find it in the Miyou Club at Station B. As for krypton gold, this game is really not true to krypton, but it will deceive krypton, because the characters in it are really great. As long as you don’t have the mentality of “I want to have a prostitute that someone else spends money, and I want to do the same for the European Emperor, I also want to have double pornography”, you can definitely have a good time.

7 months ago

First of all, the original God can’t play without Krypton. This idea is completely incorrect. You must choose a good account at the beginning. The number of Grandpa Lu and Keqing or Keli will be given priority. Don’t buy the initial account on the Internet, and you will be banned. Practice a few more trumpet accounts by yourself. If you plan to keep playing, you can use the Krypton Moon Card and the Big Moon Card. It is less than 100 yuan a month, which will greatly improve your account. Of course, players with 0 Krypton will also It can be played, but the way to obtain resources is to change the liver. Then, resources must give priority to training the main c. The protagonist should not practice. Later, they are all tool people. The assistant c70 can be used, and the auxiliary 60 can be used. For the first team, don’t practice for the remaining characters. The most taboo of playing the original god is to practice for each character. In the end, there are not enough resources. The main C-level resources are not enough, resulting in a copy of the holy relic, and the abyss cannot be defeated. , Eventually lead to abandonment of the pit, you can watch the strategy and so on, but you must match it according to your main

7 months ago

Many krypton guys may not be very objective because of their different identities, so I will add some suggestions on how many levels to practice: 1. It is recommended to AFK before level 40 and wait for new plots or new material mechanisms. online. Because Mihayou designed the 4th world (the upper limit of the character level is 70) to the 5th world, there is no task card level, and it will automatically rise to the 5th world after playing. This is a bit of a pitfall. World level 4 to level 5 worlds have huge changes in game intensity, so players who don’t have krypton or liver will automatically rise to level 5 world (the upper limit of the character level is 80), and they will find that they can’t move in the wild without gaining experience. strange. Level 4 world is a relatively friendly upper limit for these players, and most of the plot can be seen before version 1.2. 2. It is recommended that the liver is not krypton (or the krypton gold is within 5,000 yuan), the upper limit is recommended to be level 45, the world-level task of the card, and the upper limit of the character level stay at level 80. If you want to upgrade your character from level 80 to level 90, the material and experience consumption is roughly close to upgrading from level 1 to level 80. At that time the liver was also very tired, so players with less krypton are recommended to stop here. 3. A lot of Krypton. For players who have spent a lot of money, congratulations, you are probably kidnapped by the game. After spending so much money, how can you be worthy of money without playing for two days? After spending so much money, it is no better than microkrypton and 0krypton players, how can you be worthy of the money? So you can only choose to be better than them. And above level 45, the liver must be liver, not liver can’t do. Unless you can charge 100,000…well, maybe 100,000 may not be enough. I haven’t calculated it carefully, and I still need the relic of the Liver Sacred after recharging, so I haven’t said this 100,000. However, my advice is: pay attention to your health, level 50 is almost the same, raise the main C, deputy and C to level 90, brush a bunch of golden holy relics, the attributes are still good, and it is actually very tiring to get through the deep level 12 , Unless you really have enough time and energy to grow grass. In addition, it is recommended that microkrypton and 0krypton players do not completely accept the so-called “card world level is a loss” without thinking about it. Different gameplay and different investment are different from person to person. Think about whether you want to pursue the same number and intensity of roles as the krypton gold bosses. “Original God” is two completely different games for heavy krypton players and other players. If you are a prostitute every day, and don’t plan to pass the 12th floor of the deep realm, what if you get a world level? Did it cost you a penny more? Is your time worthless? Time is all kidnapped by a game. Did you earn it? Remember that you play the game, not the game. If in the future Mihayou dares to open the story mission to level 50 without changing the mechanism, don’t hesitate to release it decisively.

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