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Originally, our country and the neighboring countries in the South my country Sea are living in peace and stability, but the West is not good at others. Some countries responded to the call of the United States to send warships to the Western Pacific region to jointly erode the rights and interests of our country in the South my country Sea. The USS Roosevelt strike group entered the South China Sea. In addition to the United States, Japan, Britain, France, and Germany also drove their warships to the South China Sea and the East China Sea to put pressure on China. However, these small actions by the West, Europe and the United States are doomed to be futile. my country has sent aircraft carrier formations and maritime police patrol boats to monitor and drive them away. Recently, the United States, Britain, France and Germany have successively sent warships to the Asia-Pacific waters or the South China Sea in order to increase international prestige, and to behave like colonial countries to ensure economic hegemony. The real purpose of Britain, France and Germany is to rely on the powerful strength of the U.S. Navy to find an excuse for joint exercises to gain a sense of existence in the world’s largest Asia-Pacific market. Therefore, economic interests are the main driving force and political purpose that drives Britain, France and Germany to the Indo-Pacific, and the Asia-Pacific has a sense of existence. The reason why the United States dispatched warships and planes to activities near my country’s territorial waters was extremely targeted. That is to use its own powerful military power to deter China, thereby forcing China to yield. The United States unilaterally believes that as long as the US aircraft carrier battle group enters the South China Sea and other places, it will make China nervous and will consume more resources and energy from China to deal with it. This time the US destroyer appeared in the waters less than 200 kilometers from the mouth of the Yangtze River, Japan was in the East China Sea, and British and French warships were in the South China Sea. It is indeed very worrying. The approaching voyage of the United States is a sensitive stimulus to our country’s nerves and a challenge to the bottom line. However, fortunately, they are very restrained, abide by the principle of the 12-nautical-mile territorial sea baseline, and only dare to sail on the high seas and keep a certain distance between China’s territorial waters and the mainland. Otherwise, even if there is no conflict, it will lead to a crisis. Of course, when the U.S. destroyer was traveling less than 200 kilometers from the mouth of the Yangtze River, we did not allow it to sail freely, but monitored and expelled it all the way. Otherwise, we would not have such a thorough grasp of the information about this U.S. warship. . What is the purpose of the US’s blatant action? It should be related to our country’s frequent diplomatic actions recently. After the conclusion of the Sino-US high-level strategic dialogue, my country visited six countries in the Middle East and signed a 25-year cooperation agreement with Iran. The defense minister visited four European countries. Later, the foreign ministers of the four Southeast Asian countries were invited to visit China, and even the foreign minister of South Korea also visited. It can be said that China’s frequent diplomatic actions have directly bankrupted the encirclement that the United States has built with great efforts. Not only that, my country has also dispatched aircraft carrier formations and maritime police patrol boats to monitor and drive them away. The Liaoning aircraft carrier group of our country travels to the western Pacific to conduct open sea training, which is our bright sword. The era of Chinese aircraft carrier anti-deterrence has come. The Chinese aircraft carrier’s going to sea not only deterred the arrogant Japanese politicians, but also directly deterred the Taiwan authorities, and also formed a restraint on the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier: on the one hand, it can intercept the US aircraft carrier battle group, on the other hand, it can go straight to Guam, with equal checks and balances. . The time is on China’s side, and the good situation is also beneficial to China. We may as well continue to keep a low profile without harming the national and national interests. I believe that as time goes by, and China continues to grow stronger, one day the US military will not dare to be so presumptuous. More than a hundred years ago, European powers blasted through the gates of China with powerful artillery and openly robbed and invaded. This time it was because the great eastern powers were too powerful and came to our door to make trouble. Don’t forget the lessons learned on the battlefield to resist US aggression and aid Korea 70 years ago. No matter what purpose the United States, Britain and France came here for, now that my country has heavy aircraft carriers in hand, we are not afraid of disturbances. Sit and see what other demon moths you can come up with.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

First of all, of course, this is the first time that a 10,000-ton-class large drive has joined the formation training in the waters of the Taiwan Strait. This marks the official formation of the target formation that the Chinese Navy has been fighting for for decades. According to the picture taken by the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the queen photographer, in addition to the Liaoning aircraft carrier, the formation also includes the 055 Nanchang 10,000-ton-class guided missile destroyer (101 ship), the 052D Chengdu and Taiyuan guided missile destroyer (120 ships respectively). And 131 ship), 054A Huanggang guided missile frigate (577 ship), and Hulun Lake integrated supply ship (965 ship). From the perspective of the surface firepower of the formation alone, a single salvo can launch nearly 300 missiles. Together with the cruise and anti-ship missiles carried by the Liaoning warship combat aircraft, it is enough to support a moderate-intensity war. Moreover, the sea area of ​​our aircraft carrier formation this time is in the east waters of Taiwan Island. This direction was once regarded as a “safe zone” and “retreat” by some people. Today, our aircraft carrier formation appears on the eastern flank of Taiwan Island, and its significance is self-evident. Secondly, the background of this formation training took place when the U.S. warships and planes continued to put pressure on our approach (April 3, the U.S. guided-missile destroyer “Marstin” arrived in the waters near the mouth of the Yangtze River; on April 4, the U.S. The Navy’s “Theodore Roosevelt” aircraft carrier strike group entered the South China Sea; on April 7, the US “McCain” guided missile destroyer sailed through the Taiwan Strait). The formation training was a reasonable response to the US provocation, indicating that our aircraft carrier formation responded The ability of actual threats and emergencies has been continuously enhanced. Another point is that the construction of our military’s military operations system is becoming more and more perfect. This time, both the active voice of the media and the support of other fraternal forces have not only proved that the use of military forces has made great progress in the systemization and integration of military forces, and national defense such as military and political propaganda. The mobilization system is point-to-face, and the mechanism of coordinated force has shown results. PS: The former deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region and retired Lieutenant General Wang Hongguang stated on the 6th that the so-called “periphery” of Taiwan can be small or large; as small as the range of naval guns against Taiwan’s land targets, such as airports, ports, and coastal defense fortifications. Inside, the firepower of the Fourth Armed Forces (land, sea, air, and rocket forces) can cover the distance of Taiwan. As aircraft carrier firepower, it is normal for the Liaoning fleet to be three to five hundred kilometers west of Taiwan.

7 months ago

“People’s Navy” WeChat official account reported on April 5, according to Navy spokesperson Gao Xiucheng Naval Colonel Gao Xiucheng, a few days ago, the Chinese Navy organized the Liaoning ship carrier formation to conduct training in the waters around Taiwan. This is a routine organized in accordance with the annual work plan. Sexual training is designed to test the effectiveness of military training and is conducive to improving the ability to safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests. In the future, the Chinese Navy will continue to organize similar exercises as planned. The difference lies in the last sentence: “In the future, the Chinese Navy will continue to organize similar exercises as planned.” The Feiyue Taiwan Strait has been regularized, and now aircraft carriers are also performing normalization around Taiwan, which shows that the country is stepping up locks. The yoke tightly wrapped around TD’s neck. TD is cutting sausages, we are lassoing tightly, and we are not idle. Remember last year when the United States said it wanted Taiwan to be a porcupine, and the US State Department approved the US$2.2 billion arms sales to Taiwan? There is a sentence in Zhao Lijian’s response. China once again urges the United States to abide by its commitment to the one-China principle and the provisions of the three Sino-US joint communiqués, and stop arms sales to Taiwan and any military ties between the United States and Taiwan. We will continue to take necessary measures to safeguard national sovereignty and security interests. “We will continue to take necessary measures to defend national sovereignty and security interests.” This sentence is very flexible, can be large or small, and can be easily retracted. And I remember that this batch of munitions should not be shipped until 2023. At that time, if we felt necessary, we would take “necessary measures” to target the arms shipped to Taiwan. In my opinion, this “necessary measure” included dispatching the navy to take fancy interceptions on the high seas. China has now entered an all-round confrontation with the United States. Except for finance and military, the cards that the United States can use are almost all used up. Finance and military are not dare to use it easily, which will shake the country. So at this time we play cards, for example, go to the high seas to intercept its weapons and cargo ships, what other cards can it play? Playing the trump cards will shake the country’s foundation; playing small cards is meaningless; not playing cards will make your face discredited. Therefore, “In the future, the Chinese Navy will continue to organize similar exercises as planned.” If it is similar to the previous statement on US-Taiwan arms sales, “We will continue to take necessary measures to defend national sovereignty and security interests.” Taken together, this means. But it’s too much to go?

7 months ago

After 055 is put into service, it can play the role of air defense command ship in the aircraft carrier assault group and coordinate the tactical actions of sea and air forces. While the Liaoning ship entered the Pacific Ocean, the air force’s long-sea operations were also in full swing. 055 is equipped with a complete detection and command communication system, by then the navy, air force and aviation can conduct exercises in the Pacific Ocean. The air force acts as the attacker, and the aircraft carrier assault group acts as the defender. Since it is possible to practice assault on enemy aircraft carriers, it is also possible to practice aircraft carrier defense.

7 months ago

The difference in technology is left to the professional boss to answer. For me, a common people, the biggest difference is the difference in mentality. I really don’t take this news as a major event anymore. Hahahaha. Back then, I remember that when Commander Wu Shengli ordered the Liaoning to cruise around the island, I was so excited when I saw the news. Now, oh, the People’s Navy has gone again, pay attention to safety, I mean to make the trembling strawberry soldiers on the island pay attention to safety, haha

7 months ago

For the navy, it is just a routine operation. Where to go for training is not training, not to mention where it is strictly offshore China. But for the political and military aspects, the significance is not small. First, referring to the behavior of the US imperialism, the aircraft carrier will take care of anything. As we all know, our army is a senior cent, and imitating the US imperialism is the daily operation. The U.S. imperialism has achieved “90,000 tons of diplomacy”, and we have also done “60,000 tons of diplomacy.” Japan and South Korea over there, let me behave. Second, the addition of 055 means the further improvement of the Chinese aircraft carrier battle group. 055 actually assumes the role of a Ticonderoga-class cruiser similar to the American Imperial aircraft carrier battle group. The further evolution and improvement of the Chinese aircraft carrier battle group is all bad news for anti-China forces. Third, show an attitude. As for any attitude, you know everything.

7 months ago

From a strategic point of view, let’s talk about the significance of the Liaoning aircraft carrier formation training around Taiwan. First, the great power strategy must be completely wiped out. Take a look at China’s borderline today. Every inch of mountain and river and every inch of blood, the peace and economic miracle in the country today are the blood and lives of countless Chinese warriors. Don’t forget. Therefore, the great power strategy must be completely wiped out, and kindness to the enemy is a crime against our compatriots. If you don’t choose not to break Loulan, you won’t return it, and if you are afraid of risk, you will have to face the alliance under the city and the shame of Jingkang after the city is broken. Taiwan, China’s largest island, was divided by the civil war. Today, Japan and the United States are instigated and attempted to become independent because of Japan and the United States plotting Chinese territory and wealth. Even if the decadent Manchu was in power, it would not allow it, let alone the powerful People’s Republic of China today. To close, the strategic objectives must be wiped out. Second, cut its wings, remove its barriers, contain its borders, chaos its camp, slay Taiwan independence, and regain its territory. Not much details, only the Liaoning number. Where is Taiwan’s weakness? You may not have noticed that Taiwan’s weakness is the United States. Where is the most threatening place in Taiwan? It is not Taiwan’s own military strength, but Japan’s military assistance. The most complicated model for the liberation of Taiwan is that Japan and the United States fight a local war against China in the Taiwan Strait. To solve a problem, we never start from the most difficult problem, but to start with the easiest to solve, and solve the relatively simplest problems one by one. In the end, all the problems are solved. So, everyone sees that China and Iran have signed a cooperation agreement. The jump is a bit big, but the logic is very simple. The United States is Taiwan’s culprit. Today, China released the US human rights report. Many people do not know the meaning of this article. This is an essay by Zhong Yao [zhòng huǐ] that the crusade against Xia Jie was done in accordance with the will of heaven, to save the people, and to go to heaven. Praise Shangtang, deeply loved by the people, in contrast with Xia Jie, should be human. The purpose of the revolution was to restore the reasonable system created by Dayu, but Xia Jie destroyed the system of the ancestors. This decree found a revolutionary reason for the first conquest of the world by force and all subsequent changes in dynasties. After the announcement of Zhongguo’s command, Shangtang defeated Xia with the battle of Mingtiao. I emphasize that China will not destroy the United States, but liberating Taiwan is a natural duty. If China raises the anti-American banner in Alaska, there will inevitably be the Zhongguo of today, and there will inevitably be the war to liberate Taiwan tomorrow. Make a big circle and look at the Liaoning from some certain facts. Whether or not the Liaoning is needed to liberate Taiwan, China’s aircraft carrier fleet is responsible for the security of half of the Pacific Ocean. This important task is imminent, and I can’t say whether one day, I will find that Taiwan is liberated when I get to bed together. The current rhythm is really like this.

7 months ago

In the past, we didn’t have the money and the ability to go, but now we have the money and the ability to go naturally without over-interpretation. You can’t keep it at home if you buy a supercar. Regular training may have been arranged last year or even the last time the year before, maybe the epidemic was delayed. The annual work plan, so many people, warships, and logistics can certainly not be accomplished overnight. The home port of the ship is also different (described later), and the coordination period is very long. It’s just that the news is released now, whether Xinjiang cotton happened in January or March before the epidemic last year. The Liaoning ship was originally deployed in the north and has training missions every year. From there, it is just right to go south out of the Pacific Ocean. It is also the most commonly used route recently. After all, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea are too close, and the road-based naval aviation and air force are enough. To make a comparison, it would be a bit strange if it was deployed in the south of the Shandong ship and used it in the waters east of Taiwan. So I tend to do nothing and train normally. Unless someone takes the opportunity to pull the military industry stocks? It is not uncommon for Japan to hype the “Chinese navy crossing the Miyako Strait”. The spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense of China once responded, “This is mainly because the mentality of (Japan) has not been adjusted and the heart disease has not been cured. Maybe it is because there were too few Chinese warships crossing the Miyako Strait in the past, so in the future we will have more. Next, the Japanese side gets used to it, so it’s all right.” (2020-05-29 21:30) There were three warships crossing the Miyako Strait in the epidemic last year. What the Chinese spokesperson said, the heart disease has not been cured. Japan has revealed that three PLA warships sailed through the Miyako Strait. Taiwan’s defense department said that “everything is normal.” In fact, I checked the information three times in the waters east of Taiwan, but I was very nervous. The aircraft carrier game is really interesting. Once you have cross-regional mobilization to the South China Sea to exercise through the Taiwan Strait, you have to shrink your head and be afraid of hitting it. That’s very effective. On December 25, 2016, the Ministry of Defense of Japan’s Integrated Staff and Supervision Department announced that the Liaoning ship appeared in the waters of the central East China Sea. At 10 o’clock in the morning, he will cross the first island chain through the Miyako Channel for the first time, and go to the western Pacific for open sea training [75]. In June 2019, the Liaoning sailed to the waters near Guam for training. [90] In April 2021, the Chinese Navy organized the Liaoning carrier aircraft carrier formation to conduct training in the waters surrounding Taiwan. Naval press spokesperson Gao Xiucheng Naval Colonel Gao Xiucheng said that this was a routine training organized according to the annual work plan to test the effectiveness of military training. , Is conducive to improving the ability to safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests. In the future, the Chinese Navy will continue to organize similar exercises as planned. [91] In 1974, the Xisha naval battle was intense, and the navy made its first visit to the Taiwan Strait. By 2016, the aircraft carrier will leave the Miyako Strait to the east of the Pacific Ocean and to Guam. In fact, to put it bluntly, combat effectiveness is now formed, and there are escorts, and you can go if you want. For the first time, the end of 2016 is symbolic, Christmas holidays, congratulations on the Japanese New Year. The second time is a test to see if there is a problem with that far, I don’t know how much I am capable. There is nothing to interpret for the third time. It is fun to test other people’s reactions within the scope of ability and responsibilities. The Liaoning ship was delivered in 2012 and only became combat effective in 2016. The first rise and the second ripeness must also conform to objective laws. The Shandong ship entered service on December 17, 2019. There is still an epidemic in the middle. It has only been more than a year when it is full, and it may not have formed combat effectiveness. I believe I will go there one day, and even two ships will appear together. So the highlight this time is not the aircraft carrier at all, after all, it is the third time, the Liaoning is a bit overwhelming. Instead, there are two points. First, the Nanchang of the 055-1 ship, which entered service in January last year, is estimated to have formed combat effectiveness. Maybe it was waiting for her this year instead of last year, so she was the number one star, but like a band drummer, she was a bit low-key. So the second aspect is the so-called US aircraft carrier battle group. In fact, this is also a major result of military reform. Before 055 enters service in large numbers, ships from different bases and destroyer detachments of different fleets can be mixed. Everyone must have a big misunderstanding. The aircraft carrier battle group does not belong to the North Sea Fleet, and there is no such thing or organization. The Liaoning ship does not belong to the three fleets of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy, but is directly commanded and managed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy’s leading organization [67]. The aircraft carrier Liaoning did not take on any combat missions when it was in service. Instead, it went to the South China Sea twice with the formation for ocean-going training in 2013 and 2016. In fact, the Liaoning level is directly under the Military Commission, not assigned to the northern theater or fleet. The escort Nanchang, Chengdu, Taiyuan, and the frigate Huanggang four ships from two fleets. Neither Chengdu nor Huanggang belonged to the North Sea Fleet or the Northern Theater but the East China Sea Fleet. Of the six ships in this formation, there are Qingdao, Dalian, and Zhoushan. The North Sea Fleet and the homeport in Qingdao are the main ones. Even if there were, it was a mixed arrangement of two destroyers and a supply ship. the Lord. Or the aircraft carrier will go for itself. Now it is interesting. The escort is not fixed, and the level of command coordination is higher. For example, if you need to gather in a certain place, the time schedule is different.

7 months ago

The subject is wrong. It is not training in the waters surrounding Taiwan, but performing the power granted to us by “free navigation”. Does Taiwan need to use an aircraft carrier formation? It’s too sensational. “Free navigation”, we can sail in any waters, including Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Indian Ocean, the coast of the United States, the Caribbean, along the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea. We can all “free navigation.” We can also travel freely through the English Channel, to the beautiful Mediterranean coast and Caribbean islands to see the beautiful ocean scenery.

7 months ago

The USS Roosevelt dared to cross the Pacific Ocean to the Taiwan Strait in a state of almost streaking. If the Liaoning aircraft carrier does not show up within the range of Army rockets and shore-to-ship missiles, then the navy people will really be scolded to death! Especially when the U.S. destroyer is approaching the Yangtze River estuary, we must know that in the military, there is a major shipyard in the Yangtze River estuary, and there is known an aircraft carrier on the berth, and two 10,000-ton heavy-duty ships are in production. Politically, the last time a foreign ship entered the Yangtze River was the Amethyst.

7 months ago

According to reports, the deployment of the USS Liaoning aircraft carrier battle group was announced by the Navy on its own initiative. This is a strategic initiative. In terms of wording, the deployment of the USS Liaoning aircraft carrier battle group is a “normalized exercise”, with the focus on the word “exercise”. The exercise is combat-oriented training, which is different from the previous single-ship capability verification training and fleet integration training. . What’s more, the standard-equipped warships of the Liaoning ship carrier battle group have already formed combat effectiveness, which can be said to be a matter of course. In terms of time, the running-in period of China’s aircraft carrier strategy has been completed, and the situation in the Taiwan Strait is also in a sensitive period. At this time, the Liaoning aircraft carrier battle group is out of the western Pacific for “exercise training”, which can be regarded as a “combat deployment”, and then the Shandong aircraft carrier The battle group should also take turns to “exercise”. From a management point of view, the aircraft carrier, as the main key node of the national “XX” special project, has been completed, and the development of the aircraft carrier can then be transferred to a normalized military equipment project.

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