Recently, Mr. Shao from Zhoukou, Henan, was left in the inspection cabin by the staff after completing an MRI examination at the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The victim said that no one answered his call, and the inside was stuffy and hot. About 20 minutes later, he took off his hood and crawled out and found that the medical staff were actually playing with their mobile phones. The hospital admitted that this happened and said that all the interns who were present at the time were all interns who had been discharged, the relevant departments were punished, and the doctors were warned. (Henan TV Station)

I won’t interrupt the problems exposed in hospital management, and everyone can think of it. Then, what are the less popular knowledge about nuclear magnetic resonance that are worth knowing? First of all, MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging is a radiology-based medical imaging technology that is usually used to generate images of internal organs of the human body to assist medical diagnosis. The principle of generating images by MRI scanners mainly uses strong magnetic fields, magnetic field gradients and radio waves. To put it simply, MRI mainly takes advantage of the fact that our human body is filled with a lot of water. Water usually accounts for about 70% of the body’s total weight, which accounts for a higher proportion in babies. Moreover, the water contained in the various organs, tissues and organs of the human body is different, and the more active the metabolism is, the higher the water content. For example, in the heart, kidneys, lungs and other organs, the proportion of water is usually more than 80%, and the proportion of water in the brain is usually more than 70%. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to say that “the brain is flooded”. In general, MRI uses a powerful magnetic field to “shake” the water molecules in the body to vibrate, and then calm them down to detect changes in water molecules. The place with a lot of water is the place with the strongest MRI signal. Therefore, the brain, spinal cord, heart, articular cartilage and other places are the favorite parts of MRI. In addition, magnetic resonance is equivalent to artificially creating a magnetic field and then using electromagnetic signals for imaging, so there is no radiation. Therefore, NMR has no radiation! Based on the above characteristics, MRI can be used to diagnose many problems, such as joints, ligament problems, spinal deformation problems, heart and brain damage problems, and finding tumors in the body. For nuclear magnetism, in addition to the familiar metal devices such as pacemakers that can cause danger, there are also two types of relatively unpopular things that may also cause danger during the inspection process: I. Tattoos: Because of the pigments used in tattoos, It may contain metal components such as iron oxide, so when doing NMR, the temperature of the skin at the tattoo may be raised, which may cause local burns. II. Cosmetics: Some cosmetics also contain metal components, so when doing NMR, you must not hope to use light makeup to get through. After all, this is related to your health. Of course, although MRI is usually painless, friends who have been with it should also know that the whole process is not very comfortable. Especially because of the small internal space of the instrument, this may be especially true for friends suffering from “claustrophobia”. In addition, if it is an enhanced MRI scan with a contrast agent, it may be really dangerous to be forgotten in the inspection cabin, because after the injection of the contrast agent, some people will experience headaches, chills, itching or nausea. I don’t know if this uncle happened to encounter these two situations, otherwise it would really be dangerous.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It is hard to imagine that this matter can be placed in a larger hospital. This is not to say how high the level of medical care in major hospitals is. The main reason is that NMR is in short supply in many places, and needs to be queued in advance. Basically, they do it one by one. Sometimes the front is not ready and the back starts to urge. Up. So, why is the nuclear magnetic field in a hospital so deserted? After seeing this thing, you can probably guess why.

6 months ago

The classic “The parties involved are all interns, and they have all been removed.” First of all, this matter is not controversial. Fortunately, the hospital’s work error did not cause any bad effects, otherwise it would be a medical accident. There are two possibilities. Or, the hospital broke the jar. Because nuclear magnetism is a resource in short supply, there is generally no idle period. For example, our hospital basically allows nuclear magnetism machines to rest for a few hours in the middle of the night. In a month or so, even if the doctor forgets to call the patient, the next patient will come in after a long time to urge the doctor. And this happened, indicating that the nuclear magnetic machine has been idle for at least 20 minutes and no one has any complaints, indicating that the hospital has a low flow rate and is not doing well. You were in a downturn, and you didn’t pay attention to these details, and you had an accident. Either the doctor in question is too mad and/or lacks professionalism and ethics. For example, this patient is the last person to make an appointment on the day. The doctor forgot to leave work when he was in a hurry. He left a few interns to watch the class. He might explain the follow-up work to the intern, and then the intern forgot. In short, some people here have been negligent. My map gun may have a wide range of attacks, but I still want to say that many doctors do not have the basic professional ethics as doctors, especially in some medical technical departments. A teacher of mine told me that judging whether a person is suitable to be a medical worker depends on whether he has the desire to help him when he sees a patient. It is one thing whether to help or not. Not wanting is one thing. Many medical workers do not have this kind of idea, so they just work and pay for food. Such people are really not suitable to be medical workers, no matter what department they are. A classmate Gui Pei told me that he went to the emergency department of a hospital during his internship. He had an acute chest pain patient in the middle of the night. He checked myocardial enzymes and waited for a report. After more than an hour, his teacher asked him to go to the laboratory to remind him. He saw it with his own eyes. When the specimen was checked, the person in the laboratory just didn’t enter it. He slept in the back. He asked him to read the counts. He was scolded and said that the result is within 2 hours. I didn’t give you the result in advance. obligation. And if other people encounter this situation, if they wake up in the middle of the night and type on the keyboard may save a life, most people will choose it normally. Some people will really be unable to choose, and the death of others has nothing to do with them. There is nothing wrong with this kind of person, but he is really not suitable for working in the medical industry. As for the specific circumstances of this case, it needs further investigation. So be it.

6 months ago

The hospital stated that all the interns have been removed. This response is as spiritual as the “auxiliary police” and “temporary workers”. People will be very scared in confined spaces. Mr. Shao said that he has been shouting that no one agrees, and the inside is stuffy and hot. Very broken! About 20 minutes later, I really couldn’t take off the hood slowly, and crawled out like an earthworm. When I came out, several medical staff were all playing mobile phones! The old man is forgotten about doing MRI, and the interns play with mobile phones? Heathcliff’s video 2186 is blown up! What is this! The medical staff were playing with their mobile phones, but no one knew to “release Mr. Shao”. What is ridiculous is that the director of the department still quibbleed, “The people are not off work and the door is not closed. Isn’t it just coming out late!” It’s three students!” This is still so nonsense to the media, I don’t know what to do, and all kinds of explanations and cover-ups. The reporter asked the director if there was any work error, and he laughed after saying “This is not a work error”! Actually laugh? I really don’t understand such a serious matter. Is it a habit for a department director to be such a trifle? It’s really funny, this hospital! Who dare to go?

6 months ago

Unlike many medical imaging examinations that can be done quickly, MRI is sometimes a time-consuming examination. Routine abdominal MRI requires at least the patient to lie down in the machine for about 20 to 30 minutes. Some special The blood vessels, nerves, or enhanced NMR may take longer (head and limbs will be faster, and the 3.0T machine will also be faster) The general NMR machine is as long as this, the patient is lying on the bed and placed in the center of the circle during the examination , The time generally starts in half an hour. The current new MRI equipment is highly automated. After the operator has set the inspection site and related parameters, it can basically operate fully automatically. Therefore, from the perspective of the staff, it is not very unbelievable that such a thing will happen-it may be that the parameters are set before the inspection, and there is no need for much operation in the next tens of minutes. Only in the MRI machine If you can lie down alone, and you can’t check other patients at the same time, you have to chat or play with your mobile phone. Playing with mobile phones is the easiest way to kill time. Maybe you open Weibo, 10 minutes is gone, and Douyin is turned on, half an hour is gone, open Taobao, and start in one hour… If there is another shift, eating, Interrupting in things like going to the toilet, and encountering a staff member with a confused head, it is indeed not impossible to forget people in the question. However, it does not mean that something is justified. After all, this is serious medical work. It doesn’t matter if other trivial things in life are confused. Such confusion is a principled error. What’s more, MRI has several obvious characteristics: it takes a long time-the examination time is too long, and there is no movement during the examination; the space is closed-lying in a cylindrical space that is not much larger than the front, back, left, and right diameters of the body, basically Unable to move; sensitive to magnetic objects-the person being inspected is basically not allowed to bring any magnetic metal products or electronic equipment. The previous news on MRI was basically because someone entered with a key or mobile phone and was sucked onto the machine. If the equipment is damaged, personal accidents will occur; the sound insulation is very good-because the magnets in the MRI need to rotate at a high speed of tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, there will be a lot of noise during the inspection, the staff and the machine The sound insulation between them will generally be well done. In a claustrophobic space, lying down for half an hour an hour, you can’t bring anything, soundproofing is good, and it’s not working well every day… Does this scene remind everyone? What I think of is this movie-“Buried Alive” is also locked in a claustrophobic space, called Tian Tian should not, called the ground is not working…It may be even worse to be trapped in the MRI machine, because You don’t even have the opportunity to bring in a cell phone like the hero of a movie. Therefore, many friends who have claustrophobia or claustrophobia tend to be very afraid of MRI, and the degree of fear may be beyond imagination-so that clinically, there have even been cases in which patients who have to undergo MRI examinations have to be sedated by anesthesia. Case. So, even if Mr. Shao, the protagonist of this news, did not have claustrophobia in the past, after experiencing such a time, you can imagine how he will feel when he needs an MRI again next time, and he may even develop claustrophobia. Not completely impossible. Therefore, in addition to retiring temporary workers, punishing departments, and warning doctors, should the hospital involved provide Mr. Shao with a certain amount of compensation for mental damage? I think this is a question that should be considered, at least if the party concerned Mr. Shao makes such a request If that is the case, I don’t think he was making trouble or “medicating trouble”, because this incident is really scary for an ordinary person. After all, as people who eat melons afterwards, we know that he was “just” for more than 20 minutes, but if you put yourself in the place and put yourself in the environment at that time, you don’t know how long you will be locked up. If it’s been closed for 2 hours, if the person gets off work directly, if the person involved doesn’t dare to climb out by themselves…Who says it’s not scary, you can experience it yourself. …However, as a medical staff, in addition to fighting for injustices, I also have to say a few words to the medical staff. The mere words of the news make it impossible for us to see more information behind the incident, so is it just a question of the staff’s indifference to the sense of responsibility, the usual management system, the usual safety assessment, the usual checking process… …So, I still hope to see the further response and compensation measures of the hospital involved. It cannot be punished, nor can it be managed by the penalty. When the hospital fails to produce results, it is the leaders who lead it well. When the problem found that the actual management was poor, all the temporary workers on the back were frontline workers…

6 months ago

It means that there are no patients in this hospital. Under normal circumstances, MRIs need to be done in a line like an assembly line. They come in and are crowded. It might give you 20 minutes of free time. The following is nonsense: There are indeed some patients around me who like to find it. Hospitals with few people or doctors with few people may think that it will be better to save a lot of time in queuing. Medical services. There is also a quality problem. It is not that certain diseases must be treated very well, but the lower limit. If it is too low, you may take a certain risk. Even as a practitioner in this industry, I don’t know how many things are in each department. I have to personally be in that department for many years to realize it, so as a patient or family member. So, what is the solution? 1 The family trains a medical practitioner (not necessarily a first-line medical nurse), and the network of his and her friends and classmates also has a lot of energy. 2 Make a friend in the medical industry who speaks the truth to you and you have to trust him unconditionally and He won’t take risks and responsibilities for anything. To be honest, it’s too difficult to do this, and even his family’s relatives can’t do it. 3 Find a partner in the medical industry (school brothers and sisters, I’ll help you here) 4) Consulting industry insiders, such as Zhihu, there are many medical professionals who are willing to share, and there is a friend who specializes in imaging equipment in the comment area. For example, he said that I don’t understand these. You can pay attention to it. If you have any questions in the future, you can Go and ask, but be careful to be modest and use civilized and polite language.

6 months ago

Interns are “students”, not doctors, and most of the interns are senior five students and have not yet obtained a medical certificate. The affiliation of interns is still a “medical university” rather than a “hospital.” Neither signed a contract with your hospital nor received a salary, let alone divide your department bonuses. When the interns make mistakes, they can criticize or scold them, and they can even fail to pass the grade so that he can’t graduate. But with all due respect, something went wrong, and it was really a waste to push the interns to the top-pot hospital.

6 months ago

It exposed…Several problems: 1. The hospital’s wifi is fast and can support large numbers of people using it for a long time. 2. The medical technician is a mobile phone expert, and it is speculated that the average rank is at least a diamond. 3. The hospital has implemented the idea of “I would rather die than be enrolled”. The Buddhist department admits patients, but the nuclear magnetic field is not full? 4. The hospital doesn’t care for the equipment. This nuclear magnetic machine may be dead. Nuclear magnetic equipment does not even need to control the ambient temperature and humidity? Don’t worry about equipment damage or deviation of results due to temperature and humidity? Does the examiner feel sultry? 5. Medical technicians may not usually know about it. Otherwise, you can experience nuclear magnetic relaxation by double-clicking the center of the screen. Try it if you don’t believe it?

6 months ago

The most difficult examination in our hospital is magnetic resonance. All the examinations in the hospital can be added. Only the magnetic resonance examination depends on personal relationship. If you want to add magnetic resonance, you can only contact a doctor you are familiar with. If you are not familiar with doctors, you will be rejected almost 100% because there are many people undergoing MRI examinations, and the examination time is relatively long. If you do too much, the doctors often cannot get off work. The MRI in this hospital is so empty, it is estimated that there are not many patients and management problems

6 months ago

Young people love to play too much, they don’t have enough knowledge of the position, and they have a degree of not fun. I was ignorant when I was a child, and once went to a private hospital with my family. The doctor can play online games happily with the interns in the office, without shy away from it. There are also training class teachers who play games during work hours. The games can be played. Being seen at work is really bad and it is too much. To be honest, the videos posted to Zhihu might be hot, and then think about it again, even if it is hot, what use is it? This is the management problem of the hospital, and it is also the problem of the people themselves. Moreover, it is a private hospital. Few people will pay attention to it and really solve it. Most of them will be lively. I think this should be a small part of the reality. the above.

6 months ago

I used to think that a CT teacher is not a human being. After seeing this problem, I understand. As a doctor, you must follow the rules and regulations. A tattooed, stubborn patient who smelled of alcohol, was beaten and had a CT scan, and got into trouble. Two big men outside the CT room were holding wooden sticks. I’m going to hit the ruffian who is doing CT, and I’ll hit him when he comes out of the CT room. The ruffian looked just like he was beaten. At that time, the ruffian knelt down for the doctor in the CT room. The doctor helped me. Someone outside wanted to beat me. I begged the doctor not to open the door of the CT room. The teacher in the CT room said that if I didn’t let you go out, it would violate the hospital’s regulations. The most important thing as a doctor is not to violate the rules of the hospital. I misunderstood this teacher for several years and saw this problem today. If my teacher at that time protected the ruffian and closed the door of the CT room for 20 minutes. I guess I will be complained too. As a doctor, you are just a screw in the hospital, and everything must be done in accordance with the rules and regulations. As long as you don’t make mistakes, no one will punish you, and don’t act bravely. Because there is a long line of ct filming, the doctor has to quickly film the next one. Then the patient was beaten. If he didn’t get beaten, he only needed to take a CT scan. After he was beaten, the doctor took the second CT scan. This time the patient’s Ct examination had more injuries than an hour ago.

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