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Hefei is a city with no locals, and the awkward boundary between the north and the south of the Huai River is a mixture of living habits and eating habits. Your family’s main food is noodles, and your neighbors may be main eating rice. Some people eat dumplings every two days, and some people have pancakes for breakfast every day. The grandmother upstairs may be an educated youth who married in Hefei and did not return to Shanghai during the decentralization period. The daily diet must be in accordance with the season. The tableware at home is exquisite and the bedding is exquisite. She has been nagging her wife for not being clean. The old man downstairs may be a man from the Central Plains of Henan who came to Hefei to support the construction of the factory. He is rich in genes that decompose enzymes from ethanol, formaldehyde, and water, so that he will not blush when drinking, and many ancient Chuyue areas in Hefei lack similar enzymes. The people who blush on the wine are quite distinct. Theoretically old Hefei people may also be within the First Ring Road. As for how small, you can know how small you are after walking along the First Ring Road. The old provincial party committee, municipal party committee living quarters, schools, dormitory service areas, plus a few vegetable market residential areas support all of Hefei 30 years ago. These cadres and skilled workers were allowed to organize and arrange the gathering here. The Hefei people have never formed a simple, stubborn, and strong indigenous group, which is extremely tolerant. Maybe you will look at you because you are from the three provinces of Northeast China, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology and worked as a civil servant in Hefei, but you will not deliberately demean you because you are from Hainan and engaged in clothing store sales in Hefei. In Hefei, you may be able to feel the circle of people from Anqing, Huainan, Fuyang, Bozhou, Guoyang, and Lu’an, but Hefei’s own circle seems so vague, invisible and intangible. This has directly led to the gradual popularity of the Internet 10 years later, in the endless disputes of online scolding wars in the region, the scolding wars about Hefei always cannot be escalated. Many people seem to be from Hefei, but in fact they are not from Hefei. They don’t know how to be Hefei. Facing Hefei, they don’t deserve to be a provincial capital and suck blood. Waiting for the rhythm. Most people are. Looking confused? What the hell is this, how should I fight back? Without the support of strong regional awareness, most people will not choose to fight back, continue their peaceful and peaceful life, do their own things, and live their lives well. Now Hefei is getting bigger and bigger, developing faster and faster, with a growing population, and many problems are exposed. I hope this city is getting better and better, and everyone is safe and healthy.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Some of the people who returned to Hefei could not afford a house in Shenzhen, some were in Shanghai 996, some were PUA in Hangzhou, and some were despised by their prospective mother-in-law in Beijing… But there is nothing more than asking why they returned to Hefei. I almost miss the lotus pond in Baohe Park in summer, and I can’t bear Mrs. Luzhou’s harmony. The most cordial one is always “Digging Taro”, and the sweetest drink is always Feixi Chicken Soup. So, why am I staying in Hefei? Because of poverty.

7 months ago

Because Hefei is beautiful, Hefei is an emerging large city. I feel that its streets and the overall urban construction are great. It just doesn’t have the crowded feeling of Shenzhen and Shanghai. The humanity is also good. He has many famous scenic spots, especially Baohe Park and Dashu Mountain Forest Park. I have been to Shushan Forest Park. It really feels like what I watched on TV. The mountains and plains are full of lush green pines. The strange flowers and plants are fascinating, and it seems that he is still open for free now. There are also some more historic martyrs parks nearby. There are safari parks and so on. Because I have been to many famous virgin forests and other scenic spots, and I feel that many of them are not worthy of their names. In fact, Shushan Forest Park really makes me feel refreshed, it is very beautiful, unparalleled. Because Hefei is delicious. My hometown is in Hunan and my university is in Wuhan. It can be said that they are not far from Hefei, so the eating habits are similar to those of Hefei, with little difference. However, his cuisine in Hefei is not as spicy as Hunan’s overall, and he pays more attention to the one-sided taste. It just feels that the taste has that kind of colorful feeling, not that simple spicy, he pays more attention to the fragrance. For example, some baba or some Hefei baked cakes, as well as small pieces of gold and white cuts. Sanhe Rice Dumplings, Baogong Fish, Wushan Gong Bu, Spiced Spicy Beef Jerky. Cao Cao’s chicken and Li Hongzhang’s chowder are more flavorful. I personally prefer this one. After all, she doesn’t favor any one flavor. They are all flavors, colors, fragrances, and flavors. Because Hefei is fun. There are many fun places in Hefei, especially in the downtown area of ​​Hefei, such as Huiyuan, Mingzhu Square, European Style Street, and Happy Island. There is also a place called the UAE Water Park, which has different styles of play facilities. My favorite is the European style street. He may be a little more expensive, but he can taste food from all over the world, which I personally like very much. Then if you like the combination of nature and city, I recommend Emerald Lake Park. If you like to eat, I would recommend some large shopping malls and a food street on Ningguo Road. I actually recommend crayfish on this street. Everyone knows Jiangsu Xuyan (I don’t know how to use these two words) and Hunan crayfish. In fact, Hefei crayfish also tastes great. It is still lobster with beer. The price may be a bit more expensive, but it really tastes good. Eat, drink, and enjoy the streets, this is the reason why I choose Hefei.

7 months ago

Eight years ago, I stood on the Beisihuan overpass at the North Gate of Beihang University, and watched the constant flow of traffic under my feet, full of confusion about the future. At that time, I was about to make a major decision in my life, whether to stay in Beijing and continue to struggle, or return to Hefei to build my hometown? In the end, I decided to return to Hefei, because I saw the struggle of getting up early and greedy for darkness in Beijing, I have seen the hard work of surpassing the stars and the moon, and the dream of rooting in the big city, but I have not seen a good life of my own. So I finally let go of my obsession and returned to my hometown to find a quality life. To be honest, after returning from Beijing to Hefei, there was a gap in my heart, especially when the work was not going well, I also hesitated whether to go out and venture. However, I finally stayed in Hefei. The reasons why I finally decided to stay are as follows: 1. My parents are by my side. This is the biggest reason why I returned to Hefei and stayed in Hefei. When my classmates are struggling away from home and cannot be with their parents, it is really a blessing that I can go home every day and eat the meals prepared by my parents. To say something from Versailles, I stayed at home every day and my mother started to despise me. Huma relies on the north wind, and the more the bird’s nest branches south. Homesickness is a thought that every wanderer can’t get rid of, and I have never had such troubles. 2. The quality of life is high. I will never forget that when I was in Beijing, a doctor brother in the laboratory gave birth to a baby. We went to see the baby at his house, and found that their family of five people were crowded in a rented house. Our brothers and sisters arrived. He didn’t even have a place to sit in his house, so he could only stand in the living room and chat for a while and then left. I can’t forget that the partition rented by my classmates after graduation, and the next door is only separated by a plywood, sharing a window. The voices of the people next to you talking and playing the drama can be heard clearly. And since I returned to Hefei, I have never experienced such suffering. At first I lived at home, and then I lived in the dormitory of the unit on Science Island. Then I went to iFLYTEK, and applied for the public rental housing of the Hefei Municipal Government. Every month, I rented a large single room with bathroom for more than 600 yuan. Too happy. Traveling is also much more convenient. If you go out in Beijing, no matter how close you are, you can’t come back in three hours. It is much more convenient in Hefei. I took the driver’s license as soon as I came back, and drove out after borrowing Dad’s car for something. Looking at my classmates in Beijing, there are a lot of people who haven’t gotten the number after graduating for so many years. In contrast, I am simply too happy. 3. Abundant leisure life. If we say that there are abundant leisure activities, Beijing is doing my part, but the problem is that there are too many people in Beijing. Although there are many activities, you may not be able to buy tickets. Even if you buy a ticket, the place of performance may be far away, and going back and forth is troublesome. But Hefei is different. The Anhui Grand Theater and Hefei Grand Theater are both in the urban area, which is very convenient to drive to. The fare is not expensive. For example, Happy Twist drama, every time there is a buy one get one free event, it can be said that you can basically buy tickets if you want to watch it. There are also many celebrities who come to Hefei for concerts. Does Jay Chou’s concert feel that he can’t get tickets? Hefei station can grab it. As long as it is not the pursuit of the best position, there is no problem if you want to go to a concert. 4. Good sports atmosphere. I am a person who likes sports very much. Hefei has a very good sports atmosphere. Take badminton, which I am good at, for example. People who like to play can play in Hefei from morning to night, as long as they want to play. Can find a place. And there are several games every year, the VICTOR Shuangxiong Club, the Hefei City Badminton League… all kinds of games are overwhelming. Quietly explode a photo. This is a photo taken when I participated in the Hefei Badminton League in 2019 and took the oath on behalf of the athletes. During the epidemic this year, Hefei even held an online sports meeting! Unexpectedly, the sports meet can also be held online, and there are many projects. Hefei has also hosted a lot of sports events, the most famous one is probably the one that the national football team lost to Thailand 1:5. Alas, it is estimated that the National Football Team is not willing to come to Hefei in the future. For badminton, Hefei has hosted the National Badminton Championships, and the most important thing is to watch them all for free before the semi-finals! You don’t need to buy a ticket to see Shi Yuqi, Chen Yufei and other national team bigwigs playing! Where to find such a good thing. 5. The ecological environment is good. When I was young, I preferred the feasting and prosperous city in the city. It was only after middle age that I realized how important the green parks in the city are. Now I have to take my baby out every weekend to experience the beautiful scenery of nature, and Hefei has a unique advantage in this regard. Hefei is a city with mountains and water. If you want to visit the mountains, there is Dashu Mountain in the city; if you want to play in the water, it is next to the fifth largest freshwater lake-Chaohu. Various parks in the city provide people with a good place to play on weekends, such as Xiaoyaojin, Bao Park, Xinghua Park, Dashu Mountain Forest Park, Shufeng Bay Sports Park…there are countless. The picture below is Dashu Mountain Forest Park. Such a good ecological environment can be enjoyed without going out of the market, which is very convenient. Six, everything else there is nothing left to eat, drink and have fun. After all, it is also a provincial capital city and basically has everything you want. If you want a modern life, you can go to Vientiane City. If you want the life of young people, you can come to 1912 Bar Street. If you want a poetic life, Binhu Wetland Park welcomes you. If you want to live in seclusion, you can go to Dashu Mountain. Live for two days? You can read my answer. Just a Huangshan Road in Hefei contains everything about eating, drinking, and having fun. 7. Emphasis on talents Now the Hefei Municipal Government is paying more and more attention to talents. Not only does it provide talent subsidies, it also actively recruits fresh graduates from various colleges and universities. On the other hand, there are more and more good companies in Hefei. All the research institutes include Hefei Institute of Material Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Advanced Research Institute of HKUST, etc. Companies also have HKUST iFLYTEK, Changxin Storage, Weilai Automobile, etc., to choose from. more and more. 8. Emotional life If you are a good boy, you will become a sweet potato in the eyes of the aunt after your round of fat, and it is easy to find a target. Limited by the influence of social concepts, most parents do not want their daughters to be too far away from home, especially in provincial capital cities like Hefei, which are developing well, and there is no need to let their daughters go out and suffer. Therefore, many outstanding girls have returned to Hefei after studying abroad, or have never left at all. Therefore, it is relatively easier for boys in Hefei to find someone. Now Hefei, there is no need for people to think about why they stay here. Hefei is becoming more and more attractive, and more and more talented people will come to Hefei to settle down. What we should consider more is how to use our energy to make Hefei better and better and more livable. The famous city of Great Lakes and the highland of innovation will surely be realized with the efforts of each of us.

7 months ago

If I am a related worker in the high-tech industry, the reason why I stay in Hefei is because Hefei has a lot of room for development in this area! Although the provincial capital of Hefei is not as developed as those of Guangzhou, he is also catching up with the trend of the times and working hard to develop his own economy! Nowadays, all kinds of electronic products are “proliferating”. What’s more, because many people keep their mobile phones in their hands all the time, mobile phones are called an organ of the human body, not just a product! And all kinds of electronic products need to rely on chips. As far as China is concerned, due to various problems, there is a shortage of chips. Facing the huge market demand, Hefei has seized the opportunity to catch up with the trend of good chip development prospects, and is using the “core” to carry the dream and build the “IC Capital of China”! Therefore, many people believe that Hefei has seized the opportunity of the times, after all, there will be good development prospects, but this period will definitely be difficult! Looking forward to a bright future for Hefei!

7 months ago

As a native of Hefei, when I just graduated, I wanted to leave Hefei and go to other big cities to see and see. I have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Yixing, Qingdao and many other places, but I finally returned to this place. My place. First of all, it must be a special feeling in my own hometown. After going to other cities, I know how great our Hefei is. First: The consumption level is low. Three or four thousand a month in Hefei is more expensive than one million a month in Shanghai. Living with a dollar salary is more comfortable, without too much pressure. Second: In recent years, the development of Hefei is really fast. I don’t believe that it’s fast. The subway will work and the airport will be built. Hefei basically has everything in other cities. , The large-scale development in various directions made me, a Hefei person, re-acquainted with it. Third: In the environment of staying at home, the atmosphere is far from outside. Only one word can be used to describe “comfort”. Extremely comfortable. I really like this kind of life. Finally, I want to say: Badu is definitely not a vain name. I am grateful for my return to Hefei. I am proud to have witnessed its step-by-step development. I hope my great Hefei will get better and better. Why stay in this city. I think it’s because of love

7 months ago

Update 2021.4.4 I received the final notice from a central enterprise in Hefei. I will have an interview next week. I hope good luck. A native of Anqing, he has a bachelor’s degree in Anhui and a master’s degree in Changsha. He graduated this year and is looking for work. When I was undergraduate, my classmates wanted to go to Nanjing and Shanghai. Basically no one wanted to go to Hefei. Before I went to undergraduate, I only went to Hefei once when I was a child. At that time, I felt very shabby about Hefei. Later, I didn’t think about going to Hefei, and even thought that Hefei was a vampire, sucking blood from the province. However, in the past few years after studying for a master’s degree, I gradually discovered that the previous ideas were really unreasonable, too one-sided and individualistic. If Anhui does not make Hefei bigger and stronger, then our outstanding talents in Anhui Province will only be siphoned by Nanjing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, and in the past few years, the number of students who want to work in Hefei has gradually increased. Hefei has developed very well in recent years. It is leading the country in terms of technology. It has also opened a high-speed rail to Anqing. The urban construction is also very good and the streets are very clean. The most important thing is that I feel that I only feel a sense of belonging when I work in this province. There is a feeling of building a hometown (or just an illusion). Hefei is the preferred city for applying for a master’s degree this year. I went to Hefei for interviews from Changsha many times, but unfortunately I haven’t found a satisfactory job in Hefei so far. In the last two months, I hope to catch the tail of recruitment, stay in Hefei, and make a wish here~

7 months ago

Born in a prefecture-level city in Anhui, I was admitted to the university in Hefei, but at that moment, I didn’t want to stay in the city of Hefei. At that time, Hefei, the administrative district was still under construction, and the Binhu District was just a plan. There was no subway, no high-speed rail south station, no Starbucks, and not so many complexes. The urban area is small and crowded. People in Hefei are laid-back and calm. Going to Hongxing Road on the street is already very “petty bourgeois”. For leisure on weekends, Xiaoyaojin and Xinghua Park are used to travel by bus and crowded Road cars and 801 cars are the memories of many children in Hefei. After I graduated, for various reasons, I stayed in Hefei for an internship. After the internship, I stayed in the unit within that system. At this time, I was still unwilling. Many of my classmates went to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and stayed in Hefei by themselves, like “housekeeping.” Since 2011, Hefei has suddenly seen many changes with the naked eye. The first Starbucks opened in Parkson, and there was a long queue; the first Wanda Plaza opened in Baohe District. On the evening of the opening, the crowds of cars from get off work had been blocking Wuhu Road and even Xuancheng Road and many other branch roads; Opened in 1912, the business of eating, drinking and playing changed; Xinqiao Airport was put into use, the South High-speed Railway Station was built within two years, and the subway opened; the administrative district became the most fashionable gathering point, and Binhu District became the provincial political and financial center . And my work has also undergone various changes. With the changes in my work, I have witnessed the growth of Hefei city. After all, we and the city always complement each other. The classmates who went to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou that year, Bacheng went back to their hometown or took a step back to Hefei to set up a home. I have become half a Hefei native, and I can only make complaints occasionally, and never allow others to make irresponsible remarks to Hefei. Say I am “fat blowing”, I don’t mind, this city is like my brother and my child. The reason for staying in Hefei is because I have a serious dependence on the city’s “cultivation system”. In the future, we will still be together. Always always, together.

7 months ago

As a native of Hefei, do we need reasons to stay in Hefei? Of course not, let me talk about the reasons why a few friends from other places settled in Hefei: ①Friend a is a cook from Dingyuan County, Chuzhou City, very close to Feidong County in Hefei. I have always worked in Hefei, and married a wife from Feidong. SO, they settled in Yaohai District. ② Friend b’s hometown is Shucheng, and he does hardware business at home. The scale got bigger and bigger, and then moved to Hefei with his family. Many of my friends are not natives of Hefei. They all came to Hefei with their parents and then settled down. ③ Friend C’s hometown is in Jiangsu, and he is the owner of the barber shop downstairs in my community. He comes from a rural area in northern Jiangsu and the conditions are not good. There are many children in the family, and he dropped out of junior high school. Without a skill, he bumped into walls everywhere, and later learned a haircut with a friend in Hefei. Then I followed my friends to Hefei and opened a barber shop. Now that I have married a wife and have children, life is full of flavors. There are many more stories about him, which are more complicated, but very inspirational. ④Friend d is a young lady from Anqing. She was married, and her husband is my classmate. The above is the reason why people like us stay in Hefei to live-just say a few more words. As time goes by, the development of most cities in Anhui is relatively backward. Many residents of these cities will come to Hefei to earn a living, develop, and settle (especially north of Hefei). However, some urban residents rarely visit Hefei. For example, Ma’anshan is very close to Nanjing; Tianchang City in Chuzhou is Jiangsu on three sides; Guangde City in Xuancheng is close to Wuxi; Wuhu and Bengbu are now well developed. But I believe that Hefei will get better and better. More people will stay in Hefei and fall in love with Hefei~

7 months ago

This city is still very tolerant. No matter where you are from, you may find a place of your own in this city. Whether it is work or settle down, you will gradually feel that you are a part of this city. Up. Hefei is actually not an exclusive city, and few people care about where you are from, so you can get along well when you meet in the same place.

7 months ago

There is actually no special reason for staying in Hefei. I was admitted to Hefei when I was applying for the college entrance examination. I lived here for a few years and found that I was quite used to it, so I participated in the school recruitment when I was a senior. I didn’t actually say that I must stay here. After all, my hometown is in another province, and my parents also want me to work in my hometown. However, by chance, the school recruitment has passed five stages and cut six generals. After a written test, a group interview, and the last personal interview, In the end, I joined a state-owned enterprise, and because the job was decent, I stayed here to work. On the whole, I still like Hefei very much. There are also many university friends here. Everyone often gathers together, so there is no loneliness. I don’t know if I will develop here for a long time. If I can find a target here this year, then I will consider staying in Hefei to contribute to Hefei and make my own contribution.

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