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One IELTS silver test = a pair of AJ = two bottles of fairy water = six YSL4# matte lip glaze = old roll 5 + barbaric 6 full set of DLC, two years after the test expired, spent so much silver and time all the way, and finally bought After a two-year shelf life “Brother Niu Batch”, do you feel that you are not at a loss? After taking the operation of not going abroad for IELTS, isn’t it just to put 6 big hats on Luban? So for most people, if you are in China, in addition to job promotion opportunities, exemption of English, public internships, etc., for “enhancing competitiveness”, or to help you directly obtain grade points/make money, these “important” Beyond the meaning, don’t waste money and time. Opportunity costs and sunk costs are too high. It’s not easy to take the IELTS test, and it’s even more difficult to get a high score. It’s really meaningless to take a 5.5 pack with three days of fishing and two days of netting. But for those hardcore partners who have strict requirements and want to challenge themselves, or those who don’t have enough confidence in themselves, I suggest to try this exam, because first of all, if you have an IELTS score in science and engineering, I guarantee that whether you are going to graduate school later. All the opportunities for work are definitely yours, and self-confidence will be greatly up+. Secondly, because the content of IELTS is often beyond the scope of language ability itself, people who can stand out in this exam must be different from ordinary people in terms of quality (not only language ability, but also learning ability, (Communication skills, cognition, attitude, mentality, etc.) Like reading, your knowledge is narrow and your vocabulary is not good enough, so you don’t know what this article is talking about. Your communication skills and on-the-spot adaptability are weak. You can’t speak at all in the examination room. It’s such a mediocre test. There is definitely a difference between a person who can score 7.5 points and a person who scores 5.5 points.
For another example, the examiner’s question in P3 is generally divided into two parts: the first part is based on the problem to be solved by the P2 question itself, and the other part is based on the examiner’s “questioning” based on the candidates’ answers. Don’t think that some problems are nonsensical. Many times they are pits dug for yourself. If you don’t have the habit of thinking, you will be pressed by the examiner step by step, and you will enter a dead end. In addition, P3 has another function, that is, it is easy to expose people’s insights. Different answers and perspectives on the same question will show a person’s vision. That is to say, the cognition of cultural differences cannot be “generalized” and that one’s own views are “common sense.” For example, it is the perception of “skin color”. Most Chinese people think that “the whiter the better” and “a white cover the ugly”, and to publicize this perception to the examiner, but note that a large part of the IELTS examiner Bai Zuo, your answer touched their minefield. There are also many friends who think they are witty, and they may like to use some “strategies” when preparing, such as using question banks or cross-question materials to reduce their workload. I think this is understandable, imitation is always the best way to get started, but there is a principle: these things must be your own opinions and opinions. For those little test ducks whose P1P2 rely on “memory material” to pass the test, they have 1w ways to make you have a hard time in P3. [If you want to pass 7 you need to use the following criteria to ask yourself] 1. Deep Thinking (in-depth thinking) Many people think that the opinions in the examination room are not so important. They can get high scores if they can justify themselves. In fact, it is not the case. The IELTS examiner is not only in the exam In addition to the role of “marker”, there is also the dual identity of “talker”. Because the purpose of communication is to reach a certain “consensus”, the examiner’s questions are more like a “guide” to guide you to understand your own point of view. When you cannot answer the question, you will encounter your own “thinking blind spot”. “Again. Thinking before practice and output. To put it simply, you have not thought through the problem thoroughly. In fact, the examiners are not afraid of encountering all kinds of weird opinions, but they are afraid of meeting some people’s repeaters who follow the trend. Summary of thoughts on the part of the P2 monologue 2. Independent Thinking may think that I have participated in the student union and worked as a cadre before, so I am very confident in my own expression ability and feel that I have no problem getting at least 7 points. What I want to say is that a strong language ability is not enough to pass 7. The expression ability is only a sufficient condition for IELTS instead of a necessary condition: if you speak well, the examiner will like it; if you don’t speak well, but when it comes to ideas, the examiner will also be able Recognized, even more important. I am a science student myself, and my expressive skills are definitely not as strong as those of liberal arts students or business students, but I am willing to think deeply about some issues (such as those recognized as “polite behavior” in Eastern and Western cultures, and “the actual meaning of body language.” “Like) I also love to share and summarize my thoughts with teachers, so my oral and writing scores are not worse than many others. The teacher’s corrections and comments 3. Adapt to Circumstances is not a way to get through with some strange skills. At that time, the teacher taught us many methods, “referring to the deer as a horse, screaming at each other” to bypass the examiner. I think these skills are not the best Yes, because I like to have in-depth and sincere conversations with the examiner (not only he gains, but I can also get in touch with new perspectives) other subjects are the same, the cyclic reading method, the synchronous reading method, the skills are only a high-level summary of the content, really When encountering various types of problems, it is still necessary to analyze specific problems in detail. In the world, there is no one way or a set of templates to cover a set of IELTS questions. So no matter whether I do real questions or practice with the teacher, I will cooperate with the teacher to try my best to answer each question fully, rationally and well, and I will never stand in the way. The sparring teacher can give you many adaptable skills, but the more important thing is to comprehend it by yourself. Summarize yourself 4. Concentration (Concentration) usually focus on practice, don’t be distracted by some inexplicable things. The exam focuses on the things at hand, don’t have too many worries. Recommend a simple time management software Pomodoro to do, which provides work timing and work focus data analysis functions, which is a big killer to improve learning efficiency and concentration. I especially like its data analysis function, which is an important reference indicator for improving the efficiency of test preparation. Anyway, no matter what you do, it is a process of dialogue with yourself: Are you a sincere person or a person who wants to take shortcuts? Are you a contingency, or a steady and steady person? Are you a person who goes with the flow, or is good at thinking? You are a clever talker and a cautious person. The results and scores of an IELTS test can give you the answer. Most of the IELTS tests with a high score and x mentality are much more honest in the end.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. Improving English proficiency Actually, many people say that it is enough to get a certificate of CET-4 or CET-6? To say something more embarrassing: The current domestic workplace environment requires English standards: fluent in speaking, able to communicate with foreigners without barriers, while the traditional four or six levels of English seem very rigid, everyone knows four Level 6 is the product of the exam. Even if it is a level 8 certificate holder, many students have neglected the lack of self-expression training. When they are really in the real environment of face-to-face communication with foreigners, they are still very uncomfortable. If what I said is not clear enough, you can read the transcripts of the candidates below. The meaning of Xiaohehe IELTS is to let me really understand what English is. For example, IELTS writing helped me understand what English writing is. Compared with TOEFL writing, I think IELTS writing is more structured and rigorous. After taking the IELTS test, you will find that the real composition does not need to use difficult words, but it is not easy to describe a sentence clearly. It can be said that it is actually difficult, because the context of each word is different . The IELTS test is actually training yourself to improve your language ability and/or academic research ability. In other words, in the process of preparing for the test, our English language skills have improved. As someone who doesn’t want to go abroad at all, I take the IELTS test for several reasons: First of all, the IELTS test mode is very different from the college entrance examination and CET-4 or CET-6. IELTS has an oral test with a high percentage of essay scores and a variety of topics. Spoken English and composition have always been Chinese shortcomings, and I am no exception. As a college student with an average of over 600 in CET-4 and CET-6, his English output ability, especially in oral English, is still weak. At the time, I was looking for a job with a well-known foreign company. I had a hunch that my oral English would be despised during the interview, so I wanted to improve my oral English through IELTS. Secondly, the test content is closer to life and can expand a lot of practical vocabulary. Difficult but acceptable. For most students, it is “get it by one jump”. And IELTS gave me the pressure of “I am still a human being if I spend so much money on the test,” so I am very energetic in learning. In fact, I just force myself to learn some knowledge without taking the exam. I studied hard for the first three months of the test, and the specific process was not mentioned. In short, I was confident in my oral English ability on the eve of the test. I often used English in my dreams at night. Later, I got IELTS 7.5, and I got full marks in listening and reading. I am quite satisfied. Later, during the job interview, I could talk smoothly and confidently with the examiner in English, and I got an offer smoothly. Aaayy prepares for this kind of international language test, the biggest experience is that you can clearly feel your language level has improved. The domestic English exams similar to CET-4 and CET-6 are basically focused on taking the test, and the content it examines almost has no corresponding foreign usage scenarios. Listening examines the spelling of complex words, and reading cloze examines some very rare skills. However, foreign exams such as IELTS are different. They basically examine your ability to use English in various situations abroad. Several friends studying abroad have said that they feel like taking IELTS again in life. Going to a bar for a foreign sister feels like taking part 1 of the oral test. The group discussion is like taking the listening section 3, and writing a paper is like writing an IELTS essay. The obvious feeling of improving English is that it is a lot easier to deal with these English exams in China, because once you have the ability, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skills to solve the problems. 2. Training logical thinking ability. Even if Mu Yanxi does not go abroad, it is good to train logical thinking through IELTS composition. Our language education generally lacks logic training and pays too much attention to the gorgeous rhetoric. Many children who grow up under this system speak and write without logic. They are confused when talking with people, and cannot get to the point when debating with people. Very often it is impossible to communicate efficiently. This is not good for their growth. A person who has no logical thinking ability, when talking with others, or reading newspapers or watching movies and TV shows, is not easy to see the loopholes in the other’s logical thinking. When the other party achieves the goal of persuading the audience readers through sophistication such as stealth exchange of concepts, this audience reader who lacks logical thinking does not know it, and then accepts the other party’s point of view in a vague way. And this kind of logic training is one of the core of their language courses in English-speaking countries. The standardized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and SAT that you have come across all reflect this core skill point. It is precisely with this kind of logic training that many people speak and write articles with good reasons, can keenly question and will not easily accept a point of view, can effectively debate and refute, and will not indiscriminately personally attack. 3. Increasing competitiveness in studying or applying for a job Qiao Miao Some domestic colleges and universities will take TOEFL and IELTS scores (and GRE scores) as the basis for exempting public English courses. If you don’t go abroad and study for postgraduates in the country, a good score can save you some credits and save some time and energy. Ethan Meow has taken the IELTS test and his score is not high. He has interviewed several large Internet and IT companies. I rarely introduce myself in English, which saves time for interview preparation and interview steps. Under the same level of ability, or even if your ability is even weaker, if someone else has a level 4 or 6, you have Yato G, and the foreign company’s offer is closer to you. IELTS is a type of test with a certain degree of professionalism and difficulty. The registration price is not low, and there is a deadline. The combination of the two has a compulsive motivation to keep you learning English. English is a cumulative process, three months of relaxation, and a whole year backwards. So to sum it up: it helps you start and develop in the workplace, can maintain your English level, can maintain your sensitivity to language, and reduce the difficulty of subsequent language learning and improvement. Don’t look at things utilitarianly. People will go around for a lifetime. As long as they work hard on meaningful things, they will be rewarded. Every step of life is paving the way for the future. I previously envisioned one hundred careers of myself, but I didn’t expect to become an IELTS teacher in the end. I like my current job very much, and I am grateful for the origin of this job, so everything that seems useless for the time being may be especially important to you in the future. 4. Seize the opportunity of potential study/work abroad. Tomato Love Tomato. Many schools provide opportunities for overseas exchange or short-term exchanges. No matter which country you go to, almost all have IELTS or TOEFL score requirements. I used to think that the school was average, so there must be no chance and no exam. But when the opportunity came, I suddenly asked for an IELTS TOEFL score, and I had to submit the materials next month. It was just mmp. In the end, a friend of mine who had a bad GPA but had IELTS scores went to a particularly good school to communicate. In the end, I could only choose a school that did not require language scores. After I came back, I quickly took an IELTS test. I also want to tell the children who have just entered the university that there will be more and more exchange programs in the school, and many of them require language scores. Take one earlier, in case you just miss this item. pity. The small sponge company has the opportunity to work in the United States for two months. I just joined the company and I didn’t expect to choose me. But really, just because I took the IELTS test in the second year of graduate school, this advantage made me selected. At that time, people around me felt that I was wasting time and money during the exam, but now I feel that I was particularly wise at the time. So the focus of these tests is not whether the moment is useful to you, but opportunities will come at any time, depending on whether you have the capital and luck to seize it. 5. Exercise perseverance and anti-frustration ability, have a sense of accomplishment to work hard and then achieve goals. The big tiger with active ears is running for this semester. The idea that you must take the IELTS test can no longer be delayed. At the beginning of school, the IELTS test was reported in December. During this period, I got up no later than 6:45 every morning and ran to the classroom to recite English. This is also the proudest thing I have done this semester. How can I know my potential without being forced? The junior year is the busiest and busiest semester for our majors. In this semester, besides studying, I learned IELTS. During this semester, I also regretted what I did for myself and didn’t really want to go abroad. But when I finished the IELTS test and at the end of the semester, when everything was over, I was very fortunate that I persevered and felt a sense of accomplishment. The goal of the skr little clever ghost for the new year is to prepare for the IELTS test in 6 months. I spend 3 hours preparing for the test every day after class. No matter how tired I am, I will stick to it. I applied for the summer exam. Although it was not high, I realized my New Year’s plan. Sometimes the meaning of things does not lie in the final result, but in their own contributions and gains in the process. Finally, these students gave their reasons for taking the IELTS. It should be said that in addition to applying for study abroad, IELTS can help us improve our English proficiency, improve our logical thinking skills, improve our competitiveness in study and work, and seize the possible exchanges abroad at any time Opportunities to study/work, exercise willpower, and gain a sense of accomplishment. Of course, in most cases, the IELTS test is still related to studying/work/life abroad or abroad. Before deciding to sign up for IELTS, students are advised to think clearly about its usefulness for their future study and work. Otherwise, when the motivation is not clear, it is easy to give up when encountering difficulties and have negative thoughts of “what am I doing this for?” You may also regret not putting time on more important things halfway through.

7 months ago

No, the IELTS test has many uses besides going abroad. As an IELTS tester, he went ashore for three times, and at the beginning, he was rushing to study abroad. It can be said that the purpose is very clear, and the utilitarian roast duck is very utilitarian. It is reasonable to say that the answer to this question should be super firm: Yes, no There is no need to take the IELTS test when going abroad. But since I am answering no, it must be because the IELTS test has brought me this child who is purely studying abroad with additional things besides the offer, and the value is not low. The three-game landing score [let’s talk about the practical first] To open the IELTS plug-in, the condition that needs to be met is that the IELTS score is 6.5 and above. Sometimes IELTS scores 6 are also available. It depends mainly on the requirements, but the IELTS score is definitely not low. use. 1. The study is open to participate in the school’s independent enrollment, postgraduate recommendation, green channel for postgraduate entrance examination, etc. Therefore, if there are students who want to use plug-in ideas academically, they can first check whether their favorite school has relevant policies, and if so, they can use the holiday to give it a go. 2. There will be more choices when holding IELTS scores at work. Now many positions have requirements for IELTS scores. Therefore, students who are interested in a position can first find out the job requirements, and maybe they can see the IELTS green channel. [Additional rewards for my IELTS test] Since it is an additional bonus, obviously I won’t talk about the offer of studying abroad, so let’s move on to the topic. 1. The improvement of anti-strike ability is right, it is anti-strike ability. The legendary Xiaoqiang is me. Although not as strong as those roast ducks who have taken the test eight or nine times, I am also a player who has been defeated and defeated. So if you want to exercise your anti-strike ability, IELTS must be your first choice. Of course, except for the big brothers who came ashore in World War I. However, the senior sister advises not to blindly take the exam in order to gain experience, it is really unnecessary to smash soft sister coins. Although I failed the first two exams, I really wanted to go ashore. 2. Improving learning ability is right. After taking the IELTS test, all other subjects are scum! ! I have even gotten IELTS, so there are no subjects that I can’t get done! Okay, I’m bragging. But it is true that learning IELTS can improve your learning ability. In terms of reading, under the leadership of the sparring teacher, I will also be a person who will summarize and reflect. And encountering a problem is no longer to escape, but to face it and solve it! Before I saw long and difficult sentences, I made a detour. Even though the basic grammar is not bad, I didn’t want to analyze it. Then I found that I bypassed a lot of important information. Even so, I still didn’t intend to face the long and difficult sentences. Therefore, the previous two failed to land successfully. During World War Three, my teacher bi asked me to analyze the 80 long and difficult sentences in the 7th group of the test duck. I just went and took a look. Their family compiled new oral questions from January to April. Students who took the exam at this time can start prostituting for nothing. Under pressure, I can only analyze sentence by sentence. After splitting, I can see the long I am not afraid of difficult sentences, and I can get the meaning without even reading back. After this, I firmly believe that there are no questions that can’t be solved, only people who don’t work hard, as long as there are more methods and practice, the problem will naturally be solved. Listening taught me to reflect, reading taught me to face difficulties, writing taught me to think logically, and oral English taught me to express courageously. In addition to the times, the sense of accomplishment that IELTS has brought me is unprecedented. From 4.5 at the beginning to 7.5 at the end, IELTS made me feel that everything is possible.

7 months ago

If you feel that you will not need IELTS at all for job hunting in China, you can skip the test. After all, the test costs 2,000 RMB, and it will expire after two years. But from my perspective, I recommend everyone to take one. 1) If the study plan is not clear, you can test your English proficiency by taking a test, as well as prepare for emergencies. For example, many of the students who took the postgraduate entrance examination this year are mostly students who don’t know if they want to go abroad to study. It’s okay now that they passed the entrance examination, everything is going well; for those who didn’t like it, I want to quickly apply for studying abroad, I want to apply to schools like Hong Kong and Singapore. Where the cost is not bad and the cost is low, it is impossible to apply without IELTS, and the test is too late. But if you have IELTS, you only need to take the time to prepare the materials when preparing for the exam, and you can apply directly. If you have unsatisfactory results in the postgraduate entrance examination, you can choose plan B; even if you are after the exam or even the initial exam results, the results will come out Only apply later, as long as the major you want to apply for is not closed for application, you can fight for it. 2) If you don’t go abroad to study, many people will choose to take the IELTS test. According to the 2018 white paper on academic performance and English learning behaviors of IELTS students in mainland China, 5.3% of those who go to study abroad, apply for immigration, and work abroad Candidates use it for domestic job search, admission and testing of English proficiency. The purpose of not studying abroad for the IELTS test: Improve your English level: This varies from person to person. I personally think English is very important, but without a strong self-control or language environment, it is difficult to learn. It is time to test yourself; Domestic postgraduate English exemption + scholarship application: Even if you choose not to study abroad and choose to study domestically, many domestic schools will be students who meet the IELTS/Eight-Eight standard, and they will be exempted from the degree of English and get credits directly; for scholarship selection, IELTS can also be added; Public: Some positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Customs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, etc. will have mandatory requirements for applicants’ IELTS TOEFL scores, and Baidu; foreign companies: Fortune 500 companies, applicants’ English proficiency is measured One of the standards, and IELTS TOEFL is the only indicator of English proficiency. International exchange opportunities: If your school has this kind of program, a good IELTS score can directly give you the opportunity to study abroad. Above, I hope it helps you.

7 months ago

I have studied in the UK for 5 years. In addition to meeting the mandatory requirements for admission, IELTS is not useful at all and I only need IELTS scores for the preparatory course. I don’t need to apply for a master’s degree. If it is to learn English, you don’t need to go there. To learn IELTS, I think learning English should try to live like a native English speaker, watching English programs, English books, changing English on mobile phones and computer interfaces, and looking up the dictionary as well. As long as the fear of using English is overcome, progress will be quick and almost effortless, because you are living a life, not studying

7 months ago

What is the point of not taking the IELTS test abroad? 1. Incomplete statistics on domestic study/recruitment. Nearly 300 colleges and universities in mainland China have applied IELTS in different scenarios. (1) Institutions that offer IELTS courses or exempt college English credits based on IELTS scores: Harbin Institute of Technology, Nankai University, China Agricultural University, Shandong University, Capital University of Economics and Business, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, etc. (2) Institutions with different levels of test fee reimbursement or reward mechanisms based on IELTS scores: Northwestern Polytechnical University, University of Nottingham Ningbo, South China University of Technology, Sichuan University, Harbin Engineering University, Henan University, etc. (3) IELTS scores are used for independent enrollment, class placement, short-term exchange programs, scholarship applications: Beijing Forestry University, Beijing University of Technology, Southeast University, National Development Research Institute of Peking University, Nankai University, China Agricultural University, Qilu Industry University etc. 2. Incomplete statistics on job applications/recruitment. Nearly 400 enterprises and public institutions recognize IELTS scores as proof of language ability when recruiting or promoting employees. (1) Various banking and financial institutions include but are not limited to: Bank of China, People’s Bank of China, Export-Import Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, etc.; IELTS score requirements: generally around 6.5 points. (2) Major domestic airlines include but are not limited to: Air China, Eastern Airlines, HNA Industry, China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, etc.; IELTS score requirements: generally 5.0-6.5 points. (3) Various foreign-funded enterprises include but are not limited to: four major consulting companies (such as Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, etc.), Internet companies (such as Microsoft), fast-moving consumer goods companies (such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé), etc.; IELTS Achievement requirements: candidates are required to have fluent English language proficiency, and IELTS scores are recognized as proof of their ability. The 2019 “Contemporary English Learning Research Report” found that: English proficiency and salary level are strongly correlated. Users with an IELTS score of 6.5 and above have an average monthly salary of RMB 12,000 to RMB 15,000, which shows that IELTS is one of the important conditions for promotion and salary increase. 3. Autonomous English proficiency testing When talking about domestic autonomous English proficiency testing, the “China English Ability Level Scale” should be mentioned. In 2018, the China Standards of English (CSE) was issued by the Ministry of Education and the National Language Working Committee, and it will be implemented on June 1, 2018. The China English Proficiency Scale provides a comprehensive, clear and detailed description of the English application skills required by all types of English learners. The establishment of the scale can not only provide reference standards for my country’s English curriculum and English teaching, but also provide English test quality standards suitable for my country’s national conditions, and regulate various English tests, especially large-scale English tests. In January 2019, the results of the IELTS docking study with the Chinese English Proficiency Scale were officially announced. After the IELTS and Common Thinking Tests were connected with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), they became the first to develop and complete the docking with the Chinese English Proficiency Scale. Study the International English Test. The results of the docking show the critical scores of the relevant levels of the China English Proficiency Scale for each skill and total score of the IELTS and General Thinking Tests. For example, a score of 5 in IELTS listening means that it will reach level 4 of the China English Proficiency Scale; a score of 5.5 in reading will reach the level of 5; a score of 6 in oral English will reach the level of 6; the total score will be 8 points, which means it will reach level 8. Level etc. So, what is the significance of the results of IELTS and the Chinese English Proficiency Scale for students, parents and teachers? IELTS students can refer to the descriptive words in each aspect of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the corresponding level of the scale to understand their own strengths and weaknesses in more detail, and learn what to do in English in order to further improve, so as to determine their learning goals. Educational institutions can set clear and specific ability goals for students based on the reference docking results and the specific ability descriptions of the scale, and use the ability descriptions of the scale to improve the design of teaching materials, teaching methods and classroom teaching activities, and promote teacher language assessment The improvement of literacy. Employers can refer to the scale to have a clearer and detailed understanding of the English proficiency represented by the test results of students or employees, so as to select and evaluate talents more reasonably. In summary: you can test whether you meet the English proficiency requirements in various scenarios and stages according to your own IELTS scores. No matter what your purpose is to study English for IELTS, whether you go abroad or apply for a job, if you are in the world, how can you not get a knife, one more skill, one more way out, those years of English learning and IELTS test , Will come in handy one day!

7 months ago

Many students have slowed down their preparations for the IELTS test due to the epidemic. They think that the IELTS score is only two years of timeliness. Except for studying abroad, IELTS has no other effect. Then this friend, you may be a little bit short-sighted. In addition to getting an offer abroad, the IELTS test can also be used for job hunting, immigration, postgraduate, postgraduate interviews, civil servants, and the longest role is to pretend to be b. Take the data directly. According to the latest white paper on the academic performance and English learning behavior of IELTS students in mainland China, the proportion of IELTS tests used in domestic job search is as high as 24.2%. At present, IELTS students who test for domestic purposes are close to applying for immigration and going abroad. Working groups, the main classifications for domestic use include testing English proficiency, admission to domestic colleges and universities, and job hunting. So how can I quickly improve my IELTS score? The fastest and fastest way is to find a one-on-one teacher. If you think it is more expensive, one-on-one online lessons are definitely the first choice. Why? The most important reason for the quick scores of private lessons is that it is a tailor-made course, which saves a lot of time for finding a needle in a haystack during self-study, and the time for students with poor basics such as large class classes, just like driving in a driving school to improve the most. The quick ones are always the ones who charter cars. Of course, a good teacher is also very important. Nowadays, there is a mixed bag. When looking for a teacher, you must keep your eyes open. Don’t see which teacher is a teacher from a large organization, and you don’t have a brain to apply for classes. Is the teacher’s moisture still unclear? Be sure to pay attention to word of mouth! Take my own example. My private teacher was the teacher who was preparing for the IELTS test by my senior sister at the time. She recommended it to me again. There is nothing to say about her serious and responsible attitude. Take the writing class as an example. In the first class, the teacher asked me to expand my thinking in Chinese for a question, and used some sentences to test my writing level and get to know my basic situation. I found that my topic was very problematic, and I found some grammatical problems in the course of the class. Then took me to review the basic grammar knowledge, including sentence components, grammar knowledge, and various sentence patterns. After completing the basics, the teacher began to systematically correct my grammatical errors based on my questions, and explained in detail how to expand the topic, how to sublimate the topic, and how to make the examiner’s eyes shine. After talking about expansion and sublimation, the teacher also helped me summarize a lot of useful sentence patterns and phrases, and taught me how to use them one by one, instead of being useless. So what are you waiting for, go take the IELTS test!

7 months ago

If you only decide whether to apply for IELTS from the perspective of not going abroad, then this vision is too short-sighted. As the most authoritative English proficiency test in the world, IELTS is the most objective test to test your current level of English. Some people may have noticed that many friends who have achieved good scores in CET-4, CET-6 or postgraduate entrance exams have not achieved very high IELTS scores. The reason is that the domestic English test focuses on allowing you to understand English, rather than allowing you to use English like a native speaker. Therefore, many of our “good English” students can tell very subtle differences between some advanced vocabulary, but cannot accurately use a very common expression in the daily communication of native speakers. Do not believe? Try “I’m almost out of (mobile) data” What should I say in English? 3~2~1~ The correct answer is: I am running out of data. We must have learned all the words in this sentence when we were in junior high school, but many college students can’t say this sentence right away. This is one of the shortcomings of English education in our country. If you take the IELTS test preparation, you need to accumulate a lot of these daily expressions, because the listening and speaking parts have a lot of daily communication content. Especially in the oral part, the examiner will not give points based on how advanced the vocabulary you use, but by assessing whether your answers are authentic and accurate. These are not considered when preparing for other English exams. In addition, the IELTS certificate is widely recognized worldwide and is a bright spot on your job resume. Take a look at the recruitment information of any foreign company. Which one does not mention “proficient in English”? And to prove that your English is really good, the priority of HRs is to look at the IELTS score. If you want to enter a scientific research institution or a university, then “excellent English reading and writing skills” is also impressive in recruitment information. This is because the papers of all top scientific research journals are all written in English. Not only must you be able to understand the latest scientific research results, but you must also be able to write your latest scientific research results in English in the future. So, candidates with good IELTS scores will definitely be given priority when recruiting. Finally, for learning to be fruitful, you must create some kind of external pressure yourself. English improvement is not about watching American dramas and English dramas, learning two authentic expressions, or being able to organize three layers of attributive clauses, which is called improvement, but being able to do it, immediately reading and understanding, and immediately speaking and writing correctly, is called effective improvement. , And these are the biggest gains when preparing for IELTS.

7 months ago

IELTS has three functions: 1. IELTS for studying abroad is one of the famous international English standardization tests. It is the first choice for international English tests for studying abroad, especially in countries with the Commonwealth system. Almost all studying abroad requires IELTS scores. 2. Immigration Most Commonwealth countries also use IELTS for applicants applying for immigration in their own country, as a certification of applicants’ English proficiency. 3. For students who want to work in a foreign company for career development, English proficiency is one of the important criteria for foreign companies to recruit Chinese employees, and IELTS scores are used by foreign companies as a hardware indicator that objectively reflects the applicant’s English proficiency. Good IELTS scores often have greater Competitive advantage. Besides, you don’t need to take IELTS! Don’t say anything to prepare for going abroad in the future, the subject of the question says that you can’t go abroad, and the IELTS score is valid for two years, and it is recommended to plan for studying abroad at least one year in advance. Whatever you say, just prove yourself. If you don’t study abroad, immigrate, or enter a foreign company, just to prove your English proficiency? In order to know what exactly is English? IELTS 2000 soft sister coins once, please feel free to local tyrants. Hahaha, the interests are related, and I still complain about it. I don’t have a big circle, so I want to study abroad, or I don’t recommend learning IELTS, yeah!

7 months ago

The main purpose of IELTS scores is to apply for foreign colleges and universities. If you don’t go abroad, you don’t need to take the test. Of course, IELTS can bring some conveniences other than college application, but if it is only a proof of English proficiency in China, the sixth level is completely acceptable. Instead, if you just want to improve your actual English proficiency, you don’t need to take the IELTS test. You can watch some English videos of handling, or go to that kind of applied English class. If you don’t go abroad, English is more of a bonus in the workplace. The most important thing is that the application of oral English is really not good. You can take a BEC (Business English).

7 months ago

Maybe I don’t know when I will use it in the future. I have to go to a foreign company, the company has projects that need to connect with foreign customers, etc. Take advantage of the time to study hard now, it will be even harder if you don’t have time to work in the future. You can use the winter and summer vacations to study languages abroad and then take the IELTS test. There is no need to go far. Asia has a language center suitable for learning English-the Language Center of the Asia Pacific University of Technology Malaysia. This language center is a five-star school in Malaysia. The teachers are all IELTS professional, and the quality of teaching is much better than in China! If you have a foundation and have a high score in CET-4 or CET-6, you can directly register for a high-score IELTS class. It is generally possible to take the IELTS test for half a month.

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