First, make it clear that according to the rules, overtaking is to signal the left turn signal-observe the feedback of the front car, the left and rear vehicles change lanes to the left-accelerate-pull a safe distance from the following car-turn on the right turn signal- -Observe a series of actions such as changing lanes to the right after being fed back by the overtaken vehicle. If the speed of the vehicle in front is far below the speed limit, and there is no car ahead, overtake the vehicle according to the rules. If the situation mentioned by the subject occurs, you can curse that the person is sick, or don’t be in the same lane with him. Either follow along. But the reality is that many people overtake, change lanes—accelerate—change lanes. It doesn’t matter if others are willing to let you overtake, or if the safety distance is enough. Others didn’t want to, they cursed in their hearts: “This person is XX, why don’t you let me overtake!” I think this is not good… I have two basic principles when driving, one is to maintain a safe distance, and the other is to limit the speed. On city roads, I only left a safe distance from the car in front. If I was too slow, I went to another lane, overtook my car and squeezed it in front of me. I had to step on the brakes to keep away from you. Sorry, I don’t agree. . Unless you pass all cars on my lane at the same speed as me. During high-speed driving, there are obviously large trucks blocking the road in front of the two lanes, resulting in the formation of a car group at a speed of about 90. This kind of road section needs to increase attention and maintain a safe distance. Once an accident occurs in the front, it is a serial accident. At this time, a car is still maintaining the driving habit of city roads, drifting in from the right to overtake at a speed of 130, and then slam the brakes… This is what some people say “the vehicle ahead is too slow to overtake”. The distance between the cars is already at the limit of safe driving, and you have to overtake my car. I don’t think it’s appropriate… Some people drive only a few meters in front of their eyes, and they always think that others are slow, and they feel that they are incapable of driving skills. . In fact, they have no vision of the car in front of them, and they don’t know what the car in front is going through. I sometimes drive at a low speed when there is no car in front of my lane. There are also reasons, including but not limited to: there is a car changing lanes without lights on the front left or right, and the body is shifting to the lane. Judge its intentions accurately. Passing an intersection or a section with a lot of pedestrians, there are pedestrians waiting for an opportunity on the side of the road, ghost probes or crossing the road at any time. There are urban road tyrants like buses and taxis ahead. They start with the turn signal. Whether I have the right of way or not, I will slow down and let them go first-you never know that they will change several lanes in a row. An unknown obstacle appeared on the road ahead. On the high speed, it is found that the big car has a tendency to drive fatigue and does not want to follow the car, and the overtaking in the front curve has to be temporarily delayed. From the perspective of certain vehicles behind, either the vehicle’s vision is not visible, or the driver of the vehicle behind should not be a reason to decelerate. I feel that there is no problem with my own technology, but I think I have to guard against it. Then, the car behind was cursing, “Hateful turtle speed car!” This situation is a problem of poor visual field information and personal judgment of the drivers of the front and rear cars. You have to overtake my car, whatever…If others overtake it, it doesn’t affect it. I drove safely. I didn’t need to step on the brakes to readjust the safety distance. I drove well under the speed limit. Why should I violate the rules and take safety risks to prevent you from overtaking? The road is public. It is the duty of every driver on the road to follow the rules, respect every driver on the road, use lights, horns, and vehicle body movements to communicate, and be willing to accept feedback from other vehicles.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I went back to my hometown on this Ching Ming holiday. It was a little after 6 o’clock in the morning. I encountered a Guangdong S brand Volkswagen Golf on the left road in the Hunan section of G4. It was about 100 points. At that time, the limit was 120, so I prepared. Overtaking on the right lane, because it was early in the morning, there were not many cars. There were only sparse trucks on the right lane. When there was no car in front, I drove 120 to overtake, and then I found that the golf was also accelerating, so I lost it faster than me. , Because I saw the truck in the distance, I gave up, and then the golf slowed down, still driving more than 100 points for the second time. This time I wanted to quickly overtake, so I overtake 130, and then I saw this force in the process. The acceleration visible to the naked eye, because of the same reason, gave up again, so the force fell back to the early 100s for the third time, 140 overtaking, the same reason failed again… Every time this guy saw that I wanted to overtake, it accelerated and blocked me. It slowed down again, and went back and forth no less than 4 or 5 times for no reason. In the end, I thought it would be OK, so I turned on the high beam and followed the car. Because it was just dark and the high beam was still very dazzling, I followed this to force the far light. During this time, the fog light was turned on and tried to fight back. Later, I found that the effect was not good. After more than ten minutes, I forced myself to step on the accelerator and get out of it. What do you think? I think this is cheap! So what I say is that the Guangdong S brand is not for everyone to open the map and spray the Guangdong brand. I am also the Guangdong brand. I just try to describe it in detail. Every province has a driver who can’t drive it, and there are good drivers who abide by the traffic regulations. Driving is not the goal. It is the goal to reach the destination safely. I hope everyone will drive civilized, not drive a car, go out happily, and come home safely~

6 months ago

This is just one of the phenomenon of road obsessiveness… Other obsessive phenomena, including but not limited to the following: Side by side with the left and right vehicles, everyone drove well, there must be a car suddenly accelerate and reach a certain one. Go ahead of the car. And don’t turn on the turn signal. Oh, he’s playing with his cell phone… When driving with the low beam at night, he will definitely encounter someone coming from the opposite side with the high beam. Then our vehicle hits the high beam to remind the other party. As a result, the opponent’s vehicle really turned on the high beam. Oh, it turns out that the other party didn’t turn on the high beam just now, but his low beam was too far…The car in front drove well in the left lane, suddenly turned on the left turn light, and then came to the right… is panicking At that moment, he suddenly turned left and made a big turn. Oh, he’s going to turn around… the car in front saw it ran through the red light to go out, and then stopped in the middle of the road, staying there, and stopped. Oh, he’s playing with his cell phone… At some exits of expressways and highways, there are always some cars with lights on, and they can’t go down, as if they are hesitant to go down. Oh, his navigation is stuck… He can’t run fast if you don’t overtake, and he accelerates as soon as you are ready to overtake. Oh, he thought he was slow…changing lanes without turning on the turn signal, the lane changed halfway, and suddenly turning on the turn signal. Oh, he just remembered…Driving on the road at night, you will always encounter non-driving lights. Oh, the street lights are too bright…Everyone lined up early and entered the left-turn lane. There were always cars driving forward until the intersection was reached, and the compaction line came to jump in the queue. Oh, there are no cameras there… Why is the team always the slowest in line when there is a traffic jam? If I merged into another lane, the TM team turned out to be fast, and the car behind me actually ran ahead of me. Oh, I don’t know why… I always queue up for a parking space, and I feel like I have to wait a long, long time… There is always a car driving in the innermost fast lane at a speed of 60. And usually it’s a van… When parking and waiting for a red light, as long as it is the first one, no matter how fast you start, there will always be a car behind me… When you stop and wait for a red light, as long as it is the second one , No matter how fast the car in front starts, I always want to didi the car in front… When the red light, the car in front speeds up, and the car behind does not know why, you must keep up with it, it doesn’t feel like a little slow… Driving speed Faster than me “Silly X, I am in a hurry!” The driving speed is slower than me. “Silly X, run the tortoise!” The driving speed is the same as mine. “Silly X, compare!” Some good cars always have problems with the air conditioner, female Colleagues who ride on my P7 often say that the air conditioner is not working well, it is too hot, and they will take off their clothes when they get in the car…

6 months ago

As a very old driver who has driven a car for more than 20 years, he still can’t be calm about this behavior. In addition to the situation mentioned by the subject, there is a similar and even more annoying one: it hesitated in the first car or simply stepped on the brakes with more than ten seconds left on the green light, and waited a second or two for it. Slowly stepping on the last second passed, leaving behind a car who didn’t know how to express anger, and the blood pressure was rising. In short, this kind of driving is really unbearable. I hope that everyone will not do this kind of behavior, be kind, and make the road less anger and more smooth.

6 months ago

I hate following me in the lane next to me, always behind the side. Most of his body is hidden in the blind spot of the rearview mirror. When I see this kind of car, I usually turn on the turn signal, and the body is slightly deflected to make preparations to change lanes. This kind of people have a common problem. They like to look for a sense of security. As long as he finds out that I am going to change lanes before him, it is safe. Feeling threatened will basically speed up to overtake me, and the purpose is to prevent me from changing lanes. And I, as long as he is not in my blind zone, I can open it anyway.

6 months ago

First, I will help you complete the problem: after you give up overtaking, he will continue to slow down. I can cite countless examples of similar things. For example, the small narrow opening of the elevator on the subway station, such as the bus, such as the intersection of two roads and one road, you can always see the phenomenon of rushing upwards. The most funny thing is pedestrians. When the road narrows, you will surely see someone struggling up with a strenuous step. In fact, it may be an old man or an old woman. What’s more, it may be a person with uneasy legs and feet. disabled. They rushed over with all their strength, causing the entire route to be affected. Blocking in front of a group of people slowly squatting can bring them an orgasm in their brains and endless spiritual pleasure. I have been driving for 17 years, and I have discovered this problem a long time ago. Compared to a dozen years ago, it has been alleviated. Now the probability of encountering such a thing on the road is not very high. Of course, this phenomenon is somewhat different from the local area. The economic development of China is closely related. For example, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Beijing in the economically developed areas are almost extinct, while the economically underdeveloped areas are still more common, but I believe that with the development of the economy, these problems will disappear in the future. I have seen a speech. I was a Taiwanese who lived in the United States for 30 years and then returned to the mainland. The core expression was: the direct and important link between social development and economic development, the social problems that have occurred in developed capitalist countries, or Sooner or later, it will definitely happen in economically backward countries or regions, and it will disappear after a period of time. This is the inevitable law of social development, and no one can change it. I am deeply concerned about this. With the fast pace and fierce competition, it is inevitable to bring the emotions of work and life to the road. When China becomes stronger, the people have money, and their emotions are calm, everything will be fine. At that time, all things such as plugging, solid line merging, dangerous driving, etc., will all disappear. The most important thing now is to boost the economy and realize a well-off society in an all-round way. The spiritual outlook of the masses will also improve.

6 months ago

You must be grateful for the behavior of the former car, he is your second parent. If you want to overtake, you will not be able to overtake as soon as he accelerates. This means that you are forcibly jumping in line without the conditions for overtaking. This behavior is very dangerous. Generally, the car in front of you with high quality and caring will accelerate at the same time when you start to accelerate. , To block the opportunity of extreme overtaking, to suppress the dangerous factors in the first time, so that everyone can keep driving safely. The owner of the vehicle in front with low quality will maintain the speed, and at this time, the vehicle behind is more likely to be scratched. In the event of a minor accident, the overtaking is fully responsible. The car owner with poor quality will take the initiative to give up the position at the first time. When you insert the body, hold your rear left corner, deepen the throttle slightly, causing you to roll over and kill you. Finally, the traffic police came to him. If you are nervous, you still blame it all, and then put the video on the Internet, and everyone scolds you.

6 months ago

I think this is already a passing behavior, better than those who you are about to overtake but are still slowly blocking the road ahead, or who are not hurriedly behind you when you turn on the lights…
You have to understand what your purpose is for overtaking. If you don’t care about speeding up and getting rid of the predicament of being caught by the car, then the other party accelerates, isn’t it helping you solve this problem?

6 months ago

How to look at it, on the highway, a safety distance of 50m was left, but the car behind wanted to stop forcibly, and was forced to increase the speed to reduce the safety distance, which caused it to fail to stop. On the contrary, it cursed the behavior of the car in front of it for not being able to drive on xx? I don’t believe it anymore, the front is empty, even if he accelerates you, can’t you pass it? what? Do you say that no matter how fast you are, you will be speeding? Haha, the maximum speed limit is reached, won’t it follow? Let me say a few more words. Many people say that “the car in front of you is accelerating.” In conscience, are you overtaking? Maybe you think so. Obviously transposition! Forced transposition! It is already the maximum speed of the team, the limit of safety distance, and there is no overtaking condition! The so-called overtaking is to squeeze in front, forcing the vehicle in front to slow down and change positions with you. Why do I change the car in front of you, how old are you? This behavior, bah, shameless! What is overtaking? The vehicle in front does not brake all the way, this is an overtaking. Self-reflection. Again, the front is empty, and the acceleration of the vehicle in front will not affect your overtaking or reaching the maximum speed limit. All those affected are Gasser dogs.

6 months ago

I don’t want you to overtake because of damage to your interests. Taking high-speed as an example here, in fact, the road surface under high-speed is the same. Normal speed limit driving on a road section with a smooth road and an average distance of more than 50 meters, no one will mind that others overtake, because when the overtaking conditions are good, it will not cause any discomfort to be overtaken. On the more congested or barely unobstructed road sections, the distance between the front and rear vehicles is less than the safe distance. At this time, it seems that there is room for overtaking. In fact, there is no road space to continue overtaking after overtaking, and once the overtaken vehicle is overtaken, it will have to be overtaken. Slow down to keep the distance, and the attention must be more concentrated. It is said to be overtaking, but in fact it is just jumping in line. There is a big gap between you and the car in front. In this way, being overtaken is very tiring and annoying, fuel consumption also consumes brake pads, and the safety risk increases sharply. So when the driver judges that your overtaking is actually just jumping in line in this kind of road condition, he will subconsciously say: at the beginning of a human, nature is good. Then it will speed up the room for food and lodging, and where do you go. I told my wife that overtaking must be decisive, which does not mean how handsome you cut, but overtaking. The above-mentioned overtaking, what kind of car can you overtake, even if you move a few spaces in front of you, can you carry the car over it? In addition to making my driving uncomfortable and increasing my driving risk after an hour, can it be as fast as 1 minute? There are also things that are pressing. The amount of road conditions depends on how well the cars are not overwhelming, but after all, they are a minority. At this time, everyone is fighting against the engine. Can you play drifting on high-speed straight roads? It’s really annoying to step on the accelerator and pretend to be able to drive. The same is true for many vindictive cars.

6 months ago

There is such a rule that people will only be jealous of people who are a little bit better than themselves and within their reach, but will not be jealous of people who are much better than themselves and beyond their reach. To put it simply, it means that you can’t see others well, unless you can’t do anything about it. Expressed in the fast and slow cars on the expressway, it is the question asked by the subject. He can stop you by stepping on the gas pedal, and of course it will stop you. This is human nature. Few people can do things that are anti-human nature. Only those with high quality can be anti-humanity without speeding up their way. So, you can only choose another method, which is to overtake quickly enough so that he can’t get in the way. I usually downshift the floor accelerator and turn on the turn signal in the first second. In the second second, I overtake the vehicle in front and have enough speed advantage. In the third second, I quickly merge and continue to pull away, without any reaction time for the overtaken vehicle. . If someone rides slowly to your face, you will definitely not agree. This is the idea of the overtaken owner. Before being reacted by the overtaking vehicle, stepping directly over it requires boldness and careful driving skills.

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