On April 7, the China Mobile Game Industry Open Cooperation Conference, sponsored by People’s Daily Online, hosted by China Game Industry Research Institute and Jinbao Electronic Audiovisual Publishing Center, and supported by the Game Working Committee of China Music and Digital Association, was held in the New Media Building of Beijing People’s Daily. With the theme of “Grasp new opportunities and seek new development together”, this conference invited representatives from all parties from mobile game R&D, operation and channels to discuss how to create a more open and cooperative industry environment, aiming to stimulate the industry’s innovation vitality and promote the industry Orderly competition to achieve win-win cooperation.

Ao Ran, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, Song Jiali, Deputy Director of the Industry Self-discipline Department of China Federation of Network Social Organizations, Li Qi, Secretary of the Board of People’s Daily Online, Executive Director of Jinbao Electronic Audiovisual Publishing Center, People’s Daily Online Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Peng, and from Tencent, NetEase, Xindong, Bilibili, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, vivo, Zilong Games, Coconut Island Games, TipsWorks, IGG, Little Elephant Big Goose, Changwan Group, Haohai Blue Coast Guest representatives from game industry related companies such as Mengjia Culture, Xuanshi Interactive Entertainment and other game industry related companies attended the conference.

Ao Ran believes that game products should always adhere to the correct value orientation, take content construction as the soul, quality construction as the foundation, and promote the spirit of the times; high-quality games want to stand out among many game products, and on the basis of high reputation, also Excellent operational capabilities and appropriate promotion channels are required; while the state is advancing the formulation and improvement of relevant laws and regulations, the industry can also initiate self-discipline and formulate group standards to fill in the gaps in the rules and strengthen the weak points in the rules and regulations. Industry development creates a good environment.

People’s Daily Online organized this conference to build a communication platform for game channels, operating companies, and R&D teams, respect users’ independent choice, promote multi-party cooperation and win-win, jointly empower the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, stimulate industry innovation vitality, and promote industry development. Sustainable and high-quality development.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

As a senior immersive game player, Xiaohuangren’s views on “content construction as the soul” put forward at the China Mobile Game Industry Open Cooperation Conference are as follows: This is a good development phenomenon, because nowadays good games no longer need to be attached to Propaganda channels (such as various mobile game app stores), the arrival of the content age will further promote the overall quality of the game-if it is sold in the app store, a high percentage of the top-up amount will be drawn, while the free platform will be sold This clause can be circumvented, but the relative exposure will be much lower. Therefore, if the game is not well done and cannot accumulate the player’s reputation, that is to say, if the player cannot promote the game independently, then the game will definitely be beaten. When you reach the bottom of the valley, you still have to bow your head to the app store. This will gradually become a positive cycle: after a good game is made, it will be put on the free platform and experienced by a small number of players-if the player has a good experience, accumulate reputation, Achieve mutual independent promotion and promotion; and if the player experience is poor and cannot accumulate reputation, the game will not get more independent free promotion and promotion-result-oriented: good games are smoothly promoted to the public’s vision, and bad games will be marketed by players First eliminated, the game development team needs to modify the game a second time based on the player’s experience feedback, or has to surrender to the app store, accept the app store’s high-value recharge ratio clause, and let the app store help promote the promotion-but if If a game player has experienced the game on the free platform, and sees the game in the app store again, there is a high probability that he will not download it again, because the game has been tried before, even if the game has been based on the player The feedback of has been adjusted twice, and it is difficult for players to take interest in the game and try a second time, unless the game suddenly has an explosive growth in word-of-mouth, because most of the people are grouped ——A game that has many people will want to join in and play. Even if you don’t like the style after trying it, it can be regarded as a card, as if you succeeded in keeping up with the trend, psychologically Will be greatly satisfied. Returning to the conflict between the app store and the game development team, the reason why the current game content needs to be refined and try to get out of the circle on a free platform is because the app store’s share of the user’s recharge amount is too high-the previous Android store’s rake The ratio used to be as high as 50%, and only a few games are 30%, but it is relatively high, because it also involves the specific division of channels, that is, the shared developers (responsible for the establishment and production of game content) , Optimization and later iterations are the source of game content), publishers (distributors have multiple responsibilities and can be understood as the company responsible for game promotion, which is consistent with the publishing house’s role in the book ecology), channel vendors (responsible for game sales) As well as operation, it is a platform for players to directly access game content. Including Apple App Store, Google Play, domestic app treasure, Xiaomi game store, etc., all belong to the category of channel providers). Players pay in-game to recharge the game to bring revenue , And then the publisher will distribute it to the channel dealers and developers according to the ratio stipulated in the contract. Therefore, in this ecological chain, except for the players, the other three parties will participate in the game sharing. As a result, the problem will be that the game’s R&D team has worked so hard to make the game, but the sales revenue after the promotion is monopolized by the seller-this is obviously for the game R&D team. It’s an unfair overlord’s clause, and it’s obviously not conducive to the healthy development of the game industry from the perspective of a large group of game players like Minions. As a senior immersive game player, Minions are very important to the market environment. Not sensitive, but really afraid of not being able to play good games. Fortunately, the blockbuster game “Yuan Shen” launched by Mihayou last year finally stood up and began to try to break this dangerous balance-“Yuan Shen” has rejected mainstream Android channels such as Xiaomi and Huawei, mainly in the App Store, Platforms such as TapTap went online, and “Fortnite” also joined this action, causing the App Store to make concessions due to the situation (starting from 2021, small businesses or independent developers with an annual income of less than US$1 million will be Its commission rate in the app store has dropped from 30% to 15%). This result also confirms that the current development of the game industry still needs to be dominated by high-quality content. Here, the minion also pays tribute to Mihayou and Epic : The reason why the two dared to charge to break the pattern is that Mihayou has absolute confidence in the quality of “Original God”. In addition to “Fortress Night”, Epic is also a well-known Unreal Engine developer and owns independent games. Platform Epic Games. Only by making the game’s recharge and sharing focus on developers can it be more beneficial to the long-term development of the game industry. After all, good content is the root of all cultural industries. Only by giving content creators more financial incentives can creators be more focused on creation and can be better. Good for the healthy development of the game industry.

6 months ago

Content construction is the soul and quality game is essentially a concept. If from the product point of view, the industry’s basic strengths may be: gameplay model, monetization model, interactive model, immersion guidance, cycle and systemicity, but if guided by guiding ideology and public opinion From the point of view, the game may be considered to need three sublimation models: one is compliance (including regulations prohibiting and experiencing emotional prohibition), the other is tied to cultural communication (this will be vague, after all, what kind of game should be carried The culture is relatively unfixed), one is tied to education (it is estimated that many people understand gamification, but games and gamification are essentially two different things) so that when developers make products, there will be more levels to consider, such as subject matter. In terms of gameplay and expression, is it compliant, such as the concepts presented by game narrative and immersion, and does it conform to values, such as the applicability of the product, which meets the needs of all ages (essentially a younger age). In fact, many of the current products focus on But in fact, for products, gameplay model exploration, monetization model exploration, and interactive model exploration are inherently scarcer. If the so-called content construction can move part of it to gameplay model exploration, monetization model exploration, and interactive model exploration, at least, What we see will not be large-scale: imitating popular overseas models, imitating overseas classic models, similar models have been changing skins for several years, and a large number of products have been replaced. In essence, there is no freshness. What we eat is external products that cannot be sold locally. We are still looking forward to the benefits. The exploration of gameplay models will emerge as a new force in individual types, and there will be a day when it will lead the global market.

6 months ago

I support the proposal of “building content as the soul” with both hands. This has long been the voice of the majority of players, but there is no suitable occasion for him to mention it on the table. With such fierce competition in the mobile game market, this is an era where content is king. Only good content will gain more popularity and attention. However, even though everyone knows that the content is important, many developers have to reduce the quality of the game due to the high proportion of the channel business, thereby saving costs. As a result, most of the mobile games on the market either change the soup without changing the medicine, or are empty and sentimental, and eventually become crude junk games in the mouth of players. I always think that the existence of channels is just to provide us with the opportunity to see this game. The content of the game is good, so no matter what channel it is, I believe someone will play it. After all, for a game, the most important thing should be its content. Is it true that someone will give up a highly acclaimed high-quality game because a channel is blocked? I won’t anyway. Take the previously very popular “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River” as an example, only tap can be downloaded, and many people download this platform for this game. Isn’t this an iron proof that users are attracted by the game content? The success of “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River” has also reminded the majority of developers that we are the kings of this era without the channels. “Content construction as the soul” is the root of the success of the current game, not the question of what channel is entangled. Even many games can’t even add the most basic friends because the channel cannot accept the data, which is really uncomfortable. If everyone were in official uniforms, there wouldn’t be so much trouble. What players like is the game itself, but not a channel. If you can’t switch to another channel, it’s better. Will there be fans of the channel?

6 months ago

This is really strange, it’s all 1202, and there is still this kind of problem, isn’t the game itself a content entrepreneurship? Game development does not focus on game content, what is it about? Why is it that current players always complain that it is too difficult to find a game with excellent content, not because the developer does not want to make a good game, but because of the “unequal treaty” between the developer and the channel dealer-many games have to pay for channel promotion The high share has resulted in developers having to make games with elaborate plans and make them slightly rough in order to achieve cost-saving purposes. However, after going online, players will only be able to catch up with games that are fast for a while and whose content quality cannot keep up with the standards of the times. After all, they will not be able to gain iron powder. However, the high share of the channel is not negotiable, otherwise the game cannot be promoted, and the developer is afraid that it will affect the online data. Ever since, how to break the increasingly tense relationship between content and channels has become a problem for many developers. In the past, it was not a game that did not get rid of channels to achieve success. Among them, “The Strongest Snail” was the most classic. The original promotional video of the strongest snail has been played more than a million times in station B, and since the game was launched, it has been consistently ranking TOP5 on the best-selling list. Isn’t it because of their pursuit of game quality and expressiveness that they can achieve such results? Is it a high standard? Those boutique games that have succeeded in breaking through the channels have also directly stimulated more game products to kick off the channels, including NetEase’s “Yiju: Duel Link”, “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River”, and Mihayou’s “Yuan Shen “Wait. The success of these games has also taught the channel dealers who are open to the Lions. The success of the game ultimately depends on the high quality of the game itself, rather than the convenience provided by the channel. If you know how to converge in the channel, A proper share ratio is acceptable. Everyone hopes to cooperate and win-win. However, if you continue to require a high share ratio, then everyone will be separated. My game can still be supported by many players, and your channel is nothing. Promotion is just a part of the game announcement, just like the appearance of a thing. After all, flashy is useless. Players always pay for the content of the game.

6 months ago

Taking content construction as the soul and quality construction as the foundation is the foundation of a good game. The higher the quality of the game, the better the game experience of players. With word-of-mouth, the game will naturally gain the support of players. This is also true for developers. A good thing. Games serve players and players support games. Such a virtuous circle is what we like to see. However, the current domestic mobile game market is too messy and too complicated. Many games are downloaded after they are clicked. The picture quality and content are poor. It is not like the product of the technical level of 2021. The downloading is full of expectations. So disappointed. The reason for the poor quality of the game is the lack of development costs. Many developers intend to present a well-made game to the players. However, the channel party’s high proportion of share requirements makes them have to reduce the development cost, and the channel business thinks that they are themselves. Mastering “important” user resources, and thus having an excuse to charge a huge channel fee, without sufficient financial support, how can one make a satisfying game? In the end, developers are caught in a vicious circle of no funds for content, poor product reputation, no money, and no funds for the next new game development. This is undoubtedly a huge obstacle to the development and innovation of the entire game market. Let’s take a look at the excellent works that have escaped the shackles of channels in recent years, such as “Duel King: Game Link”, “One Thought Happy”, and what’s more, “Black Myth Wukong”, which caused a sensation just by a trailer, is of high quality and high quality. The standard has received unanimous praise from players, and they have expressed their expectations. Now game developers know that it is to do well in game content to attract players, rather than choosing convenient channel providers to get higher downloads. As players have higher and higher requirements for game quality, the quality of the game has become the primary benchmark for success. Channels only provide players with a convenience, an auxiliary role, not the core. Users always comment on xx games. The quality is really good, instead of commenting on the xx channel download is really convenient.

6 months ago

A bunch of people shouted, “Ask for Dong Dayi, and then establish the Eastern Capital”. As a result, Yuan Benchu ​​and Yuan Gongdao, who took the lead among these people, felt that it was unnecessary to ask Dong, and they gave themselves a general title of “fighting for Chinese games” and a general of hussars “fighting for content construction”. Many princes are different, but Sun Bofu who wants to go west most is also a protégé of the Yuan family. Taking a look at Cao Lisi, Liu Miha was not there, um, one shouted “All the monarchs face north, I will face from the west”, and the other shouted “Kuang help the Han room, rebuild the universe”. At any rate, there was a kind, and didn’t drink with the Yuan family. Does this talk about Dong Da Shi really fall into this alliance? I am afraid of being a hero in the world, but “make the king and fuck his ears”. Regarding the distribution of channels such as Huawei, vivo, and oppo, I have long been answering the question. Besides, it is the manufacturer’s decision whether to use 55 or even 37 to buy from the channel. If they do not have confidence in their products, use 55 and 37 to roll out products in channels in order to maximize revenue. Then the channel business interface will be full of bad money to drive out good money. It is a hard thing for players, so there are ways to bypass channels to obtain game resources, which is what we should support. Because we are players first, and then game workers.

6 months ago

The bitterness of the world has been homogenized for a long time. I hardly play mobile games now, why? Because I can’t get interested, there are millions of mobile games on the market, and more than a hundred die every day, but are there more than 50 ways to play? In the past, it was either card drawing or match-3, or tower defense and stealing food. Technology is based on shell swapping, and the game is based on skin swapping. This kind of gameplay diversity is not as good as Angry Birds back then. Fruit Ninja Plants vs. Zombies dominated the world. This serious homogeneity of gameplay and content has led to a series of very serious consequences. The most serious is that the core of product competitiveness is not content design but marketing announcements. Because you can’t break through the gameplay, you have to deal with a large number of products on the market. Homogenization of competing products, and the only way to get ahead in the homogenization fight can only rely on publicity and marketing. In other words, the channel is the key link. As for the quality of the game itself, no one cares, so a large number of games have appeared in the development team. People who don’t play games (they are even proud of it, which is simply jaw-dropping). These people specialize in marketing, know how to publicize and do the billing, but they don’t know how to make a good game, even cutting leeks. They are extremely rude. These people have the right to speak in game development, and the decision-making process is completely revolving around them. As for the abstract conceptual design of gameplay and the construction of worldviews, which are crucial in the traditional game industry, it seems like a mess and Dispensable. Anyway, the gameplay is just like that, and it’s over if you throw in the money to announce the release. As for the game, is it fun? It doesn’t matter, the developers themselves don’t play games anyway (they are proud of it). Over time, various underworld plans have emerged one after another. The mobile game industry has absorbed a lot of industrial resources due to the huge return on investment, but the final product is rarely refined, and it can be something that is unforgettable for a long time like some classic games on other platforms. Almost none, this status quo makes people feel sad. In addition, the channel being the key link has also led to a consequence, which is to destroy the IP. Some IPs that have left a good impression on people’s childhood watched one by one ruined and clean. This is disgusting. Taking content as the key link is not only to say, but also to do, as soon as possible to return the dominant power of game development to those development teams who really understand and play games, rather than those marketing who don’t even talk about the word “kpi” In the hands of personnel. It’s not that I don’t play 3A. I’m not that Brahmin, but after absorbing the vast resources of other games, mobile games can hardly see exquisite sketches such as GRIS, teacup head, spiritfarer, and little nightmare. At this point, this is really unreasonable.

6 months ago

Swollen what to say. If this conference is really useful and can really lead game products to always adhere to the correct value orientation, with content construction as the soul and quality construction as the foundation, then I would support it with both hands. I also agree with this theme very much, and hope that game manufacturers will give more consideration to players and seek more benefits for users. I’m afraid that some manufacturers are doing enough on the surface, but in fact they can do all kinds of disgusting activities for money. If the game is not done well, making money is the first. In this conference of People’s Daily Online, I also hope to guide the so-called positive energy to the place where it should be guided. The operation of green blood should not appear. Anyway, in one sentence, a good game for players is a good game.

6 months ago

Isn’t it time to put content first? In the past few years, Chinese players have been in dire straits. The market has been swamped by a large number of skin-changing krypton games. The morbid thinking that ran away after a wave has directly dragged the domestic game industry into a vicious cycle. Why has no manufacturer been willing to come out and take it? Daqi, what about making a real high-quality explosion model? Because in the past, no matter how hard you put in manpower and money, no matter how hard the quality of the game is, you will be saddened by the channel when you want to go online. Traditional channels have covered the lives of Chinese people, and most ordinary people are controlled by traditional channel dealers wherever they can see. What you see is mostly what they want you to see, which is why the content has to be compromised with channels. Over the years, because the channel has mastered the lifeblood of most content parties, advertising fees have naturally become protection fees, and the content parties have to live in the shadow of the channel tremblingly, scolding their mothers and giving them tea to the channel dad with a smile. . But feng shui turns, and now the times have changed, and the hegemony of distributors is no longer stable. The emergence of Yuanshen undoubtedly gave all channel merchants a big punch, and at the same time gave domestic game manufacturers a resounding signal: As long as the content is too hard, why not bypass the channel? 4 billion in the first month of the public beta! The revenue of the Hai Lantern Festival version reaches the top in 27 countries! One data after another shows that high-quality games can be successful even if they leave the channel. Wherever there is oppression, there will be resistance. When the channel pushes the content in a hurry, it will naturally suffer resistance. After all, this is an era where content is king. “Take content construction as the soul”, this is not an empty slogan, but the voice of countless players. If distributors continue to stand still, they will soon be abandoned by the times and become loess run over by the wheels of history.

6 months ago

The content is really important. Game content is also a kind of content, and it also needs to adhere to correct values. Among the groups that play games, young people are the majority, and many people’s values have not been fully formed. If it is some game content involving pornography, gambling, drugs, violence, etc., it will cause a lot of adverse effects for young people. It will even affect their minds and cause certain social harm to the society. Excellent content is also very attractive to players. With a good game style and game screen, game players will also like to play more, so that they will be pleasing to the eye. Game players, many people are also highly educated people, and they also have a certain taste for culture and ideas. If it is very homogenous content, the same content, game players will also have a certain aesthetic fatigue, and thus want to delete the game, do not want to play. “Content construction is the soul”, in every era, will not be out of date.

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