Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Bai, the producer of “Xiaomori Life” (hereinafter referred to as “Xiaomori”). It took 3 and a half years for Komori’s life from the establishment of the project to the launch of the project. After the recent launch, the game has received many attentions, which makes us a little flattered. As a producer, first of all, I am very grateful to everyone for their support and preference for this game; secondly, in addition to being grateful, I also want to use this platform to know all the friends who have been with us for a long time and give fair comments to colleagues. Talk to the new players from the R&D team’s heart. In fact, frankly speaking, there must be a lot of subjective colors for the production team to evaluate their own games. I still remember three years ago, it was amazing, the team got together because of a very, very simple original intention. Those of us miss the idyllic life when we were young too much. We were so happy on the country roads and you chased me. When we were tired, we sat in the shade of the trees, gnawing on the watermelon, and listening to the cicadas and the cries. This feeling is what we really want to restore. In the past three years, from a concept and original intention to the present Komori, a small team of dozens of people overturned the original design and overturned the progress. It can be said that we accompany it a little bit from scratch, just like stumbling and growing up with our own children. Just as parents will always feel that their children are the best, as a producer, I am always full of confidence in our products. Therefore, I use this sentence to answer this question: Komori is a good child, and it will definitely continue Grow strong, please wait and see~ Well, after answering the questions, let’s take a look at Komori again. From the perspective of a game industry practitioner, are there any shortcomings in Komori’s game? Have! Too much! One week of the public beta, I saw feedback from many players and friends. Here, I can quickly list ten, twenty, and one hundred. But from the perspective of the producer, it is still sad to bring the children before everyone to accept the evaluation, even if they have a certain degree of psychological preparation. Players, friends, please give us a little more time. We are confident that we will iteratively optimize as soon as possible in subsequent versions to solve the pain points that everyone has feedback. Komori Life Healing Starter: Receive a letter from your grandmother, go back to your childhood hometown, Komori Village, and start your new life. So, what was the team doing before? Why would such a product be launched? It is also something I want to talk about. “Komori Life” is a work with many regrets for us. In the process of putting the beautiful ideas of unconstrained and unconstrained ideas into the Komori that can run on everyone’s mobile phones, we made many compromises in the face of reality. First of all, the level of gameplay. Three years ago, there were almost no games of the same type on the market for us to refer to and learn from. It can be said that in the process of designing gameplay and optimizing the experience, the entire team is in a state of crossing the river by feeling the stones. We have been thinking about how to integrate the stand-alone game of ranch management gameplay with social gameplay? The first problem is how to be accepted by both stand-alone players who love ranch management and online game players who prefer social networking. We have set a principle: never set compulsive social interactions, and stand-alone players can also experience almost all of the game content. Later, this concept was affirmed in many small-scale file deletion tests. Players who like to farm, fish, and chop wood on their own feel very comfortable and enjoy it. A group of very friendly and helpful players will frequently help solve problems in the chat channel. Then, the second problem followed one after another: the game content was consumed too quickly. Faced with this problem, we have had many discussions and disputes, and many proposals have been made. For example, since the physical energy consumed by work can be recovered by cooking, why not directly limit the number of meals eaten per day? “Too hard, PASS”; a new satiety limit is added, and players can no longer use cooking to restore their physical strength when they are full, until the satiety decreases over time? “Disrupting the rhythm of work, the UI performance and the concept of physical strength are positive and negative, resulting in poor feeling, PASS.” We need a set of mechanisms to effectively and not rigidly guide players to experience the game easily and casually. Finally, a highly controversial plan was settled: adding a fatigue value system, as physical exertion increases, players will enter a state of fatigue. In the state of fatigue, the physical energy consumed by the same game behavior increases. The purpose of joining this system is to hope that players can slow down and get rid of impatience when playing Komori. In Komori, there is no numerical suppression, no combat effectiveness/PK rankings, everyone slows down, planting the fields, decorating, sitting in the rocking chair to watch the sunset, isn’t it comfortable~ Come on, let’s talk about the poor picture that the most people complain about. The earliest Komori was actually a common two-dimensional cartoon rendering style, but we did not have a wealth of experience in this rendering technology, and could not attract everyone’s attention among many excellent products. So, we chose the current style picture. Obviously, this is not an easy way. From the original painting to the model, we adjusted and polished thousands of times. In addition, in order to allow more players to experience Komori’s game, with our existing technical strength, we can only temporarily choose the latter in the trade-off between model precision and adaptability. Therefore, compared with many games on the market, the current version of the game model is indeed not refined enough. However, as the company’s first 3D game, “Komori Life” has been accumulating experience in the production process. Under the premise of ensuring compatibility and unaffected performance, it will be our eternal pursuit to continuously polish the product picture. Finally, let’s talk about the scene loading problem. Three-step one-reading and five-step one-loading really affect the game experience, but as a 3D semi-open world game, compared to loading, the memory resources of your mobile phones are not released, which will directly cause the game to crash. Simply put, the reading you experience is actually a re-release and reading of the memory resources occupied by each scene. Only in this way can you ensure the relative stability of your long-term game. This is really a helpless move taken by the technical team in order not to flash back. I hope everyone understands and I hope everyone can help us! (The team collectively kneels and washes the clothes board…TvT) Of course, we have been facing up to and exploring issues such as the network is not smooth enough, the tasks are too monotonous, and the daily affairs are too liver. We will definitely hand in answers to everyone’s satisfaction as soon as possible. “Life in Komori” has attracted more people’s attention, which is very happy. However, the various problems and complaints that everyone has reported have also given us a deeper sense of betrayal of trust, guilt and regret. These will become the driving force that spurs us to move forward urgently: we will continue to learn the possibilities of unity3D; we will continue to deepen the fluency of online games; we will continue to reduce the problem of stuck points in the process; we will continue to pay attention to everyone’s complaints and opinions ; And, we will continue to work hard to get out of our own style on the road of making games. In the next few versions, we will make continuous improvements in response to the most feedback from these players. I hope you will wait and see. It is true that Komori is not a satisfactory answer to everyone, whether it is for the players or ourselves. But at the same time, the current Komori will never be our last answer. Thanks again to everyone who can see here, and thank you for your attention to Komori. Regardless of whether the evaluation is positive or negative, it will become the cornerstone of our progress. Finally, thanks again!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Very fragmented game, it is a pity that it should have a higher height. The theme of the split game planned and operated is obviously a leisurely slow-paced farming game. Operate independently, play gift packages regardless of rhythm, and design a sense of grace? The untimely recharge button on the full screen directly makes the first day’s new users run away. People who are attracted to the game itself will have doubts when they see such a split skin, suspecting that this is a skin-changing mmo. (Look at the player’s comments, the producer should be able to feel it?) This is why the game may not make much money but is forced to krypton. (Yes, from a professional point of view, Komori’s commercialization is not serious at all) I think this is laziness in operation and execution, especially commercialization. Without thinking about it, he embedded a set of opening and recharging spree. As everyone knows, the players attracted by Komori are very disgusted with this set of gifts. ️Before the separation of leisure and mmo, I also said that the so-called big factory plans nothing else, and is best at eating experience packs. (After all, I am a so-called big factory planning) I took a bunch of mmo opening kits and put them on games like Komori. In this way, the data will definitely improve in the short term, and the pre-retention will increase and the paid arpu will increase. The team is very happy, thinking that such behavior is okay, mmo needs to be guided, and such step-by-step guidance is what the player wants. Everyone knows that the temperament of the entire game has been changed. Is this still the game the production team imagined in their hearts? A question is raised, the data has improved, is it really the right decision for the game? ️The split of the theme is obviously that the team wants to do a Japanese pastoral game, Little Forest + Haijie Diary. This is beautiful. There is no problem. The problem is that the operation obviously wants to be a Chinese-style farming game, which can be seen from the title of “Getting Rich Guider”. The disunity of the team will affect the temperament of the entire game. This is the foundation and core of the production team! This determines whether your NPC on the roadside is a witch or a peasant uncle, and whether the clothes you wear are navy uniforms or peasant suits. Both paths are true, but can you focus on one instead of both? The above are the core problems I think. In addition, the basic experience is bad (image loading, model light and shadow problems, camera angle) and early guidance problems (being stuck many times, you have carefully experienced the first three days of the process to ensure that it will not Are you stuck?) It feels really bad! (Every action cuts trees and mines, especially the slingshot). All of the above have brought the game that had hoped to reach 90 points to 59 points. The fun type of farming finally has a heavier game product. It is really a pity that the peers handed in such a lack of experience. I have been paying attention to Komori’s life for a year or two. The development period of this game is definitely not short, and the content is very large. The game itself is actually quite fun. Back to the beginning, I think it’s a pity. It’s not easy to make a game. Keep up the good work. (The sentence before is looking forward to your next work. It’s easy to misinterpret what I mean. Let’s change it.)

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6 months ago

I don’t recommend it. The arrow keys are a pink cherry blossom when I first enter the game. Isn’t there a more suitable solution for boys? Have to be like this? Also, the character modeling is very strange and the scene is rough. Said it is a relaxing and casual simulation game, not to mention that the action is stiff, the UI of the game interface is enough to persuade you, the row in the upper right corner can be hidden, but the message bar on the top scrolls and pushes various messages for you throughout the whole process. Obstructive. Another point is that the big map of the game really has no details at all. Put a logo and fill in a color block and it is over. Inferior quality is not good. The game maps ten years ago are more refined than this.

6 months ago

I thought that most people would complain about switching maps and loading too frequently, but after watching half a circle, the answer was that they were persuaded by Krypton Gold and Liver. The current character is level 36, and his house is level 12, and the gold coins are a bit unable to keep up, so I want to slow down the pace and do it. Make clothes and sell money. By the way, clear the log. Krypton gold is not so exaggerated. I only have a permanent monthly card of 98 Krypton (will give 4 places where gold coins are used to brush materials, and the game experience has improved significantly). No other places feel that Krypton gold is necessary, mount Only increase the speed of 20 and 30, and eat a low-level cooking food can give you 10 speed. Fashion is even more unnecessary. When I entered the game, I tried all the fashion in the mall, and I also complained about why it is so ugly and so little. After driving to the second forest map, I walked around the world in a functional outfit, raincoat + rain boots + heat-resistant hat + miner’s backpack, popsicles and night vision goggles with different belts, and wind-resistant and cold-resistant clothing in the backpack, and a pass 128 diamonds, because the monthly card gives 20 diamonds a day, and you can save it in 13 days after logging in. Then the pass will also send a mount liver. It really depends on the individual. There are already level 60 on the ios server. Every day, the tired liver is full, my friend There are also more than ten levels, no A, and occasionally I can see TA coming to my house to play cats, but in many parts of the game itself, it can be seen that the development team is not capable of 1, and the loading is too much. You have to pass the picture when you go upstairs in the house. I don’t have any complaints about taking the tram. You have to give me a pass when you enter the station. 2. The mini-games are too perfunctory. Cooking, licking cats, and catching animals is all right. The cooking animation is very rough, catching animals qte The judgment is very problematic, and it is often clear that the point is right. As a result, it does not judge. The above-mentioned over-pictures are already enough. As a result, the cat has to go through the pictures. The first question in the questionnaire is that there are too many pictures. Now that I have realized it, Can’t you save this kind of meaningless over-the-picture? It’s just two clicks, so I can’t click twice in the 3D perspective, and then the character makes a cat-sweeping action? 3. The decoration does not support the free placement of the camera’s perspective, so you have to approach the furniture to “lift up”, and then place them one by one according to the position of the characters. This also causes the characters to prompt you to “lift up” whenever they approach a piece of furniture. “A lot of furniture has not yet interacted, only “lifting”. It is recommended to change the name to “weightlifting life”4. In addition to decoration, there is also planting. Seeding is also spreading one by one on the head of the characters. Perhaps the development team wants to be more immersive. ? But have you ever considered that this is a mobile game? Shouldn’t it be more important to take care of the operating habits of mobile games? 5. There are durable things that do not support stacking. This is understandable. After all, the durability is different, but can the new one be stacked? Even if the new one can’t, can you stop sending 14 bandages at once? In the email, there are 14 stacked together. When the backpack is in the bag, it is not open for score. I keep reminding me that the backpack is full. I emptied the backpack and brought it out. Good guy half backpack bandage 6. The weather system is very rich, and the characters You also need to wear different clothes to deal with different weather, but can’t we make more fashion pages? Otherwise, just like me, I will always wear the world in a functional outfit. With so many fashions, the only effect is to sell gold coins 7. The beetle battle animation cannot be skipped. There is nothing to operate except for typing and refueling. It has to be calculated by someone. Good animation of two bugs colliding, ios and Android are not interoperable. Many people have said that I am a stand-alone player so the feeling in the game is not obvious, but I want to pull my boyfriend to have an invitation and reward. I still complain when I can’t This game is not useless, but the playability is still there. There are many maps and a lot of materials. Except for too much loading, it can’t be regarded as a major defect. But when there are many such small problems, there will be a kind of chucking of the whole body. Feel uncomfortable, I hope the development team can optimize it

6 months ago

The character is a bit ugly, with a big head and a small body. It looks uncomfortable. Before I played the mobile game of Jianwang III, it was also a model with a big head and a small body, which was particularly uncomfortable. The highest picture quality is hard to say. It’s so rough when I play with my mobile phone, and I don’t know if it’s more muddy when I play with a large-screen tablet. I saw that other answers also talked about mowing. I just started to play a little bit of mowing, and I feel very strong. If I didn’t know that I was mowing, I thought I had attacked and slashed forward. I saw that I flattened the Void towards A, and the grass disappeared suddenly in the next second. These details are very uncomfortable and uncomfortable. I went on to play, hoping that the farming in the back can be appetizing. I continued to play in the afternoon, except for the task modeling and blurry pictures, it was more to my appetite. What makes me more uncomfortable is that I need to run around. Sometimes I don’t have enough materials and I have to run to the yard to synthesize. If the raw materials are not enough, you have to make another trip to the forest. After reading the article several times, I played in a hurry. I still like convenient production, even if I carry a workbench with me, I can take it out at any time. There is also a warning to everyone not to fish after turning off the lights at night. When the screen is blank, it is almost blind. I adjusted the brightness to a very low level, but my eyes still tingled when the screen was blank, and I was scared.

6 months ago

What, games related to Tencent games? Good life simulation development game? If these two things can be put together, you might as well look forward to the works of Xiaochang. With the exception of Tencent’s buyout system, all other games in Tencent are not games in essence, but social, and they are the same as the rules of reality. I’m not targeting the goose factory, I’m targeting the goose factory and the pig factory. Although I am an old pig factory player, you can expect to have a good game with these two companies. It’s impossible. It doesn’t have that function, you know. . DNA does not support it. I’ve been playing the game as a player. I don’t even need to open this game. It’s not enough for Cairo to play with one hand.

6 months ago

It’s called Xiaoqingxin, but it’s actually heavy krypton gold. All kinds of recharge and activity buttons are stuck on the interface abruptly. With such a simple and rude way of making rice, you can only say that it is you, Shanda (oh, it’s called Shengqu now). This is a re-enactment of a legendary game. Fortune password? After playing for more than half an hour, I really can’t play. No way, it’s hot. Maybe my XS is not worth playing games. Amazing, Komori! Amazing, Shanda! I want krypton gold for you! I want to change the latest flagship machine for you! ! But there is money for this kind of rubbish krypton gold, why not buy an NS? Which one is not more fun than Dongsen or Ranch Story? If you don’t want to spend too much money, don’t you still have Portia time? Not more fun than it? It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to spend money at all. Isn’t it fun to play Ranch Story in the next GBA simulator?

6 months ago

Are you there? Brother, I and a bunch of friends who have played Tomorrow before are playing Komori recently. I want to give you two opinions. 1. Brother, I still hope to be able to achieve no loading in my manor. If this is definitely not technically possible, please tell me in advance and we will bid farewell first. 2. Brother, in addition, will there be car mounts in the future? Will hot air balloon rides with elevated viewing angles be added? Just like the evolution of World of Warcraft from the 1960s to the 1970s, I especially like this qualitative change in the sense of space. This is not anxious, and the update on May 1 will be arranged. 3. Brother, will you join the mechanism of the King’s Draw Glory Crystal? I really want to immediately own a fashion/mount/cat that can only be owned by a unitary party for several years. If you say that you are ugly, I will use 5R/a large The horn brushed him until he was retired. 4. Brother, more than a dozen bandages will make people think that you are playing players. Although I know this is your mistake, I suggest that you can stack the number of uses, but it only occupies one grid. 5. Brother, have you ever played The Witcher 3? I hope to add fruit and vegetables quint cards to the game. This will deceive Krypton and increase daily activity. I hope the next expansion can be added. 6 Brother, do you like Jay Chou? I think you can ask him to endorse him. In 2007, the endorsement song was written in the album “Grandma” in Qilixiang. 7 Brother, I spent so much money, and finally found out that others can buy a lot of cdkeys for one dollar in TB, which made me feel desperate. 8. Brother, I suggest that you can fight monsters in the game like tomorrow and after tomorrow. Players who hit the first damage can be notified of the full server, so that more male players can come in, like me, the first output after tomorrow People like to play this kind of thing. 9. Brother, Tencent’s codename vitality project was killed. I suggest you take it and merge it into your group. I love you.

6 months ago

When it reaches the highest image quality, it’s like that. My eldest brother gets hot to play. Now at level 18, I don’t do it anymore. I can’t finish cutting down trees. I can’t finish digging mines. I brushed up to the greasy map. In the later stage, I don’t have a small cart. It depends on my legs or flying points. I didn’t experience much of the plot, but it was the job of the tailor shop owner. He prepared a surprise for his wife’s birthday and asked me to make a hat, hey! Your wife is not my wife, can’t get a hat with a big family? I don’t believe that hahaha, the outrageous degree of freedom of construction is better than that of the Jiangnan Hundred Scenery Map, at least it can rotate in all directions, but I am a heavy Sims player, so the comparison on the building system is hahahaha, you know what I mean~, oh, people do it. Tour is not comparable. As for the cooking system, it takes a lot of effort to peel potatoes. It’s my problem. It took a long time to do it well. It’s not sensitive. In the dining page tour, I think the daddy series yyds, I love the daddy sandwich shop the most, and I understand everything I have played~ Anyway, I have played an excellent simulation business class before coming to contact Komori’s life. If you are a loyal fan, it’s like I’m magnifying the fart. After the initial freshness, I will be tired and boring. This is a little bit of my feeling when playing mobile games. As a digression, Tencent has also invested in the black mythical Wukong, hoping that the domestically produced 3a will not change its taste in the end.

6 months ago

It can only be said that it proves perfectly that there is too serious a disconnect between the announcement and the game, and it will definitely be backlashed. The landing is really too hip. All Japanese comics are announced, and I dare not miss a little game screen at all. The most likely reason is that the screen is too hip. But the more you hide it, the more it will cause more players to delete it in seconds because of the gap. In the 5G era, I will play a little longer because I have purchased one or two G resources, with the mentality that I have downloaded them all? will not! I will give bad reviews because of a strong sense of being deceived. It is still recommended that the quality of the product itself should be promoted, and the users who really accept the picture will come in. There is no need to leave it in such an inexplicable place. The picture is not competitive and the conversion is terribly poor. Better than retention and a crash in word of mouth, right? And if you lose it in such a place, the product itself wants to be adjusted in the future, and you don’t know where the user is lost. In the game, too, the technology was too stale, which caused the experience to crash. For example, loading problems significantly affect the experience. Interaction is the soul of a game, especially the type of product, which should require a lot of operations. The stuck hands of various operations have a huge impact on the product. In summary, I think very well, but the technology is too scumbag.

6 months ago

Just tried it for a while, let’s talk about my first experience. It’s similar to the computer game “Portia Time”, and even the plot is a bit similar (take the train home, the house is broken, and the physical strength). I ran into a problem just after playing. The task requires wearing a hat. I can’t complete the task even if I put the hat on and off… By the way, let’s talk about the plot. An unknown hitman returns home and delivers things to the whole village. , You gave the sickle and I gave the hoe, and does the clothing factory owner usually live in the country? This is not rural at all. Tucao the game again, automatic path finding + mowing task, this combination reminds me of the legend.

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