1. New generals in the existing camps: Pythagoras (mathematics), Euclid (mathematics), Descartes (mathematics), Zu Chongzhi (mathematics), Kaldan (mathematics), Schrodinger ( Physics), Hawking (Physics) 2. New skills: Lobita [Luo Shen]; Lavoisier [Oxygen Production] Update notice: New camps will be added: Computer science, medicine will be adjusted to kill, flash cards The name will be added to the name of the general chemical Lavoisier 3 stamina [Legacy] After your character dies, you can watch the top 11 cards in the deck. Anyway, it has no effect. [Oxygen] You can use each spade as if it were out of thin air. Kekule 6 stamina [Dreamland] You can choose to sleep or use six cards in your hand to tile and connect them in a circle to get through the non-you card stage. (If you have less than six cards in your hand, you can only sleep) Nobel 3 Physical Strength [Set Prize] After your character dies, your hand and equipment zone cards will become prizes in the prize pool. You can appoint a player from it at any time Obtain at least one card. (But the player’s mathematics can’t be better than you) [Interest] Your prize pool will add a card at the bottom of the deck as the interest for setting up the prize fund. [Lucky Explosion] The red kill cannot bring you into a near-death state, but if there are your brothers and sisters, they will bear the damage for you. Marie Curie 4 Physical Strength [Radiation] Players within the attack range need to show a black hand card each round, otherwise a little physical strength will be deducted. [Autophagy] Each round needs to show a red hand card, otherwise a little physical strength will be deducted. Mendeleev 4 Stamina [Watchmaking] At the beginning of the round, you can specify the seats of all players. [Vodka] When there are Russian scientists present, you can drink vodka together and shout ————Ula! Le Chatelier 3 Physical Strength [Balance] At the beginning of the round, choose a player within the attack range, you will draw him or his hand will be drawn until the number of cards in your hand is equal or there is only one card difference. Bidao 4 Physical Strength [SNP] You can go to the toilet at any stage of the game, and you can also prevent other players from going to the toilet. [Second grade] You can ridicule any player’s level “less than second grade” to irritate him. Physical Newton 3 stamina [First Law] Each kill you use during the card-playing phase will start from the designated player and cause damage to the first player in the field who did not make a flash in a designated order. [Second Law] When you receive any form of damage, you can discard all cards in your hand and equipment, and transfer the damage to any player. (The actual effect of the skill when there is no hand or equipped card) [The Third Law] The player you insult can also insult you. [Authority] At the beginning of the round, you can designate one person to skip the card drawing stage, and you cannot designate the same player in two adjacent rounds. [Grandpa] You can force other players except Hook and Leibniz to call you grandpa at any stage of the game. [Competition] You can yell at players who have Hooker and Leibniz at any stage of the game. Hooker 3 stamina [flexibility] When you enter your turn, you regain a little stamina. [Opponents] You will be judged before the playing stage. If the judgement result is hearts, you must cause at least one point of damage to Newton during the playing stage. Faraday 3 stamina [Induction] The player who was hurt by you loses the same amount of cards as the damage at the same time. Einstein 3 stamina [the speed of light does not change] The rest of your skills are based on this skill, and the skill itself is useless. [Rule reduction effect] When calculating your attack range, the distance between you and other players is always 1. [Mass-energy equation] When the number of cards in your hand after using a kill is less than or equal to three, the damage you use to kill is normal damage; otherwise, the damage you use to kill is doubled. [Photoelectric effect] The player who was hurt by you will be judged at the same time. If the judgement result is 2-9 of spades, the player will take a little more damage. Yang Zhenning 3 Physical Strength [Conservation Breaking] The number of cards in the hands of the two players on your left and right should not be equal, otherwise you designate one of the players to discard at least one hand. [Great Unification Promotion] Each round you can appoint any two players including you. Players with a small number of cards in their hands need to draw cards to make their number of cards the same as the number of hands of players with a large number of cards. Schrodinger 3 Physical Strength [Quantum] In your turn, you can discard a card in your hand, draw two cards from the top of the deck, choose one as your hand before you know the two cards, and place the other card in the card The bottom of the pile. [Fluctuation] Every kill you use will trigger the judgment: if the result is black, the kill damage is one; if the result is red, the kill damage is two. But note that you can still use only one flash to avoid a kill with two damage. Hawking 2 physical strength [will] A single damage greater than or equal to two can cause n-1 damage to you (n is the damage value). 【Black Hole】Used when you are about to die, you can absorb any player’s stamina and resurrect with a stamina. A game can only be used once. Math Euler 4 Physical Strength [Topology] All the first damage you receive in each round can be converted into damage caused by kills, so that you can dodge with dodge. [Euler’s formula] A single damage of two points or more can be divided into two parts: the “real part” and the “imaginary part”. The “real part” damage is resolved immediately, and the “imaginary part” damage is delayed for one round. . Gauss 4 stamina [Basic Theorem of Algebra] Every kill you use must be blocked with a flash equal to the amount of damage, otherwise all damage caused by the kill will not be reduced by the block of the flash. [Clever Summation] Your upper limit of physical strength is the sum of the damage that you can designate two players in a round. Cauchy 3 stamina [Limit] The maximum damage taken in a single time is 1. Robida 3 Physical Strength [Banknote Ability] You can discard two cards in your hand and appoint a player to kill for you. If the player fails to kill, the skill will be invalidated and the two cards in the hand will fall into the ocean. [Luo Shen] You can pretend that you can’t see the flash used by the player to dodge the kill you use and then use the kill. Stop when you can’t stand the abuse from other players. Bayesian 3 stamina [estimate] Choose any player and draw a card from his hand, and estimate before seeing the number of cards in the hand. If the difference n is less than or equal to 4, you choose to recover a little stamina or gain (4-n ) A hand of cards. Galois 4 Stamina [Advanced] Your kill has advanced lethality: if the number of hand cards after the kill is less than or equal to 4, you will get the “group” effect, and the damage of the kill is 1; if you play the hand after the kill If the number is greater than 4 and less than or equal to 6, the “ring” effect is obtained, and the damage of the kill is 2; if the number of cards in the hand after the kill is greater than 6, the “domain” effect is obtained, all players except you and the player you specify Take 1 point of damage, and your designated player takes 2 points of damage. [Duel] You can use any card of 2-9 of hearts as a duel card. Pythagoras 3 stamina [Pythagorean] You can use n (n≥2) Zhang kill on the same player at the same time to make your distance to the attacked player one at the time of this attack, but the damage is n minus your and the player’s True distance. [Persecution] You can make the players present to drink water to punish them for acknowledging the existence of irrational numbers. Descartes 4 stamina [Coordinates] At the beginning of your round, you can give up the card opportunity of this round and discard all the cards in your hand. Take the top 2n-2 cards of the card pile, rearrange them and put them back on the top of the card pile. (N is the number of undead players present) Euclid 4 physical strength [Geometric Original] Each round you can appoint a player to show you a hand for reasons that violate axioms [Rational Spirit] Your handed-down rationality The spirit can support you to continue playing cards in the next round and before your death, but you cannot draw cards and cannot be the target of any card. Zu Chongzhi 4 Physical Strength [Pi] is judged at the beginning of each round. The number of points of the card obtained after the decimal point of the Pi is divided by four and the remainder is the number of kills you can use this round. Cardan 4 Stamina [White Prostitution] You can treat the hand of spades as a hand-in-hand. Creature Darwin 2 Stamina [Survival of the Fittest] Every time a player within your attack range dies on the field, you increase the upper limit of stamina by 1 and gain 1 point of stamina. [Insulted] Any player on the field can call (different from scolding) you as a monkey, but you cannot refute it. [Genetic Doom] If there are your children on the field (you can barely do it), they will lose 1 point of physical strength when they start the game. Mendel 3 stamina [Hybridization] You can use two red cards as a kill; use two black cards as a flash. [Reincarnation] After your character dies, you can become Morgan with 1 point of stamina in the next round. Anyway, you all like to hybridize plants and animals. Morgan 3 Physical Strength [Inheritance] You have Mendel’s first skill. [Torture] At the beginning of the round, you can choose a player to torture him like a white-eyed male fruit fly (for example, let him do squats until you are satisfied). [Relentless] You can indifferently refuse someone’s call for help in a near-death state, just as you refuse to go to the hospital to visit your wife in the delivery room and choose to accompany your white-eyed male fruit fly. [Energetic] When a player in the field enters a near-death state, you can make him discard all cards in his hand and resurrect him with 1 point of stamina. Papulov 4 Physical Strength [Transformation] You can discard two cards in the round and turn a player into a dog hook, but you can’t restrict him and sigh: I may not be a human, but you are a real dog! [Conditional Reflex] When you show your red hand, the player who turns into a dog hook must learn a dog bark and show you two black hand cards, otherwise 1 point of physical strength will be deducted.

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6 months ago

Shennobel 3 physical force thunder: In the stage of the card, you can put a card in your hand in the judgment area of ​​a character, called “thunder”. If the character is you, you can draw your hand to the upper limit of physical strength , If you do this, this skill will be invalid this round. Legacy Award: When you are damaged by attributes, you show the top five cards of the deck, and then you can give these cards to any other character. Skill card [Thunder] Card face description: In the judging stage, you must make a judgment. If the result is that, you receive 2 points of lightning damage and then discard this card. (There can be multiple [Thunders] in the judging area of ​​a character, and they can be judged one by one.) (Note: When killing face-to-face, the storage area of ​​[Thunder] should be before or after the Bingle Lightning, and avoid the combination of [Lightning] and [Lightning]. Transform the confusion of [Bing Liang Cun Dian].) (Note: Nobel’s contribution to mankind lies not only in the invention of TNT and other explosives that are convenient for mining, but more importantly, the Nobel He established Nobel in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, The five awards for literature and peace have inspired generations of people to fight for it. What a great contribution and noble spirit! Words have been difficult to praise him, so I decided to make his power a god, title I was temporarily vacant, waiting to be filled by latecomers.)

6 months ago

Three Kingdoms Killing is called a general, not a character, hey! I still remember when I talked about a certain chapter of optics in high school, the physics teacher briefly introduced Thomas Yang’s life. In his usual tone, it was difficult to conceal his excitement. What the teacher said at the time has been almost forgotten, so I still remember that he listed a list of cows. There is another sentence of the coaxing story: Thomas Yang is the last person in the world who knows everything. Here, let’s DIY about the great coaxing power in the mouth of the mentor~Qun Thomas Yang 4 Gouyu Guangzhe Expo l Guang You can declare the type and color of one card at one time in the card-playing stage. You can show the top three cards of the card pile and obtain at most two cards that match your declaration, and then put the rest of the cards in the pile in any order. Top and bottom of the deck. If you have not obtained a card in this way this round, you can have another character launch “Broadcasting” at the end of this phase. Design ideas & actual combat use Thomas Young’s superb riding skills, acrobatics and tightrope walkers, energetic for all areas There is quite a research, isn’t it too much to give the upper limit of 4? “Wide Shepherd” is based on the creativity of Jie Xu Shu’s “recommendations” to a certain extent, but it is more friendly to face-to-face killing and has more room for maneuverability. First, explain the “color and category”: different Regarding the “color or type” of Jie Xu Shu, Thomas Young must declare two conditions to activate his skills, such as “red basic card” and “black kit card.” Under the slightly harsh conditions mentioned above, it may be difficult to obtain cards, but It doesn’t matter-at the end of the card stage, the “Guang She” can be swiped again. And the “Guang She” at the end of the card stage has the previous display and topping as a reference. The teammates only need to record the card and declare the corresponding category. You can take the cards happily with the color. In contrast, Thomas Young’s first round “Guangshan” is more convenient for the second round to accurately take the cards. Even if the first “Guangshan” meets the conditions, if it is bright The number of “Guangshe” cards issued is not high or the quality is mediocre, Thomas Young can also give up the cards. Besides, Thomas Young and his teammates can use “Gwangshe” to actively control the top, which is of great significance in actual combat.

6 months ago

Package name: Newly added equipment area for senior high school entrance examination: tool cards: ruler, triangle, protractor, compass, balance, beaker, measuring cylinder, petri dish, [faction]: number role name: trigonometric function title: one is all Achievements: Three births (successfully awakened and activated sine and cosine for at least 7 characters) Physical Strength: Four-hook jade Skill: [Periodic]: After the game starts, you can draw a card every half a minute. [Sine and Cosine]: At the beginning and end of the round, you can choose your category. If it is a sine function, when you get a card outside the round, you can make a character other than you draw the same number of cards as you got. If it is a cosine function, when you fold a card, you can make a character other than you discard the same number of cards as you fold. [Tangent function]: Awakening skill, when you become the sine and cosine functions once, you can reduce the upper limit of your physical strength a little, and choose to become the tangent function: when you get/discard a card, you can make a player other than you The character also gets/discards the same amount of cards. The following text: Odd to even remains unchanged, the symbol looks at the quadrant. ——Middle school math teacher breakthrough design ideas——Cotangent, Secant, Cosecant [Effects]: Alias ​​name: Oxygen element Title: Time flies, Battle exploits: Oxygen-free environment (died when no oxidation mark is obtained) Physical strength: Five Gob Jade Skill: [Oxidation]: Whenever a character ends its turn, you get an “oxidation” mark. Whenever you have 4 oxidation marks, you can judge it once more. [Oxidation]: You can judge for a character. When a character activates a skill, if the skill is not a locked skill, awakening skill, or limited skill, it can be judged once. If it is a spade, its skill cannot be activated. (Judging that the mark will not be consumed) Boundary breakthrough design ideas-flammability [Effects]: Health Character Name: Chlorophyll Title: Sunshine Flame Battle Merit: Burn it! youth! (Activate at least eight photosynthetic reactions to characters other than you) Physical Strength: Four-hook jade Skill: [Photosynthetic reaction]: After the discard phase of any character is over, if it discards X cards, you can make it draw cards Pile draw X cards. [Effects]: Name of the character: Slider Title: Smart and supreme. Achievement: Galeton Physics Department (skip a stage without adding power) Physical strength: Three hooks and jade skills: [Force analysis]: When the game starts, you get “friction” force”. At the end of your round, you can permanently skip a stage and add a force to yourself in the following rounds. [Thrust]: If you get a card, you can give any card to any character. [Rally]: Locking skills, when you need to show, use or play a card, if you don’t have a card in your hand, other characters can play it for you. [Resistance]: A limited skill, you can increase the upper limit of physical strength a little and make all black kills ineffective against you. [Elasticity]: You can add a “elastic potential energy” mark to yourself when you take a little damage. At the beginning of your turn, you can discard all the elastic potential energy markers and cause the same amount of damage to any character. [Friction]: Locking skills, when each of your skills is activated, if you have a card, you need to discard one of your cards. [Gravity]: Whenever you divide or discard two cards, you can discard an equipment card of any character. [Three Powers]: You can discard 9.8 cards and let others deal tons of damage to you. If it can’t cause damage to you, you can get other people’s equipment area, judgment area, and all the cards in your hand. Next update: Number: Plane rectangular coordinate system: Hydrogen element: Resistance (or dynamic friction factor: mitochondria

6 months ago

A similar game was conceived many years ago. The generals who fought hard on the battlefield in the Three Kingdoms War were changed into scientists who conducted academic discussions around a conference table. The hand card no longer symbolizes rations, but represents knowledge (academic achievements). Blood is not called blood, it is called prestige; killing or killing is called questioning; flashing is not called flashing, it is called answering. If the other person asks a question and you do not answer, you will lose your reputation. The duel was changed to a debate. The two sides question and challenge each other, and the first person who has nothing to ask fails the debate and loses prestige. Wan Jian Qifa changed into a thesis defense. Everyone must answer the question, and those who fail to answer will lose their reputation. The Southern Barbarian invasion was changed to scientific research. Everyone must ask questions, and if they don’t ask questions, their minds are empty, and reputation will be lost. Slowly changing to academic plagiarism, you can plagiarize the knowledge of people around you for your own use. Crossing the river and demolishing the bridge was turned into academic suppression, which directly forced the other party to give up the knowledge they had learned. The judgment is changed to scientific experiment, and the success of the experimental results will determine your destiny. Add a horse and change it into a microphone, through which you can ask questions to people who are farther away. Reduce one horse and change it to headphones, so you can’t hear the other person’s questions in the distance. Reluctant to think of Shu is changed to ban, you can gain knowledge, but you can’t express your own opinions. Tao is changed into a journal paper, and a journal paper can increase a little prestige. Wugufengdeng was changed to HowNet to realize knowledge sharing, and everyone can get a little knowledge. The Bagua Shield is changed into a semi-finished intelligent robot, which is not effective at all times, and has a probability of answering the other party’s questions. Niwangdun is transformed into an intelligent robot, which can answer all the questions in the textbook (black). Zhangba Snake Lance and Qinglong Yanyue Dao have all been changed to different models of tablet computers, which can assist you in asking various questions. X-ray Roentgen Four Blood Perspective: At the beginning of the round, you can look at the top four cards in the deck and shuffle the order at will. Electromagnetic induction Farah fourth blood magnetic field interference: You can consume a little knowledge and discard an electronic tool of any scientist within the scope of the question. Educator Socrates Three Blood Preacher: Spread your knowledge to other characters. If you spread at least two knowledge, you increase your reputation. Experience: When you need to ask questions, you can assign a role to help you ask questions. The great inventor Edison’s three-blood authority: You can’t be the target of academic plagiarism and banning. Invention achievement: When you lose your last academic achievement, you can immediately obtain an academic achievement. N-ray Brownlow’s four-blood academic fraud: At the stage of playing cards, you can lose a little prestige and get two academic achievements. Induction Master Bacon’s Three Bloods: For every loss of reputation, you can gain two points of knowledge. Experimental science: You can absorb your own experimental results (decision cards) as your own knowledge. The Eloquentist The four-blooded eloquent of Demosine: Your question is trapped, and the other party must answer twice; when you are arguing with someone, the other party must ask two questions at once. Science giants Newton’s Three Blood Controversy: You can take the academic achievements that have damaged your reputation as your own. Royal Society: You are the president of the Royal Society. You can appoint any scientist present to help you answer questions.

6 months ago

Because I like the 17th scientists better, so I’ll rectify them first, I hope they won’t offend them~ Newton 4 Physical Force: British Military Merit: Shell Pickers on the Beach [Gravity Acceleration] Locking technique, when you “kill” When it takes effect on a scientist whose distance is n, it will cause an additional n/2 (rounded down) damage [Inertia] Locking technique. When you are damaged, you will deal 1 damage to the next scientist [dictatorship] Limited skills. At the beginning of your round, you can reduce the upper limit of your stamina a little, and let all scientists choose one: give you a card in your hand or lose a little stamina. Locking skills, when you play a ” “Duel”, the target scientist can only verbally insult you and cannot respond to this “duel”. The merits of the “duel” come from the famous saying about the sea of ​​truth; skills three and four probably want to connote the “reward for backwardness” of the Royal Society’s long period of time. Niu Dao Da (being beaten) Hooker 3 physical forces: British military merit: “check no such person” [flexible deformation] active skill, at the card stage, you can choose a scientist to make it immune to the first one received this round Second damage 【Plastic Deformation】active skill. In the card stage, you can choose a scientist to make it unable to recover your stamina during the turn. [First invented] Active skill. In the card stage, you can lose a little stamina and gain access Use any scientist’s active [microscopic] locking technique. When you spy on the hands of other scientists on the field, you will not be out of the game because of violation of the rules of the game. Burning Hooke’s portrait and ruining his laboratory. The first and second skills are derived from Hooke’s law; the third skills are because Hooke often competes with others for invention rights, such as Newton’s inverse square law and Huygens’ balance spring… Well, I don’t know if what he said is true (spread hands) Boyle 4 physical forces: British military exploits: skeptical chemists [Be careful] Active skills, the card stage, you can Make a judgment: If the result is black, you can make a scientist within your attack range lose 1 point of stamina and lose a hand card [constant temperature] locking technique. Whenever you lose 1 point of stamina, your attack distance is +1 [Destructive] Locking skill, when you use a red hand card to cause damage, this damage will be +1 [Alchemy] Active skill, when you use or play a basic card, you can claim it as any good card, If it is universally recognized by the scientists on the field, it will be effective. The military exploits come from Boyle’s writings; a skill can be regarded as a black spot for him… Let the assistant do some dangerous experiments and say “be careful” silly words next to him (dog head) ; The three skills are the experiment of hydrochloric acid and violet. Huygens 3 physical forces: Karma: Titan Detector [Single Pendulum Movement] Active skill. At the beginning of your round, if you are already injured, you can skip this round. Merging changes the order of cards from counterclockwise to clockwise [Probability] Active skill, you can make a judgment at the card drawing stage: if the result is red, you can draw two more cards; if the result is black, you lose a little bit of energy [Light Theory] At the end of your round, you get an “Ether” mark [Wave] Locking Skill , At the beginning of your round, you clear the three “ether” markers and cause 1 damage to all scientists in the attack range (this skill is invalid for Newton). The battle exploit is the probe that landed on Titan, anyway Titan It is also discovered by Huihui; the second skill is inspired by Huihui’s “Calculation in Gambling” Leibniz. 3 Physical Forces: German Military Merit: Butter Biscuit [Differential] Locking technique, when you get n points of damage, you prevent This damage also loses n/2 (rounded up) points of stamina [Points] Locking skill, in the card draw stage, if you have lost n points of stamina, you draw 2n more cards [binary] active skill, when your hand counts When it is greater than or equal to 2, you can use any two hands as any basic card or play the [optimistic] locking technique. No matter how bad your luck in this game, you always believe that this is the best situation. The Butter Biscuits of Cis brand are really good! The four skills are inspired by Lailai’s “Theory of God”. Harley’s 4 physical forces: British military exploits: Nantian Lei Mo [Earth] Active skill. At the beginning of your round, you can skip the card stage and fold the card. If you draw a card at the end, you will not be the target of a “kill” in the next round. [Scourge Prediction] A limited skill. At the beginning of your round, all scientists on the field receive a little fire damage from you. [Cafe Bet] When you are hurt, you can make a scientist within the attack range and Point the damage source, if the damage source loses, it must discard a card in the hand. [Motorcycle] Active skills, you can claim that you are a motorcycle instead of a scientist, so as to cleverly avoid all the skills that are effective for scientists. The exploits are the two codes given to him by the first Greenwich Observatory Director: “Southern Digu” and “Lei” The collective name of “Mold”~ The second skill refers to the comet. At that time, people seemed to think that the Great Fire of London was the calamity brought by the comet. ////The third skill came from Hook Klein Halley’s bet. I know that the intensity of these scientists is particularly unbalanced, but the serious imbalance is also a way to pay tribute to the original work. xxx If someone sees it, maybe it will continue to be more…? Someone read my answer! ! happy! ! Let’s make a bubble first, and I will continue to have time on the weekend! Lavoisier 3 physical forces: Familiarism: “People’s Scientist” [Conservation of Quality] Active skill, at the card drawing stage, you can draw n extra cards (n is the number of cards you lost in the round) [Burning Reaction] Locking skill , In your turn, the damage caused by your red hand cards is all fire damage [Limited 11 seconds] limited skill. When you are about to die, you recover a little physical strength, draw 11 cards and turn over the [Banknote Ability] active skill, In the card stage, you can get any number of extra hand cards through Krypton Gold [Wrong set] Active skill, you can summon your wife to cos “Let Fat Ball”, “Red and Black”, “David Copperfield”, etc. For the characters in the world famous books, it shouldn’t be explained that they can interfere with the normal progress of the game. Hhhhh; skills one and two are Lavoisier’s main achievements; skills three are purely tasteless, after all, you won’t be able to come back to life even if you blink 11 times x; skills four More in line with the image of the character; the five skills are especially thanks to Jacques Louis David’s handed down work (Escape) (don’t ask why he has five skills, ask is my eccentric and beautiful tin temple!)

6 months ago

Yuan Longping China 3 is full of blood: In the discard phase, you can place any discarded hand on any general, and the general will draw more cards in the next draw phase. Full support: Locking technique: After any general draws more cards due to the “satisfaction” skill, the same amount of “grain” will be marked on the general. When the amount of “grain” is equal to the upper limit of the general’s physical strength, each additional “grain” “, the upper limit of the general’s hand is reduced by one. Regret: Limited skill: In the stage of playing cards, you can discard any card of any general, and the total number of cards is at most the total number of “food” on the field.

6 months ago

Galileo Stamina 3 Falling Body: Locking skill, when other characters with the most stamina are injured, you receive the same amount of damage; when other characters with the least stamina (or one of them) recover their stamina, you restore the same amount of stamina. Decline: After you use or play a card in your hand, if the point of that card is less than the last card you used or played this round, you can draw a card. Joule physical strength 4 heat law: lock technology, when you use kill, you must treat X kill as one kill (stacking fire, lightning damage) and use it on a character whose distance is X from you, this kill damage +X. Thermal work: You can treat cards with more than 7 points as being used or played. Millikan Physical Strength 4 Accurate Test: Locking skill, when your hand exceeds three cards and the remaining cards in the deck is a multiple of your hand, draw a card; at the beginning of the round, if your hand exceeds six cards Zhang, you have lost a little energy. Planck Physical Strength 3 Quantum: Locking skill, when you receive more than 1 point of damage once, it is considered that the character has caused 1 point of damage to you X times (X is the number of damage). Black Spoke: After you receive a damage, you can make a judgment. If it is black, you cause 1 point of fire damage to the source of the damage; if it is red, designate another character and draw two cards. Self-trap: When you are about to take damage, you can make this damage +1. If you do, you will restore 1 point of stamina after the damage is resolved. Faraday stamina 4 induction: locking technique, when a character becomes the target of [Thunder Kill] [Flooded Seven Armies] [Lightning], tap your generals card and immediately use a [Chain Link] (no suit, no Responded by [Invulnerable]. When you reset the generals card, restore 1 point of stamina and draw a card. Hertz stamina 3 days jealous: When there are 36 cards remaining in the library, you reduce the upper limit of stamina a little. Wave detection: At the beginning of the card phase, you can tap the X character and place ten times the number of cards on the top X of the card pile (not exceeding the total number of cards in the card pile) into the discard pile. At the end of the card phase, you can re Placing a military commander card with any character is considered to have used a [Thunder Kill] on these characters. Tesla Physical Strength 3 Exchange: The card is limited to one time, and you can use a card in your hand as [Chain Link]. Locking skills, the upper limit of your hand + X (X is the number of tapped characters); at the beginning of your turn, reset all tapped generals cards and tap the rest. Benefit: At the end of your turn, You can make all tapped characters draw a card. Doppler physical strength 4 redshift: lock skill, your card with less than 8 points is treated as it. Color Super: The card is limited to one time, and you can discard four kinds of cards. Hand cards of different suits, designate a character, cause 3 points of damage to it or restore 3 points of stamina. God Newton’s stamina: 3/40K: Locking skill, any damage you cause to a character whose distance is X from you It is (3-X) (at least 0); when you take damage from a distance greater than or equal to 3, the damage is -1. Microintegration: The card stage is limited to two times, and you can put a card in your hand The military commander card is called “Ji.” In the stage of the card, you can place a product on another character’s generals card, called “Wei”. Numbering method: When another character uses a brocade When collecting cards, you can choose one: 1. Put a “micro” on its generals card into your hand to invalidate the bag; give X “accumulations” to a different character to make This kit adds or reduces X targets. God Einstein Physical Strength 3 Photoelectric: Locking technique, the lightning damage you cause is +1, the lightning damage you receive is -1; if your weapon slot or armor slot has a card, you The fire damage caused is regarded as lightning damage; quality: limited skill, you can remove all your hand cards from the game; if removed by this method: basic cards, the damage caused by [kill] in this game is +1; The kit card allows you to gain skills [relative]; the equipment card, which causes 1 point of damage to at most X characters (X is the point of the equipment card). Relative: when a character uses a normal kit card, your same name The kit card can be used as [Invulnerability]; during your turn, your [Invulnerability] can be used as the last normal kit card you used this round. Anti-war: At the beginning of the card phase, you can lose 1 Point stamina, designate a character, and you get a card from its hand. If you do this, you draw a card from each of them, and your kills and normal kit cards in this turn cannot target that character.

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Both the character card and the kit card are written. The first is to increase the settings, each character can have additional skills. [Unit]: Limited skills. You can use it once at any stage you choose in your turn, and the extra skills gained by this skill will not take effect until your next turn. Your [Kill] [Flash] is regarded as a basic unit, discarding a [Kill] is regarded as a multiplication operation, and discarding a [Flash] is regarded as a division operation. 1. Character 1, Newton 3 Physical Strength Power: English [Gravity]: Effective for all players. Each player can only use cards on his next home. [Micro Accumulation]: If you play any two or more basic cards this round, one of them can be recovered. [Conversion]: In the turn of [unit], consider [kill] and [flash] as the unit of length [meter], discard 1 piece of [kill] to obtain the skill of [work], discard 1 piece of [flash] to obtain [pressure] skill. 2. Joules 3 physical strength: British [Doing work]: All your [kills] are regarded as [fire killing]. 【Hot One】: Effective for all players. Every time you use one more [Kill], the attack distance is +1. [Conversion]: In the turn of [unit], consider [kill] [flash] as the length unit [meter] or time unit [second], discard 1 [flash] to obtain the skill [Gravity] or [Power], discard Go to 1 [kill] to get the skill [constant h]. 3. Pascal 2 Physical Strength: Law [Pressure]: Effective for all players. Players with more stamina than you need to use 2 [kill] when attacking you once, and 2 [flashes] when attacking a player with more stamina than you. [Conversion]: In the turn of [unit], consider [kill] as the length unit [meter] or time unit [second], discard 1 [kill] to obtain the skill [Viscosity], discard 2 [kill] to obtain Skill [Gravity]. 4. Ampere 3 stamina force: Method [Current] When our side initiates an attack or our side is attacked, when we respond to the card, both parties will make a judgment. If our side decides that the card number is greater than the other side, the other side enters the [paralyzed] state. Can’t respond to the attack by hitting [Flash] or invalidating the [kill] that the opponent has already played. [Paralysis] The state lasts until the end of the card round. [Defibrillation] A player other than our side enters a near-death state and plays a heart card. The player recovers 1 point of physical strength, and then our side draws a card. [Conversion]: In the turn of [unit], consider [kill] as the time unit [second], discard 1 [kill] to obtain the skill [charge]. [Combination]: [Volt] When the player exists, discard one [Kill] until the next time you get the skill [Power] in your turn. 5. Volt 6, Watt 7, Cullen 8, Lavoisier 9, Van der Waals 10, Mendeleev 11, Marie Curie 12, Schrodinger 13, Free to continue, Tips 1. Directional blasting: against a player Use it to return its physical strength to zero. 2. First aid: Use it to recover a little physical strength in the near-death state. Or used to cancel the poisoning state. 3. Epidemic: Delay. Judgment: It is judged before the draw stage, except for the hearts of hearts, it is deemed to have acquired an epidemic status, and then moved to the next home. This card is discarded when it is determined that the A, J, Q, and K of hearts are played. Epidemic status: It will be determined once in the next draw stage. Spades, can’t draw cards; clubs, discard a card (hand or equipment); squares, lose a little stamina. Until it is determined that the state of hearts is terminated. 4. Isolation: [Pandemic] can be activated when it takes effect, the [Pandemic] card will no longer be moved, and it can be judged twice during the draw phase. 5. Blood donation: Designate a player, and both parties draw a card. If the suit is the same, the player who activates this card loses 1 point of stamina, and the designated player gains 1 point of stamina. 6. Toxic gas: delay. Judgment: When the card is played, a poison gas level judgment will be made immediately, and the number of the card drawn out is judged as the poison gas level, put together with this card, and drawn again when the AJQK is drawn. It is judged whether it is poisoned or not at the draw stage. If the number of judge cards drawn out is less than the gas level, the poisoned state will be obtained, otherwise it will be moved to the next home. Any player playing the [First Aid] card can cancel the poisoning state of himself or others. The poisoned state lasted until the next time he played the cards and he still did not eliminate him, losing 3 points of stamina. 7. Ignite: The card playing stage is regarded as one [Fire Kill] used on a player, and the [Fire Kill] generated by this card cannot be cancelled by [Flash]. 3. Equipment 1. Car: Mount card, distance +2. Use [Energy] to gain extra ability: distance +2. 2. Tank: mount card, distance -1. When being attacked, the opponent must use 2 [Kill]. When you need to use [Flash], it can be regarded as one used. Use [Energy] to gain extra abilities: When attacking, it will be treated as using 2 [kill]. 3. Airplane: Mount card, distance +5. Use [Energy] to gain additional skills: you cannot be attacked in this round. 4. Basic cards 1. Energy: Allow cars, tanks, and airplanes to gain additional abilities this round.

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Zhou Youhua’s physical strength 2 (crispy) skills [academic critique]: The broad masses of proletarian revolutionaries have already beaten these bourgeois lords politically and organizationally. We must thoroughly criticize the bourgeois reactionary viewpoints in natural science theories in order to completely destroy the rule of bourgeois intellectuals politically, ideologically, and theoretically, thereby consolidating the proletariat’s dictatorship over the bourgeoisie in the field of natural sciences. . Effect: Designate a scientist in a socialist country to double the effect of the scientist’s skill. When using this skill, the capitalist country scientist’s skills will all be invalid this round! (Einstein takes a little extra damage) skill [Occupy the position] The proletariat will definitely be able to Firmly occupying all the positions of natural sciences, new scientific theories that bourgeois scholars could not even dream of will develop rapidly, and a true new era of natural science development will definitely arrive in our country first! Effect: Secretly designate a scientist from a socialist country in every 3 rounds. The scientist will not be out in 3 rounds. If there are only 2 scientists from a socialist country in the remaining players, the skill will be changed to add a little physical strength to a scientist from a socialist country every 3 rounds. .

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Computer science absolutely must have a card surface. Feel free to think about it… [linus] Core: The equipment area card can only be replaced and cannot be lost. Issuing: For every point of damage, one token can be obtained. After three tokens are obtained, a person can be designated to permanently obtain core skills and lose three tokens. [Von Neumann] Calculation: Any 5 cards can be played as any 2 cards. [Xerox] Route: Discard a card in your hand, and you can place a mark for increasing/decreasing distance (a card corresponds to a little distance) for anyone. The mark is only useful to you. [Yuan Changhong] Two-dimensional code: The square suit hand can be used as a normal kill/flash. [Turing] Turing Test: Show a card in your hand. If the opponent has the same suit, the damage is avoided. Otherwise, you are deemed to have played a kill against it, and you can only use it once in a round.

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