A man who died of illness in Lufeng City, Shanwei, Guangdong did not want to be cremated. As early as 2012, Shanwei City implemented a one-size-fits-all policy for cremation, requiring the city’s cremation rate to reach 100%. In order to keep the whole body buried, the family invested 107,000 yuan to find a corpse that could replace the cremation. For this, a lame man killed the fool he met by chance on the side of the road.
At the place where Lin Zailong’s second brother disappeared, there were originally two public trash cans on the roadside, where the second brother once searched for waste.
Criminal ruling of Guangdong Higher People’s Court
Lin Shaoren, the stupid son of the Lin family, disappeared in March 2017. It was not until two and a half years later, in November 2019, that the Lin family received a call from the town police station and learned that he had died on the day of the disappearance. On the day of Lin Shaoren’s disappearance, he ran into Chen Fengbin while picking up the trash. Chen bought six bottles of red rice wine over 30% and poured all of them into Lin Shaoren, then put him in a prepared coffin, sealed it with nails, and killed him.
Guangdong Province implemented urban and rural funeral reforms in 1998, but Shanwei City has always been lax in enforcement. In the summer of that year, Shanwei City implemented a one-size-fits-all policy for cremation, requiring that the cremation rate of the city be increased to 100%, and the cremation rate of each town and venue should be reported on a monthly basis. The evaluation results are linked to the promotion and selection of local officials. Few people accepted this policy docilely. Many people choose to bury them secretly.
Vulnerable and poor people are a link in the chain that is slaughtered by people. After receiving the task, more than one corpse searcher clearly searched for corpses from the “five guarantee households” and the “poor families”. This method of corpse search is relatively safe, and being caught will only be convicted of theft and insulting the corpse, and the voluntary provision of the corpse by one party can also be a reason for a lighter sentence in court defense.
But Chen Fengbin is different from these corpse seekers. He directly chose to kill a mentally retarded man who happened upon him. In December 2020, the second instance of the Chen Fengbin case opened. The court found that his actions constituted intentional homicide and sentenced him to death with a two-year reprieve.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The dark side of society is inherently more cruel than novels. Crimes against mentally retarded people are endless, and regardless of gender (really don’t engage in antagonism between men and women, any problem can be involved), in order to avoid suspicion, I will give an example each: 1. Hysterectomy case of a girl with mental retardation in Nantong City: Nantong City Two girls with mental retardation (severe) in the General Children’s Class of the Social Welfare Institute have been unable to take care of themselves due to dementia since 2003 and early 2005, respectively, which made nursing work difficult. To this end, the nurses of the general nursery care group of the hospital repeatedly reported the matter to Chen. On April 10, 2005, the defendant Chen reported the above facts to the defendant Miao in the car driven by Miao in the South Park Hotel in Nantong, suggesting that the hysterectomy of the two girls with mental retardation (severe) should be done. Mou immediately agreed. Later, the defendant Chen called the defendant Su and said that two girls with dementia in the orphanage had menstruation and were unable to take care of themselves and had to undergo hysterectomy. Su promised to make contact and arrangements for this matter. After he contacted the defendant Wang and informed of the incident, Wang expressed his agreement and contacted the leaders and doctors of Nantong Chengdong Hospital (hereinafter referred to as Chengdong Hospital) about the hysterectomy of the two girls. Chengdong Hospital performed the operation. On the morning of April 14 of the same year, the childcare worker of the welfare institute Yan sent the two girls to Chengdong Hospital, went through the relevant procedures for hospitalization, and performed a preoperative examination. The examination results showed that the two girls had normal pelvic cavities. At noon that day, the defendant Chen signed the operation consent form of the two girls at Chengdong Hospital on behalf of the Welfare Institute. In the afternoon of the same day, the defendants Wang and Su went to Chengdong Hospital without reporting to the director of the department of their hospital and failing to go through the consultation registration procedures in accordance with the hospital’s regulations. The defendant Wang and Su did the job. The assistant performed subtotal hysterectomy on the two girls. After the Nantong City Public Security Bureau, Nantong City Intermediate People’s Court, and Nantong City People’s Procuratorate forensic medical identification, the uterus of the two girls were removed and they were seriously injured. 2. Sichuan Leibo Captive Mentally Handicapped Sale Case: On December 26, 2009, Hubei media “Chutian Metropolis Daily” published “A Thousand Miles Tracking Falsified Mining Accident Murder Case” and mentioned: “There are many victims in the current racketeering and homicide cases. It is an unidentified mentally handicapped person, and most of the’babies’ raised in Leibo Mountain are also mentally handicapped.” “Some local mountain villages house some demented persons like livestock raising, and the locals call them’wazis’. They are the’masters’. Private property can be bought and sold, and even when conditions are ripe, use their lives as a tool for making money.” “Some people are so lazy, wandering around all day, meeting unconscious vagrants, quietly following behind, taking out food and drink. Coaxed, then raised in the mountains, and sold to families in need of labor.” “There are even more vicious people who train the coaxed or bought’babies’ and take them to work all over the country to wait for the opportunity to push down the building. On the construction site, or killed in the mine, to defraud the boss of compensation.”

6 months ago

This news actually explains why our country is determined not to let go of the legalization of surrogacy, which is no different from the legalization of human trafficking. Judging from the fact that this fool was killed on the road for tens of thousands of dollars, if surrogacy became popular, there would be someone on the road knocking out women and dragging them away to contemporary pregnant mothers for tens of thousands of dollars. Anyhow, homicide and human trafficking are criminal acts, and if caught, they must be sentenced no matter what they say. If surrogacy is legalized, it means that only forced surrogacy is considered an illegal crime. If you are willing to not violate the law, how can you judge forced? Imagine knocking a woman out of consciousness to get pregnant and then continue to conceive in October. Brainwashing, spending some money to coax, in the end she didn’t feel that she was forced anymore. Imagine if it is not being beaten and dragged away on the road, but being brainwashed by a vampire family at home, morally kidnapped and persuaded + threatened to go to surrogacy? Many girls think that the legalization of surrogacy will liberate themselves from the shackles of fertility and can spend money to make others suffer for themselves At the same time, I can get offspring, but I have never thought about it. After the legalization of surrogacy, is it more likely that I will be the one who spends money to hire a surrogate, or is it more likely to become the one who actively or is forced to do the surrogacy? In this way, the rich will spend money to seek surrogate mothers, and the rich will be liberated, and ordinary people will be exposed to the risk of being regarded as a commodity by themselves or by others. When a thing meets three conditions: 1) involving human body + expensive, 2) at the same time it is the rigid needs of most people or the only way in life (birth and death), 3) and is accompanied by people’s disgust but unavoidable Impact (the harm to the body caused by pregnancy and childbirth, cremation is rejected by traditional people) Once this kind of thing is released/lack of supervision, it will have the result of being forced into a tool. In other words, it is difficult to supervise. Surrogacy and organ sales have always been controversial because they have turned the human body into a tradable and expensive “commodity”. At the same time, people have control over their bodies that others cannot interfere. People are not absolutely able to guarantee that their own will and body control power will not be affected or coerced by outsiders. Surrogacy is even trickier than this homicide instead of cremation. No matter what, killing is an absolute crime. No matter what the purpose is, homicide is almost a taboo in the law and all universal cognitions. Intentional homicide is irrefutable. . Pregnancy itself is a very vague thing. Pregnancy is not a crime, nor is it a crime to get pregnant, unless there is evidence of rape. Killing people instead of cremation, or killing people, will still be severely punished by the law. However, even coaxing, brainwashing and threats, and the use of women in surrogacy, sometimes it is difficult to determine whether it is voluntary or forced surrogacy like abducting women. Not to mention if the family kidnapped daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers for money morals, and became surrogate mothers for the livelihood of the whole family.

6 months ago

If you look through the files in recent years or more than ten years, you will find that many seemingly absurd cases of trafficking and murder are related to people with intellectual disabilities. For example, there have been cases where people with intellectual disabilities were trafficked and detained to work in black brick kilns. For example, many years ago, they first tricked the mentally handicapped into the black coal kiln, and then murdered and defrauded insurance plus defrauding the boss’ compensation. Another example is the killing of mentally handicapped and mentally ill women in order to obtain corpses, which can be used to sell females in marriages. Also, this time the killing of the mentally handicapped in place of cremation…Why do you focus on the mentally handicapped? There are two main reasons. The first reason is that people with intellectual disabilities are easy to start. The second and most important reason is that no one calls the police if the mentally handicapped starts. No one cares about the mentally handicapped, whether it’s a family member or the people around. For the relatives, the mentally handicapped people are gone, just to get rid of a burden; for the people around, the mentally handicapped people disappear and the environment is safer. Don’t say you don’t know that you were killed. Even if you know that you were killed, there will only be benefits and no harm. Why should you call the police? Even some public agencies are unwilling to deal with this kind of thing-no one will be grateful for saving the mentally disabled, and even some mentally disabled people still need assistance in their daily lives. It’s gone now, everyone pretends that nothing happened, how great. Do you say there is any way to solve this problem? I think there is little hope. On the one hand, everyone is too poor now. The relatives of the mentally handicapped have already had a hard time living on their own, and it is difficult for them to take care of the mentally handicapped. On the other hand, even if everyone is wealthy, people’s energy is limited. There are no filial sons yet, so it is really difficult to take care of the mentally disabled for a long time…

6 months ago

Money is the most deadly corrosive to people’s hearts. There are three most critical elements in this case. The first is money, the second is superstition, and the third is lawlessness. The three things mixed together, causing catastrophic consequences. In 2006, the “Song Tiantang Murder and Sale of Corpses” in Handan City, Hebei Province caused a national sensation. The murderer Song Tiantang killed six women with intellectual disabilities to “match yin marriage” for profit. In 2011, a group of Pang in Yan’an City, Shaanxi, together with many people, robbed 10 female corpses in a row in just four months, and sold the corpses to northern Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places for “female marriage”. It used to be to match the ghosts and kill the mentally retarded women. Now it is to find the dead instead of cremation and cremation of disabled men. Under the butcher knife of criminals, there are more helpless and humble vulnerable groups. These criminals are completely hateful, destroying the same kind and earning black gold. In this case, it was the unfortunately disabled defendant who harmed the same unfortunate kind for more than 100,000 yuan. Poverty is only an inducement. It is basically criminals’ ignorance of the law, their disregard for basic morals, and their insensitivity to the same kind. There are still people advocating the legalization of surrogacy. As long as the magic of money is large enough, it will definitely become a bullying by the strong against the weak. All the huge profits that are visible to the naked eye will never be without the gamblers and criminals who take the wrong side of the door. This is just human nature itself. In addition to severely punishing such murderers with a dilapidated conscience, I don’t care where the victims come from. I only want a wealthy family member who results in even more an abomination and fear. Does the life and rights of the weak really have no place in their hearts? Poverty is not a sin, and wealth is not a sin. Indifference to the lives and rights of others is the greatest sin. The volume of gold has to be worn away by one thousand fourteen per cent every year. This is the so-called “loss”. Therefore, the 1.4 billion gold circulating in the world consumes one million every year. This one million gold turns into dust, flies and floats, and becomes atoms light enough to be inhaled and exhaled. This inhalant is like a heavy burden, weighing on the conscience, and chemically interacting with the soul, making the rich become arrogant and the poor. Become fierce. ——Victor Hugo, The Laughing Man

6 months ago

The defendant paid 70,000 yuan in compensation and reached a criminal collateral civil settlement with the victim’s family. It is precisely because of this sentencing situation that he was eventually sentenced to death with a two-year suspension of execution. Criminal settlement agreement, withdrawal application and remittance voucher, receipt of payment, household registration book, copy of ID card, village committee certificate confirming: August 8, 2020, Huang Songbin’s younger brother Huang Songcai and victim Lin Mou’s younger brother Lin A certain city signed a civil compensation settlement agreement, and Party A compensated Party B for funeral expenses, living expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, and lost work expenses totaling RMB 70,000 in one lump sum. The agreement was signed and confirmed by Lin’s mother, Lin, who applied for withdrawal of the incidental civil lawsuit against Huang Songbin on August 19, 2020. The court held that the judgment partly stated: the defendant Huang Songbin deliberately and illegally deprived others of his life, and his behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide. Huang Songbin killed others for the purpose of selling corpses for profit. The criminal motives were despicable, the nature of the crime was bad, the social harm was great, and the crime was extremely serious. He should be sentenced to death for the crime. In view of the specific circumstances that the family and the victim’s family reached a compensation agreement and obtained the victim’s family’s understanding, there is no need to implement it immediately.

6 months ago

Just for the sake of money, you can mutilate and kill at will. “People die for money, and birds die for food.” If you think about it, you can see that if organ transplantation (legalization) becomes a reality, how many such poor people in the world will “disappear” or be killed for no reason. . As said, surrogacy is the same. Once a certain kind of benefit transmission is formed because of the monetary relationship, the huge gap caused by the gap between the rich and the poor will seep into various similar situations, and it is bound to be severely cracked down and banned. The undercover agents who died in the third part of “Apostle Walker” to investigate cases of illegal organ trafficking must be respected.

6 months ago

As a local, I would like to say that there is definitely more than one case to be investigated. I have already heard that some of our people do not want to be cremated, secretly buried and arrested strictly, so they arrested the tramp on the road, the fool came to lie to the sky and cross the sea. It was impossible to hear it at first, but it was terrifying to think about it, because just a few years after cremation was introduced, the number of fools and tramps in our town became less visible to the naked eye, until there was no one. About 10 years ago, there were a lot of fools and homeless people in the town, wandering on the road, making a living by picking up trash, flipping through the trash can, and stealing. I still remember when my sister took me to school when I was in elementary school, I was followed by a tramp carrying a garbage bag with that kind of squinted eyes. I still remember when I was walking on the road and saw a homeless man passing by a fruit stand, while the boss inadvertently stole an orange and ate it. I still remember a fool yelling on the road, scared me to detour. And sleep in the trash at night, looking through the trash to eat. In my impression, they existed for many years. Just a few years after the introduction of cremation, they all disappeared, disappeared from the world, and I never saw them again. If there are local peers, it is likely to feel the same as me.

6 months ago

This kind of incident breaks through the bottom line of social ethics and moral tolerance, and naturally it will be the strongest thunder and anger in society. Everyone is at risk, and everyone’s basic life safety cannot be guaranteed. This kind of society is a hell of a nose. Therefore, although the family members of the deceased have adopted “forgiveness” for the sake of money, it is impossible for the masses to forgive them. It is absolutely unforgivable and must be executed immediately. Do not open this head, never open. Criminals cannot be sentenced to death for immediate execution, which will bring extremely serious consequences. The rich can spend money to buy the lives of the poor. This is the declaration of the judge to the whole society. Another Nanjing Peng Yu case.

6 months ago

Magical reality! What happened in 2019? This is a business in the underworld. One-size-fits-all policies, the temptation of high returns, and superstitious ideas are at work. These three levels have caused the poor to even have no qualifications to live. It is a tragedy on earth. The local superstition is very popular. Shanwei City implements a one-size-fits-all policy for cremation, requiring the city’s cremation rate to reach 100%. Can this superstition be changed overnight? What needs to be changed is thinking rather than cremation rate. The result of this policy is the sale of corpses. Isn’t the obvious thing considered? The coffin of the deceased man was buried in a pre-selected tomb, right next to the reservoir. His family invited a Feng Shui gentleman from another province to see it. Sitting on the mountain and looking at the water, mastering wealth, meaning “seeing wealth”, this one-size-fits-all policy It can only be said to be “to the poor and not to the rich”. This not only cannot solve the original problem, but also gives rise to social contradictions of inequality between the rich and the poor and the gap between the rich and the poor. The murderer took pains to kill the mentally handicapped man for 107,000. It is very heinous and the crime is extremely heinous. The death penalty is recommended!

6 months ago

From a long-term perspective, it is really worthwhile to change one size fits all things. (The premise is that the new style does have advantages over the old ones.) If it is hard for a while and soft, it is more likely to go wrong. Some people feel that as long as it is hard enough, the official will compromise; some clerks can indicate that there is great local resistance after taking bribes, and suggest that it be postponed. People seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. If everyone calculates that the illegal cost of abiding by the old customs is not high, and they can also gain a sense of collective identity, and those who follow the new style are rejected by the advocates of the old customs, then the new style is more difficult to implement. Mr. Feng Shui said that Feng Shui in a certain place is good, and the Lord is rich in wealth. Okay, have you paid the land fee? Is there a business at home? Have the taxes been paid? Has the fire passed? Anything that Mr. Feng Shui approves is given a key consideration.

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