On the 8th, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce held a special survey on the platform “Big Data Mastering” and an administrative guidance meeting on standardizing fair competition market order.

Representatives of 10 Internet platform companies including Vipshop, JD.com, Meituan, Ele.me, Daily Youxian, Hema Xiansheng, Ctrip, Qunar, Ruqi Travel, Didi Travel, etc. signed the “Platform Companies Maintain Fair Competition Market Order Commitment”.

Supervision can ultimately reduce or even reduce big data. It is hoped that companies are consciously impossible. In the end, it is nothing more than “There are laws to follow, laws must be followed, law enforcement must be strict, and violations must be investigated.” I think at least the following three points should be done: First, issue regulations or even legislation to define what kind of behavior on the platform is to kill big data and provide relevant penalties. Second, establish reliable and effective consumers based on Article 1. Complaints and even class actions are the third channel. Strictly implement the punishment system. Because price reflects supply and demand to a certain extent and affects supply and demand, it will have a huge impact on the market competition landscape, and many of these effects are beneficial to the market economy. The unified pricing of many goods (services) is absolutely undesirable. If there is a differential pricing, then how to distinguish between reasonable differential pricing and “big data acquaintance” is necessary-what kind of evidence can prove that this price is acquainted with big data, not because the commodity is non-standard, or the platform provides you The service has paid more additional costs due to various other factors, or low-priced users have paid more additional costs for low prices? The understanding of the law by ordinary consumers is bound to be inferior to that of the legal department of the platform. The complicated scenarios and definitions must be clarified to have rules to follow. For example, people say that “big data” is a kind of price discrimination. Then there is a classic case of McDonald’s consumer coupons in economics: price-insensitive users directly buy McDonald’s products, and price-sensitive users spend time collecting discounts. Coupons go to 20% off to buy McDonald’s products. The latter’s costs for low prices mainly include the time cost of collecting coupons and the loss of a certain degree of freedom of choice. This differentiated pricing strategy in disguise not only expands demand by reducing prices to some people, but also maintains profits without reducing prices across the board, killing two birds with one stone. The question is, buying fries with a coupon that is torn down from anywhere (the fries are within the discount range) will cost 2 yuan less than someone who does not have the coupon? Is this essentially a kind of price discrimination? Is it illegal for McDonald’s to do this? The so-called big data mastering is the era of big data. The platform can quickly and accurately identify price-sensitive and price-insensitive users based on data and models and then price them differently. At this time, some people may say that it is the active behavior of consumers to collect coupons. It is a platform behavior for the platform to give discounts to new users and price-sensitive persons through the big data model. Then the differentiated preferential behavior of the platform is illegal price discrimination, and there are laws. Is it based? What kind of differentiated preferential (pricing) strategy is illegal? Everyone must be upset when they are killed, but just venting their emotions and cursing a black-hearted businessman does not solve the problem. I hope my answer can give you some thinking and inspiration.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

“Promise” means the same thing as a fine of three glasses of alcohol, and even a fine of three glasses of Sprite. What really needs to be improved is the class action system and the punitive compensation system for fraudulent consumers in the consumer sector. If a platform has become familiar and is sent to court by several consumers in the form of a class action lawsuit and loses the lawsuit, you need to use 50% of your annual income to compensate the tens of millions of homogenous consumers that you have defrauded in the past, then All platforms will rectify their evils overnight, and even supervise each other, without any “promises” at all. All in all, it is the inaction of the current judicial system in the field of consumer protection that has created countless opportunities for capitalists to defraud consumers and created a hotbed for the familiarity. It does not solve the problems of the judicial system itself, and does not resolve class actions and punitive damages. The problem, relying on occasional supervision and corporate commitments, is all bullshit.

6 months ago

I have had a similar experience, but I’m not sure if this is a familiar one. There is a pig hotel that comes with Alipay. It was really convenient when it was first used. In addition, its own credit score is relatively high, and I can live with credit every time, so every time I book a hotel, I book it here. But I personally prefer hotels that I have stayed in and feel good. I often repeat customers. After this time, I found that after using it for a long time, the price a certain pig gave me started to be less cheap. In order to verify if I was killed, I separately downloaded Ctrip and Qunar, and checked the prices of the same room type in the same hotel, and found that the prices of Ctrip and Qunar were indeed much cheaper than a certain pig that had been used for a long time. So after that, I spent a while to book a hotel where I went, but after a long time, the hotel where I went became more expensive to the naked eye. At this time, I went to check the price on a certain pig and found that the price on a certain pig was better than Where is cheaper. Since then, I will never book a hotel on the same platform all the time, but a pig, where to go, and Ctrip. It should be noted that I have not gone through detailed investigations and demonstrations, and I can’t really test that this is a familiarity, but it feels pretty bad to me anyway. The platform promises not to be familiar with it. This is of course a good thing. After the supervision, you can rely on random inspections. Similar to the last time Fudan professors practiced the practice through multiple taxi rides, the regulatory authorities can also conduct similar random inspections to related companies. Supervision. But to be honest, this will add a lot of work to the regulatory authorities, so promises are promised. To really solve this problem completely, Internet companies still have to rely on the consciousness of Internet companies. Simply put, you need to have a conscience in doing business.

6 months ago

To say something bad, what’s the use of promises? ? ? I remembered that Zhang Xinzhe’s “Excessive Fire” was slightly modified: Did you promise me too much or what you originally gave was not enough? You always have a million reasons. I always follow you. The feeling that makes you crazy makes you indulge and think you have a day. I will be touched about the rumors, I pretend to be indifferent until all my dreams are broken, and I see your tears and regrets. After the fire… What’s the use of a promise to say something that is not good? What is the difference between your promise and those vows that dissipate in the rain? It’s just a superficial effort…If you want to deal with us, it’s the last word to have the ability to lower prices…

6 months ago

I signed it, I don’t know how to kill it. Before the introduction of legal measures, it can be said that the data is unavoidable. Let’s look at this time only the letter of commitment was signed. The platform company maintains a fair competition market order commitment letter. I guarantee that I will not be familiar with big data, but I can reasonably recommend advertisements and products through big data. Whether to place an order is a matter for the user. The best supervision is to have laws to follow. When the user found out that he was killed, the department participated in it. And now that I have been killed, I will go to the media for exposure, and then wait with peace of mind. This way of defending rights is really loud and dangerous! The difficulty of Shu Road is harder to go to the sky! There must be a law to follow in everything.

6 months ago

This is the case, the girl was coaxed home by the man, and she went to bed after drinking. Then the girl said: I’m afraid. Man: I just rubbed it and didn’t go in. So can it be concluded that this man is very responsible and can apply to be a contemporary Liu Xiahui? I think everyone will give a negative answer. After all, there is no substantive restriction to show that men really won’t go in. Even after the death, will he say “The child is not mine”? In order for the man to agree with his words and deeds, either a “witness” is standing next to him, and the man will go down when he wants to go in. Either the girl herself is proficient in eighteen martial arts and can use her to cut off her grandchildren’s feet. But the reality is that the average girl has no room for resistance in the face of men’s strong thrusts. In the same way, although the words of the platform promise are nice, it does not answer “what if I can’t do it” in the promise. Even if I let Dongge say something: If I know my brothers, I will divorce milk tea tomorrow. Or Wang Xing said: If you find that you are familiar with it, Meituan will order takeaways without money in the future. That is to really show your attitude and make the public feel that you are not being fooled by fools.

6 months ago

Big data is familiar with big data is the phenomenon that the same product or service, the price seen by old customers is much more expensive than that of new customers. Operators use big data to collect consumer information, analyze their consumption preferences, consumption habits, income levels and other information, and sell the same goods or services to different consumers at different prices to obtain more consumer surplus behavior. Some expensive items are mostly bought in a certain east. The plus members who have activated the coupons received this coupon, and the discount looks a lot cheaper. I screamed with my colleague, and my colleague compared her with me without a plus member app. , It’s cheaper than the one I opened a plus membership, and it hurts my face. I bought 10 kilograms and 85-95mm diameter fruit in a certain treasure. The first time was 29.8, the second time was 32.8, and the third time was 35.8. The price of searching other houses was similar. After all, I bought it, and the goods are good or not. Forget it, one day when I was playing with a friend, his apple was not delicious at 7.8 yuan per catty. He told him that the Huaniu was delicious. Would you like to bring him a box? He said to buy it himself, and he searched for 10 catties. Daguo 29.8. I haven’t used any other platforms. I used to have fierce competition for taxi-hailing software, with a lot of subsidies, and I used a good Uber. After a certain Die dominates, I basically don’t need a taxi. Personally, there is not much money, just a few dollars, but this kind of behavior that I trust you so much and you take me as a gangster is too disgusting. As for the platform’s promise, I believe you a ghost! If the promise is useful, what else must the law do.

6 months ago

They’d better fulfill the promise~ The experience related to big data is really not too small, from the small Didi Chuxing and Meituan Takeaway, to the hotel travel, they have all been killed. There are countless friends around. Take the recent Ching Ming Festival holiday, my friend wants to come to Chengdu to play together, he wants to book a hotel in Chengdu (here to remind everyone, when you are going to travel during the holiday, you must book the hotel in this place one week in advance, and the ticket is one Kind of. Otherwise it is possible to live on the street, or the hotel is booked, the ticket is not grabbed). At that time, he saw a hotel (of a certain group) and found it to be pretty good, so he showed me the screenshots and asked me to help him choose. Then I used my software to search the hotel, and I found it to be good, and I thought it was OK. Since the word “big data kill familiarity” appeared, I believe most people will subconsciously look at the price when booking a hotel, and then compare it with other people’s prices. Yes, I also looked at the price and compared it with my friend. Good guy, her price is 20 yuan higher than mine. This is a relatively high price difference I encountered. In the end, I used my software to help him book a hotel, and he made a complaint while making a reservation. He didn’t use Meituan to book a hotel, and I often booked it when I arrived. I don’t know how to kill this master, I feel he was killed hahaha. I really hope that the use of big data can be used in a more correct and legal way, instead of infringing the interests of others to meet their own needs. I hope that all major platforms can self-discipline~

6 months ago

This promise is useless. The biggest benefit of big data is that the platform provides a portrait of each user group, and then analyzes the user’s consumption behavior through this user portrait to maximize profits. This is the biggest purpose of each platform for big data. After all, everything that capital does is for profit. Now that these platforms promise not to use big data, it means that capital has given up profits. Is this possible? It’s impossible! People can do irrational behaviors, such as hurting themselves or committing suicide, but capital will not do behaviors that harm their own interests. It will never give up profits! The current promises of these platforms are useless, even if they have now verbally promised not to use big data, but they will use other methods in private, the so-called change of soup or medicine. This is determined by the genes of the platform as the spokesperson of capital, and nothing can be stopped!

6 months ago

Two days ago, I also talked about killing familiarity. We also clicked on the Ele.me software. He used to be a member. I never had to order takeaways when I’m hungry. We chose several stores to experiment and found the same thing. His delivery address, but his is a few dollars more expensive than mine, and the situation is the same no matter which one you choose. In addition, from my own experience, when Meituan first released the taxi-hailing software, I gave up Didi taxi, because it was really much cheaper. Now I find that not only is it more and more expensive, but it is also the first time they use it when they go out with friends around me. Meituan taxis are much cheaper. However, I often chat with the delivery staff and drivers around me, and they have not actually increased profits because of this. It is still the same rule. To be truly implemented, it still needs to go through punishment and litigation, so that more people can pay attention to this problem, and the habit can become natural.

6 months ago

The penalties for business activities that undermine the stability of the society and the market should be increased. Criminal penalties must be provided, as well as civil claims! Caused such a large amount of damage, did you send us a letter of guarantee in return? If he commits another offence, he will be given hundreds of thousands of administrative penalties? Now that there is no crime of speculation, the punishment for economic crimes is becoming more and more limited! Make appointments whenever you want, drink tea, and make sure that the society governed by calligraphy should look like a society ruled by law. If you toast and not eat or drink fine wine, you can’t always pour him three glasses of boiled water every time, saying this is a fine bar?

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