Based on Reuters and Bloomberg news, on April 8, local time, the U.S. Department of Commerce stated that it had included seven Chinese supercomputing agencies in its so-called “entity list” because they believed that these entities “engaged in activities that are contrary to US national security Or foreign policy interests”.
What do you think of this move by the US Department of Commerce?

Contemporary global trade, free trade. The United States is one of the rule-makers and the main defender. Through this status, the United States designed the rules to be very beneficial to the United States. For example, the status of the U.S. dollar, such as the long-arm jurisdiction of the United States, uses its status to obtain additional benefits. To a certain extent, Europe, China, Japan, India and many poor countries are still satisfied with this system and recognize the status of the United States. This is why China would rather be regarded as a “non-free market country” to join the WTO, bear more obligations and costs, and still become the world’s second GDP country. However, problems have occurred in the United States itself. U.S. interest groups have plundered the people, and ordinary people have too many interests. Leading to constant resentment among the people. Under such circumstances, the upper-class politicians and capitalists of the United States did not choose to reform the domestic distribution system to enhance the true competitiveness of the United States. Instead, they choose to make excuses. For example, the United States once returned the loss of jobs to Japan and India. Later, it was the US-Canada-Mexico Freedom Agreement (it is pitiful, Canada and Mexico are also very dissatisfied with this free agreement.). Recently it is China. Actually? Just like the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Even the most shameless Americans must admit that the US government’s own incompetence has caused the spread of the epidemic in the United States. However, the United States needs an outlet, and it also needs to use this excuse to plunder profits. During the Trump era, the United States launched a trade war against China and almost all major trading partners in the world in violation of WTO rules. In fact, most countries have chosen to bow their heads and choose to compensate the United States additionally. Including China, also signed an agreement. At that time, many American media and economists pointed out that (including the Democratic politicians at the time). The United States itself has encountered economic problems. Tariffs, a means of harming other countries, will benefit in the short term, but in the end it will only harm the United States itself. But the American people enjoy the pleasure of this plunder, even if it is immoral and unfair. The new US government also enjoys this unequal trade agreement. (When the new U.S. government was in opposition, it said Trump’s trade war was shameless and ignorant. After taking office, the new U.S. government said, “Who doesn’t want to have an extra card?” The anti-China trend in the U.S. has grown stronger recently. . Not only attacking China politically, but also spreading to the economic field. In the short term, the United States can gain benefits, or at least enjoy the pleasure of its hegemony. For example, in the question, the US Department of Commerce included seven Chinese supercomputers in its so-called “entity list.” China can only afford to lose, or choose to confront the United States and make gains. But in the long run, the United States is destroying the peaceful and free trading system that the world has built together. China, Japan, and Europe still have their own strength, and the old trade is shattered. If there are disruptors, they can choose to build a trading system without the United States. However, the weakness of the United States’ own national power will eventually counteract the United States itself. How do you think the US Department of Commerce has included 7 Chinese supercomputers in its so-called “entity list”?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Nothing wrong! The opponent is seeing the National People’s Congress appropriation for the creation of new monsters with 10E computing power within the next five years. So far, there are about 6-8 E-class supercomputers under construction in the world, US 3-4, China 2 Japan, 1 Europe 1-2. On the one hand, we are blocked in the advanced manufacturing process, and on the other hand, the other party has to be gradually castrated. Your R&D and design capabilities. Step by step, let you be the opposite of Chu prisoners and the battle of trapped beasts. Therefore, we still have to continue to support domestic manufacturers, whether it is foundry or fab or whatever. Without cash flow, you make it difficult for these companies to survive. After all, what you want to do is not just simple things like shipbuilding and satellite launching, which is the foundation of domestic scientific research capabilities. It is the guarantee of basic engineering research.

7 months ago

Congratulations to these companies for winning the honor list of the US Department of Commerce. At the same time, I hope these companies can resist this wave and victory is not far away. The semiconductor sanctions are mainly semiconductor manufacturing, and semiconductor manufacturing mainly consists of two parts: equipment and materials. In order to solve this problem, it is roughly divided into two steps: “removing A” and “pure C”. Removal of A also includes removal of equipment components. Although the current progress is not as rapid, it is actually not slow. In the face of sanctions, everyone has worked harder. When “Go to A” is completed to a node such as 7nm, then it has actually gained a certain opportunity. On the one hand, at present, the 7nm node can achieve 40% of the transistor density at the 3nm node, which is enough for non-flagship chips, and more than enough for supercomputing. The main problem now is to systematically integrate resources to realize the autonomous controllability of the entire link from design to manufacturing. This is almost the last fight in the field of science and technology, and after this wave, you will no longer be stuck in the big field like this.

7 months ago

As I said long ago, both Trump and Biden are essentially the same. The goal of restricting China is the same. Now everyone sees that even the means are somewhat the same. Compared with Trump’s domineering and vigorous vigor, Biden’s methods are more complicated. Of course, it is not just Biden’s own problem. The political interest groups behind the US government must have a lot of driving force. Among them, there must be those who originally supported Trump. group. Without illusions, the world today is already a competition between the two major groups headed by China and the United States. Biden does not want to compete in a legitimate manner, so we can only be forced to follow their methods closely.

7 months ago

The targeted strikes represented by the “entity list” have replaced the Sichuan Emperor’s full-scale trade war and become an effective weapon to contain China. Trump’s early strategy was a full-scale trade war, and high tariffs did not produce the desired effect. When the tax is increased to a certain level, the marginal utility is getting lower and lower. China’s foundation lies in its huge basic manufacturing industry, which is difficult to replace in the short term. A considerable part of the tariff pressure is passed on to the United States. Moreover, China’s tariff countermeasures also have a significant impact on the United States. Higher tariffs are becoming increasingly unattainable for the United States. After the suspension of the mutual tariff trade war, the advantages of targeted strikes have gradually emerged. Take the entity list as an example: precision strikes on China’s high technology, suppresses the development momentum of China’s high technology to the greatest extent, and prevents Chinese companies from developing in a sophisticated direction. If all goes well, the United States can successfully lock China in the middle and low end. For a long time, China did not have appropriate countermeasures against the entity list. Compared with the tariff war, the entity list has a lower cost and a longer-term impact. China can only rely on time for development (on the protracted warfare once again). Therefore, in the latter part of the trade war, the Americans are still effective deterrence methods, and only the “targeted strike” of the entity list is left. Include more Chinese companies and deter all Chinese companies that try to take the path of internationalization. The “Xinjiang issue” is similar in approach. All major foreign companies have taken overt and secret actions on the Xinjiang issue. H&M is just a little girl, Nike Adi has not corrected it so far. No one cares about what the Xinjiang issue is, just like no one cares about how many bowls of noodles are in the belly of Xiao Liuzi. Friends who are familiar with A-shares know that there is a company called Ou Feiguang, which was kicked out of the supply chain by Apple and fell into disrepair. Because Oufeiguang employs 700 Xinjiang workers. The polite Apple doesn’t care about whether Xinjiang workers have forced labor. Anyone who hires Xinjiang is kicked out of the supply chain without even looking at it. Take a no-sounding reason to force companies and supply chains to conduct self-examination: there is no Xinjiang cotton and workers. Not only can it benefit American cotton (Chinese cotton sees Xinjiang, if you don’t use Xinjiang cotton, you have to use American cotton), but it can also suppress the prosperity of the people in Xinjiang. In the future, there will be more and more situations like the “Entity List” of “Xinjiang Cotton & Workers”, and it will not change because of the Chinese. The most important thing is to do yourself well one step at a time.

7 months ago

Since the trade war between China and the United States, there have been so many rounds of confrontation. Now it seems that we have suffered the most from the technological blockade represented by chips. Although there are losses in other areas, we can all survive and even fight back. The U.S. will pinch wherever we can pinch our necks, so don’t hold on to any hopes. Let the timeline be longer, five, ten, twenty years, in the history of the development of the Republic and in the history of the development of mankind. Nothing, we will come step by step. At that time, how much bargaining chip the U.S. cell phone still has, military? At that time, the navy should have ordered another wave of dumplings. You dare not touch me. I can also treat some of your American emperor’s children who are not honest around me. In the Middle East, either you American emperor will go to fight another battle, go. As for total war? nuclear war? Either don’t pass it! If you want to live until tomorrow, don’t even think about this option. financial? Forget it, this thing is supported by the military, science and technology and the real economy. If the military can’t control China, we have made breakthroughs in science and technology. We are stronger than you in the real economy. You can use nuclear power to print money and finance. Wool is not supported by military, technology, or economy, and it is not a fart. At that time, oil did not have to use US dollars. All countries have long been hot and pressed! Therefore, the key now is to vigorously develop science and technology. This is the most critical part of our country’s changes over the past century!

7 months ago

Dear leaders, guests, hello everyone! The results of the Entity List Award issued by the Department of Commerce of the United States have been released. This time, a total of seven supercomputer organizations won the award. They are: Tianjin Feiteng Information Technology National High-Performance Integrated Circuit (Shanghai) Design Center Shenzhen Xinwei Electronics Co., Ltd. Jinan National Supercomputing Center Shenzhen National Supercomputing Center Wuxi National Supercomputing Center Zhengzhou National Supercomputing Center Let us warmly Congratulations to the seven award-winning units! As we all know, the Entity List Award of the U.S. Department of Commerce is the highest honor in China’s science and technology industry, and there is no one. Comrade teacher said it well: I think that for us, if a person, a party, an army, or a school is not opposed by the enemy, then it will be bad, and it must be in harmony with the enemy. If it is opposed by the enemy, it will be fine, and it will prove that we have drawn a clear line with the enemy. If the enemy vigorously opposes us, saying that we are in a mess and worthless, then it is even better. It proves that we have not only drawn a line from the enemy, but also proved that our work is very successful. As latecomers, we may still be confused about a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. After all, the resources of large involuntary countries are limited, and good steel must be used on the blade. However, the Beacon Nation has used the list of entities to point out the direction of scientific research again and again regardless of previous suspicions, and also told us the scientific research units that are at the forefront. Our hearts do not need to be full of gratitude, but we must use practical actions to express our respect for the achievements of the award-winning institutions. Let us once again express our warmest congratulations and the highest respect to these seven award-winning units with warm applause!

7 months ago

In the early 19th century, the King of France, who was ruled by Napoleon at the time, was invincible in the entire European continent. Germany, Switzerland, and Spain were all surrendered at the feet of Napoleon. After crossing the Alps, they defeated Italy and the Pope of Italy crowned Napoleon as King of Italy. . Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt also achieved brilliant results and took control of Alexandria. The strength of Napoleon and France shocked the whole of Europe, but no matter what record Napoleon achieved in the European continent, he could not hurt the United Kingdom across the English Channel. Britain relied on overseas colonies to form its own system and had a strong navy, which prevented Napoleon from landing in Britain. In terms of force, when Napoleon could not conquer Britain, Napoleon thought of economic means. Napoleon’s initial approach was an embargo against the United Kingdom, but the effect was not significant. Although the French embargo against the United Kingdom could harm certain British business interests, the United Kingdom was completely able to get compensation from trade with other European countries. The damage is very limited. Next, Napoleon made a big move. From the Berlin Edict in 1806, he began to require the entire Europe to impose an economic blockade on Britain. All European countries are not allowed to trade with Britain. The effect of this policy was immediate. After the mainland blockade, Britain’s import and export quotas were hit hard. Britain had fewer agricultural products and more industrial products. So after the implementation of the mainland blockade, Britain began to experience famines, workers’ riots, and an economic crisis soon. At the same time, the whole of Europe has become a dumping ground for French products, and French industry has been greatly developed. However, with the deepening of the mainland blockade policy, the French people began to lose access to raw materials and industrial products from the United Kingdom and its colonies, and the prices of some consumer goods began to rise, while the French customs tariff income became less and less. , The people are gradually dissatisfied. What’s more serious is that when Napoleon implemented the continental blockade, in line with the “France first” mentality and policy, all European countries could not get half of the benefits, but had to silently bear all the losses caused by the embargo and sanctions. Trade was forcibly interrupted by the administrative authorities. European countries’ export revenues have dropped significantly. European countries can no longer buy British high-quality and cheap industrial products. There is a shortage of consumer goods (including the inability to obtain cheap and good British cotton). The country has become dissatisfied from the common people to the ruling class. France’s distribution of interests among European countries was extremely unbalanced, and French interests took precedence, which led to the separation of European countries from Germany, and Napoleon had to use war machines to maintain political rule. In the end, Napoleon had a lot of public grievances in Europe. After the establishment of the Anti-French Alliance, military pressure and fiscal deficits led to the complete failure of the mainland blockade. After that, Britain became the new world hegemon. History books have written everything, but Americans don’t like to read history books and have no culture.

7 months ago

It is exactly the same as the previous suppression of sanctions against China. This starts with the game between the two powers. In fact, we are a country of etiquette influenced by Confucian culture. As long as you don’t do things absolutely, we won’t be too outrageous, but the guy in the beautiful country uses our old saying: not authentic! You stick your knife into someone else’s plate ( Internal affairs), the start is the key. These are my core interests. For example, if you throw some rubbish in front of my door and post a small advertisement, you can bear it, but you have to demolish my living room and balcony. , Can I bear it? Why are there irreconcilable contradictions? Human rights, systems, values? It’s naive to think so. Let me talk about something related to the answer. In fact, the current world is a pyramidal architecture. This is the historical development, and more importantly, the world pattern that the beautiful country deliberately managed through the Marshall Plan after World War II. The Belgian people stand at the top of the pyramid and master the most advanced high-tech and finance including media. Countries such as Western Lotus Root and Rihan live on the second floor and eat some civilian high-tech and industrial chains. The third floor is China and other developing countries. , To provide them with cheap raw materials, low-end products and markets. Of course, there is also a fourth tier, such as the second continent and other countries, which can only passively become dumping markets and raw materials supply sites for others. According to their design, I, who is on the third floor, has always produced the world’s cheapest low-end products, such as department stores, clothes, shoes, socks, etc., and it is also the consumer market in Western countries. But one day the beauty of the country’s elite suddenly discovered that the system they carefully constructed is changing… Now to come back to the answer to the above question, the irreconcilable contradiction between the two countries is because of the cruel stock game between the two countries! What is the stock game? It’s a zero-sum game, where the strong and constant strength are plundering the weak’s resources. And the strong man in the beautiful country has realized that someone wants to change the game. In ancient farming civilization, people with vested interests would occupy a lot of population and land, and backward productivity can only ensure that a very small number of people can live a prosperous life. After the industrial revolution, especially the current level of technology is highly developed, can all mankind lead a prosperous and happy life? No! Only a relatively small number of people can live a more comfortable life. There are now 7 billion people in the world and 800 million people in developed countries. After removing the poor and the rich people in developing countries, there are only 1 billion people in the world who can live a comfortable life. This has already reached its limit. After the Second World War, why only the four Asian dragons (about 100 million people) were able to cross the “middle income trap” and enter the clubs of developed countries? It is the increase in human productivity that only allows such a small increase in the population to lead a prosperous life. Can other countries enter? Developed country clubs? Yes, but you have to have the ability to squeeze out an old member of the club! The stock game is so cruel! The world has just come out such an alternative-I said. I said earlier, because of the current level of productivity of human civilization , Only one billion people can be allowed to live a prosperous life. Once I enter the club of developed countries into this behemoth, I will inevitably bring most of the old developed countries to the level of developing countries. Even if I barely stay in the affluent club, most of the population’s The standard of living will also decline significantly. Another reason is that the development of human science and technology has fallen into a stagnant bottleneck! The anxiety caused by the stagnant development of human science and technology of the beautiful country’s elite is a decisive factor in the game between the two countries. Now human science and technology Achievements, basic theory still stays in Einstein’s era, it has been stagnant for 70 years, and the application of science and technology has reached its limit. From the beginning of the last century to the 1940s, there were major breakthroughs in basic scientific theories. The representative result is Einstein’s theory of relativity. And quantum mechanics, these two achievements have reconstructed modern physics and brought about the development of post-war applied science and technology. The beautiful country has become the world’s largest industrial country. In the 70s and 80s, the beautiful country took the initiative to make its own low-end The transfer of manufacturing to other countries is largely due to optimism about the prospects for future scientific and technological development. The beautiful country’s strategy is very clear, only focusing on strategic high-end industries such as finance and high-tech, and relying on strong scientific and technological forces to continuously promote technological development and industry Upgrade to lead the world. However, as early as the 21st century, the elite of the beautiful country suddenly discovered that the basic theory has not broken through, and the development of applied science and technology immediately squeezed the last drop of nutrients from the basic theory. At this time, the beautiful country turned back and discovered I didn’t play the cards according to their script, and was quickly catching up with the power of integrating the entire country with the advantage of the system. I stood up from the low-end assembly line, and kicked the second layer of Xiou and Rihan with one foot. The feet are also lifted, and they rush to the first level unstoppably… To seize more top high-tech and industrial chains, and provide more high-quality jobs for the people. The beauty of the country’s elites is deeply anxious, what should they do? If we continue to develop in this way, it is foreseeable that the third layer of our counterattack will not only squeeze out the West Lotus root and Rihan on the second layer, but will continue to catch up with the beautiful country and even squeeze it out of the rich club. I can foresee the final result of this, and the elites of the beautiful country are even more foreseeable. Can the two exchange positions in a friendly way? Wake up, stop dreaming. From here, I will understand why the West, especially the beautiful country. Let’s fix our reasons to death. Because I am not a small country like Iraco and cannot directly use military power, Meili intervened in Jiang, Xizang, Wanwan and suppressed high-tech companies such as Huaw. What list… …I have discovered that the beautiful country will never allow me to develop peace of mind and peace of mind, and the beautiful country has made up my mind to prevent my growth, so I We gave up the past defensive strategy of “making a fortune in silence”, expressed their position to the world at the Arras talks, and began to take the initiative to attack. The article is excerpted from the official account: Commentary Diary “Facing the Strategy Breaking Under Western Suppression” Full Version

7 months ago

Many people say that Huawei actually, the United States attacked China in the field of supercomputing earlier than Huawei. On February 18, 2015, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued an announcement stating that the Tianhe-2 system and the earlier Tianhe-1A system, which used two Intel microprocessor chips, were “considered to be used for nuclear explosion activities.” Then, Tianhe 2 needs to be replaced by ARM and its own accelerator. What needs to be said is that the ARM of Tianhe 2 was a non-public architecture at that time, and its performance was at the same level as Apple’s A series at that time, and it could be considered the fastest ARM processor at that time. At the same time, Huawei is still using A57. The earliest AMD high-volume second-hand graphics cards were not mining cards, but a large number of them that were eliminated by supercomputers that year. The sanctions on Huawei, the sanctions on ZTE, and the restrictions on supercomputing all involve a core capability. Chip manufacturing. China’s supercomputers are more autonomous. After the Tianhe series was banned by Intel, it immediately used ARM to make the FT series. From the beginning, Shenwei bought a full set of Alpha soft and hard cores and designed the architecture by itself. The status of Shenwei has been underestimated. Shenwei is a pioneer in the field of supercomputing. Cell came up with a heterogeneous model, and Shenwei made heterogeneity the world’s number one supercomputing, and then Fuyue learned Shenwei and used the ARM instruction set to do similar things. The level of what Shenwei is currently developing will not be low. However, it is difficult to increase the efficiency of computing power when a chip is made into a card. Supercomputing also has requirements for power consumption. The backward technology can stack computing power, but the power consumption will be high, and the cost performance will be low. However, apart from Huawei, other manufacturers have not heard of the prohibition of foundry at TSMC. These domestic supercomputers are not originally included in TSMC’s current chip, and TSMC does not prohibit them, and they are not forbidden in China, and they have little impact. With the computing power of the current computer, simulating a nuclear explosion is already trivial. In the past, a supercomputer that simulated nuclear explosions required about 100T of double-precision floating point. Now a server with 8 GPUs is a 100T double-precision floating point. Military sanctions are of little significance. The United States is looking for things. You are stunned by the United States. If the United States wants to save face, it will ban you. With China’s current technological strength, it should still not confrontation and engage in civilian use. The military thing is still the response of the civilian manufacturing industry. You have the world’s largest civilian industrial base, and it is a matter of time before you switch to the military.

7 months ago

Supercomputing is the foundation of our country’s scientific research, and many scientific research projects must rely on supercomputing to complete. This time the U.S. Department of Commerce has included seven Chinese supercomputers in the entity list, which is essentially a kind of sanction. The US “Entity List” is an export control regulation established by the United States to safeguard its national security interests. Before obtaining the license, the exporters of the United States shall not help the companies on these lists to obtain any items governed by these regulations. Simply put, the “entity list” is a “blacklist”. Once on this list, relevant companies and institutions will no longer be able to do transactions and exchanges with the United States. At present, the following Chinese institutions and companies lie in the US “Entity List”: Hikvision, iFlytek, Questyle Technology, Dahua Technology, Meiya Biotech, Yitu Technology, Yixin Technology, SMIC, Huawei But waiting for this kind of sanction is a kind of “technical approval” in the eyes of Iron Horse. That is to say, Lao Mei has no way to use these companies and institutions from the technical level, and can only use the “blockade” of the three indiscriminates to fight against. However, fortunately, these supercomputers are basically fully localized. For example, the famous Shenwei Taihuzhiguang supercomputer is installed with 40,960 China’s self-developed “Shenwei 26010” many-core processors, and uses 64 bits at the same time. Autonomous Shenwei command system. There are few places where the neck is stuck. Although it is not the top-notch in terms of manufacturing process, supercomputing can “make miracles vigorously”. It can be topped up by quantity if its quality is not good. Although it will increase energy consumption, it can be done without relying on foreign technology. Therefore, this sanction is a short-term blow to my country’s supercomputing industry, but in the long-term, it is conducive to the localization of related industries.

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